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Rape stories and convincing rape pics
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Rape stories and convincing rape pics
bonus for incest stories
One time, my sister was 12 and I was 14 and she was sleeping naked and I walked into her room and was playing with her pussy and she woke up and started sucking my dick so I started eating her out. Then I fucked her in the ass then took the condom off and fucked her in the pussy and came inside her. We still fuck to this day. She's 18 now
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here some more

I see.
>be OP
>create this thread
>dad comes into my room
>puts me on my knees and stuffs his fat sweaty cock down my throat
Continue pls I need to know the ending
There's an Australian film from about 1996 called Blackrock, which I recommend to anybody who likes rape in their moofies
14. has condom.

File: 1384523464538.png (114 KB, 832x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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cheers will look into
I came
>I try to resist but he holds me there
>thrusting and with every thrust he moans louder
>he is about to climax when i get a swift punch to the jaw
>he cums into the open wound in my head
>he then leaves my room and beats my mother
>i cry for 3 hours straight in the bathroom
anyone know where to find real rape vids or pics, seriously always see cp posted here and its not hard to find, but i never see rape vids
All fake rape pics. they het paid for acting grr. waaant real rape pics
then get out there and take some that you can post
Dem almost quinters
>Be 18
>Sister has friend over to spend night
Holy fuck this girl is hot
>Mom goes to work, gives me money for pizza
> I grind up 3 of Mom's sleeping pills and put in their coke
>They pass out
win on way
> I pull sisters friends pants and panties off.
> Finger her
> pull cock out and rub on her lips
> wonder if I can get it in
>work cock into her pus
> so turned on I blow load inside of her

Three months later she is three months preggo
Her step father is arrested
claims he is innocent

Ok /b/ listen up I'm going to tell you a mother fucking story.

This began when I was 18 years old, now a distant memory for me. I was on a website playing games, searching for a little girl. Who? didn't know yet.

I was clicking through random people to play with when I saw an anime girl. I said yes and we started playing. While the game lasted we would chat. How are you? my name is fuckface, nice to meet you kitten. We continued to play game after game. Eventually she game me her email. Thus began our new correspondence, games being forgotten in the background.

In our emails she revealed more of herself to me, she was in pain, she was asian, she was 11, her parents were abusive, even with perfect grades she was still not good enough for her parents. They hit her /b/, and it pained me to know this.

soon we moved onto cell phones, mind you this was some time before snapchat, so we had to make do with low res pics on phones. She got a webcam so I could see her for video chats. We would talk while she sent me pictures online.
dont even care if fake still like it.

tell us about your fucking dubs first faggot
Those pictures were of someone with the mind of an 11 year old and the body of a 16 year old. She was a singer /b/ and she would often sing for me in video, wearing this beautiful necklace, and nothing else.

She had a blog that I would follow, on it should would post all the things she wanted me to do to her, in third person so if her parents found out I wouldn't be implicated.

She fell in love with me /b/, only 11. She lived in a nearby city by great luck, toronto. So when she said she wanted to see my face I was happy to oblige. So I packed for a two hour trip and hopped in my car.

I drove until I found her house, a lovely victorian place on the corner of a block. she had often told me about it. Two stories and her room was on the top floor. She stuck her head out the door and waved her hand for me to come in.
Double Dubs
also continue...
continue pls
xD xD xD xD
fake and gay

who the fuck still uses emojis like ''xD'' what are you fucking 12?
but read that story xD wtf......xdd
File: 2ius31j.jpg (33 KB, 544x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She was so beautiful, I had never seen an asian girl with blue eyes, turns out she was mixed. She took my hand in only the way that an 11 year old could. I was entranced by her as she lead me around the house, showing me what everything was.

Finally she showed me her room and I went in, it smelled amazing, her walls were pink and had anime posters everywhere, she had a collection of sexy childish outfits on a nearby table, the only evidence that she was doing anything sexual was the camera which was pointed at the bed.

I turned and hugged her, she buried her face in my chest and inhaled, she said she loved my cologne. I slid my hands down her pants and squeezed her ass. she squeaked and clung to my shirt. "fuckface", she said, "I don't know if I can do those things…"

I smiled and put my hand on the side of her head, "yes you can" and began to pull my pants down.
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> 2011
> be me 24 years old
> I'm friendzoned by a fucking bitch since I was 15 years old
> this slut always say to everyone I'm her best friend and love me so much AS FRIEND
> never kiss/fuck/touch her
> infinite beta dude
> one day in 2011's summer we two go to a party in her house
> so much alcohol
> everyone leave
> she is so drunk and fall asleep
> thiswillbemevendetta.jpg
> start touch her pussy
> keep out her panties
> I'm so fucking horny
> fuck her
> cum in 4 fuckings seconds, WTF
> wait 5min and fuck her again
> cum
> good night, sweet princess
Where did you cum?
Did you wear protection?
Did she ever find out?
File: 1424800247556.png (12 KB, 560x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: DSC_0405.jpg (458 KB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
458 KB, 2592x1944

First I fuck her without protection but I take condom after 2 seconds, lol.

Same for second round.

She never know find it out. Knows nothing.

This happens twince, and after that I start with my actual girlfriend and our relastionship (as best friends, lol) ends.

The second one I remember /b/ and take another pic, this time I put all her clothes out and make the last pic for eternity
She looked up at me and I put my hand on top of her head, slowing increasing the pressure, making her kneel. She's eye level with the tent in my boxers at this point, and I say softly to her, "you remember what to do right?"

she nods and touches it, I can see a tear forming in her eye. She sticks her tiny hand inside the opening of the boxers and pulls out my member, she opens her mouth but hesitates, my hand pulls her face down onto my dick and she jumps, but starts sucking.

"That's right kitten, just like that." I start pumping inside her mouth, hard.

She's making noises, half like moans, half like whimpers. Her hands raise up to my hips and hold on for dear life.

I stop, and pull it out slowly, telling her to suck it dry as it comes out.

she looks up at me, tears in her eyes.

"Thank you kitten, that felt great." I said petting her.
Was on date with woman. She drank way too much. she was passing out in yard when we got back to her place. Got her inside, she says come to bed. She tells me she wants me. I fuck her, although she is pretty much passed out right after we start. I fuck her how ever I want, and finish inside her. I spend the night, and when she wakes up in the morning, she asks if we fuck. I say yeah, you said you wanted it and initiated it. She says she doesn't remember it. Tell her that we should do it again so she can, so we do.

