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Any stories of fucking gf's friend or...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Any stories of fucking gf's friend or relative of some sort? Can contribute.
>college gf over for her birthday
>she brings friend up with her, friend VERY into me
>we all get trashed
>gf goes to bedroom and passes out
>should I continue?
i fucked my gf's best friend but have no pics to prove it, therefore it did not happen i guess
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girl 2.jpg
29 KB, 270x480
pic sorta related, looks like gf.
What were the circumstances? Was the gf's friend really into it or hesitant?
Deliver OP
>gf's friend "Sarah" in the living room still drinking
>she's watcing Reno 911
>sit on couch next to her and drink some of her wine
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Let a friend take a look at my wife sleeping in a nightshirt with no panties on.

Think I'd like to see her wake up to his dick entering her.
before i was with my gf i used to always hit on her and shit. but then i got with my gf and stopped.

one day i had lunch with my gf and her. almost a year after we began dating.

gf had a class from 220 to 345 and said since we were close to school she'd go to class and then we'd continue to hang out after.

fucked her best friend in her SUV.

when gf got back, her friend was looking all awkward. left soon after. never spoke to me again.
Yo, I got one. Give me a moment
These are dope
>she sorta leans on me and makes an "mmm" sound
>she puts her hand on my leg and slowly starts moving it back and forth
>I pull her close to me we're practically laying on the couch
>talking really close, she kisses my chin
>I kiss her btwn her neck and shoulder
>heavy petting, grabbing at each other
>gf still in the bedroom dead to the world
heres a pic of my gf for what it's worth
You'd be watching your wife getting raped.
She'd be so ashamed when she realized what was happening.
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I live in Southeast Asia. I've had threesomes and foursomes with sisters, mothers/daughters and countless cousins in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines thanks to the power of the almighty dollar combined with third world poverty.
would like to hear about fucking relatives
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She'd be ashamed that I even let him see her like this, or that strangers might see these and fap to them.
>start making out hardcore, hands going everywhere
>move off couch to floor, she's on the bottom
>lean over and start making out again, I place my hand firmly on her hip, she's rubbing her legs against mine
>she stops me "anon, should we be doing this?"
>look at her, "yeah of course, don't you want to?"
>she bites her lip, "yes...." then pulls me down to kiss me.
>be 17 swimmer athlete me
>have 9/10 gf who's 16
>swimmer body total hotly
>gf has a sister who is 13 but looks 18
>swimmer body
>her sister is 34 D and the nicest brown ass you could think of
>btw they're filipeno/Mexican
> go to a two day swimmeet
>we're all at the same hotel along with the rest of our team
>gf gets sick and had to head back home with her dad leaving her sister and mom her
>Saturday night
>all the kids are in my room having a party while all their parents get hammered at the bar in the lobby
> me and two other girls and gfs sister decide to go to the hot tub
>get changed and leave the little kids with my sister
>our group gets changed and heads down to the pool
File: 1424275862203.jpg (112 KB, 959x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>have 9/10 gf who's 16
>>btw they're filipeno/Mexican

Has Filipina girlfriend. Doesn't know how to spell Filipino, use proper gender adjectives or probably even where the Philippines is located.
>She'd be ashamed that I even let him see her like this, or that strangers might see these and fap to them.

You should be ashamed that you married a disgusting land whale who looks like shit.
Still fucks up trying to correct a fuck up
>moving hands all over her body, under shirt.
>she's not wearing a bra
>move my hand down to the lip of her pajama pants and inch my finger closer to her pussy
File: image.jpg (99 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rate this sexy round ass
>Still fucks up trying to correct a fuck up

Nope. No fuck up.

He was trying to spell Filipino, but since his gf is a woman, she is Filipina. Learn to gender cockflannel.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Maybe that's why I want to see her dirty asshole used like a cumrag.
About 12 years ago I was sharing a house with 2 sisters. Fucked both of them for about 3 months. Both were eager to keep our relationship quiet because they knew that the other one liked me aswell and didnt want to hurt them. They did eventually find out about eachother and I moved out in hurry.

