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Cypher? cypher
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Cypher? cypher

First word is

I be on ma shit, feeling frisky
Hit the city, drinking ma whiskey
Scotch, malt, or blended
Hope the whiskey wont get my dick bended
whiskey in the cup, and flesh in my maggots. thread is kill, op is a faggot
Im OP, I am a faggot
I even do rock a bomber jacket
But when you see me you run like a rabbit
I still caught you, your it, tag it.
Tagged like jit, sucking on a little clit.
Some say I ca b b early spit, to that I say go suck a dick, or simply fuck it.
My rhymes are so dope like my life has no hope.
Or that time she said nope, and I went home and hung a rope.
Come on, show me some goodwill
Thread's starting to feel ill
I'll post a picture of capitol hill
Join in and chill
very white person detected
Dayum son, sorry to hear
But that rope will make you disappear
Get back on the horse or drink some whiskey
Just do something quickly
Whiskey foxtrot tango
Waking up with eyes crusted panko
Waste no time coming at you like a tank though
Make a million dollar baby with your girl like Hillary swank hoe
When I walk in the night, I am rarely detected.
I'm a gangsta ass motherfucker, growing up I was neglected
I own this hood homie, all of you bitches I'd whack
Now peace out you fucking newfag, Ima go smoke my crack.
Hey dude, nice dubs
Wanna join my gang? We're the bloods
We're all black as mud
Shootin cops as a flash flood
Go smoke your crack anon
Let the real niggas play on
Sit this out like your dad did your life
What that hurt let me remove my knife
But I can't anon, this life that I've got feels very blank.
I've been lurking for feel threads, but the memes seem to get less and less dank.
What do I do when the very place I feel is home
Is slowly dieing of cancer like the Greeks took rome?
Perhaps it's time to move on
Avoid the cancer, /b/ is foregone
We've grown to old for this shit
Not even m00t can fix this with a tool kit

It's all kids now man
The cancer is smelling like a trash can
It's fucked up, it's like the ku klux klan
Think we should arrange some retirement plan
Well these games are getting fun, but it's no forever thrill
When these bitches beg to run, cuz they know their ass is kill
Oh what's that /b/ro, you said something about a knife?
I'll stick my dick right in your asshole, it'll go out your mouth, get scared for life!
Whiskey whiskey whiskey
Nigger nigger nigger
Briskly ride past on my stolen bike
Go figure, pull out ma dick
It's much bigger,
tear apart your moms placenta,
Dick same size, world trade centre
I hear you loud and clear, listen fags! This man speaks truth!
You won't get a clearer confession at church in the confession booth!
I'm sick of all these cancerfags that can't start ab original thread.
And OP, I know yous a faggot, but man THANK YOU FOR THIS TOASTY BREAD

Dude what the hell
Your rap... Bad smell
Pull your shit together
or feel the cold weather
Thanks anon, means alot
despite the fact im a huge fagot

Come on, everyone, type more
dont let this shit 404
Raps don't smell, you must be thinking of rape.
Like that one time you got fucked by that ape.
Nah I'm only kidding homie, that dudes eyes have no gleam.
Dick like wtc? Bitch please, we all know jet fuel can't melt steel beams.
Someone please make a collage! I need this.
This thread must be remembered!
Yall on some man to man shit
you said its a cypher so imma jus crash it
yall faggots, especially OP
i bet he dont even smoke weed
hoe please
when i grab my fryer
you crap your pants like danny dyer
Fuck you nigger, I dont hit the bong
You're dicks small like a chinese ding dong
this turned from a cypher into folk song
Honestly dont know what went wrong
She had brown skin mad tan like whiskey/ Rolled up on her, stoned as a kidney/ her attitude was shifty/ Always knew she was a prick tease
Now we lay on Egyptian cotton/ Her head I'd noddin/ Got her out the "hood" no Robin/ Now she treats my dick like a lozenge-
Wifed her up in the Philippines/ Affectionate is what ny feelings be/Split the sea just to show her what she means to me
But I had to go back to my old ways/ Sellin that powder, shit smells like Old Bay/ And I stayed smoking like a coal train/ Dope game/ Whole house got the aroma of co-caine/ Move it outta Spokane, no shame/ Almost forgot the hoes name/ I'm more concerned with the flow, boats and gold chains

