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whats the worst thing you've done to...
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whats the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
What was her reaction?
What was your relationship to her?
Do you still see her?
I fucked my ex with a 4 D battery Mag-Light for no other reason than it was by my bed and she let me.
Convinced my gf to try anal, condom split open without me knowing near the end, kept fuckign and came inside her ass, pulled out and went wtf, I had some shit on my dick and she was dripping cum out of her asshole.
>mm, i guess trying to stick my dick in pooper without saying anything and wihout her ever done it before

>screams in pain


>yea, ocasionally we fuck
File: bickle.jpg (399 KB, 881x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>fingering a girl
>she says "try both"
>cunt-punch her with both fists
>rip something
>drive her to ER
>leave her
>block her number

>mfw she had meant "both fingers"
wow so you had some vanilla anal sex. fucking dumb fuck
gf is into heavy dom so at my friends party we sneaked into my best friends room and i tied her and blindfolded her against the bed whilst i fucked her in the ass, had to be as quiet as possible tho cos everyone was in next room, she bled all over his sheets too so he musta known
if there's shit on my dick after anal with a girl I clean myself off by fucking her pussy for a few minutes before cumming inside.
I said no to her and started jerking off right next to her
why are you using a condom for anal
>>I had a girlfriend. she had a friend.
>>we three hang out.
>>I know my gf is lazy, so I ask if she wants to follow to the store.
>>she says no.
>>I ask friend.
>>go halfway to store, fuck her in bushes.
>>go to store.
>>go home.
>>gf suck my dik.
>>feel bad.
gr8 b8 m8
Because I didn't want shit on my dick

Punched her in the face during sex
Chipped her front teeth
We were drunk, so initially it was funny. As she got sober, it became less funny.
We were fucking around off and on for a few months.
Because the ass is an AIDs nest
I was fucking her in the ass, pulled out spit on her back and when she turned around I blew my load in her face...how's that?
never once had shit on my dick, dk what kinda filthy rides you guys are slamming
Then Id have to fuck shitty pussy later, or never get to do it with her again
>"tell me when you're gonna cum"
>focus all attention on her
>bust glorious nut without warning
>instant gag, choking, coughing
It was just a tiny bit, and there was no enima or anything
>forced deepthroat
She's still my gf

>Bad move during anal, she cried
Still still my gf.

I'm cautious now though. Even if we continue anal and she's doing deepthroats by herself. Love that girl.
>drunk, horny, bored
>upstairs neighbor always wants to hang
>fuck it, nothing else to occupy my time
>go get some head
>tell her we should fuck
>"ok, but it's been a while, i don't usually.."
>start fucking
>10min later i say
"this is boring, can we just stop."
>roll over
>sleep in her bed
>leave next morning

That entire experience with that chick was crazy as fuck.
Many more stories involving substances and fucking.

She liked it rough.
my gf loves it when i force her to do stuff, gets off on it, like she loves the scenario of saying no to me ramming it in her mouth, loves getting her arms pinned down as i just force it in and shes choking on it

why do girls love shit like that
had her sing happy birthday (it wasnt either of our birthdays) as i fucked her ass. that was weird. also very enjoyable.
>meet girl at party
>kissing n shit
>say lets go back to my place
>naked n shit but she doesn't want to fuck
>convince her, use the L word
>fuck her again in the morning, take her home
>give her fake number and tell her to call me
>oh yeah she was virgin
>be 18
>Girlfriend found out I was cheating on her
>got all pissed off and freaked out
>big fight
>her parents weren't home tell her her sister is hotter than her anyways
>she says "why don't you just go fuck her then"
>maybe I will
>angry fight sex ensues
>before insertions get up
>go upstairs to sisters room
>she was 16
> walk in
>she pretends like she hadn't heard this whole commotion
>I am ass naked her sister is staringg at me with wide eyes
>I essentially rape her but she loves it
>my girlfriend at some point comes upstairs and watches
>they are both crying
>finish up and leave

I stayed with her for a few more months before dumping her unceremoniously

I was a huge dick in highschool

Huuuh... You pick the worst one?

