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First time faggot stories, /b/, top or bottom....
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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First time faggot stories, /b/, top or bottom. I'll start.

>summer break freshman year of high school
>me and best friend chillin in sleeping bags on his big trampoline, watching the stars
>talking about shit all retarded kids think is 'deep'
>topic turns to wondering if we're gay (neither of us had done anything yet)
>best friend is way smaller than me at this point, more shy
>keeps saying he could only try stuff with someone he really trusted, kept dropping a mutual friend's name
>tired enough and horny enough to have lowered inhibitions, and go for it
>roll over and kiss him
>he goes tense for a moment, then starts kissing me back
>making out like faggots on his trampoline at 3 Am
>don't wanna talk and ruin the moment, but eventually break off and ask if he's hard
>he is
>I ask if he wants to do more
>he does
>crawl out of our sleeping bags, and then out of our pants
>both of us are rock solid, I am once again bigger than he is

Cont? Any interest?
Why do OPs always ask if they should continue
Too bad this story does not involve your 13 year old female cousin instead
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Because the last time I tried this I got zero interest or posts at all, and I hate writing all this shit out for no reason.
>Implying OP isn't always a faggot
>Even when he admits he's one
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Well, it's a faggot thread, man. Don't know you expected.
I miss the days when faggots used to kill themselves and make the world a better place.
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Major faggot
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so what then?
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It seems like OP is gone. Maybe he finally killed himself.
You writing?
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Sure, why the hell not. One interest is better than none.

>both of us are rock hard, hesitantly stripped
>friend seems scared stiff (literally)
>I wasn't really that bold as a kid, but figured I'd already started it
>reached out and grabbed his cock
>he jumps like he's been shot
>start stroking at him; he's cut and not that hung, and again, way shorter and smaller than me, just short of being bony
>find myself wondering if he's always been this cute, and I've just never noticed
>handjob making him squirm, he's super horned up
>tells me he's about to cum like I should stop
>speed up
>he busts a nut all over my hand and his chest
>he's panting and blushing, I ask him if that was good; he says yeah
>grab his hand with mine, the one that's got his cum on it, and pull his hand to my dick
>he looks super embarrassed but starts tugging and stroking at me
>mumbles about not believing how huge I am (protip: I wasn't really, but damn that got my pride going)
>he fucking LOVES playing with my foreskin. just rolling it up and down as much as he can
>ask him if he thinks it looks good, and he says oh yeah
>ask him if he wants to find out how it tastes
>more silence
>starting to get worried...and then boom, he's leaning in and sucking on me
>first blowjob ever is from my male best friend
>so fucking hard it hurts, actually helps me from cumming a bit
>he ends up sucking at me for like ten goddamn minutes; not skilled enough to know how to get me off quickly
>shit is so cash

Fucking come on op
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stop asking plz

Yeah. Takes me a little while to type all this out, it's not a copy/pasta.
carry on...
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No. Find me sauce for this and I will give

Hurry plz

Yeah no. Every time I don't ask I get an empty thread and do all that fucking typing for nothing. You fuckers want more, the least you can do is type a one handed 'yes' every five minutes.
Should have saved it mate
Go on!
I'm not even gay and this turns me on
Sure, I'll bite.

