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Post your fucked up sexual stories
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Post your fucked up sexual stories
i once got busy in a burger king bathroom
Jesus fucking Christ
I had sex with a girl who was having her sister's period.
oh my fucking god
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That's so fucking sick! MODS

thats so disgusting, holy shit.
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>eating gummi bears out of a grills ass
>get a shit streaked gummi bear
>too late
>got shit in my mouth
>never played Chilean Gummi Miners ever again

I see someone's feeling edgy today
I just threw up in my mouth
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holy god how come to one human do something like that, i will never able to forget that
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This is sick, even by /b/ standards
fucking faggot
Jesus you sick fuck
I saw it before it got deleted you fucker I know your games.
>Chilean Gummi Miners
Sides have attained maximum velocity and are now entering low-earth orbit
Fuck someone explain plz deleted already
Had to be a cunt didn't you
What did I miss.
was there anying there to begin with?
I once had consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation and halfway through we knocked over a glass of chocolate milk that was on the night stand.
What was it??! TELL ME
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nice ms paint skills faggots
Did the horse survive????
If there was a god in heaven...
>I'm gonna go throw up
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In 1999 my sister took my virginity. I was 17, she was 19 at that time, parents were nowhere to be found as usual. I was a late bloomer and nerdy, she felt sorry for me, one alone weekend we got drunk, she told me to undress and lay back, then got naked, knelt beside me and sucked my cock into her mouth. The blowjob was only meant to get me hard, but she kept going, eyes closed, seemingly enjoying it. When I told her I was getting close she stopped, got on top of me, aimed the tip of my cock at her pussy and sat down on it. I watched my cock disappear in her pussy, then looked up at her. She was looking at me, our eyes met, we hesitated.
Then for the first time in my life I took initiative and went for a kiss. She returned it, then started riding me. I didn't last very long and came inside her without warning. She was on the pill, so nbd. We held each other until I was soft again and slipped out. Then we talked. Or rather I asked questions, she answered, demonstrated hands on if necessary. We fucked again afterwards, this time I was in control. We switched positions a couple of times, I don't think she came. I did though, pulled out and covered half her back. She was in the middle of cleaning herself up when we heard keys in the front door.

Fuckin dank meme, brah. Straight dank shit, only the dankest shit for the dankest of bros, that's an old one, that's an oldschool dank meme for my bro bro!
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>checkem, trips
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She slipped out, and we spent the night in our seperate rooms. I couldn't really sleep though, doubt she could.
Next morning: nothing. No awkwardness, no omfg, nothing. We had (good) sex, we both enjoyed it, so we kept doing it for another two years. It stopped when she moved away. She had a couple of failed relationships, then finally seemed to settle down and had a kid.
A few weeks ago she told me she had a breakthrough with her therapist and realized that she wont ever be happy until she is with somebody like me. She broke up with her guy, got her own apartment and asked me to help move her stuff. I replied with "sure, and then you suck me off? ;p", in the typical haha totally didnt mean that but if you liked it I totally would way.
> ok, do me after? :)
It escalated rapidly from there. We discovered our kinks and fetishes are an exact match, we're both consenting adults and single, so why the fuck not?
She's visiting me on 3/5. Her kid, or rather my niece, will be with mom for that weekend. I restocked the drug stash and bought a tail plug, she's bringing hand cuffs. Can't fucking wait.

Pics related, us then, her now.

wha was it?? it says file deleted
that is a great idea
can someone tell me what happened It's been deleted. please i have interest
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i fucked my mum once

thanks op for saving my curiosity
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yo momma
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Was hiking with brother and his friend in the mountains around suberbia.. I was probably in 3rd grade or so.. Cop shows up and explains how we shouldn't be hiking out here.. lots of perverts around.. and proceeds to make my brother and his friend give him head.. I cried like crazy when it was "my turn".. so didn't have to suck dick...... win for me
No one can beat this guy.
that is the best story ever
incest is wincest
>I am 33 and still browse /b/

Fucking christ you're a loser dude.
Please tell us what was that post!
Oh come on what was the fucked up thingy
That has to be worst thing I have ever seen and I've seen some fucked up shit
i had a friend , fucked his wife , they have my kid
Just read the cached version. That's disgusting. MODS MODS MODS.

I hope you get banned for a long time.
how do you know its yours
what the fuck
what was on that pic ?
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what did i missed ?
what is the picture anon
Once a day for the last year I come on /b and post information about how I sexully assulted this 11/10 beauty when she was passed out drunk. I even post her photo with face. Still she has no idea that anything ever happend to her. Makes me hard thinking about how my fingers smelled after touching her cervix
Am I still banned? No? YES!
cool story bro
its a long fucking story but the basics was

>mom and dad fight a lot
>mom sold the old couch for pot money
>she and dad fight
>despite mom being in the wrong, he gets kicked out of bed
>no couch to sleep on
>decides just to sleep with me
>this became normal for awhile, even after we got new couch
>dad would just sleep with me if he and mom were arguing
>Around nine years old cuddling got pretty extreme
>looking back, I realize his cock was hard against my ass most nights but i never thought about it
>he'd mostly just massage me, and that felt good
>sometime before I turned ten it went on to rubbing my ass and even by dick
>I remembered reading about the "no no dolphin in school"
>for some reason didn't seem sexual
>this becomes routine for awhile
>by the time I'm 11 dad sleeps with me most nights
>fucking stupid cuz it was a crazy small bed, i was cramped in the corner
>we were right up against each other the whole fucking time

fuck this is why i didnt want to post, its so fucking long to describe years of your life. part 2 incoming
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>implying /b/ has sex
okay so

>11 years old now
>dad often just sleeps in boxers and a tank top
>he strips me most nights while we are in bed
>some nights I go to bed naked with anticipation
>im in middle school now and started rugby, so his massages really help
>by now hes starting to finger me
>some nights it goes well
>some nights he hits some shit and just grunts and pulls his finger out
>I start making it a habit to try and clean myself out before bed most nights
>even though his finger burns most of the time
>I use the trick he uses to finger me, just circle my ass until it opens on its own
>cleaned out before bed
>dad spends half the night finger banging me
>at first it burns, but i go with it
>after a while its just straight up freaking pleasure.
>he rubs my cock a lot while I do this, still doesn't seem remotely sexual to me, just a massage
>he claims that I was constantly grinding against his cock
>one night while fingering me he just puts my hand on his dick
>it was that fucking moment i realized it was sexual

will continue
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have some cp m8s
>dad has me play with his dick
>keeps complaining im too rough/squeeze too hard
>I keep trying to spin it around in a circle
>he spits on my hands and just makes me go up and down
>next day he lets me skip school
>doesn't tell me why, just doesn't let me go
>played mario part 2 all day
>he doesn't sleep in my room for a little while
>by 12 hes back in my room and finger fucking me again
>makes me lay my head on his chest
>wraps arm around me
>fingers me while he jerks himself off
>ocasionally makes me do it.
>sometime around there (maybe 13 at this point, i dont remember, but it was definitely middle school)
>he starts having me lick his cum a little bit
>I think its gross
>he stops for awhile, just cleans it with a towell
>one day mom has a super fucking freak out about cum covered towells
>dad leaves for like a week
>mom sits me down and starts asking me questions
>I say i dont know what shes talking about
>she thinks im too old to sleep with dad anymore
>say i dont mind cuz i got a bigger bed since middle school
>she says it doesnt matter
>dad comes home eventually
>things go back to normal (or non-sex normal)
>suddenly dad gets thrown out of bedroom again
>comes back to my room
>it happens again
>this time im really fucking happy about it
>when done he makes me eat most of his cum
>i literally ran into the bathroom and puked
>about once a week mom kicks him out
>he comes to my room and makes me eat his cum
>love being fingered, hate the cum

more coming
>this goes on til highschool
>by highschool i actually dont mind the taste
>to make him happy I actually suck it right out of his dick when hes cumming (there was some other shiz going on that i felt bad for)
>still dont like the taste but love the feeling when hed call me a sperm bank.
>at this point tho, i preferred it when he fucked my ass
>I remember he started doing that the summer before highschool
>instead of waiting for at night though he did it when he came home for lunch break (he and mom both worked)
>the first time it was no fucking warning
>I walked right out of the bathroom and was surprised to see dad was home
>he grabbed me by the shirt
>threw me on the bed
>pulled my pants down
>I was fucking scared cuz i didnt know what was up
>thought I was in trouble
>pretty sure he knew about my bag of pot
>hated mom doing it so probably didnt want me
>was expecting a spanking or some shit, but next thing i know a really slippery dick goes right in
>it hurt, but at this point i had been fingered for years
>dude lasted maybe 20 seconds, but it was hot
>we hadn't had a chance to fuck for 2 weeks cuz mom was on these new meds that made her sleep heavy
>had fewer reasons / attempts to throw him out
>after that it became a regular thing
>I loved being fingered, so quickly adjusted to getting fucked
>much preferred him fucking my ass
>by end of summer he was doing it every week day
>fall started up and i go back to school
>I was failing (not too smart, plus always smokin pot)
>dad got too horny to wait for mom to throw him out
>decided to just sneak out since she was fucked up on sleeping meds
>Some nights fucked me
>on nights I knew he had seen my grades (they were fucking posted online) I'd just let him jerk and then eat the cum

for some reason my dad really hated oral, except when orgasming. outside of that he maybe had me suck his dick once.

