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Interactions with law enforcement. Share...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Interactions with law enforcement. Share your stories. Anything goes

>Be 18, fresh out of highschool
>was working at walmart
>get off shift around 8pm and drive over to friends house to play magic the gathering (trading card game)
>on way to his house, deck box slides off seat and cards spill in to floor
>pull up outside his house and start picking cards up out of floorboard
>notice cop car slowly drive by
>stop and watch him for a minute
>after he passes laugh and think "yeah bitch you aint gonna do shit"
>as I finish that thought he spins around and flips on his lights and comings roaring back at me
>2 cop cars come around the corner and they all box me in
>oh god damnit all
>police interrogate me over why I was sitting in my car and minding my own business so suspiciously
>they keep pressuring me to let them search the car but I refuse
>asks me what I'm hiding that I wont let them search it
>tell them I'm hiding a copy of the bill of rights
>cop gets rather upset, but backs off
>friend comes out of his house like wtf and cop draws gun and screams at him to get back inside
>after like 30 minutes they finally confirm I'm an 18 year old kid with no record that just went to a friends house to play a nerd game and leave me alone
>that was my first experience with the police.
>great first impression
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>be me
>be white
>never had interaction with police
I've been sexually harassed.
I won't go in to it.

But yea, fuck them.
>I won't go in to it.
That is not what they said...
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You did it champ.

This just in, the entire police world raped anon.
>be me
>be white
>had 4 interactions with cops
>they were polite all 4 times
>only got a citation from 1 of them
>it's good to be white
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hop up out da bed.png
268 KB, 637x313
>be walking down the street minding my own business
>it starts raining so I put my hood up
>*bang bang* 10x
>get 9 lbs of cocaine and 13 pistols planted on me
>they claim I reached for the cop's gun
>"I feared for muh life!"
>cops refuse to allow my family to give me a proper funeral
>news paints me as active blood, crip and ISIS member
>killer cop receives 9001 medals for bravery in the line of doody
>mfw I'm not even black
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Long story short, use a god-damn proxy.
>be me 24 uk fag (10 years ago)
>love the pizza, downloaded loads
>never thought I'd get caught
>*knock knock*
>run outside trying to hide laptop
>LEA see me and restrain me, get laptop
>"youre under arrest blah blah"
>Go to court, lie about virus
>Everyone knows its bullshit, 5 years time
>My dad hates me, my mom thinks im stupid
>TFW I almost got stabbed twice in prison for my crime
>on way home from shooting range
>get pulled over
>starts out normally enough
>cop asks me if I have any weapons in the vehicle
>tell him "I'm on my way home from the shooting range, theres 4 or 5 rifles in the back
>before I can actually finish my sentence, there's a glock in my face and a cop screaming incoherently at me
>his partnet comes up on passenger side also pointing his gun at me and screaming
>slowly follow the conflicting orders not to move, and to get out of the car by opening the door and allowing myself to simply fall over on the pavement
>cop grabs me by shirt and pins me to ground
>handcuffed, searched, thrown in police car
>they search my entire car, more cops show up, they take all of my guns, K9 dogs search car, they're cutting up my seats looking for drugs
>get thrown in jail and spend about 16 hours in holding
>finally released and told no charges are being filed against me
get my car out of the lot, it's completely trashed
>where are my guns?
>go back inside and they tell me to fuck off
>keep calling and coming back demanding my property that was seized
>get 2 guns back, they can't find the rest. they're "lost" in evidence locker
>finally call a lawyer and pay him a ridiculous fee to write a letter that threatens to tear their legal balls off if the guns aren't returned
>they finally "find" my guns, although one of them has scratches all over it, another is covered in surface rust, greasy smudgy finger prints all over the finishes
>this was 2 weeks ago and I'm currently trying to convince a lawyer to take up my case and sue the balls off the city but he tells me there's not guarantee I'll win and the legal fees will be expensive.
>just fuck the police. fuck them. I'm never telling the police the truth again, ever.
>one of your friends grows up to be a cop
>already a douchebag
>has a cute wife
>she fucks everything that moves
>he becomes either unknowing or unwieldy cuckfag
>wasted one night at bar, she offers to drive me home
>nothing happens whole car ride
>get in the house, immediate savage attack
>about an hour later she leaves

about a week later
>leaving bar, someone slams my head from behind
>wake up in a hospital
>pistol whipped
>not like i made an enemy at the bar
>suddenly realize I haven't heard from the douchebag
>not like i can call the police

can't tell currently if worth it, it's only been a month, but she facebook messages me STUUUUPIIIIDDDD shit still.
>Pull into street
>Turn around
>Get pulled over
>"ur suspicious cuz u turned around"

Not even joking. Westerville, Ohio.
That sucks. They are way too jumpy.

What state is it?
>years ago
>much younger me
>happened to have a Subaru at age 16
>one snowy day in January
>have a snow day
>I decide to go out and record some donuts
>put my camera on some random mailbox
>do dome sweet donuts and whatnot
>come home and get high
>suddenly see a cop pull down my driveway
>ahh shit
>go to the bathroom and sit there
>hear the cop OPEN my house door
>''police! anybody home?''
>Did this dude just open my door?
>walk out, say ''sorry I was in the bathroom;;
>pause and look at my door, then him
>pull the rights card idk why
>''sir did you have permission to open my door?''
>he gets all bitchy with me
>''listen your door was already open I just walked in!!'
>though I was in some deep shit
>he asks if I was drifting in my car
>hell yeah mang
>asks if this my camera
>why yes officer it is
>returns it to me safely, with new batteries because the old ones died
>sweet thanks!
>actually a cool cop for once
the end
Hey champ, how you doin now? You doin better champ?

I hope you're not surprised or mad at them for that.


Sounds like a shit. Report what happened.

Sounds like a weirdo.
>driving down the street
>cop pulls up behind me
>cop lights me up
>pull over
>"sir your brake light is out"
>"really? which one?"
>"the center one"
>"oh okay. i just replaced that bulb too, must be something wrong with it. thanks."
>"no problem, have a good night"
>"thanks officer"
>pull away
>just white things
He put batteries in it to check the pictures.

He still shouldn't have walked into your home like that.

Don't be complacent.
Thanks for asking how I'm doing. I'm dead now, I have 20 holes in me, my reputation has been ruined, and my soul is forever trapped here in the plane of the living scrolling 4chan for all eternity because I haven't gotten a proper burial.
Fucking sheep.

Being white doesn't mean shit anymore. Go shill elsewhere.
Yea, he's lucky, you could have seriously fucked him.

That's greaaaat champ, glad to hear it. Run along.
plz tell me your uncommons and rares were ok

Encounters with the police are like a dice roll now. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, 11, or 91. If the cop is feeling like he hasn't shot his gun in a while he'll just aim it at you and let off and say you reached for his gun.
the fuck is it really this bad in america

alright here we go

>be black britfag (yeah hate faggots whatever)
>stoned as fuck with white friend
>police stop us as we are obviously high
>carrying a bunch of chocolate and ribena
>police search us, find weed, throw it away
>laugh and tell us to have a good day

And that was the only time ive ever been searched or hassled by the police

you faggots live in a shithole or some fantasy world where police are actual assholes
>be me
>about to go smoke weed with friends
>walking across a park
>"Shit, anon, there's police following us"
>Glance across park
>Two police officers coming in from either side of the park
>go out of third entrance, hide weed under a storage container and leaves
>Sit on wall having cigarettes
>Police check near where weed is hidden, we're watching like hawks
>finds nothing
>we get high
>be about 15
>outside mates house waiting for him
>robberies in area and one of the houses near where I was waiting had the front door wide open.
>looked like I was casing it or something
>Police pulled up and asked to search me, they patted me down and looked in my bags, all cool , gave me some paper thing and went on their way.

I don't know what some people do to piss police off, but all my encounters have been pretty calm.
>Think I was 15 or so
>Used to cut across neighbours lawn every day as it was on the corner of the street
>they constantly threatened to kill me and feed me to their dogs
>I would dance on their grass and sometimes piss on it after they started threatening me
>eventually they call the cops, one shows up at my house around 7 in the morning
>explains to me its tresspassing and that whole spiel
>my dad idiotically asks 'what im going to do now'
>i sarcastically reply "not walk on their lawn"
>cop threatens to arrest me unless I apologize to my dad
>my sisters call him a fucking moron and a pig from the top of the stairs
>I laugh in his face
No dude it's real. We generally don't make these kinds of stories up. I've had good and bad though, so it's hard to say.
>be 20
>illegal rave in abandoned h&m finished
>really fucked on MD
>decide to steal a manikin, it'll look good in my room
>walk outside
>immediately police
>"whats that?"
>"errm, a mannikin officers"
>"right, is it yours"
>"right, where are you going?"
>"back to uni i guess"
>"oh right, what do you study?"
>"you're free to go, what the fuck are you doing here?"

