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Okay /b/ros, thought I would post a sexual...
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Okay /b/ros, thought I would post a sexual experience that will stay with me and has stayed with me. Feel free to share yours.

>be me at 14
>going on a trip with parents
>staying at a friend of the family's house
>Sitting on couch with sister and friend around our age
>Sister and friend start making out
>Distract myself by focusing on the movie that is playing
>Friend's 20 year old sister walks in (pic related of her around the time of this story)
>She is a smoker
>She says, "wow, look at you 2 love birds to my sister and her brother"
>I say, "Yeah, I wish they would quit"
>Sister says, "Why don't you and anon go into your room and make out too if it is bothering anon."
>Her and I laugh and look at each other awkwardly, obviously thinking about it.
>She says, "come on then, anon. let's do it."
>Friend says that that was enough and we will all go to bed
>Limited space makes my friend, sister, and I to have to sleep in the same bed
>I say, "will I have to sleep in between you two?"
>Sister says, "shut up anon, we aren't doing anything funny"
>friend's sister says, "well if they get to making out again, you can come sleep in my bed with me."
>Jump an hour forward, and sure enough, they are making out with each other.
>Fuck it, going to go sleep in her bed since she offered
>sneak in and lay down next to her
> pull blanket up to get underneath with her
>she is naked
now I have always been sexually interested since I was 6 and convinced one of my classmates when I was 7, to experiment with each other, so none of what I saw was new to me.
>I keep my eyes fixed on her as I hadn't seen a full grown woman's body before.
>She rustles
>I quickly lay down and don't move for fear that she will catch me looking at her
>Go to sleep
>wake up later in the night and she is taking my pants off
>tells me to get more comfortable
>she slips her head underneath the sheets and begins sucking me off
>10/10 she is perfect with her lips and tongue
>I don't fight it and let her go at it
bruh. continue. please.
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>She pokes her head up from the covers starts kissing up my chest and begins making out with me
>I still remember the taste of the cigarettes, but found it oddly attractive
>she slides herself over and climbs on top of me
>At this point my dick is throbbing and she squeezes her legs around it and eventually slides it into her tight pussy
>She then lights up what I now realize was a blunt and she let me smoke it with her.
>Not sure what all she had in it, but it made the sexual encounter literally 300% better

>fast forward 8 years down the road, she is a chubby fat ass that probably gets nothing.
post pic of her now

Do you mean of what she looks like now

or you want pics of her, now.
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This thread has now been taken over by spiderman. I am sorry but we can do whatever we want. This is the internet. You're story shall stop and end here and return to your parents homes and then fix and relive your lives as a normal human being. Return to your homes now or we will use force.
how she looks like now
>>579961331 an interesting one OP

>Be me at 15
>Dinner time at school
>In Drama studio fucking around
>Redhead known slag of the school approaches
>Lights are off
>Presses up against me, feeling my random boner
>proceeds to lead me to prop cupboard
>pulls down my trousers and gives 10/blowJ
>other boy walks in and she offers to suck us both at the same time
i looked for a pic of her on fb for you guys but she deactivated it dunno why
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Puberty hit her like a fucking train
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this was taken yesterday
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She posted this on her FB wall
How did she turn into an Eskimo?

aka, i don't care that I need to lose weight

you misspelled cake
OP is such a faggot.
Pretty face but fat, I guess. If you fucked thin-version, then good job OP.
first pic is her when I fucked her
> coke zero

meh, its a start.
also first pic is def a would bang/10
That pedicure place is in San Jose/Milpitas right?

Atlanta area as far as I know
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Wtf happened to it
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