more coming
This was posted before

>around christmas dad comes to fuck me
>mom walks in and sees the entire fucking thing
>for 2 weeks, things are fucking crazy around the house
>shes always crying
>always stoned
>Always throwing stuff
>I stay in my room most nights
>dad is constantly not here
>few times he is mom threatens to call cops
>mom keeps talking to me, and i keep saying its okay I like it
>mom talks about arresting dad
>taking me to psychiatrist
>Taking me to this and that
>im 14 and all i care about is not having this made public
>I promise we'll stop if we can all go back to normal (considering this had been going on for 5 or so years, this all seemed like a not big deal to me)
>school starts up again in january
>I come home from school
>the TV is gone
>half of moms clothes are gone
>three days later dad comes home and finds that all her jewellry is gone to
>mom fucking left

this is basically where it started to get ugly.
you win

its easier for me to copy paste than it is to r etype every time.

>so halfway through freshman year
>mom fucking vanished
>I'm really fucking mad at dad
>I lock my bedroom door at night
>most nights he just wiggles the knob and then returns to his room
>I really fucking hate him for making mom leave
>no one fucking cooks, no one fucking cleans, and she was my mom, I loved her to death
>she had her moments (the drugs, the selling our stuff, cheating on dad) but she was my mom, you know?

>one day I come home from school
>dad fucking ambushes me
>rapes me in my room
>I'm yelling the entire time and he just covers my mouth
>i dont cry, I try to yell
>honestly kinda liked it
>when i was done he just left
>next day he does it again
>that day he tells me he was actually figured and thats why hes been home
>third day i come home from school
>my room is gone
>there's just a pool table at one end, and an air hockey table at the other
>mixed between pissed and happy
>find dad
>he moved all my stuff in to his room
>its just thrown in the closet
>he refuses to moves mom shit
>i sleep on the couch for the next week
>he starts coming out and fucking me there
>maybe one or two were actually forced
>a few were "forced"
and then after that I just went with it, and went to bed with him after it happened
>by summer me and dad are in a groove
>I really fucking miss my mom, but life with dad is cool
>he got a new job, paid better, and without mom buying drugs we had more stuff
>dad didnt like games but liked to keep me happy so our living room was gamer central
>hed only ever play super smash
>for some reason he was epically good at it
>he usedi t as a way to get more sex
>Everytime we played, loser had to get fucked
>i never once fucking beat him on that game
>basically did it when i was playing too much and wanted to fuck
nice gif name
File: 1355738200522.webm (3 MB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>incest is wincest
wait are you a guy or girl
File: 1313848185172.jpg (35 KB, 170x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not so much fucked up as an accomplishment

33.730626, -116.934234

I lost my virginity to my HS sweet heart right there on the field in the center of the bull dog
>anywho by summer I had been growing my body hair quite a bite
>dad started asking me to shave
>i fucking hated it, and liked my body hair
>he starts threatening to take away all my games
>we still sex but im pretty fucking mad about it
>sometime that summer I agreeb ut he has to shave me
>dad starts shaving my body
>i feel stupid, and stop hanging out with my friends as much, cuz they'd notice my hairless legs since its freakin summer
>School starts up
>First day
>friends laugh at me
>at home i yell at dad for making me look like an idiot
>he yells at me for not just wearing jeans
>I yell cuz its still fucking hot as balls out
>next week was basically rape, and yes I did cry at least twice from it
>at one point im sent to school psychiatrist becuase dad keeps me up all night
>sleepy all day
>sleep in the afternoon
>never do homework
>almost break down and fucking tell him
>winter comes
>jeans 24/7
>dad goes back to shaving me
>things settle back in
>dad and i start having sex
>we start getting into kinkier stuff
>every once in awhile dad makes me dress as a girl (really fucking hated that part)

>most nights dad has me in nothing but a skirt, fucking me from behind lately
>sometimes lets me just ride him (still in skirt tho)
>cold months die down
>spring comes
>rugby season starts up
>first week and legs are still shaved
>i tell dad after first practice that it needs to stop
>he doesn't want to fight, but makes me promise we can start again sometimes in the summer and all through winter
>I agree
>hair starts growing in
>rugby coach calls me into office one day
>he asks about normal stuff
>eventually it comes up that he notices my leg hair has been growing
>puberty etc.
>he says its okay to be a late bloomer, and if anymore of the team gives me trouble, just to tell him
>im kinda shy and stuff and explain i actually started awhile back, and that i just shaved my legs
>he asks why, and i didnt know what to say so i just said i liked the feeling
>he calls me into his office about twice a week after practice to talk
>somehow my legs always fucking come up
>says he notices i haven't been shaving them lately
>asks why if i like the way it feels
>tell him its becuase people make fun of me
>towards the end of school he starts talking about how hes remodeling his house and hopiong to get a lot done this summer
>he says he needs help
>for weeks just keeps dropping hints
>idc, gonna game all summer
>finally coach says he'll pay me to help out
>other students overhear and want in on it, a lot of em closer, he says he'll think about it
>last day of school he asks me again, but no one else
>he tells me he'll pay me twenty dollars a day, for 1 day a week
>fuck yeah
>Tell dad
>hes proud
>fucks me in the ass of course
>still expects me to shave legs since summer started
>I do