if i had said psychology they would have definitely arrested me
Most cops here are quite reasonable, they deal with what you present to them. That said, OP handled that very poorly, cops were fine.
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>be 18, white male
>leaving friends house after smoking weed at like 1AM
> use drops and cover my entire body in body spray to hide it
>driving home, friend who also just left calls me
>"dude, don't leave Anons, this cop has been following me for 2 miles outside his jurisdiction and-"
>see cop pull into gas station ahead of me
>I say "oh shit gotta go, cops."
>casually drive by, cop pulls out behind me
>oh god
>pull onto my street, maybe he'll roll past
> pulls onto my street
>oh god oh damn
>pull into my driveway, thinking it's like playing tag, if I make it to home base, ill be safe
>he pulls into my driveway, turns lights on
>get out of my car, cop tells me to stay in my vehicle
>ask "did I do something, officer?"
>replies "your head lights out"
> give him my information, tells me to have a good night, leaves
probably true if I remember correctly he used it to find my car from the video.. but hey free batteries, I was kind of mad about the unannounced entering though.
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3 MB, 200x150
>Be 16, in high school.
>Walking down the sidewalk smoking a doobie
>Flashing lights out of the corner of my eyes
>Officer asks what I am smoking.
>Tell him the truth.
>Cop asks if I have any more on me.
>Tell him this is all I have.
>Cop tells me to put it out and to never do it again or I will be arrested.
>Step on it and smash it.
>Cop drives away.
>Pull new doobie from behind ear.
>drinking outside with friends
>go take a piss
>come back, 3 big guys are talking to my friends
>join them, ask what's up
>one of them tells me to show my ID
>tell him to fuck off
>says he's a cop
>decide to be a drunk smartass
>why don't you show me your ID eh "mister police man"?
>shows me his badge
>I don't start anymore shit
>tells us to clean up after we are done drinking
> driving home late at night from work
> not speeding, in the right lane on the highway
> cop pulls me over
> says I was swerving
> I maintain that I wasn't (respectful, call him "officer")
> Asks a million questions
> Takes me out of the car to sit
> Another one comes
> Cop is looking in my windows (I didnt consent to a search)
> Sees a pot pipe (I wasnt smoking it)
> Says inappropriate shit
> The other cop sitting with me gets nervous
> They go back to their cars and talk
> They smash the pipe and let me go

I'm a white woman in a nice car.
Perfect record.
I have a camera now in my car. And it took a bit to not freak out whenever I saw those particular police.
This definitely had to be NJ. God fuck this state.

Shut the fuck up
ITT stories that never happened.

most cops have never shot their weapon. something like 85%. idiot.
Fuck her again. Because fuck him.
>White woman
wow why did you have to say that, its true all women are attention whores.
got a couple of stories
Finnfag, btw
>be me, 16 or something
>out drinking with buddies
>live in the western part, speak swedish
>some drug using finns stumble upon us, they start a fight
>we defend ourselves
>more of their buddies joins in
>one of my friend has his lower arm cut open, bleeding quite badly
>rest of us the usual from streefights
>other one gets hit across the head with a bottle, didn't break
>he drops
>finns leaves after a few more punches here and there
>cops pulls around, sees bleeding & dazed buddies
>they call an ambulance to pick those guys up and have a look
>cops do a quick interrogation who did this, nothing "official"
>cops just sat in their car and asked questions, no names, nothing
>recognize these dipshit drug users
10 minutes later, me and my remaining buddies sees how there was 8 cops down the road, slamming the finns who resisted into the ground/wall and then putting them into the back of musta maja ("Black Maja", their vans.
>be white
> 1 encounter with law enforcement
> nigga stole my mp3
> feelsgoodtobewhite.wav
He should have searched you, that said most cops don't really give a shit about smokers, long as it's not in their presence and shit.

That wasn't a search. He probably smelled it, which is why he was so insistent. Also, complain about profiling, complain when cops pull over nice car, top kek.

I believe some of them.
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Virgin detected
What about the all the posts previously mentioning race?

Idgaf if anyone believes it. If I told you to your face you would.
>again drinking
>all 3 of us come from bad neighborhoods
>it's winter so we are wearing big coats and hoodies
>cop shows us to question us
>he's being nice, asking us stuff
>hand him our IDs
>we are basically in a circle around him, just chatting
>comments that he noticed us leaving the store with 3 full bags of alco and asks who else is coming
>tell him no one and that we drunk it all by ourselves
>decides to call us in just to check
>while he is waiting for confirmation, asks us where are we from
>tell him
>he goes pale
>orders us to move away from him and stand with our hands behind our hand and apart from each other
>gets confirmation that we are who we say we are and aren't wanted for anything
>congratulates us on drinking this much without being piss drunk
File: OkYd7vp.gif (29 KB, 482x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be nigger
>get shot

Im a deputy now, but had plenty of interactions when I was younger and did more unsavory shit. Only bad interactions Ive had is with traffic cops, they're the worst and are nothing but profit generators for the city/county/state.
Ive even gotten a seatbelt ticket from a state faggot after showing my badge omw home from a 20+ hour shift.

Ive had people hand me weed and not charged them for anything because I said blatantly "If you have weed and nothing else, if you give it to me right now I won't charge you for anything".Im sure they assume Im smoking it but we then turn around and use it to bust some meth heads who also like weed into turning over crystal dealers. Kind of an unwritten policy in our department.

99% of cops I work with don't care about weed or theft, its meth and assault that we come down hard on.

Back to the main topic though,: Cops are just like other people, some are good people and some are fucking cocksuckers who I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire.
>be me like 12
>nigger step-dad and sister fighting
>sister owns gun
>step-dad calls cops and says sister is waving two pistols around about to shoot him
>5 or 6 state trooper cars roll up to my house
>like 10 officers wielding shotguns put me and my mom and sister on ground in handcuffs
>search house, only find my air rifle
>dont take statements, not even in complete uniform most of them
>leave with nig dad still there

i still dont hate cops though
fuck off newfag
whip em out bitch
>be 20, just started being a mule
>car breaks down, can't fix it myself, be in the shop for a week
>only thing else I got is my '89 Camaro IROC
>gotta move product
>not even three blocks from my apartment, cop pulls me over
>have .45, only one cop, worse comes to worse, he'll go down
>asks me "know why I pulled you over?", reply back no
>license plate lights are out, tell him they were working
>get out, one is out, others fine
>tell him I have a spare and the tools to fix it
>cop asks to look inside
>nah, that's not happening
>asks why
>tell him he has no probable cause but if he'll get a warrant, he can do as he pleases
>get bulb and tools, fix light
>another cop pulls up, cop whispers to him
>figuring the body count is getting a bit high
>other cop asks to look inside, tell him the same
>uses flashlight to look inside, car is immaculate
>let me go, follow me for 2 hours, tell bossman it's gonna be a day before I can move it
>no problem
>cops didn't know I had 100 pounds of heroin stashed in the spare tire area, under the seats, and in the hatch
Nice car being a newer Toyota, not a hoopdy, a riced out Honda, or a big body on 30's.
Same thing happened to me. Well similar.
>missed friends street
>turned around
>cop stops me
>Cop tries to get me out of car to search me
>get a warrant
>calls K9 because thinks I'm hiding something.
>I tell one of them to get their super on scene
>super comes apologizes after they find nothing
>Tell him I was pulled form my car and search without consent
>tell him to expect a call from lawyer
>cop who pulled me over gets pulled away by super and grilled hard.
>They send me on my way no charges of course.

Of course I wasn't going to be calling my lawyer but it was funny as fuck to see some 19 year old shit head cop get grilled by his boss in front of my friend and half the street.

>I drive away laughing
>be me
>be 19
>driving to friends to play some games
>cop pulls me over right outside neighborhood
>says I have a head light out
>asks "You're not buying weed or anything, right?"
>asks for my license and proof of insurance
>give him my license and he helps me find my insurance
>comes back, everything's fine
>tells me to have fun

Cop was cool as fuck

>Around 3 AM
>Be driving home from a friend's house
>High as hell (just weed, but lots of it), have about 100 euro of hashish in my bag
>At the time i was still living with my parents
>Shit, can't go home like this
>Stop in a parking lot 300m from my house
>Try to get a hold of myself
>Car still slowly running, steering wheel fully turned
>i'm basically driving in circles and i don't even realize
>Cops show up
>Hey, Anon? any problem?
>mumble something about stopping there cause the cd in my player fell down.
>Cop gives his best "are you fucking kidding me?" face ever.
>Tell him i live a couple hundred meters from there.
>MFW they let me go without doing anything.
im getting mixed messages

You got the two tit discount, bitch. Count yourself lucky.
>live on dead end street podunk town USA
>just finished grocery shopping with the Family Jeep full of food.
>About to get to house. four cop cars blocking street
>one of my neighbors is cuffed in the back seat, other neighbor is cuffed and being questioned.
>pull over, wait patiently with pregnant wife and 8 year old.
>15 min cops are just bullshitting with each other
>Get out, to go ask if they could move one of their cruisers so I can pull into my drive.
> Cop puts his hand on his side arm and tells me to back the fuck up
>I try to explain myself politely, if a bit nervous, because the douche is still touching his gun.
>Cop tells me You're going to have to fucking wait- exact words.
>End up just walking to house, grabbing the cold stuff.
>cops are out there 2 hours before they let my neighbors go and drive away.
>Go ask neighbors what the stink was about. Tell me his front licences plate fell off and the PD showed up in force and started treating him and his son like a criminal because he wouldn't let him search his car.
We are all white

Fuck the Cops
>drinking yet again
>2 guys overdo it and start threatening some folk with knives
>they GTFO
>tell them they probably called the police so we should leave
>some leave, I stay with the 2 thugs and 2 really underage friends
>cops show up
>tell them to STFU and I'll handle it
>bullshit the cops about how we didnt do nuffin
>cop believes me
>retard thug chimes in that he was the one who called the police
>cop checks it, finds out he's lying
>escort us to the vans
>midway I tell my friends to ditch the knives, we'll come for them later
>cops put us in a line with hands behind our heads
>search us
>ofcourse they find the fucking knives
>the thugs get manhandled in the vans
>the two underage friends also
>I weasel my way out
>return for the alco and call the friends that ditched us
>find out they were stopped by police
>couldn't prove shit
>persuaded them to drive them to the city center
>we get drunk
do you take revenge on society by diddling little kids now?
>be eurofag
>be in america for first time
>visit gay bar
>see hot guy in stripper police uniform like pic related
>look him in the eyes, smile and rotate my shoulder like a girl who wants to get fucked
>realise he's a real police officer
>thinking i'm fucked and that police violence is incoming
>mfw he just smiles and walk straight past me
>be 18
>smoke some weed with friends in the park
>see cops comming
>keep smoking
>be Dutch
>cops told us to smoke somewhere else
>rolled another one
The fuck's wrong with your amerifags shitty cops? That's no way to act for an officer, who's defending the law. Thank god I live in Finland, where people still can trust police to do their job and help people, instaed of just accusing them for some random non-existing reasons and doing whatever the hell they like with the citizens.
scrublord, real men only use mythics

look out, we've got some zack de la rocha wanna be revolutionary in the house. "dont be complacent!!!"

put a bullet in your head, cock lord.
Forgot to mention, last I heard the finns had to pay some sum for the damage to my buddies arm, and the one who got knocked pretty badly got no repayment. I think two of the finns actually did some time for heavy drug use/possession, whatever.

