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whats the worst thing you've done to a woman?
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whats the worst thing you've done to a woman?
what was her reaction?
what was your relationship to her?
Do you still see her?
>grabed the cellphone from her hands without her permission
>she just goes crazy
>dating like six months fucking everyday
>no i don't in the next day she was seeing another guys
>fells bad
I asked her to the Summer dance in town square, as a platonic but chivalrously pursued female partner

She politely declined my invitation
spit in her mouth/face while choking her during bj's and fucking.
make her say she's a whore, slut..
make her tell me she wants to see me fuck other women and make them pregnant
slap her in the face
she likes this shit, makes her horny
she's my gf
shit gf
>choked her
>pulled her hair and spit in her mouth
>made her call in sick to work so i could fuck her all day

she had a kid too

>be fucking her
>kid (about a yr old at the time) can be heard crying from her room
>bitch wants to stop so she can mom
>i pin her down, shes not going anywhere til i finish
>fuck her good for 5 more min while baby wails
>cum on her face

MFW she changes her baby's diaper with my load on her face

we don't talk anymore
yeah i know.
Stabbed her. Accidentally, but still.
Meet some girls online were 4/10 they had a very un atractive 1/10 punk/feral chick with em with shitty dreads and no shoes with hobbit feet

Told em i was full keen on her
drank fuckloads of cask wine with her
finally popped her cherry

left her at a bus stop next morning totally ignored her for a good 12 months

booty called her fucked her passed out in her bed she slept on a lounge

her mum went spastic because i threw up in there toilet and clearly nailed her upset the old lady a fair bit

Always referred to her as ugly XanonX
through the punk scene she befriends a friend of mine cunt spills the beans

this bitch probably still cuts herself to this day
i fully pulled the but i love you baby shit and all
deep down just wanted to rek a virgin to see if i could
>said I love you
Tied her in my closet and fucked her untill she got pregnant and delivered the baby and took it away from her

We dated and shit I guess she sorta cried and I felt really bad and felt like a rapist even though she sorta let it happen but she didnt press charges and we live separate lives

I sorta feel like shit afterwards now though I have a problem with being too hands-on with women after that
I told my mother to 'fuck off.'
you cheeky cunt
greentext faggot
File: 1426019304898.gif (2 MB, 322x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 322x252
>Be in third grade
>Chain between two poles
>Decide to swing chain
>Swing chain around like skip rope
>Big mouth bitch of the grade comes over
>"It's gonna snap if you keep swinging it"
>"Fuck you" and I continue swinging
>The chain snaps and hits her in the face
>Breaks her cheek bone
>She threatens to sue and cries a fuck ton
>Mfw she never sued
>Mfw that's my favourite childhood story
>When I was 14 I peed on a girl I had a huge crush on by mistake

She sort of stood there and didn't know how to react, but went home and showered and came back shortly afterwards

I do see her every now and then

She was a friend from the block, but she's just an acquaintance now
You're a terrible fag. Fuck You!
I told my teacher that she wasn't good at teaching
Agreed to marry her
I bash a hammer-like piece of tree in her skull.
Scream and cry, faint a little.
One of my best friend since I'm young.
>Flirt, joke, make girl pine after me for two months
>Eventually agree to go out with her. Don't fuck her.
>Break up on the phone before second date.
>She cries, tries everything to avoid the hammer.
>Say i'm sorry on the phone with a smile on my face.
trick women into not having sex with me
huge ego boost
do it often, better than love
>raped her
>she was unconscious, no reaction
>no relationship, never met her before rape
>hell no


faggots like you are why we have feminists
I went really hard on a girl when I was fucking her in the ass for the first time. I was young, so I just acted like I was in a porno, but for the next day she acted like she had PTSD.
Nice story needs more dragons faggot
>third grade
>threatened to sue
sure buddy
>whats the worst thing you've done to a woman?
>what was her reaction?
>what was your relationship to her?
>Do you still see her?
this could get interesting. i've done lots of bad shit. i'll have to think about it.
Fucked my gf's friend 20 min later without washing my dick my gf gave me a bj
There's kinky and there's abusive and you're running dangerously close to that line my friend
>have gf
>she cheated
>forgave her
>she cheated again
>punched her in the face and broke her nose
>got one month in jail
Met a chick off tele cafe
pretty much treated her as booty call
she apparently had a kid but i never seen it
Anyway this bitch used to spend ages on her hair
Always doing her hair and brushing it and shit
so i would go out of my way to mess it all up best i could while fucking her

One night i was literally smacking her head off the bed head but the wierd cunt just kept coming back

No matter how hard i tried i couldnt get rid of her so i used to crack on to her BFF right in front of her till her ranga besty went for it

Bitch 1 took the hint Bitch 2 next morning is all over me and asking why i wont cuddle her
Apparently i dropped some sort of atom bomb on her and ruined her life from some cray cray bitch reverse jew bros before hoes shit

met another chick off tele cafe attractive white girl with a 2 yr black baby she had a full on complex about it