jesus this is long

anywho, it continues

>first day of work at coaches house
>wants me to paint
>I do a shitty fucking job so he has me quit halfway through and makes me a sandwich
>says he notices im shaving my legs again
>i get all fucking shy again, and he says its okay
>he tossles my hair
>its at that moment i realize somethings up
>coach continues paining wall in his shorts while i eat my stupid sandwich
>decides to take off his shirt half way through
>instantly boner
>I suddenly realize i have an opportunity
>always wanted to suck dads dick
>hes not into it
>coach probably is
>I went right over to him and just started feeling up his cocks in his shorts
>he drops the fucking roller
>he smacksm y hand away
>we stare at each other for like 5 weird minutes
>i just drop to my knees
>next thing I know I got a cock in my mouth
>apparently im fucking awful at it
>the entire time hes like "Teeth... teeth... teeth..."
>very rough ride, but im loving it
>pulls out just in time to cum on the floor
>tell him im usedto swallowing
>at first hes fucking shocked
>then he laughs
>then hes fucking shocked again
>sends me home with 20 dollars
>our habit basically becomes me coming over
>doing a bad job
>getting served lunch
>giving him a blow job
>going home with twenty bucks
>this goes on all summer
>sucking coach by day
>fucking dad by night
>one day coach is talking about how badly he wants to fuck me
>I tell him next week
File: 1417479860091.gif (2 MB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x360
>he says its not safe with someone my age
>I say I'm used to getting fucked in the ass
>shock, laugh, shock, laugh
>next week i come over, making sure to clean myself out
>as soon as I get in I strip down to my jock strap (i was a retard and actually kept the cup in, cuz i thought that was part of the fantasy)
>he tells me to my clothes on and get to wrok
>today im putting down floorboards
>halfway through im not doing great
>he finally just grabs me by my shoulders
>brings me to the couch
>starts pulling my pants down
>he begins to eat my ass
>i didnt even know that was a fucking thing
> it feels just as fucking good as a cock, all soft and wet
>just wehn i start to get really into it, its gone
>next thing I know cocks there
>hes pushing it in really fucking slow
>I'm already used to it so just push back really fast
>it hurt more than I expected, but all i did was grunt
>hes shocked and trying to fuck me slow as to not hurt me
>I just keeep slamming my ass back, harder and harder,
>I'm exhausted cuz with dad I usually dont do any of the work
>already tired from floorboards
>keep pushing back on it anyways
>he smacks my ass and tells me to call him daddy
>i freak out for a second
>almost have a panic attack
>think he knows my secret
>smacks my ass again and tells me to call him daddy
>I do it
>he fucks me for like 20 minutes
>way longer than dad ever does
>finally is about to cum
>tells me to turn around
>I say no, I prefer it in my ass
>he tries to pull out, but im the one backing my ass up
>dudes creams in me
>he holds me in place
>turns me around
>hes sitting on the couch and im sitting on his softening cock
>Tells me to jerk off fast
>I start jerking
>doorbell rings
>he jumps, I fall right off his cock onto the floor
>im scrambling to get my clothes
>he is too
>we get our shorts on before it rings again
>coach opens the door
>its my dad
>he wanted to take me out to lunch today during his lunch hour
>coach nervously says "yeah, of course"
>gives me my twenty dollars for the day and says "see you next week"
>dad takes me to his car
>tells me to take off my shorts
>I take them off and he starts driving
>has me lay down across the front seats
>starts fingering my ass (his favorite thing to do
>tell him im not "clean"
>he doesn't care, horny as fuck (later found out he was fucking someone elses ass but had to stop halfway through, so came to see me)
>i try to get away but dad gets his finger in
>by the time im out of reach, his fingers covered in cum
>at first he thinks nothing of it, but as he wipes it off he realizes its not shit
>he pulls it up to his nose and sniffs it
>dad crashes us into a fucking car
>were at a stop sign
>other driver gets out and is freaking out over the back of his car
>I'm trying to get my shorts back on
>dad is lost between the crash, and his cum covered finger
>he actually fucking sucks it to make sure and starts gagging
>my dad goes out and starts yelling at the man
>I'm fucking terrified
>dad finally gives the man his insurance card.
>we're going home
>dad calls in work on the way there, saying he needs to take care of his son
>we get home and dad just begins massively yelling at me
>calling me a faggot
>Telling me im going to get aids
>Telling me i deserve to get aids
>i keep saying im sorry, i dont want aids, etc.
>actually fucking smacks me for the first time since I was a kid

more coming. longggg ass story
>Dad tells me its time I got fucked
>I say im sorry ill go clean out
>he says not to, leave the cum
>we get back in his fucking busted car and he takes me to the park
>he drags me right into the mens room, gets in a stall with me, and pushes my ass up against a hole in the wall
>I later found out this is where my dad was fucking an ass earlier, and the other guy had to leave
>we stand there for like an hour
>everytime I want to say something he either says "shh" if someones there, or smacks me if no one is
>by now its afternoon, people are getting off work, and someones actually poking their dick against my hole
>its a tiny fucking dick, and the stall between us makes it barely fit but he starts fucking my ass
>i try to leave but dad holds me against the wall, covering my mouth with his hand
>guy cums in my ass (just barely)
>dad finally lets me put my clothes on and takes me home
>very next day he takes me to doctor
>claims he caught me whoring myself out at the public park and i need to get tested
>they can do some tests that day, but claim that they wont know anything ofr sure until a 3 month period
>dad continues to fuck me during this time anyways
>after three days hes cooled off and we never talk about it
>i still go see coach once a week for the rest of summer
>he still fucks me (has no idea what happened)
>school starts up, I stop shaving
>dad and coach both lose interest in me (coach not as much, still makes me blow him, but less ass fucking)
>one time another student almost walked in on us in his office, and after that I was never called into coaches office again
>by end of september its time to get tested again
>tests are negative
>I feel great
>dad fucks me maybe twice a month now
>coach not at all
>feeling massively horny
File: 1424680441911.gif (158 KB, 260x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I end up starting to go to the gloryholes myself
>mostly just suck dick cuz i love it and dad never lets me
>for some reason the variety of cum makes me like it more than usual
>I start eating cum almost every time
>occasionally let a guy fuck me in the ass
>winter comes, i start shaving my legs
>dad starts fucking me once every two days again
>january rolls around and dad calls me into the bedroom while I'm playing mass effect
>already pissed off cuz of that
>dad informs me that he just got a call, and he has HIV
>says i need to get tested
>wait another three fucking months
>no sex with dad at all
>I stop going to gloryholes
>im fucking going crazy about cum, but knowing about dads HIV im scared
>late april i get tested
>Everythings negative, clean bill of health
>celebrate by going to the gloryholes and sucking dick again
>shame very next day
>can't tell dad
>end up telling coach,
>was hoping he'd help me
>instead started fucking me again
>loved it, but more STD scares
>dad starts fuycking me again (this time with a condom) about once a month
>most of the time just finger fucks me
>no longer lets me eat his cum
>every few days still sneak off to gloryholes
>mostly just sucking guys, sometimes letting them fuck me
>start crying a lot cuz im scared im going to get an STD but too horny to stop
>by end of school year coach agrees that he'll take me to get tested
>after test is negative admit im still hella active
>he asks me to stop but i tell him i dont know how
>asks me how it started
>finally just let it all out crying about how my father started this, and took me to the gloryhole etc.
>he actually tells me to get a ride with him after school
>takes me home
>for the first time in my life, i spend the night just being lovingly cared for by a man
>at most, dad would cuddle/massage me
>for first time in life think i might be in love with a guy
I record and catalog deviant sexual histories posted on the internet for a three-letter agency, to be used for enhanced persuasion operations, then I go home and masturbate to the stories.
>summer goes around the way it normally does
>dad fucked me only once in june
>maybe twice in july
>I go over to coaches at least 3 days out of the week
>we begin to start doing normal relationship stuff
>end up doing research and learn its hard to get HIV from sucking dick
>end up going back to the gloryholes on days coach is busy
>life is all hanging at the pool
>buds over for games
>dad rarely home
>hanging and fucking with coach
>I start bumping into my dad at the gloryholes during lunchbreak
>one time he gets in my stall and talks really dirty while I suck guys
>one monday rolls around and im extra horny
>go to gloryholes
>end up staying there from morning til night
>left only to get some mickey D's.
>end up sucking at least 20 dicks throughout the day
>coach texts me and asks me to go over to his place
>coach asks what happened to my mouth
>I have major fucking DSL
>i say "idk"
>night goes normal, he makes pasta alfredo (my favorite)
>before we eat he starts making out with me
>like 3 seconds in he jumps back and is gagging
>my breath smells like a lot of fucking cum
>we end up arguing for the better part of the night
>I tell him its not big deal can't get hiv
>he says i can, can also get other STDs
>says i betrayed his trust
>tells me to leave
>gives me a to-go dish with alfredo
>felt so fucking bad cuz coach knew dad doesn't ever cook anything good
>cared enough to still give me a meal after I betrayed his trust
>dad comes home and wants to fuck
>i say fuck no
>by now im back to sleeping in my own room so he just shrugs it off
>he ends up going back to gloryholes that night
>I cry all night thinking about coach.
nasa we have launch completion, our sides have left the orbit

