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In honor of the liveleak video of the woman...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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In honor of the liveleak video of the woman and her brother attacked by nig nog let's post stories of our encounters with blacks. I'll start.

>Be me
>Be 16
>College now
>Walk home with friend and always these two shitskins walk part of the way home since freshman year
>Let's call friend J
>Story is set in junior year
>Let's continue
>Niglets walk eerily close to us this day
>Closer than normal
>Me and J didn't mind since we always saw them walking with us
>We knew each other's faces so only idiots would start any bullshit
>Or so we thought
>J shows me something on his phone
>Feel weird pressure on head
>mfw getting jumped
>mfw J's phone got stolen
>mfw iphone 1, dinosaur as fuck
>mfw saw their faces
>tfw knows who they hung out with
>Called cops
>Didn't see them for a whole year after that until went to 7/11 during prom
>One of the nig nogs was a cashier
>Asked him why he wasn't at prom
>"I'm broke."
>"Laughed at his face
>His boss was there
>Asks me to leave
>Told him about what happened
>mfw a month later I came back criminal he wasn't there
>be me
>walking home from school
>pickup truck of rednecks drive past
>niggerr niggerr!!
>rocks thrown at me
>drop my binder in puddle of water
and lose my homework
>get an F
>i'm still not a fucktarded racist who hates all white people
the end
File: 1425966318463.png (139 KB, 1825x1874) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 1825x1874
>Jogging to my favorite reading spot in a local park
>Spot iPhone on the ground beside a bench
>Sit down and wait for a call or for somebody to come looking for it
>Finally receive call
>Niggress starts screaming at me in that deep chimp voice
>Tell her that I am at the park where I found it
>Leave phone on the bench inside my water bottle
>Write "Learn some fucking manners you retarded chimp and left it underneath
>Walk away
you stole someone's phone ya douche, should've just left it nigger. i can't believe you
how to fit phone inside water bottle?
>back in college
>know a black guy
>He always says hello, and we chat about our favorite bands
>hes into similar stuff as me, so we quickly become friends
>still friends 5 years later

Am I doing it right?
File: water.jpg (95 KB, 893x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 893x1500
Oh, so I should just have left it on the ground for some teenager to take and turn off?

One of these things. Just crush the top and a 2.5" wide phone can fit in.
You left your waterbottle?

I would have snapped the phone in half, and left it on the bench.

Waste of a good bottle

It was a piece of disposable low quality trash. Leaving it inside there made it more presentable.
Pennsylvania, the hick triangle to be exact.
I am so sorry.
i'm not, i just don't get how people can so easily be racists especially when most people here have little or no experience with the race they hate and only want a club to fit in.

thats the kind of mental strength all races could use
>be in 7th grade in Louisiana
>fat nig nog that is on my baseball team
>standing in line after recess, he is in front of me
>ask if his mom ran out of food stamps this week
>turns around and asks me if its cool being a honky cracker, then turns back around
>ask him what it's like knowing his future is jail
>punch him in the back
>he turns around and pushes me
>teacher sees, takes us both to vice principal
>she asks what happened
>say we were standing there and he just pushed me
>he tells truth (much more believable)
>vice principal lets me go back to class
>he gets 7 day suspension

Lol I love being white
I have a couple of good friends that are black. Canadian tho so we're all pretty chill.

Got jumped by 3 of the 5 black guys in the small town I went to uni at. It was fugged. Walked past each other on the street. I said hi, Closest one just turned and decked me.

Jumped one of them with a buddy a year later and broke his arm. Never bother to track down the other two.
File: le tapir face.jpg (59 KB, 504x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
le tapir face.jpg
59 KB, 504x439
>driving home from grocery store last week
>at red light
>big ass truck with lift kit in front of me
>basically one notch down from a monster truck
>2 nigresses and a younger niglet standing at light waiting to cross road
>light turns green
>truck revs his shit completely engulfing said niggers in a giant cloud of jet black smoke
>they all spazz the fuck out like they have been mustard gassed
>lolol all the way home
File: 1426459723718.png (202 KB, 645x820) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone surprised by who the nig cop shooter in Ferguson is friends with?
Pic very related