this freaky bitch cleaned my kitchen and fridge
like wife materialing me i couldnt get rid of that one fast enough
My current gf. She's 23 with daddy issues.
> make her dress like a little girl, pigtails, ect.
> make her call me daddy, I call her my good little girl
>make her deepthroat me till she gags.
>wipe her tears with my cock as I tell her how good she's being.
> "thank you daddy"
>on bed, tie her hands to her ankles tight, fuck her hard.
>"Oh yes daddy fuck me fuck your little girl"
> spit in her face, choke her as I fuck her harder.
> she begs to be un-tied. "It's too tight, its hurting my wrists.. please.."
> ignore her, pull her to the edge of bed.
>"you want daddy to untie you?" I ask her while i stand over her, smearing my wet cock/balls/taint all over her cute face.
> "mmbhtt yes daddy mmmbhhtt please.." she's whimpering.
> jamming my cock in and out of her sloppy mouth
>"you have to eat my asshole first"
>"ok daddy"
> tounges my sweaty asshole for a good minute, my spit from earlier leaking into her eyes, she can't wipe it away cause tied.
>"please untie me daddy, it hurts.." she's obviously in pain.
> finally untie her, wrists are red, she's rubbing them.
> make her get on her knees. Throating her hard and deep, "hold it there, be a good little girl.."
> she pukes all over my cock, her lap.
>"i'm so sorry daddy.." she whimpers shamefully.
>"aww it's ok sweetie" make her keep sucking puke covered cock
Cum buckets in her face as she hugs her hello kitty plushie and sucks her thumb
> we shower, make her kneel in the tub. I piss all over her tits/face/in her mouth.

We're madly in love though.
File: topgun.jpg (217 KB, 648x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217 KB, 648x1000
my MO is find half decent chicks with no self esteem rek them then rebuild them

Seems almost always they god tier you for it
This thread has potential
I want to fap to this
Tied GF to a bed because she wanted to be kinky went and made a sandwhich and watched Xmen on the tele
Wrecking virgins is a dangerous game tbh. 9 times out of 10 they go crazy especially if you try to blow them off
I fucked my ex gf to the point where she lost consciousness for a sec, I kept going of course. Also I held a machete up to her throat while fucking her missionary. She loved it tho
whats the worst thing you've done to a woman?
Got her to cheat on her bf with me
what was her reaction?
She approved because she had a crush on me
what was your relationship to her?
Do you still see her?
Once she broke up with her bf I left that hoe so she had nobody.
Also I fucked her ass till she cried, and immediately made her suck my cock. Asked her if she liked tasting her ass.
>"yes daddy"
>meet girl in cafe
>5/10 chubby
>she seems nice
>we talk for a couple of hours
>gave her an obviously fake name
>don't know why, just kind of wanted to troll her
>cafe closes we go to her car, make out, then fuck in her car in the parking lot
>for the next two years once a month we'd meet in the middle of the night in the cafe parking lot
>should would occasionally text me and tell me she loves me
>send me presents
>fuck in her car
>after two years i moved away and blocked her on my phone
Bro mind the nerve/tendon damage in her wrists. Seriously even if you're a piece of shit you gotta know it'll be hard to replace her and she can't fondle your smelly dick if she can't move her fingers. So more padding and less pressure on the wrists.
Go back to tumblr
also pls greentext next time
I fit 4 fingers in my ex's butt. She asked for it though so I don't know if that counts
Dude that's what everyone does now for the past how the fuck many years. Especially in schools
daddy issues make for a great fuck

captcha: facum
1st and only 1
She was kinda rekt to begin with like never known her dad and mum didnt want her typical cray cray bitch

I dunno if i should feel like a cunt cause i didnt care and still dont but where is the glory in taking something broken and breaking it more

I think what truely rekt her was when she found out i only ever referenced her to people as ugly anon
this is good advice. you gotta take care of your toys, man.
what's wrong with america and suing everyone?
like really?
5 star post, fucktard.
Only way to do it.
Let a girl fall in love with me while I was with someone else.

She doesn't want to see me anymore.
yeah, I'm not American, and that might be why i found third graders threatening to sue unbelievable.
Noted. She was fine though.
>at a party
>some drunk bitch starts talking shit
>make fun of her bullshit
>she tries to hit me but I move and she falls
>goes into full on rage mode
>throws multiple closed fist punches at me
>I bob and weave and she can't hit me
>enough is enough
>"listen bitch, if you don't stop, I'm going to have to hit you back."
>cunt charges me and tries to kick me in the balls
>right hook to her chin
>she goes down like a sack of potatoes
>pour out my beer on her
>bros do the same
>crazy Jim pisses on her
>let her stupid friends clean up the mess
>No fucks given
>crazy jim
fuck my gf while she's asleep
in the pussy, ass and then mouth
multiple times
always when shes drunk / passes out
Yeah it's weird. Cash grab everyone thinks it's easy money. Fuck I never knew anyone sued eachother so much in the US. Im in Canada and didn't grow up with those fears or threats
im a whiteknight
i pissed on my gf, golden shower thing, and i fucked her while i broke up with her while she was crying, it was almost rape
Had a friend who I fooled around with a lot
she didn't like cum
getting an assjob from her while her family is still home
came all over her ass as her dad called out to her
didn't clean it and just pulled her pants back up over it
she had to leave so she had to spend an hour with my cum in her pants
you're probably not the only one
>The Marshall Eriksen
My girl has a thing for being woken up with dick. She wants me to take what I want when I want.

While you broke up with her? Like "bam bam I don't want to see you any more bam bam"?

