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Anyone got some good incest stories?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Anyone got some good incest stories?
Or some cheating/friends family stories?
And lets post some tits too.
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self bamp
I make my gf lick and cum over her mums/sisters panties. That's about it.
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I now know a new fetish
will dump but keep it alive
>be 19
>be on vacation in my hometown
>we are going to have a family party
>live in mexico so large family
>rich mexicans (spaniards mostly), so we're white and normal
>make plans for later that night because i knew it was going to be boring
>people start to arrive
>see 9/10 milf bodied distant aunt
>32 years old, white face, brown/golden hair, small waist pair of operated D's and a nice ass and legs
>she arrives with a guy she's been dating
>dude's a fucking fossil, about 45 yo
>anyway, continue talking with 2 older cousins
>a bit later, i leave the house and go with my friends for some drinks
>check the time after a while
>it is 2:30 AM
>feeling tipsy
>"oh shit i need to go back"
>arrive again at the party
>party still going, people are singing their lungs out and some are dancing
>everybody is drunk except for my sister and a cousin
>talk for a while with them
>suddenly, aunt comes towards me and hand signals for me to go over where she is

Pic related, body lookalike
go on.
>go on to her
>grabs my waist and start dancing
>dance 2 to 3 songs
>feel her tits pressed against my chest the whole time

backstory: she lives in the same city i'm studying on and i was looking for a place to stay

>music stops, whole fucking family comes
>"hey anon, i didn't know you could dance"
>she then starts talking to me
>has bought a new house on the outsides of the city
>tell me i should go and live at her house, she has a small studio outside the house with a small kitchen, bathroom and everything
>why the fuck not?
>then she says: "add your number here" *hands me cellphone*
>feel like a god, put my number
>"i can also invite you drinking with my friends (ladies) there are only 2 problems with them"
>"1-they are all hot"
>"2-they are all divorced (30ish golddiggers)"
>go all alpha: "i don't see any problem"
reading. go on

>chat for another 15 minutes
>"Anon, we must go"
>forgot it was a family party
>next day
>i ask her again about the studio
>in a wealthy area, can pick up girls or get robbed just by saying you live there
>plus, it's free
FF 2 months
>notice my aunt is fucking horny
>dinosaur bf can't keep up
>she knows i get to fuck a girl every now and then and asks me about it while she cooks or something
>tell her because she's pretty cool
>jokes on it and everything
>anyway, dinosaur gone for the weekend
>had plans to meet up with some friends that saturday
>my aunt has a party, leaves the oldest kids taking care of the small one (5 years old)
>arrive at 3 am to the house, light a cigarrete in the garage
>half way through it, my aunt arrives wasted af
>sees me smoking
>"hey anon, i don't want the kids to look at me like this or wake up 5yo so can i sleep at your room"
">sure, why not"
gettin' good

>we go to the studio
>walk her to the room, leave her on the bed
>grab a bottle of beer and get ready to sleep on the couch
>"what's up"
>"come here"
>go to the room
>she looks like a goddess laying in my bed with her golddigger uniform (that drees that barely covers their ass and exposes their fake tits)
>she hand signals me again now to go closer
>"come sleep with me"
>i lay down in bed
>she tells me to hold her
>start spooning
>then she puts her hand on my leg
>i put mine on hers and start rubbing her upper leg
>she starts breathing heavily
>Captain, im going in for the kill
>kiss her neck
>she moans louder
>noice is not a problem since it is separated from the house
Liking it
I'm getting fucking hard man.

boner intensifies

>she turns over and starts kissing me fiercely
>i can feel the lust of a horny woman
>passionate foreplay, only downside is she bites my lips a lot
>she starts ripping my shirt and rubbing my chest
>holy shit she's got experience
>i bust a tit out of her slutty dress and bra and start sucking it
>she eventually takes of her dress
>only panties now
>i'm still wearing denim
>want a blowjob but she is too drunk and might turn her off, so i go down on her
>take of panties
>not all the way shaved but i won't complain
>eat her out for about 3-5 minutes
>she locks my head with her legs as i do it to he point i cant breathe through my nose
>"put it in now"
>i get up kneeling on the bed
>she power jumps and starts unzipping my pants like a fat american opening a Big Mac
>average size dick but she is fucking hungry for it
>starts a quick handjob
>starts kissing my dick like she kisses dinosaur man every morning
>starts blowing me for about a half a minute, then continues to go deepthroat
>she's a pro at this
>after going deep on my cock, i push her to the bed to leave her laying with her back
(She's operated to not have more kids so i could go raw)
>put my dick on her pussy and start fucking it
>feels loose but still pretty damn fucking good
>i kiss all her legs/feet while fucking her (do it anons, it is better than trying to put a porn smile)
>change positions after ~5 minutes
>she rides me for a great time
>she's a fucking pro, someone give her the Pussy d'Or
>not my average 17-20yo hookups
>start feeling the chills, must change position
>doggy style, lay her on the bed, grab her arms with one hand and fuck her to the mattress while choking slightly
>she's fucking screaming now
>nut inside
>feels fucking good man
>lay in bed next to her, she puts her head and hand on my chest and we fall asleep