Everyone in this Cypher is weaker than a baby hand/ I spent 80 grand on my baby's pants/Laid up in the islands getting crazy tan/ My bars are sweeter than Kit Kats/ I get that/ Click Clack/ Sig-Mag/ Typa shit to split a wig back
Got her out of the "hood" no robin
EPIC /b/RO hahahahah cracked the fuck outta me !!!!!!
Im having problems to decipher the cypher
Not sure if its rappers or nolifers
But in the end, they're all /b/ros
Fuck hoes, we're all homos
Fuck whiskey man I drink your mommas shit then I spit on your face and call you a bitch
I'm fuckin rich I eat her shit off a gold plate melt it down and slurp it while I jerk it till my dick sprays gold paint
Thanks bro that was just a metaphor I pulled outta my ass, I record hella better shit than that
Met this boy, he was all up in my face
When it was my birthday he gifted me a vase
With some green shit - he explained it a bit
But the bong was too strong
I'll use the whiskey to get frisky
Bar barbarian chillin in Barbados with a barbie at a bar while I'm barbequeing these lame o's

thats not a metaphor
Oh shit, don't tell me u have shit recorded?
Fuck man, spit some bars before thread goes aborted
Come on man, you'll be awarded
Its better than most here, who's mentally retarded

Chilling with barbie? Nah, you Alex Zenardi - if you try to F1 you dont stand a chance G
Not a metaphore homograph
Haha for shit storm reasons I ain't gonna do that fam. I'm on youtube, you prolly heard of me if you're into NY hip hop. I got my first album dropping this month, Complex was just talking about it
I spit bars like fire from a dragons head
This shits real it aint no steam beggin' thread
Gotta rap to make dough, then make some bread
Early years got me fuckin mislead

White faggots be 'dumb niggers rappin dont know shit'
ignorant as fuck like carter pewterschmidt
I'd fuck them up anyday like banana split
Did this shit lickety split didnt need a bong hit
Fuck the shit storm tell us who you are
With the reputation this site has? Nope. Love yall tho, the cypher shit is fun. I always loved this board more than /mu/

you full of shit
Think what you want bro. I'm not like, Kendrick or ASAP Rocky level famous either way, I'm just now dropping my major label debut
whiskey aint shit
i drink tesco value lager
1% volume while i fuck your pet cat harder
Ok what about a hint
I'm fat and smoke wax. That's all
Its about to be a good year, so good
im in good spirits, bought guns for the whole hood
yea thats right, all my shooters got new rugers
and, all the goonies screamin thanks for the uzis!
Dun matter who u are m8
Your rap above was tight, no b8
Faggot OP here coming back at ya
Spitting out lyrics homie I'll wet ya
Lemme slow down and switch my speed..
and these bitches pokin holes in the condom tryin to get my seed... leave me alone lemme twist my weed.... two things i never seen : a UFO, and a bitch i need
Uh, I'll wreck ny grey SAAB into your dragon face/ Make your style eradicate/ I got baklava bars, how it taste?/ I'm smoking wax with Usher/ Talking shit get hit with a plunger/ You're candy ass is sweeter than a sucker/ The shit I smoke is louder than some thunder
/Fettuccine Benz with the stromboli seats/ Blood money on the floor and a body underneath
Thanks OP, that was tighter than some mouse pussy/ I got Brazilian MILF with a stout tooshie/ She gimme head like a noogie/ Weed I smoke got more hairs than a wookie.... it's me
FUUUUUUCK I got wreked hahahahaha :D

Eyo dude whats aaaap?
You're drivin a fucking saab?
In that case u never had a blowjob
Ill fuck you up with my lynch mob

Ill force you to cumswap
Spill it over your wifebeating tanktop
Your bars aint baklava, only blablabla
You aint smoking wax with usher, you swallow his sperm like a gusher
Blowjob? Fam I get head like a pillow/ While I'm smoking getting higher than a note from a cello/ Chain is all yellow cuz I ball like Carmello/ Now they all know me, historical like Othelo-
I'm flyer than a bird dick/ Words sick from the wordsmith/ Birth this, burn shit/ On the street like a curb is/ I hold 50 like Curtis/ Ring the bell for the service/ Bring it up to the penthouse/ Sick clout/ Shove my whole dick into your big mouth
Look, you talk like you have a big cock
Lets keep that on the down low
And can you even use another rhyme scheme
Looks like you're the one who blows
If you listen to my lyrical miracle
Genius type of words
You'll be hit with a landslide
This rap game is mine
If you catch a glimpse of me its only ethereal
Cause I float into and outta your mind with precision
My shit ain't imperial its metric
Shock you till you're dead cause I'm fucking electric
Boy you aint no wordsmith
You're just pure filth

