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What's the worst thing you have done...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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What's the worst thing you have done to a girl /b/?
Made my exgf start smoking because I have a smoking fetish.
We broke up and now she can't quit lel
fingering her while she was sleeping. But it didn't affect her in any way so we're cool right ?
I make her watch me taking a shit
Not fucked her.
Done this to a friend of mine. Also convinced an autistic girl I went to school with that we could be secret boyfriend and girlfriend if she let me have sex with her.
>be highschool student
>always Horny
>One day grill was sleeping in the schoolbus
>me and her and another sleeping anon
>decide to check out if she is conscious by poking
>she" not responsive
>grope boobs
>vidya it
>look at panties
>rub her panties
>cum on her hair
did anal without actually asking
I took a shit on a girl while we were in a 69.
It wasn't on purpose, it was leaky and she freaked, bit my dick and my ass juice leaked in her eyes and up her nose.
After she pushed me off her, she started crying and I just kept blasting ass gas in rythm. Y'know, like barp.. barp.. barp... barp.. barp.

It wasn't my proudest moment, she was my crush when I was 17.
She never wanted to see me again and is probably sexually scarred. She was a virgin at the time.
I haven't seen her in about three years.
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> be me at the age of 6
> had a little best friend , 4 yo
> we played restaurant
> I mad her eat all the grass we took for the spaghetti

Her parents had to bring her to hospital this evening.
Still feel bad about that.
Came inside a girl after she told me not to since she didn't trust the pill 100%
>be 3
>parents have a small cast iron grill
>be playing w/ neighbour kid
>pick up one of the grill racks
>hit friend on the head with it
Unless she got pregnant that's not even bad...
>at the age of 6
>bring her to the hospital this evening

underage ban
>>cum on her hair
Fuck, man that's my fetish!
Alpha as fuck
Exposed my ex gfs nude and hardcore pics all over the interwebs eventually someone figured out her name and so there are lots of posters with her pics and info out there
I married her...yet it was the best thing for us both too :P
Cheated on my wife.
Read your story before in the same thread. Or maybe you are OP.

Strangled her and buried her in the woods.
>be me
>have penis
>be male
>have female friend
>use her photos and pretend to be her using fake account
>get hordes of creeps and throngs of angry people mad at fake profile of her
>she is harass for long time
>she become sad and want die
>I dun care I was have fun cyber with creep
I like you. I would do the same thing
was it worth it
She specifically told me not to do it no matter what. So I blew half in her and half on her tits. she didn't notice
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I broke up with my ex in HS on valentine's day aND successfully ruined my chance at another relationship the rest of my days at said school...

On the up side I DID have a couple newbies unaware and was able to get a couple one night stands throughout
Pushed my sister off the bed while we were jumping when we were kids then her mouth hit the edge of a table and her gums started bleeding really bad. FF to 2 years ago found out my sister had to get braces cause of this.
Showed a picture I had of my dick on my phone to this 9/10 asian. She stopped talking to me, and now shes pretty feminist
Worth it. She's the most attractive girl I've ever got as I'm not exactly a looker. Just should have played it differently.
made her cry in class since I was a straight A cocky ass nigga
Was fucking a good looking though slightly chubby girl with self esteem issues on the floor of my lounge.
She asked during if we could go to my bedroom, i said no, she asked why and for the life of me to this day i dont know why i said it... I said "You are too fat to go there". She went quiet and i was oddly turned on in a nasty way i dont understand, i finished fucking her and came on her tits and face. Told her to clean up and leave.

Odd moment
I used to play mind-games with women a lot when I was younger. Well, everyone, to be honest, but the women attracted to me got the brunt of it.

But here's something that I know wasn't necessarily the nicest thing to do, but is still fap-worthy as a thought even years later.