She knew how to fuck.
fucks sake, don't stop now
File: 1376683196250.jpg (9 KB, 222x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me, playing gig at Norman Music Fest.
>GF is there
>We do heroin
>Play gig, walk around watching other bands and drinking
>GF is annoying as fucking shit. Drunk white girl alert
>Spend evening trying to get her to not be a spectacle.
>Get back to her apartment, smoke weed.
>She passes out.
>Decide I'm entitled to some pussy after all that shit.
>Slide her panties down and stroke my hard dick, we're in spoon position.
>Spit on cock - it's that viscous, sabacious-gland spit - ohyeah.jpg

>moment of truth.
>Guide head of dick to area. Working in the dark area.
>Push. Feel a little resistance, but it goes in.
>Move a little.
>Something's different.
>I'm in her fucking ass. First time for her.

>Make another amoral decision. Dark side points gained.
>Spend five heavenly minutes in that tight shitter. I can feel every part of that tube.
>Cum fucking buckets.
>Fumble around for cleanup.
>Bask in glory for 15 minutes.


>Do it again. Last longer. Savor it more.
>Bitch is still out cold.
>Sleep like a rock.
>Wake up and she goes to the bathroom. I listen closely for cumfarts.

>Don't hear anything. She comes out. I fuck her pussy twice that morning with my dick still glazed with her ass juice.

>mfw everything went great.
I pull her over to the bed, she's wiping her mouth and crying, "I don't want to do this."

I say "shhhhh" and get behind her, I pull her shirt up over hear head, and undo her skirt. She puts up little reistance to this, being so young she's only got tiny budding tits, small enough to cup and rub. I pull her panties off and lift her up onto the bed, doggy style, she's now facing the door.

I bend down and start eating her out, her tiny pussy tastes great, she's shaking the whole time, knowing this isn't going to stop. Finally I finish and stand up behind her, my dick pointing straight up.

"This may hurt a bit." I say, and push my dick against her pussy.

She squeaks again and falls down on her elbows, my dick is way too big for her, and I push it in as far as it will go, about five inches in, a good two inches still out, and start fucking her.

Due to her size I'm basically holding her by her waist and pushing her back onto my dick, like a giant fleshlight. She's past the point of quiet tears and is outright sobbing and begging me to stop, it hurts she says, she wants her daddy.

I don't

We go like this for a while. I turn her over and fuck her missonary. Then I pull her on top of me, and do it cowgirl, she cant get away and I start moving her hips, my dick is going all the way in at this point.

I start to cum inside her, her tiny arms flailing against my chest, and just as I finish, the door opens.
> have party
> close circle bro who has been getting weird lately is over
> everyone gets super smashed, I pass out in roomies bedroom
> he does the same like 20 mins later followed by roomie and his gf
>I leave and go back to my room
This part is all what my roomie told me
> 8 hours later they're all still in bed
> weird bro takes his pants off
> tries to insert himself into girl
> she just straight up leaves the room, roomie now in bed with weird bro who has pants off
> starts screaming and kicks the shit out of him, kicks him out
> weird bro never apologizes to him except half assed by text
> used to be close friends with weird bro for 6 years but now I haven't talked to him in 2

Rape makes funny jokes and stories and everything but it's a life boner killer man. Just seems pathetic
3 sleeping pills alone won't render even a slight of frame person unconscious / oblivious. You, sir, are a liar and a faggit
A group of armed police officers rush in, "GET ON THE GROUND FUCKO"

I throw the girl at them and try to run but I'm closlined by shrek and pinned down.

I manage to look up with someone's knee in my neck as I see kitten walk out, hunched over and walking funny, like a dinosaur.

I scream out to her "NO I'M NEVER GOING TO GIVE YOU UP!"

Suddenly I hear in the corner of the room, "let him up, put him on the bed"

I turn and it's chris hanson, who says "have a seat buddy"

Shrek pulls out his swamp cock and walks closer to me, "Lemmie show you my layers!"
File: t60h2Rg.jpg (123 KB, 1365x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I dont have any stories, so I post some pics.
File: DSC_0028.jpg (761 KB, 2100x1575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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same with my room mate
File: FQgcAiI.jpg (180 KB, 807x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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good god unshaved pussy is disgusting
rate hate subscribe comment like
File: 37.jpg (247 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I guess I got here just before the thread died.
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it's ok.
oh shit please post more
how come they are all unconscious or are they just drunk
File: 39a.jpg (143 KB, 1296x972) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 1296x972

I thought I had a lot more, but only a few, will post what I got.
File: 39b.jpg (185 KB, 1296x972) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 39c.jpg (149 KB, 1296x972) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is the only other pic I got.
Shave that cunt it's raping my eyes
yeah if i were those guys i'd literally sue her
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>be me
>be ~8
>neighbor kid(~15) lures me inna woods with candy
>inna woods he tells me to take my pants off
>say no
>he says he'll tell my parents that I went inna woods with him(i'm not allowed to be around this kid)
>take pants out
>he diddles my junk a little
>he takes his pants off
>tells me to give him a hand job
>do it
>have to go inna woods with him 3-4 times a week
>week or so later he tells me to suck him off
>suck him off
>after a few sessions, he tells me to swallow his cum
>couple weeks later, he brings lube
>starts finger fucking my ass
>couple weeks later he fucks my ass
>goes on for a couple months til he an heroed a couple weeks after his father
did or do you suffer any psychological damage? are you gay?
> that CD
yeah what a shitty medium. should've used an usb stick
Not really
At the time I didn't really see all that shit as wrong. I was young, didn't really know about the concept of sex and all that.
I thought the most intimate people got was kissing with their mouths open like on tv. Internet wasn't really a thing at the time.

If I was a couple years older I think I would have gotten more mentally fucked up if I really knew what I was doing

I'm bi with a heavy preference for girls
I don't want/won't have relationships with dudes.
I also don't hook up with masculine dudes.
I would like to hook up with a shemale, maybe even see what dating one is like.
>be me, 20
>going out with cousin, 21, for about a year (it's normal in my fucked up culture but whatevs)
>making out at back of cinema
>start moving hands down her body, squeezing her tits
>think to myself "okay anon, she wants it"
>move hand down to pussy, start rubbing outside her jeans slowly
>feel she freezes up a bit but continue anyway
>about to go in jeans she sort of grabs my hand to stop me
>say "no one will see it's fine"
>"anon, no don't"
>go in - wet from making out n squeezing her tits
>instant boner
>grab her other hand, put on my crotch
>she doesn't do anything
>ffs, do i have to be this obvious
>take my cock out, put it in her hand
>she slowly rubs.. wouldn't say rub, more just holds it and squeezes a bit
>tell her i want bj
>goes down
>gives 6/10 bj, not bad.. could be better
>comes back up.. after a minute or so realises she's been crying since i started fingering her