Ey, world calling wake up, hello!
You ain't getting nothing near a note from a cello

I know you aint feeling mellow
and your gold is fucked up if the colour is actually yellow

Your dick aint ever gon touch my mouth
so why dont you go back to the deep south

Try to be hard, try to ball
From my throne imma watch u fall

and I will ring the bell for service
They'll twist your neck, cus u make me nervous

dont let it 404
I cant take that shit no more
Too many faggots posts, too much gore
/b/ is just one big whore
I am armed to the teeth with masterful speech, disastrous scenes left in the warpath that I weave.

Commander in Chief I will leave your army deceased Sergeant of bars mother fucker I am the elite

I’m a mesomorph from heaven fallen, A rebel bred for war who led a hellish horde of headless horseman

I’ll leave your severed corpse dissected more than Dexter Morgan with metaphors that settle scores like The Seven Swordsman!

think you're cool with intricate references/just picked up a thesaurus and left no deference to whether or not you should/too focused on whether you could/fuck your life/I'm living on cloud 9 and the weathers all good/take your leave off the stage/exit left/cause we've saved the best for last - me.


I’ll do what Judas did, slew dude on a crucifix so gruesome I could tutor the Tudors with execution tips

I’ll break your skull and make the bones in your skeleton rupture, gain control and drain your soul of the strength it can muster.

Selectively crush your whole molecular structure, change your dna and make your own adrenaline rush ya!!
Shit's getting hype/you're fucking tripe/me and 3 billy goats gruff'll fuck you up/good night/I speak in only single lines/simply because every bar I drop is divine/it's all quotable/it's mystical/i'll pistol whip you/good thing your job is sitting on your ass otherwise you'd need to take time off/nighttime motherfucker it's over turn the lights off
shiiiiiit sooooon
lyrical BEAST
Me and you immiscible, coz you too predictable for these biblical lines

This is a waste of my verses and time, you should take out personal ads for your single syllable rhymes
But there's no hype when you type
You soft like asses on ladies when ripe
You got no cash and you fade on the mic
Only rich thing's the mayo on face when you bite
The dick that fed your mother all night
You just got sonned but kid it's alright
I got your back with a knife, make you see light
After the heart stops and eyes pass through the night
ey dude, How you be a rapgame beast?
Its not often I see someone who aint a neckbeard geek
This aint a waste of your time, just drop a line
your doing just fine, even though all we do is single syllable rhymes
You're game is a bit stronger, we're all like 'bonkers', we read your shit like warmongers
You motherfuckers are jokes
Blowing your smoke
But I smoke more blunts than snoop, so try not to choke
As if you already hadn't
I'm not mad, I'm a disappointed asian mother
I'll rip you dudes up like a tiger
Smother you in flames and turn this lesson into a fable
I'll kill you brothas, handicapped motherfuckers, like Cain to Able
If you smoking then you the one choking
See me breaking up lines of the coke in
Shallow graves on top of your folks and
Take a little pinch, apply to your brain tin
So you don't feel the sting
When I do like google did to bing
I'm turning Midas to gold and harnessing lightening bolts, pit fighting in Thunderdomes and script writing in binary code

The master of Agartha see me climb inside of the globe, stashing my battle axe on the path to lighten the load

Astronauts and Argonauts combining in the bars I got, your future is my past and my butcher is a barbers shop

There's no dimensions parallel to this one so sharpen up your daggers and lets have ourselves a witch hunt

I'm tomb raiding moon bases, and passing artifacts to Nibiru races with the stash packed in suitcases

The captain of this ship, shooting human cannonballs I spit souls out and consume the supernatural

I'm existing on a frequency thats missing from your field of vision so you'll only see me if you really listen

Two thousand leagues below the sea is where you'll see me fishin, sat atop the altar of the gods is where you'll see me christened.
stop showing off you
holy shit, actually tho
I spit these out and it just flows so good
I dont know why, but I get the feeling that you once played world of warcraft.

