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Anyone have any experience with sleep paralysis...
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Anyone have any experience with sleep paralysis and wanna share their stories I've been attempting to induce it but it hasn't worked yet
shits fake and bullshit. we dont live in some magical fairy tale world .what you see is what there is man. there isn't some other magical ethereal place, its what we see its whats right in the open where you'd never think to look. fag mate
I'ts a hallucination not a fairy world theres science behind it
Why in fucks name would you try to induce that shit
I hear its freaky cant be that bad tho

had it 2 times in my life so far. Once i was a child, had an out of body experience. was such a striking event, still remember it.

the second time i had a sleep paralysis is because of a total lack of sleep for a long period of time. smoked weed and then went to sleep. woke up 7 hours later and went to piss. fall asleep again and all off the sudden my heart was racing like shit, felt like i was punched in all sides. i literally thought i would die.
woke up sweaty. will remember it always
What happened during it
>be me
>16 years old, the whole teenage moody shit
>had insomnia for a while but not way my parents are wasting money on sleeping pills
>after maybe 3 days only having 2 hours sleep i pass out in bed after school
>hours later, being woken up for dinner
>come out, hair messy, eat food, go back to sleep
>wake up at 2am or so in the morning
>cannot move at ALL
>see something in the corner of the room
>try to shout
>it slowly starts walking towards me
>i can even smell it
>its like rotting meat
>it leans over me
>cuts all over its face and shit
>i make a few croaks and it does the same
>finally get my voice back
>i scream
>it screams
>we all scream for icecream
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I had it once, about 18 months ago. After having problems with acid flashbacks 6 months earlier, I was able to mentally cope with it and pretty much paid it off and went back to sleep.
shits scary af. i've had it all my life, it's pretty random, but if you go to sleep and think about it, or kinda focus in on a noise, or even the silence, youll start hearing a kinda highpitched vibration, then it kicks in. Can't move. feels like someone is on you trying to suffocate you. it's pretty crazy. onlything i can do to stop it is play music, or have a tv with constant sound on going.

Also, it's nothing about "magic" it's your brains in a deepsleep and cant wake up, but at the same time your body is out cold so you can see/hear/ but cant move at all.
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>wake up
>realize you can't move
>panic seeps in
>try to move arms/legs
>if you're lucky you can open your eyes
>can hear people conversing in another yet unable to cry for help
>keep trying with all your will
>the world continues on as you're trapped in your own prison

It is a terrible experience, OP is a fag

It is a terrible experience
It's not fake. That shit used to happen to me all the time. Not consistently, just every now and then I'd have a few episodes. I guess they came in groups. It fucking sucks though
This. It's like lucid dreaming a nightmare but you know you're not dreaming. Scary as fuck
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Sheep confirmed

Let him go through life thinking that.

I've had several obe's but never paralysis. Seems unnecessary.
Op here gonna go try it right now wish me luck
Happened once to me. I'd recently moved to a new house and was getting used to sleeping at a different orientation.

Not sure what time I woke but when I did I felt something on the bed. I couldn't see it but it wasn't human. It was crouched in top of me and looking at me. I was frozen, staring back and terrified.

Not sure how long it was there but eventually it kept back off my bed and scurried away backward on all fours. I'm not ashamed to say I screamed like a girl.
I can do it at will, it works for me so maybe it will for you. I have to pay on my back with my arms above my hend. (like your relaxing) after a while I'll fall a sleep and eversingle time I'll wake up mid sleep with sleep paralysis.
Don't feel like making a story so it keep it short I once woke up with it and there was a werewolf trying to get me. I couldn't breath scream, nothing. But I pulled some kill bill vol 2 and focused on movingly toe. After I could everything else came and I had a freak out. Went back to bed. The end
>17 Me
>Wake up randomly after sleeping for 10+ hours
>Not normal sleep pattern for me
>Lay there relaxed on my stomach for a bit
>Think to myself "Better get up"
>Go To Move
>Nothing responds
>No Arms, No Legs, Can't turn my head, Nothing
>Try again
>Nothing Still
>Lay there for prolly 30 mins or so
>Can't comprehend, better just go back to sleep
>Wake up 2 hours later
>Roll over
>Was I fucking Dreaming?
>Fucking what.
Never happened again.
I can only remember one incident of sleep paralysis.