>turns out one of her ex's had done the exact same thing, so when she first said no it brought back the memory.
thats not rape thats just women being emotional wrecks
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>Be me a few years ago
>High school prom afterparty
>lots of girls absolutely smashed off their heads
>I'm kinda drunk, had about 5 beers chilling with bros
>This skinny ginger bitch who I spoke to like 5 times throughout all of High school comes up to me
>Really fucking drunk, barley on her feet
>She gives me a really long limp hug and starts muttering about how it's a shame we didn't speak much and I seem nice and so and so
>After a while of hanging out she has to go home, says something about not making it there on her own and if I can walk her
>We walk away from the party, it's around 1-2am.
>I ask her if she wants to fuck
>She just starts giggling, she's really fucked up
>Kiss her and put her down on the ground behind a bush at this park
>She's barley conscious at this point, giggling and shit
>Pull her skirt up and put the dick in
>Thrust for around 10 minutes, around halfway through she passes out
>I come on her ass after flipping her over
>Pull her skirt and panties back on
>Make my way back to the party and don't tell anyone anything
>MFW I see her around shops sometimes and she always avoids my eyes
fucking kek

gtfo pedo fag
i'm not even pedo bro. hairy pussy is disgusting
i agree
File: 200%shrekt.jpg (786 KB, 1199x2121) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
786 KB, 1199x2121
I started a thread about rapes that I may or may not have committed and I ended up banned.

Anyone remember? The most popular one was about the girl who hit her head on the sidewalk...
I forced my dick in my girlfriends ass when we were both 13. I've never been harder. Everything since has been a letdown.
my girl is into re enactment of rape, where can i find some good videos
did you leak her personal info or a photo that can be reverse searched? people usually dont get banned for posting fake rapestories here and I would know
are you kidding they ban people for literally anything on here now
File: image.jpg (542 KB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
542 KB, 1520x2688
Always wanted to watch someone fuck my gf after she's passed out.

She's a heavy drinker and wouldn't remember shit.
U could take one ambian and not feel anything for 8 hours, especially if you are a young female. Dumb fag
no info no pics. I was surprised too.

stories were true and brutal though.
>Giving out personal identifiable info of someone who was raped
>are you kidding they ban people for literally anything on here now
File: Awww!!!.jpg (4 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Top Kek Nigga!
you bag that shit or what bro?
File: image.jpg (536 KB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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are we telling rape stories or sex with drunk girl stories? because there is a difference... big difference
*we* know that
File: image.jpg (516 KB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
516 KB, 1520x2688
Would you at least fap on her if given the chance?
at least? the fuck you mean? she wouldnt be able to shit pointed turds for a month when i'd be done with her

post more faggot checkem
not just fap on her, full on penitration to completion
File: image.jpg (536 KB, 2688x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536 KB, 2688x1520
Her butthole is pretty small, that might take some work.
Also I'm worried she might wake up no matter how drunk she was.

That's the idea anon. Shoot a big one inside pls.
File: GRILL.jpg (5 KB, 284x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 284x177
Okay /b/ give me some advice to find girls at internet. Tried kik and everyone is telling me handsome/cute i wanna some serious
HELP me out Bros!
so tell us what you did anon, thats the question
i dont think anyone has EVER been banned off 4chan for posting a greentext story. artistic work of fiction and falsehood is valued pretty high in here and the mods know
Any good site for real vids other than heavy-r?
File: image.jpg (502 KB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
502 KB, 1520x2688
Whatever I want dammit.
File: 1423319375488.jpg (181 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Close friend in high school is pretty troubled
>her relationships are always horror stories
>I move away and go to college, start living with gf, who I met through Friend
>Friend starts living with some Juggalo asshole
>Get a text from Friend one night, months later
>She's saying her bf beat her up, pointed a gun at somebody, and anally raped her with his fucking fist
>Tell her we'll be there ASAP
>immediately drive 90 minutes down the highway at 2:00 a.m. to go pick her up
>call 911 on the way there
>cops get there before we do
>We arrive as the cops are leaving and she calls us from inside the house
>Changed her mind; she wants to stay now
>Later on she starts getting pissy with me for shittalking her boyfriend to her
>Days later says she's mad at us for calling the cops on him the night he raped her
>Gf and I literally begging her to not stay with this fucker
>She marries him
>She breaks off contact so she doesn't have to hear my "negativity"
>Good fucking riddance
>Hits me up on Facebook a year later
>She's experimenting outside her relationship
>Gf and I trade nudes with her, because tits are tits
>Consider meeting up for a threesome, but never ask about it because she's got too much baggage, and possibly STDs
>No intent on rekindling friendship because she's just a subhuman fuckdoll to me now
>When she tries to get friendly with me I delete her
>Drop by her Facebook to check on her two years later
>The juggalo is now in prison and is up for parole soon
>She's posting sappy, Jr. High level "I miss my best friend" and "only 98 days left!" bullshit about him every day
>Literally laughing out loud at her stupidity
>Wondering if I can get some more nudes out of her before he gets out
Will not share nudes, by the way. That shit's bad for business.
raped her with his fist? she must be loose as shit
File: image.jpg (101 KB, 713x711) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 713x711
>tell us
you missed the point there, also timestamp or you're out of this
>Mfw no age restriction on condoms. Faggot.
>Boot from CD
>be 10
>16 year old sister comes into my room
>slaps me across the face with a 12 inch black dildo
>grabs my balls
>tells me that if I scream she'll rip my balls off
>bends me over
>shoves the dildo up my ass dry
>fucks me with it for the next 2 hours
>she eventually gets bored and leaves
>acts like it never happened to this day

Don't know if she was on drugs or what
When I was a 17 I ditched school with my 15 yr old virgin Filipina girlfriend at the time to fool around at my house. She was kinda hesitant but I got her to blow me and let me finger her pussy with the classic "if you loved me you'd let me do it line". After some convincing she let me stick my cock in her ass to try out anal to see if she liked it. I didn't use as much lube as I should've but eventually I got it in there and started to go slow, going a bit faster and faster as I felt more comfortable. I was fucking her from behind on the bed so I didn't notice that she had tensed up and had a pained look on her face until she said "It hurts...stop Anon". I pretended I didn't hear her and she asked me to stop again. It felt really good and I was almost there so I said fuck it and just pounded that ass as hard as I could for another 30 seconds until I came...I'll never forget her face. When I busted she looked like she just got shot lol. When I pulled out her ass made a slurping noise and she just fell over. She didn't make any noise, but her cheeks were covered in tears.

And thats how I lost my virginity!
Everyone saw the thread. It was shit, he never even shaved her asshole. You can stop pretending it's OC now.