next morning extra:
>wake up fucking confused
>move a litle and she wakes up
>she freaks out a little, doesn't remember most of it
>give her a summary: "you told me to have sex with you"
>typicall: "omg im so embarrassed, please forgive me"
>tell her it was actually great
>she smiles shy and says it will be our little secret
>"no problem"
>makes breakfast for me and her kids
>eventually joke about it, but can't do it much because of dinosaur
>unzipping my pants like a fat american opening a Big Mac
nice dubs
>Someone give her the Pussy d'Or
Lmao man
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White spic here.


lel, double dubs

should do I post the new story? but this one isn't pretyped (i had already posted the last one before)
>cant do it much
does that mean you've still done some more?
Was this true anon?

Is it really?

Post picture of aunt pls.
If you're down to type it i'll read it

when i first wrote the story we only buttslapped or she would sometimes sit in my lap, now i have like 3 other fuck stories but they aren't typed
I've gotten about 3 blowjobs from a 6/10 cousin. It was weird how it started. Ask me anything.
if thats you, let me tell you: you are not white
How old were you for the first blewjib?

i won't since i once posted a story about a girl from my hometown and incredibly she was recognized (they asked if she went to X school)

so no pics because paranoia, you never know who lurks

nigga just post the story already we know you wanna tell it
Umm... about 24 I think... She's about a year older, but she's quite weird in the sense that she acts like a much younger person, kinda immature.
I was expecting it to happen when you were younger. anything worth green texting?
pics pl0x
Very well then. All started with a "back massage", when I unlocked her bra; she got kinda scared there. Next time we saw each other, I got her cornered on a bathroom and began touching her, kissing her, and, to my surprise, she reciprocated.
The next day, we were watching tv while everyone was eating, and I said "If I get my dick out, you'll kiss it" She was all like "Oh, no, they're gonna see" but as soon as she saw it, she went right to it. She didn't even know how to blow properly, but I came very fast anyway, I was really excited. Next...
oh i bet you came fast. shit sounds hot
Did the dinosaur walk by any chance?
No greentext, to lazy.
Anyway, fforward a year, family met again, I was hinting her to do the same thing again, but she wouldn't agree. Then, I got next to her, when everyone was distracted with some kind of game, and grabbed her hand and placed it on my crotch. She is really weird, always saying "no" and then instantly turning on. She began quietly and slowly touching it, then she went and took a seat a bit far away.
I went up to her, lightly grabbed her by the arm, and went to the bathroom, but I could see she got to her feet and went the other direction.
To my surprise, she arrived (but i was hoping, so I had my dick out already), and she just got on her knees and began sucking, I throat fucked her quickly cause anyone could come, and i came. She swallowed like she was very experienced, but i'm pretty sure it was her second time.
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thread needs some tits.
bumping with tits
Well, it was hot mostly about the excitement. Think of it now, her first blowjob was as expected. absolutely LAME.
That second time I got to play with her tits, which had grown (mostly because she got a bit fatter). That helped me finish, was really hot to see how she didn't even mind.

Second story:

As i said before, we joked about it every now and then and it took us to the 2nd encounter

>be saturday
>i was going to fuck a girl a night (just turned 18) before but she pussied out cuz virginity and shit
>telling that to my aunt next day while her kids and dinosaur were out
>"hahahaha if those little girls would know how good it feels"
>"you should lecture them, Jenny" (we'll call her jenny)
>"bring her to me one day"
>go on alpha mode "you should also teach her how to do it, you are the best one i've had"
>"haahahahhaa shut up, anon."
>continue like that for a while
>"you really like me that much?"
>"i did, actually"
>"we should do it again, than, but this time i want to remember it at least
>she told me that dinosaur was going to be out of town on wednesday
>say no more
It was a dark and stormy night around 11:23PM
go ahead
automatic alpha
Third time... fforward another year and another family reunion. This time I actually don't remember how I convinced her or hinted her... And, again, I'm pretty sure all 3 blowjobs have been her only ones. But in this one, she got again on her knees, and began sucking with a lot more skill (dont know if she watched porn/hentai or what). However, what amazed me the most was that, when she felt the first drops of my cum, she began furiously stroking my cock to get more semen out. It was bizarre, how she, in 3 blowjobs, could think of that.
>Be about 6 years old
>Female cousin about 8 yo visiting for about 2 weeks
>Didn't know anything about sex
>We sleep in same room, with two beds
>2nd night, she asks me if I knew anything about sex
>I ask what is sex
>She shows me anatomy book about sex
>I see vagina in book
>I ask if I can see hers
>She says only if I can see your penis
>We get naked and start touching each others parts
>I start to feel funny and penis gets sortof hard
>She says she feels funny too
>We get dressed and go to bed