>13 years old
>wake up
>wtf can't move
>holy shit something is coming
>oh my god can I please fucking move?
>this thing is gonna fucking kill me
>it's about to open my door
>why can't I scream?
>literally trying as hard as I can to scream for my mom (or anyone at this point)
>somehow regain control over my body after literally the scariest moments of my entire life

Sleep paralysis is the scariest thing ever. There is no way for me to convey to you the true extent of how terrifying it was.
From what I understand peoples brains' fear center is highly active while in REM sleep and your body can trick its self into thinking its in REM while awake so they start hallucinating heavily but cant move because the body naturally paralizes itself during sleep and it fucks people up
After I regained control I turned my light on and hid in the covers until I fell asleep again. That experience turned me into a fucking baby again.
Kill Bill is dank S/O to the five point palm exploding heart move
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I used to have it more when I was younger. I'm 22 now. My first one was maybe sophomore high school. I freaked the fuck out because there's always a hallucination and confusion behind it. To me it's mostly auditory hallucinations. But my first time, I 'woke up' to loud distorting sounds that sounded like it came from all over my room. I thought there were ghosts, and I confided that to a friend, he didn't believe me. Second time was worse, I woke up confused and hearing a demonic voice. Tried to move, scream and bang on my wall to alert my parents. Couldn't do anything. The most memorable one I've had was with the visual hallucinations. I've seen a giant cockroach standing in front of me near my bed, twitching. And I've seen a giant lizard in a trench coat flashing (disappearing and reappearing) in different places in my room in a linear pattern (instead of walking). In my experience , and I've never seen it in articles about sleep paralysis online, there's always an "aura" that predicts I'm gonna have sleep paralysis the same as some people can know when a migraine or seizure is coming. I would be half awake from my normal sleep, but then I fall into this deep, deep sleep that I can only compare it to what it would feel like if someone's dying. Like a sleep so deep I feel like I'm never gonna wake up. And then the paralysis occurs, and your body is stiff against your will and heart is pounding.
When it happens to me, and it's not to deep I can usually snap myself out of it. Like pulling urself out of a dream. But sometimes it was really bad. And I'd just lay there freaking out in my head. I figured out when it's that bad the only way to get out of it is to slowly regain control of an arm(I would have to begin by barely wiggling a finger tip and very very slowly spread my control down towards the shoulder) and literally smacking myself in the face to wake myself up. Problem was is since ur just lying there with ur eyes closed u tend to drift off back to real sleep. So sometimes it was a race to wake myself up before I became unwillingly unconscious. I tell people the if they see my toes or finger wiggling while I'm sleeping they should wake me up. My ex also told me that I'd hold my breath in my sleep. Take a deep breath and slowly let it croak out. I'd hold my breath for 30 to 40 Seconds
I had it once recently
>Wake up
>Can't move
>Look to closet
>Pitch black inside
>Look up at roof
>Naked humanoid creature appears on top of me
>Empty eye sockets, Large toothless mouth
>Leans right up to my face
>Screams incredibly loudly
>I Scream
>Wake up
>Cold sweat
I'm not too sure how to induce it, But it seems likelier to occur if you're not leading a healthy lifestyle (e.g Not sleeping)
Thought it was gonna be good.
It's happened to me every since I was a kid and still continues to happen but less. At first it was terrible waking up and not being able move or breath properly, but after a while it became normal for me and I started to actually find it interesting and enjoyable to and extent once I figured out that if I keep trying to move it eventually fades. I've only ever had hallucinations twice though. And in one was a two headed goat monster that pinned me down and shouted things in my face but I couldn't hear it and as I stared to fully wake up it turned out to just be my lamp.
It's sleep apnea. Do you snore when you sleep?
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>be 15
>just finished 5 day meth bender
>sleeping on the couch in my mansion
>all of a sudden feel my dick being sucked by a crazy black beast
>cant move
>realize im handcuffed to bed
>realize the beast is my dad
>cum instantly
>"you're a naughty daddy"
>sleep paralysis is awesome
I never see anything. My dream ends and I'm there in my head. Black. I can hear what's going on around me though. Sometimes after I wake myself up if I close my eyes and drift off a bit I'll become immediately trapped again. This could happen up to four times in a row
i get it where everything is just black for a period of time and suddenly i get the uncontrollable urge to go into panic mode when i wake up. not sure what it is but it seems to happen and i cant even remember within 12 hours
My nigga
I thought sleep aapnea is when u wake urself up throughout the night because u cease to breath. I don't snore
That feeling when your girlfriend calls you daddy while you fuck her and she sucks your dick, awwwwwwwwwwww yreeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh
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Just like that
Yeah so i got them every night for long periods of time, creepy shit crawling up on you and scary monsters
Dad had me watching alien and shit at like 8 yrs old so some weeks i would sleep barely nothing, often in my parents bed and all the loss off sleep made me have more sleep paralysis.

