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ITT: We tell stories about our Ex gfs.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: We tell stories about our Ex gfs.

my ex wanted to tattoo fucking "there and back again" on her leg.

(its the title of the first "Hobbit" movie if you didn't know)

she got mad at me for telling her that it wasn't a good idea and she should really think twice about that.
so, like, you still in love with her or what?
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>be me and my gf
>She is very quite
>I ask her what is wrong
>She wont reply
>Starts shaking
>I get worried
>Call me mom (she's a doctor to ask for advice)
>She have no clue
>Ask her if she wanna do some dirty stuff
>Agrees on handjob
>Very dry
>You feel better now honey?
>Still no answer
>mfw my gf is my hand
nah buddy, that happened years ago (hence, the first hobbit movie)

i'm just here to read your stories. girls can be pretty stupid sometimes.
>Be me and ex GF
>I want sex, she is on her period
>next week
>Next week rolls around
>she crawls into my bed in the middle of the night
>We lived in the same house
>Fuck with the force of a thousand suns
>"Go down on me Anon"
>"Fuck no, im fucking the shit out of you and thats THAT!"
>Finish, put some underwear on
>Go to toilet with out looking, whip it out start pissing
> look at my hand
>....wtf am I bleeding, holy fuck thats a lot of blood.
>freak out, look myself over
>The realisation kicks in
>Its not my blood
>Freak out even more
>Go to my room to grab towel
> she is laying on my bed
>its covered in blood
>"Sorry Anon" giggle, "guess it was THIS week"
>Go shower and wash my dick like its NEVER HAD A SCRUBBING BEFORE!
>Walk back into my room, she is wanting more
>Comes on very strongly
>push her back a little
>she comes at me forcefully
>I slap her, she grins
>"I want you to rape me Anon"

Never see her for two years, suddenly she msg's me asking to hang out and how she feels bad about how we left things.

MFW, I had sex with my next GF on her period all the time.
>be me
>had awesome gf
>gf broke up with me bc daddy issues in Sept
>get depressed
>5 months later
>still no talk
>lose all mutual friends, miss her like crazy
>decide I can't talk to her bc she told me it was over even though nothing was wrong when we were dating
>suddenly remember there's other ways of communicating
>done it before, wonder if it's fucked up to try to visit her in her sleep
>do it anyway
>last night
>start meditating
>find her energy
>start sending her thoughts
>"why haven't you called me?"
>"don't you miss me?"
>see her cry
>tfw I think it worked, and I'm pretty sure I just woke her up from a few miles away through the astral plane

If you have a gift, use it. Gonna keep trying for a few days until she calls me. No harm in trying.
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Have you lost your mind, friend?
A couple times, yes
more of her please!!
>living in shithole arkansas for about a year
>i'm a motorcycle riding, drug using, pretend badass
>roommate's friend falls for me instantly
>start pseudo-dating her for like 3 months
>say fuck this place, i'm moving back east
>move back east
>she texts me 24/7 for months until i agree to let her come visit for a week
>she comes to visit, we bang steadily for 7 days
>starts talking like she wants to move here right now and start working in my city
>hmm i'll think about it
>she gets in her car and begins to drive back home
>break up with her promptly and never speak to her again

fuck off clingy bitch
Care to duck over to 420chan /dr/ and give us a run down o. Your meditative techniques. Used to LD like crazy but not much nowadays, all I do now is get to the zoned out zen like state and can't fall asleep.
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there you go
Let her tattoo her ass if she likes but those movies sucked MAJOR ass. Did that fucking director even read the books? I fed up with every shithead movie maker do "My vision" Why not the vision a the fucking writer? Why not the vision of one of the most popular and one of the most sold books in history? No this douche bag completely rewrites the Hobbit and makes it something it wasn't. Shoulda called the movie "There and back again the total fuck over of a great author.

...Just saying
Dump everything, faguette.
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All of my wat?

such a lone wolf badass...
yeah, no

best part is, at the point she wanted to get the tattoo she hasn't even read the book. she later though.
>be me 15 years ago, young age
>gf is a cutie, real qt3.14, her family runs a flower shop. She grew up surrounding by flowers. Sweet personality, loyal, smart, loves animals and kids, makes me laugh all the time.
>I took her v-card, she took mine.
>3 yrs together, I became a douche, cheated on her.
>she broke up with me.
>still feel bad about it everytime I creep her facebook, we are still friends, I drop by her place every now and then. She has a bf, I have a wife.
>one day she teases me, "if only" she says
>I come home, fuck my wife like a man who just got out of prison.