>my woman and I are both super tense and irritable all the time
>sex still happens very often
>want to fuck her in the ass for a change
>she's petite, I'm 6" x 6", anal ranged from basically impossible to a short, nice bout
>get tired of stretching her up, ram it in
>she's whining and begging me to go easy
>push her face into the pillow and fuck out my frustrations
>she's obviously in a lot of pain
>pound that tiny hole as hard as humanly possible with the conditions given
>fill her up, she's not moving anymore at this point
>just whimpering and waiting for me to pull out

She may or may not have yelled at me after, don't remember.
Ya you don't make sense.
Underage b& fuck off please
>be at house she shared with her friends
>were in her room smoking pot and doing sex
>tied her to bed
>went to living room to get lighter
>her friends offer me a bong
>lol ok
>forget shes tied up
>sit there for an hour getting wasted with her friends
>one of them asks what shes doing
>oh shit
>go back to her room
>shes really, really angry with me and doesnt want to have sex any more
You've never known true regret unless you've given a crying girl a facial.
ok, got wife to cheat on me, documented it, and successfully left her with nothing.

1.deny sex
2.wait (won't take long women are sluts)
3.document locations and text conversations.
4.file for divorce under adultery and proceed to take everything.

only happened in the span of a month had the divorce over in 2.
Oh I thought she'd look autistic lmao
Any pics?
I oculary raped (looked at) someone once accidentally.
>be 4
>goes to my cousins house to play
>see a grill with her toys
>grab one of her toys to play
>she wont let me
>i took off the toy's head and broke the body into half
>threw the toy to her face with a spit
>she cries like a baby bitch
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
I had chat sex with a girl for a long time and then blackmailed her into actually having sex.

Haven't seen her in a while.

Top kek
How do you look autistic?

I once hit my ex in the chest while driving. She popped me in the balls for doing literally nothing, and I reflex punched her...

I also used to string this girl along just to fuck her because she was so scared of being alone. I'd fuck with her head, then we'd get drunk and fuck all night. Fucked her ass once without even asking, she took it like a champ. Thankfully, she's into pain, and came like a motherfucker from it.
Broke up with her on her birthday.... She was upset about it.
Her regret or yours?

I cheated on my ex because I was convinced she was cheating on me (she had 3 different active dating site profiles that I discovered at the end of the relationship). Fucked the other girl in the ass and then texted her a few weeks later telling her to get tested... Just so she wouldn't call me again

Goddamn please fuck off you stupid samefag
Too lazy to type it out. It was 4 years ago when I was 15.
Not samefag
Almost trips!
And I have no idea, I've just always been able to tell if someone had autism just by looking at them
My gf of the time had insomnia. She would take pills so she could sleep. Hahaha if she stayed awake too long after taking them she would get all loopy. One time I got her to suck my dick and it was glorious. She could take more in Her little mouth and she wouldn't protest so much. I could do whatever I wanted to her. She was so high she had no clue what went on. And the best part was she wouldn't remember a thing the next morning. So of course this became a routine. She would take her meds and I would wait for to get loopy so I could take advantage of Her.

It use to make me feel bad but not anymore. She was my girl and I never did anything we hadn't already done. I just felt like I could enjoy myself better without having to pleasure her
>inb4 she's on /b/ and sees this
Met a hot french girl on plenty of fish who wanted a fling. Tracked her through facebook and found out she had a boyfriend. Secretly recorded us having sex without her knowledge and am now wondering whether to show her boyfriend or not.
me too, she wanted me to stop but i didn´t care and kept on fucking her ass
Another dumbass trying to act smart ?
Do it obviously
The word you're looking for is mirror
are you sure you're not thinking of down syndrome? I don't think autistic people are distinguishable from regular people.
When i was 5 years old, i swear at my sister: BITCH
At this age, i didn´t know what Bitch really means.
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I was in relationship with girl for 6-8(?) months and one day i realised that when I telling her "I luv u" i actually try to convince myself ireally doing it. When I told her she flipped a shit, and just got brain melted.After i saw dat i just turned 360* and walked away. Dunno if she found some1 after dat shit
pic or it didnt happen
Create separate thread for this plox
nice copy pasta
She didn't ask me to stop. She just told me at the end "I never gave you permission" fucking dumb baiting whore

Tell stories of what you did, anon

Surprise butt secks?
Friend got blackmailed into getting naked by some capper who tricked her into thinking he was gonna destroy her comp. So, next day, I swooped in and pretended to be the same guy coming back for more. Got nudes. But due to complications (caused by me), the real capper came back and blackmailed her again and made her masturbate (videos are on Mless). Basically I made a shit situation even more traumatising for her. And I would do it again.

