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Hello /b.

I feel like spreading some positivity.

Tell me your problems/fears/concerns and I will help you find the solution.
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I really want to suck your dick OP
I have sever paranoia and anxiety. I keep my apartment pretty cold but I, noticing my fingernails have a slightly purplish tint. I am now convinced I have heart problems and have been experiencing pure fear for hours. What do?
I have the feeling I will never find my soulmate. Also, I worry I will never be able to afford a house I like.
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Thank you for your legitimate reply.

It is most likely the cold, but to eliminate the paranoia you must face your fear.

Go and talk to your doctor, get your heart checked.

Also tell him about your anxiety, spend more time outside too naturally reduce your anxiety.
I am not entirely human and have recently become aware some other thing is trying to seek me out. I am unsure of this other entities intentions towards me, what do?
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Almost everyone feels the same way about finding a soul mate, even girls.

Too find one you are truly compatible with you must eliminate the idea of perfection, no one will be perfect for you, you must accept their faults.

Go outside, approach every girl you find attractive and focus on building a solid connection.

As for the the house, keep saving up money, find a place you want to settle in and work hard towards making it yours.
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I feel subtly insulted.
But I still had a laugh.

Too weird to exist.
Too rare to die.
This God damn Planet Purgatory, I tell ya.

You are indeed entirely human, you may have convinced yourself otherwise but this is a fabrication.

You must seek out this external energy and see where it takes you. It is most likely an internal force guiding your path, i would recommend going into a natural area like a Forrest or Lake, sitting down, closing your eyes and meditating.
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A universal feeling called life.

Embrace it.
I feels the same feels bro..
Thank you wise one
Well we'll see about that, the forest meditation feels right though. Thank you guru.
Anxiety. Life's past events are keeping me from enjoying new events. Also, anxiety/depression..
I am scared to death about living my dream. I fear that I will fail. What should I do guru?
Girlfriend wanted a break and I escalated it by being an asshole, now it's permanently over. I feel guilty and depressed and worthless. I feel like I have nothing good in my life now that she's gone. What do I do wise one?
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My pleasure.


You must learn to move on, to forget, most likely it was some form of rejection, either from friends or from a girl.

You must develop a knew perception by going out and repeating those past events, you will realize the outcome is always different and it must not stop you from trying.

The general sense of depression and anxiety most likely come from spending too much time indoors, not doing things you enjoy, time wasted on computer/television.

Go out and see the world.

To anyone else in this thread, please feel free to leave your fear or problem, no matter how small or petty.
So mate, I have a real problem.
I'm homeless, and I'm using a public library computer right now to try and find somewhere I can live. I have only $25 dollars to my name. I' stranded in DC with no friends and my family disowned me a year ago. I'm trying to get in the military but it's taking a while. I have no credit, so nobody will lend me money. I tried to go on Craigslist and here to find someone willing to take me in with promises of getting them rent and helping them around the house, but no such luck. What the hell can I do?
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The pain of loss is strong, but you must turn that energy into motivation to improve your life.

Find things you love doing; walks, fishing, camping, singing, dance, writing.

You must learn to be independent in this life and not rely on others for happiness or a sense of worth.

You should also arrange to meet up with your girlfriend, apologize to her and identify your mistakes, but do not beg for her to take you back
>Like girl
>Both drunk one night
>Make out
>Tell her I like her, she says same
>We haven't mentioned it to each other since
>She's been avoiding eye contact with me
>Still talking, almost, as normally
>Too scared to tell her how I feel when sober

Should I wait until we're drunk again? Should I do it by proxy i.e. get a friend to talk to her?

I've been in this situation three times before and it's never ended well.
The Categorical imperative can be used as a moral standard? Oh, wise one!
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Find others like you, learn from them, they will have lots of advice to share. Making friends will get you a place to stay. Do not feel bad for reaching out for help.

If you have talent like crafting use that to make a product, something no one else has done, sell it on the street. Even busking if you are talented in music.

One day head off into the city in your best clothes, walk into every business and ask about available jobs, one of them will have a spot for you.

You must then start the process of saving money.

The military may be the right path but it is also a dark one fueled by greed, power and death.

I have no future, what do?
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As a male, you must take initiative, you are responsible for escalation.

It is clear you are both attracted to each other.

Do not wait, tell her how you feel today. Message her, and tell her you want to talk to her in person. Do not tell her your feelings over messages.

Meet up with her over coffee or at a park, tell her exactly how you feel, do not lie. Either she will feel the same or not, either way you can then move on.
It's easy to say tell her, but she's a good friend and we have a lot of mutual friends.
She recently came out of a long-term relationship..
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Everybody has a future, you must fill yours with excitement and fulfillment.

Plan a holiday, join clubs or social groups, set short and long term goals for yourself.

Working towards and achieving personal goals will give you a sense of fulfillment and give you a sense of excitement.