She then walked the dinousar... stop being sick fucktards.
bumping for dis
>Next night, we look at book again
>Read more about sex
>Read about oral sex
>I ask if she wants to try it
>She says sure
>We get naked again
>She puts penis in mouth
>Feels good bro
>She doesn't do anything else, just keeps it in mouth
>Now my turn
>I lick her
>She starts to get flushed
>I keep licking
>She says it feel really good
>I keep going
>She lets out a little moan and whimper
>She arches her back
>MFW (now) I gave her her first orgasm

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>dad walks in
>sees me alone
>enters my room and closes door
>have nobody home
>he pushes me on the bed and starts making way toward my pants
>I get nervous
>start saying "I need to go to<name here>'s house.
>"don't worry about him"
>he takes down my pants
>forces me down
>Shrek walks in
>my father says "this is my swamp" as he penetrates my anus with the verocity of vikings.
>"it's all human now"
>father flies out of room leaving Shrek in shock.
>"the lowest I could go is fitty six"

>be wednesday
>she takes her kids to school at 7
>wake up at 7:30
>fuck classes, we got important shit to do today
>house to ourselves
>brush teeth very well
>she normally changes to a shirt and jeans for taking her kids
>go in the house (as i said, i live apart from it)
>she had just arrived
>"deal's still on?"
>"of course, anon, just let me do a call quick"
>wait in the couch with a slight hard on
>hear her screaming over the phone
>i started reading twitter and got hooked on it, forgot about my aunt for a second
>i suddenly hear her walk in the living room
>she sits on me facing towards my face
>starts kissing me slowly, i still have my phone on my hands
>leave it aside, start feeling and kissing her body
>put my hands on her ass
>firmly grab tits as i kiss them
>she starts kissing my neck to my chest (had a polo on)
>kiss for about 5 minutes, she dryhumps me every now and then
>"anon, we should go to my room"

no shit cont you cunt
please cont
File: 1421978324038.jpg (2 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x125

> cont?

Of course continue are you fucking retarded?
>Next day she tells me maybe we shouldn't talk about it with our parents
>I say ok (excited to keep a secret)
>Next night, I'm taking a shower
>She comes in and takes off her clothes and asks if I want to sex in the shower (yeah we didn't quite have the lingo down)
>I say ok
>I ask if she can lick me like I licked her
>She says ok
>She sucks on my flacid penis
>Holy shit
>I get erect
>She keeps going like i'm a popsicle
>And going
>I start to feel funny
>Lightheaded almost
>I feel like i'm tightening up
>I have orgasm (no ejaculation that i remember)
>I almost fall down
>She comes up and smiles at me
>Says she liked doing that
>I say I really liked it

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captcha "fthis"
Not this shit again

>go to her bedroom
>she lays down face up on her bed
>i throw myself on top of her
>kissing again
>start taking of her shirt and bra
>she takes of my shirt
>still kissing, kiss her neck and tits
>best operated tits ever
>i squeeze my right hand on her jeans and panties
>grab her ass
>left hand squeezing boob
>put my right hand on her back and squeeze left into her panties
>start rubbing pussy
>she's wetter than the pacific ocean
>finger her for ~2 min
>still kissing going up

any lurkers still?

yes. dont stop we're fapping too hard to type
>We keep exchanging 'sexing' for the two weeks
>She leaves
>A few years pass, learn about sex, I realize, Holy shit I had oral sex with cousin.
>Fast forward about 15 years
>Be 21
>Cousin 23, living in Paris
>Haven't talked about it at all.
>I'm studying abroad in Versaille, visit her
>We start drinking
>And drinking
>Fuck I'm wasted
>So is she
>Drunkenly, she asks me if I remember way back when...
>I say yeah, asks her what she thinks about it
>She says it pops into her mind now and then
>I jokingly say it was pretty sexy back then
>She says yeah it was
>I jokingly ask if she wants to try it again
>She smiles and says yes