Bonus: I sent a load of anon hate on Ask fm to a close female friend of mine (who has been nothing but good to me), calling her a slut and what not and saying she only had friends with benefits. I actually regret that.
Mm, maybe. Most of the autistic people I know look vastly different from those without it.
>you're too fat to go there
File: 1400205718943.gif (721 KB, 446x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
721 KB, 446x251
Why do you have to b so autistic anon

Nah, just some nice blow jobs.
I fucked her ass a couple of times and came inside. She hated it!!! Every time she would just leave for the bathroom after I blew my load and she would shit out my cum XD I loved that slut
Curious about the second thing, what prompted you go on a tirade against her. Was it some fucked up attempt to fuck her?
i found some underwear and semi nude pics of a girl i know.
She gave me her pc to repair it and i saved the pics and posted them on the internet.
You monster of the patriarchy
Married her best friend.
Post links or it didn't happen
Watch out for that edge you got there
This happened in the past 3 days and it's 100% true. Greentext incoming

>be me on OkCupid
>find girl with issues
>is a freak
>help her with some financial issues by helping her develop a plan
>she is incredibly grateful
>start learning about her fucked up past
>previous bf had gotten her pregnant
>she is terrified about getting pregnant
>she still wants my dick
>I tell her that I won't fuck her with a condom
>Asks if I'm going to cum in her
>Just answer "What if I were to?"
>She says she can't do it because she can't get another abortion
>Spend the next two days getting her to admit that she likes the idea of my bare cock in her
>Challenge her saying that if she can ride my bare cock and cum 3 times before I do, I'll cum on her face. If not, she's going to get loaded with cum on the day she is ovulating
>She gets super horny and agrees

>Girl has a crush on me
>Lead her on every once in a while
>other times when she says he likes me, or anything similar laugh really hard and say I know you do
>ignore her about 30% of the time.
>Tell her about these other girls I talk to.
>Make fun of her to my girlfriend
>Tell her about any problem she has by laughing a lot and then saying you don't want to know, when she asks what I'm thinking
>Tell her that most of her life decisions are retarded
>Pretend to be joking
>Tell her I'm serious

She is so fucked up right now, and can't decide if she wants to talk to me or not ever anymore. As of right now, I ignore her 90% of the time, and still tell her I want her when she talks to me.
Banged 3 of her best friends for revenge.
Told her to take all of her depression medication to kill herself, that she is psycho bitch... I loved that girl so much
Bravo fucking bravo
What are you? 9?
Emotionally manipulated a girl with some minor (at the time) bi-polar issues into falling in love with me and being infatuated with me, and once I had her wrapped around my finger her bi-polar episodes made me feel shitty when she was having episodes.

So when she "dumped me" in an episode (and I knew she didn't mean it) I let her, I faked that I was really hurt and I couldn't make myself vulnerable again and all that shit, and made it look like she broke my heart and that she was a heartless cunt to me, she lost almost all our mutual friends and is known around town as crazy and a liability to date.

I feel pretty terrible about it sometimes, but I think at the time I wasn't mature enough to realize she needed help more than she needed me, and I made shit much worse.

I'd probably try and get back together with her if she contacted me at this point and use our history to hold over her head and get her to do shit or tolerate my shit more.
>be me 5-7 yrs old
>horny, always have been
>hang out with cousin, fool around, do gay sexual acts
>invite younger sister and cousin to play naked
>check out pussies, decide girls are too young
>continue gayness, no idea its gay
>no were old, never mention it ever again, both of us are straight lol
Nice dubs
>be me
>fucking gf doggy
>accidentally shove dick into pooper
>Keep in mind she had never had anything in there before
>tells me to stop
> she couldn't sit correctly for the rest of the day
Clearly made eye contact and checked her out real good, and then didn't try to talk to her. Also been very businesslike and opposite-of-flirt when forced to interact after clearly checking her out.
kek, that's a stoner for you
I've noticed some physical traits tend to go with autism as well, such as a weak chin, rosacea and bad facial hair.
Bought some gum, took one out of the wrapper carefully, put it on a plate
>came on the gum on the plate
Let it dry
>came on it again
>repeat maybe 3 times
Made sure to flip and roll it in
>nice even spread
Let it dry
Put it back in wrapper