After that I dated a girl 10 years yonger than me, for almost 10 years. Fucked her sister twice while she was working about 3 years ago. Then last year I started fucking her cousin that is 20 years younger than me on a regular basis. About 2 months ago she walked in on us. Long story short, I am now dating her cousin. Pic related. The 3 girls in the swcond part of my life story
Yes keep going
Gah damn

Not exactly, but close.

>have gf
>love gf but not "in love" with gf
>secret trap
>tell gf secret. gf now best friend. helps me trans
>ex-gf gets new boyfriend
>ex-gf says she wants to give bf threesome for birthday but doesn't want other girl involved
>have threesome with ex-gf and her bf.
>many orgasms were enjoyed by all
>every now and then repeat performance
>me happy to make her happy, happy to get cock
>her happy to make bf happy, no jealousy of other girl trying to steal her boyfriend, has yaoi fetish so loves to watch trap suck and get fucked by bf
>boyfriend happy because two people sucking his dick at once, gets to fuck someone in the ass (ex-gf hates anal)
>feel near her pussy, freshly shaved
>pull off her pjs and start aggressively rubbing her clit over her lace panties
>she lets out a light moan, and pushes her legs against me
>she starts reaching for my belt and unbuckling it
>pulls it off, unbuttons my jeans
>shake them off, now feeling skin to skin contact
>shit is diamonds, start dry humping like fucking bunny rabbits
I ate to of my ex's friends pussys, and got a bj from one (the dyke). Was pretty good. I don't think she ever found out.
I reckon she looks pretty fit 6/10 at least
I would full on rape that bitch and make you eat my cum out of her while she was crying.
>I reckon she looks pretty fit 6/10 at least

Do you live in Wisconsin? Have you ever left your rural backwater? She's 2/10 at best.
Dude he hasn't posted one frontal pick and she has a defined body shape from the ones he's posted
She isnt less than a 4 from what can be seen
Okay that got me fucking hard.

I would.
My wife always uses Filipino to describe herself. It's like how man can refer to male or mankind.
Good cuz you're gonna clean my cock right in front of her too faggot.
I won't drag this out any more than I have to. Like a scrotum, here it is in a nutshell.

> be me, 21 with 7/10 19yo gf
> gf has a house party, lots of drunk girls
> 3am and it's just me, her and her 8.5/10 18yo mate
> listening to music and drinking on gf's bed when she passes out
> dgaf.jpeg
> continue drinking/chatting with the friend, getting flirty
> decide to turn off lights and get under covers
> she gives my hand a squeeze, I know where this is going
> begin to kiss, hand moves down to her pussy
> holy fuck that's wet!
> we end up having slow motion spoon sex so as not to wake up gf
> mfw gf climbs on top of me the morning after when her mate leaves

Damn, you're living the dream.

I'm dating a Viet chick and my biggest fantasy is to fuck her sister and mom.

How was the experience for you? How did the sisters react? How about the mom and daughter? I think sisters wouldn't be that uncomfortable but a mom and daughter in a threesome must he kinda weird.

Care to share some stories?
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If you still tasted like the inside of her pussy I might have to fap while I did it.
>pull down her panties and completely take off my jeans and boxers
>move the tip of my dick up her leg and near the opening of her pussy
>she giggles and wraps her legs around me
>move the tip so it's just at the edge. she pulls hard with her legs and I enter that sweet heaven.
>fuck till I pull out and bust all over her stomach
>she drinks some more and passes out
>go to bedroom, get in bed with gf
>kiss the back of her neck and begin playing with her pussy through her panties
>pass the fuck out