For fuck sake man, hurry!
Yes, go on.
Im listening
>After picking up jaw off floor
>We start to take off clothes
>I trip and fall on floor (no dinosaurs)
>She gets down with me and goes down on me
>Fuck this feels good
>We make it to bedroom
>I take off her bra
>Fuck her tits are huge
>Start sucking on them
>She moans, sounds just like when we were little
>I lay here down, go down on her
>She says 'fuck me'
>I eagerly oblige
>Start pumping into her tight pussy
>Oh god.jpg
>We turn over, she rides me
>Bouncing tits are awesome
>I start to get close
>She starts to as well
>We both come together
>Lay down, still drunk and start laughing.
>Pass out a little later
>Wake up
>We look at each other
>Still both naked
>She has dried cum on her thighs
>I look at each other for what felt like forever
>She gets up taking a shower
>I get dressed
>She comes out in robe, says its all mine
>I take shower
>I come out
>We start to eat breakfast in silence
>Both agree to act like it never happened
>Doesn't matter, had sex

To this day (3 years later), we hardly talk and family gatherings are hella awkward for us.
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>pull out her jeans
>she's on panties now
>dick so hard it hurts
>she takes off my jeans
>we flip over, now i'm laying on the bed
>she takes off my pants and starts jerking my dick
>leans her head, kisses me and starts sucking
>like the first time but her eyes are on me
>starts doing it very slow and with a lot of sucking force
>her mouth is like a meaty vacuum
>she starts deepthroating like this
>teabags eventually
>holy shit i'm gonna cum
>tell her
>"it's okay, just do it"
>she starts sucking faster
>can't control it, she's a pro
>cum inside her mouth
>she continues blowing
>ho lee fuuuuccccckkkkkkk
>my cum as lube is the best shit
>she grabs some excess of the mix of spit/semen and swallows it
>my goddess
>stops sucking and starts jerking me
>tell her it's my turn to please her (i actually couldn't take the pleasure any more, it was too much)
>she kisses me again(no, im not grossed about my cum) and i tell her to sit on my face

still there?
still here
am there
still there
>next morning extra:
>>wake up fucking confused
>>move a litle and she wakes up
>>she freaks out a little, doesn't remember most of it
>>give her a summary: "you told me to have sex with you"
>>typicall: "omg im so embarrassed, please forgive me"
>>tell her it was actually great
>>she smiles shy and says it will be our little secret
>>"no problem"
>>hear rumbling in closet
>>i open the door
>>get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur
Cmon op.
Anyone else have stories?
Thats all I got
Read that :0
File: 1413283864606.gif (2 MB, 341x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 341x306

>start licking her pussy as i grab her legs
>tastes like a salty heaven
>i look up and have her tits as my landscape
>sucking and licking clit
>she starts shaking a bit and moaning loud
>continue for about 5 min
>feel dick starting to get hard again
>"i use monster reborn to bring my hard dick from the graveyard to the field" (didn't really say this, faggots)
>dick hard again
>switch to 69 position
>she starts sucking again
>best day of my life
>still some of that siptcum lube
>change pos, we doge now
>put my cock on her pussy
>start fucking at midspeed
>she arches her back
>now that's experience over here
>start spanking, grabing her feet and legs
>grab her now from the hips and fuck at lightspeed as i pull her down as the sametime i'm piercing her pussy
>a minute of this i get tired
>we start kissing again as she grabs my cock and jerks it a bit
>lays me on my back again
>starts riding me cowgirl
>really have the need to give her a fucking trophy

don't let it die, there's still more
Live tread, live
as the OP i will not let this die
File: ChUbglX.png (794 KB, 1136x697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
794 KB, 1136x697
Still lirkong
God bless you OP
Must we wait for evar?
Must delivar soon
File: 1404715367957.jpg (323 KB, 1280x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323 KB, 1280x1920

>find a bottle of water on the side of her bed
>drink half of it in a second
>she leans to kiss me and we stay like this
>start reverse missionary
>i feel my strength is back
>roll her and start normal missionary
>continue kissing her lips, neck and boobs
>grab one of her legs and put it up
>pussy gets tighter
>kiss her thigh and eventually her foot
>she's moaning fucking hard
>lift my torso and grab her other leg, i grab both legs with one arm and grab her boob with my other hand
>it got incredibly tight, comparable to a 19 yo
>mid speed, she's moaning a lot though
>feel on the edge of cumming
>spread her legs and fuck at light speed as i kiss her neck
>she hugs my back with legs
>i cum inside her pussy, again
>feels like heaven

dont let it die, there's still the shower part
File: 1423806362896.png (239 KB, 464x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239 KB, 464x355
Hurry bro!!
shower part? awww yeah
bump leggoooo
It is down to us to keep the thread alive
OP and anon, saving threads since 2003
File: 1423806741259.gif (2 MB, 350x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 350x300
File: 1421615882242.jpg (62 KB, 500x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't die on me, I must hear about the shower scene
File: 1423808357886.jpg (68 KB, 419x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Moar of these while we wait plox
You hear with you ears anon.
You read with your eyes.
>be 14
>hot older female cousin changing in my room
>walk in not knowing shes in there
>shes totally naked and stunned that i walked in
>go to my desk and grab my phone like its no big deal and start to walk out
>anon...i'm naked here
>so? you're my cousin we can't do anything about it anyways
>wait..........you saw me its only fair i see you
>it worked!
>get naked trying with all gods might not to get erection
>she cant stop staring at my cock
>she walks over face to face "why aren't you hard anon"
>i don't have a reason to