I miss her
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I haven't visited 420chan in a long time, but yes I might post a tut later on. It's really quite easy to ap, you just medititate, call on the white light from the source above, root yourself down, do at few cleaning cycles and then change the light to whatever color (Chakra energy) you're using. Then you can beam your energy to someone else, close or faraway, and find how to penetrate into theirs, find the right colors. Once you're in, you'll know. Alot of it is just intuition, just what feels right. Trial and error. Try it with someone in your house, it's hard as fuck at first but you eventually get it somehow. Took me 3 years or so to figure it out.

The first step though, is to learn to meditate and manipulate energies. Once you can do this you can basically do anything else you choose to do with it.

>former /x/fag here
Psycho-spiritual exploration is kinda my thing.
that's my point. that is totally not who i am, it's just the way i came off to some people. and then this chick goes full overly attached gf meme
File: IMG48753945.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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she's a camwhore posting here every now and then, heres an old timestamp of her. thats all i've got though.
Quads woulda been nice lol

Your gonna have to explain to me how you would direct energy. I've been interested but my brain works in a very logical way, essentially I would try to figure out a way to talk my brain into doing stuff but that never works.
well, did you ever actually hear a response of someone you've sent "signals" to?

i mean, you've never heard of that particular ex gf outside of your spiritual sphere thingy after sending your signals, did you?
You literally just visualize it. Visualize colored light coming from you to another person, whatever color you use is dependant on what you're trying to do. Purples are good for harmony. Green for speaking and protection, etc. It just depends.

But realize it's just visualization in your third eye. A good excercise for this is to visualize an apple. Visualize it so well that you can see every part of it, see how it feels, it's temeprature, the taste, the smell, the color. Visualize it completely, and then move on to harder objects. Eventually you will be able to visualize shit that's far as fuck away, people, homes, items. It's just practice, and it works.

Dubs checkd.

And yes, actually. I met another APer a while back and when I slept that night I reached out to him. The next day he asked me if I tried to astral project to him and I said yes. He told me he definitely caught my energy that night, which I thought was fucking amazing.
Interesting anon, my ex lives in bulgaria i self live in THE netherlands. Wonder if i can pull this off.
check'd too. just matched energy i guess, lol.

jk. i'm not saying that it is complete bullshit, but i'm sceptical. i mean, when both of you are "APer" (god knows what that means) and you play your send signals game every now and then, it just might happen coincidentical that you just "match"

it would be more interesting if you, lets say, send signals to your mum or anyone who's not into that kind of stuff, and if she person would just happen to call you in that exact moment and tell you that she just got a mind signal from you, that would be amazing.
You can, with practice.

Learn to meditate.
Learn to visualize well.
Learn to penetrate other's energy fields.
Then just send your thoughts.

Simple as that.

No, R.
Cheers man, I'll give it a try. The only time I've ever AP/OBE'd was during a really long car trip with my old man. Went to a farm like place that had a lot of grass similer to Pokemon ruby/sapphire. Everything was vivid as hell and then my dad kept talking to me thru my headphones and hitting my arm to 'wake' me, so I came back out and gave him a whack. Funny thing was he never did any of it but I could percieve it through the othe plane. Pretty neat tho.
i have tried astral projection many times now, it never worked.
do you have any tips?
I understand the skepticism, lol. I'm pretty skeptic myself. I never got it until I tried my own things, and if you want a story of proof here's a good one, actually involving my mom.

>be me, younger
>try aping to no one in particular, just exploring
>think it works
>next morning
>mom tells me she had a bad nightmare of some black hole in my room, of people watching her
>shrug it off
>try again a few days later
>same recurring dream
She only has this dream when I try aping around her. Never had it when I didn't try it, at least not to my knowledge. So that's kinda my indicator that I'm doing SOMETHING.

Also, aping = astral projecting, aper = person who astral projects.

See >>603193332
It's just practice, learn to meditate and visualize energies.
Well when i was younger around age 8 till 9 or later dik exactly. I can remember seeing aura's of other kids.

But i lost that gift trough time, kek my mom told me. That a lady once told her that spirits said her Son (me) was using drugs.

Which is true btw and kept me from geting this gift back. Idk how true that is.
That's fucking awesome dude. You every try to recreate it?
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saved that one from last time, but i'm really really interested in moar as well
any books i can read on this? or anywhere i can get more info? interested as fuk
You never lose the gift, you just kinda forget. But it's still there. Drugs don't affect it negatively. If anything, they shift your consciousness so that you can do different things. Depends on the drug too. Sedatives work great for astral projection.

