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Post pics of ur sisters , incest storys ,...
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Post pics of ur sisters , incest storys , young sex storys , sex with family.
>be 20ish
>cousin (girl) is 17, turning 18, lets call her Jess
>has a friend
>not just any friend though, a fucking 12/10
>bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, flawless body, sun kissed skin, tldr perfect
>call her Nicole
>mom asks me to go over to cousins house and drop some shit off for my aunt
>about 9pm at night
>i drive over, park outside, loud music coming from their house though
>ring bell, jess (cousin) opens up
>"hi cuzzie!, im so glad to see u, etc" blah blah
>she's really drunk (18 is the legal drinking age here btw)
>i say yeah thanks, etc i just came to drop this shit off, blah blah
>she pulls me inside and starts introducing me to people
>me and jess were always close, like did slightly sexual things when younger but nothing serious or never spoke of it
>meeting people, forget all names of course
>finally, we get to nicole
>nicole is pretty drunk, not super fucked though, hugs me
>holding her little body in my hands, could pick her up with ease since I'm quite built
>she's all glad to see me coz I'm older and have car and cool and shit
>jess says i should stay and have a drink with her and nicole
>jess knew i liked nicole, pretty sure she knew too
>i say yeah, we get a drink, chat and laugh and shit, all fun
>next moment jess looks at nicole and whispers something into her ear
>at this point they're quite drunk
>im also starting to feel it

rekt 9/11

>nicole gets up, tells me to help her with something in jess' bedroom
>i figure its maybe helping carry something or some shit
>i say yeah sure, we get up and go down the passage
>staring at her ass, she was wearing this short skirt, tight top, bellyring piercing, god she was perfect (for me, fuck you guys)
>we get to nicoles room, she opens door and goes in, calls me to come
>its pretty fucking dark so I'm looking for the light switch
>waving arms around to feel for a wall or something, suddenly feel nicole
>god she feels nice
>i act like nothing happened
>keep waving arms
>touch her again
>she's closer to me now though
>i think fuck it, idgaf anymore, pretty drunk, she's hot, wtf
>grab her
>pull her close to me and start making out
>for like 10 mins
>grabbing her all over, she grabs cock
>she tells me she's liked me for a while now, her and jess would talk about me sometimes

Don't care if pasta,fake or bait
It's story time
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I'm calling it
Contin pussy

All real shit, there are no fake stories from South Africa


>we keep going, kissing, slowly undressing
>my shirt is now off, hers too
>back to making out
>unzipping her skirt now, it had some weird side zip thing
>her in underwear and me in underwear now
>fall over to jess' bed
>fucking finally, I've wanted this girl since she was fucking 13
>making out, moving closer to penetration
>she stops me, doesn't say why
>pushes me over (i was on top of her)
>pulls down my underwear, puts dick in mouth
>forgot to say, its still pretty dark since we didn't put on the fucking light
>she's sucking, I'm in fucking heaven
>suddenly, door opens

Keep going faggot, I'm lurking
So far 7/10 great b8. I want more m8
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The old bait and switch calling it
Lurkin dood
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Post pics with your story, nigger
Hurry the fuck up asshole

>jess walks in, puts the light on, sees nicole sucking my dick
>says some shit like "ohh shit sorry didn't know u guys were here"
>jess turns around and looks at her, kinda embarrassed but still stroking my dick
>cousin still standing there
>looking at us
>jess and nicole start giggling all girly like
>jess tells nicole to come in, put off the light and close the door
>she does it, no hesitation
>I'm like wtf, whats happening
>they're just giggling as usual
>nicole gets back to sucking, can hear what sounds like undressing coming from jess
>suddenly feel extra weight on the bed, ohgoditsjess
>nicole stops sucking, looks over to jess
>at this point i could kinda see, eyes must have adjusted to the dark
>nicole, sitting on my lap now, starts making out with jess, next to me

He's a big guy
come on
Cmon don't let ny boner be kill pls
For trips
for you
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For you
Hurry up I have class nigged
I need pls
Waiting for this faggot to walk his dinosaur.
Show is the pics fucknerd
sooo close!!
Fuck you guys I'm typing as fast as I can

>All while this is going on I hear a truck pulling up outside faintly
>The truck outside shuts off and doors open and close
>Oh fuck can't stop though
>Can't bealieve hav sis and cuzz at same time!
>Steps coming up the stairs.
>Oh fuck.jpg
>The girls scatter and hide
>Jess hides in closet, and nicole under bed
>Idk was so dark cus bitches wanted light off
>The door kicks right open
>Its my dad sees me there on the floor
>Play it all cool and start walking the dinosaur.
Hurry up feggit, we're waiting for your story.