>dislocated a girl's jaw
>broke a girl's tooth (not the same)
>bruised her left ass cheek so much she could barely sit (tooth girl this one)
>had a girl jerk me off next to her mom in a tent (mom was "asleep")
>cheated in my gf's bed with another girl (she really had it coming) who was sleeping at our place for a week before dumping her.
>tying a girl to a wall coathanger and punching her in the stomach before face fucking her
>fucking a girl who was deeply in love with me 10 minutes after I dumped her just to see if she still was my bitch. She was.
>be back in highschool
>PYT all over me 9/10 little slut
>me 16, she 15/14?
>rubbing her nice little tits all over my face
>rubbing my dick
>gets completely naked
>i keep moving my hand down
>denied everytime
"I'm still a virgin, and i really like you..."
>try once more
"Well, this is a waste of time-"
>push her off of me
>go to sleep
>make her find a way home next morning
Rape. We are currently in a loving relationship.
>break heart
>fuck her twin sister

Felt great man.
nothing but i would like to
>spit in her mouth
>lick her face
>slap her face
>piss in her
how do i get girls into this?

File: wow.gif (641 KB, 360x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
641 KB, 360x240
>Be first date
>didn't start as a date, we were just seeing a movie as friends
>Joking before movie starts
>much taller than her, lean over her, joking about my height
>eyes meet, awkward silence
>move head down by 4 inches so lips meet'
>start making out
>Friendzone escape velocity achieved!!!
>keep making out through whole movie
>after movie
>walking out of theater
>take walk in public park
>laying in grass behind a tree
>start making out
>lord jesus took the wheel, hands acting on their own
>fondle breasts, go under shirt and pull down her bra
>amazing tits
>slowly move my hand down her smooth stomach, until over her tight jeans
>clumsily undo button
>hand in the panties, rubbing what I can only assume to be her clit, since I could not see.
>we forget we are in public as my finger slips into her vagina
>slowly and delicately fingering her, move up to 2 fingers.
>she starts to moan, still kissing me
>her hips start to move back and forth, and her breathing gets faster.
>feel her boddy twitch slightly and she sqeaks a bit.
>I just made a girl cum for the first time ever.
>we look up, and realize that we were in public
>no one saw, since we were behind a bush, but if 2 folks emerge, slightly disheveled from behind some foliage, what would you think?
>she gets so fucking embarrassed.
>never go on a second date
>doesn't matter, I still finger fucked her.
>still jack off to memories of that day.
>be yesterday
>girl comes from another state
>spends weekend in hotel
>fuck a lot
>penis swells from abrasion
>cum twice
>out of cum
>watch a movie
.............................................the good part
>she's on her stomach
>I"m about 200 lbs 10-12% bodyfat
>She's 5'1"
>on her stomach
>I'm dropping dick in from the top
>hit G spot every time
>"stop anon"
>gives up
>keep pumping her
>she starts saying please anon stop
>i dont stop
>using my penis as a weapon at this point
>threshold of sensetivity is high as fuck
>refractory period
>cant feel shit
>she cums again
>squirts (not like in porn. she actually dribbled a little)
>contracts hard
>body tenses
>feel her go limp
>she starts mumbling nonsense
>keep fucking her
>ask if she's ok
>nods head
>she shouldnt have moved
>I put that dick in hyper drive
>she stopped moaning a while ago
>just starts breathing heavy
>her face is red
>she's totally exhuasted
>dick has brush burn
>it was worth it
>she cant move
>tries to pick herself up
>get on /b/ cuz hotel wifi
>browse /b/
>she lays there and falls asleep for a couple hours
i gave her the male gaze
Yeah mine too, but for the deepthroat we were dating like, a month. So too early.

And for the rest, she has that "semi-rape" fantasy so it's cool when I tie her and she's all mine.
Sometimes I ram her ass so hard I actually can't believe she doesn't spurt blood and shit from all holes.
After that she's all like "thank you".

