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oops I did it again
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oops I did it again
now let me suck your cock
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There's plenty of people whom of which I don't respect their decisions but I can still happily converse with them about whatever it may be.

I don't need to like everything about them to talk to them about things

I'm genuinely concerned that this isn't a thing you understand.

Is being acquaintances truly not enough for you
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I want someone to do this to me
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Not if you don't even value me as what little value an acquaintance has. Even that requires a minimum of respect.
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Oh god why are there two threads.
Why is it that you require someone to respect all of your decisions

Is this genuinely a concern for you
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Is this thread a place I should post in?
Seems stuff is going on and I don't know if I want to interrupt.
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because dev was slow and didn't delete his.
squibbles help which one do i go to
Go for it. Unless you'd rather the other thread,
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soigal bread.jpg
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Okay, this'll be main base then I suppose.

this one I guess
Both are terrible
I never asked you to respect ALL of my decisions. The problem is you stating you didn't have respect for me altogether because of one decision you are aware of.
The general respect for a person is a prerequisite for interaction; for instance, if I'm angry, I don't beat up a stranger nor do I damage property. Not because I fear jurisdiction but because I have an inherent respect for the people that would be affected by it. They aren't even acquaintances yet I treat them as humans.
well i am definitely done with league for a while. Haven't won a normal for 8 games now.
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be done with it forever.
Me lacking respect for your decisions doesn't mean I'm that I'm out for blood and suddenly lack morals.

I don't stop treating you as a human because I don't hold respect.

I'm starting to understand that your idea of respect is drastically different from mine.
but computer is so bad it can't handle pretty much any other games
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Anyone have more of this?
Which, again, I brought up in a previous post. Having zero respect for somebody, in my opinion, sort of implies not granting them any value.
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no dev was slow in making his thread and didn't delete it because I didn't link it 3 times.
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And when I say I don't respect you I'm saying that I don't have admiration for you or your decisions. I don't deeply -admire- decisions you have made, and in other words, I don't respect them. Call it textbook.
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That's the Fursona of that guy who can distend his stomach with a horse dildo.
is that drawn in blood? thats terrifying
Nice quads

I guess I'll be lurking then.
Then I can only assume respect is defined differently in the English language as it is in German.
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-sound of love- is a much better video.
nah, stay and chat. How is your day going? Have a good date lately?
here ya go

Full Definition of RESPECT

: a relation or reference to a particular thing or situation <remarks having respect to an earlier plan>
: an act of giving particular attention : consideration
a : high or special regard : esteem
b : the quality or state of being esteemed
c plural : expressions of high or special regard or deference <paid our respects>
: particular, detail <a good plan in some respects>
Well, I don't know what else to tell ya bud. I don't respect some of the shit you've done. That doesn't mean I hate you, doesn't mean I don't think you're human, doesn't mean I don't have morals, doesn't mean that I refuse to value you you as a person and things you do. If that were the case I never would have talked to you fro m the get-go.

There's truly not much more I can say that I haven't already said.
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gonna go take a bath, good luck.
suck a penis amal
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It's been going pretty well, took my wife to a tattoo parlor, she got a tat of the mad hatters top hat on her arm. It was a 240 dollar tattoo... and then we went to applebees and ate, so it's been an expensive day.
yea, but at least you guys had fun. Not to mention applebees alcholic beverages are actually pretty good. Or at least they are near where i live.
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Wow rude
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Oh ya. I had some fireball whisky thing while I was there, it was mixed with other alcoholic stuff, I drank it really fast and got drunk off of just one.

I may or may not be sauced up right now.
I suppose it was an error of communication, then. I can't deny your formulation was somewhat hurtful.
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Well I apologize if that's how you conceived it.
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I can't drink that stuff anymore, I got way to drunk off it after playing the dark souls drinking game. It was supposed to be for the first game and I did it for the second game; that was a poor decision.
So what now?
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That's your decision.
You poor unfortunate soul.

I saw a guy do a jagerbomb challenge, it was supposed to be like 30 shots in a row or something crazy like that, consecutively one after the other. Towards the end he stared at the shot glasses for a while, swaying from side to side with a glazed look in his eye, probably reviewing his life choices, and what brought him to this point in his life.

It was hilarious.
You truly are indifferent, aren't you. I'd like to go back to at least having likeminded conversations though so yeah, I suppose this is where I ask if we can stay Steam friends.
Alternatively this.
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I am.
But yo, totally. Hell, you had the decision from the start, why are you asking me.
I also vote fuck, but a kiss has to happen first.

Ah, how 8c han has spoiled me.
Because then, we were unclear about each other's interpretation of what had been said.
Er, alright.

Yeah, add me back if you want, shit's all up to you man.
good evening
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He has to at least take me out for dinner before that.
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Here you go anon
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Little wine and dine before you get fucked.
Like this?
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I'd like some cheese with my wine.

What do you think I am, some cheap whore?
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I just booked my one way flight to washington
Withholding comment.
I'd say more like this.
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Don't answer that question.
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it's better than hawaii. I've never really left for more than a couple weeks though so I'm kinda nervous
>/fur/ will never actually exist again
Don't even want it.
No school tomorrow!

TY snow based god
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