Now I'm older and I'm not scared of the dark and if i get them I'm not so scared that i cant fall asleep again.

Never realised what it was until a few years ago I'm 20 today and I'm not scared of death nor darkness because I've had too much of that BS no action terror. Get them once in awhile when I'm really tired and it gets my pulse up but i fall asleep after that in 2 minutes without a second thought.
One time for me and that shit was scary..Thought I was getting rapped by some monster. What's wierd is the pic you used is what it looked like.
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I woke up after a nightmare and thought that a monster or whatever was in my room and I was too scared to move. Went back to sleep and woke up fine.

Dunno if that counts.
I had quite a few of them when I was around 16. Shits scary af man. When it happens it was just my brain that woke up. My eyelids were still closed and my body felt as if someone had saran wrapped my like a mummy. I'd try to call out for somebody but my jaws were locked shut. Usually someone tapping would do the trick and it would subside. But it was hard to even open my mouth and say something. When I managed to say something and someone came over to shake me awake I would go back to sleep and about a minute later it would happen again.
-123412343421/10 Would not try
Sorry bro I dun thnk u understand what sleep paralysis is. It's a proven sleep condition that just about everyone will experience at some time in their life. It can be fukin scary and when combined with a semi dream state it's no surprise that ppl have awful experiences - lots of alien abduction stories probably come from this, used to be demons in the medieval times
Had it last christmas
It sucks, I was laying in bed with wife
fell asleep was up everythings seems normal
feel blankets slowly getting pulled
go to grab them cant move
lay there trying to do anything
as blankets slip down to my feet
my feet get grabed and yanked off the bed
hit the floor staring under the bed
unable to move
TLDR It sucks dick
OBE... Can you explain more please? Currently studying this.
One of the worst experiences of my life, u really don't wanna experience it if u don't have to. The brain can do fucked up things to you when it gets it's sleep system fucked up
Don't do it
it happened to me when i was a kid and i kept screaming but no one came
Dude obes thru shrooms do NOT equal sleep paralysis episodes! Trust me -sleep paralysis is fucked up and not at all mind expanding or in any way helpful to consciously experience
Got abducted by aliens, not for me.

Your dad is probably just date raping you.
Had this twince in one night, shit ain't fun.
>that dub trips
>Be me
>i think i was 10
>normal day playing on my trampoline
>Go in watch tv
>Time for bed
>go to sleep
>Wake up
>hard to open my eyes but i open them
>Can see my mom
>i scream but she doesn't even look
>i can't move at all i start crying
>i still don't know if it was a dream or real life
>Be 16 year old me after tons of caffeine
>Try to sleep
>Wake Up
>Can't move
>TV starts getting really loud
>See grudge like chick on top of me
>Try to move even more, try to shout
>Get charley horse
>The pain wakes me up
>Stayed up the whole night after that
Out of body experiences are one of the few things that gives me assurance human consciousness goes deeper than most believe.