But again, it's all in the foreplay and/or the context. Once she's crazy excited, you can do pretty much whatever you want.
You don't get to porn-like action just by asking that while playing Zelda.

Yeah no.
Was fucking my girlfriend in the ass. Said, "please stop. " I kept going as she winced in pain until I nutted in her ass.

Took it out and and saw it dropping she cried in the bathroom Afterwards.

Week later she asked for it in the ass again so all good I guess.
I fucked and nutted in my sisters drunk/ passed out 8.5/10 friend.

Trying to hard.
Leaking seamen fyi not poop.
Fucked my gf then drove across town and fucked another chick. 2nd chick blew me with my gfs dried pussy juices on my cock.
good job.

kek, I'll use that with my loved one.
>be next day
>"Anon my stomach hurts"
>touches her pelvis
>lots of pain
>feel bad
>bruised her vagina for my sick pleasure of dominance
>women cant control cumming
>mfw women are flawed sexually
>mfw the brain over rides their desires and chooses to cum anyway
>felt bad
Fucking apostrophes, man. I started reading this and thought you came inside your two or more sisters. Which would have been worse than what you actually did, and, therefore, better for the purpose of this thread.
>be me, 19, uni first year
>chill with gf in my dorm room
>one thing leads to another
>gf riding me, i start pumping
>pull out for THE thrust
>accidental anal
>got slapped

still together for some reason
They have to trust you completely. before you do, don't jack off for a week and then snort about 10 mg of heroin and 25 Or more mg of ritalin. Its so fucking good
File: image.jpg (269 KB, 1457x778) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 1457x778
Fucked a fatty to get closer to her skinny 8/10 younger sister. When I fucked the fatty id force her to dirty talk about her own sister and how hot her sister was. She cried the first few times but eventually helped me get her sister shit faced and jack off on her feet. Shit was cash
I would like to request sauce on this.
rape (her fantasy)
She cried and came
gf at the time
wife now
I don't got no love for em but hard dick and bubble gum
Sorry holmes. I don't go crazy with my sentence structure when I'm on my phone.
Be me probably 14.
Sleep over at friends house.
His little step sister is 13.
Ridiculously nice ass and tits, very physically mature for her age.
Feel her up while she's sleeping on the couch.
She wakes up for a second but she's wearing a sleeping mask (thank god).
She sits up on the couch and I freeze.
She lays back down and falls asleep.

No one knows to this day.
No one but you, /b/.
lol dude i'm not snorting any fucking heroin but thanks for the tip
dude....it's simple

>(>) green texting
I defecated into her mouth and then came into it.

she is my wife now...
what's a girl? never had a so called intercourse
Oh I forgot!
>got some young milf to suck me off in her kitchen with her man sleeping in the next room
>at some point ended up dropping by every week or so to fuck her when he was away, next to their kid sometimes
Thank you
I was really drunk shoved my finger in her ass..she was moaning but asked me about it next morning
For some reason when im really drunk I go for the butthole
File: 125011.jpg (19 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 300x300
Drunk is best time to experiment bro, shes more likely to do stuff when sober
File: 1421864286305s.jpg (7 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 225x225
destroyed her asshole accidently while fucking like a beast

>she did not shit straight for 1 month
even though my gf isnt a huge fan of anal i decided one night to give her some buttfucking out of the blue. she said "ouch"- didn't exactly say no. came in her ass and it felt amazing.