Next day give gum out to some people
>she's there
>give her cum gum
>watch her chew cum gum and blow cum gum bubble
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>Be in freshman year algebra
>Girl asks to borrow my phone
>Tf you need my phone for?
>"My bf and I are fighting, I want to message him"
>lend phone
>doesnt log out of fb
>send breakup message to bf couple hrs later
>Most of the autistic people I know look vastly different from those without it.

Different Anon, but it's in your head, you fucking dolt.

Of course there's been discussion about physical appearance and autism, but what it really amounts to, right now, is a bunch of maybes and sort-ofs.
>be 14
>have a 15 y.o. virgin psycho girlfriend
>she only wants to suck dick- no sex
>she wants to try anal tho
>accept it and lick her ass out first
>put on condom
>stroke dick against asshole
>softly touching vagoo sometimes with dick
>she makes weird short noises
>went in pussy with trollface
>she screams and fell off the bed
>break up after a week

worth I guess
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I got my cousin to call my gf abs pretend i got shot and he was crying and she was crying and screaming hilarious
Nah, this was an internet friendship thing and I started having stupidly strong feelings for her (which she kind of reciprocates but not really because of the distance), so I had to stop em by knocking her down a peg, as shitty as that sounds. Judging from her responses, it was actually true. So after that, I had the "herp derp she's a sloot, never mind" reaction which I guess I was going for. We're still friends now and closer than ever, which is why I feel really guilty. Weird that I feel guilt over that but nothing for the first incident.
You're a big guy.
Exactly what I was referring to.
File: 1397941893733.jpg (51 KB, 500x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 500x400
So when exactly am I to expect the rest of that greentext? Next week?
File: 1723940.jpg (8 KB, 200x133) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be 15
>be 5/10
>be megahorny 25/8
>Be on a houseparty
>spotting solid 11/10
>Shes drunk
>i know how to chocke someone until he passes out
>Sudden idea
>Use the technique on her while she sits alone on a bed and talks to herself
>le rapey timey
>She becomes pregnant
>she aborts the brat and her parents move with her to another town
>lost my virginity that way
Let her suck my duck for 30 mins, then fucked her, shot my load in 30 secs, went to bed...
File: 200_s.gif (11 KB, 196x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>visited family in argentina when i was 6 with my bro
>theres this 4 year old girl on the block known as "popcorn teeth"
>hanging out daring eachother to do stupid shit like throw rocks at houses

Mind you where i visited theres a sewage system that runs on the side of the street, it works like a gutter but it picks up shit that a sewer usually would.

>dare her to drink the sewer water and does it
>my brother gets cocky and dares her to eat the built up sewage (old mossy gunky wet blobs)
>does it
>me and my brother walk home laughing our asses off

Still feel bad to this day.
You sick fucker! You should be executed!
>be Me
>be with g3 for 3 years
>cheated on her with her friend
>she found out
>a lot of crying
>"How could you keep something like this a secret, Anon?"
>i just didn't tell anyone
>mfw she asked
File: 1425365391612.jpg (132 KB, 500x749) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 500x749
>Be me
>Texting boss from work
>She is my age
>Also single
>Looking to mingle
>Our conversation takes a turn to the dirty
>She eventually suggests we secretly fuck
(she'd lose her job if work found out)
>Shes 8/10 and I take her up on the offer
>For about a week we secretly fuck

Despite being hot shes a bad lay. She really talked the talk but couldn't back it up.

>We just had no chemistry
>I find a 9/10 girl and tell 8/10 its over
>She tells me I used her for sex

I told her that's "secret fucking" and essentially what we agreed to.

No one ever found out and she has never looked at me the same way again since.