>i lay down on the bed, i am exhausted
>she lays with me,exhausted as well
>catches her breath again
>start kissing
>rest for a while
>"who taught you how to fuck like that, anon"
>"my girls mostly tell me what they like"
Johnny Sins-sensei, if you are reading this, thank you for the lessons
>give me a little kiss and rests her head on my chest
>stay like this for about 15 minutes
>"i must take a bath, anon"
>go on alpha mode: "me too, why don't we shower together?"
>"i don't see why not"
>holy shit it worked
>she gets up and heads to the bathroom
>i'm still processing everything that had happened that morning so far
>eventually head to the bathroom as well

posting so you read some more
A simple, but helpful truth, thank you Anon.
File: ggnore.webm (3 MB, 470x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
keep em cumming.
something to watch while we wait
File: 1425003845214.gif (2 MB, 259x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 259x197
lurking for this now even though it doesnt seem viable
Lurking for aunt and cousin stories
File: 1424797989297.png (118 KB, 300x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 300x338
You're welcome nigger.

>dont be such a prude.. lets see what you got
>can't hold it in any longer. well i'm going to need some help
>softly fondle her tit and i get a rock hard 14 year old erection
>not bad anon now roll on a condor and berry that thing into me
and this spanish aunt shit does? kek

That's Jeff Seid, a body builder, and a faggot.
File: 1413938508309.gif (2 MB, 200x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 200x150
File: 1423805230865.jpg (21 KB, 398x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 398x297
by the way, somebody screencap this shit just in case it dies. im wirtting the shower part. Mexanon request
I've totally read this before. but its an alright story
File: 1425791742879.jpg (109 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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more so than this, idk the aunt thing gave me diamonds and this hassent
don't you die on me you sonofabitch
Pls post body of aunt. Blur face

>i walk out and regret it immediate
>find out a year later shes only a step cousin
>every time i fap i think of what could have been
almost quads
archiving this thread for you scrubs on 4archive
File: 1422956636054.jpg (31 KB, 400x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this story is so fucking fake
Ty anon
Pls this auntie fucker anon
Waiting this long for 20 lines of text. Cmonnnnnn anon
>be 17
>sister and her friend are drunk off their asses
>sister tells her friend I have a big cock
>i dont really
>friend says lets see it
>I'm not whipping my dick out with my sister in the room
>sister says I've seen it anyways just do it
>i say you first sis
>her friend pulls off my sisters shirt
>no bra
>perky tits
>ok fine pull whip down my pants
>friend says anon its not hard enought
>friend takes her top of and starts making out with sister
>rock fucking hard
>stroking my cock and my sister and her friend are lezzing out in front of me
>say fuck it and move in to the friend from behind kissing her neck as my sister is making out with her
>feel a hand stroking my dick
>fuck thats nice
>both of her friends hands are on my sisters neck
>(spaniards mostly), so we're white
Keep dreaming mexibro
File: whippedcreamhead.jpg (60 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 500x375
lucky/10. sis wristy=the dream
File: aaa.jpg (849 KB, 1000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
849 KB, 1000x2000
You alive?
The dream
Aunt fucker anon is kill?

Nigga you're naive as fuck if you think you're the only one she's sucked. Especially after all this "hur dur she was soooo much better this time, idk why" bullshit
I hope not. I'm getting tired but wanna read the end before i go to bed
>lock eyes with sister
>she grins
>she moves up the bed. her friend leans forward and eats her out.
>solid thrust into friends wet pussy
>moans in pain i don't care
>thrust into friends dripping pussy while gazing into sisters eyes
>after a few minutes friend says lets switch to my sister
>friend lays on the bed rubbing herself
>my sister and me stand at the end of the bed, out of breath, horny and sweaty just staring at each other\
>I'm a virgin anon....dont go inside me
anyone else think bikini moms are hot?
Just woke up. Got shit to do. Wanted to finish before I got up out of bed
Pls aunt fucker
sister shit plz
Looks like the aunt fucker is dead.
OP out.
> isolated from friends in a bad relationship.
> finally get to meet up with them at a party, meet flirty pic related girl.
> fun night, girl keeps flirting but I try to play it off, she's getting me to horny.
> everyone starts passing out around the house, I go to clean.
> take out the trash in the hallway, turn and see girl handing me more to toss. Grab it, quickly toss it, turn to her still there.
> ohshit.jpg
> started making out, moved on to fondling and fingering.