its fucked up how much i get off on degrading my gf
>be 19 and lonely after being homeless for a month and a half
>got my shit together now but being alone still sucks
>remember girl who was really into me senior year and was prude
>just want to hang out
>she comes over and we small talk, watch TV, make food
>tell her about how I like her voice (she's a singer)
>she starts singing to me
>swoon by rising Appalachia
>oh my
>she's getting closer, moving her hips as she's singing until she's right against me grinding
>make out pushing shit over
>decide I don't want to go too far, it's been a while since this kind of thing
>she's naked and sooo fucking hot
>she's still trying to get frisky
>say I have to use the bathroom
>thought that would turn it down a bit
>come back and she sucks me off
>decide not to care
>we're getting rough and shit
>fuck hard
>she's into being hit and that kinda stuff
>holding her down doggy style
>she yells me to smack and spank her
>not really wanting to smack her I spank her hard
>demands I slap her
>I dunno
>she says shell leave if I keep being a pussy
>smack her face off
>out cold
>I haven't realized
>pull out and cum all over
>think she's just being dramatic
>leave her there and walk out for a smoke
>she wakes up while I'm out thinking I raped her while she was out
>she was a virgin
>come back in to her sobbing and screaming at me
>ff two weeks
>hear she's fucked her best friends boyfriend, sisters boyfriend, half the guys she works with, and is now dating a 25 year old nignog

Does this count?
> be me 30 and married
> wife works retail
> 19yo 9.5/10 coworker likes to come to our house and drink
> idea.jpg
> one night everyone drinking
> encourage girls to drink more
> not too much for me
> they are really wasted I say one more shot
> take out shot glasses with precrushed ambien
> wait 30 minutes
> sleepytime
> test waters by rubbing leg
> nothing. Golden
> move hand further up leg and under skirt
> rub panties
> finger slips under panties
> beautiful and wet
> to scared to fuck
> finger and jack
> cum on leg
> sleep well that night
File: 1421864913220.jpg (30 KB, 472x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 472x461

Made her drink my piss and eat my shit every time I had to go.
She loved me and didn't judge.
She was and still is my gf.
>snort heroin
don't forget to inject your marijuanes
ok never mind the shitting how do i get girls to drink piss?
>mfw when no face
Meet woman. Turns into one night stand. Realize in the middle of fucking her that she is wearing a wedding ring. Pinned her arms up over her head and removed the ring while still giving her the business. Slid the ring onto the top of my little finger. Finger blasted her asshole with it. After a little bit, flipped her over and gave her a hard anal session and told her she deserved it because she didn't tell me she was married. Hilarious.
you know you can snort heroin right? Or are you saying its inferior to injecting? Either way, you're a faggot.
If she drinks ur cum its easy to get her to TRY it. Should be easy if shes horny enough to.
And it was actually much harder for her to drink pee than eat shit at first.
Not evem 10 mg? Wow, what are you? A pussy? All it takes is a little, otherwise you would cum too fast from not jerkin it. Its a good balance, trust me
File: 1374310326164.jpg (133 KB, 375x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 375x444
> be me at age of 16
> get a girlfriend and relation ship last for 3 year
> get head pretty often but i simply dont bust my nut
> she really wanted me to cum in her mouth so its a problem that i cant cum on normal bj
> one day im recieving and i just grab her head and just forced against my cock and i start face fucking her
> this goes on until we break up
> i enjoyed watching her gag and moan on my dick
> pretty sure this left her mentaly scarred for rest of her life but fuck it she was just a cum dumster
Yeah, shooting up is for junkies. Snorting a bit every now and then is cool though
> be me 15 y/o on summer vacation
> hangout with two girls, A who is 8/10 and B who is 6/10
> we decide to start drinking
> all three of us get drunk
> i fucked B once, and dated A
> B disappears, dont remember where she went
> me and A
> she says she needs to pee
> follow her in to the bathroom for lel
> "lol anon, ok dont watch"
> i watch
> decide she needs a shower
> "u should join"
> we make out and she undresses herself
> i do it too, but stop at my boxers
> she is butt naked, i have the biggest hardon
> her tits are small but awesome
> fookengr8man.mp4
> join in, she touch my dick a little bit
> touch her 10/10 ass and hot breasts while she sometimes touches my dick
> laughing all the time
> finished with shower
> B: "did u shower together??"
> "lol no"
> go to sleep
> lay down in the middle of A and B
Fucked this chick, then ended up fucking her mom downstairs in the same house a couple hours later while her daughter was asleep.
That's one deformed dick
> looked at a girl once
Hola trips