>14 at the time
>feeling somewhat adventurous
>search through old stuff in storage closet
>find box of billiard balls
>family has no billiard table
>take them to my room
>grab some Vaseline
>clean each one and lube them up
>start slowly forcing them into my pucker, one by one
>hurts, but feels kinda good
>start to cramp up a little after 3 or 4
>continue on like a lone captain sailing a desolate sea, regardless
>start to lurch over with heavy cramps after the 6th ball
>"just... one... more..."
>put 7th in there
>suddenly, CRITICAL MASS
>billiard balls literally explode out of my ass along with chunks of faecal matter
>"Son, what the HELL are you doing!"
>reply in calmest voice, "sorry, just throwing around some billiard balls!"
>"Well quieten the fuck down, I raised you better than that!"
>shit and balls everywhere
>5 ball in the side wall
>ass feels like one of those mini-nukes from Starship Troopers hit it dead-on
>took 2 hours to clean up what I thought was all the shit sprayed everywhere
>mfw I've never done anything remotely "gay", since
>mfw I'm 38 and a wizard
Stop fucking asking for more, OP, and give me some of your faggot stories you fucking faggot
Wouldn't mind some good stories, I wanna cum
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>he's super inexperienced, but doesn't use much teeth, thank god, just not good enough to get me off fast
>seriously like ten or fifteen minute suckjob, and I honestly don't even cum, but I keep telling him it feels good, cuz it does
>he eventually says his jaw is sore and pulls off and goes back to giving me a handjob
>tell him it's so fucking hot that I was inside him, he's still blushing like crazy
>tell him I want to put it in his ass, he's hesitant and finally tries to bluff me by saying he wants mine first
>thinkin' 'bout his ass, and I say yeah at once, ask him how he wants me
>he's thrown off as shit, says on my hands and knees
>I assume the position, he gets behind me, starts spitting on my ass and on his cock
>that part's kinda hot
>he tries to put it in as best he can, I relax, and he manages to get in
>uncomfortable as hell, but not really painful; he was small, and kind of a late bloomer, so he's really not all that difficult to take
>he seems to be squirming more than I was, thrusting as best he can, not that hard since he just came
>honestly not even sure if he came or not to this day; he seemed like it, but it may have just been precum and him being sensitive
>either way, he's done, and pulls off; I say that wasn't too bad, ask if it's my turn
>"I think you're...too big for me, Anon"
>I tell him I want to try anyway; he gives in, but insists he wants to go at his pace
>I agree
>he tells me to sit on the trampoline and he'll lower himself onto me and sit in my lap
>he spits a lot more on my cock to get it lubed up, grabs my shoulders, and moves his ass to the head of my cock
>he's so tiny
>grab his hips to steady him as he takes a breath and starts lowering down
>trying to help/trying to push at him
>lotta pressure, he's whining and saying it won't fit; I cheat and give a nice little shove
>pops into him, and he squeals

Comment limit. Cont?
Didn't think about it. Frankly figured no one was interested, even when I try typing this in an existing thread no one bites.

I remember it pretty well, and it's actually happened, as opposed to a lot of greentext sex stuff I read.
>be 15 at the time, think im bi
>horny, need to have some kind of sexual interaction
>search for a few hours, realize it's all hairy old men
>give in
>message one of them with deets
>no one is home, tell him to come through the back door
>he's 6ft2, I'm just 5'7 at the time
>organized to blow him
>lead him into my bedroom, keeping my head down
>wearing a dressing gown, it was fap day anyway
>bedroom is poorly lit, tell him to unzip his pants
>I take off my dressing gown and get on my knees
>Dick bounces out of his pants and hits me in the face
>blushing hard, having second thoughts about this
>grabs my head and tells me to open wide
>tastes fucking metallic
>dont know if I should ask him to stop
>realize how nice he smells and try to pass time by thinking about it
>hear moaning
>starts fucking my face
>gag a bit
>he keeps going

>I'm not even gay and this turns me on
>not even gay
>this turns me on
lmao choose one faggot
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please, sir.jpg
25 KB, 460x276
this is the first story like this I read, I think I can say I'm not gay
ohmagawd, yes!
ur gay m8 accept it
doesn't matter anon
please continue
Come on faggot
is it still gay when you mentally replace the genders?
Please continue
Is it gay to watch gay porn and pretend it's a woman? yes, anon. Yes it is. accept it.
This b me
text is different than video
File: 1415215002834.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x225

>pressure finally releases and I pop into him
>he gives the girliest squeal I've ever heard in my life
>kinda loud, worried his parents might come out (they don't; kinda alcoholics, passed out drunk probably)
>he's got a good part of me in him, tell him to keep going
>I'm not EXACTLY holding him in place, but I definitely don't let him off of me either
>he takes a few deep breaths and agrees, since I point out I let him do it (I love kids' sense of 'honor' in retrospect)
>keeps sliding down, halfway into him. thick layer of saliva helps us both; can FEEL my foreskin peeling down off my head
>he shifts his feet, and one lands in wet spot on the trampoline
>slick as fuck, his foot slides
>jams all the fucking way down to the root
>toes curling, trying my best not to cum my brains out; helps that he fucking SCREAMED
>we're both paranoid as shit someone will hear
>he tried getting off, said it hurt so bad he'd rather get caught than try moving now
>sitting in my lap, clinging to me, quietly crying a bit as I hug him
>terrified/aroused at the thought of his mom coming out and finding us
>PURE terror at the thought of his father finding us
>....no one comes
>we sit like that for like five or ten damn minutes, felt like an eternity
>"Can you move?"
>he gets his feet back under him and tries to slide up on my cock
>I will NEVER forget the gasp he made
>sounded like Jesus just revealed the Holy Grail to him and it poured out money whenever it was tipped over
>ask if he's alright
>he says yeah...and it feels...better
>he sits back down on me a bit faster
>tell him it feels REALLY good
>he says it feels like I'm pushing a button inside of him (lol we're both too stupid to know about the prostate)
>he keeps sliding on me and I keep humping as best I can as we sit on the bouncy stupid trampoline
>I suggest we may wanna get into a different position, to see if we can really "do this"
>he immediately agrees
>hard as DIAMONDS