Great job for fueling blacks desire to try and fu k the white man either by robbing him beating him up fucking his wife murdering him etc.
>be me
>be black
>driving to Jared to by my gf a ring
>buy 500 dollar ring
>this http://applesofgold.com/Merchant2/engagement-rings/vintage-inspired-3-8-carat-diamond-ring-14k-white-gold-RGF51262.jpg
>driving back
>get stop by white police officer
>"you know why i pulled you over son."
>"no sir i don't"
>"you were going 3 miles over the speed limit
>know he's lying was going 65 in a 70
>call him on his shit nicely i might add
>"son step out of the car."
>i does
>forgot to say ring is in my pocket with box
>he searches me
>"how you get this boy"
>"I brought it"
>"looks stolen to me"
>dafuq X10
>try and grab evidence i brought it
>pepper spray to my eyes
>cry like a bitch doing anal porn for the first time.
>mfw he left with the ring.
Yeah, but what if those few experiences are overwhelmingly negative? There aren't exactly "good nigga" threads....
Yes you should have, because no one would have taken it. People watch things like that when they leave them in public, so since there were people around, you should have assumed it was theirs and left it.
who that

Just doing my duty by exploiting my white privilege.
>nigga has no face
Get away from Alabama.
>just doing my duty by exploiting my white privilege.

nigga im black and clearly he was the aggresser
nigga deserved a full on clock in the jaw
File: macauleybulkin.jpg (152 KB, 400x1201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 400x1201
this thread is seriously disappointing, white people being pieces of shit and black people being targeted. im going back to bed im still hungover.

way to go 4chan you managed to suck again, attention whore did not chop his fingers off btw 3-15-2015
Im in texas i went from Denton to Frisco to pick up that ring
here's some listening material for the thread.
>because no one would have taken it.
I seriously doubt that. If somebody had passed by before me and seen that gaudy yellow shit they could have taken it.
> People watch things like that when they leave them in public
It was on the ground beside a bench
>so since there were people around
Well, I did not see anybody on the way there.

>Hey I lost my phone where is it
>I am in the little walking trail on the right side of the lake
>Thanks, man!

Easy. I have done that several times before. My aunt lost her phone once at a sporting event and the guy who found it asked her for her address and mailed it to her.

There is no need to act so violently and chimp out over useless shit like that.
Dorian Johnson is (was.. kek) Mike Browns bff who vomited bs "facts," and things he witnessed in the police reports to try and have brave officer Wilson convicted in the shooting
fuck man, I hope this isn't true. For one thing why wouldn't you have the receipt if you just bought the ring. I'm calling bullshit.
I've told this one here before, but heregoes

>be me
>be deputy att
>patrolling decent neighborhood, almost upper-class
>get a call from people complaining
>complaints loud music, smell of weed coming from apartment
>arrive at scene of disturbance
>see nigger car on spinning rims parked there
>go to door
>loud music and smell of weed confirmed
>announce myself
>young skinny white girl answers, lets me in
>bruises on her face, obviously distressed
>lean that she dropped out of college to live w-nigger bf
>nigger bf obviously on premises, can hear him shuffling about in a back room
>call for backup
>eventually extract nigger and take him into custody
>MFW nigger is a white kid who also dropped out of school to sell drugs

In all my years serving law enforcement, I can tell you there's nothing worse on this Earth than a white nigger. NO, not a "wigger": Let's not flatter these assholes with a special title.

I have LOTS more stories like this. Niggerdom isn't about ones skin color.
>this thread is seriously disappointing, white people being pieces of shit and black people being targeted. im going back to bed im still hungover.

I'm the negro that posted
and i say shut up bitch whites get targeted by white feminist we get targeted by them it's the triangle of human life
Wigger is a major putdown to those faggots, and theres no other word they take offence to more.
Whats the prob with it, officer?
it bees da whites is why i bee retarded
>Sexy 8/10 blonde girlfriend gets pregnant


>Had abortion previous year

>Always wear condomnow but shit happens

>She refuses abortion this time

>I man up

>Swear I won't be a piece of shit like my dad

>Vow to be there for her and our child

>Next 7 or 8 months go by fast

>Bust my ass to get ready for my child

>Buy crib, decorate room, buy diapers, etc.