That shit was posted like 3 days ago. It's just some faggot reposting it.
good troll. i like it
It's a good thing that women can't rape men, otherwise that could've been traumatizing for you.
guys why won't my computer boot up
Let's keep this going.
>inserts fist into her anus
>pulls out part of her stomach
>bleeding from her chest

either wtf is going on or horrible article / journalist
File: triginten.gif (133 KB, 311x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 311x366
nice pasta
too busy masturbating to >>603784307
File: 1355738200522.webm (3 MB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
> be 2010
> be 25, sis S be 23
> party at trashy house, but good music, weed and molly
> bump, grind, sweat, touch, kiss, it's basically a dance orgy
> notice buddy leading S to room, good for them
> 10 mins later he comes back out, motions me over
> "S is inside, go in there and don't say a fucking word, i'll make sure you won't get disturbed"
> get shoved inside, door slams shut
> S is naked and blindfolded, kneeling on a dirty matress, wrists tied to ankles with duct tape
> "i want to get fucked, now"
> instantboner.jpg, pull out, place on waiting lips
> want proof of that, grab shitty cell phone, take quick photo
> she rolls pretty hard, begs me to stop teasing and fuck her already
> push her over, keep fucking her eager mouth for a bit
> grab cell, this is it
> move between her legs, slip right in, im going to hell
> slowly pump in and out, tight, wet, warm, feelsogood, wont last long like this
> flip her over, dat ass, need another photo
> get rough, pull hair, smack ass, she gets off on it
> my hand is around her throat as i finish inside her, grunting like an animal
> it's slowly sinking in now, i just fucked my sister, holy shit, im so fucked, we are fucked, fuck
> quickly grab my shit, get dressed, pound against the locked door
> buddy opens, grins, enters room and closes the door
> party still going, nobody seems to have missed me, can i get away with this?
> turn around, sock on the door knob, im getting away with this
> years later sis still doesnt know
File: image.jpg (222 KB, 1586x733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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posting in rape threads is no different than actually committing rape
... which means Im not a virgin anymore?
File: 1426042665478.jpg (54 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 640x480
do you assholes know how offensive threads like this are to the women of /b/?
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
Woman here. Rape threads get me moist as balls.
Hahaha retarded..
wait, slow down, still laughing
cant breathe
Nigga what ISN'T offensive to women these days
File: 1420432140521.jpg (189 KB, 912x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 912x1024
>do you assholes know how offensive threads like this are to the women of /b/?
they all want it, otherwise they wouldnt be here
do you know how many women lurk /b/ exactly for these threads? why would anyone who gets offended even be here? this is 4chan
Top kek
File: s62.jpg (93 KB, 585x803) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 585x803
i was raped hundreds of times by every male i've ever tested no woman wants to go through that.
File: s63.jpg (156 KB, 764x1218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 764x1218
File: SJW argument.png (63 KB, 720x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
SJW argument.png
63 KB, 720x534
hah "tested" means passed out by after flirting
you sir have some mighty sick fantasies
File: 1426041791415.jpg (165 KB, 915x952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 915x952
Not exactly rape but

> be me
> be 22
> go on date with 40 year old latin MILF I met at work
> having drinks getting flirty she moves in for kiss
> i start rubbing my hand on her thigh
> she's all "no, Anon, what are you doing"
> everytime she tries to move my hand away I grab her and put her on me and keep doing it
> can tell she likes it, bitches love being dominated
> she says im not being discreet
> get up to leave
> push her up against wall of reasonably busy path we're on (but it's like 1am and very dark and the area is so big people can walk past without being particularly near)
> start making out
> i push myself up against her and put one hand in her hair and pull it back hard
> she winces and makes a moan between pain and pleasure
> i reach my other hand down her jeans and start rubbing her clit
> she gets worried people will see and tries to wriggle away
> I push myself right up against her, as far as people can tell we're just making out
> twist my fist with all her hair in it and shove her face into my shoulder
> keep rubbing her clit
> she starts moaning in pain and pleasure and trying to desperately get out some words in Portuegese which i dont fucking understand
> tighten my grip further and keep rubbing clit
> her moans get higher and her legs start wobbling a bit and she "falls" slightly into me
> she's cumming right there in public up against the wall
> as she gets more limp I let her go and just hold her
> she makes panting sounds like she's just run a 4 minute mile
> hold her tight for a minute
> we walk to the subway station hand in hand
> she says, "wow, and I thought I was going to be the one teaching you"

> tfw I was nerdy skinny acne-ridden loser bullied in school for years
> tfw I am now Anon, King of MILF Rape
> tfw I now live the fantasies of my NEET classmates
File: 0501606018.jpg (677 KB, 2176x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
677 KB, 2176x3264
>i was raped hundreds of times, every woman wants to go through that.
I've been here for eight fucking years. Nothing offends me anymore. Also if a woman does gets offended then she needs to get off of 4chan for being such a bitch about it and go back to tumblr.
pics of milf?
this one speaks the truth
>"Latin MILF"
>speaks in Portuguese
I suspect she was a hue
It's all Mexican to me, bro
Anon rubs her clit and she lets out a soft "br? br? HUEHEUHEUEHUE"
> what is Brazil

not much more to say. I will have a look online for pics of her but I cant find any as i think she uses her long crazy 5-part brazilian-portuguese name rather than her normal western one
>be 25

>guy fancies me, but he offers up $1500 for a week with me

>Im game

>we get tested twice about 2 months apart


>we start a long drive to his summer place and I get him to stop along the way cause Ive been rubbing his dick while he drives
A simple Google search would've yielded you this:
"Below are the key differences between Brazil and Latin America: Language: While the rest of Latin America speaks Spanish, Brazil is the lone country on the continent whose primary language is Portuguese."

Brazil =/= Latin country, dipshit
>give him a blowjob but not to completion
i really don't care what the correct term is when im groping my MILF fuckbuddy

stay mad
>King of MILF Rape
Brazil is part of latin america and portuguese is a latin language you fucking moron.
time to remake that thread
dubs confirm
as a young male browser of /b/ i find that women finding that offensive is offensive. please be considerate.
>While the rest of Latin America speaks Spanish
Not true, Guyana speaks English, French Guyana speaks French.
and so it shall be

the term latin america describes the regions in south, central and north america in which the latin languages are spoken. so french guyana is not part of latin america.
well this pics got posted this week before with the exact same filename hmmm...
image is such an unusual name for an image. something is fishy here.
i need to knwo her name.

this girl might be me .

unelss this sotory is fake as fuck then wtf man
File: image.jpg (149 KB, 665x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 665x1000
Kek, lost my virginity a pretty similar way a few days ago

>be me
>16 in highschool
>parents are gone for the weekend
>get crossfaded with my 8/10 qt3.14 philipino gf
>stick it in
>holy fuck its tight
>doggy style, she is bassably ripping my bed sheets with her nails
>her back is arched
>she is resiting my force
>start going faster and faster
>release my load in her as she screams in pain\pleasure
>is all cuddly afterwards even though i basiclaly cut her in half with my cock
oh fuck nvm this shit aint me
I feel yea bruh
why can't people like that just get out of your life and die, seriously
>be me
>sophomore in HS
>go to house party with BFF
>BFF being prude bitch all year
>BFF has super crush on alphajock
>feed BFF drinks
>come lie down in room BFF
>tell alphajock BFF has rape fantasy an supercrush
>tell alphajock BFF is in room
>alphajock goes to BFF
>alphajock is rough doesn't take no for answer
>hide around corner
>alphajock leaves room
>go to BFF
>blood on sheets lulz virginfag
>hold BFF
>tells her feels
>be me
>you were flirtin with him all night and practically drug him in here begging for it you can't say you didn't want it everyone saw you beg for it
>BFF never told
pasta israel
>yfw you just posted that in a rape thread
>CD in asscrack
>wonder why whore.exe stopped working.
Seems like it's working just fine to me, m8
rape is only ok if we aren't killed or physically permanently damaged in the process. And if the guy is atleast somewhat attractive.
sry niggers only

and your uterus is ripped out in the process

also they cut your face a little

but where's the rape?