It's really not. You gonna say pictures aren't the same as video next?
of course!
stop asking to continue. everyone is reading this shit. just type
Stop fucking asking and dump you gay fuck
I wish I could stay hard while getting fucked. Always lose muh boner.
Keep going cunt
are you qt?
Please don't let there be spaghetti out of your pockets...

Bro, I feel you. I'm not gay but this is turning me on, the first for me to just read it and enjoy the story.
Keep going, anon. He sounds like so cute.
nope. fat and hairy
If i'm a girl, and enjoy this, what does that make me ?
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I'll take shit that never happened for 500.
I was 11, almost 12, living with my Dad at his apartment complex. I didn't go to school one day because I missed the bus, so I had the whole day to myself, watched a little TV then went out to look around. We had a sort of treehouse in a huge oak tree next the creek that ran by the complex. It didn't have a roof, but had walls and a floor. There were fuck mags there and the older boys would run you out if they caught us there. I climbed up in the treehouse and started looking at the magazines. I was there about 10 minutes when I noticed one of the older boys, 14, and a total jerk, coming to the tree. I couldn't leave, so I tried climbing up into the tree, but he saw me and was pissed I was in 'his" treehouse. He kept asking how much money I had because I had to pay him. When I told him I didn't have any, he said he'd take my shoes, which weren't anything special. After I took them off, he said I still owed, and "I'd have do something for him." He took his cock out and told me to suck him off, kept saying he could tell I was a fag and that I'd like it. It felt like the whole thing wasn't happening, but I knew I didn't have any other choice. I sucked his cock, the first sexual thing I ever did, other than jacking off, and I gagged when he came in my mouth and I spit it out. After, when I would see him around, he'd call me faggot and fairy in front of my friends, but he never made me suck him again. I was glad when he moved away.
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op is a faggot
Fake story.

You guys had anal without any preparation and you didn't cum within 30 seconds during your first time?
Hi five. Idk if there's a name for someone who likes to observe. Guys like to watch girls do girls. Why can't we enjoy watching boys do boys?
A Faggette?
File: 573216881.png (67 KB, 228x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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YUP! ew is correct.
Only been fucked twice. Trannies both times.
Sounds like you got raped.

Feel bad for you being so damn submissive instead of pushing him out of the treehouse or something.
File: 1422732582028.jpg (21 KB, 273x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gross. Did you pay them just for maximum scummyness?
Then youd be alright, like anyone who enjoys the opposite sex having fun with another. There is a bit where even the most straight people will enjoy a gay tendency once in a blue moon. It's human nature.
No, that's wrong. You're probably just a faggot.
File: 1424278882228.gif (692 KB, 278x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There was no way I could have won against him, he was 3 years older than me, and a lot bigger. Married to a woman now, but in college I did have a male lover for almost a year, and yeah, I am kind of on the submissive side.
File: 1415685303135.gif (957 KB, 500x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just like the validation. And I'm writing as I go, that's why I'm so slow. This isn't copypasta.

>he seems eager to try a new position
>I say we get off the trampoline; too damn visible on that thing anyway (LOL we're white and the moon was out)
>he slides off of me
>I swear to this DAY he whimpered sadly hen he did; he never admitted to anything
>we slide off the trampoline, and he suggests we just crawl under it
>I'm down with that
>we get under there. I'm just barely short enough to kneel under the thing; he's on his hands and knees almost at once
>didn't even ask or make me ask
>just look at him for a minute.
>skinny little guy, almost bony, but the ass was f-...well, not FAT, but nice
>he asks what's wrong
>I blurt out I never realized how cute he was
>"C...C'mon Anon...really?"
>firmly insist on it, and prove my point by tapping him with my dick
>he squirms, and says "Hurry...hurry up. I want you back."
>toes curl so fucking hard they crack as I grab his hip and use a hand to angle myself back in
>he gives a much softer whine this time; I sink in nice and easy, trying to be gentle
>hear another of those sighs he gives as I bottom out in him
>wait for a few seconds, feeling him squirm, and then we're off
>slow, but deep
>I have no fucking idea what I'm doing, but it seems to work for him
>he actually starts moaning
>I do too
>lotta precum and spit as lube, I can hear it squelching with every thrust
>start humping him faster, until my hips are smacking into his ass every time
>ask him if he's okay
>"It's still fucking sore, but...don't stop"
>never ever planned on it
>the terror and break gave me a bit of a second wind, and years of jerking it have removed some sensitivity
>feel like a fucking GOD
>the fucking power of it all
>he's making enough noises to keep me fucking steely
>he starts to hump back at me, just a little bit
>I almost lose my shit
>ask him if it feels that good
>"I...sh-shit...yeah, it does, Anon...keep going man..."