> they both fall asleep, at least i think they do
> im naked, B and A are in their thongs, nothing else
> my hand is touching A's boob because my arm is around her
> starts kissing her boobs, no reaction
> autobotsrollout.jpeg
> super blueballs after shower
> she always does that
> starts touching her asshole and pussy outside thong
> she seems wet
> step aside, thong
> touch her perfect pussy, it is kinda wet
> start fingering her carefully with my index finger
>so hot
> wanna put my thumb up there, for some reason
> its weird, but ill take it
> sick of the pussy, im going for the ass
> start rubbing it gently, pressing harder and harder
> i go for the kill
> pressing finger slowly inside
> suddenly hear weird mumbling, something about the butthole
> decide to stop cus im a pussy
> still wanna play

but why?
Dont even care if fake. Epic
Tooth broking ain't bad.
What did you do of the girl you fucked after dumping her ? Why not keeping a free fuck bitch ?
Why was being skinny so professed by the mainstream for so long until this bigbootytwerk craze? That looks like a 12 year old boy's ass and it's pretty hot.
File: bbutr.jpg (4 MB, 1936x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 1936x2592
>Dating spoiled white dress kinda girl with daddy issues. Always super posh/grommed. No granola hippy here.
>Not sexually ambitious at all. the kind of girl whos afraid of anything other than missionary. >Absolutely disgusted by the thought of anal.
>Valentines day
>Kinda drunk/stoned
>making out
>she pulls my tie off
>without her realizing I have her wrists tied behind her back with said tie.
> Start boning her doggy. Shes getting there and loosing control.
>pull it out. Start fingering/riming her.
>Shes facedown in a pillow and in too much pleasure to object.
>Slowly ease dick into her pooper while slickin her bean
>she ends up coming while Im at this point ravingly tearing her ass up.
>After I untie her she ends up saying "that was interesting, but dont ever ever do it again" and then she spends like a half hour in the bathroom.
>took her anal virginity and loved it, def scarred her a tad.
>ended up fucking her for another few months before we went our ways...
>worth it
>pic highly related, OC. Your welcome you neckbearded cucks.
That last part made it such a fucking dick move. That grill is scarred 4 life.
you couldn't find a gayer rug?
> put my dick between her thigs
> start thrusting
> feelslikeheaven.gif
> im about to cum
> still "fucking" her vagina, but cant cum, it'll destroy me
> decide to stop
> try to sneak my dick inside the hole
> the tip goes in, the rest not so much
> she suddenly wakes up
> pretend to be asleep
> she goes to the bathroom
> comes back, everything is as usual
> B wakes up as well
> chat a bit, A falls asleep
> B asks if i can massage her
> alrighty then
> starts massaging her back
> put some oil she has on
> thinking she is asleep, i start moving down towards her ass
> massage her 7/10 ass
> so fucking good
> rub my dick on it
> shes not asleep
> "thanks that'll do"
> lay down beside her again
> bitch im still horny
> she asks if i can tickle her arm, you know that gay thing girls like
> do so
> her arm is on my stomach
> slowly move it towards my boxers with each stroke
> open up boxer with other hand
> push her arm down inside
> it touches my dick 3 times or so before she retracts her arm and goes back to sleep
> jack off, go to sleep, wake up and jack off in the bathroom 3 times while theyre still asleep the next morning
it wasnt too horrible, but they B didnt do anything sexual until 2 years later and A went on a sexing spree. Also saw Bs pussy the day after by accident, and stole what i assume was one of As used thongs. Very close to both of them still
Cuz that's totally his room?
Nope. I started dating the girl I cheated on her with. I'm a gentleman, I wouldn't cheat on my girlfriend.
noice storie m8. im going with it as real even if not.
>flogged his junk for several minutes after tying him to a bench
>just heard he had cheated a bunch
>not together anymore. Kicked that sack of shit to the curb.