Another short story
>be me, 15, just got my first moped (popular here in Finland)
>Suzuki PV, '89 model. Lovely little thing, 50cc, peak speeds at 85km/h (improved performance, illegal)
>buddy and I are leaving our elementary school where we used to hang out
>he pulls a wheelie, and suddenly turns around and darts past me fucking fast.
>look forward, see a blue/white van hit the breaks and turn in
>before I can react, they're next to me. Stop the moped, step off, and bring out my registration/license
Pv's are notorius for being "Illegal" here in Finland, too high speed, bad safety etc
>one cop checks everything is legit
>other cop gets out and has a look at my moped
>asks if I find enjoyment driving with a Gianelli exhaust pipe
>thinking "oh shit, I'm done for, 1500€+ in fines and tax fraud"
>"haha, yeah, so slow otherwise" -shit, why did I say that
>cop looks at it a bit more and then head back to the car
>other cop hands me my license and registration, saying "all good.. Do you think fuel is cheap, by the way?"
>me, "no, why?"
>"I'd recommend fixing your fuel tap then, it's leaking"
>"yeah, I got a new one coming in next week.
>Oh, also, tell your buddy that he doesn't have to drive away from us, we're not that strict as long as you don't do wheelies in the traffic
>Oh, sure thing!
Oh, fyi, it was late in the evening, so the parking lot and schoolyard was empty.
Rather cool cops.
File: checkem2.png (507 KB, 1028x829) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>18 yrs old
>live in a pretty nice area
>go for walks around the neighbourhood pretty frequently
>be on one of my walks, decide to sit down on a bench and read my copy of George Orwell's 1984.
>be reading, see cop car approach
>cop car stops, cops get out, begin interrogating me as to why I'm sitting outside
>"I'm just reading a book, is that a problem?"
>cop says "You can't do that."
>I ask "Why not?"
>He says "You just can't. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
File: 1409515983126.gif (62 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 320x240
>Be 20, in the Armed Forces.
>High on K2 at night, driving down the road.
>Start eating shit on my phone
>Car starts to go off road
>I see headlights coming the opposite way and jerk the steering wheel to the right.
>Headlights was actually cop
>See cop pass by in slow-mo and I guess my face looked like Ijustshit.jpg
>Cop turns sirens, lights on and speeds towards me
>Pull over to the side
>Cop starts walking towards the car, I'm lucky there's no drug smell.
>Hell officer (High as Fuck)
>Do you know why I stopped you?
>Yes sir, I was changing my radio(bullshit) and didn't notice I was going off road.
>Cop points flashlight at my face and inside the car.
>License and registration
>Officer heads back
>I'm taking a shit, my heart is about to explode
>Cop comes back
>Listen son, I can give you a ticket for reckless driving which is a felony but I will give you a ticket for going over the yellow line (separator) instead
>Cop mentions my metallica album sitting on the passenger seat
So are there a lot of academy rejects in here or what?
What's with the hard on for defending LE?
File: 1426270103931.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x281
Say what you want, at least I know what a vagina feels like
Ok here is one of my many experiences with the cops in california
>At gas station on corner of intersection another gas station opposite corner of said intersection
>All stoned besides buddy in backseat enlisted army fag
>start to leave and throw my signal on left to turn away from intersection
>Before i could make turn everyone chimes in
>"hey anon dont go left you cant its illegal double solid lines blah blah blah"
>Me in my head is saying who the fuck cares its 11 on a weeknight but agree to following the law and switch my signal to right back towards the 4 way signal
>Now in left turn lane at intersection all seems well until i notice the cop thats been watching waiting at the same intersection
>Still red light just put on my cool face
>Motherfucker has been waiting to make a right on red and now decides
to throw on his lights and pull around behind me still
>The red lasts for ages nothing i could do but sit and wait the most awkward wait ever
>Finally smooth turn accel and brake first place to my right is the other gas station no where to park curbs all red and the spaces are full
>Mfw i pull up to the pump
He pulls in behind me gets out strolls up to my window its already lower and he squats down (low car) stick his head in hes maybe 36ish and....
>sitcomdadvoice.mp3 "I SMELL WEEED"
>Kindly oblige telling him we have our liscense he chuckles a bit goes on a bit on how you dont need weed for pain and sleep seemed like more of a motivational speaker than a cop he told us how he was army this and that Afghanistan
>Looks at my buddy in the backseat
>Apparently my friend sold him a phone earlier that day they chit chat pretty cool guy all around
>No ticket no problem
All in all was a good day
First interaction with the po-po:

>Be in 6th grade science class
>Have bullshit folders that need to be signed by parents and brought back to teachers every day so everyone can keep tabs on assignments
>I routinely do not bring this folder to class.
>"Anon where's your folder?"
>Forgot it at home
>"Anon you're a liar"
>Begin to cry
>"Stop crying or I'm calling the cop"
>Cop is called.
>Fat fuck begins waddling into classroom. This pig has to be at least 300 lbs.
>Drags me to Director's office, demands my information which can be easily looked up on the computer right in front of her.
>I refuse
>They ask a few more times, I refuse a few more times.
>Cop goes to arrest me for not saying shit.
>Resist a bit
>Get slammed down on a circular table in the office
>Driven from school to my house in the back of the squad car
>Oo that's neat they have little indents in the seats where your arms can't really fit at all if you're cuffed. This is uncomfortable.
>Cop has my address, goes to the wrong house because he's a dumbshit.
>Finally figures out where I live - Literally one street over.
>All charges dropped.

Resisting arrest is fun.
>9 PM
>Driving to friend's house to borrow his scale
>Have 10 grams of mushrooms in a jumper cable bag in the trunk.
>Pass cop in stealth mode on side of suburban road.
>Lights pop on.
>Oh jesus.
>Pull over.
>Tells me I have a tail light out.
>Be white so that's that.
Sounds like someone got busted once or twice lol... Their isn't any "defending" just if you don't have a bad story to tell, you don't tell it.
jesus fucking christ, what state do you live in? Commiefornia?
What charges did they even arrest you on? if you're legally transporting firearms I can't fathom what charge they would throw at you.
got stopped for leaving a dope dealers house that was under surveillance. started driving away and a minute later an undercover van with no markings and just a small light in the windshield pulls up behind me and starts honking at me. i keep driving because fuck that and try to stash my shit. stop at red light cop pulls in front of me and grabs me out of the car at gunpoint. finds a bag of heroin i didnt have time to stash. get charged with wreckless driving, illegal lane change and posession in the 7th. got a desk appearance ticket and walked back to my car, proceeded to finish my dope and drove home happy. ended up getting a 270$ fine.faggots.
>be drunk loner in oakland picking up prostitutes at 17
>decide to go home can't find any hot girls tonight
>become really crazy driven when I'm drunk.
>Don't kno why
>blow a red light and make a left trying to find the freeway
>cops are stopped at the light to the left
>didn't even slow down or anything
>cops come after me right away
>pull over they pull me out and search car
>don't even bother to breathalyzer me
>ask me why I blew the light
>said I'm lost
>give me directions to freeway
>tell me have a good night
>let me go

I love being white.
>be me
>walking down street in town im visiting
>stop and ask police officer where to find a certain restaraunt
>he gives me directions
>we chat for a while
>well thank you officer have a good one
>good talking to you. Bye anon
>go about my day
And this is why no one has respect for the police. They're just as bad as the niggers they're supposed to be policing.
>Be Dutchfag
>Fuck yeah holland
>Smoking weed with friends ont he corner of a home for the elderly
>suddenly:cop car, omg
>politely asks us to smoke elsewhere because the old ppl might thing the weed smells like a gas leak
>Couple of fines for speeding
>Couple of parking tickets
>Twice find for not having lights on my bike
>Once fined for cycling on the sidewalk

Dutch kankercops, ga boeven vangen or kill some minorities like the brave men and women in American law enforcement do.
You need bigger bait.
>The 80's
>Uncle is pulled over with 2 cousins in the back seat. A baby and a 4 year old.
>Cold winter night.
>Police stop my uncle.
>Driving with a bad license or something.
>Doesn't let them go
>Doesn't give them a ride to family 2 miles away.
>Won't call anyone.
>Uncle and two kids walk in the snow 2 miles to grandparents.

