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thread about me and my 12 y/o cousin got...
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thread about me and my 12 y/o cousin got deleted, want me to repost it or na?
Would love you to repost it, and finish it off
Also: Nice dubs
Most certainly. Carry on...
yes but pick up where you left off
check em
Did someone screencap? If not, repost, yes
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you're threads are lucky as fuck. I had more dubs last thread than ive ever had in my life
>be 13 chilling with 12 y/o cousin
>we always used to go to each others houses because my mom and auntie were

>never really thought anything of her because i was 13
>when we were little we used to bath together and shit
>at school there was a 9/10 i used to have a crush on
>this was when i first started liking girls and shit
>beta 13 y/o faggot never talked to her but discovered jerking the same

>mom used to always make us to go their house because she wanted the house

to herself with my dad to have sex or some shit
>arrive at their house as usual drop my shit off in my her brothers room
>call him pete
>auntie comes in to talk to me "anon pete is staying at a friends tonight"
>oh fuck.jpg fucker took his ps2
>sat in boredom watching some shitty show for hours
>needed to piss, walk into bathroom and its unlocked
>12 y/o cousin in there after a shower with a towel around her stud at the

sink with her ass showing
>act like i dont see anything and walk away thinking oh shit that was

fucking weird
>hours pass 9pm at this point laid in petes room looking at myshit on his

old laptop
>see crush
>get hard as fuck.exe.jpg.gif
>dick gonna explode
>trying to find a good pic of her ass but non there
>trying to imagine what her ass looks like
>12 y/o cousins ass comes into my head
>wtf this is so wrong
Just finish it please
Pick up where you left off

Also, people stop check dem fucking dubs!
Repost and continue until you hit dinosaur

Also check'em

>start stroking my dick over her ass thinking fuck it i can pretend its my crushes
>going hard as fuck over his ass
>bust 1000 suns
>couldnt tell if i came over the thought of fucking my crush or her ass
>confused as fuck
>fall asleep straight after
>next morning at the breakfast table we dont speak because of what happened
>we go to this shitty park and chill in the sun, nice as fuck day
>sitting on this bench my auntie sees one of her friends and starts chatting so she goes leaving us 2 there
>i think fuck this awkwardness
> "sorry for barging in on you last night"
>she nervously giggles "its fine, i hope u didnt see anything"
> "na i didnt see much, only your towel"
> thinking wtf this bitch knows i saw her ass
>skip a week or so and i go back there
>everything is normal, her brother is home etc so i sleep on the couch
>feeling super fucking horny because my crush spoke to me or some shit at school
>start jerking off slowly while looking around hoping no one is there to see me
>fuck this feels good on my 13 yr old dick, makes grunting noises
>hears the fridge open in the kitchen
>oh fuck what the fuck someones in there
>turns out its her getting a snack or something
>she comes into the room where im sleeping and sits on the sofa next to me eating
>i froze there still with my dick in my hand under the covers


fixed it
Yes yes yes. Dont kill it it with dubs this time faggots
also check 2112 pleasing digits i do say
>the way shes positioned i can see down her top
>i refrain from looking at first because its just plain wrong like fuck that
>but my dick speaks for me and looks anyway
>shes got the cutest little nipples and the nicest flat stomach ever
>my dick is about to fucking jump out and hit in her pretty little mouth
>my beta senses kick in and i put my arm around her tickling her arm
>maybe this will wake her so she sleeps in another position? worth a fucking try
>mission completed.fuckgifs
>she cuddles up to me so i have full access to her body
>i tickle her thigh just because its normal right?? i was just tickling her arm i dont fucking know
>it doesnt bother her
>remind myself shes my cousin what the fuck am i doing but shes so fucking small and sexy
>after 10 minutes of doing that i think fuck it, i never touched a pussy before and shes wearing small as fuck shorts
>put my hand inside her thigh still tickling at this point so she doesnt feel anything out of the ordinary
>get closer and eventually place 2 fingers on the left side of her pussy
>oh my god what the fuck did i just do
>im going to sleep now before i do anything stupid fuck this
>literally the day after my parents go out to "dinner" i dont know where the fuck they go
>neglected child
>fuck it, i get to see her again
>at the point completely forget about my crush
>its all about my sexy 12 y/o cousin right now
>again after playing some ps2 i go back to the couch to sleep
>sit there for an hour hoping she comes
>think fuck it im going to sleep
>as i nod off i hear the stairs creek and she comes down
>i spring up and act like i haven't been trying to sleep
>sit up on the couch and she pokes her head around the corner
> "anon are you awake?"
> think fuck yes im awake get your body over here
>reply "yeah whats up"
>"im cold again"
>think is this an excuse to get close to me? i fucking doubt it oh well
>she comes and sits on the couch again like she knows her place, she got under the covers
>10 mins into another movie she comes close to me wrapping her arms around my stomach
>oh shit her face is so close to my dick what the fuck yes please god
>i say jokingly "you must be cold huh?"
>she looks up at me with the cutest face and nods
>i have a thing for cute girls and get fucking hard
>my dick isnt even average for 13 either, it was like 6 inches i swear
>she notices it because shes so close, i tried to hide it but it didnt work
>she backs off a bit
>think "fuck ive blown it so fucking weird now"
>she watches the movie some more then says "i wasnt asleep"
>i said "what" oh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck
>"you touched me"
>i say "what?"