>Finally the time comes

>Have to do C-section

>Girlfriend is in panic mode

>I sit their hold gf's hand

>Pet her hair

>Comfort her

>Finally we hear a cry

>Doctor holds up our baby

>A newborn baby ...Nigglet
>Girlfriend breaks down

>"I'm so sorry! I wasn't sure!"

>Confesses she'd let a nigger fuck her

>Hid truth from me afraid I'd leave her
File: STOP.gif (303 KB, 298x156) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 298x156
Op here
>Not why I started this threat
>be a hardcore anti-racist liberal
>move to Baltimore
>have my car broken into twice
>stuff wasn't even worth that much
>be walking down the street to the store and pull out my wallet
>all of a sudden get punched in the face hard as fuck and have money snatched out of my hand
>still not knocked out
>nigger looks surprised
>square up
>be a skinny weak 150lb 19 year old who's never been in a fight
>dude is a 200 lb 6ft tall 30ish year old nigger
>he's still scared to fight me like a real man
>pulls out a gun
>all for $60
bro no way I believe that. Your telling me he sprayed you then just left you alone?
I don't believe you.
For a 500 dollar ring? Wtf...
i had a bag but took it out in case i forgot plus never said receipt
Id rather be black than be any of you fucking losers. Jesus Christ.
He left the receipt on the brick
pls more bby
yea what would he bring me in for i didn't yell had no gun no drugs he just left i don't know why
File: my sides.jpg (9 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my sides.jpg
9 KB, 200x200
technically yes,they ruined my homework and education but i still just re-did it instead of crying on 4chan about it and how all white people are scumbags.
Denton/ Ft worth / Etc Tx fag here
Which city took the ring?
Did u ever get it back?
that's messed up man lol
File: 1291234610076.jpg (8 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 184x184
> >be me


>be me
>be walking to best friend #3's house w/ best friend #2
>walking along major street in our 3 block walk to b3's house.
>old white pontiac 1989 coming up starts to slow down
>notice 6 dudes in car, all staring intently
>tell b2 not to turn and cover his face
>6 dudes throw oranges and limes at us
>mfw every single lime/orange missed me
>friend got hit hard, though, and is starting to worry
>pontiac must not have liked my reaction and have gone and are making a u turn back towards us
>this maneuver requires two u turns
>after first u turn, look around
>after second u turn, cross the street
>pontiac goes to make another set of u turns.
>friend is starting to freak out
>think he is going to cry
>with tears in his eyes, keeps saying "I don't want to get jumped, I don't want to get jumped"
>can I take 6? no. 5? no. 4? no. 3? maybe not. 2? maybe but still.
>by this time they've finished u-turn #1 in their second set
>we cross street back to where we originally were.
>they are stopped at red light, waiting for left to make u turn
>"alright, b2. Just follow me and do what I tell you."
>We take off into nearby industrial complex block.
>Don't know what they make here but there are piles upon piles of rocks/pebbles.Maybe concrete.
>Look for pile against wall and start climbing
>reach high enough to jump onto wall.
>pull b2 up.
>Now we're in the middle of a junkyard and I can hear dogs.
>run in general direction of b3's house.
>can hear pontiac dudes being hounded by the dogs over by wall
>take breather and let him know, that he's going to have to jump from about as high as a building soon.
>run through junkyard, friend still whining about not wanting to get jumped.
>reach exit
>gated, with slips threaded between links ( those green/blue strips to decrease visibility/sunlight ) and barbed wire at the top
>friend practically starts to cry
how did you feel when they told you robin williams died?
what happened to nook?
Enjoy raising that kid.

Hope you are not in a state that will stick you with child support irregardless of your paternity
hiding in a cranny

>look around and realize there's a huge fucking winnebago there
>climb up the rear of the winnebago and on to the roof of the building it was parked next to.
>help b2 climb up.
>tell b2 we need to jump.
>b2 jumps, hurts ankle
>while he nurses his ankle a bit, I try to look in through the junkyard but no sign of pontiac dudes
>street we're on leads out to major street, we were going to take a left on to this street earlier when walking.
>dart across the street onto the side my friend's house is on.
>keep up pace despite friends ankle.
>realize I'm not seeing them but also realize that they may have just started searching ahead of us.
>tell friend that we should probably pick up speed a bit.
>as soon as we do, pontiac pulls up across the street, crossing into the street we were rushing for.
>light stays red for pontiac
>run into street, take first right and jump into first yard.
>luckily other friend, j, lives here and we can bother him.
>"J's not home. Now get out of my yard"
>wouldn't even listen to us explaining that we were being chased and probably going to be hurt if he doesn't help us."
>I peek out and see pontiac follow our right into the street and passed j's house
>tell b2 to follow me, that we only have 1 chance at this
>street goes in a full circle with streets ejecting outwards, like a clock with only 7 or 8 hours to show.
>from where we are, it's 3 streets to the left to reach my friends. for pontiac it's probably 5 or 6 around the block til we're visible.
>bolt to friends house
>hammer door til open
>tell friends and his family about what happened
>they call cops