Honestly, I just used /x/ and real life practice. Don't really know any good books for this shit. I guess you can google, but I just started out trying whatever /x/ suggested.
Nah man, that was years ago. I sorta gave up practicing after I had attained the ability to LD consistently. Since then I forgot/gave up practicing and never really got back into it much at all.

I do however tend to notice a lot of physical feelings I touch when I LD. I always reccomend others to rub their hands together whenever they feel like they are losing lucidity or are trying to gain it. It's helped countless times, especially when I start dreaming blind/in pitch black. I find that if one f my senses are stimulated during a dream that it becomes easier to recognise and controll. Anyway it's like 3am here and I need to sleep/get catatonic.
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I ain't even mad.png
259 KB, 500x500
I've had a few women who got extra horny around their period. The whole wanting to be overpowered thing is pretty common too. My current woman loves having her hands pulled behind her back, face pressed into the floor (dirtier is better), and insults yelled at her. Go figure, whatever makes you cum I guess
That's why I'm interested in this, im sure I can pull it off. I googled it and it kinda looks when you try to LD. I one time exceeded to get out of my body and walk around in the room.

But I was to excited and got snapped back. That sleep paralysis though.
>Call ex a slut constantly because she slept around a bit, not even that much really, but I hated her.
>Chilling over a mates and no signal
>Leave, get signal
>Bombarded with texts asking where I am and shit, asking if I'm with chicks.
>Tell her no and shit is cool.
>Few mates back at my place getting drunk and shit.
>She calls, I tell her to come over.
>Off her face on mcat getting all upset over cutting herself or something, she showed me a bit on her leg and I was like you're fucking stupid bitch.
>Skip to next day she goes back to hers and rests.
>After my hard day of getting stoned I head over hers to fuck
>Take off her trousers and bloody pants(from the cuts)
>Then saw the huge cuts writing out "slut" all up her leg.
>Proceeded to hatefuck

She did a lot more fucked up shit.
>be me
>popular kid in school
>yes, i'm 'that' dickhead who fucks about
>pretty know everyone
>am quite shy on the inside tho, insecure and shit
>one day smoking at the tree
>cute 8/10 blonde hair red lipstick girl with qt curly hair walks past
>never seen her before
>she has dat ass, tight black jeans
>tell one of my friends, T, im gonna make that bitch mine
>T is skeptical but he thinks i can do it
>go home, search her up on facebook
cont? its long
Pretty solid advice, I'm glad you can LD properly. It's quite amazing.

If you could get to sleep paralysis, then you've got a pretty short way to go. Just keep trying. AP is essentially a higher, extroverted form of LD, while LD explores the subconscious, AP explores the world around you.
I was young and didnt know about sex like I do now, if that girl was in any distance around me, I would stalk her, work out my perfect time and hard out rape the shit of her.

But hey, isnt that life, having a good thing that looks bad and kicking it aside, only to realize you wanted the thing you kicked aside all along haha
>>yes, i'm 'that' dickhead wh
Thanks /b/Rother I will research and do my best to find shit out.

You sparked my interest
go on
okay man
>find out her name on facebook, call her C
>talk to her a bit, ask her where she's from
>shes moved to our town from another town due to problems at her old school
>she was bullied and stuff, depressed, used to cut
i was not wrong
>speak to her for a bit on facebook, just random shit
>my friend T nearly cockblocks the fuck out me
>"don't speak to anon, he's weird and shit"
>she is slightly put of but we still speak
skip to the sex part so i can jack off
No problem, hope you find what you're looking for. ツ
>talk to her everyday, see her in school and that.
>shes shy, only has 1-2 friends, people i know anyway so i can go over and speak to her without it being awkward
>ask her if she wants to come back to mine one day after school
>she says sure, she'd like that
>she comes over, we watch a movie, cuddling and shit
>we're 15, i've done stuff with girls, she's complete virgin
>before she leaves grab her and push her against my wall, lift her up kissing her hard
>she smiles at me, beaming
>she really liked it, says she'll see me tomorrow
>go to bed happy.
it gets good
> be me, 15 yr old virgin
> raging hormones
> girls in my year at school won't put out
> been hanging out as a group for years
> heard about boys 2 years below us losing their virginity
> they're banging they're years girls like rabbits
> ditch the tight cunts from our year
> invite the younger girls to a drink and drugs party
> lose virginity to a 13 year old
> many others also losing virginity
> literally passing them around sharing them
> bestdaysofmylife.exe
> went on for best part of next two years
> serious fuckin spree
> collectively lost interest when weed habit intensifies and they followed us everywhere
> fast forward twelve years
> jerking off to traps on be
> paying for sex with fat fifty year olds
> knowing I'll never fuck another 13 year old
> dontknowwhatyougottilitsgone.gif
File: 1395742936561.gif (1 MB, 290x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 290x189