>fucking, decide to put it in her pooper since we'd been working on it. went a little too far too fast
>she cried
>she's the wifey
File: partyhard.gif (148 KB, 486x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 486x280

>on top of my gf, she's blowing me
>she's on her back I'm kneeling with my legs pinning her arms to the side and stuffing my cock in her mouth
>suddenly feel a huge fart coming on
>I can tell it's one of those deep from within, stench from the core kinds of farts
>launch a plan
>say, "suck my balls" and move hips forward to present sack
>her mouth immediately wide open, obedient
>i deliberately overshoot, land asshole directly on mouth
>blast a sewage-reeking fart like none other
>her eyes go wide as realization dawns of what has just happened and then she's coughing and gagging and sputtering
>I'm rolling around the bed laughing my ass off

That fart fucking reeked. One of those greasy ones that hangs in the air endlessly and you can almost feel as if it has texture.
>mfw I read that
that sounds fucking hot, I remember my last gf when I broke up with her she was begging me to stay with her and if we fucked I would understand. I was tempted to fuck her and still break up with her but I pussied out
More than once i have convinced chicks to cheat on there b/fs with me after a while i convince them they need to tell there partner whats going on so we can be together

Once they leave them i end it as well and i dont mean high school girls i am talking married woman etc

Makes me feel good
Come on now, don't go insulting other countries traditions.
yeah she came to my flat, started putting on the water works, she was a real bitch see, and for some reason i was really turned on, so i just lifted up her dress, and proceeded to fuck her doggy style in the hallway, she was up against the wall, she was still crying till about half way through, she just started moaining from there, she thought we were gonna get back together, but i told her im still breaking up with her after i came. she started crying again, but i kicked her out
sometimes she's woken up and tried to struggle, but obviously im able to subdue her, and proceed coitus
dick gets diamonds every time
File: 1426602183917.gif (1 MB, 300x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x149
never fucked a woman in public obviously
File: george satisfied.jpg (69 KB, 516x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
george satisfied.jpg
69 KB, 516x417
>Have stupid back and forth with girl I like for weeks
>Things are looking like she's not interested
>Fine, whatever. I'm not happy, but whatever.
>When she learns I've been flirting with other women she suddenly gets jealous.
>Tell her to cut the shit and give me a final answer.
>She says yes.
>Things are awkward at first because of all her bullshit.
>Quickly getting tired of relationship that was going nowhere fast from the beginning.
>Figure she's probably not going to put out.
>Cheat on her with a hooker.
>Best fucking $80 I've ever spent.
>We broke up shortly after that.
>She has no idea I did it.
File: siara_slabo.gif (1017 KB, 240x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1017 KB, 240x221
In her presence I indirectly stated something that she interpreted as if I would never date a girl that is older than me, (but it might sounded even like I claimed that no man ever should).

Later I realized she was a year older than me and very into me for some time (but I was oblivious of this because of autism and low self-esteem), and that back then it really hurt her.

She was this quiet introverted intelligent kind of girl that does not post shit on facebook.
ayy lmao
I finger my girlfriends asshole and then make her lick my fingers clean

>sleeping in bed with gf
>wake up with really bad stomach ache
>fart and go back to sleep
>wake up to gf retching because the duvet, herself and most of the bed covered in wet shit
I did this exact think as well. Very satisfying right?

you are so lucky
File: lol danny.jpg (24 KB, 594x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol danny.jpg
24 KB, 594x395
File: laughingcunts.jpg (135 KB, 975x603) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So you paid money to have sex instead of getting it for free.
You sure showed her,
File: 1410012290648.jpg (23 KB, 291x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 291x400
My nigga
why do you just have machetes hanging around? are you some african tribenigger?
your hand is g/f ?
That's not what I said I was trying to do, dipshit.
So he gets into a relationship with some bitch he doesn't even like, then spends $80 for sex...
Not judging, simply curious - how much do these descriptions get you off, OP? You make this thread every day.
>break up with bitch ex who pretty much lived with me for the past year
>she thinks that by having sex with me she will get me back
>thinks that by doing all the shit she didn't normally let me do (anal, deepthroat, etc.) Then I'd change my mind
>Fuck her with force of a thousand suns
>Cum all over her face
>Let her stay the night as if she had succeeded in getting us back together
>Next day she goes to work so I pack all her shit up in garbage bags and send her and fb message telling her to pick it up and if she tries to contact me I will call the cops
>mfw I haven't talked to her since
I took her virginity and she was a fucking nutcase, why do girls do this?
How do you go by asking her to call you daddy? My girl has clear daddy issues, does everything listed and loves it, but it seems like the abandonment stuff is too much, so she just doesn't use the goddamn word and I'm too much of a pussy to ask her to - everything else is amazing, I don't want to risk bringing up some trauma and trashing the entire thing.
File: lol asian.jpg (145 KB, 600x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol asian.jpg
145 KB, 600x585
> worst thing
I punched my sister When i was 16 and she was 19.

She went fucking nuts screaming at me because my bike was in the foyer.

She started slapping and hitting me and screaming like a banshee. I guess it was that time of the month.

I just went to the kitchen. She followed.
i went into the dining room. She followed.
I went to the living room. She followed.

She finally landed a good slap that cut my face so i hit her as hard as i could knocked her ass out cold for three minutes.

She woke up sobbing and begging dad to punish me.

> "you beat on him for five minutes. You had your fucking chance to stop. You got what you deserved."