Limit Cont?
Eh I wouldn't be surprised, never fell in lust or had a crush on a guy so I got that going for me which is nice.
rosario + vampire
First anime ive ever watched.
File: 1416122583480.gif (17 KB, 315x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Give me sauce for this please then>>599829847
How do u pronunse arcanine
hell, yes!
Triple threat.
You now have validation. Continue.
Gif hot as fuck. Anyone has something similar?
i got a horny gay guy wanting to suck me off(and wanting to fuck me, wanting me to fuck him, and everything in between) but i'm a total tit man, wat do
OP is literally a gaffot, and that's okay.
Underrated post
Keep typing, you horny boy!
Fuck it I'll bite.

> be 16
> at a "party"(8 girls, myself, and steven, the faggot)
> get drunk, and start fooling around with the host
> she's a 7/10. Huge tits, a little bit thicker but cute as shit. If she lost 20 pounds she'd be an 8.5/10
> she backs out halfway through and I was pissed
> go back downstairs and she dissappears
> go to look for her to try to pick up where we left off, assuming she was willing

note. I've been bi-curious since I was about 13. I would take my step mom's razor blades and stick them up my ass and Jack off in the shower. Among other gay things.

> go into bedroom where the host and I were an hour earlier
> find steven on his knees, in his underwear
> he looks me in the eye, grasps my pants, rips them down and starts sucking me.
> was hesitant at first, but after about a minute of realizing how good it felt (first blowjob) I let him continue
> stood there for about 10 minutes.
> drink in hand
> cock in his mouth
> loved every second of it
> finished my drink, grabbed him up off his knees, ripped his underwear off and threw him to the ground
> he was pretty small. 5" max and not very thick.
> we did the 69, me on top and I gobbled every inch of his cock for about 10 more minutes
> decided I wanted more
> stood up. Got between his legs and slobbered all over his tiny little cock
> insert here
> rode his little dick for a good 30 minutes and he still hadn't come (that I noticed anyways)
> he had me get off and tried to let me fuck him but it wouldn't fit
> sucked me to completion

I he took me home the next day and itwas awkward as hell . I wanted to lean over and suck him off the whole way home so bad.

Haven't talked to him since. Sucks because he was pretty cute. Also haven't had any other gay experiences since. Had the opportunity to, but now that I'm older I freak out because AIDS.
File: saul.png (1 MB, 944x947) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 944x947
>mfw gaffot
File: 1397153059334.gif (401 KB, 250x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Find a dude with man boobs
File: 3065470.jpg (108 KB, 400x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 400x389
that's for wincest you fucking retard
File: image.jpg (67 KB, 551x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 551x368
File: can't hear you.jpg (3 KB, 125x93) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
can't hear you.jpg
3 KB, 125x93
File: 1408247262799.gif (968 KB, 350x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
968 KB, 350x245
Oh nice, a rapt audience. This first time is wrapping up anyway, the actual fucking didn't last TOO long. I'm just trying to give a play by play, since that shit is etched into my goddamn brain.

>he tells me to keep going, and that's sure as fuck the only encouragement I need
>feel my balls slapping against his taint and his nuts as I start to really hammer it into him (definitely gay)
>he's fucking loving it, pushing back more now
>keeps muttering and whimpering that I need to 'push his button'
>no fucking idea but I'm apparently doing it so I keep going
>really don't last all that long once it gets going; too fucking hot for me to not want to cum my brains out
>running high on adrenaline and pure hot fuck
>tell him he's fucking mine now
>no idea what he says in return, don't really care
>go deep one last time and try not to fucking yell
>swear my orgasm tried to uproot my toenails it was so strong
>felt like GALLONS of fucking jizz pumped into him
>he reaches down and grabs his cock and jerks it a few times to cum in the grass as he feels me cum
>both of us are panting and kneeling and shivering like loons
>he turns to look at me, blushing and mortified
>shit shit shit, this is gonna go bad FAST
>gotta do something
>my cock slides out as I move up next to him
>he's watching me, makes me panic
>I lean down and kiss him
>"I love you, <name redacted>"
>crisis fucking averted
>he melts like butter, hugs me back immediately; full on boi mode
>we crawl back up to the sleeping bags and get in them, he immediately tucks under my arm as we stare up at the stars
>"...are we gonna do this again, Anon?"
>I tell him fuck yes we are