I got you due to lose your title, I slew a rival with illusive movements to quick for the human eyeball

I'll brutally crucify you, to chose to fights suicidal like riding on tight ropes on a unicycle

Slewing idols for my own amusement and it aint no illusion, when I push air I throw hadoukens


haha, yeah once or twice.
>haha, yeah once or twice.

that was meant for >>604370766 but I quoted myself like a dick

I used to play it but not for a long time now.
nice quads btw
Never heard panko used in a rap before.
Beats and breadcrumbs, I think you're on to something.
I get squads of quads, fool. Check em,
Your Rectum, wrecked em.
Coz I'm an asshole. Inception.
Not to mention the way you're gay n crave attention.
But you can only spot him, with a dick in his bottom at a gay convention.
im eradict, emphatic, sporatic like a crack addict/
I'll beat your face until it turns to mush so just face it maggot/

Im the most dangerous game, hitman, the top gunna/
Im like a cross between Obama, Osama, the dahli lama and a preachers mama
Your hadoukens show me you have a loose end,
From faggots using, your butt, raped n cut your smooth skin,
Til thangs get ghoulish, abortions on yo uterus,
Fags like you go with the flow like a school of fish
Is that bubbles from trailer park boys?

I'm like a Warcraft from NORAD, your world ceases quick,
You're eating dick, like candy, saying it's sweet n shit,
I make thing bitter like beers with a twist of lemon.
Heavenly rhyme patterns, like dubs go n check em.
Faggot, you sing those lyrics like you're Taylor swift,
I mean Becky, you can't respect me? Then I will rape this bitch,
Take it quick, like a false refund,
Won't ever see me run,
even 3 to one, coz to me it's fun.
Talking bout neckbeards, get wrecked n smeared,
Like a dirty Sanchez,
Wrecked like a praying mantis.
Go search for Atlantis or something while holding an anchor,
Or drown in fanta coz bitch, you is the cancer.
Muh dik ooga booga
Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu
Philosophical, Psychological, voodoo
You've been in wars your daddy never knew, who
Bottle in hand, he's always telling you that
Life's been hard since you momma left town,
But now you all he's got yet your bringing him down
Now not much to do, much like little boy blue
You slip a noose over head , staring at the ground
Then suddenly shit sticks, mothafucking gorilla glue
You see a spark of light coming from deep inside
Guiding you through this wild fucking ride
Cause you know how much crap you find yourself in
God knows its betta than sleepin with the fishes in a trash bin
Casket, inspiration blows like a head gasket on a broken down pick
Life takes it like its a mothafuckin stick up so please
I pray daily on my knees for an opportunity reconstruct myself outta a life time of buffoonery
Its to much ask for, for a little spare change, I needa tree fitty
Goddang lochness monster trickd me again
File: 8367aa1e.jpg (86 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 480x480
Making out with the Grim Reaper, he actually came
Am I gay because I asked him his name? He told me he was a G, don't ask of me, explain why I even needed to have a orgasm with he
And he's mad and laughing at me because of these mad bad bitches in the back of his jeep
Nigga slashed my throat with his fucking stick no homo, for the fuck of it go, yo
Feeeling like Romo, such a cowboy making loud noise, am I allowed to be a boy?
Oliver Twist and Johnny Quest, probably, yet obviously on a honest quest to live forever then forever sent forever back at me as a check, respect.
How the fuck did you know I was a girl?
>head gasket on a broken down pick up
only typo
You talk about bones but I really know you want a bone in you.
Like ingredients on menu, prolly had sex with ten dudes,
Back to hell I send you, produce death with no instrumental.
It's incidental, for all the weak shit you send thru,
It's too intense to, be merely accidental,
No one will friend you, after I make you install gentoo.
Bitch, tits or get the fuck Out, and if so timestamp,
How gon ask that I know you a girl when you rhyme like a tramp,
Now watch as I stamp, coz your fold over titties look like envelopes.
Easy to see you a bitch, no need for telescopes.

