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last thread im making because im going back...
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last thread im making because im going back to the eight of the chans
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Checking in.

why? they suck
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that is also plausible

I would like to see more of marty the gay as fuck dog, as a woman
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its 8, you don't have to be all complicated about it. also they still aren't any good
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Gryphon Hylech bait
>Think I lost him
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>too spooky for me

oh that artist I was posting there has a newish FA (he's moved it a couple times) "Dark Silver"
Sorry, gotten used to call it full-chan
also saying the site itself used to be an instant 12 hour b&
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I want to see the rest of my life through jacevision
also atleast eight-han isnt reddit 2.0 like 4chan
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you never refer to other chans including the word chan, a lot of them get you banned. I think 7 included
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Haha, what if you got banned for saying 4chan.
That would be epic.
>>601539953 continue please
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There ya go.
well yeah the other chans are as shit as 4chan
I'm sorry; I just got a BS in Human Physiology, so anatomy's kinda my jam.
>No one must know that a college graduate stalks 4chan in search of anatomically accurate furry porn.
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>bait succeeds every time
Just thinking about that situation now and I had an errand to run.

I'd say my stance on it is definitely a bit different, though I'm generally just not one to get into discussions believing what we as a species deserve.

I still love all of my rifles, though.

lol you don't speak of that site, its a terrible place
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I hear if you say it 4 times in front of a mirror with the lights off...the ghost of WT Snacks shows up and cockslaps you.
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Your secret is safe with us.
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I'm a social scientist and I don't think I'm the only other person in here with a higher degree

anyway have we talked about my genetics scheme?
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like biggie smalls?
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No; Enlighten me.
You are jerking off to animated animals fucking. Think about that for a second. You have gotten this low.
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I'm trying this tonight

>jerking off

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Anyone have any good lizard girls? I would really appreciate it.
sorry mang, didnt get it
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Good evening mein floofies
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code functioning furry DNA, over write people's genetics using viruses, grow organs/parts from stem cells with said DNA, graft them on to people. Make proper furries, fully capable of reproducing them

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As long as I get to eat those carrots
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Heya Ebes.

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How goes your night?
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nigga i aint no animal fucka but this shit got my dick rock hard yo
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Haw gewd~
Whatever you're comfortable with saying!
I was just putting forward my perspective on hunting.
Guns are just fun.
I am fortunate to have a fictive uncle with a large collection and generous sharing habits.
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Eh, alright.
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Love it. Such delicious detail.
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nigga thas okay
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Is this one of those furfuckfagfap threads I've been hearing about?
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shit that would be a great wallpaper
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God damn that's hot
Ah; I've done quite a lot of research into this myself. My plan basically involves the creation and/or genetic manipulation of a lentavirus for use as a medium of genetic modification in Humans. Of course, this presents several practical moral and ethical problems, but while these exist, they certainly don't detract from the validity and practicality of viruses as mediums for medical and recreational genetic modification. I'll pull up one of my old papers and see if I can post it.
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Understandable. Guns are definitely fun. Just such a shame everything is becoming more expensive to shoot. I do not want a hobby of mine to die out. I would be greatly saddened.

You'll have to inform me if you end up with anything, I love hearing inheritance stories.

>comfortable enough to say that I would bury my nose in that pussy and my tongue in that ass
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i feel like i have ascended africa by toto has come on
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Sorry. Typed that in a rush, but you get the point.
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And I really should just say uncle
Find a lady, make little Hylechs, and spread it!
...that sounds like Radzyn
>I would do so many things to Tess.
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>not even 600 peopel want rhodesian camo
HA. so much for their "high demand item"

I'm familiar with the very basics, I was following them doing such things for treating genetic disorders.

I'm of the persuasion that the subjects being voluntary resolves all the ethic points. I just need money, geneticists, and a country that won't ask too many questions

also the goal would be for me to turn myself into a cute bunny girl, or maybe a squirrel
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Sorry I didn't finish my lab report in time mang
I wanted to join you guys so bad
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Sup u-boat
File: 1423796124461.png (532 KB, 510x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You seem to think the community is much larger than it is


Heheh, that'd be the day.

And I would. I'd make her shiver and convulse so that she'd lose her footing, and then I'd end up with even more of a face-full of gryphon. Holding her thighs up, massaging through feathers and stroking over her.. Mh.

>image related, life goal
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how do you folks tell who is who?
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File: 1423865585340.jpg (400 KB, 808x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't
Seems reasonable; Though I can't seem to find my paper on the practicality of genetic modification in the cure and prevention of genetic disease. All I found were scribblings detailing how to make bacon burritos, as well as what look like detailed procedures for active genetic modification... Something about 'rhabdoviruses as a potential vector', as well as lyssaviruses and adeno-associated viruses. Though the latter are severely limited in their ability to store genetic information. There's also an anatomical drawing of an anthropomorphic fox here.
Just being an absolute turd and not studying for things I should be
>And I would. I'd make her shiver and convulse so that she'd lose her footing, and then I'd end up with even more of a face-full of gryphon. Holding her thighs up, massaging through feathers and stroking over her.. Mh.
Oh my God muh dick
Well with how much they played up being able to buy "faithful reproductions" of a a dead nation's camouflage pattern for nearly three years, you would think there would be demand for it

perhaps they've created their own demand by repeating it in their heads over and over that people want it, when quite clearly, nobody fucking wants it.

It's like everything /k/ does. A neat idea that ultimately fails. Three attempts at "/k/ radio", a few at their own micronation and lets not forget that nuggetfest is really a festival of fail
>Implying if you ever did it you wouldn't turn into a abomination that wouldn't be able to live normally anymore.
Trying out this house of cards show
The scientific method works like a charm. It's called testing.
I watched through Marco Polo
Was pretty good

ooo bacon burritos

anyway I've been suggesting that scheme on here for a while hoping there's enough interest to make the thing at least slightly profitable.

I suspect building a business off this would make 90% of its money of working sex changes, but I want weird too

that's why you get other people to do it too
You there?
I spoke too soon.
thanks mate
fuckin wizardry
That's next on my list
I'm afraid I'll lose you at some point in the near future.
the problem is you would do enough testing until you get right that it would bring attention to you, enough that the feds would catch you and the niggers will end up raping the cute bunny in the ass (not sure if it's part of the goal or not)
Just sounds like you're being really negative about nothing, or you're that angry trip that always comes around

>breathing hotly over her loins, allowing your tongue and nose to caress over those puffy labia, tickling and teasing soflty.. Lips pursing to kiss directly against those hot, moist folds, eager for more of her taste that she's no doubt more than willing to give..
>feeling the muscles beneath and along her thighs tense up and relax, her talons holding just above your head.. Wishing for nothing more than to just hold you there against her, filling your every breath with her scent, while your mouth would fill with her slick juices.. She knows just how eager you are..
Yeah the netflix originals are in general pretty good
My law student sister vouches for House of Cards a bunch
You are filling the not lewd man's head with the most lewd of thoughts
...thank you
This ship's sinking; I'm moving on to the next thread. I look forward to continuing our conversation, anonymous social scientist.
As I love to do best.

>would you like to know more?
>this night might end in a way most don't normally end at this rate
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