One of the hottest fucking night's I've ever had. Hardly ever spoke to Sarah again.
>we all get to the pool
>start getting undressed
>the two other girls are both 16 and both 8/10 bodies but 4/10 personalities
>I take my shirt off and have regular trunks on with my drag suit underneath too try and hide my dick
>the other girls have there team suit once piece suits on
>nothing special to me
>turn around to see gfs sister bent down taking her spanks off
>as she stands she pulls at her shirt too take it off while she comes up
>nothing could of prepare me for this next moment
>she's wearing the smallest two piece suit she has
>tits wear literally bursting out
>her bottoms going strait into her ass showing more of that award winning ass
>the other two girls already in talking about shit
>meanwhile Im still recovering from the shock of what I had seen
>start getting hard as I watch her adjust her body in her suit
>she staring and smiling at me the whole time
>as she walks past me to go to the hot tube she laughs and grabs my hand and says "let's go"
>me as autistic as possible say ok and stare at her ass the whole time
I came to that story as soom an I saw the: ">"
>Not even kidding
Please proceed
Really hoping this dude returns to share his experiences.
i wanna hear a story about someone who has fucked their sister or cousin

>join the other two in the hot tub
>they start talking about girly shit
>while I'm trances staring at gfs sisters tits floating out of her top
>after a bit I look up to hear what they're talking about
>they start talking about gfs sisters body
>"I can't believe how big your boobs are"
>"How are they so perky."
>"I love your body"
>gfs sisters face turns red and she stares at me and smiles
>I didn't say a word
>one of the girls turns to me and says "I bet anon is enjoying this"
>oh fuck
>tell them that I just started listening and don't know what's happening
>gfs sister winks at me after I said that
>what the hell is happening
>more time goes by and the other two girls got out and went back to their room
>me and gfs sister are both sitting and looking at each other
>"anon, what does sex with my sister feel like?"
>oh god please
>me and her are very close, she tells me just about anything
>I'm the same with her but I never thought she'd wonder what sex is like
>I tell her it's great
> she asks me "what does sex feel like?"
>oh shit
>tell her that it's something she'll have to experience herself
>she comes over to me stares at me in the eyes and says "Im sure there is a way I could possibly feel it right now?"
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Friends girlfriend, 3 months ago
nice we need nudes now
Banged two sisters. Dated the second sister for a couple years after. Banged my brothers ex wife for a bit. Had a gf...after we broke up banged her mom.Last on my bucket list is I want to screw a friend I grew up withs mom. Her husband recently died but always wanted to fuck her since I was a kid.
File: sisters.png (1 MB, 1024x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1024x480
> be 23yo me
> dating girl (same age as me) for 4 years during university days
> We decide to 'take a break' from dating because we not sure if we ready to commit for another 4 or more years.
> two days later her youngest sister (16) seduces me and I take her virginity and we fuck a lot thereafter.
> for about 3 months i'm double dipping both of them (little sister knew I was still banging the older sister but didn't care)
> MFW the ex and her family found out and a the biggest shitstorm ensued.
> Ex is getting married soon and all is well but she doesn't know that her little sister is still taking my cum every time i'm in town.

TL;dr - Dated ex and banged her little sister.