Ps - I can detect vaginas. ;-)
Faggot, that wasn't death you kissed. It was grandpa,
Type of idiot that think pussy feels like fucking a jam jar,
You probably get slammed hard, in your anus with tampons,
Type of dude to try n get famous by singing sad songs.
I'm the illest mc you ever seen
See me in your nightmares, and wet dreams
You're whack but think you're slick
I'll eat you alive and suck your dick
You think you spit fire, that hot ether
But I'll bend you over and rim you like an anteater
They call me mc anon, the best in this thread
I got the best rhymes, best boi pussy, and I give the best head.
File: FW131264BK.jpg (24 KB, 438x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 438x900
File: 1.jpg (22 KB, 218x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 218x265
Top Kek
What are your twelve, your English skills are pitiful,
Probably never finished middle school.
Your syllable game is pitiful.
So Ima get rid of you, along with the rest of the thread,
Til y'all resting in bed, with sore asses, confessing to Feds.
fuckin english ingrate i'll whoop your ass like i'm on mah first date,
with a stripper as i give her a dolla to holla at mah whollop,
bitch please, get back on your knees and start getting frisky with me while i drink some whiskey
Mmmmm, for real though, I bet you own a dragon dildo,
Along with a picture of your waifu on a pillow,
You only eat meals so, you can imagine it's dick,
What kinda faggot gets on 4chan n scans it for dick.
Confessing to feds?
Nigga you be confessing to bread
Bread that you stuck in your ass
Tried turning it into toast real fast
Instead you got a rash
It looked like a dash
Called the cops and the cops called in brass
brass got there fast with a lot of cash
I said fuck that and took the loot
Mike Brown was a good shoot
Look at you now, you just got rekt
You best protect your neck
One love from up above
They don't fit like the oj glove
Acquited and nic fitted on your yankees cap fitted
I'm so sick wit it

Drunk n yeah.... Lol. Ima just go off of everyone that's rhymed.
you messin with the best you gon die like the rest,
get me some chicken breasts before i put you under arrest for being faggot of the month,
you little maggot drinking punch,
you never heard of whiskey,
shit's deep you drink one glass and you'll prolly be asleep
Yeah you sick with it, bitch you're whole family got the aids,
Tragedies played out, like hamlet, you're a manlet, it's sad to see you made,
A rhyme scheme softer than melted icecream,
You got tumbled like dyke teens, lights out, have a nice dream.
Go off my rhyme?
I'm going off Carona and lime
This next line I'm gonna mime
BACK from the chamber of doom even fresher this time
You crossed a line and now you reap what you sow
I kick with the flow that i slant like Tokyo
Motha fucka don't ya know
That I fresh like douche in your pussy hole
Hey /b/ros anon here that wrote these this morning reporting in
Glad to see this thread is still alive, and it seems I did not win.
Fuck I'm out of rhymes lol at work and my head is fried.
Be sleep and whiskey? That don't rhyme. So dude miss me.
Like blind snipers, I rhyme hyper, spit fire til you're crispy,
Kentucky fried chicken, what the fuck you thinking,
Sticking your nose in this thread when I'm drunk from drinking.
you're fresher than the turd i just laid,
wnat some real advice?
lose the braids, die of aids, don't fuck with mah ace of spades and stop the sherrades,
speaking of laid hows ya momma,
bitch is so nasty i call her jeffery dahmer,
get back in the sauna with you pussy as rhymes,
it's my time to shine and you're just a nasty ball of slime
Puss ass nigga stop hatin Lil tunechi got fire.
Don't fuck with me all I east is dick
Fry my nuts on your chin
Eat my cock like it's din din
Ever seen Tin Tin?
It's this show
Was on HBO
It didn't blow
Was kind of good actually
It was a cartoon as a mater of factually
Was definitely not at all gay
Go check for a torrent on the pirate bay
Yo dad's sphincter is the chamber of doom,
You be like tomb raider, dodging the dangers of poon,
While I drown in strange wombs,
You eat Cereal in buttcheeks,
Need a katana blade before you can paste n cut speech.
>>>>>Dubs raps whole thread :^)
it's deep and sleep,
nigga so dumb he eats heaps of shit,
you can't even spit so don't botha tryin,
listen to your corny ass raps is tyring,
stop lying and get back to your sissy ass pedo ring
They call me cat turd because I'm fresher than most
Got that name in the 5th grade when I was the man
I fingered my cat and it shit on my hand
Name stuck all through high school
Man was I cool
All the girls, yo, they thought I was phat
Moral of the story: you should finger your cat
Lil tunechi kisses men like I kiss the pussy,
Soon you'll see, how I manifest the fuckin cruelty,
Consider this yo eulogy. I execute it beautifully,
While you rap like a trap drowning in a dudes pee.