I used binurial beats in the afternoon in a laying down position. After about half an hour my vibrations got super intense and I felt my whole body violently moving, and then I opened my spirit eyes I guess and was looking down at myself. I was overcame with joy and fell back into my body.

Since then I've had a few success's, mostly consisting of flying over the mountains around my town.

Very life changing experiences.
Lol true, at least look up lucid dreaming or somethin

My gay ass friend claims he has this all the time. He is a huge faggot so you probably are too
Nigga you just got full house
The shrooms was meant for the guy j was replying to, see >>601211715 for my obe explanation.
>>we all scream for icecream
Wait wut, you got pulled to the floor?
>going to bed late, fucking tired
>collapse laying on my back
>some time later, don't know when
>hear yowling, really fucking loud
>wake up, eyes slightly open
>dear god what is going on
>cats at the foot of the bed, three of them
>screaming really fucking loud, I don't have three cats
>oh god i'm going to die
>corner of my eye
>something moving
>horse body thing with limbs cut off at joints
>no hair, ears, eyes, just wiggling mass of horsey flesh
>sweet fucking mother of christ im in silent hill
>one last really long screech
>thing goes away
>cats go away
>lie there like a scared bitch until sun comes up
Its fucking scary, but the first time I actually thought some paranormal shit was going on, and I managed to break it partially and shoulder barge through my door and then collapsed and woke up.

Landlord wasn't happy.

Was some seriously scary shit.
Lucid dreaming ain't sleep paralysis either!
i always thought that i have these sleep paralysis too.
couldn't move in bed and that feeling of dying. turned out that i got brain cancer.

the symptoms are really similar.
When I was a younger lad, I would often sit and watch sci-fi movies with my father, and more often than not he would watch action and horror flicks under those genres. Understandably, I came to have a few nightmares here and there.

I grew to love movies like Aliens, John Carpenter's the thing, Batteries not included, etc. Later when I could play games and appreciate them, I fell along the same genre, my friends and I heavily played the AvP games, often cursing through the night. Around the age of 16 I had series of wild, hallucinatory like dreams of being left half-dead half asleep inside a xenomorph hive.

I had troubles sleeping for a while, and whenever I had these dreams I would always have a recurring factor, a Drone would always come and at some point, no matter what else, it would tend to me gently, prodding me with the smooth knuckles along the face and torso, sometimes carrying me into the darkness where I would eventually wake, sometimes watching me until my vision cleared and I broke free of the dread and could finally move again. I would always be unable to move, I often told my parents about it but, they were too busy to care.

I haven't had one of those episodes until a few years ago, when I was partly lucid dreaming, trying to form some sort of dream-scape in a noble-bright theme. Something had decided to pop up and visit me. It was a phantasmal, pure-black silloutte that picked me up and throttled me violently, which caused me to call out in alarm. Immediately all I could feel was the life go out of me and I shrieked for help, by my body wouldn't move. I was sure I was going to die but as I lay helpless I felt a warm, comforting sensation take hold. A pair of greasy black claws wrenched the wraith from me and somehow wrangled it into humanoid form, turning it over, arms bound to the torso. Fuck out of room, I'll post more.
this guy is totally right
I've been having sleep paralysis for the past 22 years at random intervals, shit is not fun at all to say the least
>wake up
>can't move
>totally aware of whats happening since i had this many many times
>no demons, voices or any fairy tale shit
>but there is a feeling of impending doom, sort of like terror
>it feels like if i go back to sleep i am going to die for sure
>i am aware thats not going to happen but still scared shitless
>i am usually able to move on finger or toe and if i keep doing it for a while i will eventually be able to move my limbs and wake up from waving around, but if i stop for even a second after i made some progress i am only able to move a finger again
>know i have to wake, shit is a fucking struggle
Everyone experiences sleep paralysis. You're body and mind sleep seperately. Sleep paralysis happebs eveytime you sleep you're just not aware of it
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bitch is coming for your dick
Not the same guy, but I heard that a certain method of inducing lucid dreaming can accidentally cause sleep paralysis instead. I think it was called WILD.
someone told me a story the other night, in person, about his sleep paralysis,

long story short, he had 4 "episodes"

