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Wincest thread anyone? Post stories, videos, etc.
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Wincest thread anyone? Post stories, videos, etc.
In till 404
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Someone said a "Real Family Incest" thread used to be on /r/. Anyone have that saved?
Just check the archive. Threads on all board except /b/ are now archived for 48 hours after they expire.

Go to the default thread view (ie, not Catalog) and check for the [Archive] link.
From another thread

i had something weird happen to me a few weeks ago

>be masturbating like always home alone in my apartment when the phone rings
>pick it up because why not?
>its my mom
>whatever just continue
>she talks about how i have not visited in months and about how the family is doing etc
>i just continue jerking it breathing into the phone listening while watching porn on mute
>after a couple of minutes i have realized that mom have stopped talking and is instead breathing and moaning slightly
>i start going quicker and start making more noises
>she starts to moan for real, i can hear sloppy noises
>say im close im gonna cum
>"AH yes cum for me anon"
>after that i just listen to hear breathe for like 10 seconds and she hangs up

MFW i realized i had phone sex with my mom
she wont respond to my calls and i haven't been able to reach her since then
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> be 25
> sister be 23
> be at party, do molly, smoke weed, dance
> bump, grind, sweat
> sis and guy leave for a room
> 15 mins later guy comes back out, goes back to partying
> 30 mins later sis still missing
> be like wtf, go to check on her
> find sis naked and blindfolded on a mattress, wrists tied to ankles with duct tape
> instantboner.jpg
> realize its a perfect situation
> keep mouth shut, get naked, place cock on her lips, take photo
> sis rolls pretty hard, begs "guy" to stop teasing and fuck her already
> push her onto her back
> record clip of the first time my dick is in my sisters pussy
> tight, wet, warm, feelsogood
> cant control myself anymore, need to fuck her, hard
> flip her over, dat ass, photo
> fuck like animals
> cum inside her
> i just fucked my sister, holy shit
> feel awkward as hell
> clean up, get dressed, rejoin party
> guy still there, huge grin on his face, he knows
> years later sis still doesnt know
Don't know how the green text but fuck it: I was on vine watching some bitches naked twerking early morning in my 18 birthday. I had already been foolin you guys since I was 15. I guess my mom had make a cake the night before and she wanted to surprise me. So I'm jacking it to these vines and she walks in. I must have not noticed but once I heard her voice I started shitting bricks. But she just laughed it off, put the cake down, and pulled of my covers. She just stood there for a while 'mirin my throbbing cock. She grabbed it and started blowing me. I never had a blow job so you could imagine my expression. Blow a huge load in her mouth. She wipes he mouth and tells me to get ready for school. That happened this morning. Also happy birthday to me.
Bump for more stories.
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So annoying that apparently that anon never continued, wish I could hear the rest
Someone claiming to be him showed up in a thread a couple weeks ago and said after some convincing that he'll write up some more of what happened, but because it was months ago he didn't want to do it because he couldn't remember details.
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Electra complex.png
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its time
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Niece 2.png
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OP never returned.jpg
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I guess you're the anon who always posts from his archive.

Just wanted to send a big thanks your way!
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383 KB, 1346x4448

I don't run the archive, but I am the guy who always posts. Just hoping to inspire people to post ones I don't already have.
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There are four more parts to this story, if anyone has the screencaps please post them.
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Facebook sister.jpg
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http://goo gl/j18y4x

And here's a link to the archive.
I never really understood why it is so bad to fuck your sister is she's around the same age as you are. Why would it be? Give me one reason.

>inbf: "your children won't be healthy" I said "fuck your" sister, not "have children with her". Condoms man.

I'm an only child though, might explain why I cannot think of this as being extremely bad. It's a little unconventional at most.
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do you have this one?
File: trailerparkanon#2.jpg (3 MB, 1432x4457) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1432x4457
couldnt save the rest because it 404'd
I've posted everything I've got.
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Jesus, that family has the gift of the thick dick. I wish mine was that girthy
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I remember being in this thread way back when.. I wonder if there is a third part.

File: 1375020887265.jpg (1 MB, 1241x3869) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1241x3869

Part 3?
I've fucked two of my three sisters. I lost my virginity to my older sister, although we haven't fucked in over ten years. I just started fucking my younger sister and its awesome.
My older sister
pls greentext.

and how the fuck do you manage to do that?!
The post I replied to.
>My younger sister has been begging for my cock for the past few years. She "accidently" snap chats me all the time. I told her she had to wait till she was legal. Her 18 bday just passed and we met up at a hotel
>be me with a day off from work
>daughter underageb& left for school
>forgot phone on charger
>be snooping dad
>screen lock code is bday
>mental note...talk about security later
>flip thru txts
>read txts
>beat off cuz jelly bout underageb& kinky sex life

I miss her sexy ass soo much
what are you doing that she's begging for it?
It's not like this is common
Fucking newfag
>cont reading txts
>beat off again
>can't control primal urge
>keep reading
>she's a major slut
>talks bout sucking dick
>talks about fucking cock
>fuckit dig thru laundry
>find black lacy boy shorts
>sniff ahhh
>find gold in txts
>guy she fucks has cousin over
>she ends up fucking cuz and guy same time
>talks bout finger cuff
>talks bout DP
>prefers cuz with thinner dick in ass when DP
>wants to set up time to do again
>guy said that night can anondau get out?
>fapfapfapfap fuuuuu think I broke dick

She asked me to
>dau home from school
>wife home from work
>dau asks to go to friends to work on project
>wears flippy mini skirt n haltar fucking slut
>punish fuck wife for raising a whore
>why so rough anon?
>musta been pent up from nothin to do all day
>kiss...keep it cummin anon...passes out from alpha fuck
>dau home from slutfest goes to shower immediately
>can't catch glimpse
>dau off to bed
>perv dad in hamper
>puple thong is soaked
>ahhhh cunt n cum
>sluts rawdoggin devils three way
>need to alpha fuck dauslut

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Thread images: 59
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