Call it what u want.
>Be white, 23 or 24
>On my way home one night
>Hadn't been drinking for once
>Get lit up by po-po in the little shit town I'm driving through
>Wasn't even speeding
>Cop walks up slowly, hand is on the grip of his sidearm like he thinks he's going to have to draw on me
>"Please turn off the engine and hand me the keys, license, registration, proof of insurance"
>Yes sir, hand it over.
>Cop comes back a couple of minutes later though it seemed like six months
>Laughing his fat ass off
>Hands me the keys and documents, tells me the plate comes back stolen
>I start to ask how I can prove it's me etc
>He says don't worry about it, have a nice night, he'll fix it in the system
>Thank God I'm white

I also got pulled over by a statey once because my taillights were out. I knew it was because of a wonky fuse, he was nice enough to shine his spotlight on my fusebox so I could bend the connector back into place.
>be 18 or 17
>its about 10pm
>Smoking weed, drinking a few beers and playing basket ball in the park(im not black)
>we also have a small stereo playing music
>cops show up
>we think we are fucked
>they ask us what we are doing
>we say playing basket ball
>they say they have complaints about the music
>we turn it off
>they ask us if we want to play a game of basket ball with them

Cops here are pretty nice since it's medium-high class neighbor hood and we aren't niggers
>Be about 23
>walking to my mom's house to see her
>Almost there
>Cops pull next to me out of no where
>He ask in a pissed off tone what the fuck am I doing
>I have that confused expression on my face
>Before I even have the time to answer that he just leave without saying anything else
>downloading pizza
>not reporting it to the FBI each time you see it but still fap to it
File: image.jpg (48 KB, 502x526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
> be running through street with no clothes
>be banana
If this was NJ (which is my guess), they don't have to charge you with anything. They can hold you for up to 24 hours without charges, and then just "lose" your stuff for as long as they feel like it. Most corrupt state in the US.
You don't care about theft? Thanks a lot assholes
>be me driving home after finishing work at 3am as barman
> get pullee over by popo
> "good evening sir, just a routine stop because its late at night and youre driving home from a pub"
> "evening officer, I'm a barman that's why"
> "no problem anon, sorry for any inconvenience have a safe drive home"

The perks of not being a nigger or waste of space stoner. Treat the cops with a little respect and theyll give you the same, theyre just humans trying to do a job like the rest of us.
I got a few. Keep in mind I'm 21 and look like I'm 12 without my beard.

>Be 20
>Live in New Mexico
>Gun Laws are loose as fuck
>Walking to my dads shop
>Have .45 on my hip, in it's holster.
>Get weird looks every day
>Fags must hate freedom
>See a woman on her phone
>"Fuck I know where this is going"
>15 minutes later two cop cars roll up.
>Cops burst out of cars, guns drawn like an ISIS birthday cake
>"Get on the ground fuckhead!"
> Comply, lie down with hands on my head
>Cops cuff me roughly, remove my .45, throw me into cop car and hit my head on the door (An accident obviously,rite?)
>Get interrogated and questioned until father shows up, yells at cops.
>Have my gun taken, but they let me go.

Now, fun thing about New Mexico and the way gun laws work. Open Carry is legal here, for any weapon, rifle, shotgun, even pistols as long as they aren't concealed. And as most know, you have to be 21 to buy a pistol, but you can legally own one and maintain one even at 18. I'm in the process of suing the city. Best of all, I work at my dads gun shop (go figure) and carry my weapon every day. This isn't the first time I've been treated like a terrorist.
I have a couple of fun stories because I grew up in the hood and I'm a airsoft fag. I'll do one.
>be like 15 I think
>buds call me asking if I want to go play some bb wars
>cool man yeah
>dress up in my gear
>camo pants
>tan jacket
>black mask that only shows my eyes
>it was cold
>tactical vest and combat boots
>have my air rifle slinged around my back
>hold my other one in my hands
>Begin walking to friends house cause in poor and don't have a car
>get to friends house, joking and shit with him.
>cop pulls up lights on and shit
>pulls out gun and points it at us and tells us to put our weapons down and get on the ground
>do as we're told scared shitless
>he comes over picks up my gun and checks it over
>sees orange tip
>asks "are these airsoft guns?"
>tells us to get up and gives us our guns
>gets on his radio
>"ya we don't need those k9 and seat units anymore just some kids playing airsoft"
>tells us sorry and that they got calls from citizens that a bunch of people have guns and that thier gonna shoot up the neighborhood
>post 911 scared people he says
>tells us to just be careful and watch out for crazies
>gets in his car and leaves
>what just happened
>me 25 years old bodybuilder
>walk into police station, ask nice question, cop is brisk with me and tells me to sit down and wait
>look around and leave
>drive car into station
>pull out AR-18 and Spas-12
>go methodically room by room
>cops shooting me as I go

>looking for Sarah Connor....
>be a prop 215 SoCal resident
>at a local hiking park with buddy
>sitting on a rock smoking weed after a 2 hour hike way back in the hills
>couple of cops on dirtbikes come up to us
>ask if they can smell the weed
>stop and talk to us about how young men have been known to use this area to get high and conduct lewd acts
>we all laugh about it and they go about their business

Cops are cool if you aren't doing anything wrong and know how to handle yourself
Not really. Dont be complacent, if a cop is doing shit wrong, they should be set straight.
>be me
>19 yrs old
>be in the business of buying, fixing, and selling old valuable music gear on craigslist
>hop on the train home with this giant 1970s synthesizer I just picked up
>forget to pay fare, transit police are checking tickets that day
>get booted off the train, walk three hours home through chimp-infested badlands
>this will not end well
>just me and my friend lugging this huge synthesizer across town in the dead of night
>cop drives by, stops
>starts backing up
>gets out of the car and asks what we're up to
>we tell him exactly what happened
>he says "well c'mon in the car! I'll drive you guys home
>we get in the back seat of the cruiser, cops don't even pat us down
>mfw we have a bunch of MDMA on us and are rolling balls
>we chat with the cops as they drive us home
>before we get out of the car, he one cop says "Just remember--we're not all bad."
>we thank the cops and go along our way

They're not all bad.
You sound like a massive fucking faggot, considering you feel the need to openly walk around with a gun.
You're cool with them pulling you over for no other reason than you left your place of business?

Couldn't be me. Perhaps you're a shitty driver and were swerving?
and if you are white. and if you dont do any illegal drugs, and if you are white
No, that wasn't a bait...
You sound like a massive faggot who's afraid of and hates guns.
Because everyone has a car, right? Fucking faggot.
Something like this happens to a buddy of mine. He was an airsoft fag as well. Got pulled over for speeding and cop saw a rifle bag. Opens it up and flips his shit when he sees a FAMAS, Glock and a couple grenades
you just hate freedom, that anon is a patriot and a believer in the american way

you can go fuck yourself on isis' ak47's you liberal cock sucking faggot
File: 1281171264798.jpg (32 KB, 244x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 244x304

>had a hit & run on a police squad car when I was16
>got busted for distribution of CP when I was 18
>got a DUI
>Got another DUI 1 year later

yea. i'm a fucking piece of shit
I replied to my own post, so I am a bit of a faggot.

I'm a non white young man who has tattoos. #1 "profile" for cops
Underrated post
It's what we deal with on a daily basis, and we take off the orange tip and put like a mock suppresors on them, oh shit were all black market arms dealers now
>sexually harassed
>fuck them

That's the spirit!
Living in ameeeeerica!

3 reasons not to live in America:
1 - majority of the police are overwhelmingly psychotic and will use the maximum force they are allowed to use in any given situation, resulting in pointless deaths, damage and harm
2 - politics and religion are inseparable
3 - socialism is apparently a dirty word, because it's better not to have universal health care so that you can become a debt slave if you get sick, and no minimum wage because it's better that you live on the handouts of strangers rather than be paid a fair wage

Inb4 ayn rand fuelled bullshit about the free market and vulture capitalism because it's working so well for us right now
>mfw anon says people don't need guns
>mfw unarmed cops in France shot with AK's and no way to defend themselves.
>guns illegal in France.
>shot with AKs.

Sitting in my Intro to Evidence class as we speak, nugget.

Yeah. I mean it delayed me by a whole 3 minutes. not exactly a big deal, no need to go full "muh rights" nigger mode over it.Guarantee if I'd acted like a smartass nigger theyd have "smelt alcohol" and found a reason to breathalise me, search my car etc and keep me there for as long as possible.

Ive got no problem with random DUI stops because drink drivers are scum.

People will go along with anything. It's a slippery slope, people.
Nope. you're still just airsoft fags. 1 level gayer and you'd be taking adult karate classes.
Yeah, I like how all the anti-gun people forget that criminals will get their hands on guns regardless of the law. Because, you know, criminals typically work OUTSIDE the law. But whatever, don't protect yourself or your people from outlaws.
The only way to successfully open carry in the USA without drawing unwanted attention is to wear a business suit.
People assume you're either a cop or an agent of some kind and leave you alone.

If you're open carrying while wearing cargo pants and an ozzy osbourne t-shirt then people will assume the worst.
Fucking exactly, we all know we're fags I mean we're shooting plastic bbs at each other it just sounds faggy. But it's whatever it's something to do
Random hard drive searches?
Cop: Hey

Me: Hey
get the NRA involved, let them pay the legal bills etc.
Try paintball. Still gay, sort of, but definitely less gay.
I always video tape when ever I have an interaction with police. Most don't mind and understand but others get really pissed.

>US: 2.83 homicides with firearms every 100.000 inhabitants.
>France: 0.22 homicides with firearms every 100.000 inhabitants.

You are only 12.86 times more likely to die from a firearm in the use.
NRA won't waste time or money in "lost" states, like NJ, NY or CA
I tried, didn't really like it as much, there aren't any good fields for it around my area
Random home raids?

You know, if you haven't anything to hide it should be fine with you.
hat it once then i was on my way back from an Festival
>cops pull me over
>did you consumed any alcohol or drugs
>me no sir for sure not
>driver licence please
>hand them my licence then he see my military pass
>cop ask me how it is in the military
>telling him uhm just normal my Division just come back from Afghanistan
>cops hand me my licence back and wish me a nice day

i never even was in Afghanistan just got placed in the Division after they came back keked like hell because on the day before i was drunk like 10 Russsians. Btw Euro fag here dot juge me about wrong terminus.

This is why there are always ethnic cleansings, genocides, and reigns of terror in European countries. The population has no way to fight back against the government, so if the government decides you have to die... well, that's it. You die.