turns out the cops told them that the same pontiac was allegedly going around town and robbing people at gun point. That someone had already been shot.

Oh yeah, they weren't niggers, they were spicks. I'm a brown person.

Fuck niggers, fuck spicks.
To add to that obviously I'm not an anti-racist liberal anymore. I respect all races except for black people. The ones that have assimilated into educated white society aren't bad though
Prosper if i remember correctly and no i just went and took her to Red lobster
>live in B.C.
>saw a nigger once while driving
consider it a nigger tax, you got the money back via food stamps anyhow
>Also in British Columbia
>Wonders what its like to see a nigger in person.
I've never heard of mobs of white kids randomly assaulting people. The fact of the matter is it's much more reasonable to hate all blacks than all whites. Statistically speaking, they're more likely to commit a violent crime against you. Being cautious around young black men is common sense, not racism. And to be honest I really don't blame cops for stereotyping them.
Did u contact a lawyer dude? I would have contacted a lawyer immediately and never grabbed for the ring, and made sure id hid my receipt fo rhtat shit.
>go to the zoo
>see monkeys throwing shit at the glass
there ya go
I have a security Job bro 12 an hour 6am-10pm
weekends off im good m8
dem hindus tho
always hurry from surrey curry
File: 1407614828758.jpg (12 KB, 217x217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 217x217
>12 an hour
sheeeeiit you mus be kang of da nigras
>mfw i wouldnt get out of bed for that
Didn't think about that man but now what can i do it was a few months back like in October of 2014
Fake story...

This story made the local news

>be me
>be called to escort an agent from a.k.a. children's services
>arrive on scene, I'll never forget
>man living out of his pickup truck, no physical address
>children forced to live in dog cages in back of truck, naked and hungry
>kids covered in their own feces
>dogs well-fed and roaming about
>bf and gf couple both meth heads
>MFW couple was white niggers and loaded with money thru gf's benefits + welfare + meth sales

Story gets much worse from there, but I don't have the heart to share atm. I've never admitted this before, but I dislocated the male perps arm on purpose. I don't think anyone cared.
then you haven't heard much. To think white children are these innocent angels is absurd. White kids showing acts of violence are simply labeled as individuals while we are just labeled as "typical". As for "muh stats", i highly a doubt a black walking around with a suit and business case is going to drop his stuff and rob you and yet he will STILL get harassed for being black. People like you are why racism is still as strong as it is.
Whatever happened to that bitch that jumped that white girl and her bro?
oh and you probably never lived in the south/any bumfuckish area before.
In this story cops are assholes, not white people. It's not cause he's white, it's cause he's a fucking pig.
i feel like a king since i pay for my mothers & brothers food
>only eating ramen noodles mostly
had to dip into bank account to take my Gf out
> Trotting home one evening from my local MTG store
> Suddenly I hear a cry of paint a lady yelling "oh fuck"
> I turn to see its coming from a car, a large black man is clearly raping a pure a Ryan woman
> I throw the door open and bellow "uunpaid her vile beast!"
> she asks me what I'm doing, as I pull her off the foul negroid, I say "don't worry m'lady, he can't hurt you anymore"
> the brute steps from his rape vehicle asking me what the fuck I'm doing
> she says "it's her boyfriend"
> At this moment I realized the lady was clearly under the zoo machines powerful thought control
> I then realize anyone making up nigger stories is a wicked faggot
> I go home and start a thread on /b/
Black people are fine, niggers are not.