She called the police. My dad told her to get out of the house. Still wont talk to her.
> tele cafe
seriously anon
how long ago was this?
File: 1351501641192.jpg (19 KB, 170x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 170x206
Implying he's telling the truth
raped her in the ass.
she cried.
she is still my girlfriend.
You are a true hero my friend.
Very much so. All the shit we do together is pretty new to her since she's only had one bf before me who only gave her boring vanilla sex. He turned out to be a closet faggot. Topkek. I don't really think she realizes how twisted our sexlife is.
a while ago buddy
pre facebook
10,000 gold stags May buy a mans silence for a time but a bolt in the heart buys it forever!
sounds a lot like my situation. been living with mine for 2 years and looks like we're about to break up. also was a virgin. also nuts. what luck right
>Gf and i been together about a year and we decide to talk about or more "disturbing" fetishes.
>wants me to go first but i say she goes first cause i feel we should work my way to mine cause i think its a little severe (bloodplay/scarification)
>her like every woman on the planet has a secret rape and cruelty fetish.
>unlike other women she wants it to be random and not in the bedroom. She wants me to go from my nice usual self to being this hulking thuggish ape that takes what he wants. No holds.
>decide ok the anniversary is coming up and shes been making a big deal lets do this
>take her out on "the best date" she's ever had. Whole nine yard. Took her to see frozen then an amazing dinner then went to go see a play at the guthrie, massage and breakfast in bed when she woke up, etc. basically every chicks dream.
>on the drive home i take a few wrong turns but she was tired and tipsy on wine before she noticed we were out in the boonies
>turns to me about to ask where we are
>immediately punch her in the face as hard as i felt i could do without breaking something
>stop the car on the shoulder and drag her into the bushes by her hair
>my first time raping someone. And it was definitely rape. She wanted none of this and couldn't figure out why this happened.
>snapped photos and recorded audio of her screams while i twisted her tit
>after it was all over and she sobbed "why?!"
>reminded her of the earlier conversation about a week beforehand
>she immediately stops sobbing and goes quiet
"Just...take me home."
>drive home and lovingly tuck her in and decide i'd stay over take a shower and decide whether or not murder was a legit option at this point
>hear the door open during shower getting ready for her to try and fuck me up
>get blind sided by a fucking caddle prod (we were doing serious BDSM before all this so not entirely surprising.
>wake up dazed tied to bed with her next to me
"So....anon. Whats your fetish?"
"Huh? Tell me."
kek you're obviously a fucking pussy m8
thx 4 sharing
I don't understand this story. It's not green.
Does it still count if i didn't consider her to be a person?

>pick up tiny white girl hooker, couldn't have been more than 20, go to cheap motel
>negotiate for a regular fuck/suck/anal
>she wants $60
>tell her i'll give her $100 now and $100 after if i can get rough with her
>the thought of how much of her drug-of-choice that would buy is evident in her widened eyes
>go to car and get bondage implements, spreader bar and ring gag
>she says this wasn't part of the deal
>i tell her i'll walk if not
>she reluctantly agrees
>make her drink a liter of water
>ankles go on either end of the bar, wrists cuffed to the center of the bar. ring gag fitted in place
>proceed to throatfuck her on her back while she squirms, one hand holding her by the hair, the other holding the bar
>pukes up some of the water, runs down her face and into her eyes
>piss in her mouth, down her throat, she pukes it up into her eyes and hair
>slap her cunt hard whenever she stops resisting, just to bring her back
>clear-slimy puke now mixed with my piss
>didn't actually fuck any other hole, just her throat
>came down it, but still hard for obvious reasons
>she's gone by this point, not even the cunt slaps can make her flinch much
>throatfuck her some more until she pukes up the cum i just injected into her stomach
>piss on her a bit more, jack off until i cum again and shove it down her throat
>remove ball gag, remove ankle and wrist restraints, and she just lays there sobbing
>pull out remaining $100 and wave it in front of her face until she notices what it is and her eyes are following it
>rub it on her slop- and piss-covered face and say "this is what the rest of your life will be like, because it's all you're good for"
>throw on my pants and leave
Hey same here /b/rother but my girl also has a father daughter fetish
It was her dad actually, sorry, should've been more specific. And, I'm not american either.
I only wish i studied psychology or something like that to find my true potential at home wreckage
>last few months of college
>dating girl with massive tits
>i'm totally into her
>but she just wants something casual
>this fucks me up and makes me want her more
>she gets tired of my betaness and starts jerking me around
>breaking dates and being late as shit
>one day while walking with her to her apartment
>she lives on a busy street with lots of pedestrians and stalls selling t-shirts and stuff
>some black guy notices her massive tits and starts following us
>he tries to talk to her
>she's polite and says hello
>he asks her to hang with him
>she says no, but some other time
>of course i was pissed, but knew from experience if i said anything it would piss her off
>a few days later, she tells me she met the guy
>then she tells me she invited him up to her apartment
>then she says one of the vendors saw this and called the cops
>cops arrive in less than a minute and arrest the guy
>he was a serial rapist
>she tells me all of this like it's no big deal
>a few weeks later, we are completely broken up
>she calls me to come get my shit from her apartment
>go there and get my stuff
>buzz her apartment, she lets me in
>on the way in i saw the black rapist guy
>on the way out i held the door for him and let him in
>a few weeks later, get a phone call from the cops
>"anon, this is detective porksausage. we need you to come down and help us with an identification
>cops tell me my ex got raped
>tell me they have a suspect
>want me to view a picture line up
>tell me they are still investigating how the guy got her building
>figure out he didn't give me up
>the rapist guy's picture is in the photo line up
>tell the cop i'm not sure i recognize any of them

i don't know if there was a trial or if he got convicted, but i didn't help convict the guy and may have helped him rape my ex.
being woken up like this is great
It's fucked hey?. I tried breaking up with her three or four times prior but she wouldn't have it, you have to do it in a way that will get your point across. You feel like shit for a couple of weeks. Then you start talking to your old mates again and start going out more and you'll realise its for the better.
That guy was a psycho.... Today he is a fourth grade teacher. If his students only knew.
File: 1403132631860.jpg (62 KB, 750x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 750x563
>free live

How'd you fuck her mouth while she had a gag on?
do you not know what a ring gag is?
yes please
File: kek.jpg (6 KB, 223x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 223x219
>at the pub getting smashed with mates and gf
>skull the rest of maybe my 7th beer
>feel a bit iffy, decide its time for a tactical puke
>nonchalantly walk to bathroom, puke, and nonchalantly return
>walk up to gf
>start making out with her then pull away after a few seconds
>ew wtf is that anon