We stopped there, and went inside. Kissing and touching every once in awhile. Want to hear more of my asshole times?
File: 1416818968163.jpg (309 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 1536x2048

as i had already told you, we are wealthy mexicans so her bathroom is classy as fuck. she has a big tub/shower in which she was managing the water temperature when i got inside the bathroom

>walk in floppy dick and see her with one hand on the water stream
>asks me if it's okay
>tell her to go a little warmer
>she does only a little more and tells me she cant go warmer because of her hair and shit
>it okay
>we get inside the stream
>start kissing as water poured on our bodies
>she starts jerking my dick a bit
>won't go hard
>still kissing and foreplaying
>grab her ass a lot, it feels so fucking good
>start to feel my little buddy up again
>we start soaping our bodies
>she give me a handjob
>soapy dick
>her hand slips weird, but good
>i massage her breasts with the soap
>with soapy hand i start rubbing her pussy
>turn her around, get on my knees and start soaping her ass, especially her butthole
>knees were in pain but it was necessary
>pour water to let the soap run
>after the soap was removed her ass was clean
>FETISHTIMEEE (my fetish is licking assholes i just washed. i need to be the one washing for cleaning standard issues, dont trust otherwise)
>start grabbing her ass very tight and kissing her cheeks
>in for the kill
>kiss her butthole and slightly slip the tip of my tongue in
>she moves forward and asks me what was i doing
>tell her to trust me, i was just kissing it (notice she's an anal virgin, or atleast pretended to be)

dont let it die III: crazy vacations in hawaii
nevermind i'm back
thank you based anon
Pls post body of aunt

poor OP, seems like i'm a minute late xD
>she slowly turns around and bends over
>my hands run softly down her back to her ass and gently squeeze her cheeks
>move closer and press my dick against her bald pussy
>hesitating ..... doubts
>keep rubbing her back contemplating fucking my sister
>she reaches through her legs and grabs my cock guides it into her pussy and thrusts backwards
>well i'm balls deep in my sister might as well keep going

keep going?
return of the king
This pls aunt fucker

i won't be kill until thread dies.

translate this: No temas, que yo jamas te dejaria

do you really need to ask? nobody likes to interrupt their fap to tell you yes
Please aunt fucker... Body of aunt
waiting for ancient fossil dino to walk

wait, let me finish the story and i'll look for one. was going to put the one she had on whatsapp on a tight dress but she changed it to face only. sorry bros. after the shower story ill look for it
I'm sorry for assuming your death.
Thanks! I bet you have nudes
File: jamie-cersei.jpg (41 KB, 630x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 630x420
> gf and I on the subway one night joking back and forth
> old man across from us says "you guys look so similar, are you brother and sister?"
> I quickly reply "yes"
> some time passes, gf and I are making out
> notice old man looks horrified
> gf notices, starts kissing harder

later that evening...

> she fucks me harder than she has before

we now regularly role play as brother and sister. I'm not that into it but she really, really is. pic related.
I grew up in a small town where it wasn't uncommon to be connected to someone in some way or form with out even knowing it. I was a Sophomore in highschool at the time. I have my eyes on this freshman for the longest time. She's extremely hot, like I'm jacking it to her on a daily basis at this point. After this for a month or so, I'm slowly getting to know her up to the point where we both now have some real serious feelings for each other. Naturally this led to me asking her out to a movie, in which she accepted. Finally were both at the movies,with only one thing on my mind, really. We eventually hold hands for a good part of the movie. We ended the night with a extremely long wett make out session. I finally decide to come out and tell my mom about this new girl, and how I really like her, you know? My moms expression was fucking priceless considering I was talking about my 2nd blood related cousin the whole time, without even knowing. Whats really fucked up is that I never told my cousin that she's was actually my cousin. I sort of just kept going with it. The relationship died off pretty quick after this. It wasn't tell about a year later that my cousin also found out the truth in a similar fashion. I just acted as if I was just hearing this shit for the first time while telling me.
Bamping for auntie pics and maybe nudes
Ever get it in?
Double Bamp for this
File: image.jpg (134 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 768x1024
Got my first handjobs from my aunt when I was 14. We used to sleep in the same bed, she was a deep sleeper, and I exploited her hands and breasts several times a week.
continue anon.
>fucking my sister from behind while shes going down on her friend
>a few minutes go by and the friend wants to switch again.
>fuck that
>i pick up the pace and start ramming my sister hard
>shes moaning like crazy
>she stands up and i keep fucking her while her friend watches and rubs her pussy
>i have two handfuls of my sisters tits and dripping wet pussy around my cock
>whisper I'm going to cum
>dont stop she says keep going
>my dick gets bigger and harder as i start pumping loads of cum into my older sister
>shes cumming on my cock and flops onto to the bed
>i pull out and catch my breath\
>hot cum runs down her leg
did she ever wake up and notice?
rate of what?