You had such a nice opening line then it went to shit.
Shut the f*** up you f****** little rat
I bet you browse 4chan and fap off to scat
Do us a favor for your family tree and delete yourself from your genealogy
They call me terminator predator and alligator
Fucking up yo mom so you find out later
Peace out you low life this threads a trap
Because OP made it just to steal your rap!

this guy tore the whole thread up
where the fuck are we today? world star hip hop?

get the fuck out you stinking niggers
My dad's sphincter is dead, asshole
Now you will die too
Back again from the doom chamber, this time flinging poo, at you, from timbuktu via a cockatoo
With my verbal kung fu, I come through and assault you
He never stood a chance
Shoulda surrender like france
>inb4 stupid american, france didn't retreat, they came through in the dance
Your autism knows no bounds
Now bow down, respect the mc who dons the crown
Motha fucka
Your butthole is a pedo ring,
Towards dicks you're endeavouring,
The Fag life,you're tethered in,
Like black people are to melanin,
Your anus looks like gelatin
Against me you will never win,
Let that settle in,
Like cum
On your little chin.
ye you since you never kiss pussy i'll be the one who's get his dick mushy in yo momma's ass,
don't try to hush me with your gay sass,
you prolly on the grass with 3 fingers up yo ass,
i just smashed you like glass and you hardly scratched my brass iron casket,
mothafucka still in his basket,
listen man, your rhymes are shit so just trash it.
Well I may be tied up with work, but you rhyme like faggots twerk.
So why not shut up this punk and show him so much funk hell Stfu and lurk.
> if you see this text be green
> then I suggest you quickly leave
> cuz when I rap, my skills so keen
> you'll look like a black chick, no weave.

Now fry a nut on my chin, fuck where do I even begin?
Why you gotta give a homie a chalenge that's too easy to win!
A cock a din din?
More like a dingaling
Shooting spiderweb sperm instead of semen
Because it hasn't been used since time begins.
And come on homes
gay cartoons you watch alone
nah I was never into that shit
because when I was that age only dope rhymes I would spit.
Dude. Check the dubs tho lol
First of all check em
Dubs ftw win now I come to wreck em
Mc fire spitter ain't a quitter and your mom's a shitty knitter
Look at the sweater, it's not suitable for this weather
And wrecked. Shouldn't have put in the last verse 8/10
You're butt hurt and not much work.
I'm such a jerk, I'll fuck your mom before she gets off work,
Plus you should lurk, harder than you act,
Bitch shoulda never dropped yo dildo n started to rap
> bak2redit work and work is not a rhyme.
I've done like twenty replies so far. I would rather freestyle than slowing down with typing. Shits exhausting looking for typos when you're semi drunk off rum shots.
i'll never win since you already lost,
go brush yo teeth and don't forget the pubic floss cuz it's bed time boy,
you waving to the sailors all like "ahoy"!
i bet you're asking the jailors to make your bail for some head too,
that's right get back to bed before i shred you.
Lol my bad. Drunk. Lol

You lost resistance like Moot to feminism

You should be hanged you traitorous rodent
You shouldn't even battle against this worthy opponent
No don't think im dissin when I call you to act
But your raps as retarded and thats a fact
File: 1425958139322.jpg (12 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 275x183
This guy gets it.
You are forgiven.
Atleast they was double syllable tho. Lol
the point of a cypher is for someone else to pick up when you start falling off.

I don't have a dildo but I always stay strapped
Fuck with me and your squad will get capped
Your mom don't need to work, I fuck her all day
She just hit me up, said she wants a three way
legit famous, multimillionaire, award winning rapper here

You all suck really fucking bad
Dude I know. I've been going off of anyone that I've been quoting. Talking to a dude who has been rhyming for well over ten years. Shits a hobby.
Sup Kanye, lol
ITT a bunch of drunk anons rapping for the keks on saint Patrick's day.