>she wasnt even mad, just washed it down with beer
>still went home and banged
>dumped her after 3 months after i cheated on her 3 times and left he for a blonde whore
>still talk every few weeks or so
I dated a girl for almost 6 years. She was a fucking nutcase, controlling, and a jealous bitch. Also boring as fuck. But it was my first so I loved her. Anyway, I broke up with her and regretted in a week. Try and talk to her about it. She feels free for the first time in forever too and shoots me down hard. Fast forward 6 months, I'm fucking the girl of my dreams that the ex gf was always so jealous over. Fast forward another 3 months and I have sex with the ex for a week straight, going on dates, acting like everything is better than before, she wants me back so badly. On the last day, tell her femanon is moving to live with me tomorrow and you gotta get the fuck out. She was fucking devastated.

relationship didn't work out.
fuck lots of different women since.
ex gf is getting married on July 25th.
I've never loved anyone else.
>whats the worst thing you've done to a woman?
over the course of four years starting taking her for granted
>what was her reaction?
she put in more and more effort and then broke up with me
>what was your relationship to her?
>Do you still see her?
no, seeing someone else now. falling into the same pattern, then i'll find a new one.
ah, i see the confusion. typo in the last few lines. not ball gag, ring gag
>lose virginity real early
>12 yrs old, neighbor grill is 11
>found porno VHS's at friends house
>learn the ways of intercourse
>jerk it all the time but can't cum yet
>mfw can only shoot blanks
>me and neighbor grill decide we are gonna fuck
>tight and dry, not fun at all, not like movies one bit
>she just cries and cries after about 2 minutes
>i have what I like to call my "silent nut" (no cum)
>after watching movies feel like I need to produce something
>ask her if she wants to see my cum
>shes still crying but relieved when I say that and says yes
>pull out and stand awkwardly over her
>know I won't be able to shoot a real load
>stand awkwardly and wait for boner hardness to detensify
>pee all over her face and chest
>tell her its cum
>"you like my cum?"
>"yeah, Anon...I guess so..."
mfw this was the best and weirdest day of my life

She said she could feel the fart down her throat and the texture in her mouth. Didn't stop gagging for minutes after. Said she could still taste my fart. It was a good day.

The same girl still texts me and would come over for a lay tonight if I asked but I tired of using her a while ago.
>manage to tell her despite my jaw clenching
"Oh. Strong man likes leaving his mark on bitches? Lets see what should your bitch mark be?"
Long story short the night ended with me having "momma's little bitch" carved on my back and missing my left niptip. She never filed charges cause she actually was happy and so was i. Honestly, if you can find someone as fucked as you have sex, it will be fucking amazing. Seriously though, before we had that convo i was gonna dump her cause all she did was sit around at home and gain 10lbs. Before the anniversary. Couldn't get the momma's bitch carving cause its like dead center on back and the missing niptip healed to damn well to be noticeable.
File: emma02.jpg (44 KB, 445x452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 445x452
>be back in my early 20s
>not social retard, but not exactly the alpha of the group, either
>get invited to party at some guy's house by friends
>don't normally go to parties, but figured why not
>arrive with a couple of friends
>i don't recognise most of the people there, but know a few that have already arrived
>have a few drinks and a chat with them until i start to get a little bit of a buzz going
>out of nowhere this girl walks up to me and starts chatting with me
>she's a little bit more drunk than i am
>we have a good chat, really get along quite well
>eventually start talking about sex
>things go on in this way for a little while
>i ask her if she wants to go somewhere more quiet
>she agrees
>holy shit, this type of thing never happens to me
>i've been drinking more and more throughout the night and am pretty damn drunk by this point
>we go onto the back deck to talk some more, but it quickly escalates to kissing and heavy petting
>we adjourn to one of the upstairs bedrooms
>fuck for a while
>nothing amazing, but it wasn't bad, either
>we fall asleep in the bed together
>i wake up a few hours later and there's a distinct smell of shit in the air
>i check under the covers and i've shit the bed
>she hasn't woken up yet, but time is running out
>sudden wave of genius hits me
>i get some of the shit in my hands, then rub it along her arse and the inside of her thighs
>go shower in the en suite
>get dressed
>get the hell out of there
>left her a note saying, "You shit the bed, so I left"
>she leaves town a couple of months later
i'm not sure what this means, but i like it
Anti-anon anonymous sticking it to the establishment through non-conformity
Green texting is the new 4chan fedora
> Poured gasoline on her
> Lit the bitch on fire
> she's dead
> was gf for five years
> she cheated on me, she deserved it
>hotel front desk manager at my job
>both married
>getting birthday blowjob form her in comp room
>bend her over for more
>hold her in place as she tried to escape me filling her up
>have dreams 10 years later still about her husband raising my kid
Basically trained her. Eased her into the idea of it over time. Started calling her 'good girl' when we'd fuck, then 'good little girl'. Then I just told her I was gonna make her call me daddy. "Mmm ok daddy "
That's about it, anon.
lold again at this copypasta
>whats the worst thing you've done to a woman?
Stretched her pussy so wide I could fit my head in
>what was her reaction?
She screamed and cried
>what was your relationship to her?
She's my mother.