1, he was sitting with his family, and a little girl comes up to her crying saying there and old man behand his chair, he gets up looks, no man, girl say he is in kitchen, they investigate, and on the way something happened and he said he felt something terrifying,

2, he was alone in his living room, suddenly he saw this dark shadow in the corner of his room s wattching him, it started to approach nsaid he started talking in tounges, no idea what that means, he said something about the bibl and he is a strong christian

3, he was sleeping and felt the same shadow come into his room he woke up and he said he could feel it pressed up against him, face to face, he couldnt move

,4 time he was being sduffocated and strangled by this dark shadow, and he described it like op pic,

he is like 52 yo
read somewhere that it's not really paralysis. As in, you're not awake during it. You start to dream of your room since you're still somewhat conscious when you start dreaming, ant your mind still thinks it's in the room. You can't move because you're still feeling you waking body (which you really can't move now). That's supposedly the reason why most people start to dream of fucked up shit when they experience sleep paralysis. You're dreaming, but you can't move, so you go into a panic, and the dream starts getting creepy.

Though this is probably some pseudo-science bullshit that I'm talking about.
believers gonna beliebe

Out of Body Exp are as real as hallucinations

if any of the fucktards that claim they can reproduce an OBE with a few tries, would try it with James Randy, they would walk out with 1 million dolars 1,000,000 USD

with shits as simples as panels drawn by 3rd parties, not facing the bed, so when you look down to your own body, you can read them, and rememver when you wakeup and draw them on a cliboard, before getting up.

cam the whole experience, from drawing to waking up, dont cut the film, publish the whole shit in bittorrent, mail james randy, sleep at his lab for your shot at 1 MEERION DORAS
yea it fucking sucks I was 21 6''2 200pounds felt like a complete helpless bitch
needless to say didnt sleep for a day
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I have sleep paralysis about once a month.

I started having these experience around puberty. I had one bad experience (one of the first times it happened), but that was it. After reading, studying, and talking to my parents about it, all my lingering questions were removed. Sleep paralysis runs in the family. At this point, I can pretty much induce it to happen (as well as lucid dreaming). It is all about keeping your brain active and your body inactive.

Now of days sleep paralysis doesn't bother me at all. In fact, it is an interesting and nice experience to have occasionally. It is nice being able to naturally explore altered states of you consciousness.

If you're a skeptical and rationally minded person, then brain states like this aren't a problem. It becomes extremely easy to self-recognize when your brain is in these altered states. Once you realize that, you have total control and calm about the situation. It is like realizing that your in the matrix, but that you are in total control of the matrix. Nothing can fucking bother you or harm you. The same goes for dreams and meditative like states. Once you understand that your in your own "head", you are in control, and the situations become a lot more pleasurable/easier to navigate. That's why I spend most of my lucid dreams fucking hot bitches.

If you're not a skeptical or rationally minded person, then your pretty much fucked (or open to random chance) in these types of brain states.
- My dream scape had warped from a lovely village into the long, black matte of Xeno-material I had remembered seeing so many hundreds of times in games and movies and dreams before. The 'Camera' in the dream panned back and my helpless form watched as what was a living carpet of Geiger-esque bio-machinery and beyond pissed-fucking-mad xenomorphs threw themselves atop of the wraith that had been choking the life from me. I remember hearing nothing but angry screams and hissing as I woke violently, trying to writhe in my bed because of the wild fear and cold sweat dotted on my body. I didn't expect that sort of sudden and severe nightmare, but I thank whatever dark angel sent me that drone.
I had something similar to sleep paralysis, but I think my mind was still halfway in a dream state, because I was hearing and seeing things that were not in the room, but when I woke up, I was staring at the same exact spot I was when I was "dreaming".

