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Well 4 chan sit your little rumps down and...
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Well 4 chan sit your little rumps down and I shall tell you the story of young lad in my high school that may be getting arrested for harrasing kids, sending dick pics to people and spreading nudes of his gf. For context he sent nudes to guys to try to get threesomes with him and his gf

>flashback 5 months ago
>be in class sitting next to "secretly" bisexual creep kid
>he's 1 year older than everyone else in the class
>says he's having party at his house again
>his parents are out of town and he's had partys like this before
>small town in the middle of but fuck nowhere
>he smells bad but everyone uses him for the party just so we can all drink (were teenagers so any time we can get a party we take it)
>tells me to tell other people about party
>tell most people in school and it seems this party is gonna be good
>lots of people going
>flash forward to party notice lots of guys acting weird towards creep fag
>weirder than normal
>brush it off as him being weird
>leaving party and heading home
>creep fag hugs me and says good bye
>I think hes just drunk and I say my farewells
>later that night recieve facebook message from creep fag
>asks if i want to see his GFs pictures
>tell him no because thats pretty fucked up
>says if I send him a dick picture his gf will have a threesome with me and him
>tell him not interested
>he sends me gfs nudes anyway
>not bad but but feel like shit for seeing them
>nudes followed by his dick
>looks like a hairy mushroom
>small and black
>he's fat so pretty much what you would have expected
>go to school next day
>sitting next to him in class
>he asks about me joining in with his gf
>tell him im not to sure maybe someother time
>go home
>mom pissed off on phone
>go to my room
>didn't think anything of it
>Mom comes in my room saying she was talking to the police
>must be about party
>im fucked
>says she called the police about creep fag sending me pictures
File: weird dick.jpg (42 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
weird dick.jpg
42 KB, 640x480
so 4chan if you want to hear the rest just let me know also pic related its what his dck looked like
bump for bump
Bump for smelly fag
>after mom tells me what the cops say I'm sort of freaking out
>mom tells me that since he and his gf are underage that it counts as CP
>wondering wtf will happen to him
>flash forward to school next day
>Creep fag isn't there
>start talking with guys in class
>apparently creep fag contacted about 12 other guys and did the same thing
>his gf isnt in school either so we dont know whats going on
>over the next few days find out that cops have been talking to other people and that they confiscated creep fags phone
>creep fag back in school
>his gf is back in school
>now ex gf
>her parents are getting a restraining order for sending her pics around
>creep fag looks like he is about to cry 24/7
>cops come by my place next day and talk to me
>tell them what happened
>find out creep fag can get jail time

just the 2nd installment more coming soon
O boy
>two weeks later
>find out cops went to creep fags grandparents house
>creep fag was kicked out by his parents so he lives with his grandparents
>cops begin to tell him how fucked up he is and that he should find out his sexuality cause he was asking for other guys dick pics
>find out the ex gf didnt know anything about what was going on
>restraining order has went through
>creepfag not allowed in the same room as her
>next day in school creep fag is in computer room
>called to principles office
>doesn't come back until next class
>not allowed in computer room cause of what he did
>not allowed near any computers
>find out cops will be doing weekly check ups on him until he goes to court

If this gets any more interest ill post more
juicy thread
Good shit man.
If there's no dinosaurs or shit ending I swear I'll put it together for you.
Keep going OP I'm interested.
Holy fuck I hate faggots like op that need constant validation. Either type out the whole fucking story or fuck off, don't ask if people want to read more after every post you giant fucking twat
Inb4 dinosaur

Keep it coming
Go on
Anon keep it juicy
plsplspls inb4 dinosaur
Hurry faggot, I'm losing my boner
>2 weeks later, creep fag was shown the banana picture
>he really really really liked it
OP please I need more creep fag story
File: rolymullins.jpg (456 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456 KB, 1920x1080
>flash forward to present day
>storys start spreading about messed up shit creep fag has been doing
>find out he stole his moms dildo a year ago and kept it to use
>he abused his ex when they had intercourse
by hitting her
>found out he was the one who made the glory hole in the boys bathroom
>tried to suck guys dicks at a party got punched in the gabber
>listens to nicki minaj
>confirmed fag
>he currently still lives with his grandparents but they cant deal with the stress they are getting from having him there
>when the shit hit the fan first of all he tried to blame it on being hacked
>then he said my friend was the one who spread the nudes on his account
>friend almost got blamed for it but got off because of allabys
>creep fag now has about 19 charges of harrasment, 2 Charges of CP and a few charges of exposing himself to minors all currently pending and a court date in april sometime

so 4chan thats the story pic related its a picture he posted in the 7th grade lol
sorry for no walk the dinosaur or loch ness monster but this shit actually happened haha
Thanks OP for the eye opener on creep fags.
File: thecreepfag.png (1013 KB, 1080x2176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1013 KB, 1080x2176
a screenshot
your welcome now im going to bed once creep fag gets convicted Ill post some more for you lovely bastards pce out
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