rate how attractive she is you retard, what the fuck do you think he means
the aunt
how old are sister and her friend
Ahhh, unfortunately yes. She slapped me, verbally scolded and moved to a different bed after that. But it's worth it. I was able to do it for more than a year before she caught me. Thank god she never told my mom back then.
File: 1424794701524.jpg (1 MB, 2667x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2667x4000
did you continue showing your interest, i. e. check her out?
>friend says come here anon
>she starts sucking my still dribbling dick
>get hard again
>friend blowing me as she lays on the bed while i stand
>sister comes up from behind kissing my neck rubbing my chest fuck me again anon
>bend over her friend and fuck her from behind as my sister makes out with me
>after a minute sister throws me on the bed
>she climbs on and stares into my eyes
>slowly glides her wet hot pussy onto my cock
Bamping for teh aunt fucker
I'm still archiving for you fags btw
Cmon aunt fucker

brother ate my butt when I turned 16. It was my birthday present because he couldn't afford to buy me a gift
shit. you didn't have to tell me, faggot
Back then she was only 17-18yo. I'd say she was a 6.5/10.

I used move her arm from her pillow slowly, until it drops on my shorts. I then pull my shorts slowly until my cock touches her hand. I then try to position her hand very slowly until it wraps around my cock. I always try not to come on her hands, but sometimes when she's dreaming, she accidentally squeezes my cock and I explode right then and there. I notice her waking up a few hours later, and she looks at her hand wondering what the sticky stuff is, lol.
File: auntt.png (165 KB, 388x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 388x346

>i continue kissing her anus for a lot of time, but she doenst seem to be a big fan of it
>got rock hard again
>i get up and lean for a kiss but she tells me to wash my mouth first
>"okay" :(
>wash mouth and kiss again
>i sit her on this weird stool old people use
>wash her feet and legs again
>massage them then wash the soap
>start massaging her feet and sucking her toes
>dick hard as diamond
>proceed to finger/suck her pussy
>i fucking love clean pussies
>she moans loud and starts shaking again
>hear a noice
>open the door
>get on the floor
>SIKE, you should have seen your faces
>get up, after my tongue gets tired and my knees can't no more
>she now sits me on the stool
>gets on her knees and starts jerking
>again, she leans for a kiss, give it to her and she starts sucking
>it feels fucking good again
>my watered skin gives the bj more friction so it feels different until it is completely lubed with spit
>she starts rubbing her own pussy
>i put my hand on her head and start leading it
>Nao - So Good.mp3
>she goes balls deep and teabags
>let her on her own
>she deepthroats again and again and again
>tell her im on edge
>cum on her mouth again
>she proceeds to kiss me with her mouth filled with cum (as i said, i'm not grossed out since it's my own)
>we kiss for a while and end the shower
>get out and she makes breakfast
>best morning ever

that was story no.2 there are 4

also, pic related
they were both 19

>sister is riding me hard
>perky tits bouncing. shes grabbing them and pinching her nipples
>friend climbs onto my face and grinds her pussy on it
>I start moaning I'm going to cum
>sister climbs off and starts blowing me
>mouth and a hand working my cock with the other hand squeezing my nuts
>friend leans over to 69
>sister working the balls
>i want to cum in my sisters mouth wat do?
>jam a finger into friends ass
>she perks up moaning
>sister takes over blowjob right as i start cumming
>blow thick load into sisters mouth as friend cums on my face
>sister swallows cum and gently licks the head of my cock
>we all lay down and pass out naked and sweaty on the bed

theres a next morning story in anyone wants it
Yes, i still did. She loves to clean the house while not wearing a bra, so I always try to follow her and get downblouse views. Too bad there's no digital cameras back then, as I could have taken a bunch of pics of her in various states of undress.
i don't have any. we agreed to never talk about it but in person and cellphones are bonded to this rule.
nope, sorry

also, SOMEBODY SCREENCAP if you want part 3
plz post next story
Great story aunt fucker.
i r8 8/8
Time for this OP to go to bed.
There's an archive. Also next story

she was 9 (my cousin).

