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Anyone got some good wincest stories?
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Anyone got some good wincest stories?
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you mean spider-man? right?
Self Bamp
C'mon, fags
There was a girl on soc who was sleeping with her girlfriend and her girlfriends mom in some sort of threeway relationship. I think she'd also fucked her sister at least once.

Then there's another girl who was posting recently who got gangbanged with her sister and has been fucking her since
I still talk with both of them. They've been talking with each other a lot lately and I think they're all setting something up together since they live near each other. An incest fueled lesbian orgy. I'd kill to be a fly on the wall for that.
this is more like a losecest, but is better than nothing
>be me
>18 years old, my father die for an heart attack
>my little sister is shocked, i'm quite ok because he was a jerk and i hated him
>she is in her room, crying
>i try to make her feel better, i say bulllshit like "he is in a better place now"
>she look at me and says "i love you brother, thank you for all" and kisses me
>she says the only way to make feel her better is to fuck her
>i was an horny virginfag, so i'm ok
>we start to make sex, get naked and lay on bed
>i try to pull my schlong in her but i don't know where is the hole
>i have a dick fracture
>the greatest pain in my life
>my mother hears my scream and comes in the room
>she says me on my sister naked, with the dick brocken and both screaming
>she collapses for what she see
>falls from the stairs, then dies

so, double orphan in just one day and a dick fracture only because i wanted to fuck my sister.
now i understand why incest is illegal
Worth the read soo much
Need some more greentext stories. Here's an old one for a bump

>be me ( 17 at the time)
>cousin ( 16 almost 17 )
>cousin is grill
>always been close
>Did the whole " il show you mine if you show me yours" when we were little
>beach house family vacation
>always hang out together listen to music talk whatever dont spend much time with other cousins
>one night adults all decide to go to a bar and drink until they cant walk
>other family who is underage inside doing movies or whatever
>she and i are swimming in pool
>talking about whatever
>get to the topic of sex
>she had one boyfriend kinda gave him a handy
>turns out he didnt came
>id fucked grills and done all the other shit
>"hey anon you remember when we were little and we did stuff"
>"y-yeah kinda"
>i try to control my spaghetti
>"why didnt you ever really show me yours much "
>spaghetti is pushing against the dams now
> i respond with something totally autistic "well im sorry would you like me to show you now"
>" you wouldnt do that anon "
>trying to kep it cool " il show you mine if you show me yours"
>she looked around to make sure no one was home and pulled her bottom down a bit
>well i have to keep up my side of the deal
> i show her mine
> im fucking rock hard she's aqt and had a nice pussy
>she just sort of stares at it
> i pull my shorts back up
> she immediately grabs my bulge and squeezes it a bit
>die for
>an heart attack
>an horny
>make sex
>pull [..] in her
>she says me

you gave me actual cancer.
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Facebook sister.jpg
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Cousin Beach house.png
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Week in California.png
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How do I go about reading these on my phone?
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Try opening the image.
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Cousin and friend.png
614 KB, 1294x4665
Download them to your phone and read them that way. Much better I have found
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cousin and blonde.jpg
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DragonBall Z.png
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Electra complex.png
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half sister.png
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OP never returned.jpg
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Anyone here?
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>be me
>At home with my mom
>she was taking a nap in her room
>i decide to take a fap in my room
>using my phone to browse porn
>Suddenly get a message from mom
>see pic related
>boner turns in to fucking diamonds
>realise the situation i'm in
>recieve more pictures from mom
>she enters my room dressed like that
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Pregnant Sister.png
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self defense.png
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drunk daughter.png
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sends dick pics
go on..

Sheeit I don't have these. I feel like a collector unboxing new shit
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>"I know you are enjoying youself anon, can i enjoy you too?"
>i'm stuttering like a dumd fuck with my cock in my hand
>she comes closer and starts sucking my dick
>makes direct eye contact
>blow my load in her mouth
>swallows it completely and continous sucking my dick
>stands up, turns around and lowers her thong
>"you don't mind do you, baby?"
>fucks me like a wild slut
>blow a second load
then she got off, sucked my dick again and went take a shower, leaving me there complete blow away
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I only recently got them back after losing my whole folder. Great feeling, isn't it?
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we acted like it never happened, we got closer however, when she is home alone with me she doesn't mind her clothing
File: Sister's room fire.jpg (1 MB, 1920x4526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister's room fire.jpg
1 MB, 1920x4526