>i keep texting coach throughout august but he doesn't respond
>school starts up again and first day back I go to see him right away
>principals in the room and im running in looking like im about to cry
>feel like im gonna vomit so nervous
>end up just saying i need to know when tryouts are
>coach smiles at me and tells me to stop by his office after class
>all day im freakin out
>i actually have him in US history this year, so its torture just sitting there
>watching him as he gives his lecture
>End of day finally comes and I go back to his classroom, empty
>go to his coaches office (near the field and gym)
>hes there waiting for me
>I immediately start crying and apologizing
>dude just gives me the greatest hug i ever had
>we talk it out and he says he wants to be with me
>wants me to stop going to gloryholes, but knows its hard to quit
>we end up going back to the way things were
>i end up staying most nights with him now, dad doesn't even care
>fast forward a few months
>literally hadn't seen dad an entire fucking week, work was calling for him
>idgaf, no rugby practice so going home to play some halo
>a few games in i get horny from people saying they "raped" me whenever I lose
>argue with coach over text for an hour
>tryna get him to come over
>he doesn't think its safe
>I want him to fuck me in my dads bed and pretend im his son
>we do this a lot
>but only at his place
>he finally gives in
>i go back to playing halo
>hear car pull up, assume its coach
>its dad
File: 1423445459078.jpg (24 KB, 292x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 292x432
File: 1406148779802.jpg (70 KB, 652x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 652x1024

free live now
>dad comes in drunk, got fired a few days ago
>only found out today
>been on some drunken spree
>dad decides to rape me
>dads fucking huge and still more muscle than fat (though it was piling on)
>dad goes right ahead and rapes me, no condom
>scared as fuck im going to get hiv
>another car pulls up and I start screaming for coach
>hes only fucking knocking so I scream and scream louder
>coach finally just comes in and sees whats happening
>im not crying but just screaming my ass off
>i can't see cuz its behind me but
>coach basically just starts swinging at dad
>dad tries to fight back, but he drunk.
>coach ends up owning dad
>just grabs me by the hand and gets me out of there
>one of my neighbors sees me naked getting thrown into coaches car
>no one in coaches street saw me, but fuck if it wasn't the most awkward naked car ride
>end up staying the night at coaches, lets me wear his baggy shorts and shirt
>next day we dont even bother going into school
>he takes me back to my place to get as much of my stuff as we can
>i ask why and he says im going to have to stay with him for a little while
>dads home but hes asleep as fuck
>coach and i round up all my clothes, 2 of hte video game systems, school stuff etc.
>go back to his place
>next day life resumes as normal, but now i live with coach
>no one knows at school, I end up taking the bus there
>only ride home with coach after rugby practice when everyones left
>dad checks in on me via phone but we dont see each other
>towards end of school year he asks me to help with moving
>dads losing the house and getting kicked out

>me and coach help dad, but its awkward almost no conversation as we box up his stuff
>hes going to go live with grams
>Asks if i want to come with him
>before i can even answer coach says im staying with him til graduation
>suddenly afraid of what the fuck I'd be doing after graduation
>end up getting into facebook, find my mom, reconnect
>we talk a bit, but mostly avoid the subject of dad
>she wants to help pay for college
>she agrees to pay for half and the other half i can take out in loans
>i say we'll see
>coach keeps trying to get me to apply for all these far away colleges
>im not fucking smart
>not fucking excited about leaving him anyways
>we almost break up arguing over whether or not i should go off and live my own life
>those nights he'd go sleep on the couch, and id feel lonely in bed
>most nights he'd sneak back in while i was asleep
>wake up with coaches arms wrapped around me
>almost break up again when I find out hes been fooling around with another student
>at first im really fucking hurt but remember i still go to gloryholes once in awhile
>we dont openly discuss it but we find a very happy place
>i plan on going to florida for college
>Day after hs graduation coach asks me to switch to UCLA and stay with him
>he ends up paying for the other half of my college, and i just live wtih him

theres still more that has happened since then, some sexual, some dramatic, but this is as far
as i can get tonight /b/. to summarize, im about to graduate from college, and coach and I are
still together.

ask me anything?

update: relationship is kill.

live on my own now
>faggot unloading his boring queer pasta

>fake shit
This is the picture everyone is screaming about if anyone bothered to read the whole post!
Is it legal to post this shit here?
Jokes over faggot

there's a special kind of retarded hell for people like you.

>your head
File: 20037878.jpg (11 KB, 297x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 297x333
Sounds like you guys really have something going,
I don't care much or have a need to have sex with
my sister even though I only have a stepsister
and she is pretty hot, but every now & then I hear
stories like yours and completely understand.
Hopefully you guys build something out of this
and remember even if a lot people don't like it
there are people out there that understand it.
File: file.png (15 KB, 169x154) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 169x154
>implying you've been here long enough to know what kind of people exist here
Guess you didn't see the post about his dad rubbing anons cock. Tis a dude on dad story. You can now put your boner away
I for one, enjoyed this tale
Show pic
Fuck you If I want to laught to rage comics its not your fucking business. I say when a fucking joke is over or not. u you little stupid ass bitch I ain't fucking with you.
LOL can a horse cock even bend like that? WHAT THE FUCK
kek. die faggot.
copy pasta
What did i miss? Mr. Hands?
Ate out a girl who was just starting her period

That was fucked
File: 1422894489164.jpg (66 KB, 690x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 690x720

when youre 33, youll be browsing /b
I know at 13 you cant imagine this
but its true

Im 44
File: 1424126901544.gif (737 KB, 117x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
737 KB, 117x186

your making ur virginity way to obvious anon
File: dat ass.jpg (85 KB, 1374x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dat ass.jpg
85 KB, 1374x773
For the past 1.5 years I've been juggling about 6-7 girls. They're not bad girls, mostly gf material, I just keep em around as long as I possibly can with sweet words and awesome sex, whatever. They dont know I fuck the others, a couple of them even know each other and talk shit(she's a slut, blah blah blah, dont hang out with her LOL) and I've even gone as far as fucking different ones on the same day(after a quick shower and change of clothes). Welp earlier this month I began showing symptoms and went and got tested. BAM. Chlamydia. Thank god its curable. Fucked up part is, I've had sex with about 5 girls just this year. So I start makin calls, breakin the news, and by the 3rd girl, I cant take it anymore. They're all broken up, how could you do this, why couldnt you keep it in your pants. I feel like a dirty fucking weaboo nerd gamer. JK no regrets, I'm glad its curable, good luck to the ladies thanks for playing.
kill yourself
You've done your duty as a true man
File: 12604382487441.png (650 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
650 KB, 720x540
>whend i was young i have a friend only and best i have that time of my life he have a sister
>she have a crush on my but i wasnt
>one day my friend say: anon you are my best friend i will do everthing for you, and i say me too
> i want to ask a favor help fuck my sister...
File: 1424102470620.png (727 KB, 988x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
727 KB, 988x672
jesus christ!
File: 4joo.png (488 KB, 680x664) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
488 KB, 680x664
>tfw this was me a few years ago

Making those phone calls was embarrassing as fuck
That was an epic story thank you for sharing.
Gtfo humpty
what was it?

Always assumed OP is fagot until proven otherwise
Yo haven't been browsing /b/ for 20 years.
>Sounds like you guys really have something going
What people don't get is that it is just sex for us. What makes it so good is that we've been completely and 100% open about our darkest sexual desires, kinks, fetishes and secrets since that first night, and we don't just tolerate but accept them.
File: 379503029.png (764 KB, 607x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
764 KB, 607x1071
Even rubbed some of my cum up inside her. No idea if she was on bc or not
You play it cool because you think it was a joke. You're wrong.
cont anon
>every once in awhile dad makes me dress as a girl (really fucking hated that part)

i've only been reading to finally get proof of OP's faggotry. Thank god I didn't fap earlier.
Lmao you idiot there are tons of anons way older than him on /b/