Pic related - older sister on left, younger one on right.
File: image.jpg (156 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 960x960
Sorry no nudes, only done a few times. But what do you rate her?
File: image.jpg (82 KB, 400x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old friend, meet up irregularly, she moved far up north. Fuck when we meet. Rate?
File: 1424688155503.jpg (202 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When I was 18 my gf was 16. She had a younger sister and as a gift for her sis's 13th bday my gf asked if I would give her oral. gf had already cleared the idea with her sis, I said i would gladly do it. I ate her out until she had orgasm then did my gf. then went back and forth between them at the same time. her sis gave me a bj also
>she took a hand and rested it on her boob and got closer while smiling
>felt a hand on my knee
>tell her that I couldn't do that
>you're too young and I couldn't do that to her
>she starts pulling at her top and said "I've seen you eyeing me for a while now, don't lie"
> dick. Start your engines
>felt her hand slide up to my abs and grabs the waist of my trucks
>oh boy
>tell her that she should be acting like this and that we're not in the right place
>words went straight through her
>she sat herself down facing me right on my dick
>I have a a massive hard on at this point
>I'm 10' and It already hard enough to hide my lad when I'm dressed normally
>I felt like I was about to tear my drag suit
>before I could say a word she leaned in and started kissing me
>oh shit oh shit I'm kissing a 13 y/o
>after about 3 seconds trying to fight it I gave in and I took control
>I put my hand on her massive boobs and the other on her great ass
>Best feeling I could over ever felt with my hand feel
> she leans back and looks down at my hand on her boob and says "are they nice."
>somehow managed to say that they were perfect
>she laughed and said " better than my sisters"?
>look at her and say hell yeah
>I stand up with her hanging around my shoulders and she puts her legs around my waist, and start making out again
>stop after a bit and tell her to meet me in my room
>she says ok
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still waiting for this swimmer to finish....
Also thanks to your low standards kek.
File: 1424665317824.jpg (33 KB, 480x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 480x342
>So was she
>Ayy lmao

Same here. the swimmer guy sucks at typing or hes making shit up. either way i hate how he keeps asking to cont? Fucking gay af just type out the story.
File: 1424766167010.jpg (130 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 640x480
>>top kek
No faggot, just stop in the middle of the fucking story.
>being with gf
>she tells me her friend wanted me first but didnt make a move
>friend is perky blonde whos about 5'4'' with super cute face and is dating my buddy
>end up splitting with gf
>buddy moves outta town a few weeks later
>blonde lives a block away and still party with her
>could tell she wanted to make something happen
>friend hits me up and i gotta roll
>"You're coming back here after that right?"
>end up back there and it getting towards end of night
>me blonde and mutual friend joe last people there
>joe leaves giving me weird vibe
>blonde and i finishing beer when she starts to lament how her and my buddy are done as hes outta town
>her hand on my lap
>make up hard and just go to her room
>body like casey parker
>start fucking her hard in the missionary
>sex sounds like it noones business
>outta nowhere her roommate gets home and starts calling for her in the house
>can tell she can hear whats going on
>fucking bitch opens her door to her room
>both of us naked as jaybirds
>me on top with d still in her midstroke
>dumbass looks shocked at what she finds
>shuts door and bails
>blonde "aw now im busted"
>WTF does that mean
>she was full of shit about them splitting
>"you bitch!' internally
>after about a minute shes all game to keep fucking
>10 15 minutes later shes feeling guilty and stops so i cant finish
>wont even fuck in the morn
bitch even called my buddy and ratted her selfout
hurrry up faggot im not waiting 20 mins for a post you suck at this. new fag.
File: 1424760469481.png (111 KB, 672x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gr8 post m8, without deb8 a solid 88/8
Go sweemer go!
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Met her clubbing years ago, every now and again we hook up. Rate?
Best I can offer
Found my gf (ex now) cheating on me in some club, caught the fuckers making out in the corner, calmly stood there until they finished then watched the joy on theyre faces turn sour when they seen me standing in front.
Guy went to stand up and I clean knocked him out with 1 punch.

Anyway im fuming at thus point and a few friends drag me off and swap jackets ect.. to save me getting kicked from the club.
Bout 30 mins pass and guess who turns up, ex gf twin sister! Friends instantly set me the challenge to fuck her so I did.

Downside the twins werent identical, although they fucked similar.