I feel so guilty about my rape fantasies/fetish/attraction-thing :(
I've been raped a few times, have rape fetishes not sure if because of it but I love being tied up and held down and abused. First rape was by asshole ex and was kind of the catalyst for the rest.
>16, virgin
>dating this guy for about 4 months now, he constantly asks for sex
>blow him, he says I give 10/10 hand jobs/bjs and always tried to get me to do more by saying I'd be great at sex, tries to take off my shirt/underwear etc.
>wasn't necessarily saving myself for anything but I didn't want to sex yet
>there was this place, we just called it 'The Spot' at my school
>go down there almost every day to ditch classes because I was an edgy faggot
>smoke weed/drink down there because NO ONE knew where it was except my friends
>one day got really high, kinda pass out on this couch bed we had down there
>spooning and he puts hard dick between my ass cheeks
>try to maneuver it out, not in the mood, trying to sleep
>He wraps his arms around my chest, kind of in a head lock and starts to dry hump me, not letting me move away
>wake up a bit more, struggle a bit telling him to stop
>puts his hand over my mouth and uses his legs and free arm to put me in a doggy style position on the couch bed
>during this, I try and buck my head backwards to hit him, succeed but just pisses him off
>pulls out his knife he always carries and holds it to my throat, telling me "I've waited too fucking long for this, you bitch. Teasing me... I'm done." (kinda had ptsd after this whole experience, was my first relationship so I remember most of what he said and still hear his voice as he says it.)

That depends on what type of pills they are. There are some pretty hefty barbs out there although they're getting somewhat rare these days. Regardless, I can think of at least a handful of hypnotics & benzos, all relatively easily accessible, that would knock out the average person, so yes, teenagers, female teenagers at that, should be rather deeply unconscious.
>been raped a few times

every one of those was consensual
What kind of retard are you that you "let" people rape you? Never thought to call police after? I'm calling BS on your story.
you guys are literally retards
Not her, but I've teased guys to the point they didn't listen to "no".
In a way, I think you're right. I didn't fight as much as I should have to protect myself because I've just kind of had a fucked up life and was high/drunk etc. I didn't enjoy them though. They've caused a lot of problems for me in my current relationship because of ptsd/anxiety and flashbacks.
I have reported them. The only thing the school did was to take off my record being suspended for having sex on campus because one of my asshole friends reported us all to save his ass. I've been to numerous therapists who have all reported it and I've never gotten any word about anything being done about it. I've had the police contact me ONE time because I had consensual sex with someone over 18 in a support group afterwards and the therapist there reported it. It fucking sucked because they listen to someone about CONSENSUAL and not rape... so I just kinda gave up on pursuing any sort of criminal charges for them. There isn't really any evidence anymore anyways.

boy scouts bathroom?
Look at her, she has clearly stopped working and is looking for a solution
I've got a story for you faggots
>be 18
>have 20 year old sister
>be raised mormon but dont give shit
>come back home after first semester for the summer
>sister goes to party school
>i know she get drunk and stuff which is big no no
>one day parents out for hospital party cause dad is a endocrinologist
>sister goes out
>i stay home and play rogue squadron 3
>parents call and say their staying at a hotel for the night
>rogue squadron all night bitches
>after 8 hours of playing here crash downstairs
>grab little league bat
>go downstairs and see drunk as fuck sister trying to break in back door
>hand was all bloody cause she punched the window
>bring her inside and bandage her up cause it wasnt too bad
>walk her to bathroom
>starts puking in toilet and hold her hair
>shes bent over and can see her pussy cause no underwear

haven't you read all the feminist literature that says that 90% of rapes go unreported? gosh anon
Sure. Go on.
go ahead

errrr .... you cannot expect other people to do that shit for you. YOU need to be the one to pursue charges. Therapists, teachers and whatnot have a confidentiality clause with their students/patients/etc.

I cannot believe you actually posted what you posted... YOU and others like you make me feel ashamed of my gender, like holy fucking useless victim mentality.
I did try. They said they would call me and never did. I tried to get therapists to report it because of the fact that I thought someone would actually listen to them because no one was listening to me. So I just said fuck it because nothing was happening. I don't think I have a useless victim mentality. I know I could of done more to protect myself, probably done more to try and get them prosecuted but I was drugged the fuck up back then and I was an idiot and I was embarrassed to tell ANYTHING because no one ever believed me, at home or even in the fucking police station. I even had a cut from the knife and they didn't believe it was from him because I had self harm scars.
It's much easier to let someone else do it and then blame society when you can't be bothered to follow up.
>never seen pussy in real life
>immediately hard
>lots of bad thought floating around my head
>decide to go back into room
>sister is singing loud and come up with idea
>grab camera
>record sister in her drunkeness
>wait for the morning
>wake sister up early
>tell her i have video of her and im going to show parents
>parents will cut her off completely
>begs to not show them cause she cant afford college cause no job lol
>tell her to show me boobs and pussy
>had never seen my sisters boobs and they were perfect
>get primal and start sucking her nipples
>tells me to stop and tries to push me away
>start fingering her and now she trying hard to push me away
>shes so insanely wet
>bites my hand and hurts liek a bitch
insert disc 2
File: dudududuud.jpg (12 KB, 252x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone have the story posted by a British femanon about when she was raped by her brothers friend as they were helping her move out? This was a big thread in about last June or July maybe. Her brother left and his friend brutally fucked her and did some degrading stuff. But she never told anyone because she enjoyed it somewhat and felt guilty about it.
Appreciate it, but I don't really even feel like the same person anymore. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like it happened to me. Creeps back sometimes, but now I just get to enjoy my fiancee consensually beating me and tying me up. I've never had a flash back during sex which surprises me.
>grab her by her neck and tell her ill show the video
>starts crying
>push her on her bed and put my hands on her nape and finger her more
>harder than i have ever been in my life
>put it in
>feels so amazingly warm and wet
>make like 4 thrusts and come in her pussy
>tell her i have copies of the video
>actually never hit record
>never had the video
>never had evidence
>parents already knew she was a party whore
>second time i did it she had a pregnancy scare so we went to colorodo for an abortion
>made her give me tons of road head after that for about 2 years
fucking moar!!!
dude... that's your sister... gross man
that's good, i hope you and your fiance live a happy life. and know that it's not your fault but his. even if he doesn't pay for what he did i hope you can still find closure if you haven't already and if you ever get anxiety or something you should talk to a therapist right away. god speed~
hahaha owned
>be me in ninth grade
>have done nofap for 13 years
>come home from school
>mom asks me to change new born sister
>im hard
>my small dick fits her vag perfectly
>i pump my incestous seed up in her womb
>my prick shrivels when i see that it was my dad in a baby disguise
>you are now a buffalo solider
>he highfives mom, who was the baby in a grown up disguise
>i realize i am mom
File: LEE.jpg (19 KB, 175x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 175x187
>be me a month ago
>go to party
>have fun and all, get really fuck'd up
>notice bitch, really good looking
>tell her she looks good and all that bullshit
>she notices I'm a heterosexual white male
>she shouts "HELP ME, RAPE!"
>gets plummed by niggers and kebabs
>go to jail
>mfw released in 15 years
File: 1425246539809.jpg (64 KB, 512x401) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 512x401
still more realistic than most the shit posted here
>not rape
>total bullshit story
File: 1423125035825.jpg (56 KB, 576x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 576x418
Came buckets.
rape ain't funny man
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 657x629) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 657x629
File: 0EYGFbo.png (319 KB, 767x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319 KB, 767x346