It was my birth.
File: ahegao.jpg (2 MB, 2240x1604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2240x1604
I've found most girls seem to like some mild to moderate abuse in the bedroom. I don't see it as a bad thing I'm doing to them, I'm actually helping them get off. I'm kind to women, by choking and slapping them until they cum.
We want to hear about the crazy Jim.
10/10 would read again
Im in
>>Be dating woman
>>Bitch is constantly tired and stressed
>>Go above and beyond as a boyfriend for 2 years
>>Bitch is unappreciative, but I make excuses
>>Bitch is impulsive and we fight alot
>>After one fight she breaks up and I find out she has a date
>>Lose my shit
>>show up to her house, use my key to get in
>>tie her up, grill her about the guy
>>hurt her, twisting nipples and making her kiss me
>>threaten to rape her, almost do
>>realize how fucked up this is and get myself under control, leave
>>two years later she wants to date again
>>appreciates the shit i did for her
>>gets off thinking about what happened
i call bullshit
no chick lets you treat them like that all the time
only ones you pay

sad little man anon green texting your fantasys
dude I have tried a few times before.. I have this feeling like she stilll wants to be with me even tho she claims she wants to break up now. that feel
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 276x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 276x183

tasty air biscuit
File: 1424032334438.jpg (179 KB, 853x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 853x1280
> first ever black girlfriend
> we finally fucking, doggystyle
> pull her weave off hard
> mfw she screams like she got stabbed (...oops)
> she was not some hood rat, so she didn't try some shit
> continue to fuck
> sniff her natural head as I doggy her
My economic cheated on me with my best friend since childhood, so I ran them off with my 870 12ga. not gonna lie it hurt me, but I don't think he will ever recover from the buckshot.
Hey mate. It's up to you, if you think you two can work it out so be it. But if you don't see yourself happily marrying this chick why stick around? You're just wasting your time. Not trying to be harsh, but sometimes you have to be selfish, put yourself first for once and you'll be better off in the long run.
Not OP but 7/10.
I'm at the 'good little girl' point, so I MIGHT BE CLOSE.
the fuck
>recover from the buckshot
Might have believed this if you said rock salt or something but you didn't shoot him with buckshot and have him walk it off. Not unless he was 60 yards away and just one pellet winged his ass or something.
Ha. Go ahead and call bullshit. Like I give a fuck if your jealous ass belives me or not. Also, we don't do crazy shit like this all the time. Just sometimes.
File: lg86ougzo.jpg (24 KB, 255x403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 255x403
mfw natural head
Met up with my ex and convinced her to let me "fap" over her while she stands there naked. She starts sucking my dick as soon as I pull it out. We start fucking and all I can think about is how tight her ass used to be. Spit on her ass and slowly shove my dick in there. Blow my load in her ass. Go home to current gf and sweet talk for a bit. She ended up sucking my unwashed dick just after I had fucked my ex in the ass.
absolutely true story. i'm trying to find the link to the news story. will post.
>7 beers
>throw up
fucking lightweight

I love you anon. Thx. If we ever meet i'll owe you a beer

cocoa butter?
thanks man. jail actually wasn't that bad. at the time, it was called the honor farm. i could actually leave to go to work. free food and didn't have to pay rent.
File: koalacunt.jpg (31 KB, 344x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 344x291
we drink real beer down under unlike your fucking piss water you yank cunt
File: 1424359089778.jpg (51 KB, 815x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 815x670
>Be me, 16yrs old and having house party at my place. Everyone drunk and shit.
>Can't find my gf, ask someone, says that she was not feeling too well and went to bed.
>I go to my room,lights are off and see her lying face down on my bed.
>Was drunk at the time and decide to fuck her, see was old cold and did not know what was going on. Came inside her, made sure skirt was on right and underwear in case someone came in.
>go back out to party and best mate says I need to get the toilet because my gf is throwing up all over the place.
>I'm like, wtf? Head to kitchen and there she is. Throwing up in sink.
>Run back to room, turn on light. >Ohsshitwhathaveidone.jpeg
>Turns out it is my best friends gf.
>lock door, take underwear off, put my finger up there and scoop out all the cum I can.
>Do this for about a minute, wipe underwear with towl and put back on.
>Head back out, tell best mate that his gf is passed out on my bed, tell him he can use it for the night to look after her. He is like "thanks anon, best mate ever"
>next morning he tells me how much of a great fuck he had and sorry for doing in my bed. I play pissed off.

No one knows to this day. They are still together, was in the pub with them this weekend, I was thinking that she has no idea. Anyway, guess I fucked 2 passed out girls that night.
now this is how you treat a woman good job anon

THIS is real. It is possible. Creepy part is you can do to anybody. When they are having an orgasm call them something, over time they become fucking fixated on it like some pavlov shit. It is 100% fuckin true. It can even work with choclate and sugary shit but you have to be more subtle. I've got two full grown dudes saying "bye bye" whenever they hang up their phone like 10 yr olds.. the human mind is so malleable and creepy. My secretary asks me if I want water every time she gets a new project from me, she has no idea she even does it it's like a fuckin habit for her.
This guy knows what's up
>put my finger up there and scoop out all the cum I can.
laughed my dick off
I remember wanting to cum actual cum so much that I peed trying. Lol.
Best of luck. Not sure if deep down she actually likes calling me daddy, or if she only does cause she knows I like it. She's terrified of the idea of me breaking up with her so she'll basically do or say or endure whatever. Low self esteem + daddy/abandonment issues = win.
>Be in Hong Kong.
>Pick up cute Hong Kong girl, a lower-middle class "office lady"
>Take her back to my hotel, I see she likes it when I'm aggressive.
>Pull her shirt off, she's tiny but has amazing tits.
>Get her turned on.
>Get her naked.
>Now she's turned on and naked, and I just slam my cock inside her, bareback.
>Fuck her against the wall, on the floor, in the bed.
>Blow my load inside her like Zeus into Semele.
> Her "oh no!"
> Fuck her again, same way.
> Fuck her in the morning, same way.
> Don't let her out of my sight all weekend, fuck her repeatedly.
> Leave HK for home.
> She messages me "I'm pregnant"
> "You're welcome"
thanks brother. i appreciate it.
Ausfag drinking bundy cans to fight off the rather large hangover from the bottle of sailor jerrys i knocked over this arvo