My ex gf was way hotter than her twin, she never found out
Have gf.
Break up with gf
Talk to her childhood friend
Tell her i want to fuck her real rough.
She comes over.
Lets me face fuck her, slap her, spit on her, took her anal virginity, made her suck me for 30 minutes while watching tv.
Finished on her face.
She left. Never really talked again.
you realize youre a piece of shit too right? even if they really were broken up you dont jump on that right after they split. might as well stop calling him your friend because you sure didnt act like one you fucking cock noggin.
File: image.jpg (92 KB, 640x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 640x880
Met this lovely curvy girl on holiday last year, had sex and all I have of her is this picture of her fucking cute round bum, what do you guys think. Rating?
>without even drying off I grab my shit and try and conceal my lad
>head up to my room to find that it's packed with kids
> tell them that I'm going to bed
>it's fucking like 7:30
> after a bit of chasing I got them out
>told my sister that she can go play with them
>says ok and leaves
>head to the bed to see if the little bastards made a mess of it
>before I get over there someone knocks on the door
>walk over and look through the hole
>it's my gfs mom
>I'm so fucked
>thinking that gfs sister told her what happened or somehow she saw us
>the hot tub outside and in a secluded part of the hotel
>no way she could of seen us
>open the door still shirtless and hiding my lad
>hey Mrs. anon what's up
>"hey, can you keep and eye on my daughter for me, I need to run back home"
>nearly shit my suit
>apparently gf needed her mom for something?
>say sure no problem and that she doesn't have to worry
>"great! Thanks so much. I'll only be gone for a few hours"
>no big deal I said
>right then gfs sister comes out of the elivater with her bags
>she hasn't changed yet and just has her towel rapped around her under her arms
>mom says "perfect, be nice sweety, I love you and I'll see you soon"
>"ok love you too bye"
>I start to laugh because I nearly shit myself but instead even better happened
>she comes in and I close and lock the door
>she tossed her bags by mine and looked and me and smiled
>as she dropped her towel I nearly fucking came
>she was already naked underneath and said "so back to where we left off?"
>I'm in my happy place
>I bend down and grabbed her by the waist and carried her to the bed
>while walking i started licking and nibbling on her already hard nipples
>she let out a slight moan and said "woah, is this what you do with my sister?"
>we're just getting started
>lay her down on the bed and slowly work my way down to her pussy
>she was completely hairless as it is and her pussy was silk smooth
is that it ooooor?
c'mon bro, type faster. Im losing my chub
Second that
lost it 5 times already :/
dubs dont lie
File: 8kTEYl2.gif (2 MB, 427x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 427x245
>Be me
>Be 23
>Be fucking a 19 yo irish/puerto rican with the right ratios for 3 months
>Creamy pale skin, strawberry nipples on perfect C cups, fat ass and curly rusty red hair framing an innocent face
>Be having guy friends who make gay jokes

Femanon: You are gay.
Anon: Ive been fucking you for 3 months, youre retarded (shes fucked many of my female friends and is openly bi)
Femanon: Thats fucked up, you should have at least told me

>mfw I cut that slag off
>Be me 2 weeks later
>She calls me drunk, trying to make an ass out of me in front of her girlfriends
>1 week later I meet a girl on okc
>Hot tall readhead with perfect hourglass body and dsl for days
>We go to her sisters house, get drunk and fuck (not including her sister, hubby's pad)
>Relay story of crazy homophobe bitch
>She was there that night

Anon: So do you think Im gay?
Femanon: Hell no shes a dumb cunt, lets fuck her together

butthurt filipeno detected
don't let this die
Keep going!!!
swim bro, pls. pls bro.