Whatever it is you are lacking today can be abundant in the future.
How do I balance the pleasure and pain in life oh great OP? Everything seems to be mixing together and I'm struggling to find something that truly makes me happy anymore...
Never accomplished anything, and no point trying because I always fail and always will. I don't enjoy anything anymore. I have no future.
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My biggest fear is that I don't have enough tank pictures
I want to ask out this girl, but all of our friends are trying to get her to hook up with someone else. Should I tell her?
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You can either continue the relationship you have with her currently or you can take the risk and try and develop something deeper, its up to you.


Life has ups and downs, you must embrace the ups and ride the lows.

You must try new things, new hobbies, you must challenge yourself to grow.
Singing, dancing, woodwork, fishing, acting, hunting for example.
Join social groups and take lessons.

Spend as much time as possible outside, watch people, talk to people.


To try and fail is much better than to never try. Sometimes you will not fail but win instead. Remember you learn the most by failing. You do not enjoy the things you do, so try something you haven't done.
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IM 25 SINGLE went crazy but ill get by
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Nice trips bro
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Here you go, one of my favorites.
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Do not let others stop you doing what you want.

Invite her to spend time with you, somewhere you can both talk and have fun (not the movies), do not call it a date.

get her comfortable, develop a friendship before you focus on building a relationship. if you get her to like you enough she will listen to you over others.
I could possibly fail out of my third college soon, and will have no more availability for education if I do so. I promised my parents I'd work as hard as I can to get on the right track, but I seem to be repeating history as I avoid everything I ever have to do. I have all the potential to achieve the highest amount of success I can imagine, but no lasting discipline to do so. Wat do
I feel like I'm going to lose my soulmate due to me being a regular fuck-up (checking in too much, coming off as clingy, saying the wrong things). She still loves me but I'm not being the person I was at the start. I seriously need some fucking help.
bumping for advice
callin in the Calvary to keep this thread alive keep it up guru
bumping so the guru's advice may continue
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Oh Great Guru
I barely feel anything anymore...I have an above average life at least comparitivley. I am just awlays an asshole and can't look forward to anything without thinking to myself that I won't remember this in 3 years anyway and I won't know any of you people in a couple of years and what I say won't matter in the grand scheme of things. also stopped being depressed becasue of these things due to the fact that I won't regret it.
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What degree are you doing? Do you enjoy it?

Maybe what you are studying is not the right path, many people do not finish college yet become rich and successful.

Consider changing degrees, maybe doing an apprenticeship or becoming an entrepreneur, become skilled in crafts or music. There is infinite paths to success. Discipline comes from interest and determination, you must be passionate about what you do.


You must strengthen your independence, you are too needy, find hobbies, join a sports group, find a job. There are days you must have to yourself and dedicate to improving yourself. Do something for her, plan a holiday, take her to a national park. You must challenge her and help her grow. The main thing is too start loving yourself.
Without going into much details i'll greentext the highlights of my problems which have been lasting since i was young. No i'm not making shit up, no i'm not schizophrenic. Might get some hate because some people know i browse here and if any lurks ITT, they'll know it's me

>shitty childhood, abusive father
>brother always angering me to the point of beating him up
>brother spreading gossips, embarassing bullshit and the fact i beat his ass for pushing me to the edge
>got mad hated after i hit a girl in the face by knee jerk reaction since ahe slapped me hard in the face for having called her a bitch
>people spreading rumors i have a small dick, i'm homo sex and a fucking racist and a religious zealot(which i'm not any of it)
>had a reputation of being a pathological liar
>get sent in reception center after step dad hit me while my mom was away and decided to have an injunction against him. Brother saw the whole thing, denied everything
>when i got transfered in foster home, some bitch who grew up where i used to live spread mad bullshit about me and tryes to make me kicked out of the place
>fastforward to today because shit was the same, only got worse
>i'm being stalked because i'm quite known thru word of mouth and facebook(which I don't have anymore)
>police has been following me a couple of times everywhere i went for some times
>switched job and moved away countless times due to psychological harassment and stalking
>stuck ATM waiting for my taxe return to clear my credit debt but don't have any job ATM and i believe i'll have to request welfare soon since I can't get a job because of the gigantic amount of bullshit that surrounds me
>want to move away and start over but no money, no higher education
>no friends because all the "friends" i thought i had always took advantage of me and made me a bad rep
>whole family has contributed to this but they act like fucking hypocritical 2 faces that acts like they "love me"
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Knowing nothing matters and that in time all will be forgotten is liberating, it empowers you to seek what you want and to not worry about others opinions, yet remaining humble and kind is extremely important in life.

I would recommend doing things to help others, volunteering, helping out at homeless shelters or the elderly.

You must also do more memorable things, skydiving, having sex with a beautiful girl, having a child, learn to fly a plane, things like this will stay with you forever.
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runnin outa weapons
>currently renting a room at some ladies' which helps me alot but subtly makes fun of me
>everyone sees me as a retard but yet I'm far from being one
>don't have anything more than my hobbies left
>want to an hero but the only way i'd do it is with a bullet thru my head and gun laws here are very strict
I know it seems really farfetched but if i had to explain everything i'd fucking write for hours(not even exaggerating/kidding)
>sick of it all
>its only a matter of time before i end up in jail, in a nuthouse or on the streets
My life is a fucking nightmare
What philosophy books do you read? What religion do you follow? What happens when i die?
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Now Guru
Could we assist you in any way?
i want to kill my ex
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Delete social media, pack your bags and leave.