Lmao I JUST finished reading this
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twin sisters.png
144 KB, 1354x1465
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Sister party 1.jpg
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Sister party 2.jpg
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Sister party 3.jpg
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Is that it?
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Niece 1.jpg
2 MB, 3000x2496
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Niece 2.png
1 MB, 1321x5657
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Zoe 1.png
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Zoe 2.png
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Zoe 3.png
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Naturally I call complete bullshit on this. However the thought is rather scary. I wouldn't know what to do in that situation.
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Zoe 4.png
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send his big dick to everyone
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Zoe 5.png
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In 1999 my sister took my virginity. I was 17, she was 19 at that time, parents were nowhere to be found as usual. I was a late bloomer and nerdy, she felt sorry for me, one alone weekend we got drunk, she told me to undress and lay back, then got naked, knelt beside me and sucked my cock into her mouth. The blowjob was only meant to get me hard, but she kept going, eyes closed, seemingly enjoying it. When I told her I was getting close she stopped, got on top of me, aimed the tip of my cock at her pussy and sat down on it. I watched my cock disappear in her pussy, then looked up at her. She was looking at me, our eyes met, we hesitated.
Then for the first time in my life I took initiative and went for a kiss. She returned it, then started riding me. I didn't last very long and came inside her without warning. She was on the pill, so nbd. We held each other until I was soft again and slipped out. Then we talked. Or rather I asked questions, she answered, demonstrated hands on if necessary. We fucked again afterwards, this time I was in control. We switched positions a couple of times, I don't think she came. I did though, pulled out and covered half her back. She was in the middle of cleaning herself up when we heard keys in the front door.
File: 20150121_111840s.jpg (63 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 800x600
She slipped out, and we spent the night in our seperate rooms. I couldn't really sleep though, doubt she could.
Next morning: nothing. No awkwardness, no omfg, nothing. We had (good) sex, we both enjoyed it, so we kept doing it for another two years. It stopped when she moved away. She had a couple of failed relationships, then finally seemed to settle down and had a kid.
A few weeks ago she told me she had a breakthrough with her therapist and realized that she wont ever be happy until she is with somebody like me. She broke up with her guy, got her own apartment and asked me to help move her stuff. I replied with "sure, and then you suck me off? ;p", in the typical haha totally didnt mean that but if you liked it I totally would way.
> ok, do me after? :)
It escalated rapidly from there. We discovered our kinks and fetishes are an exact match, we're both consenting adults and single, so why the fuck not?
She's visiting me on 3/5. Her kid, or rather my niece, will be with mom for that weekend. I restocked the drug stash and bought a tail plug, she's bringing hand cuffs. Can't fucking wait.

Pics related, us then, her now.
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Zoe 6.png
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File: 20150204_105834s.jpg (62 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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meth damon.png
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>Going back to where you came from
>In the literal sense
File: sticker,375x360.png (30 KB, 375x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Actually found it quite humorous. Well played nigga.
File: Ben and Haley 1.png (410 KB, 1064x3773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ben and Haley 1.png
410 KB, 1064x3773
Did the guy who was going to cap the rest of this ever deliver?
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Here's a screencap of it. Someone better than me will have to add in the pictures.
What thread in /soc/?
Please be more
Nope. Sorry.
None of their posts were recent I thin, and they posted in a few different threads. I think they went most in depth in a slut thread but I could be wrong, I chat with them both over e-mail.
>I chat with them both over e-mail

I know these feels, used to chat with some girl on reddit who got pregnant cause of her dad
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>be me 16
>Christmas in Kansas this year with family
> Hear uncle has new wife with 16 year old daughter on mothers side
>enjoy Christmas
>"hey anon you should go hang with Mia ,you both are close enough age"
> 8/10 sooo cute tiny petite brunette
> start watching movie on Netflix downstairs with 6 year old nephew
> me and her start talking discreetly about stuff like weed and such
> I'm sitting right across from her on couch
> look her dead in the eye and make hugging motion
> she immediately nods her head.
> I'm astonished, easiest pick up of a girl I've ever had
> she tells me to meet her up stairs when everybody has gone to bed
> wait till night
> I come up stairs and she is all covered up and I say "hey"
> she said hi, removed her cover and all she had on was panties
> fucking win!
> to this day were friends and my uncle is still married to the wife

True story bro
File: 1355738200522.webm (3 MB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>be 15
>hadn't had sex yet
>mom had a few friends round for a drink
>end of the night, everyone leaves
>mom is mega drunk
>hear stumbling later, it's mom naked not knowing where she's going
>take her to her room and she slumps backwards on the bed immediately crashing out
>first time I've seen a naked female body up this close
>I leave at first but my curiosity gets the better of me
>go back in and start looking closer
>start smelling her pussy and spreading her lips with my fingers
>doesn't take long and I notice she's moist, smells great
>have a little lick then some more
>next thing her hand touches my head, I also panic and goto take my head away but her hand is holding me
>end up licking her out and make her cum

Kinda wished I'd stuck my dick in and lost my v that night
Oh damn, nice! I still talk with both of them, they're pretty cool
no cont?
>be me, age 9
>see my mother getting out of the shower by accident
>hard as minesweeper with parkinsons
>kick off a 10-year long in-house voyeur obsession
oh lel, ty
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