Is kinda funny.
File: 1414063789531.png (494 KB, 600x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
494 KB, 600x597
no male on male rape?

this is what happens when sex education isn't allowed in schools.

you should have known to use the condom in her pussy, then take it off and cum in her ass or mouth.

File: image.jpg (149 KB, 434x1015) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 434x1015
Wrote this in another thread, kinda rape, more of a losing my v story, i am OP
Anyhoo, cont. since this is a rape story thread
>wearing a pair of volleyball shorts, he pulls them to the side and spits on my pussy and rubs it in
>tries to put two fingers in at first, hurts like a bitch so I squirm away but he's still holding the knife and slides it down my throat a bit
>I feel it cut me a little and stop moving
>starts with one finger this time, moving his spit around inside me
>spits again but this time on his hand and rubs it on me
>pulls his dick out and pulls me up by my hair and squeezes the sides of my cheeks to open my mouth
>thrusts it inside my mouth and I suck, hoping he'll finish fast like normal
>grabbed my head and started to throat fuck me as hard as he could
>I'm trying really hard not to bite down when I gag
>holds my head down and I almost pass out being smothered in his cock
>pushes me back onto the couch/bed and pulls my legs out from under me, scooting me to the edge
>picks up my legs and holds them in the air and starts to rub his tip up and down my pussy through the shorts
>pulls my shorts off and holds my legs up in the air again
>I just lay there with my arm over my face just waiting
>sliding his tip up and down again, and suddenly thrusts inside
>fucking. ouch.
>pulls out and spits on me again, obviously I wasn't turned on and that made him mad.
>spits on my face this time and says "You know you want this, you're always horny. You're mine anyways."
>start to cry a little and he smacks me
>goes back to rubbing my pussy, trying to get it wet enough
>thrusts back in again, apparently was enough
>still hurt like a bitch for me
>starts jack hammering into me, slamming his hips against me
>bent over me, folding me in half with my legs over his shoulders
>sliding his hands under my shoulders, he uses them to push into me harder
>crying heavily now, seems like it got wetter, found out that it was blood afterwards
>pulls out out of nowhere and tells me to get on my knees
Go on
lost to reaction
>I didn't move and he grabbed me by the hair, pulled me to him and started to kiss me
(if you can call rubbing his lips and tounge all over my mouth/chin kissing)
>can't breathe too well, try to push him away
>pulls my lip into his mouth and bites down on it really hard, pulling his head back as he bit
>throws me back onto the bed and tells me to get on my knees again, ass facing him
>I get on my hands and knees and wait
>he grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them apart, laughing as I feel something drip out of me
>still laughing he says," Guess you aren't a virgin anymore."
>stands up again and puts his cock at my slit once more
>I'm numb now, can't feel much as he slides it in
>he uses his hands and my hips to pull me close to him with every thrust, slamming my head into the back of the couch/bed
>all I hear is slapping sounds and his quiet grunts/moans

so it was a happy ending after all.
File: shekill.jpg (32 KB, 450x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 450x600
Met her in the park. One thing led to another.
Damn it Horatio
Too soon..
Yo bitch check my mixtape.
too late man...
Underage b&
>She stuck her head out the door and waved her hand for me to come in.

I went in. I heard her say "I'm changing. Just have a seat. I made cookies for you".

Then Chris Hansen came in instead of her.

>be slut by giving free handjobs
>lead cock boy on for awhile as a tease
>get high
>get raped
>16 a few days ago
underage b& detected
>suddenly he grabs me by my hair and pulls my head back, pulling me up closer to him and moans into my ear how tight I am
>starts thrusting harder and harder
>can feel him tensing up
>realize there is no protection and start to frantically tell him to pull out
>puts his hand over my mouth and one arm around my waist/stomach and continues to pound into me
>he groans into my ear as he cums, shuddering and finally slowing down
>panting, he lets go of my mouth and waist
>I fall onto the bed, his dick slipping out of me, crying
>after wiping his face then red tinged cock with his shirt, he realizes what I was trying to tell him before when I asked him to pull out
>he grabs me by the throat and pulls me up into a sitting position, and then punches me hard in the stomach
>I yelp and end up blacking out
>When I woke up, there was a water next to me, paper towels and my shorts and a trillion text messages on my phone
If you don't like my story, don't read. I'm sharing for your /b/astardly pleasure.
This tread.... LOL
What did the text messages say?
Did I leave my socks at yours
liek the same text a trillion times?
Was my mother wondering where the fuck I was because it was like 5pm and I was still at school, a few from him saying he had fun and that he loved me, and my friends who my mother had called in a panic. Told her I was at beach volleyball and I'd be home soon, used beach volleyball as an excuse to why I was so sore and my mouth/face was puffy.
did yo uever fuck him again after that?

