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> be 17
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> be 17
> always been a judgemental asshole
> new girl at our school who's heavily into MLP
> 8.5/10 (- 0.5 because of aqua and purple hair colours and -1 for big fucking nose)
> "Katy" is her name
> very thin, perky boobs, friends all say they'd fuck her if she wasn't strange
> friend jokingly says, "zenagirl, you should go for her since i'm a gay faggot who sucks my own dick all night long" (paraphrasing)
> challengeaccepted.jpeg
>my friends are all like "aw man i can't wait for him to break her heart, shits gonna be hilarious"
>mfw hanging out with her and her 6 guy friends that are all fat fedora neckbeards for 4 days straight at lunch and during period D spare (about 2 1/2 hours a day total)
>this one guy
>this asshole
>mother fuckers name is Wolfgang
>mother fucking Wolfgang
>fat fuck actually howls before he eats his cafeteria pizza
>"what the fuck did i get myself into"
>at first they were weary of me since i wasn't a wolfkin/ponypussypumper like them
>decide to start acting very cancerous, snorting in laughter, watched 4 episodes of MLP, even started smoking cigarillos
>days of my friends and other people i know laughing at me for hanging out with these cancer cells
> probably definitely gonna contract cancer myself
>over the weekend we get really acquainted, talking on skype from around 10pm to 9am or so
>shes actually really cool fucking cringey.
>puts ^3^ and :3 after every sentence, claims to be a rainbow stash wing commander or some MLP shit
>this is important later on
>actually such a fucking cutie though, ugh
>had a heart to heart with her that i haven't had with anyone since my mom passed away in 2010, always been a cold hearted asshole but very polite and nice to people unless they gave me a reason not to be
>cried like a man gay little bitch with her on skype over our heart to hearts
>fast forward a week or so
>since (monday feb 2nd) today was a snowday and she lives about a 10 minute walk from me, we decided to hangout
>20 minutes into hanging out, i'm still in awe at her colorful thigh high, fedora, and pony figuring collection
>she tells me she's really happy she's met me because she feels like we're already best friends
>at this point im thinking i just got friendzoned by a human apparition of tucan sam
>she says "zenagirl, i actually kind of like you..if that- if that's okay"
> say " ayyy lmao lemme fuk ya in da pus-c " "i like you too"
> i tell her i have a thigh high sock fetish thinking nothing can go wrong
> thank god i'm not a dumbass, because nothing went wrong at all
> she asked if i wanted to see her wearing them
> only them
> within 15 minutes i'm fucking this girl like i'm a CEO oursourcing the working man's job to china
>t minus 20 seconds to climax
>tell her im close
>she puts a pillow over my face and tells me to hold on a second
>im so excited i don't even care, just go with it
>she starts blowing me but it feels like she has no tongue, wasn't sure if my ex girlfriend was unskilled or not because this felt 10x better
>busted the best bust of my life, happy as hell
>pull the pillow off of my face
>bitch put a homemade rainbowdash sex toy on me
>a rainbowdash stuffed toy with a small salt shaker cup for a butthole filled with some sort of sticky liquid and what looks like pieces of latex ripped from a glove
>flipping out i ask "what the fuck is that"
>tells me the cup is her preserved "juices" from the nights she's pleasured herself to the MLP finale
>she smiles and then fucking DRINKS it

>friends asked me today how our date went
>told them i fell asleep next to her and kissed her, nothing more
>i have never felt so violated in my life
>my face right now
kek/10 op is fag
10/10 bullshit. Prove it
>only them
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Laughing so hard right now.
Oh my fucking god
9/10 with rice
Thank you for your suggestion
bitches b crazy
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OP wasn't a fag
Stop being a pussy
>doesn't matter had sex
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MFW Cup.gif
2 MB, 356x400
>Cup O' Preserves

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Mother-fucking rekt/10


don't forget to re-nigger
>OP fucks a Pony
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Fucking Bronies
Look on the bight side. You still got to fuck her.
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OP confirmed brony.
oh. my. god. op, you are now officially a fucking cuckold to a cartoon pony

Thats not how cuckolding works you dip
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Do you know what chuckhold means?
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this thread gave me PTSD
Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 8
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