>wake up from nightmare
>hear loud as scraping sound behind me (on my side, staring up at the ceiling)
>room is dark, darker splotches moving around my field of vision
>scraping is getting louder, with a low hum
>start seeing a face hovering through my field of vision
>fucking christopher robin, with a pale complexion, dark fluid dripping from his eyes and mouth
>face starts flashing in and out, popping up in a different spot each time
>know that I'm awake, try to move, can't
>try to shout for help to fiance, can't say anything
>scraping/humming getting louder as I struggle, start thinking there's something/someone behind me
>start losing my shit
>finally able to move, everything looks different, like somebody turned on a light in another room or opened a window, was still dark, but not as dark
>was staring towards the same spot I was when paralyzed
>cold sweat, heart racing, out of breath

Fuck that experience.
I had it a few weeks ago and I have to say I'm still fucking scared of it.

> cold winter so obviously catch a flu
> really strong headache all day long
> 6:00 PM, can't bear it anymore so go have some sleep
> cold as fuck so I put on every warm clothes I had ( like 3 layers of warm shit, really freezing in my room )
> eventually fall asleep after a tough struggle for not vomiting
> sleep for what it feels like 2 days long
> suddendly wake up
> start feeling really hot
> my whole body is boiling, I can't move
> start freaking out, as I'm getting warmer and warmer
> heartbeat rushing, can feel it pounding in my chest
> eventually manage to get out of my bed
> I'm sweaty as fuck, like as if I came out of the shower

Fuck this shit I'm not being sick ever again
File: LcZuv9YWeqE.jpg (133 KB, 834x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've had recently something I guess related to sleep paralysis. I was sleeping and I knew about this, I had no dreams. Ten I started hearing music, after then I heard noises from my kitchen, as if someone was washing the dishes. After that I heard loud footsteps coming toward my bed and a loud wheeze, i got so afraid so I screamed and the noises dissapeared.
File: satan.png (229 KB, 395x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Fast asleep
>Wake up
>Can't move
>Feel the presence of someone in the room
>hearts racing
>Try to move my legs
>Try flailing. Anything.
>Feel like a hand is pressing down on my whole body
>Heartrate kicks in, I let out a yell
>Light kicks on, there's a black person in the room
>It's the night nurse
>I remember the accident, becoming a quadriplegic
>The nigress says "Child, I think you shit yo sef again. Dat nasty."
I had pretty much the same experience but being aware of what is actually happening i got back to sleep. It was a little uneasing but i suppose this accompanied with a dream and not knowing what is happening to you can be terrifying.
Are these trolls?
>being this retarded
File: 1352499548367.gif (2 MB, 235x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>That's why I spend most of my lucid dreams fucking hot bitches.
>Wake up in morning
>Chest feels like its being pushed on
>Try to sit up
>Can't move
>What do??
>Closed eyes
>Keep trying to sit up
>Fell asleep
>Enter lucid dreaming
>Flying above my city
>Fucked girls on street
>be me
>trying to induce lucid dreaming
>feel limp and cold
>open eyes
>see figure in corner of my room
>shit bricks, unable to move
>figure slowly starts walking towards me
>lying on my side sort of so it walks out of my vision
>hear it breathing and getting louder as it gets closer
>anxiety levels are at max
>literally panic attack and pass out
>wake in the morning fine