Move as far away as you can, maybe even another country.

You will not need much money, you can rely on the people you meet to help you along the way, hitchhike, stay at peoples houses. Reach out for help.

Forgive and forget all that has happened to you.

You may spend many nights under the stars with nothing but a backpack and sleeping bag, but this will help you grow and help you realize you do not want to die, but in fact you want to survive.

At some point in time you will find a place to settle, develop an income and be happy, it will come with determination.
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down to hand to hand
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Sorry, I was looking at another thread. Are we bumping with weapons?
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I do not read philosophy books, I do not have a religion, I learn from the experiences of life.

Either eternal darkness or infinite lives reincarnated without memory.


Don't, find a new girlfriend and move on


Thank you for bumping
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im bumpin with everthin i got i ran outa grenades
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if ye caught someone wih the side of that itd hurt we'll throw it in sure
Is there anything worse than a fortune cookie philosopher?
What drugs have you taken?
me and my ex broke up but she was pregnant and got an abortion to spite me ever since I've been in a really depressed state trying to figure out why
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I am unable to decipher this, please try again with correct grammar and spelling.




I have tried Marijuana, LSD and Magic mushrooms but am currently sober.


Move on, you do not want to be with someone who does not respect life. Find yourself a new girlfriend and love her, learn from your mistakes in the previous relationship. Use your depression to motivate yourself to go outside and seek happiness.
I must head off in 10 minutes, i hope i have helped some of you guys, if you want your problem answered please reply now.
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this bitch is my secret weapon
How do you turn depression into motivation?
>Delete social media, pack your bags and leave.
The only social media i used to use was Facebook, now it's been 2 years since i deleted it(not deactivated, deleted). I'd have to sell my guitar and amp(which is going to hurt a bit since it's the second time i'll have to do it), throw a bit of extra clothes away and the only material thing i have left is my skateboard and it's pretty much my life and has/will follow forever everywhere i go.
>Move as far away as you can, maybe even another country.
I've been thinking about it for a long time but i think i might consider trying to eventually find a job to stack some cash, sell some stuffs then plan things from there
>You will not need much money, you can rely on the people you meet to help you along the way, hitchhike, stay at peoples houses. Reach out for help.
I'll do the best i can and i know some places has hostel and shits like that for backpacking travelers.
>Forgive and forget all that has happened to you.
I'm full of rage and wish i could give myself some justice so I don't how i'll ever be able to "forgive and forget"
>You may spend many nights under the stars with nothing but a backpack and sleeping bag, but this will help you grow and help you realize you do not want to die, but in fact you want to survive.
True, i think i'll try to get a tent or something
>At some point in time you will find a place to settle, develop an income and be happy, it will come with determination.
Sure thanks, the beginnings are always the hardest parts

Thanks based anon, i really consider putting my energy on that and work towards it but there's a little shade of doubt that tells me that one way or another i'll end up on the streets

I'm from Quebec and i don't have a visa to travel but anything to move far from here would greatly help/benefit me to get my shit together and gain happiness

Until then, i'm doomed to suffer psychologicaly

Any pointers you could give me to help me plan things? Thanks based anon
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Accept the fact that you are depressed
Identify why you are depressed
Express your depression to the world
Seek what it is you lack.

most likely it is because a lack of something, go out and seek that something, make it abundant in your life.

if you sit at home your depression will get worse, if you go out into the world and challenge yourself, overcome fears it will slowly fade away.

Motivation is simply going out and doing, trying, regardless of the outcome.
im resourceful
File: ░.jpg (14 KB, 266x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wish i could help you more than just words, but circumstances do not allow it.

1. Get a job even 2 jobs, save as much money as you can
2. seek help, people are willing to help if you can find (psychologists, help groups, people on the street)
3.find an avenue to release your rage, boxing, weight lifting
4. when you have decent money saved up and the right equipment travel, i would recommend going south to California, establish a life there
5. do not sell your amp, become talented at music and use it to make income.

good luck, you will make it, i can tell.
Thats it, i must leave now, remember to stay positive.
Thank you based anon
What I was wishing to ask has already been answered. (Depression) and I'm convinced your reply on overcoming it is the best way possible. Thank you OP
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My wife is an alcoholic, I have OCD and can't stop worrying about her. There is less than a week now until the divorce I filed gets completed, and I keep having doubts. I forgive her but I can't forget, and I can't stop from worrying about her when we're together to an insane degree. Should I just stay the course and let the divorce finalize, or chicken out and choose her companionship even if it is filled with lies and behavior I don't approve of?

Pic not my wife, but similar build/style
You're not even me you fucking piece of shit
I was thanking him for doing this jackass
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