>they're making out and I'm just watching, can't believe whats going on
>my cousin is pretty fucking hot too, brunette though so not kinda my thing, but np
>they're still making out, but i can feel nicole touching my dick again
>she's kinda kneeling over me now, her pussy very close to my dick, which is just out in the open
>suddenly feel something warm on m dick
>she starts rubbing my dick against her pussy
>I'm still lying there like what the fuck is going on
>finally the moment of truth
>she lowers herself, I'm now inside her
>they stop making out, nicole increases her speed of bouncing on me
>starts making noises and shit
>at that point i think i kinda stopped caring
>grabbed jess and started making out with her
>jess still bouncing on me
>feels great man
>i pull jess over my stomach, so her ass is facing me, like spanking position
>start rubbing her ass, even jess starts touching her ass
>pull her underwear aside, me and jess now fingering her
>jess does some amazing moves while on top, starts getting really fucking hot on my dick
>i tell jess to slow down, I'm getting close
>she doesn't care, keeps going
>at this point, while fingering my cousin and fucking her best friend, i come, full force, deep inside her
>pretty sure she can feel it coz she starts moving differently


not OP - missed a bit
Someone ss this
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thai coke.jpg
68 KB, 482x720
This is not OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgiDcJi534Y
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Oh thank god, Spiderman! Help us OP walked the dinosaur!
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Dude you keep mixing them up, are you fucking Jess or Nicole?
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Quit samefagging
fucking nicole fingering jess
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Mfw still no pics...
Mfw I have no face
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OP, continue pls
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cousin and blonde.jpg
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Fuck greentext.

When I was like 13, I used to go to my younger cousin's (he was 12 i guess) house to play videogame (GTA:SA mostly). Since both of his parents worked during daytime we had a lot of fun. He loved to touch me when I was playing. Most of the time, he ended up sucking me, but I just wouldn't suck him in return because I found that disgunting. I also loved when he used to sit in my lap and let me play with his dick while he was rubbing his cold little ass all over my lap. We tried fucking one time, but my dick just wouldn't go in.
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half sister.png
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Well boys, looks like he gave up
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Niece 1.jpg
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im not sure who you are but god bless
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>part 2
no part 1?
Part 2 never. As in it will never be finished.
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God I had things planned for today and now I'm reading all these stories. Do you have a link ? I remember someone posted a google drive link with tons of stories but I lost it ..
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want her bad
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Okay I'll make green text from my past experience with my mother...

>I came home late after drinking
>Mother was sat in the living room watching television
>I did my best to sound sober as we small talked
>Eventually sat down to watch television with my mother
>Put my arm around her as we sat and spoke
>Slowly let it slide down to her left breast then I started to caress through her blouse
>I tilted my head to give my mother a kiss on her neck
>She jolted up with a terrified look on her face
>"Anon! what is wrong with you?!"
>Slapped me and immediately left for her room
>I panicked as I thought for myself; "all the other Anons succeeded and shared their stories why the fuck did this happen"
>Next day I woke up from suspicious sound in the hallway
>I walked out to find two men waiting for me
>I got put in a mental institute where I belong
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twin sisters.png
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http://goo gl/j18y4x
Put a dot in the space.
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Zoe 1.png
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For you
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Zoe 2.png
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Thanks !!
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Zoe 3.png
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Zoe 4.png
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Zoe 5.png
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Zoe 6.png
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Facebook sister.jpg
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Please continiue..
Anyone got a link to the pdf of the best story ever?
That's all I've got.
Tasha's Brother? It's in >>600470741
Either underaged or tumblrtrash
Either way, fuck off.
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You're a bit late to the party friend.
If your leinster fag u aint gotta chance
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