And they just bow their heads and go along with it 'because guns are bad.'

This gets extended to whenever a jihadi decides to kill a bunch of them. "Oh well. At least they weren't t obligated to defend themselves from terrorist savages. Which is good, because guns are bad."

File: white.png (65 KB, 443x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 443x384
>be me
>be white
>get pulled over for rolling through stop sign in ghetto part of town, on way to school
>cop walks up to car
>"You know you rolled that stop sign right?"
>"N-no officer, I'm s-sorry though if I did"
>Cop looks around inside car, sees backpack and textbooks for university
>"Well this is a bad part of town, a lot of dangerous people around here. I don't recommend coming this way to go to school. Have a nice day"
>go on long walks through the suburbs every so often, even at night
>police cars stopped me 2 or 3 times
>asked for where I live and why I was there
>once asked for my ID
>give it to them
>they have a brief glance at it
>"have a good night sir"
>Junior Year first day of spring break
>get picked up by friend A from afterschool smoke spot with our buddy JL
>Our other nigga JH rolls through in A's car
>Pick up some 40s, like two each
>Decide to skate at local grade school because fuck it it's one of our usual spots and we're all degenerates
>Getting pretty smashed, they decide to play suicide while my lazy ass just sits and drinks
>Suicide is where you throw the tennis ball at the wall and try to catch it
>Somehow get ball on this tall building, maybe tree stories at least
>Friend A volunteers to get it
>We lift him up so he can reach this ladder attached to the building
>He climps up, grabs the ball and goes like a third way down the ladder
>I look the other way for a sec
>Hear a big ass crunching noise
>Turn around, see him withing in pain, holding his leg
>We didn't register what happened at first
>JL goes, "Bro just walk it off!"
>A tries to walk, can barely do it
>We carry him to the car, 40s are put in JL's bag

Now here comes the cop part:

>About to leave, just gonna turn the car on
>A just called his sister and told her what happened
>BAM crown vic pulls up right next to us
>"What the fuck are you guys doing here?"
>"Uh, just skating officer."
>"Yeah, okay! Where are the skateboards then!?"
>"In the trunk, officer."
>JH is kinda nervous, keeps repeating this one line:
>"Damn, I wish I had a drivers license right now..."
>Repeats it for the third time
>JL goes, "Dude, shut the fuck up!"
>Chick cop partner still in the crown vic goes, "Yeah, shut the fuck up."
>Try not to laugh
>Male cop right by A's door, asks A to slowly get up and out
>This nigga can barely walk, so he grabs some part of the seat for leverage
>"Don't fucking do that! Do it again, and I'll pull my gun out on you!"
>A tires to explain, "Okay, Officer, but I can't walk."
"Yeah, right!"
>A's sister shows up, explains situation, they believe her immediately, drives A home

> summer 2014
>driving my new f150
>see police trap on otherside
> get gas drive back thru said trap
>doing 47 in 25
>stay calm
>pull over,turn off engine have id and registration ready
License and registration please
> here you go
Get the ticket
Pay it at court
>be greatful that system works
File: yes.jpg (48 KB, 700x491) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be white
>be nerd
>be 18 and in my car
>Cop pulls up behind me
>gun drawn
>Says he thought my magic cards were a gun
>almost got shot over magic cards
Cops are fucking retarded.
>be me 5 years ago
>driving modded car
>minding own business
>cop pulls behind me
>lights me up
>pull over in turn lane
>cop comes up
>"Nice car."
>"Thanks officer, have I done something wrong?"
>"No I just wanted to warn you, we are looking for cars like yours."
>"Did you want my papers?"
>"No sir, I just wanted to warn you"
>"Well, thank you officer have a nice day"
>"You too"
>Cop blocks traffic so i can get out safely
>Drive on my way
pic relevant

fucking retard...

> they came back
WHO came back? from where???
> on the day before
The day before HWHWAT??
Granted, not something you see every day, for some reason.

But I work at a gun shop. What credibility will I have when selling guns if I myself don't have a gun? Walk into any small gun shop (In a state that allows it) and you'll see they all have a weapon.

Besides, it's fucking America, I shouldn't be treated like a terrorist just because I have a gun.
>>US: 2.83 homicides with firearms every 100.000 inhabitants.
>>France: 0.22 homicides with firearms every 100.000 inhabitants.
>You are only 12.86 times more likely to die from a firearm in the use.

France doesn't have the same nigger culture we have....yet.
white privilege dubs, check em
Anon, when you subtract niggers and gangbangers from the figures, we get something closer to 1.25.

Then subtract legal justifiable homocide & police on criminal homocide, and we're looking at .75ish.

I'll take .75ish and take the chance of one of my 10+ guns waking up and shooting me one day.
It depends on the state. Also weed is legal where I am so cops dont give a shit.
>Besides, it's fucking America, I shouldn't be treated like a terrorist just because I have a gun.

Its our fault for voting in Democrats and gun grabbing Jews.
That sucks. Gotta travel. Also, magfed paintball guns are where it's at.
At the end he apologized for his broken English.
Can someone post this pic, but with the caption "When the memes hit you like"

Saw it a few days ago and forgot to save.
>if i had said psychology they would have definitely arrested me

See now youre just being pedantic.

Those are both majorly intrusive and OTT.

Car leaves bar at 3am, cop doesnt know if its a worker or some pisshead, takes 3 minutes just to check and is perfectly polite and professional the whole time. I dont see the problem. He had a fairly good reason to be suspicious and was just doing his job. I dont see a problem with that.
File: ZzXQA.jpg (73 KB, 624x898) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 624x898
>In NZ for context
>Hotboxing a friend's car at a park
>2 am
>See paddy wagon roll past
>They keep driving
>Come back 20 minutes later
>Realise we've been in the same spot all night
>Come over and talk to us
>Friend still had some weed left
>Super high
>Cops tell us to get out of the car
>Smoke everywhere
>Cops coughing and trying to blow it away
>Friend and I not being twats, talk normally to them
>They take the last little nug from my friend
>Only ask for my first name
>Let us off with a warning
>As they're driving away
>Guy cop rolls down window
>"Don't do drugs!"
File: bateman reaction.jpg (14 KB, 320x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bateman reaction.jpg
14 KB, 320x272
The finale:

>Turns out A had a heel broken in five different places from that fall
>Go with JH and JL to some chick's garage
>The scare of the cop sobered me the fuck up
>Not even drunk
>A is put in a wheel chair for like six months
>Spent that whole Spring Break and Summer wheeling him to the liquor store, drinking all over
>He starts talking like he can wheel himself after awhile
>Call him Independent Andy"

Good times. Drinking with my cripple friend.

I got some more, anyone interested?
No, It's sadly true.
Cops don't have guns in the UK so they're not really scary or effective, really.
>be 18 driving around with friends
>cop pulls behind me
>sweatinglikeapig .jpg
>please don't pull me over, please don't pull me over
>cop flips on his lights
>cop walks up and asks the usual questions(license, registration and proof of insurance)
>"are you aware your brake lights are out"
>"no i wasn't sir"
>oh fuck I'm getting a ticket!
>"here's what you're going to do, drive home immediately and park your truck. I will drive by in 15 minutes so your truck better be there or I will write you a ticket, understand?"
>"yes sir, i understand"
>"get the lights fixed ASAP ok!"
>"yes sir, i will"
"ok, get your ass home then"
>"yes sir, thank you sir"

Damn it's good to be white!
>I'm hiding a copy of the bill of rights

I'm white, and had several encounters with police - all over really stupid shit, and all ended on a sour note.
I fucking love those
The devils trips.
I'm an NJ fag. You must be from South Jersey. My condolences.
Then you're leaving shit out.
Japan wouldn't invade the US back in WWII because everyone own's guns.

England lost the Revolutionary War beacause Americans own guns.

Jihadists are forced to use gorilla warfare, and recruit via underground networks (unlike Africa, for example) because Americans own guns.

Fuck your statistics. Come and take it.
Plus the Roads in our town are fucking terrible...potholes everywhere...but somehow we have money to buy brand new SUVs and Chargers..
Okay, the point is, where do you draw the line?

Citation needed.
I like to smoke weed and drive so i have a lot of encounters with police
>Be me
>21 yrs old, driving around smoking weed
>Do this fairly often, 2-3 times a week
>Once i got pulled over while smoking a joint
>Cop takes joint away and says i shouldnt do that
>tell him i wont, and if i could have my joint back, not even kidding
>He does, and leaves
ive been pulled over countless times but cops never do anything, sometimes i have to bribe them though
for the Police Department
I'm not. I had just bought a pack of magic cards at a store. Was sitting in the parking lot of the store opening the pack, Cop car pulls up diagonally behind me, pulls his gun out, and approaches the window. When he realizes the silver was just the packaging and not a gun, he puts his away and says "Sorry, I thought you were armed" and then walked away.
Can you even get a job with that on your record. and i mean ANYTHING besides mcdonalds 'chef'
I got one for ya..no green text bs though..
Took my son out teaching him to drive, he's 15. We are on back roads (25 mph) and hopped on a state route (no traffic that night). Doing fine, my boy is doing good. We hop back to back roads and BAM; red and blues out of nowhere. Cop approaches drivers side and see's my son and starts off with the "I detect the smell of marijuana". Bullshit I say from passenger side..He comes around my side then goes into I detect the smell of alcohol. Yeah, I had a couple earlier in the evening, won't deny. He says we high beamed him and a few other drivers and that was the reason for the stop. I'm cool, relaxed but this cop is all pissed off because I am not showing him "remorse". I'm thinking for what? It's a citation..big whoop.
Nope, he makes a HUGE deal of it. Says hes impounding the car (yet the tow truck takes it to my house) says he doesn't even know how he is going to "write this up" meanwhile his backup pointedly tells me I would have sent ya home with a warning. Well, long story short, get back home, car is with us and that is that; until in the mail come Child Endangerment (misdemeanor 1), reckless endangerment (misdemeanor 2), a couple summary charges and one charge the magistrate immediately through out that was bordering on felony.
there was NO breathe test, no sobriety test nothing in the report about BAC other than the cop saying he distinctly detected the overwhelming smell of alcohol. I'm still fighting this and it has been over a year now. Oh, I'm white BTW, so no talk of "privilege". lets start talking about cops on power trips.
Are you a nigger or you just acted like the more suspicious mother fucker on the planet?
I hang out with some sheriff's, but I'm also inclined to be a dickhead to all law enforcement because the shit I've seen and how I know some act.
I'm calling bullshit.
Just like in Casino with the hoagie.