would love to school these cunts how to drink
This anon knows.
File: very good.jpg (24 KB, 432x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
very good.jpg
24 KB, 432x432
Impregnating your mom and make her giving birth to such an abomination.
Slapped my cock on her ass while se was at 90° after an awesome blowjob, she told me to stop wile laughing XD
File: 1426262851471.jpg (30 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 480x360
Just smelt as you'd expect unwashed head to smell, I didn't mind it.
File: 1426605369907.jpg (145 KB, 694x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 694x488
I didn't pay a hooker once because we got into an argument.
>slapped my face
>In a pissed rage I threw her down on the ground
>MFW a bunch of thai hookers come out of every fucking corner like indians chasing me
>MFW I make it back to my post safe and sound
Performed a rear naked choke on her whilst going in the backdoor. shook her up pretty bad
I was working as a substitute teacher and met a student who I later fucked pretty regularly.
One of my fondest memory is of me stuffing her panties into her mouth while I was fucking her. I told her to say she's a whore, and when her dumb panty filled moth just mumbled and slapped her face and tits.
Oh, how I loved to abuse her.
also more of crazy jim
mouth. I never touched her moth and I never would, I love animals.
If you're still here anon can you elaborate? I find myself in similar situations
No worries mate
Get fucked mate. Real Aussies drink VB by the cube
File: lol malaria.jpg (68 KB, 539x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol malaria.jpg
68 KB, 539x800
>Anyway, guess I fucked 2 passed out girls that night.
Ah yes, now I remember why I still go on 4chan.
File: image.jpg (99 KB, 610x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 610x458
Crazy Jim Storytime?
Crazy Jim Storytime.

>be at party
>Crazy Jim is already way too drunk
>He is talking about time travel and other bullshit
>We egg him on
>his is convinced he can time travel using his mind
>it's not working
>we tell him that it must be his clothes keeping him grounded in out time
>"Ohhhh fuck, that's right. In Terminator they always time travel naked."
>Crazy Jim gets naked right there in the middle of everyone
>someone calls for everyone to quiet down
>Crazy Jim gets serious look in his eye
>Squats down like pic
>someone calls up terminator music on phone
>Crazy Jim Arises
>walks around naked sizing up people for their clothes
>totally dead pans the line "I'll be back
>walks away while pissing
>Crazy Jim
>slap her face
>She slapped me back
>Full Nelson the shit out of
suck a dick you viccy wanker
west end is the way to do it, and it's called a dirty 30 not a fuckin cube

bloody nerd with your geometry and shit
I fuck my best friends gf while she's passed out and while he's in the same house. Cum in her and everything
Next step. Keep them saying bye-bye. Next time bring up that it sounds like 10yr old using an sidenote tone of voice followed by a slightly higher piched bye-bye. Eventually you'll have them saying bye-bye in a squeeky voice like its normal while being insanely self concious about it. They'll do it in crowded places and shit and then immediately realise they just sounded like a serious spaz.
File: 1423950381262.gif (799 KB, 200x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
799 KB, 200x189
>>crazy Jim pisses on her
exactly what i was about to write
This is all I can her in my mind now:
You don't have weapons?

1st to die in the purge
>ec tetera
Kek'd hard. Thats thug anon
File: image.jpg (74 KB, 550x690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 550x690
File: 1397656412889s.jpg (3 KB, 125x123) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x123
more crazy jim is needed
Shit tiered busted ass bogans drink VB m8
You sound like that fat kid that said "its a meme, ya dip"
My brother's gf. Living with us, total bitch. Told her if she didn't shut the fuck up and get out of my fave I'd stab her. She got a steak knife from the drawer and handed to to me and said do it, you pussy bitch.

So i did.

We don't talk anymore.
>realize how fucked up this is and get myself under control, leave
File: hansbow.gif (493 KB, 500x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
493 KB, 500x211
>Be me (not the neighbor, obv)
>8/10QT with firm bod pining for me. Known her for 4ish years. Call her XX. Used to date my friend, Y. Breaks up with Y eventually.
>Make XX madly in love with me. Had 'fun' together many times.
>Eventually asks me if I want to date, but that she was fine with being my fuckfriend since I had broken up with one of my Exes just before we started having fun.
>XX repeatedly rejects some of my other friends trying to get with her (specially Z, that tried to get with her many times, despite her telling him she had a thing for me).
>Refuse her flat. No date. No sex. ''Not ready, and dont wanna rek my friendship with her''
>Date another girl for a year.
>XX gets another boyfriend. Since I had rejected her.
>I decide I had enough of that new girlfriend of mine (dumb bitch kind). Dump her. Hang out with XX.
>XX's feels come back full throttle.
>I decide the plan is ready to come to fruition.
>Tell XX I have feelings for her but needed time to get my shit straight, that now I am pretty confident I can hold a relationship now.
>XX ends up breaking up with her new boytoy and starts dating me.
>8 months now. Best sex I ever had. Litt lets me do anything I want in bed. Her feelings diddnt die out for a year of me doing what I wanted, doing the mistakes I wanted.
>MFW I made her wait for a year while fucking other girls and having fun, my friend got pissed at me like a neckbeard for 'back stabbing him by fucking a girl he has feels for (even if she rejected him multiple times, telling him she likes me))'' and basically nuked an entire social circle to date her. Honestly, shes so awesome it was worth it.

Casualties of war:

>Her ex Y, that was also my friend.
>My friend Z, cause he was a dumbass.
>The 'replacement' she got when I actually told her no the first time.
>The door and floor, when I had them all walk the dinosaur. (Kidding, wouldnt do this to you guys).