White people are fine, redneck hipster douche bag fuckin "there are more than two sexual orientations" fucks are not.
which story is this? dont think ive seen it? give us the story anon.
>be me
>first day at work
>be introduced to this black dude that works there
>hat his on weird, not sure how to describe it
>think he might have two hats on
>not sure
>he is sagging really bad
>watched him feel up on one of the cute white managers earlier
>he is my trainer
>he is really nice guy
>always laughing and joking and saying good things about other people
>find out he can get the best soft in town
>get his number
>show up at his house
>he is wearing the most gangster outfit I've seen in my entire life
>looks like a damn rapper (not sure what rapper though, couldn't find any pics like him)
>invites me inside
>turns out he has a whole family
>his wife and kids are all watching some Disney movie
>drinking grape cool aid
>eating watermelon
>they're real nice people though
>feels like I'm at a regular white person's house
>find out his 9 year old daughter got in trouble the other day at school for being in a gang
>helped that daughter with her homework
>bought a bag of soft
>thanked him
>shook his hand

He was one of my favorite people back in the day....
that's how I know you are lying and/or not really black: you "didn't contact a lawyer."

Full disclosure, I am a lawyer, and if someone called me with that story, and I thought it was the truth, I would practically cum in my fucking pants at the thought of representing them and fighting that asshole cop for justice.
Honestly you should have been relieved. I mean holy shit dude I would have been jumping for joy in that emergency room. There is no way that bitch can say the kid is yours.
>be 10
>middle school
>shithead black kid called Aaron Sykes always giving me a hard time
>he stops coming to school one day
>someone told me he fell over and got a nail stuck in his head
>was no longer fit for an education
>I did not care
>fuck him

I don't believe in karma or anything but yeah, fuck that twat
File: KANG-ANON.jpg (57 KB, 588x823) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 588x823
>i feel like a king
>be me
>Christmas Eve 2007
>Distressed over breakup from previous year
>Wanting to walk to favorite spot to collect thoughts and write a letter
>Get around the block from house and a group of nigletts on bikes ride past.
>They try to make small chit chat
>Told them I don't know
>Proceed to tell them where I'm going
>They ask if any ho's will be there
>Tell them there is a 0% chance of ho's and they go on their way
>Get a little further in the walk
>Dark street walked it millions of times no worries
>Here shuffling behind me
>Nigger on my six oh shit oh shit
>Walking up on me fast. Looking out of the corner of my eye
>He takes a running jump and punches me in the back of the head
>Kinda hurts nothing major... now he's trying to get me on the ground
>Can't fuck with with my footwork nigger
>Gives up trying to throw me on the ground backs up and his little nigger friends start forming a circle around me
>Obviously kids... laughing from the adrenaline rush
>Ask me to empty my wallet and pockets
>I had a dollar
>Matches and tobacco pipe in other pocket get a "wtf is that" look
>Give them the dollar and they scurry away on their Mongoose bmx bikes

>Continue on walk
>Finally at spot
>Suddenly... holy hell not again
>Crazed older black man runs up to me saying he was just mugged by the same group of kids.
>Told him I was too
>He calls the cops
>I start trying to walk back to the house
>Suddenly a wild popo appears
>Get stopped for matching an APB
>Tell them my story and they take down an incident report
>Drive me home
>4 am walk through front door

They apparently found the group of kids that sme night but I never pursued anything.
>bank account
Dont you need id for that?
Yea but that was just going trough my mind since he stopped me. I did have a mexican,black and i think indian cops stop me before though
but never got pepper sprayed agian
File: 1.jpg (34 KB, 383x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 383x636
>be me
>see a wasp
>it stings me
>see another wasp
>it stings me
>see a group of wasps
>they sting a guy passing by
>mfw a wasp tries to convince me he won't sting
i bee kang cuz i bee buyin ramen noodas for my brufa and my moms(actually grandma)
Be Me
Live in northern canada. Only know one black man personally. He makes jokes all the time about how "If you think white men hate niggers you should see what the Inuit think about us"
BC sounds pretty boss.