hurry up mannnnnn
>before I get to her belly button she puts a hand on my head
>"wait what are you doing"
>said you'll see, just lay back and enjoy
>go to her pussy
>it's so little
>start teasing her a bit before I really start
>I'd look up just to see her reaction and I slid my tounge from bottom strait to her clit
>she shut her eyes and her head went back with a load moan
> "oh my god" would go inbetween each moan she let out
>i was doing the Harlem Shake with my tounge on her
>her body would twitch every time I touched near her clit
>she said "oh god, I'm getting this feeling and its really good"
>I stop and look at her naked body
>so what do you think so far?
>"why did you stop anon?"
>I laughed and told her its her turn
>she looked at me confused and said just said what
> I pulled her up on her knees and I got off the bed and took off my trunks
>the second I dropped them she let out a gasp and said "holy shit"
>my drag suit wasn't doing too good at hiding my lad
>it just highlighted it on its arena print
>i untied my suit and took my dick out and said "alright, your turn"
>she was still confused and said "is that supposed to fit somewhere?"
>I laughed at her for a bit then I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in
>she didn't hesitate at all
>she grabbed me at the base of my dick and tried to fit me in her mouth
>after a bit she stopped and said" ok o can't fit this in my mouth. How does my sister do it?"
>pretend it's ice cream
> she sat there on the bed for a moment then went back at it
>eventually she figured it out and she started going to town
> every now and then she'd stop and ask if she was doing good
>I told her to keep doing what youre doing
>Best feeling I could over ever felt with my hand feel
jesus christ i need to go to bed. can't wait much longer. hurry up and delivar so we can go to bed swim bro
Yeah jesus christ type faster
Swimbro, I cant sleep with a boner this huge, please deliver.
Who took those pictures
i also asked myself this
Who's nailing those chicks, with different legs...

And the one on the right is 16?
could anyone screencap the swimbro story after he finished?
look at te wristwatches. they are te same.
Guess he just shaved his legs???
im copying it to a notepad file. cba to edit screencaps tis late
guess so
The day Swim didnt Delivar......FUCK...
have faith in our bro. he scored with tis 13yo and that's pretty damn good.
File: 1403157562308.jpg (70 KB, 561x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 561x1024

free live
thanks bro
>after a bit told her to stop
>I took my drag suit off and crawled into the bed next to her
>as I layed down she followed me down and she got on top of me
>we started making out again
>I slide my hands up and down her back and slapped her perfect ass a few times
>each time I did it shed let out a cute little moan
>I sat up and she sat in my lap and looked down at my dick
>I asked her one more time before we went further if she wanted to do this
>she looked at me and said "this is what you did to my sister huh?" "And that thing actually fits into her?"
>I smiled and said "it fits her fine"
>she said what about protection?
> I said don't worry, you'll be fine
>I literally picked her up from that point and layed her down on her back
>I moved to the edge of the bed and pulled her in
>her boobs jiggled as I pulled her tiny pussy towards me
>she looked up at me and said "is this going to hurt?"
>told her strait up
>yeah, but it'll feel really good after the pain
>it's what your sister says
>she smiled a bit and said ok
>I spat on my hand and wettend her up more than she already was
>I grabbed my dick and slid it up and down her pussy
>the moment I touched her clit she put her head back and moaned again
>I found her opening on the way back down and pushed in as gently as I felt like
>she started to moan louder and louder the more I pushed in
>quickly I started kissing her before it got to loud
>after about 15 seconds I finally pushed in,
>she was so tight I couldn't even begin to describe
>the best feel I could of felt with my dick feel
> she leaned back and started moan/yelling and said "you weren't kidding, this hurts really bad"
>I said the worst parts not over yet
>I tried sliding the rest of my length in but after about 6 or 7 inches I felt like I was slamming her. Insides
>right when I didn't that she let out the loadest moan
>she put her arms around my neck as I started thrusting in her,
>still going slow because of how unbelievably tight she was
lel. i said i was copying it. what's this about sharing?
Sorry bros, I'm typing the best I can on my shit teir ipad
Hurry up, i got work in 20 mins
Only story in thread with happy ending.
Thank you anon, sorry I doubted you.... trips get?
Did you feel guilty afterwards?
She would have to exist and this story be true for legit pictures....
Not letting this die
Swimbro plz!!
dear god i hope this is real. its sounds hot as fuck.