Cops are way jumpy. They need to chill a bit.
>be around 7 or 8
>go sleigh riding
>start the long walk home
>cop pulls up next to us
>it's officer Mike
>officer Mike married the girl that lived across the street from us
>Officer Mike offers us a ride home
>Cool ride in the back of a police car!
>ask if he could turn on the siren
>coolest thing ever when your 7-8 years old
>not so cool for mom
>pull up in front of my house
>Mom tears out the door
>sees it's officer Mike and she calms down.

Not all interaction with the police are bad.
I'm living in North Jersey. What a mistake.
bomb the station. fuck them all
I'm curious too anon. How has life been after that? How did they prove it was you downloading the images? Were you distributing them?
File: stop yourself.jpg (166 KB, 572x760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
stop yourself.jpg
166 KB, 572x760
lazy cop and security guard

i get the state is cheap and put your building in this location but I can see you from here in your car for three hours in front of the station. like I saw you last week behing my building masturbatin.

I would call your coworkers without heasitation, you give me your card and think i'd keep it your on vacation.

waitin in your car, for somone to call it in, not the cop to be protrolin. just sitting on your ass debatin.

a crackhead halway down the block runnin at you. I know him he's cool his name is Dav'id he's cracked out today tho so your ass gotta shot or get R.I.P'd. big p.d.
I chill at his apartment, and talk soceoeconomics during my shift to stay awake. the only reason you didint have to worry about him last night was because i gave him a dollarstore bag of cookies and blunt and told him during my shift stay half-baked.

taxpayers see you stand at attention, your proud to serve your low calorie burned divedend.
I call you and wait for you to show up, dont worry theres nothing for you to do anymore i got them out front already tied up.

station lets you know where to pop up, your not going to my neiborhood alone, and im wondering whats the hold up. brush the crumbs off man everyones glad when you finaly show up. you dont think i saw you pull up aross the street and wait for your backup to drive up?!

Im at work and see the drugs, call you in, you gotta wait for your K9 to prove he's up to snuff. I got the guy eyeing me he knows where I work and reconises my face waitin for the dog to get up to pace, man do you even know your fucked up?

Im in the worst part of town unarmed and holding it down, your in your car sitting there with a frown?! I get paid half of what you do and your lazy ass wont help me from across the street? fuck you.

i got more arrests than you when the recruter shows up to my site after a long night, im like damn right, ill get your job your car, your getting fired tonight.
Because those vehicles are income-generators. AKA, fuck ah yoooo. pay this ticket.
Are you from Portugal?
>and gun grabbing Jews.

WTF? Like the ethnicity who was nearly exterminated last century because they were unarmed and who get constant shit because their only, tiny country is in a constant state of war against neighbors who literally want to murder them all are totally against self defense.

Show me a gun grabbing Jew and I'll show you an apostate.

>pro-2nd Amendment
>be me, 21
>be sitting in my fav pub, owned by a former bandido with lots of bikers hanging around
>door slams open
>in walk 3 cops in civilian clothes with a red armband saying "police" and 5 cops in uniforms, hands on their holstered weapons
> they imidiately walk up to the owner, yell something like "inspection" or some shit.
> everybody has to give his ID to the cops
>i hand mine over to the cop saying: "if you're looking for underaged drinkers, you're 5 years too late"
>some bikers burst out in laughter, cop gets nervous, speaks in a low beta-voice: erm... no... we...erm... just check if there are some illegal people here
>a'right, hand over my ID, notice a chick police officer in civilian clothes with her red armband, looking like a nazi
>ask her: sorry, ma'am, why are you wearing this red band?
>well sir, so that people know we are the police
>why dont you just wear your uniform?
> well, so that people dont see we're the police!
>i looked at her like WTF? Are you fucking mental???
>took her 3 seconds to realize what a dumb cunt she was.
>blushes and leaves the pub without saying a word
>bikers are on the floor pissing themselves laughing...

>dat awkward feel when the police force in your country is made up entirely of retards...
>drinking in college
>decide to call it a night, go to bed
>some dick called university officers
>opens my fucking door with no warning
>im butt ass naked
>cop lets me get dressed, lock his ass out again
>slams my door open, cuffs me
>manage to spit in his mouth
Fucking university police think theyre actual cops
>The population has no way to fight back against the government
That's why the French revolution failed and they are now ruled by Louis XXXVI.
>Show me a gun grabbing Jew and I'll show you an apostate.

All 34 jews in congress are gun grabbers and want a repeal of the 2nd amendment. They don't like the idea of armed christians.
sorry dub dub trips, it's maryland
True story, anon. I've had this argument so many times, I didn't even feel like looking up the figures again.

Use google, and ignore the Brady Campaign figures. They're bias and skewed. Try US DOS records.
I lol'd
>be me, 15, with my friends tripping balls on 25i-NBOMe while walking with my drunkass brother to whataburger at 3am
>literally on the DPS sidewalk
>cop is just driving 2 mph alongside us for 100 yards
>mfw I didn't get arrested and the chicken tenders were tender
The police in North Jersey are retard and waste tax money crashing their brand new chargers, but I don't see them picking on white people. Only black people. What did they do to make you think otherwise?
>be me
>walking home from the bar. 3am
>keep seeing the same cop drive by. maybe 3 times in 5 minutes
>think to myself "fucking cops. can't even walk home anymore..."
>cop drives off for 4th time
>dude runs up behind me and pushes me
>I go down hard, face first
>guy starts punching the back of my head
>demands my phone, wallet, and jacket
>i barely get my hand in my pocket when he stabs me in the side, just below my ribs
>same cop comes screaming up, jumps out of the car
>guy starts running
>3 more cars go whipping past
>cop comes back and starts checking me over, calls for EMS, starts holding a bandage on the wound and telling me "you're alright. just nicked you"
>get to the hospital and get stitched up. find out I was stabbed between 4 and 6 times.

the cop saw me leave the bar alone and within a minute someone had started walking after me looking suspicious. he had been driving by trying to scare the guy into breaking off. on the 4th pass he slowed down around a corner and saw the guy break into a run towards me and turned around. when he saw me get hit he called backup and hopped the middle divider to get to me.

i think that cop saved my life, or at very least minimized the damage.

just thought I would put my story out there to show that not all cops are useless
Fucking dumb fucking cops. I hate them.
Some campuses have cops on duty there. Also, it's their turf, they probably have more freedom than an actual cop in that situation.
South Jersey is best Jersey
>be me 17
>' there was a robbery in this area can we suspect you stole shit and need to search you''
>im clean
>smoke weed
>are you guys smoking weed
>ok bye
toppest of keks
Mine have both. Cops deal with more "Serious" occurences, Security guards mostly pick up trash and shit.
you draw the line at not being a nigger
>fast forward 7 years
>at construction site with friends
>saturday no one there
>backhoe. dump trucks, all sorts of vehicles
>trailer as well
>friend goes to trailer
>it's unlocked
>he goes in
>comes back with keys
>we go to the backhoe
>start driving the backhoe
>trying to get the scoop to work
>pounding that scoop into the ground
>do this for about 15 minutes
>one cop, two cops, six cops cars come flying into the construction area.
>Still working the backhoe
>OH SHIT!!!!!!
>no where to run
>one of the cops screams, ANON!
>it's officer Mike
>tells me to get the fuck out of here.
>Jump on bike and tear ass
>other friends get the ride home.

Never go in trouble for that one.
Cops raided my house and busted up all my doors and basically everything in the house all because, according to a police report, that I was "Using and POSSIBLY selling marijuana."

Not like I got caught selling or anything. I wasn't selling at all, just smoking.

I went to jail with a $27,000 bond and had 2 years probation where I had to piss and blow multiple times a week. The United States sucks. I have a few psychological tics like pulling my hair out that I developed while in solitary in jail that won't go away.

Overall, I'd say the punishment I got for smoking weed was way, way worse than my crime. I hurt nobody in society smoking weed at all.
>be heavy into an acid trip with my paranoid schizophrenic brother
>show up to town festival near closing time
>swathes of teenagers swarming the street with observable bloodlust
>go to bar with a bitchin' rock and roll band playing
>moving at lightspeed and shit
>taking excess Ki energy and throwing it up into the stars.
>energy balls are total bros, talking and laughing as they observe us on the ground.
>band winds down, instead of going home, me and my brother decide to camp it out in the woods.
>build a small fire
>see headlights pull up to the edge.
>two people get out with flash lights and start walking towrds us.
>they split up and flank us, approaching from both side.
>Tell cop to chill the fuck out, we're just hanging out
>Held at gunpoint for the next 15 minutes as we put out the fire and were escorted back to our car.
>Be me, 18 years old and by law an adult.
>Be built like King fucking Kong
>Innocently took a box of cigarillos from a store shelf and was walking out without paying for them
>Innocently assaulted the store clerk who tried to stop me from stealing
>When I was innocently walking away from the scene of the crime, a policeman saw me and saw that I matched the description of someone who had just committed robbery and assaulted someone.
>When the policeman stopped to question me I innocently tried to grab his gun and after a struggle I was shot to death


My first interaction with law enforcement....that's my story and I'm sticking to it, anyway.
That's intelligent.
I'm a cop now in indiana. Use to be a mall cop when i was 19-21. I drive an old gold crown vic (sheriff package) half the cops knew me because I work with them from time to time.

