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if you could make any rule for cute girls...
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if you could make any rule for cute girls at school in order to satisfy your fetish, what would it be, and what's the punishment for not following it?

bonus points for having different punishments for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offenses
All cute girls at school must wear
- no underwear (bra or panties)
- micro-mini skirt
- minimum 5 " heels with a 1/2 " step (or higher)
- silver or shiny lipstick
Zettai ryƍiki ratio of 4:1:2.5

failure to comply results in wearing a suit that vibrates their nether regions all day.
Forgot the most important part: completely hairless from the nose down.
bump for interest, I ant to see this
I would make a rule that they should not have sex until they had graduated from high school and then only when they were in a loving respectful relationship. If I could I would make the same rule for boys. Punishment would be life as a single mother.
You know those middle school girls who aren't very self aware and do things like:
-accidentally bend over showing their nips
-don't wear bras
-sitting with a short skirt, legs kinda open

Well, high school girls are required to act like that too now, on purpose
Most already do
yeah but it'd be fun to see how it affects the cute ones that don't
Must wear thigh highs or pantyhose
Must wear shorts or skirts everyday
No boots, either tennis shoes, sandals, or barefoot

Hi ringworm
Public urination is mandatory
so like, girls washrooms won't have walls?
Girls don't belong in school.

Stop making this thread.
>Girls don't belong in school.
Yes, gymnastics and then finishing school.
Boko Haram pls go
how short would skirts be?
underage b&
Four fingers higher than the midpoint between knee and hip
you have my interest
can anyone think of other things that they would have to do?
Whenever requested, they must give a blow job on the spot, with swallowing, as well as perform standing splits whenever requested..
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standing splits idea is so hot, especially when they're wearing skirts or REALLY short shorts
what if the girl can't do a standing split though?
Then back to remedial gymnastics school. Crack her open like a bbq chicken.
Would guys be allowed to do anything while she's doing the split?
No, not in public. A perfect society can't be a complete free-for-all.

You'd have to schedule some time alone with her in advance via the web or mobile app.
Someone reward this man with the most perfect oc Tits
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Any interest? Stop or go on?
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go on
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As a teacher, I'd like to be able to punish some of the girls with some sick BDSM shit, instead of just detention and e-mailing their parents. :/
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like what?
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- Must wear no panties
- Must wear mini skirt
- Must wear sneakers
- Must wear leg warmers
- Must wear only sport bra as top

1st punishment: Wear no bra for one week
2nd punishment: Wear no bra and no skirt for one week
3rd punishment: Same as 2nd plus wear remote vibro egg for one week and I get the remote
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Girls have to do everything boys and teachers tell them to. No exceptions.

Failing to do so : mandatory bukkake.
>There must be no talking
>There must be no eye contact
>There must never be any reference to Nazi Germany
>There must be no opinion contrary to the curriculum
>There must be no expression of passion

1st punishment: Decapitation
Well, I'm into some kinks related to femdom, so I'll make rules for boys and girls, not just girls.

1. During school hours, all boys must stay on fours all the time, and wear only boxers.
2. During school hours, all girls must wear only short skirts (3/4 buttchecks long), leather bras, and high boots.
3. During classes, boys will act as the chair for the girls, with small breaks between classes. Failure to stay put during the entire class will be punished.
4. PE classes will evaluate boys only, and they must carry their partner girls during all activities, including pushups, running, etc.
5. During recesses, boys must serve girls in any tasks they demand, including foot worship, transport, or keep being her chair.

1st instance, the boy would have extra physical exercises during all recesses that day. They will consist mainly of treadmill crawling with her partner on top.
2nd instance, he will get 10 spanks from each girl on his class, plus 1 week extra exercises.
3rd instance, he will be at the girls mercy after class, no torture limits, during 1 week.
Pic somewhat related.
Dress Code: Girls may only wear one top and one bottom, or a dress. - With these tight stipulations, girls will be forced to dress modestly.

Note: a dress is defined as any fabric two or more inches past the bottom of her buttocks.

If a dress is worn that could obscure hidden clothing, panties for example, that student may be subject to random inspection by both teachers and other students. - This is a necessary precaution to ensure students give the rules appropriate deference.

Any exposed skin is considered fair game for touching by other students. - We want to create an environment where everyone feels safe.

Should a female student be both exposed and showing clear signs of sexual arousal, those around her are permitted and encouraged to initiate "consensual rape" with her. - If she is aroused, her body is consenting, moreover, her ability to concentrate will be diminished; this is wholly against the purposes of education. Allowing her body to have what it desires is the quickest way of dispelling this, and all appropriately equipped students and faculty are responsible for quelling any would-be wanton desires.

Note: female sexual arousal can be a fickle thing to notice -- students are encouraged to manually check when arousal is suspected.

If a female student is found to be in violation of the dress code, her clothes will be confiscated for the remainder of the day.
All girls must piss where they are whenever they need to go. They are allowed to wear diapers in the afternoons but I am the only one allowed to change them. mmmm I'm sick but fuck, that'd be awesome
thx based anon
Bumping for intrest, dont let it die.
Femdom fetish, so;
All appealing girls must;
- Must wear pantyhose, legging, and various foot accessories, any item that sexualizes feet is open
- Must have at least one enslave a subservient male student for themselves, if a girl is onto polyandry then student should inform to the administration
- Each month every girl should fill the punishment quota for their subservient follow-ers
- Every female student's locker; this includes whips, various cage keys, paddles, outfits or dresses, shoes etc. should be kept tidy and organized,

1# any penalized student must write a 2 pages long essay on why female feet must be glorified

2# if a female student doesn't inform polyandry attempt or loses the record of activity of her subservients, will be entitled to serve one of her teachers for 1 week. If a female student intends a subservient of another female student without the proper owners content, that female student will be reduced subservient status and will enforced to do bidding of the owner of the intended subservient.

#3 Any female student fails to fill the subserviet punishment quota will be lose her subservient owning privilege due neglect of duty

#4 Any unorganized or unkempt will be enforced to serve the school staff.
Nice to see another guy into femdom. Hi!
Checked >>604204054 ?
check'd. I could write x3+ of it but bored btw your punishments are morelike abusable rewards
diapers must be worn and used
>first offense
not allowed to wear skirts or pants/shorts
>second offense
not allowed to shower after gym
>third offense
cannot change their diaper until after school no matter how full it is
lurking this thread hard
what rules would you make anon?
OP who are those girls btw, been looking for a while
These are the droids I was looking for (especialy the one on the left)!
All girls must wear microskirts without panties.
Only tops allowed to be worn are bras.
Any girl out of dress code is stripped naked for the whole day.
Bump for justice

so tight that you can see buttplug

barefoot accepted
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one on the left is a cutie
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if they're completely naked, it might be hard getting through the crowded hallways without getting groped
go kill yourself faggot
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don't let this thread die
mah nigga
>Went to catholic hs
>pleated skirts and stockings were mandatory for girls
now my fetish. Thank you conservative values for shaping my interests.
>tfw my imouto is 14 and still run hanging around in home braless with very loose tanktop
>never have a boner because of her
so much for those incest story on many anime today
>Shirts must be see through with no bra underneath
> completely see through yoga pants/leggings at all times with accompanying thong
>must engage in full on lesbian sex if someone tells them to
>must give group fellatio at any time it is requested
>must masturbate at least once a day with friends
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They have to wear form fitting stuff. Tight T-shirt, tiny shorts, etc.
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