Also ->
My dick is going limp here... I need dinosaur NOW!
> "its okay anon, its just i have never had someone touch there before"
>"um um i didn't mea-"
>"its okay anon i didnt mind it"
>WHATHEFUCKSHES MY COUSIN but shes so fucking hot fuck it
>boner gets big as fuck
>i think fuck it, my dick is my brain now and touch her thigh again
>she giggles
>i say "want to try something else?"
>she giggles and nods
>i slide my hand down her pants and start slowly stroking on her clit
>she lets out the cutest moan ever
>she gets wet as fuck
>is this really happening?
>i stop for a second to reach for her top, shes wearing the cute as fuck top which shows her belly button again
>i put my hand up it and feel on her tiny tits
>i guide her hand to my dick
>which is raging fucking erect
>she grabs it and i think "dear god i love this bitch"
>so fucking wrong though
>ufo documentary comes on in the background again
>shut the fuck up and kicks it
>i then guided her hand up and down in the jerk motion
>she likes her lips and shit
>dvd player i kicked woke her mom up
>i tell her to run to the kitchen and say your getting a snack
>fucking ufo documentaries man

>playing ps2 with pete beating his ass in spyro the dragon cause hes a little bitch
fuck pete, dont you wanna know about the girl?
>night time again
>she comes down stairs because this shit is coming a regular thing
>start where we left off
>raging fucking boner
>shes jerking me off
>literally could cum in 3.5 seconds
>while shes jerking me off i reach for her pussy
>wet as fuck this time, she came prepared
>i say "wanna try something different?"
>she nods
>unleash the beast for the first time
>she looks at it in amazingment
>never seen one before in person
>"put your lips on the top"
>she slowly starts sucking on the top and it feels fucking great.exejpggiffucking.bat
>tell her im about to cum
>she doesnt know what to do
>i kid you not she takes her shirt off and reveals everything to me
>her tiny tits, smooth body, everything
> i stand up cause i saw it on a porno once
>she sit there looking up at me while her top half is exposed to me
>i cum all over her tits and it drips down to her lucious body
>fucking not bad for a first cum shot
>she goes up to her room and i go to sleep

thats not even the end.

>dont really speak for a while, feel nasty after what happened but shit was so hot, just mostly hung out with pete
>big get together a couple weeks later
>whole family was there
>we go for dinner and place us next to each other
>i go for a bathroom break and she slips away too
>we get to the bathroom and i say "whatre you doing here?"
>"wanna relive old times?"
>fuck it, its been a couple weeks and no one has found out so whats the worst that could happen?
>she gives me the best blowjob ever, i ask her to try something new and eat her little pussy over the toilet
>she carries on sucking my dick and i cum all over her face and tits
>we drift apart after that and when she turned 16 she visited with her family because she was moving to another country, so we had a goodbye party
>shes older now and knows more about sex so she wants to try that
>1am, everybody is drunk downstairs we go up to my room
>long story short i fuck her doggy and every position you can imagine, cum inside her, luckily she didnt get pregnant but best sex ever.

we sometimes phone sex but thats about it, im planning on visiting her soon.
current pics of cousin?

yo a pic would be incredibleee based anon
you done?
holy shit, you had the best dubs not dubs thread going, best way to start it
>check em
Current pics!
Also, ur ages now??
File: 1424293876184.jpg (387 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here pic related my cousin
also thanks op nice story you doin something good for /b/
Haa the dubs have begun early on this therad.
No.. just no..
Dump the rest on mega
LOL good bait
ill drop a fat shit in my diaper if thats your cousin
File: 1423202532191.jpg (134 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 640x960
dont wanna risk posting it, but ill post a girl she looks like, use your imagination

one on the left
nice filename, faggot
You lucky bastard..
blur out her face
also dubs or trips
this is from a thread earlier today guys
Yeah, like someone else said. This is not cousin.

Anon, plz deliver pic.
Thread replies: 46
Thread images: 4
Thread DB ID: 40286

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