New guy from local police dept pulls me over, notices I have a tomahawk, throwing knives, and a 8 inch blade attached to my dash. He flips absolute shit and pulls his gun and immediately calls for back up. Back up arrives and its an officer I worked with earlier that week. Slaps new guy in the face and tells him to calm down.

Now that im a cop I see that I probably shouldn't have had so many weapons visible, but fuck it I got away.

Now I dish out speeding tickets and listen to fake rape stories. Internal affairs dpt sucks
>17 at the time
>get super pissed because of shit that happened the day before
>fuck it im running away from home
>pack necessary camping stuff
>head the the mountains about 15 min away from my house
>get paranoid think people are following me
>start spray painting stupid shit on a bathroom and some dudes van
> the dude comes out and gets close to me
>pull a bb gun on him but he didnt know it was fake
>"im calling the fucking cops"
>"go for it"
>start driving away towards the bottom of the mountains
>5 cop cars and a police helicopter waiting for me at the bottom
>they pull me over and ask what i was doing up their
>"were you spray painting"
>"umm yeah"
they find the gun and all my food that i was going to use
>call me a 5150 and take me to a mental hospital for 10 days
>be me
>is black
Some more stories.

>Working in gun shop
>Shits been pretty quiet
>Dude walks in with his gun, 9mm I think
>Says he wants to sell it
>Dude says it's unloaded, notice clip is out.
>Dude is showing my co-worker, says sights are kinda fucked, barrel cracks, minor shit.
>Gun goes off, scares the piss out of all of us.
>Apparently he forgot the round in the chamber
>No one injured, but myself and everyone else has guns drawn because...It's what you do
>Dude slowly puts down and raises hands.
This shit can happen, so it's not a huge deal. No one was hurt, just accidently discharged.
>Father calls the police to inform them of what happened, no one injured, tell operator to tell the cops not to freak out.
>Doesn't take more than 4 minutes for the police to show up
>Don't even enter the building, yell over their horn to exit the building, hands in the air.
>Dad informs us all to put our personal weapons on the counter and exit the building
>Guy, lets call him Justin, had already exited in a hurry.
>We follow, cops yelling at him to put the weapon on the ground. He slowly does, but too slow apparently
>Cops fucking taser him, rush in and handcuff us all
>Three more cops pull up around now, everyone was roughly handled, my dad, easily 70, being thrown to the ground, jerked to his feet, thrown in a car, begins yelling because of the pain
>Cops clear us, arrest the customer and take him.
>Have to close the shop to take dad to the hospital and because cops haven't yet "Assessed" the "Crime scene"

This was a maybe a year or more ago. Haven't had anything like that sense then, but all customers are required to place weapons on the counter for us to check before they are allowed to handle them. Bit fucked up but my dad can't have that shit happening anymore.

The only "best Jersey" is the one in the rear view mirror and even then you have to deal with the lingering smell.
I'm sorry that happened to you.

What state?
Theyre not. He had to call 8n my towns police department to book my because I "verbally and physically abused him"
Sorry that happened, I've run into a power-tripper myself.
was he really only 25 in the terminator? He looked so much older.
>be white
>be britfag
>not stopped and searched since i was a 14 year old weedhound
well, if you didn't associate with criminals, the police wouldnt bother you, would they?
>That happened
South Jersey is the shitty part of New Jersey. The typical New Jersey stereotype are people from South Jersey. The fucking accent is from their.
Why the fuck are you on this site at 34 years old?
Fucking kek, gg
What state?
>be me im 8 and black
>my dad graduates cadet academy and becomes a cop
File: download__4_.jpg (8 KB, 198x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a shithole
the US, if you're not rich
File: Anal.gif (1 MB, 550x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, 26
>get into a police control, they stopped every car
>pull down window, greet officer,
>officer looks at me
>alright, have a nice evening, drive safe...

FUCK, I just love being white...
Heres another one
>just got a new car, ford focus turbo
>thought I was hot shit
>pulled over for a fucking noise complaint
>take out my stereo and put it in the glovebox
>whaddya mean officer I dent even have a radio?
Who the fuck calls about a noise complaint at noon
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I am white and this just happened at the beginning of the year.
>at a peaceful protest around the capitol building of CA
>has to do with some kid getting shot, I am just trying to get with this latina chick from my work and she invites me
>cops show up try to intimidate us
>points his baton at me, starts gesturing and telling me I need to sit down because I am being threatening
>I am fairly big 6'0'' about 200 lbs, one second later when I don't sit on the pavement because i can't physically move that fast
>pushes me on the ground by my throat
> i get up out of instinct, cop tells me I am resisting
>resisting what lol
> he proceeds to try and tackle me but now I am in fuck you mode
>I throw drag him around for a bit until I get fully taken down by 5 officers, they literally hogtie me and throw me into the back of their car

they try to talk to me and tell me about "if i just hadn't resisted lol" keep me in jail for 2 days constantly keep me isolated and awake in a shitty 10 by 10 cold ass cell with no windows blankets or bed, ask me every to or three hours if I know what i did wrong, finally once this shit hits the news they let me and 4 other protesters go.... this was my first impression, my first time being arrested, my first time taking a beating from 5 dudes with batons ( i do not recommend it) and it was when i finally realized we need to do something about these police.
File: 00dubstemplate.jpg (33 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 250x250

>criming while white
English is so weird
>be me
>24 white male
>gf preggers
>get second job at night throwing newspaper
>buy shitty honda for $500, put $500 in to it for newspaper car
>on my way to pick up point at midnight when sheriff gts behind me
>follows me for a few miles
>fuck it he's gonna stop me anyways, signal right turn, pullover
>Hits his flashers and beforw i even have m car in park hes out pointing his gun at me
>tell me to throw keys.out window
>tells me to.slowly step out of the vehicle with hands above head or ill be shot
>comply with both orders
>slams me against my car to cuff me
>takes me back to his car
>"what are you doing out here tonight? Where are you hiding the meth? Just make ot easy on both of us."
>I'm going to work and i dont have and drugs
>"you're lyng, where are you going where is the dope."
>dude im going to work, i throw the paper out here
>your lying this car is.stolen
>the fuck it is it's registered in my name
>cop goes in his car.for a few minutes
>comes back out.
>Ok heres the deal, see that smug of dirt (points to a littlw dirt on LP umder the H) made that look like a U and the plate came back to a srolen car
>Still leaving me cuffed he walks around my car looking inside through the windows
>Comes back
>ok I'm going to let.you off worh a warning but i dont want to see you out this late again
>ol whatever
So you know the deal..They have big aspirations of becoming DA's themselves one day and all that. I'm $4000.00 into this now and looking to clear my name as it should have been a citation. If I can get a jury to decide for me I am suing the township and him personally in civil court. I've never been in "trouble" with the law before, nothing. And I know that cop saw that when he ran me in the "system".
File: 1426285035911.jpg (70 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Wake up
>Go to school
>In class
>Start jerking it in my own mouth
>Teacher is a police
>He reads me my rights
>While still jerking it in my own mouth, I ask about my lefts
>He said he never thought about that
>Asks if he can join
>We climax simultaneously
>Swordfight for an hour
>be 18
>been drinking
>eating a cheeseburger
>swerving everywhere because focused on cheeseburger
>lights start flashing behind me
>cop says I had been swerving and asked if I had been drinking
>"no officer, im sorry I was just eating."
>cop says be more careful and tells me to carry on
>"thank you sir, it wont happen again"
>doesn't even ask for my license or registration

Love being white
Tell me more about how taking what I've earned to feed the worthless provides incentive to work harder comrade.
>I am white and this just happened at the beginning of the year.
>>at a peaceful protest around the capitol building of CA

go die in a fire you dirty hippie!!!
>hanging out with a friend because we were going to another persons house who we also happened to both be friends with
>pull up to our friends house
>drunk as fuck, high as fuck wut
>looking for our friend's bubbler for like 10 minutes
>random ass looking car slowly drives past my friends car
>flips a bitch and throws on it's search light
>it's some sort of undercover cop person bullshit fuck bitches
>pulls up behind my friends car
>friend explains how this is his car and that this is our friends house
>officer isn't havin' it, says it's past curfew (yfw not old enough to be affected by curfew)
>officer walks away to his car to do something
>I explain to my friend to deny anything and everything he tries to tell us were doing
>comes back and says he smells da reefer and the hooch and spots our friends bubbler
>scares the fuck out of my friend somehow who was out of the car talking to him and gets him to admit that we were drinking and smoking
>comes to the car to ask me if we had been drinking or smoking
>trollface.jpg without realizing that he got my friend to spill the beans
>gets pissed and says I shouldn't lie to the cops
>makes my friend grab the rest of the bottle which was a little less than halfway full and our friends bubbler and throw it out onto the street
>the officer walked away like nothing happened
Are you a heavy drinker/drug user, or were you just born stupid?
What's your name, and date it happened? I happen to know several Sac cops, I'm curious about what they have to say about this.
>underage fag and drinking
>go to a beach party at summer and
>wasn't supposed to drink but my m8s talked me into it
>get out of car and take sip of my beer, wearing my backbag full of beer
>police arrive
>they talk to us kindly and rather jokingly ask if we're heading to bar
>well they take our names up while checking out IDs
>everyone is taken alone to get distance to other and checked
>"name Anonman? Does your father happen to be Anom?"
>mfw my dad's a cop and this officer knows him
>"what your dad might be thinking about this?"
>nothing serious there
>I begin to pour my beers away as he fills papers
>slip half of my beer cans to nearby bush
>police leave telling us to behave
>pick my beers back up and continue
>not a single fuck was given
>last month
>have concealed weapons permit and carrying
>on my way home from work
>get pulled over
>keep both hands on steering wheel while officer walks up
>he asks for license registration and proof of insurance
>I tell him I have a license to carry and currently carrying a handgun on my right side
>he asks where my wallet is(tell him same side)
>he then asks if there are any more weapons in the car, I say no
>I see his hand move closer to his sidearm and he says to reach over with my left arm and open my door from the outside slowly
>then tells me to get out and face away from him keeping my hands visible
>he takes my gun out and holds it
>he tell me I can put my hands down and get my license and permit and registration
>he radios in my name and info
>after a minute or two I hear something on his radio and he hands me my license and cwp
>he then hands me my gun and thanks me for being upfront and I did everything right and the reason for the stop was my license plate light was out
>he tells me I can go
File: 1305125576224.gif (28 KB, 334x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 334x357
>me shoveling snow
>officer asks for name
>"I don't have to tell you"
>"you need to calm down"
>attack him with shovel
He's a lonely faggot with a history of holding child porn. Take a guess why he's here.
>Told the truth
>Didn't get busted
See how easy that is?
>calls merica a shithole
>yuroup is Mideast 2.0
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There was a guy who died over that. You need to chill, nigga.
Yes it's working so well right now because there's no such thing as food banks right? Continue sucking ayn rand's vulture capitalist titties, sheep. Everything is right in the world, just like your oligarch masters told you it is.
I'm in Hoboken area. Not many nignogs living here.