you dirty slut

i already wrote out the whole thing
I literally just realized the poster is male.
You must not know Sasha and her brother.
not really a sex story but o well!
>be me about 10 i think.
>sleeping beside my mother at nights because i got scared when i was little an could not sleep alone like a little bitch.
>sexually active at a young age from all the porn mags my dad left in a i fucking drawer in our bathroom! And my best friend at the time was 5 years older than me so he had a couple pornos that we faped together to.
>got horny as fuck one night and i recently discovered the martial arts of faping.
>pulled down my underwear and started slowly stroking my tiny cock, slow enough that the bead sheet wouldn't make any noise and wake up my mother.
>realized that i would not be able to cum at with the slow speed that i was polishing my tiny sword.
>got the great idea that i could slowly move to the side of the bed and slide down to the floor and continue there.
>started moving but about half the way down my mother made a noise and moved.
>i should mention that my mother is dead silent when she sleeps, so i had no fucking idea if she just woke up or if she youst moved like you do at night.
>i rolled the premature little cock dice an decided to finish what i started.
>but i was to scared to move, so now im in an awkward doggystyle position with my arms on the bed and my knees on the floor, with my face facing my spawning machine.
>came hard, but air, like you do if you start with the faping at way to young of an age.
>crawled slowly up beside my mother and fell asleep.
>still don't know to this day if my mother had to listen to her 10yo son fap.
>mom and dad still sleep in separate bedrooms 10 years after because i was a pussy.
>probably my mothers face all night, pic related.
File: Untitled.png (993 KB, 1262x8901) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
993 KB, 1262x8901
Here ya go. 100% legit.
Nonono. What the almighty fuck? I hope you fucking die a horrible fucking death you worthless scum. Holy fuck. Really, someone should report this.
didn't read a single word
Sorry man i made a mistake
>1.5 years
Did not read through to spell check, to fucking tired for that! Sorry in advance.
hope you find happines, thank you for the great story :>
fucking christ man. that's fucked up...
File: 00000000000000000.jpg (63 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 768x1024
My gf passed out drunk in our bed so I fucked her best friend right next to her.
Did you think pic related was a joke?
I scrolled through all of it. tldr, fuck off faggot
>there are still true anons afoot
A little hope has been restored today
>not ban evading
do you always cross at crosswalks too anon
Why would I evade the ban? I look forward to my holidays from 4chan.
Overrated post
File: skeeter.jpg (119 KB, 800x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 800x451
what the fuck, this is happened to me too, same exact fucking story, everything. i almost think you are my mom pretending to be me but ill just pretend you are another me out there
holy crap. im in this exact situation.
i feel as if i have power
I'm texting my girlfriend to come over right now.
i doubt ill make it that far but ill have rid that bitch
oh my god
thank you based anon
thank you so much
oh shit, saved.
>Be 15
>Do MDMA with twin sister
>fuck sister
>cum in her all night
>she gets pregnant
>she has abortion
>consequences were never the same.
File: 1424860657131.jpg (601 KB, 1338x2690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
601 KB, 1338x2690
File: a world unknown.jpg (158 KB, 541x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
a world unknown.jpg
158 KB, 541x571
I am sorry about your life. Seriously, hetero male here, but I took the time to reply, just because, every human deserves happiness, even you. Just because you are different, does not mean you do not deserve happiness. GL anon....and HF
File: image.jpg (189 KB, 1380x1087) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 1380x1087
If you got hard it wasn't MDMA.
yo real quick, how should i attempt to make her my slave?
im thinking:
>tell her she has to move in with me
>spank her with a studded belt every time she uses the word "i"
>24/7 butt plug
>whenever she's home she has to be on all fours
>not allowed to cook her own food
>she's never swallowed so now thats going to be a thing
>she's got a little bit of a belly so i think ill have her do squats and planks until she cries
>every time she breaks a rule i come up with a tattoo or piercing starting with nipples and my initials behind her ear
any other ideas?
Bump and I will tell a good story about me and my spanish teacher.
Need to write it all down...
I could get hard on MDMA when I was a teenager. Once I hit 18-19 It got much more difficult.
>be me
>attending shitty community college
>all my courses suck except for Spanish
>Spanish prof is a 7/10 woman, considering all the bitches are ugly here, shes probably the hottest
>Spanish prof is kind and caring always giving attention to everyone to make sure we all get things right
>Spanish prof always gives me this funny look every time I make eye contact with her.
>Shes always smiling and laughing when interacting with other students but when she looks at me she gives off this blank expression and her eyes widens up a little.
>class finishes. Catch bus to downtown for work
>Work part-time at this hipster bar as a bartender
>cleaning cups and serving hipsterfaggots cocktails
>someone sits down at the counter
>Its my Spanish teacher.
>She gives me this surprised look on her face and smiles at me
>feel shy as fuck.
>we chat a little, I'm too nervous as fuck to ask her anything.
>Pretend to be busy and clean cups and make drinks.
>All them dudes trying to hit on her and buy her drinks
>She turns all of them down.
>Work finishes.
>about to catch bus back home
>feel a tap on my back. Quickly turn around
>Spanish teacher right up to my face.
>"Going home anon?"
>Spanish teacher wants to chat
>"Lets go to that coffee shop anon"
>Normally I score easy with women but something is putting spaghetti in my pants
>Chat about school and shit
>Finds out, she is hates her job, even though she always teaches the class in a positive manner
>Asks me about what I want to do and shit
>"Omg anon! Thats so like me when i was your age!"
>Suddenly feeling like an alpha
>"Hey you wanna grab dinner and drinks with me?"
>"Sure, i'd love to!"
>its happening.jpeg
>eat at Chipotle (she insisted) inb4 beaner/spic reference
>we go to a sports bar where I used to get drunk every weekend
>Spanish teacher cant handle her booze
>She starts to get bit touchy, asking personal questions and such
>Try to play it cool
>11:00 pm
>we get on the same bus back home
>bus is crowded as fuck.
>both of us standing in the middle with all sorts of people squished together
>bus is moving, my leg feels weird
>I roll my eyes to my right leg
>Spanish teacher is slowly rubbing my leg and up to my thigh with her finger
>Pretend not to notice.
>getting horny as fuck now
>Bus comes to stop
>Spanish teacher holds my hand gently
>"come with me"
>We walk back to her place.
>She doesnt say a word. She just kept on dragging me.
>I follow.
>Inside her apartment
>messy as fuck
>dirty clothe everywhere and garbage laying around
>did not expect from a Spanish teacher who comes to work all dressed nicely
>She offers me water
>As I sit quietly, she begins to give me the same funny expression she gives me in class
>I give her a faint smile of ambiguity
>Spanish teacher sits right next to me
>rubbing legs, feeling horny, her hand slowly and softly caresses my knees and my shoulders.
>She then asks me this weird question: "Anon, why are you like this to me?" in Spanish
>Confused, i respond in English "I dont even..."
>Before I can finish, the word wouldnt come out.
>This feeling was so weird and strange. Not like one-night stand or some lustful feeling I had when I'm fucking gf
>Just feels, awkward
>I grope her hips with my hand.
>fuckitImgoingindry .jpeg
>Spanish teacher give off a short burst of moan
>Her hand begin to glide inside my shirt
>my nipples getting goosebumps.
>What do I do? Go in fast? Take it slow?
>Go in fast.
>I bind her with both arms around her body. Her moans begin to get louder
>Shes on top of me, knocks me back into the couch.
>Cara a Care (face-to-face) her fat wide lips descend into mine
>I can taste guacamole, carnitas, cheese, and margaritas.
>Her thighs begin to rub against my groan
>Hard as a stone.
>Spanish teacher tongues my left ear like a lollipop
>a hissing whisper pierces into my ear
>"Te quiero" (I love you)
>I realize all i wanted was the fuck and gtfo.
>too tired and sedated to act now
>fuck her raw and sweaty in the couch.
>wanted to fuck her in doggy.
>try to move. Denied
>shes pushing me down.binding me wont stop kissing and licking my face
>cant breathe, Try to push her away a bit and flip her around
>Pushes me back again and does the same thing
>ended up fucking in binding octopus for 3 hours straight
>Check time
>3:40 am
>Ay papi!
>wake up
>head ringing, feel like i've been drugged
>laying in the couch
>smell of my cologne, sweat, cum, tacos, and....blood?
>I look down into my pants
>a stain of blood flowing in my public area
>OHSHIT .jpeg
>She was a virgin....
>Spanish teacher taps me in shoulder
>look up
>shes wearing nothing but my shirt
>i look down into her legs
>stains of blood from her ripped membrane and my seed crusted in between her legs
>omgwhatthefuckhaveidone .jpeg
>She gives me the same funny expression she gives in class except this one was different
>she smiled with an expression of a thousand happiness and satisfaction
>tfw I my brain has died and my life fuck-flipped down under.
have you fucked the kid too?
>I regain my sanity
>"why did you let me do this to you"
>stupid question but it came out of my mouth
>"Anon...I just, felt.Like.it I dunno?"
>she starts talking in non-sense
>I ask to confirm: "Were you virgin?"
>"Yes....(faint answer) something wrong?"
>I know this going to get bad. She was 32, and I was her first
>I pretend its nothing and we silently cuddle for another hour
>Eventually this affair continued on through 4 semesters
>She gives off this signal that she 'wants' it.
>I obey her like a little bitch.
>Missionary octopus every time
>Meanwhile I try to investigate what Spanish teacher wanted from me
>2 years pass.
>I finally transfer to a decent university
>Spanish teacher still teaches at same college
>Fast-track to present
>taking courses, job at the bar, busy as fuck
>ended up getting a qt gf
>gf is loyal and caring
>dating for 5 months
>see her everyday, do stuff together
>Broke ties with Spanish teacher
>have not seen her since last 'private lesson'
>Go visit gf one day
>gf looks pissed off
>"Get out anon, fuck you .etc .etc"
>whatthefuck .jpeg.
That is possibly the hottest thing i have ever read
File: 1424505559379.png (249 KB, 421x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB, 421x500
>Gf calls me a cheating whore tells me its over
>heart is broken.
>Gf starts filpping shit that I gave her herpes
>what!?! Ask her why shes making this shit up
>Gf shows me her phone
>rage .jpeg
>texts of Spanish teacher telling gf that she was fucking me behind her back
>Explain to gf the truth about past affair but ties were cut off
>Gf spits at my face. Cries an entire ocean of tears and shuts door on me.
>Im angry and disappointed
>raging and breaking shit for hours.
>explain to my friends what is going on
>"sorry anon, your fault"
>rageofathousandscorchingsuns .jpeg
>ride into college to confront Spanish teacher
>want to Falcon Punch her cunt
>approach office
>"come in"
>Spanish teacher sitting in front of desk looking calm as fuck
>im in so much rage but at the same time I need to keep composure
>I knew I was the one in disadvantage
>"why did you do this to me?" I ask
>"Anon. I did lie about the herpes and all but I wasnt lying about our relationship"
>Spanish teacher says our "relationship" wasnt over
>She accused me of ignoring her and began to rage at me
>At this point I knew she was fucking batshit loca
>I tell her: "All will be forgiven if you tell the truth and make things right"
>Spanish teacher: "No."
>She raises her voice, face is red, green eyes gone black and wide: "Anon, eres mio. Si me dejas de nuevo... te MATARÉ"
>Estoy jodido. I am fucked.
>Social life is fucked.
>Spanish teacher managed to get my phone number.
>keeps calling me every night bothering me
>No texts, no pics, she's playing it smart
>calls me every weekend
>"lets fuck anon", "ill buy you a drink" "Por favor", "Are you mad?"
>Try to ignore her, keeps calling me
>Finally had it, "Ok lets meet, .etc"
>Meet her, try to explain to her that this situation fucked me bad and if she ever cared about me she would leave me alone
>Spanish teacher contradicts everything I say
>She claims her culture states that I am forever bound by her because I ripped open her sacred virgin cherry
>Finds out shes some sort of old-school Latin American orthodox Catholic
>I ask her why choose me and not some macho latino douchebag
>"Well one day I went to see this fortune teller and she told that this student from my class....etc"
>omg .jpeg
>Weeks go by, bound by the Latina witch
>go to class, work, go home, eat, get a call
>"Anon, buenas tardes! come here to my place"
>Missionary octopus commences
>Cycle repeats
>shit goes on for months
>She buys me gifts and shit, trying to soften me up
>Try to get nude pics or texts or anything I can use to fuck her up
>Bitch uses burner cell to call me
i've sexually assaulted 4 girls so far. they were all drunk. i didn't 'rape' them technically, mostly fingered them. im looking forward to doing it again.
>Chilean Gummi Miners
fucking died
>Goes to work
>Spanish Teacher studied all my swifts and sits around the bar waiting for me to finish work
>I use my aunt's car and my motorcycle to commune because Spanish teacher remembered all my bus schedule and always gropes me when I get on bus
>Spanish teacher turning 33
>Her birthday is coming up and she expects me to show up to one of her gatherings with all her beaner friends and 1000 cousins
>She threatens to fuck me up if I dont go.
>Cant bring my friends because "no gringos allowed", cant make up excuse because Spanish teacher follows all my moves
>Birthday comes
>dress casually, buys an expensive watch (on her request)
>ride my way through to this classy-as-fuck restaurant
>Arrive. Spanish Teacher and group of friends sitting at a private room
>all her friends are cougars with douchebag bfs
>Im the youngest one in the table, they all give me this same funny look that Spanish teacher gave me
>Spanish teacher lying to her friends that I'm her novio, starts complementing me about how rich and famous I am
>Bitch is bragging about her trophy-slave to her friends
>4 straight hours go by, they are all drinking and talking really loudly like a bunch of Italians at a sleezy restaurant
>Starts to get real mad in the inside
>Notice this mid-aged Slavic woman sitting beside me.
>Shes the only one (other then me) who isnt a beaner
>She look at me and gives me this gypsy-ass smile
>"Anon, you make Spanish teacher very happy woman. You is make great husband for her. I KNOW it."
>Finds out that gypsy slav was the fortune teller that told lies to Spanish Teacher.
>rageintensifies jpeg.
>Rage is uncontrollable
>Finally had it with this shit, fuckyouyolo .jpeg. callthecopsidontgiveafuck .jpeg
>Tell the fortune teller gypsy cunt that her story was all bullshit scam
>Tell her my life is fucked up because of her.
>Confess all the crimes Spanish teacher committed in front of everyone
>Try to keep composure
>Tell Spanish teacher: "I dont hate you, but you ruined my life .etc"
>Spanish teacher bursts in rage
>everybodywalkthedinosaur .jpeg
>Fortune teller just laughs her ass off fucking cunt is enjoying this
>Spanish teacher continues to contradict me and say that "I'm just an immature kid who is confused"
>walk out of party
>Go home and lock all windows and doors.
>Phone rings. Spanish teacher.
>dont answer it.
>2 days go by no answer. Monday comes and I get ready to go to class
>Go out into my garage and turn on bike.
>notice something is wrong, but whatever
>Pull in clutch and give gas.
>bike suddenly goes out of control, turn off the engine to check what is wrong.
>omg .jpeg
>Tires are slashed, headlights are smashed
>Finds a note taped in front of the broken headlights
>Spanish teacher's writing: "Dont fuck with me anon, I warn you .etc."
>I freeze in horror and fear as to what is going to happen to me
>I go back to my room grab a bottle of gin and get drunk.
>cryingface .jpeg
>Phone rings, its the Spanish teacher, I answer it without saying a word
>"Hola anon! can you meet me at my place today?"
and that was the last time i saw her again...
Im probly going to get called a fagget for this. That was a nice story. It really caught my attention.
not really a story but one of the many amusing dumb things ive done or woken up to, woke up with a chick on top of me and another next to me after a night of partying and we were all covered in chocolate cake for some reason and at the time of waking up i did not know it was cake and was a little shall we say worried
File: pic_31_big.jpg (72 KB, 1000x751) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 1000x751
>i didn't 'rape' them technically, mostly fingered them
if you penetrated them without their consent it's technically rape. not judging, just stating facts.
Fucking love doing this. Huge rush
Did anyone save it????
Don't you dare tell me what to do anon
What the fuck was that? What did i miss
so you're saying i've raped 4 girls? thats cool. no problem with that.
you said it dude. its dangerous and it makes me feel fucking powerful. im always careful though.
File: 1381537093814.jpg (129 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 1024x768
i assume (hehehehe, ass....) they were all passed out drunk when you did the dirty deeds?
Ive even stealthed fapped into my hand and slipped jizzed covered fingers up inside a few hotties.
What what the
2 girls were. 2 girls weren't blacked out but could barely stand, drunk enough to not recognize me or probably remember. its easy when you're at a house party and you can take them to a room upstairs or down the hall.