The flogger broke, too.
I think I get it, tooth-broking gentleman. So you cheated on your girlfriend, broke up with her then fucked her, then dated the "week" girl ?
Stuck a ribbed thick bottle of perfume in her ass pinned her down while i inserted it all the way whilst she cried
Fucked her pussy and cummed in her
As her master at the time told her it had to stay in whilst she ate dinner with parebts. Tried shitting it out after. Stuck loterally tried for ages. Hospital trip later and one shitty bottle of perfume removed from ass. Did it again the week after.
i convinced a girl into having sex with me
>So you cheated on your girlfriend, broke up with her then fucked her, then dated the "week" girl ?

Close! It was indeed the same girl, but it was before I dated the "week girl". I dumped her once before, and that's when it happened. After a while, we got back together. Then the "week girl" came.
>broke up with 1
>fucked her again
>got back together later (month or so)
>week girl come at home for the week
>fuck her the whole week whenever my 1 is away
>dump 1 when week girl leaves and tell her everything
>now dating week girl.
File: idance.gif (2 MB, 400x222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x222
Damn I wish I were as alpha as you
File: booty had me like.gif (836 KB, 276x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
booty had me like.gif
836 KB, 276x281
bruh that was borderline rape
cool story 9/10
can't believe you didn't actually fuck either of them
You sticked your dick in crazy. Bad job.
Yeah okay I see now
If you had cheated on both, that would have been kind of a combo lmao
and anything you wish you'd do to your actual week gf ?
Most are crazy. And the crazier the better the sex like anon said. It's a dangerous line to walk
disappointed her with a subpar, mediocre, sexual performance.
coz u seem pretty much into bdsm, realist stories, i'm curious about what your actual fetish/fantasy would be
When I'm feeling especially dominant, I make my wife lick my sweaty balls and asshole after I workout. She complains and goes "eeew," at first, but before long she's licked all the sweat up and I cum on her face. Then she complains for five minutes about having to wash her hair and change her shirt.
> be me
I'm pretty sure begging you to stop crosses the border.
All girls are a little wonky but the ones like in anon's greentext are the real mentally damaged ones. Ofc. cool sex but everything, literally EVERYTHING else sucks about these girls. When you think you're a man and you're in charge, they will still destroy you.
Here are a couple.
>be in college
>girl we called "cowstrich" (kind of fat with long skinny legs) always trying to get with me when I'm drunk at parties
>usually have better options
>her friend says that she said she would make me love her if its the last thing she ever does
>be drunk at a party
>not too many other options
>go home with her
>let her suck my dick while pretty much ignoring her
>"let me now when you are going to cum"
>"sure, no problem"
> 3 day geyser with no warning
> She slurps it up
> I say "good girl. Now let me sleep."
>"what about me"
>"I don't care if you wanna schlick while I sleep"
>Wake up with a hard on at like 5 am
>slap he face with my dick and pick her fat tits
>she wakes up and says "my turn?"
>"sure" I slide in her pussy and she tries to kiss me
>"dont fucking kiss me"
>"you can do it any position you want"
>"OK, roll over so I don't have to look at you"
>"you are so funny!"
>(not kidding)
>she really only had one redeeming value and that was an A+++ perfect asshole
>fuck pussy for a couple strokes while shoving her head down
>slap her ass a little too hard
>"owwww. that hurts. not so hard"
>head down harder
>Start fingering her asshole
>slide cock up between ass cheeks
>one big thrust and halfway up her shitter
>don't stop
>"OK, but I need you to suck it again"
> whimper whimper.."OK"
>face fuck post anal with facial surprise
>back to sleep
>wake up at like 6:30 and try to get out
>door locks with a key and I can't find it
>5th floor apt and the fire escape is through her roommates room.
>"Hey, I'm hungry. Want me to bring you something from Hardee's?"
> "Yes I'd like 53 blah blah blah..."
> Never look back
I'm actually pretty tame with my actual girlfriend. She's not totally okay with dominance and violence. I'm pretty sure she totally has insecurities about that, and even though I mostly disagree with her I don't want to risk hurting just to assert dominance.