never again will i try induce lucid dreaming :)
Had this shit every night from about april 2012 to fall 2013. Fucked with me pretty bad but after a while I got kinda used to it. Sometimes it seemed i could control it but i would conciously try to scare myself. Usually i would feel as if I was falling or something was picking me up by my chest and spinning me around. At its worst I would hear something whispering in my ears that progressed to a cacophony of people screaming.
Doesnt happen very often anymore but the last time it seemed to be mixing with a nightmare about being chased by demons.
I think this happens when your concious mind stays awake but your body passes out so your brain releases dmt resulting in a massive dreamlike hallucination.
I've had sleep paralysis experiences that always end with me feeling like am being pulled out of bed -shits scary there's this awful feeling of dread like something is about to attack and then ..BAAM hit the floor
its pretty emotionally painful
you can't move and are aware of it
you say thigns like "ill get up and go piss"
but you cant

would not recommend
Sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and OBE's are all very related.

In fact, many times they accompany each other. Literally, we know that it is all about the sequence of "sleepy/wake-up" chemicals released in your brain. In fact, there are quite a few chemicals that your brain needs to release for each of those things to happen.

However, sometimes the "chemical sequences" get all fucked up. The chemicals go off in the wrong order. This results in semi-conscious altered brain states, like sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and OBE's.

This is very basic neurology shit, that has been known for decades. It is in intro textbooks and shit.
it happened to me about 2-3 years ago, had fever, tried to get some sleep. all of you who has had extreme fever knows that you can have weird dreams but this was absolutely terrifying.
woke up and i couldn't move at all, and saw this horrible creature standing beside the door to my room.
A tall (2-2,5 meter) black shadow watching me from the other side of the room.
When it saw that i could see it, it rushed over to my bed in extreme speed, grabbed my arm and tried to drag me of the bed.
Oh god it was crushing my arm. Finally it let go and i woke up for real.

Some crazy shit.
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i get it every now and then while in a differnt unfamiliar place, making it much more scary. becuase ill be dreaming im in the bed that im sleeping in. first time happend to me at my old "beach house" just a place we would go on vacation in the summer. i was probably 10. i went to bed in a queen size bed, much bigger than what i was used to at home.. at some point in the night i "woke up" to be surrounded by aliens all leaning in on me just looking..i looked left and right.. my arms were spread out above my head but i couldnt move them nor my legs. nothing was tied down. just coudlnt move them. i tried to yell but NOTHING would come out. so as the aliens kind of converse to one another in their own telepathy or langauge or wahtever it was. im just stuck there trying to fight it, trying to scream and about 8 of them just watch mei was pretty damn lucid at the time because i remember thinking "how are they keeping me down?? is it like a force field? .at some point it just faded out and i woke up around 8 that morning wondering if i had been visited or abducted by aliens. but the fact i was in that very same bed made me feel more like i was visited. no anal probes or anything. they just stared at me! but hey. bonus points becuase they somewhat looked like the cantina band from starwars!
I am not sure whether that wheezing thing was a troll, or not, but it could harm me if I didn't scream.
Had it so many times that I started to let it lose and see all this creepy shit. It's fun if you can control it
I had it once, pretty scare, I woke up like twice in my dream and walked around, it felt very real.
But im a experienced psychonaut so I just "let it go" I didnt fight it, thats when it got "easy"

It's as real as dreams are, you fucking retard. They're hallucinations. It's all in your head. Everyone knows that.
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>mfw this exact thing in this image you posted happened to me a few weeks ago
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Self-Inducing OBE, Sleep Paralysis, and Lucid dreaming Master-Race reporting in

Come at me weak minded plebs
It honestly just sucks. You wake up mentally but your body is locked physically so you try to focus what brain function you have towards moving or making noise. You can't though, at the very most you make a low hum. Then you start to panic because you can't wake up. Eventually you just go back to sleep because the stress and pressure of not moving sucks more than being semi-concious.
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yeah, go on and call it sleep paralysis

i'm gonna stuff my probe so far up your asshole you gonna think a black shadow is standing in your doorway
I was 15 at the time and I got back from a lab party during the school holidays and haven't slept for 29 hours, tired as hell bored as fuck lying in bed, fall asleep, wake up really fukin early and there's a song playing in the background one of my favourite songs, the. I lift up out of my bed like gravity doesn't exist or some shit and then lift about a meter and drop with 1000 kgs on my chest and I actually thought I was dead or some shit. Realised I was alive and shat my pants
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>implying there aren't scientific tests done in sleep labs of people having sleep paralysis

You're retarded son
Fuck off to /x/------------->
For me I had sleep paralysis a few times, there was one case though which spooked the fuck out of me.