>this guy
>next day
>she says do you like me?
>i say yeah you're pretty good, wanna date?
>she says sure, she likes me too
>together for a week, walking her home
>she says she wants to come to mine, im like sure, i don't do much after school
>comes back, go into my room
>kissing and heavy petting commences
>fingering her, go down on her
>"anon, fuck me"
>was kinda nervous at first but i was like fuck it boys
>couldn't get it up at first
>was so nervous
>finally got erect
>the pussy was soaking, fuck that shit
>fuck for like 30m awkwardly, trying not to hurt her
>brother and sister get back from school so have to stop
>before she leaves 'i love you'
here we go boys
"yer bretty gud, ya let's date"
More you fag!
>>I come home, fuck my wife like a man who just got out of prison.
I know that feel anon
>'i love you too'
>'you mean it?'
>she goes home, it's cool
>ring my friends up instantly and brag
>skip to the weekend, she says do you want to come over?
>im like ye sounds good
>go to hers, house is kinda messy bit of a shithole but i don't mind
>go into her room and watch TV n shit
>she goes out with her mum for like 30m to the doctors or some shit, can't really remember
>have a root around in her room
>find a diary
>have a look through, lots of destructive messages in like, depressive shit
>blood on some of the pages
>my name surrounded in hearts she drew
>cute/10, am pretty in love with this bitch
>put it back and go about our shit
>it gets late, she asks if i wanna stay, i'm like sure, her mum is like cool beans sleep in separate rooms though
>it's cool
>we make love and she goes in the other room
>her dad gets in about 2-3pm
>daddy issues is real
>alcoholic, beats her mum
>he's alright towards me though, so i don't really say much
this is a long story. it's worth it though.
This one time, my ex...
>Suddenly realizes he never had girlfriend.
>a month later
>we are happily together, i got her into smoking now
>pretty much everyone knows not to fuck with her or i go ape
>have a bunch of friends who i smoke weed with
>call them O and J and C
>C is J's cousin, kinda of a dick
>staying at gfs again, go for smokes with the gang
>have an argument with her because she didn't want me to smoke weed
>lol fuck off bitch
>she goes upstairs to bed, i sleep downstairs play ps3
>go home get a message from C
>'ur gf is a slut, she sent me nudes'
>'don't believe u'
>he sends me the nudes she sent to him
>confront her next day, she breaks down
>she said because we had an argument she thought i was gonna break up with her, she couldn't deal with being alone
>i flip out at C, call him a cunt, beat the fuck out of him
>he just sneers and fucks off
forgot to mention that her wrists/legs/throat covered in scars
>check the diary
>one page covered in blood, 'dirty little slut' covered the entire page
>mfw that's what i called her in my rage
>instant regret, confront her about it
>she is a bit mad i looked at it but we get over it
continue faggot
>inb4 dinosaur
>our relationship is strong as fuck now, we are known for always being together, do everything together, we are basically the same person
>be watching porn together
>some schoolgirl pr0n shit
>'anon would you like it if i did that?'
>'fuck yes'
>she giggles, okay wait downstairs for me
>go downstairs anticipated to fuck
here we go boys
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>dated this crazy bitch a few years ago
>knew I was getting myself into trouble almost immediately but she was a 7/10 and the sex was amazing
>clearly bi-polar
>refuses to seek any help
>got in to a regular cycle: She invents something to be angry about, hours long fight starts, she storms out, comes back later wanting the dick like a cat in heat
>eventually I've had enough. Amazing sex can only make up for so much
>break up with her, much drama during the event
>next night I'm sitting in my living room watching tv
>knock knock knock "Police!"
>fut the wut?
>crazy bitch said that I beat her and cut her up last night, want me to go in to give a statement
>sure thing officers, I was at the bar last night enjoying my first night as a free man. Filing a fake police report is a crime right sir?
>cop helps me think of every fucking charge (actual real charge mind you) in the book to bring this bitch up on
>fast forward 6 months
>cop and I are bros now
>psycho bitch isn't allowed within 500 yards of me, still actively paying off the court fees (well over 2 grand worth)
what are you like 17? Dude.. i'm not saying this to be condescending, but you are playing with some serious fucking fire man. Run for your life... just run run run.