My fetish? Getting her to fuck me while she jerks me off or something. Also in impossible stuff, wish that she had a twin.
Me neither. Teasing bitches
Feel bad, the bj or in general?
The fetish sounds kinda cute compared to what you previously said
> I don't want to risk hurting just to assert dominance.
Especially this. But I agree with you mate, only insecures males would risk losing their girl just to get some alpha points.
For this yea you're a gentleman. Furthermore she'll probably ask by herself by the time, sure.

And I don't understand, did she never fucked you after jerking you off ?
The twin fantasy lol
super relevant story bro
Fuck me as in pegging me. And jerking me off at the same time.
why didn't you open with pic related so I knew what to picture you cunt?
Gf drank too much at party one night. After everyone leaves find her passed out in my bed. Take her panties off and climb on top. Slide dick into her ass. Start pounding away. Cum in her ass and roll over. She gets up, throws pillow, wobbles to the bathroom, and slams door shut. I go grab pillow since it was mine she was using and I don't like hers. See 2 huge wet spots where she was crying into pillow. Flip pillow over and go to sleep. She didn't say anything to me next day, but we still together.
>woken up with morning wood and slid in while she was asleep
>she did not approve
>keep going anyway
>she has to wake up now and go clean herself up
>happened several times


Just after college was working as a bouncer
>super cute waitress
>always wants to hang out
>think I am getting some
>never get any
>start dating someone else
>she gets jealous
>wants to hang out again
>"Anon, Will you go to my brothers wedding with me?"
>get pretty fucked up
>Go back to hotel
>"Oh Anon, so glad we are friends again"
>"friends? I'm only here so I can have sex with you."
> "hahaha, you are so funny"
> Shots of tequila
> She undresses to white lacy panties and bra
> I start kissing her
> "no anon, we are friends"
> lay off, another shot???
> kissing again, slight resistance
> hand on pussy/slapped away
>hanfd on tit/mildly resisted
>unclasp bra/laughter
>very close to perfect little tits
> "wanna do body shots"
> "OK"
>salt the tit/suck the nipple
>"your turn"
> "OK, where?"
> "off the top of my dick"
> "hahaha, you are so funny"
> "Hahaha. you are cute. I am not kidding. Lick it"
> push head down
> "erm. OK, don't be so rough."
> salts the dick/licks the dick/dick gets hard.
> You didn't get it all off
>"hahaha, ok."
>more licking
> underneath.
> "OK"
> full on licking dick and sucking sort of half assedly
File: aphextwin.jpg (24 KB, 356x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I covered her face with a pillow
she started crying
> pull her into 69
> pul panties to the side and start licking
> she pretty much quits sucking my dick and just lays there getting eaten
> get up, pull off her panties and get naked, swith to tops
> lick her pussy while shoving my dick in her mouth
> She is into it, sort of
> thrust too deep
> she gags and pukes a little
> basically a rag doll now
> fuck her pussy for a bit then switch back to fucking her mouth
> thrust deep on purpose, she pukes again
> wipe puky dick in her hair
> fuck her more and cum in her pussy
> leave her in puky bed while go to sleep in the fresh one

> wake up still horny
> go over and start fucking her pussy again
> no action
>thrust in her mouth
> "no, anon, just fuck my pussy"
> pull ragdoll legs up
> slide into her ass
> "ow no"
>keep on
>"you are a dick"
> keep on
> pull out to cum on her face
> go shower
> come out, she is still asleep
> get dressed
> write her a note thanking her for a great good bye date/fuck
> piss on her bridesmaid dress, in her purse and on her ass.
>walk out

She called me a few times and said she loved me and needed me.

Thought about using her more, but really not interested in her anymore at all
My wife can be like that. Its fun to watch her face cycle from pain to pleasure during forced orgasms. They get stronger the more I get out of her though, so shits cash.
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>Got a car Bj from now ex
>only showered in the morning
>had gone to gym and sweated
>had masterbated a couple times
>uncut fag
>dick is a mixture of smegma, old cum and sweat and smell so bad
>forced her head down to muh cawk
>mfw she sucked that shit clean for thirty minutes

The one that got away boys
wildly unlikely
never wanted to be yourself punched/molested ?
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