yikes. damn dude. that creates a hell of a mystery.
>33.730626, -116.934234
Hemet California? That's the exif on the bitch in OP's pic or what?
File: 0501606018.jpg (677 KB, 2176x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
677 KB, 2176x3264
>2 girls were. 2 girls weren't blacked out but could barely stand
Yeah, that'd be rape. What do you get out of limp, lifeless bodies? It's more fun when they realize what's going on...
File: 1422255798527.jpg (33 KB, 412x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 412x394
>Im in Tomorrow Style, not in Yatsuba
details my man.
I like them not knowing...continuing to think im this sweet harmless "friend"
Inside im thinking "bitch i know what your pussy tastes like"
what is 'pizza' small boys? thats discusting. Whats shota pizza
His name is humpty.
well with all girls i fingered them. one girl i eventually stuck a finger up her butt.
i've gotten more 'daring' i guess lately. now i like to take my dick out rub it on their faces. the girls who aren't totally passed out will try to suck but don't do it very well.
but yeah mostly fingered. i just like the feel and smell of them.
spit it the fuck out what was it?
i know he is hilarious sright
Careful newfag. You're about to learn something of the limits of this place
i've never done it to a friend. thats too risky. i also have that 'harmless' way about me.
Not sure if you want to know
hearing this always makes me freak out a little bit. like what if some shit happened to me and i never knew? femanon ofc.. its fuking weird
im sick but curious... what did i miss
If you get fucked up and share a bed with a guy that you dont want to be touched by wear yoga pants and leggings to bed. Shits impossible for me to get through
Fucking kek
File: image.jpg (9 KB, 237x143) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 237x143
>be 22
>start dating blonde 7/10
>things are going alright
>she's quirky but fun
>dat ass
>second date
>goes to her place
>start to go down on her
>stops me, wants to play doctor
>blindfolds me
>kinky but okay
>feel pressure around my ass
>pull off blindfold
>fucking crazy bitch shoving 3-4 plastic horses Into my asshole
>says my condition is "stable"
wait, both?
holy shit what the fuck
Post again!
Whoops i meant OR. Last girl i did it to had a micro skirt/tutu with a gstring on. Was super easy.
Lost so fucking hard omg
Good one
i once licked and fucked my mom's toes while she was sleeping i also fingered her and gripped here fat ass.
File: 1414800610997.jpg (151 KB, 420x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 420x500
I-is she k-kill?
why and when did u start getting into this? im not gonna be a fuckign hate im just curious.... do u ever feel bad about invading their personal spacE?
been fapping to that on and off for the last 2 hours
i feel sick
what was the pic anon, joined the thread a lil too late.
I dunno just always been into it. I get laid pretty regually too and am good looking and successful. Shits just a big rush for me. Nope no guilt at all just satisfaction
Yeah its a classic bro
Yeah we want the first pic, or tell us what was about
It was real fuckin messed up. Youre better off not having seen it
I have a good true story. I don't know of this is the thread to post it, so il keep it short
>be 12 or 13
>go stay at grandmas house on the beach
>all my cousins are also staying for a few days
>I'm the youngest male, and my youngest female cousin was 8 or 9, her name is Mikayla, or M.
>M loves me, she seriously pees her pants when she sees me and has to get changed
>she follows me around and tries to do whatever I do
>while everyone is at the beach all she wants to do is get piggy backed by me
>later that night, it's movie time. We are all watching some movie
>I'm sitting on the floor on a bean bag and everyone else is on sofas
>M desperately wants to sit with me, and her mom finally says ok but tells her not to annoy me
>M lays down in between my legs on beanbag first just over the blanket, but eventually she gets under the blanket
>I'm 12 or 13 so I cant help but get a boner
>stiff dick is pushing against her back
>I try to grab my dick and flip it under my waistband but she is pressed down hard on it
>5 minutes go by with her rubbing around innocently but also rubbing my dick on her lower back
>I'm really uncomfortable, also afraid someone will call me a pedo
>out of no where she reaches around and grabs at my dick
>push her hand away and while she is sat up quickly flick my dick into waistband
>chubby goes down and she just lies on me with her head on my chest and pulls my hands onto her belly and she holds my hands, again uncomfortable because her whole family can see and it looks intimate. But she has always been like this with me, so it's no real big deal
>so movie finishes and Ms family is going back to their rented holiday house. M says she wants to sleep at grandmas
>grandma says it's ok
>so I go to bed in the spare room. M obviously gets the other spare room, and she needs a nightlight/torch thing.
>im asleep
> don't know the time
>I feel someone slowly really quietly slipping into the bed, from the feet end of the bed
Hahaha you guys are fucking idiots
Gore? CP?
I've gotten my dick sucked in a sears change room before
ahh cool im into public stuff. my ex gave me head in a mall dressing room. luckily it was almost closing so the place was pretty empty. she spit out in the corner.
i want to hear this
Please continue