>meet with girl yesterday
>make her wear skirt with no panties
>make her find public park to go fuck in
>know she's extra wet and horny today because she is ovulating
>get to public park
>make her walk through melting snow on path
>finally stop her
>make her get on her knees in the snow and suck my cock
>she gags on it and I fuck her mouth
>make sure she really gets her face all in my balls
>rub my cock all over her face so she knows what a slut she is
>bitch is loving it
>grab her by the neck and pull her to her feet
>pull her skirt up
>feel pussy
>is soaking wet
>pull her head back to me and whisper in her ear "do you know what's about to happen, slut?"
>she says "You're going to fuck me and if I don't cum three times on your cock before you cum, you're going to cum in me."
>rub her clit a little to keep her talking
>"What happens if I cum in your cunt, slut?"
>"I'm going to get pregnant."
>I slide into her as she said that
>Because of the excellent beej she had given me, I wasn't going to last long
>She wasn't either
>bitch loves the risk and sucking cock
>she comes in less than a minute
>whisper in her ear "that's one, slut"
>she cums again almost immediately and is borderline screaming in a public park
>pussy tightens hard around my cock "that's two."
>I feel about to blow
>tell slut "I'm about to cum. You'd better hurry up and cum again."
>She looks at me in fear
>Grab her throat and hips and pull her back on my cock hard
>"I'm knocking you up right now, slut. I'm cumming in you."
>Cum with the force of a thousand suns into slut's pussy
>She has a screaming orgasm as I'm cumming in her pussy
>Keep fucking her to make sure as much of my cum as possible is deep inside her
>She starts to cry
>I make her clean my cock with her tongue
>Make her thank me outloud
>"You know what you are now? You're my little breeding slut."
>She texts me this morning that she is having panic attacks
>MFW She has a fake phone number
>MFW She doesn't know my real name
I lold.

But you are a massive faggot anon.

that was so unbelievably shit and disappointing, right from the very start, that i genuinely thought it was going to turn into some topkek 4chan troll joke.
Nice fap story but

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

> middle of the park
> snow
> skirt without panties

post pics
>In elem. school I tried to shake Becca's hand with a snowball in my hand. She kicked me in the balls.

>A few years back I told Aurora I wouldn't be in her friend zone and I cut her off. She was not pleased.

>My current girlfriend is hot as fuck and smart and funny and I love the shit out of her. Did I mention she gives great head?

>wait was was this thread about again?
Hell yeah! T.R.U.E Alphuuu
File: hehe.gif (986 KB, 300x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
986 KB, 300x196
tryna make me have feels?
well i am drunk nigga and I don't care any more
Yesterday in NY/NJ/PA, it was 55 degrees but there was still up to a foot of unmelted snow on the ground that was melting. Not an artistic work of fiction.
This did not happen stfu
I became her bestfriend, she gave me everything I ignored her. She hurt me now I realize I love her but there's still much she doesn't know about. We're married. I quit my shit long ago.
File: ralph.gif (200 KB, 159x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>On the outs with long term girlfriend
>Three year relationship, SHE broke up with ME
>Then stuck in la la land for another four or five months
>I grow a pair of balls and stop crying over her
>Start hanging out with new girl
>Extremely hot, extremely annoying (art major with daddy issues)
>Pseudo-ex gf calls me, I say we should hang out
>She gets all excited bc she only chased me after I was done with it
>Really anon?! We can get coffee?!?
>You know it, baby!
>Clean myself up, get to her house
>Big hug hello
>BIG smile on her face
>chatting, chatting, everything sweet
>Suddenly her smile fades....
>I look at her like, wat.jpeg?
>What's on your neck, anon.
>What do you mean?
>WHAT's on your NECK, ANON!!!
>mfw hickey. mfw arguing in car for the next three hours.
>mfw watch her running into her house crying.
>MFW WTF am I supposed to feeFEEEELLLLL!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?
>still have that image stuck in my mind, but...
>kinda serves the bitch right for keeping me in purgatory for so long, and withholding any kind of emotional connection or physical closeness.
>PS years later, she's dating some guy super serious.
>calls me to meet up, has to tell me something.
>I'd been single and hitting up girls left and right
>we meet at coffee place
>she tells me her bf is a total idiot, no brains
>not interesting, not smart, totally boring
>she misses me, what we had
>I tell her to sort her stuff out and let me know when he's gone
>MFW ....smh.
thank you sir, her face during the court judgement was priceless.
>She texts me this morning that she is having panic attacks
>MFW She has a fake phone number
Then how do you know that she texted you, or what the messages said, dumbass?
File: 1421120608039.jpg (43 KB, 570x587) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 570x587
"you're my little breeding slut"