> playing in our pool
> after that, o took a bath, and went watch TV
> she took a bath, but forgot her clothes in other room, so she went there wrapped in towel to get.
> I stared at her, and she looked at me
> she dropped the towel, so I can see her naked
> she smile and said: "you wanna keep looking?"
> I said "i want to touch you"
> she came to me naked, and i started wanking immediatelly
> she stared at me wanking, and started to rub her butt in my D.
> I came buckets.
> she said "I need to get bath again"
> "lets fo back to the pool then"

we were alone in the house that day

after that, eveytime we were alone, we used to play with ourselves.

nigga im archiving this shit, its better than a rushed screencap
this thread confuses me, so many storys at the same time
did she notice your attention?
it is allowed to post cp-stories? where the actors are like 4 or 5?

But i want screencap, pls :(?

Came to take a shit, posting on phone
here is link to archive

nice dubs btw
>passed out on the bed
>wake up to someone trying to get out on bed
>sister is trying to climb over me but stops as i wake
>i dont really remember what happened anon but i hope its not what i think happened
>she climbs out and walks naked to the bathroom
>she doesn't close the door
>i can hear her peeing
>hard again
>she starts a shower and jumps in
>i can see everything
>shes soaping up the glass gets foggy
>she wipes her hand across the glass to clear it
>staring at me
>deep stare
>turns around
>presses her ass against the glass
Aunt fucker if thread dies, post a new thread
still lurkin
definitly invitation
Plz don't die :((((

keep going

screencap this thread and i will. I hate archive
I screencapped, bro
well post
>climb out of bed and walk over to the shower
>just watch her soap up
>can you get my back?
>walk into shower
>standing face to face with hot older sister
>erection poking her
>staring into my eyes slowly kneels down
>still staring
>head of cock into her mouth still staring
>slowly takes a bit of my cock
>her soapy hand rubbing my ass
>i grab a fistful of her hair and guide her head down my cock
>slowly blowing me. soapy fingers running through my ass cheeks

the bastard will ask you to post it
post results
u r so lucky m8
be 17 and fuck 19 yo sister and her friend..
have pics of her?
if not describe her
Post pic, doesn't have to be her, but similar
this is the thread
>fingers rubbing my anus
>flinch forward away from fingers but jam cock further into her mouth
>she gags a little
>she stand sup and looks into my eyes
>she sits on this bench she has in her shower and opens her legs
>its only fair she says
>i kneel down and gaze at my sisters box
>so beautiful. i wonder if this is what moms looks like?
>get hardest Ive ever been at the thought
>now she grabs my hair and guides me to her pussy
>licking sucking running fingers around her clit
>after a few minutes getting super wet.
>grab her legs and push them up
>lick her asshole
>she moans loudly
>thumb rubbing her clit and tonguing her ass
>she moans louder and louder
>dont stop little brother I'm going to cum
File: image.png (540 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
540 KB, 1280x960
yeah not posting her pic but this is pretty close
tits are little bigger tho
File: AuntScreenCap.png (956 KB, 1218x7359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
956 KB, 1218x7359
would fuck/10
cmon OP lets GO
mexibro pls...
Looks like my gf if you add the bigger tits
gonna start another thread, this one is almost dead

thanks bro
>swirl a finger around her ass as i lick her clit
>she moans and starts cumming
>i slide my finger in her ass she cums hard and loud
>shes moaning and panting as i perk up still kneeling
>still have finger in her ass
>i'm staring at her with a finger in her ass and raising my eyebrows wanting to fuck her ass
>she says no way
>i ram my finger deeper you sure?
>still kneeling and her still sitting i slide into my sisters dripping cunt
>she moans and throws her head back
>i plow her box and twist her nipples as she rubs her clit
>cums hard again
>i pull out and gently rub my cock against her asshole
>she looks at me panting still rubbing her swollen clit
>ok anon we can try but i dont think it will fit

post link
continue bro
dont stop
can someone screencap btw
File: smits.jpg (36 KB, 512x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 512x354
>identical twin and I
>someone asked us if it would be like masturbation for us to have sex together
>we decided to try it
>it was awkward but felt good
>69 sucking and ball licking
>we both came in each others' mouths

>did it for two years then went to different colleges
>fuck when we see each other
fuck it. guess ill screencap that too
thanks to our lord, the diligent screencap-anon
would be great if u post ur work
>i swirl my cock around her asshole and gently push my way in
>not happening
>rub my cock over her clit getting it lubed up with her juice
>i push against her asshole again
>she squirms in pain
>aim higher you're at the wrong angle she says
>lower my body and push again
>head of my cock squeezes in
>she winces and hold my chest back
>we wait a minute
>cock head in my sisters ass
>she opens her eyes and i glaze into them
>i grab the back of her neck and slowly glide the rest of my way in
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