Clifton, Nutley, Rutherford (especially), and Hudson County Sheriff cops are fucking animals.

>be white
>had an expensive car while young (long story)
>went to pick up friend at Newark Airport coming in from Cali
>Can't park, everyone knows that. so I sit and wait until the Port Authority police tell you to go around.
>then go around entire airport and come back to sit until told to move again.
>This is standard proceedure at airport.
>one dickface cop says "wait right here. I'm writing you a ticket"
>me: "ok officer. Can I ask what for? I'll move and go around again"
>"Standing in a no standing" (80 other cars there doing the same thing.
>so I say "ok, sir." and let it go ~$50 ticket I assume

>my friend comes out of airport and gets in car. Happy to see him
> cop comes back to car, says "we're towing your car"
>I'm like "for what?"
>he says " you have suspended license"
>mfw never even asked me for license
>mfw not suspended.
>I grab my license, reg, insurance and try to hand it to him saying "officer, my paperwork is right here. Nothing is suspended, all paperwork is good"

>slaps paperwork out of my hand and says "I don't want to fucking see it. I'm towing your car because you're blocking traffic"
>He calls tow truck. Knowing I'm dealing with maniac, I call police and ask for supervisor on scene since he refuses to call one.
>wait for tow truck to arrive before telling him, car needs special tow truck. Too low for standard.

>He tells tow truck driver to DRIVE my car to impound.
>I saw no and stand in front of car. ($100k+ car)
>Officer's open door and drag my friend out and drop him on concrete
>I am put in handcuffs
>Tow truck driver drives my car away, grinding gears as he goes (manual trans)
>Given 6 tickets, all falsified

>have to pay lawyer to go to court to throw away tickets
>charged with Failure to Comply to Ociffer's Directions
>can't dismiss because it's his word v mine
lost $5k
>be me
>light skinned Spanish, humanized through birth in America
>working drive-thru at Wendy's
>Police drives up
>nicest customer I've dealt with
>hands me a coupon for free slurpee at 7-11 with his debit
>give him his food as we exchange thanks

Another incident

>walking home from college
>sees 9/10 blonde in her cruiser park of the side
>both smile and wave

Feels good not being a shitstain
BTW..not crying "poor me". We got caught driving and my son did not have a permit. Should have been a citation and I should have paid a fine. I'm down with that..Consequences.
This happened a few years ago now, I haven't had any interactions with the police since, thankfully.

>be me
>get stood up one evening
>decide that a coffee is the only thing that can resolve this
>Only place open now is on the motorway
>Fancied a drive anyway
>Decide to take the back roads out to join the motorway
>Never clocked the cop as I left the town
>Driving down the windy roads
>Feels good man
>Cop still following
>Follows me onto the motorway
>Never saw them once
>See signs for the service area
>Signal in good time to leave for it
>Blue lights behind me
>Indicate that I've seen them and continue to leave the road
>Pull up in the parking area
>Cop pulls in next to me
>Gets out and looks in my window
>"Is this your car anon?"
>It is
>"Mind jumping out for me?"
>Get out of car like a noob
>Trembling slightly, not sure what the fuck is going on
>Cop runs check on the car
>"What brings you out here?"
>MFW I explain that I got stood up, I wanted coffee and here was the only place that was open at night
>"I followed you because you took a strange way to get out here."
>u wot m8?
>"Have you ever been stopped by the police before?"
>Only once for a blowing exhaust
>"Have you taken anything this evening."
>I hadn't
>"Are you sure there's nothing you're hiding?"
>About to bust this fucker and ask for his ID and his boss
>Radio comes to life, the car checks out

That fucker fucked off so fast you'd have thought that he'd been told that there were doughnuts back at the station.

You get the good ones, but the bad ones are a fucking cancer and need to be got rid of.
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no love for my rap......
You know you just proved his point by jumping to the communism conclusion right?

>but you don't understand words with more than 2 syllables
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>be me, 20
>be navyfag
>also furfag
>returning from a furry meet
>about 40 min drive
>middle of fucking nowhere california
>suddenly flashing lights
>retinas frying, no idea whats going on
>pull over
>cop comes up
>"hey anon your tail lights are out"
>check my light switch position
>lights are supposed to be on
>usual questions for license and shit
>hand him military ID instead
>quick glance "what do you do?"
>be aviation electrician
>"i work with wiring on jets sir"
>he chuckles hands me my shit back
>"thank you for your service"
I have nothing productive to contribute. Instead here is some autism.
Been pulled over multiple times when I was in residency as a Medfag in shit hole cleveland. Curry nig but I worked in the ER alot. Always kept my lab coat out. City cops let me off for speeding 6 timed over 4 years. Last time my front head light was out the cop said to be careful because the cops where I lived were aholes and wouldn't cut me a break.

tl:dr even cops think some cops are cunts
Liar. Anyone who works in a gun shop knows it's a magazine, not a clip.

Fake cancer.

not gonna lie, man, but your father is stupid for calling the cops.
>be 22 throwing party
>cops show up
>"can we come in?"
>"we'll waiting outside"
>continue party
>text everyone coming that the party is over
>cops get bored and leave

Fuck the police. Only retards talk to them or take them serious.
>be me
>load up my dirtbike
>go to mcdonalds
>drive to friends house to pick him up and go ride
>get there, finish my mcdonalds, lite up a cig sitting there with my door half open sitting kinda hal out the car
>cop rolls past me slow turns around and goes back by slow
>i wave, figure i look kinda suspicious sitting
like that
>he turns around again stops behind me, i get out and stand there
>eventually he gets out, "got any weapons on you sir?"
>"we've had complaints of a suspicious anon in the area, you fit the description where were you 15 minutes ago?"
>"you have a receipt"?
>mfw i threw it away, "no, my coffees still warm"
>he actually feels my coffee
>another cop shows up, by this time my buddy came outside, said he lived there and that i was there to pick him up and go ride, asks whats going on, they won't tell him
>I give them my ID and i was in the military at the time so i'm sure that helped
>they were pretty nice but they spend a long time doing a backround ck and running my plates, i'm starting to get pretty sure they're going to bring me in for questioning, seems they're looking for someone real bad
>they end up letting me go, i'm so tired of being oppressed just because i'm white
I have a ton of these, but I'll share my favorite.
>me, 16, and two other friends all have 600 cc fuel injected Supersport motorcycles (05 gsxr, 05 cbrrr, 08 zx)
>at friend 1's house, probably close to midnight we decide to go get gas
>me and friend 1both have girls on the back
>as we are crossing over the border to the next town over, a mercedes flashes hit lights rapidly at us
>I think, "oh, there's clearly a cop up there" and slow down to the speed limit (35)
>friend 1 Flys past me at about 70, friend 2 passes ~55
>at least 500ft ahead, cop pulls out behind friend 1 and 2.
>when cop is around corner, I turn around and make my way back to friend 1's house, meet up with friend 2 who turned around because friend 1 hadn't realized the Cop was in pursuit and the cop passed him
>friend 1 got his bike dropped off with a $420 ticket by our buddy who drives a flatbed for the local tow truck company.
>cop didn't even know I exist
Managed to never get a ticket, or even pulled over on the bike before I was run off the road Intentionally. Still get chased all day on my crf but I can just hop into the woods and be in my backyard in minutes.
whew. close one anon. your asshole was puckering or were you playin it cool? or both.
>or effective
top kek
>hanging out with a friend because we were going to another persons house who we also happened to both be friends with
nigger why not say: a friend and I went to another friend's house?
are you retarded or something?
I didn't expect him to do anything in the first place because we weren't doing anything wrong and my friend would have came out if he kept us a minute longer. Our friend ended up hearing everything from his window.
They're not dumb, just devious. What that cop did to me is earning the township $$$ in restitution fines if a jury sides with the County. It's called "Stacking Charges". They throw everything at you so they know something will stick and try to get you to plea bargain out of it like they are doing you a favor. When townships and county's coffers are running low, the cops with "aspirations" always come down hard on the citizenry (and believe me, the cops keep a record of that personally for their "review/raise" times.)
>Does illegal shit
>Gets mad when the cops show up
Cool story that never happened, bro.
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