you still owe me ten bucks for that
File: dady1.png (82 KB, 860x695) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I ducked a ninja once
File: dady2.png (79 KB, 791x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
File: dady 3.png (72 KB, 862x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]

it was the grifter
my gf and i are into the public stuff too, we've tried in a few different weird places.

Done the beach a few times, a few times in the forest at local parks and once in the botanical garden at a university in my city
I'm straight but that was one hell of a story anon, thanks for sharing it, I hope you find happiness in your life.
>file delete
>everyone is spazzing
Honestly it was probably sex in the missionary possition
Someone post again!
I was making weed brownies and missed out
Faggot mods deleted it
it had something to do with a bent horsecock from what i gather
nice copy pasta
For the love of allah cont
tl;dr kill you are self
i had an experience a couple years back

>as moots hand trailed up my thigh, i couldn't hold back the shiver of pleasure
>i felt his hot breath on my ear
>"cmon, lets go somewhere a little more… private" he stood taking my hand in his
>i knew this was wrong, my parents would kill me if they found out i was dating with what they call our "enemy"
>yet they have not done anything to me so why should i hate him?
>we stopped outside the bar
>"meet me in the woods, hurry up" he said
>"alright" i hopped on my bike and rode back home
>i parked it in the back and i went straight to the woods
>i threw off my clothes and changed into my beta form
>i ran around, lurked around until i could see his post
>then i found him in his alpha form and instantly felt embarrassed to show myself
>he had a nice, tan body, and as for me, i am pale!
>he has nice muscles while i am neckbearded
>don't get me wrong, i am strong, i just look lard assed
>"oh come on anon, there is no need to be embarrassed. i am sure you're as beautiful as the full moon"
>he looked down at me with a smile
>it instantly calmed me as i turned back into a lurker

fuck that im not getting banned for some stoner faggot, find it yourself
>he just stared at my body, staring at everything, making me feel embarrassed again.
>"moot, stop staring at me like that"
>i turned around trying to hide myself
> i feel his arms wrap around my waist and soft kisses pressed against my neck
>"like i said, as beautiful as the moon"
>i couldn't help but melt into his arms
>the kissed slowly turned into him sucking on my neck, causing me to moan
>after a minute, he stopped and turned around
>"now you have a little mark to show you are mine" he said with an evil grin
>"m-moot p-please!" couldn't help but ask for more
>he pulled me into a rough kiss
>his tongue entered my mouth as we fought for dominance
>he came out on top and began his search for my mouth
> i couldn't hold back the moan as his hand touched my member
>he pulled away from our kiss and smiled
>"lay down please"
>i did as he said laying down on the ground
>he crawled on top of me kissing my lips until he reached my member
>his hot breath against my member making it twitch
>"moot, please touch me!"
>after i said that, i felt his mouth wrap around my member
>my moans came one after another as i felt his tong move around me
>he then stopped pulling away with a smirk
>he brought his finger to my mouth
>"i am going to need you to suck" he said as he brought 3 fingers to my mouth


>i took his hand and sucked an licked them the best i could
>he pulled his fingers out of my mouth
>"this might hurt just a little" he warned
>"alright" he stuck one finger in me, moving it around
>then the second, and the third
>at first i felt uncomfortable but then i got used to it
>and my moans started
>he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his member
>"now i know this is really going to hurt, and i am sorry" he said as he slammed
>SLAMMED into me
>i let out a scream but he masked it with a kiss
>he started his thrusts
>once i got used to it, i made sounds i never knew i could!
>i pulled moot into another kiss
>i felt something build up into my stomach
>"moot, im going to cum" i say "me too"
>all i saw was a flash of white
>when i calmed down, moot was laying next to me holding me close
>"that was amazing" i say
>"it was" he looks down at me and kisses me
>we stay like that for a minute
>we both snap our heads up
>and im looking at one of my fellow thread commentors