Sometimes wish was handled diff. Do NOT regret it though. She was worth it. Awesome GF
File: 1408593961294.gif (4 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 320x240
laughed so hard I started coughing and almost threw up
I am in some sort of a BDSM-relationship with my ex. She likes it rough, so I can slap her around, call her a slut, make her say whatever I want and afterwards we cuddle and kiss. Pretty cool. I see her regularly.

Now weird things: I once pissed in another ex's vagina. That was weird. Funny to do, but weird. She knew it though, also wanted to try it.
>Talking like an American
You're a poofter.
Little sister had friends over and they were drinking because parents were gone. I bought the alcohol for them.

>everyone fell asleep
>drunk friend walking around kitchen trying to find the sink
>pulled her in my room
>she was a virgin
>pounded the fuk out of her for hours
>creampied her
>dressed her without her panties
>put her back with everyone else before they woke up

I know she tried to kill her self at somepoint but last i heard she was a known slut so I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.
ok, bruce
Said fuck you to mommy
She made a shit dinner that evening
Of course I still see her you moron I live with her since 1987
Hey at least she's getting attention.
>be me
>be fucking qt3.14 gf
>"wanna try being more rough anon?"
>start choking her and slapping her around
>shes into it
>make her suck my dick
>she stops, and with the force of a thousand suns I backhand her
>blood everywhere
>she's in obvious pain but laughing at the fact I made her bleed
still with her to this day, god i love her

Choked a bitch and kept choking until she started twitching violently and passed out. Kinda killed the mood so went and played World of Warcraft for about 20 minutes. Got horny again. Lubed up her virgin ass ad started to stretch it out and fucked it. As I was fucking her I slapped her cheeks to wake up her up. She said he was still seeing stars and wondered why I was giving her anal. Told her she told me too. She didn't want me to stop. Came in her ass, pulled out, shit all over my dick, washed it off (Triple soap wash!) and as I walked out she ran into the bathroom to take a bloody shit.

Met her on Craigslist, cute little petite latina chick with severe bipolar.

She married someone for 3 months and is now divorcing him. We still play around.

Too much math, did not read.

>im the one who wrote the text.

I gotta work on my writing skills T.T
File: 9f9.png (770 KB, 680x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
770 KB, 680x576

>thought it would be a good idea to slealth slide my index finger in her baloon knot
>she screams
>have a fight about how i'm forcing her to do things she isn't comfortable with
>single and have to jack off again
Harold plz.
im high
Underrated post

I'd rather drink pure blonde

captcha confirms: hommo
File: 1426441181040.jpg (30 KB, 355x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 355x266

also before this ever happened i did flick her forehead mid bj because i honestly thought it'd be hilarious but she didn't talk to me for a week
File: 1408236722860.png (190 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 500x333
> Whacked on E
> She is too
> Fuck her ass, suck me off
> Cum on in hair and face
> Fuck her silly
> This goes on for nearly three hours
> Get dressed, she wants a bath
> Piss on her and turn the taps on
> Fucked so hard I had a huge bruise on my dick the next
> She calls me, turns out she landed herself in the mental ward
> Lulz to be had
>be in med school, 4th year
>ex-gf is an intern
>broke up because she was cheap as fuck
>always making me pay for shit even though i had no money and she had a trust fund
>her new boyfriend comes into ER and introduces himself to me
>wants to talk to me man-to-man
>have no idea what he's on about
>now kind of pissed at her because she obviously put him up to this
>ff a few weeks
>end of rotation
>ex and i are working together
>attending's last day before he goes off somewhere
>ex-gf needs to do a procedure that requires an attending
>she performs procedure
>ff a few weeks
>ex didn't properly mark the chart
>it indicates she performed laparotomy without an attending
>a big no-no
>patient got sepsis
>i was asked if there was an attending physician
>ex got fired and it took her two years to find another gig
>she ended up packing it in, now sells insurance
Yes, hello is this FBI??
>Be me middle school
>girl keeps giving me names
>done that shit for weeks now
>get sick of it
>Shut your mouth or I do it for you!
>continues to call me names
>Go full Mike Tyson on that bitch
>Teacher calls her parents, not mine
>Sittin' there smiling while her parents acuse me for worst things you can imagine.
>Mother comes to take me home
>bakes me a pizza
today was a good day
Same girl, about 2 years previously and a dozen relationships ago

> Sex is getting rougher
> Kinky shit
> Wants me to choke her
> Dear god to I choke the shit out of her
> Had to get all my hatred out
> She's not moving anymore
> Ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck
> Getting ready to cut her body up in the bath tub
> She wakes up a couple minutes later

Honestly, I think I caused permanent brain damage on her which caused her to be the fucked up person is is today.
I took girls virginity with a beer bottle
Yeah I kinda fucked up the grammar there...
Masturbated while I broke up with her over the phone, pretending her crying was because she was being raped.

There is something very wrong with me.
I once made a girls asshole bleed, I took a shower she used the bathroom and then she sucked me off instead. We continued a sexual relationship (including anal just a touch more gently) for an additional 2 years after that and continue to talk to this day.
Brutally hot!!
First lol of the day
back when i was in elementary school people always said that. We didnt even know what it really meant but, fuck it!
>trick women into not having sex with me
I know, probably bait, but You're doing it wrong
File: 1423385729354.jpg (75 KB, 612x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 612x458
I laughed the puke out of my mouth
lol'd the hardest. suck it chump.
I regularly troll my girlfriend into not fucking me because I really don't want to. This note actually completes my list of behaviors, I am this entire thread.
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