It seems like every place in the US that has few or almost no niggers ends up getting polluted with fucking beaners. Are there many beaners up in BC?
Please tell me the bottle was full of water when you put the phone in it...
live in Edmonton. Theres like no white people here
Thats the whole point?
>that's how I know you are lying and/or not really black: you "didn't contact a lawyer."

nigga for 1. it was just PEPPER SPRAY he didn't shoot me. 2.I brought another ring in December it made it more special 3. what lawyer is going to help me a black ass nigga in bumfuck texas
damn i just noticed im almost as dark as him
>be 13 walking with older bro and his girlfriend
>raining and we have no umbrellas
>enter bros old community college to get drinks from vending machine
>it's quiet and no one's around as this section has no classes right now or something
>white hall cops stop us and bitch about us not allowed to be there unless we are students and stuff
>walk away
>stupid bitch cop stops me and says she thinks she recognizes me
>they ask for my name and id
>i'm fucking 13
>guy cop ask for my name
>fag walks by literally with no bag or anything in same "Restricted area"..
>they don't stop him
>give us notation or something(Can't remember) and we leave
>and i still don't hate all white people
just go to surrey, you'll see niggers of all colours, black ones, white ones, brown ones. the whole fucking city is hoodrat nigger central
beta as fuck
You deserved that
huh, why are you talking about wasp stinging people? i'm talking about hicks throwing rocks at strangers for looking different.
it bees mo speshel when you gots to buys it twiss

>I've never heard of mobs of white kids randomly assaulting people

British chavs do it all the time
My grandma died when my mama was 13 Heart Attack but pretty much yea
i have one
>so this is it
theres white people in the uk still?
and you deserve to get cuck'd by your first girlfriend(which will probably happen anyway without my blessing)
Plenty of tx cops will illegally search your vehicle and ive heard of some getting busted for planting drugs, but im having a hard time buying this.
I would be willing to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars just to an attempt to recover property that was taken from me, especially by a fucking cop.
There's a town near where I live that, last I heard, is nigger-free. Last time a black family moved out there all the local meth heads (and there are a lot of them) go and fuck them up.. It's a small town of just a few hundred people so things like that can fly by pretty easy. The whole damn town is run by the meth heads..
i would be offended but most blacks sound like that
sorry about that anon. 3yrs old is way too young to lose your grandma
I live in the south now and have my whole life. I have never heard of random assaults perpetrated by white people. That's not to say white people don't commit crimes or do shitty things. But there aren't gangs of white kids going around beating and robbing working men.
I never said they were innocent. I said they dont commit random acts of violence for the fun of it. And if they do it's not nearly on the scale that blacks do it. I really don't care if I contribute to racism. Until the black community does something about their horrible sub culture that breeds robbers and killers I think they deserve every bit of it. And I see plenty of professional looking black men, and I see no reason to be on guard around someone like that. But how many of them actually look like that? How many 16-24 year old black men do you see dressed and behaving like mature adults? Don't get me wrong, I work with plenty of decent black guys. But even they tell me stories of getting robbed and shit by their own kind. I'm not saying im going to go around calling black guys niggers and trying to set their lawns on fire, but you're a fool if you place any amount of trust in a young black man these days. Until I get to know them, I assume they're trying to commit some sort of crime against me.
thats just law enforcement, read a book faggot
I just checked the wiki, only 45% white. No wonder its a nigger infested shit hole.

no my other grandma (on fathers side) died in 2006 so when i was 15
actually, from all the shitnorities, i've never had problem with nig nogs. gypsies are those that make me wanna puke.
i see what you did there
>not much better than niggers

Where can a white man go these days to be with his own kind?
then tell that to the rest of /pol/ution and /b/ for that matter. and those kids weren't randomly assaulting me it was for me obviously being black and them being rednecks. For it to be random there would be no reason for them doing it
Word. The winger is a disgusting individual
well i hope you at least got to meet you dad at the funeral. the correctional system are dicks sometimes and wont let them come
I really don't give a shit about a group is largely considered to be a joke by modern society. They haven't been particularity active since the civil rights movement. There aren't modern day mobs of white people going around trying to hang blacks and burn their communities every time one of them commits a crime against a white person. I saw no white people trying to commit revenge killings when OJ was let off the hook. But on the other hand 2 cops were killed in NY because some black dude was upset about the deaths of Eric Garner and Micheal Brown.
>>Niggerdom isn't about ones skin color.
I've met many wonderful people throughout my life, all of them of different races.

yawn. the entire usa is not that anymore. can you monocultures even imagine?
Except for blacks*
>be me
>live in UK
>went to school with some blacks
>nicest people I've met
>there was two of them in my year
>best friends to this day.