hope you enjoyed
it was a bent horsecock with a little girl (maybe 9 years old) stick on the horsecock by her vagina, with some old pedo snorting cocaine off that same horsecock and it was in a motivational poster frame that said
"jet fuel can't melt steel beams"
"don't blarp with fweeeeep"
what the fuck is a grifter
oh fuck...wow....just..fucking wow
I can't remember exactly how it started but this is the best of my recollection.
>at friends house playing basketball.
>we come in for lunch that his mom made us. we're not wearing shirts only shorts
>Mom makes joke about us not having any armpit hair and says we probably will in a few years. Then asks if we have any hair "down there and wants to see.
>I'm shy at first but my friend pulls his shorts down, so i do too.
>she laughs at our little boy penis' and says don't worry they'll get bigger and get hair on them when they you get older.
>Then she pulls down her shorts a little and shows us her pubic hair and says "like this"
>she looks at me and says "have you ever seen a girls before".
>I tell her that I have in some magazines and on tv once.
>she asks me about the magazines and if I masturbate. She says she knows her son does and has caught him in his room doing it.
>I said I do sometimes. She asks me if anything comes out when Im done and I say it does
>She asks if I'd like to see hers, to see what a real one looks like.
>I say yes. (this whole time me and my friend are standing in front of her butt naked. She's sitting on a couch. I notice my friend has a boner already which has me kinda embarrassed because i'm nervous as fuck and my dick hiding.
>we sit down on the couch across from her as she takes her shorts and panties off then spreads her legs for us to look at her pussy. It was hairy but trimmed.
>Then she said "ok, show me how you guys do it"
>My dick actually got pretty hard fast. And me and my buddy sat there inches away almsost thigh to thigh strokind our dicks in front of her.
>She would go back and forth to rubbing her clit to sliding her finger down to her hole and dip her middle finger out which made a moist popping noise.
>when I came one of shots shot up and to my left which hit my buddy on the arm and torso. It didn't even throw off his rythem.
Dude please just kill yourself for being such a gullible fucking faggot
nice. we fucked at different places aroudn the university too. and there is something incredible about outdoor sex.
>When she saw my cum hit her son, she started shaking and lifted her ass off the couch and then tightened her thighs real tight over her hand.
>My buddy then came, but i didn't see anything come out.
>she started getting dressed and said that was fun and that we could play and talk some more sometime.

There was a little more that happened that day but I can't fucking remember a lot of it. I know she flashed us her tits later as we were playing outside.
Me and my girl fuck in literally every interesting location we go to. We geocache a lot for anyone who knows what that is and fuck once we find it, she cums so hard once people see us.

> Fucked her so hard in a Malaysian airport toilet
> The door opens up straight into the airport.
> Opened the door, three asian dudes sitting right in front of us on their laptops
> Eye contact
> She gets on her knees and takes my load on her face
> Maintain eye contact with asian guys
> Pull pants up
> Walk away maintaining eye contact.
>the first time i masturbated, i was all alone with a venus fly trap
>and i said to myself, "you know what? i want this venus fly trp, to be come a, penis fly trap"
>i then laughed at my own hilarious and witty pun for several minutes
>after that, i went up to the fly trap
"hey buddy, you know whats about to happen?"
>and he was like
"i can think or speak because im a plant"
>and i was like
"oh well whatever thats cool bro"
>then i shoved my cock down its throat
>and it sarted sucking on it
>and i was like
"yeah, yeah, wait... wait no.... this was.... this is a terrible idea...this is so painfuill i.... this was AWFUl why did i DO THIS!?!?"
>and thats the story of how my dick got bit off by a penis fly trap
>thank you for reading. goodbye
File: 1419089475038.jpg (53 KB, 500x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
his friend is now a serial killer named Elliot
i used to masturbate using a cat
you really dont want to know dude
i still masturbate using your cat
Good times.
why the fuck does this shit get me horny? i would never let my dad do this to me and the thought of my own dad doing it is disgusting but reading about it is so hot like wwtf
>fight with gf, she says she wanna break up
>the same day I go out with my longtime friend, end up drunk and fucking her at her place
>5 am omw back to dorm
>gf calls she cant sleep, she is sorry, lalala,asks me to come to her room (lives in the same dorm)
>cant lie that Im in my room cause she can get there in literally 2 minutes and I would take me like 30 mins to get to the dorm
>masterplan: if I tell her I was in club with friend (the one that I actually fucked) she wont be suspicious something more actuallyhappened (no idea why I thought that)
>''but its 5 am anon, what were you two doing? come ot me as soon as you get to the dorm''
>get back, quick shower to wash off the pussy, no soap so she wont smell that I showered
>run to gf room
>tell her we were in a club the whole night, cause I was depressed cause I thought gf dumped me
>''anon you promise you didnt do anything with her?''
>Can't read my, can't read my
No she can't read my poker face
>Have sex with gf

good night, but never again, oh my god the nerves.
>I can see the soft blue light of her little torch under my covers
>she is very slowly crawling up my bed, trying not to wake me up
>I move a little bit and she freezes
>30 seconds later I can feel the matress moving again
>now she is pulling my boxer shorts down and obviouslt trying to peak at my dick with her little torch
>I roll over a bit and she freezes again
>a minute or so later she is slowly pulling my boxers down again, shes pulling the front down a bit and then the back down a little bit. Trying to slip them down without waking me
>of course I have a throbbing dick now
>she eventually pulls my shorts front low enough to pop my dick out
>after my dick flings out she freezes again for a little while
>eventually I can feel her lightly touching it
>she must know what it is
>she pulls my foreskin back and touches my nob
>I can feel what I think was a few kisses and very very softly licking
>I can feel the matress vibrating and I imagine it is her possibly rubbing her little vagoo not knowing exactly why it feels good
>a little while later she is creeping out of the bed, and as she is doing it I whisper 'Mikayla?'
>she freezes again
>I say her name again
>she just takes off, legs it to her room
>Jerk off and fall asleep
>next morning mikayla won't look at me
>I act like nothing happened
>returns to normal after about 20 minutes
>we go back to her families house and spend the day playing games and stuffing around. I actually had a crush on my older cousin, so I constantly tried to impress her.
>this behavior made M get cranky. I asked M whats up and she ignored me.
>I apologize and pick her up and carry her around while she laughed and shit
>everyone thinks it's cute

>later that day I ask M what she was doing in my bed last night.
>she wont answer me
>I tell her I could feel her playing with my doodle
>she looks mortified and begs me not to tell her mom
>it's ok M. Just don't do it to anyone else because it's not normal
Is it the dog torture video?
were you expecting laughter?
heres some of that
it;s fur would get matted on my cock from the cum so after I'd have to pull the long matted cat fur from under my foreskin

coordinants? shaddup.
>Because /b/ is full of winners
>Anything better on the internet
captcha: getim
Love this pasta, I still lose every time.
Dude, I fucking love geocaching! I do it with my wife and two sons.
File: _1353310959068.jpg (45 KB, 336x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]

perma ban this asian lover faggot who ruins threads
> everyone walk the dinosaur ...
Are those shitstains??
File: 1360033812413.jpg (19 KB, 266x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
A few years ago I lived with an ex-girlfriend, who for my birthday bought me a pug, a dog I had always wanted, and we named her Daisy. This dog turned out to be the best dog I had ever owned up to this point in my life. Daisy was obedient, playful, energetic, and had an all around good personality. Imagine the perfect little pug, except for one flaw, Daisy pug was a hug pervert.

Every time the girlfriend and I would fuck, the pug would magically materialize out of the ether. It was like she had fucking-radar. Daisy would either watch creepily from the corner or attempt to get a closer look by climbing onto the bed with us. If we shut the door to our room she would scratch and howl mournfully, which would kill the mood. After a long struggle for privacy we resigned ourselves to be live action porn for our pug for the sake of being able to have sex in peace.

I go to stand up next to the bed one day after a rigorous session of porn star messy sex, and Daisy approaches my cum glazed cock with nose extended curiously. Startled, I cover my cock and move away. Then ex-girlfriend shouts “Wait!”, as she jumps out of bed and positions herself behind me, placing me in a full-nelson, and whispers “Let’s see what she does”. I protest but the ex is persistent. Daisy slowly approaches where I am standing at the corner of the bed, and then without hesitation begins to clean my soaked dick using her tongue with the enthusiasm of a cat bathing itself. Freaked out I break out of the full-nelson, grab the dog and throw her out of the room, all the while the ex-girlfriend is rolling on the bed laughing hysterically.

Pic related, that is a photo the Ex sent me one day of her and Daisy while I was at work after the sexual assault.
Fucking Jesus dude. Really? Get off /b/, I don't want to see that shit.
Did anyone save it? It got deleted before I got into this thread.
i once let a girl put a pickle up my ass. i must have wiped too hard that morning cause it started burning right away. i started yelling but she told me to stop being a pussy and take it like a man. so i did.
fuck off devon
Dude you are such a pussy you might as well start trapping and become a fucking girl. Do you have any idea what most of these faggots would do to fuck a nasty girl like that?
anon got a blowjob from a pug
the fuck?
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