I hate faggy stories like this. no one says this shit in real life. fuck off with your pregnancy fetish.

Hold up, she has a fake phone number?
She doesn't know your real name?

Nice try yah mook.
not even trips can save you from this one
kill yourself faggot
This almost ruined my relationship
Google Voice phone numbers. Not my real number.

Actually said it. Kinky bitches love to be told that they are what they're afraid of most

Google Voice and gave her a fake name. That way, no way to look up the number and no way to know who I am. Plus, I can burn the number without buying a burner phone. I consider any number that isn't my legit phone number to be a fake number.
>be me
>be 2004
>chatting on a website for awhile
>starting to getting to know most of the chatters who come there regularly, like myself
>get to know a 13 year old girl
>i was 16 myself, at the time
>after chatting for some time, 13 y.o. gets a major crush on me
>says she wants to see me
>meet up irl
>sweet girl turns out to be fat and shy
>really ugly too
>spend a few hours with her and a friend before leaving again

>when back home, girl texts me that she's madly in love with me
>ignore her texts
>ignore her attempts to talk with me on chat
>she rages
>says she hates me and never wants to have anything to do with me again

>about a year later
>bored afternoon
>didn't chat for awhile, so i logged back on
>that fat lard is there, too
>greats me with a hearthy hello
>decide to troll her some more
>apologise for everything that happened in the past
>said that i didnt mean it, and that i secretly loved her as well
>she buys it
>trick her into falling in love with me again

>meet up with this pathetic excuse for an adipose again
>take her to a nearby forest, dont want to be seen with an oversized snowball again
>decide that it's time to take her virginity
>cum all over her
>do the same trick as i did before
>totally ignoring her while she's madly in love
>she rages again
>laughing at her with some friends as she kept emberassing herself on chat

Girl ended up with a serious case of borderline and spend quite some time in a mental hospital.
File: Feelbonacci.jpg (126 KB, 841x797) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 841x797
Fuck you and your feels nigger
File: 1319880515765.png (100 KB, 358x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 358x312
damn, thats fucked up. did she cry, or at least did her eyes get watery?
i hope so.

I dated one.
literally loled
File: 123125151515.jpg (47 KB, 460x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 460x276
nah man, trips saves me and reveals the truth of the situation.
I'm not really heartbroken or anything like that.
I just think it's hysterical.
part of me is disgusted,
part of me is like, you married the guy! I own your soul, bitch! bc I've never told anyone what she said about her soon-to-be husband.
worked out perfectly almost.
told her i only asked her to marry me because i thought it would get her off my back about it.
Never touched
you're both actually gay
Basically how I fucked with a girl's emotions just because I was bored
>Meet younger girl. she has crush on me
>lead her on for about a month
>she finds out i have a gf.
>she is heart broken, tries to guilt trip me
>calls herself useless, acts suicidal
>becomes annoying af, stop talking to her
>month later, i text her like nothing ever happened
>send her dick pics for my own amusement
>be a asshole to her again
>she becomes depressed again
>she sends me a live pic of her cutting herself quite deeply
>i send her a live pic of my boner
Nice trips. You did the right move at the end. Her fault that she has to live with that shit.
>>she sends me a live pic of her cutting herself quite deeply
>>i send her a live pic of my boner
it did
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55 KB, 496x367
I told a girl that I was still thinking about my ex
We had just met but it was still a shitty thing to do.
stole some nudes of my friends wife and posted them on the internet
lol I did this same shit to an ex of mine, got away with a lot
File: 252313551.jpg (39 KB, 620x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, years ago
>dick feels weird, has weird spots on it
>don't get it checked out
>basically rape an 8/10 qt
>start semi-dating
>it's her first time
>turns out I have herpes
>turns out she got herpes from me
>still together
File: scary-face.webm (712 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]

Apparently telling her I loved her was pretty horrific.
When a hot female friend offers you their pc, use ever means possible to obtain as much data from it as possible.