And this fag
Three way bitch please I take four
That didnt even phase 'yo mama' da whore
I break niggas wrestlin
Ya whole squad on ketamin
Slow on the trigger like OP on dicks
Now go back to your life in the stix
Yeah, mother fucker
Sup nigga
Gangsta Rap nigga

Nigga (x7), I'm 100% nigga
Nigga (x7), I'm 200% nigga
Nigga (x7), why do police hate niggas?
Nigga (x7), they hate us cause our dicks is bigga
Nigga (x7), why you call yourself a nigga?
Nigga (x7), cause im a mother fucking nigga!
Nigga (x7), why you drink so much beer?
Nigga (x7), I dont drink beer, I drink malt liquor
Cause I'm a nigga!
Im a motherfuckin nigga man, I ain't all that african american shit
Fuck that im a nigga, I ain't mixed, I'm a nigga
N-I-G-G-A, nigga, you already know
Nigga (x7), why you eat so much chicken?
Nigga (x7), why won't you make it in my kitchen?
Nigga (x7), why you call them hoes bitches?
Nigga (x7), cause them hoes is bitches!
Nigga (x7), why you stay in the hood?
Nigga (x7), cause I dont like livin by peckerwoods
Nigga (x7), why you ain't got no job?
Nigga (x7), seven dollars an hour won't feed me dog
Nigga (x7), why yo pants gotta sag?
Nigga (x7), cause hand-me-downs downs is all a nigga has!
Nigga (x7), why you scared to go to court?
Shit, cause the judge look just like that put our ass on the boat and made me a nigga
Mama Rag is a nigga
Durag is a nigga
Ballstics is a nigga
And I'm Uretha's nigga
>Says four....
>gets 44 dubs....
>there is no god....

Probably a mod....
She wants a 3 way? She said she was gonna cut you like a deejay,
You say shit that a sjw teen'll say.
A walking cliche.
Buy more dildos on eBay,
And also...play hide n seek on a freeway.
> detective detected.
Em...er....top....IM THE TOP...
Y....y-you too...........
4chins ar better than ...mew two....
*tips fedora*

thank you anon
had to delete post because double quote made it homosexual
yo check
smokin a J while i'm coastin on the freeway,
blow it out the window to make sure you see me,
four bars right here just a freebie, go toe to toe with the blessed,
anyone can come get it, i don't even get stressed,
i'm not convinced i'm the best, I just spit and get checks,
you just deliverin techs/text, some salty refs on the web,
flow inconsiderate yes, straight disrespectin the rest,
and i'm on a level above, whatever you might call next

quick off the top
Checked consider us rekt
Jesus christ lord and buddha you have done a dubz that rolled like it shouda
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> four 6's as repeating digits
> bars has four letters
> one number per letter
> B.A.R.S= Bitches are really satan.
> mfw god has told us premarital sex is wrong
> mfw convincing the world that he didn't exist was Satan's greatest weapon
> mfw I have fucked satan several times.
Let's talk about your autism,
You clean floors for a living,
Your moms a whore, that's given,
And you rhyme more like a kitten,
Asking can I has cheeseburgers, got aspergers instead,
I get intravenous like a needle, and murder the thread.

'Sup faggot? Your body; I toe tag it.
I'm Snacks, you're an old braggart
who jerks off with baseball cap on
Nigger, my dick is enormous, I need to gloat
When I walk in circles my cock head creates a moat.

I'm straight illin, so label me penicillin
I'm chillin' out in Bimini, tanning with fat women.
I'm scrimmaging niglets such as your-fuckin-self
This fucker's up out the box, your case is still on the shelf.

Mazel Tov.
Gotta rhyme the whole thread son.
You faggots didn't know cyphers were gay?
Truly you havent had the courage to stay
We fondle all trisexuals and homo erotic vegtables untill we cum inside their buttholes
Welcome to the cyph
Ain't you know wrestling is for gay men,
You stay texting in lehmans,
Terms, while you get burned, for thinking I'm playing.
Nice post. I'm rating 8/8 mate,
While I masturbate on your fate,
Your jet fuel can't melt my steel plates.
This board has trap threads. C'mon now. Lol
I'm done. 30 replies molested.
More rum n cigs.
Don't die thread.
I'll be back.
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