>>and i still don't hate all white people
And nor should you - you should be pissed at your fellow persons of color that are the reason people who look like you are "harassed" so often in the first place.
Nope dumbass took a picture of himself on Fb holding an Ak47 but i was in Texas at the time funeral was held in Buffalo,New York
72.4% white friend

yea retard we're not talking about civilized black people. we are talking about REAL, ignorant niggers from the American south, I have lived here all my life and could post stories for days. but im doing homework like a fag
Be me 25
Stop at deli shop for lunch
3 skinny 16 ish year old coons harassing teller chick
Order my lunch
Decide they want my phone wallet and car keys
Driving 50 grand worth of car
Politely decline giving them anything
They insist
I loose my shit,keep wallet keys phone
Perfectly reasonable to fuck someone up with that amount of money involved no?
This and only this. You can take a nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the nigger out of the nigger.
if its a coolie, its always reasonable
oh ok, op said encounters with blacks not niggers

eh, not gonna greentext a whole story, but i grew up in st.catharines, ontario

went to a school called collegiate, pretty much the ellis island of our fair city

shitload of somalians, terrible group of apes

got jumped by a few here and there if i went around their home turf solo [manchester, for any of st.catharinites here, might not be bad now though, heard it got a lot better]

anyways, really made me hate somalians, and to be truthful, most blacks

looking back now though, my mindset would have shifted anyways, seeing all the niggerish shit they do everywhere they exist

i still have a few black friends, but let's be honest, a substantial amount, and i mean most, are fucking niggers
Those are niggers. They're no longer white.
Someone here said "there are black people, then there are niggers."

No. All of them are dirty niggers that need to die out of this world.

I'm not denying that racism exists but they didn't physically harm you for being black. And if they did you can bet your ass you would have gotten national media attention for a hate crime of that degree. And what do you want me to do about a bunch of E-racists? I've tried before those people dont budge. If you want to get rid of racism like that you need demonstrate that black people aren't savages. And that means black communities doing more to clean up their own neighborhoods. Racism isn't going to end until everyone makes some changes. It's not a one sided problem at all. You seem like a decent enough guy, and at the end of the day I don't see blacks as any different than whites. But it's extremely hard to stop discriminating against them when my own life or property is on the line. Because like I said, a black guy is far more likely to commit a crime against you than a white one. You can't really dispute that.
What video? Link?
Not all niggers are black, but all blacks are niggers.
>Be me
>White, 22
>Live in Missouri right now
>Enough said
>be me
>live in Ireland
>few black people went to my school, mostly 2nd gen Africans
>nice, intelligent people
>still talk to one girl years later
>shes studying law in a good university
>Africans aren't nigs
The cop race is worse than the nigger race.
Are there really significantly more female redheads in Ireland than anywhere? I've been considering going for a few weeks to try to bring one home.
>Be 3
>Sees Aunt
>Gets excited when she walks in holding a baby
>sees he's black
>My aunt fucked a nigger drug dealer and had 2 more of his kids
The lyging deadlocked faggot who was with Mike Brown when he robbed the store, assaulted the cop, and cop shot. And then said he dindu nuffin on national TV, sparking the nationwide chimpout that goes on even today.
>Africans aren't nigs

ya i guess that's why Africa is such a nice place eh
I know a lot of ginger girls yeah, I wouldn't consider them attractive though.

There's this adorable MILF at work that I fooled around with while my marriage was going to shit. When I found out she was also fucking around with niggers, I dumped her.

Unfortunately in my quest to hit rock bottom I've thought about calling her to 'catch up'.

>captcha addng
The attractive ones leave?
it didn't get national attention because i'm there's no point in me going to the cops(are are also abunch of assclowns here) about some random kids in a truck throwing stuff at me. and yes they did because i'm black, why else would they scream nigger? how hard is it for you to understand the concept that some people are not only racist but violent aswell? they were young in their late teens and early 20's too. and yes an AMERICAN black guy may be more likely to committ a crime than a white one, does that mean we should treat them all like shit for having the same color. Not at all, because then things like ferguson happen.
His account of the whole thing was so unbelievable. I'm not sure how people bought that crap.
Ooooh thats what happened!? I thought he was standing in the street and the cop just shot him
. Damn son
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