I'm talking deleted file recovery.
What a faggot.
File: dis birech.gif (538 KB, 380x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dis birech.gif
538 KB, 380x254
>fat bitch with too much self confidence is going around class asking people what she is going to be for halloween
>keeps saying "ebola lol"
>every day every fucking day this bitch trys to flirt with me
>finally she comes up to me
>"hey anon, guess what i'm going to be for halloween"
>i stare at her for 5 seconds
Sent a girl a snapchat vid of me getting blown. She didn't like that one bit.
Was banging my ex in her ass and I asked her to suck my finger. She starts sucking on it and swirling her tongue around it and makes this grossed out face and pulled her mouth off my finger and says "was that the finger that was in my ass?".... It was. I came a few seconds later.
i did but only found a couple of pics and she´s not really hot
If she's a female *friend* that already implies sex is a no-go. Why would you want to taunt yourself even more?
File: 1424112328464.png (200 KB, 438x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 438x336
Worse thing ive ever done to a girl? I fucked one.
Not the best in bed. She blocked me on all of her social media accounts.
File: hihihi.gif (2 MB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x360
File: 123123123213.jpg (49 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 480x270
>she sends me a live pic of her cutting herself quite deeply
>i send her a live pic of my boner
Not if you find blackmail material.
Good point.
File: 1389650309527.jpg (23 KB, 289x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 289x292
Because I'm a realist, and a virgin.
>Horny when am junior in college, gf 1000 miles away. Find innocent, thick, virgin chick. play nice guy card and fuck her within two weeks incessantly. Anal bj, everything to the point of making her orgasm, shit on dick and orgasm from anal. Gf coming to visit, break up with chick over txt. Hear from friends she was so depressed, broken, not knowing what to do, slept with first loser that talked to her right afterwards. She gave an excuse to friend saying she thought thats what girls did....
Got my girlfriend's little sister pregnant. Then after she broke up with me, ended up getting her best friend pregnant. Girlfriend didn't know about the best friend and still doesn't, so she got back together with me. Joke's on her, she just missed her period.

>sobs under mountain of child support payments.
Do you have corrosive semen, or are you just not using condoms at all?
Rape while asleep, too terrified to stop me,
good times
Never used condoms. Never liked them. Get off on making women go without them.
You are a god
File: nig-ger.jpg (39 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 720x540

you are just as stupid as a nigger
Copy pasta shit
I'm just better looking and with a job.
File: 1424131908266.gif (779 KB, 400x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
779 KB, 400x211
hired the sexiest escourt I could to pose as my girlfriend so I would "accidently" run into my my GF from highschool who was back in town from college for a week.
>stalk her on facebook
>dumbass is the type that posts about anything she does during the day
>makes a post saying she needs to get some shopping done before heading back
>call up candy, had that bitch on hold like a book at the library
>tell her her name is heather for the afternoon and tell her what shes doing
>she stares at me, rolls her eyes and chuckles
>LIGAF, shes done worse for money
>"accidently" run into ex
>oh heeey, how are you, you look good, what have you been up to ect ect bullshit
>oh, amy, this is my girlfriend heather
>dolled her up so she looked sexy but not slutty
>"oh..I..n..nice to meet you?"
>hold hands like its not big deal, can see her face get redder with each minute
>finally say we have to get going, tell her see you around good luck in school and all that
>a little ways up the aisle I pretend to get something, peak over my shoulder and she still has the thousand yard stare on her face, I think I saw tears
>buy heather some baskin robbins on the way home
I broke up with 2 girls on Valentine's day, never stopped me from getting more poon. You're probably just ugly and used that as an excuse
And you didn't fuck the escort. What a faggot you are.
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