did he take your anal virginity?
No, after this I ended up in the hospital needing surgery. Had to have my gallbladder removed. I never saw him again as I was put into homeschool for a while after. My fiancee took my anal virginity while I was tied in a stairwell though.
Story time again................
I second this motion
I ain't buying any of these bullshit stories. OP is a dude. A woman or girl scream rape at the drop of a hat.
not necessarily....
you are evil
i like you
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
any more of S??
>second and last year at local Learning Center
>got drunk on Sunday
>been drinking since 13
>friend I knew who I met first year at L.C called me
>didn't give her my number
>drunk as fuck remember this
>answers trying to sound sober
>talks with friend on the phone for a while
>friend starts getting weird
>trying to seduce me on the phone
>forgot to mention that friend wanked a dude off in class after the first three days of knowing him and told all the girls in the school
>tries to ignore it
>she's masturbating on the phone what the fuck
>tells me she'd love for me to fuck her ass over the counter
>tells her I'd love to go back to sleep
>she hangs up and texts me asking if we're fuck buds
>getting fed up and seriously wanting to go to sleep
>"says sure why not :("
>come to L.C the next day
>shes in my classes
>she pulls my chair over to her
>been hungover since I woke up
>she starts rubbing all up on my thigh
>makes an audible comment
>That's my leg dude...
>tells me to shut up and sit back
>too hungover to put up with this shit
>scoots chair the fuck away
>she scoots over and tries again
>tells her that I'm hungover and I didn't mean what I said last night
>she tells me its ok and I didn't have to play dumb
>good thing I wore baggy jeans and had huge thighs at the time
>she gets fed up and stops
>readjusts in chair
>cock switches over to other leg;closest to her
>she notices and tries again and feels my cock
>"Told you you didn't have to play dumb"
>Flaccid. She's not even win 3/10 at most. White trash crooked teeth country accent ugh...
>getting seriously freaked out
>"You need to get the fuck away from me. I'm not Chase, you're not gonna fucking wank me off"
>gets up and goes to other side of class room
>next block she sits next to me
>why the fuck did I have to sit in the back of the class of all days...
>she digs her hands in my pocket
>grabs my cock and furiously strokes
How drunk does a girl need to be to not remember crap? my friends wife (8/10) was being a little friendly with her hands the other night but I didn't act on it. Should I get her drunk again and try some stuff?
No, its your FRIENDS WIFE.
be happy you have friends, egoisic fucktard
This thread is kill
I'm a feminist from Tumblr and I'm monitoring this thread and taking screen caps.
This isn't Tumblr.
be sure to post them in future rape threads, to show how awful we are
post blog url
Oh I will. I'm also printing quotes to glue onto tampons to tape around town. You faggots are so screwed!!!
File: 20150314_142038.jpg (214 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 1280x960
Lol alright.
Fast forward years after the asshole ex-capade....
>Supposed to spend night over at his grandmother's house
>Super horny, we've been teasing each other all day
>Grinding my ass against him while we are cooking in the kitchen, bending over in my short dress in front of him (not wearing any underwear because fuck that, necessary for easy access)
>go to the bathroom and send him a picture of 2 fingers, one in my ass and one in my pussy with the message... Red or Blue pill?
>Obviously chooses my ass, I had prepared and bought lube that morning, albeit the cheap kind from walmart. Still our favourite one though.
>later that night, grandma is asleep.
she lives in a senior living apartment complex and they have roof access for some reason, with stairs no one can use because, old. All inside stairwells and they're all carpeted with metal rails, perfect for tying up!
>we head to the stairwell, my purse filled with a blindfold, my nipple clamps+ball gag combo, rope, mini bullet vibrator, lube, hand and ankle cuffs, choke collar and my favourite flogger with a little studded heart on it
>We get up there, always starts off jokingly and playful, but this time, as soon as we reached the top step, he smacks my ass hard and pushes me against the wall
>he pulls my arms behind my back and puts the handcuffs on me, sliding his leg between mine and pushing them apart
>he holds my head against the wall with one hand and uses the other to stroke up and down my already dripping wet pussy
Also, proof? I know this picture was taken like 15 minutes ago, but my phone is a shit and takes forever to transfer.
>be me
> 11 years old, totally fucking bored at home
>mom comes in "wanna go to my class reunion? There will be kids your age!"
>end up going.
>no kids. Bored as fuck again
>people who own the house tell me theres a tv downstairs.
>woah shit man!
>big fucking tv, before big tvs were a thing
>grab a soda and watch some fucking spongebob because he was lord
>next i hear some footsteps like godzilla emerging from the japanese coast
>fat chick, black hair, zits like a mine field, and 8 chins waddles over to me
>"can i watch tv with you?"
>i was a good kid at the time and didnt do nothin to nobody "sure why not"
>lard ass sits down and makes the couch creek and bend forever as shes kind of chuckling.
>i just wanted to watch tv god dammit.
>girl looks at me through her thick goggles called "glasses" and says "do you think im cute?"
>in my mind i said fuck no youre the ugliest fucking cunt ive ever seen but i actually say "uh.... Ok?"
>then awkward silence for awhile
>eventually she says "do you want to go out with me?"
> eventually i go to the trampoline outside and she follows and i almost die because of her and then it starts raining
>asks if id like to go to her hotel room and dry off
> me being the youngin i was knew not what she was reffering to.
Now heres where i ultra fucked up.
>be me, on floor... Only in boxers because my clothes were drying in the bathroom.
>staring at tv
>oh spongebob how i missed you, you saint
>as im basking with spongebob in glory in my head the silence was broken..
>"wanna sit up here on the bed where its warm?"
>"no thank you, i dont want to get the bed wet"
>she sits on the floor next to me
>"ok i am a little cold"
>i sit on the bed and she follows.
>just sit back on the floor again.
>"i bet my parents think we're doing nasty things"
>this is where i die, i fucking knew it
>just ignore her and keep watching tv
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you can't just stop bitch. go on

>just as I finish, the door opens.

and in walks Chris Hansen.

>wtf man
>she looks at me on the floor and says "we should have sex!!"
>to fuck with that
>try to run but she grabs my phone and wallet
>i call the cops from the rooms phone and she eventually gives them back
>i sprint to the hallway and realise im still nude as hell
>shes standing there in the doorway with a funny look.
>done with your shit
>smash the door open like its hollywood hulk hogan time
>grab my clothes
Dont even bother to put them on. Receptionist in the lobby was confused as hell
>her walls were pink
noice, lurking here. pls copntinue

the last thing I remember is the dentist leaning over me with needle saying "you'll only feel a little prick".
Lol I'm sorry! I had to get apple juice.
>Hear him rifling around in my purse, and feel the blindfold slipping over my head.
>everything's black and now he's no longer holding my head against the wall
>My legs are spread and my arms are handcuffed behind me and I have no idea where he went
>tells me to take a few steps back
>I do so hesitantly, and he tells me when to stop.
>'Bend over'
>I do as he asks, exposing my ass and pussy to him
>I feel him move behind me and the tip of his tongue tracing my slit and flicking my clit
>he tells me not to move and starts licking me up and down
>I feel his finger sliding into me, getting it wet and pulling it out to rub my asshole
>I moan and he stops, smacking my ass once and tells me to be quiet and continues
>he licks up to my asshole and thrusts his tongue inside
>I bit my lip, trying hard not to make a noise as he rubbed my clit and fucking my ass with his tongue
(This one is taking longer to write, my cat keeps walking all over my keyboard and meowing at me to pet her...)