capcha: chiec
Already fappining
well i thought you re a cool guy but you re just a lonely faggot
swimbro, it's been 2 hours and 20 mins. i'm dyin man
>eventually she starts to losen up
>then I go to town
>I was slamming her pussy with as much of me as she could take
>every thrust would cause her to twitch with pleasure
>her tits bouncing every time
>god those boobs are something else
>she looked up at me and said "this feels so great"
>I smile and lean in and start kissing her
>she started to try and use her tounge
>kinda had to teach her along the way
>after a bit we switched it up
> she got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed
>I started to stick it in and I felt a hand grab my dick
>I let her take it and she backed strait onto it
>she moans so beautifully
>as I started thrusting harder and faster I watched her gold medal ass slam into my hips
>her ass was so firm from swim and its impossible to describe that feel
>I looked at her back and noticed how her skin didn't have a single flaw
>not a freckle or anything just perfect brownish black skin
> after a bit she said she started to get this felling against except she said it feels deeper inside her
>I layed back down on the bed and she got back on top of me
>never did we stop
> she stayed on me the whole time
> I said lets see how you try and fuck
>she laughed at me and I wasn't prepared for the fucking shed give
>outside of swimming she's also a dancer at this dance group
>she put those dance skills to work
>I told her to slow down because I domt want to cum yet
>she stopped and tried resting with me still inside but she can take all my length and ended up slamming her insides more
>greatest feel
>I explained to her that the feelings she's getting is her about to cum
> she leaned in and kissed me and then looked me in the eyes and said "make me cum, I want to know the pleasure my sister feels with you"
>I'm in heaven
> I tell her ok
Your wife's hot.
I'd abuse that clam
No not really
bitch tell me something I don't know. and what have you been doing for the last 2 hours?
After this story pls throw every apple product you have mr.swim
ANYTHING WILL DO after what you just posted i need a face
left home for work and kissed my gf before i went out
>black skin

shit we need a conclusion to this story.
so you should be screenshotting this on your mobile, since you are out.

lol. they are both screencaps from videos. The one with the older sister we took from a cellphone - we were making our first sex vid.

The right pic was recorded from my laptops webcam.


I am the one nailing those chicks.

the younger sister was 19 at the time of the second photo.

PS - Those are not wristwatches

...and I dont shave my legs. I just get hairier or its just a trick of the poor quality screencaps
Nignogs ain't making no swim team, story fag fucked up.
I know a cute black girl who loves swimming... Tfw shes 15..
Hopefully he means just really really tan..
He said black.
All credibility lost forever.
mine was pretty simple.
>girlfriend at work
>friend of hers visiting sees if she is home
>3 hours of foreplay, sex, oral
>friend leaves
>GF comes home
>Wonders why room smells like pussy
Thats a different poster...
I need to go to sleep, but I can't sleep without a final dose of Swim bro
Fantasy.. Er, I mean "story" ruined
>we get back to it
> I start slamming her insides and making her feel as much pleasure as possible
>she starts moans really loud
>I told her to keep it down but she kept on doing that sound thing with the face
>after about five minutes of going hard she said she feels it again
>she looks at me and said its deep inside her again
>I say good get ready
>I could feel her body tensing up
>after another moment she lets out the most perfect sound
>her head dropped down and he hair fell on my chest,
>I stop and pull out
>I've broken a valve
>she made a mess all over the bed
>still twitching she looks at me and says "we're doing this again right?"
>I just laugh and looked at her body
>she gets up and I told her to go shower off and I'll clean up
>she leans in and kisses me and said "that felt amazing and went to shower off
>I sat in the bed and thought about what just happened
>we haven't fucked after that
>she wants too every time but I'm usually with my gf
> this happened last year at the junior Olympics and since then my name in her phone has been the room number
>there is more after story but I figure this is the only part you care about lol
tis true.
well shit
She just really brown, she's a total white girl about everything though
>tfw my gf has a 12 y/o sister
>id never in a million years do her tho
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