>Few years ago, I was living with my dad
> I woke up late at night and couldn't move
> heard heavy boots walking down the hallway to my room.
>my head was facing away from the doorway so I couldn't see anything
>footsteps stopped at the doorway and I felt someone was staring at me
>finally was able to move and I quickly looked to see if anyone was there.
>few seconds later I hear my dad get up and walk out of his room, figured he was just going to take a piss.
>I finally fell asleep again.

That morning I shrugged it off, thinking it was just in my head. Until my dad told me the reason he gut up last night was because he heard someone walking around the fucking house last night.
i had an odd experience relating to sleep yesterday.

>be me
>go to bed in early morning hours
>be sober
>wake up with a hurting stomach area(abdomen)
>get up look at your stomach
>have bloody scratches all over the left side of the abdomen

hurts like shit. and dont remember anything
Straight up. Happened to me the other night, was trying to reach for a giant envelope but couldnt move, finally woke up and it was my blinds. My eyes were open enough to register them while in deep sleep
>Anyone have any experience with sleep paralysis and wanna share their stories

I woke up and I couldn't move.
The End
Underated post. Fucking lel'd into my dark quiet house
I have this shit all the time why would you want to it to keep happening ? I fucking hate it . It fucks with your head man .
I've had this shit nearly every night for my entire life and it is still enough to make me want to die sometimes.

It's like all of the nice parts of your brain have gone to sleep, like the relaxed and easygoing parts. You're left with nothing but your paranoia, suggestive thoughts, wild hallucinations of all senses and terror. Absolute chart topping terror. For some reason there is no way to justify or relax against this terror, it just comes seeping out of your being. It feels like you are radiating terror from your body and it is saturating the world around you, warping it and bringing forth demons out of the grey dimness in your room.

The apparitions might slowly walk towards you, but never reach you for what feels like absolute hours. Or they might stand in the doorway until just the moment where you feel you've regained enough control of your body to move your foot, and then suddenly jump forward and you will swear you feel horrific pain in your intestines where they start tearing at your flesh.

You might slip in and out of a nightmare. A nightmare where you are suffering sleep paralysis. You will have an inception like bullshit night where you wake from a nightmare where some sort of horrid grey mutilated demon dog baby is charging at you from the doorway, and breath a sight of relief only to see the same fucking creature slowly lumber around the doorway again, and your terror comes back amplified. Another recurring event is when you struggle against the sleep paralysis and wrench yourself free by moving your arms. But what is really happening is that you struggle against sleep paralysis and lapse back into sleep, then dream that you have woken up and gone to get a drink of water. This can happen countless times in a night, and in the morning you will eventually wake up to a bed saturated in sweat, and most of the muscles in your body will be exhausted and cramping.
>be me
>be 17
>sleeping in my bed
>everything is normal
>wake up in the middle of the night
>my body feels weird
>try to change sleeping position
>i'm fucking trapped
>freaking out and shit
>suddenly hear some noises
>manage to open my eyes and see a shadow in the end of my room
>its a man
>close eyes and try to turn away
>i try to scream for help
>can't make a sound, can't move
>i can hear and feel the man coming closer
>he takes my arm and start squeezing it
>hurts like fuck, can feel his hand
>try to scream for help but still can't make a sound
>this goes on for maybe 10-15 minutes
>i realize after a while that i'm in sleep paralysis but shit doesn't help
>after a while i guess i fell a sleep again

only happened one time, but it was one time too much.
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