Bill&Dee's - Ali Harter, An Airbag Saved My Life, Rats Rats Rats, The Gentle Art of Floating, The Chloes, the hex, The Rockettops, Zombie vs. Shark

Blackwatch - Brine Webb, CHUD, Jacob Abello

Bluebonnet - Acoustic Ross, Black Canyon, fos, Taylor Rapp, The Antler Thief, The Samurai Conquistadors, Your Mom

Brewhouse - Aliens Vs Robots, Desi and Cody, Dr. Pants, O Fidelis, Paul Benjaman Band, People,People, Wondernaut, Zebre

Garage - DJ Keilo, DJ View, Zone

MerryBelle's - Dj Timmy B

Michalangelo's - Andrew Cullen, bob deupree, Craig Swan, Luna Moth, Matthew Stratton, TOM CRIDER, Tom Marshall - SWAN

Opolis - Brotherbear, Eureeka, Horse Thief, MMOSS, Olivia Tremor Control, Shi++y/Awesome, Woods

Red Room - Chelsey Cope, Dap Dap, FOS, Justin Witte and the Horn Wreckers, Lotta Tuff, Shawn Reidy Musician, Tallows, The Hitt Boyz, The Righs

Sooner Theatre - BradChad Porter, Cameron Buchholtz, Dan Skaggs, Sklar Brothers, Spencer Hicks

Latin Stage - Mexican Institute of Sound (DJ Camilo Lara), Son del barrio, TEKUMBE

Sooner Theatre - Rockumentary - Black Canyon’s Crossroad for the Restless (41 min), Rockumentary - Flaming Films: Rock-a-licious short films from the Legendary Flaming Lips (45 min), Rockumentary - The Sh*ttest Movie Ever Made (34 min)

Opolis - Defining Times, Guardant, Student Film, The Nghiems, The Non

Opolis - outdoor - DEERPEOPLE, New Fumes, Peelander Z, Prix Teen

Blackwatch - Burning Hotels, Dead Sea Chior, The Pretty Black Chains, Refund Division

Bill&Dee's - Billy Joe Winghead, DEBRIS', Early Beat, JUNEBUG SPADE, Porch Mice, Snorlaxx, The Oh Johnny! Girls, The Trading Co.

Bluebonnet - ADMIRALS, Brandon Patrick, Comedy Hour - with Derek Smith, Ivy Mike, Jeramy Westbrook, Nathan Joyer & James Draper, Pilgrim, The Electric Rag Band, The Lily Guild, The Needles, Them Hounds
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this bitch did it.jpg
39 KB, 550x690
>tries to move away but really can't considering there's a skank in my pants
>she stops for a second and looks at me
>be me
>disturbed long haired 145 5'5 pot head
>she takes her hand out and tells me if I want more I should come over to her place
>not wanting more
>wanting whiskey and pot more than ever right then
>wanna smoke my troubles away
>schools ends
>she calls me
>slowly dies inside
>why the fuck does she have to choose me ?
>answers and tells her that she shouldn't have done that
>not fucking cool
>thought we were friends
>she doesn't know what to say apparently
>"I thought you wanted this"
>hangs up and texts her that I didn't want her fucking dry ass hands all up on my dick
>she tries to seduce me with a chance of anal
>hell no! Saw her shit herself at school (prob why)
>turns off phone and tries to drink myself to sleep
>goes to school the next day
>doesn't talk to anyone
>not even the girl I had a crush on
>sits away form everyone
>skank comes over near me in the hallway
>blows up on her
>everyone heard
>even the admin
>skank so two sided she starts crying
>doesn't know what I'm talking about
>school has cameras
>doesn't check cameras
>even though every classroom has cams
>admin just drops it
>she tells me that shes really sorry
>sorry most definitely unfucks my emotions and consensual decisions doesn't it bitch?
Amoral and immoral are not interchangeable

Brewhouse - Cait Moore, Carousel Revolt, Giraffe Massacre, [PEACH], Scott Fleenor, Slanga & Breezy Burnz, Southbound Productions, The Kamals

OBS Blues Stage - Amy Lee & the Second Line, Dirty Red & the Soul Shakers, Ike Lamb & the Creepers, Wink Burcham

Michalangelo's - Darden Pierce, Farrel Droke, Jerry Brooks, Nathan Brown, Tod J. Barrett

Sonder Jazz Stage - David Leach Trio, Ivan Peña, Kyle Reid and the Low Swingin' Chariots

Anty Shanty/ Dreamer - Amen Dunes, Bloody Knives, Depth & Current, Dikes of Holland, El Paso Hot Button, Psychotic Reaction, The Purple Church

Red Room - Algebra, BitchWizard, Black June Revival, Scabby Itchins, Scales of Motion, the disposables, they stay dead

Guestroom - Copperheads, Easy Lovers, Expo 70, French Inhales, Lizard Police, Lola-Cola, Smithers, True Widow

MerryBelle's - Brianna Gaither, Head Cabinets, Of The Tower, Syloken, The Dead Armadillos, The Rum Fellows

Ashtanga Yoga - Bizar with Jason Dub, Control C, Evolve, Kilter

Garage - 27 Club Karaoke Bash

§Saturday Lineup[edit]
Main Stage - Crown Imperial, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Modern Rock Diaries, Other Lives, Portugal. The Man, Privaledge, Rainbows Are Free, Red Wanting Blue, Weekend Hustler

Jack Daniels Stage - Alejandro Escovedo, Hayes Carll, John Calvin & Camille Harp, Krystal Keith, Parker Millsap, The Damn Quails, The Giving Tree, The Possum Possee

Wild Prairie Family Park - Alegria Real, OU Steel Drum Band, Student Showcase: McMichael Music, Student Showcase: Norman Music Institute, Student Showcase: Sonder Music, Dance & Art, Student Showcase: The Studio of the Sooner Theatre, Sugar Free Allstars, Throughout The day - Activities : Facepainting, Rock Star Hair Spray, Instrument Playground, Wacky Science, Art Projects, Library Fun, Artwork On Display

Sooner Theatre - Allie Lauren, And There Stand Empires, Bungalouski, CARAVACT, MONTU, The Moai Broadcast, The Panda Resistance, The Wurly Birds

Opolis - Beau Jennings, Carly Gwin, Jeff Richardson, John Calvin, Josh Berwanger and Ricky Salthouse, Lounge Record After Party, Sheree Chamberlin, Tim Miser
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