Man, I.... I just wish I could make you see what a horrible mistake you are making being with this girl.
>here clunking as she walks down the stairs
>wtf is that
>she comes round the corner
>wearing a white shirt rolled up so i can see her belly, skirt pulled up so it barely covers her ass, black knee high socks and high heels on, bent her over and she had a tiny pink thong on
>damn fuck me this bitch is good
>give her the best fuck of her life
>'would you like it if i did this more?'
>'damn straight'
>be me in 2012
>chubby beta kid with hella friends but really shitty with women
>get gf who was a good friend for a while
>6/10 body but 9/10 face
>dont care hella sex
>great relationship and we are really close
>after a year and a half of greatness she slowly starts pulling away
>sees and talks to me less and less
>her friends honestly dont know whats going on
>Valentines day 2014
>she tells me she doesnt want to do anything and she is going to spend the day with her parents who are in town
>yay dont have to buy a gift. Tell her its fine and say have fun
>last words i ever said to her
>she ignores me completely and avoids me.
>after about a week of trying to find out whats going on I realize its probably over
>super depressed for about a month
>find out that she cheated on me with a 44 year old biker dude (she was 22)
>depression turns to anger and i get over her super quick
>become super passionate about martial arts tricking, drop tons of weight, get new 9/10 gf
>life is good
>fast forward to December 2014
>ex gf ads me on FB
>dont even care
>after a few weeks of stalking me and liking posts n shit she messages me
>"Hey anon, I am really upset about how we left off and I miss you so much. You were the best bf I've ever had and I hate myself for leaving you"
>word for word what she said besides anon. Too good to ever forget.
>she starts cussing me out
>tell her to shut the fuck up and tell her pretty much about how much she hurt me and how I know she cheated
>but then about how my life has been so much better since
>she just says sorry and removes me from facebook
>top kek
>hung out with a fat goth edge lord for drugs
>started getting clingier by the day
>pity sex until I found out how good he ate
>let him eat the pussy some more
>ate shrooms together and had a weird trip while he was hanging out with some redneck bitches outside his room
>idgaf, I was ready to fuck
>decided to go home instead
>not sure how I lost contact with fat goth edgelord but hey I tried shrooms
would kill to be able to do this, i can lucid dream at will but cannot project at all
File: sarko_thumbsup.jpg (66 KB, 379x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 379x270
hey, yeah i am 17, 18 in 3 months.
>inb4 underage b&
fuck off, lurked for nearly 3 years.
we are no longer together due to reasons i'll explain, but yeah she was fucking fire. Fucked like a demon though.
Does autism run in your family?

Nvm. I doubt anyone runs in your family.
im pretty fucking sure the title of the first hobbit movie was "an unexpected journey"

there and back again is the title of bilbo baggins book.
nevertheless, it's a stupid fucking thing to have on your body.
nice /b/ro got before and after pics?
lol I'm glad I'm not the only one nerdy enough to be bugged by that. Figured that was what op meant though
>this schoolgirl act becomes a routine
>she calls herself 'Trixie' when she is dressed up, slutty pornstar name
>amazing sex with her, gives me everything i want
>skip to new years eve
>i'm invited to a nye party, she's never been invited to a party before
>i get her an invite, she is over the moon
>buy her new dress, new shoes, jewelry and shit
>skip to new years
>we arrive, everyone is happy and shit
>drink and smoke quite a bit
>end up having a shit 3 some with my gf and another girl, didn't fuck her just fingered her, she sucked me off
>gf was ok with it
>black out for a bit, was very drunk
>wake up, my mate O says he saw my gf with another guy, call him L
>my gf is smashed, never drunk much in her life
>confront L, he's pissed, says she sucked him off
>beat the living fuck out of him, break his nose
>have an argument with house owner, she asks me to leave, i've had too much, can't control myself
>am furious, but respect the fuck out of her, so i leave
>walking home bloody and crying, pass out on the streets
>she finds me about 4am in the morning when she was having a fag, takes me back to hers
>talk to gf in the morning
File: image.jpg (146 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 640x640

> pussy
File: 1412872626573.png (200 KB, 438x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ah ok, as long as she's in your past... whew. you scared me. I'm in my 30s and reading this story, it's like watching a semi about to hit a brick wall.

>don't tell me to fuck off, i'm being nice to you.
yeah haha, and i meant fuck off to all the other cunts who scream 'underage b&'
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