That was more or less my first time. There are others (LOTS of others, actually; three years of high school was basically non-stop gay sex with him), if anyone wants to hear. You guys are probably pissed about how slow I type though.
Go for it. Extra points if you got him to trap for you.
>at the store arguing with wife
>she wants to buy a trampoline for my faggot son to bounce around on
>"it'll be good for him and his friends"
>insist that it will make him a faggot and do faggot things
>doesn't matter, had to buy it
>one night hear some shit outside
>possibly that fucking raccoon in the trash again
>peer outside and see my faggot son riding his fat autistic friends dick
>fuck my life
best faggot story I've ever read OP, r8 8/8, no b8, did masturb8
I'm more pissed you are implying that you 2 don't work out.
MOAR DAMMIT. Don't really mind the slow updates, the stories are too fkn hot. Did you two end up being bf's?

He kinda did, I guess. He really wasn't all that girly looking, he was just small for his age and pretty skinny. Once we got more comfortable doing stuff together, he did wear some female stuff for me, most of it was his sister's (we were fucked up, I know). He even didn't really act like THAT much of a faggot around others, it was only around me. Big time secret shit, neither of us came out all through high school
File: 1422382510073.jpg (71 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 500x375
Ok I think you're someone I know telling an over exaggerated secret.
File: 1420036216905.jpg (116 KB, 497x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 497x640
>been wanting to try sucking dick for 3 years
>make ad on craigslist
>finally don't chicken out
>have him over
>I set up a computer and start sucking him while he looks at pictures of my ex girlfriend getting fucked and sucking dick
>his dick is starting to spasm
>holds my head, Cums in my mouth
Top kek

Thanks. I try to go for detail. I've got a pretty good memory, and some of this shit is so hot I don't think I could forget it if I wanted to.

We were together for like three and a half years, but his senior year in high school his home life got super fucked up. He moved to a town nearby and went to college, hooked up with some female slut from an abused home (who I am almost positive uses a strap-on on him). They have a kid now, we talk like once a year max.

Thanks. I got a lot more stories. Not sure if anyone is wanting more first timer stuff, or when we got more comfortable and kinky with each other.
I knoooow. It would have been so cute if they were together still.
File: 1422853839270.gif (2 MB, 400x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x398
Aww. It sucks that you two broke up. Do you have a bf now that moans from taking your dick?
OP, go ahead. Be a slow fuck but deliver. Greatly appreciated.
I wish we were, but like I said, his home life got wrecked. Parents divorced, dad an alcoholic, mom got even more fucked up on harder shit, moved to like two different houses through highschool (but all in the same town, so it was just stress), sister became a useless baby factory...when he finally moved away it was just too much.

I live in a fairly small town for work, so...kinda. Met one guy a few years younger than me that I like, we fuck pretty often. Nothing as magic as that first one, though.
What do you want? More first time stuff, like the first time we actually fucked in a house? Or something later, where we just got kinky?
Someone's screenshotted and compiled this, right? Because if someone else doesn't I will.
First time type shit
house fucking. go.
Your second time!
File: 1408248250679.gif (485 KB, 323x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
485 KB, 323x229
OP here. If you want to do it for me, I'd like that. I'm terrible at shit like that, and I'd rather not have to type it all out for the tenth time next time I want to start a thread/remind people who I am, if anyone will remember.
Kinky stuff, romantic stuff, anything you like. Maybe when he trapped for you as well.
I r8 8/8
Fucking hot story, got a similar one
> Be 14
> Have a group of 3 friends
> All into porn and fapping
> Someday i skipped sports class and so did one of them
> I didn't really found him hot but i asked him if i can touch his dick
> Silence
> "If i can do too"
> get his dick out, smooth and small and i give him a handjob
> he offers for a blowjob
> next day we tell the other 2 what happened
> we stay after classes and have a group hand/blowjobs and then we try anal.
> continued through the 7th and 8th grade
OP, hiw drunk were you?
would be great if you'll do it and DON'T forget to post it
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