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Last night I had a dream that I was married...
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Last night I had a dream that I was married to Taylor. We cuddled all night long.

Greatest fucking dream ever.

What's the best dream you've ever had /b/
same dream
except i was her human pet
What is this?! No reverse image found
Is this OC??

HOLY SHIT. It's happening!

Tay Tay?? I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Our queen is here!
HAHA! Can't even get laid in your dreams

So easily fooled.
I don't believe you. Post a picture holding a plate.
What the fuck is happening in this thread??
File: 1426897270054.png (296 KB, 476x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here, this was the pic that was posted...
I dreamt that the op wasn't a faggot. Then I woke up and reality hit me.

Wait, what? What was it?
I've also had a dream like that. She got mad at me and threw something at me. idk what I did.

wut. just tried reverse image search and it's not coming up with anything...

wtf is happening right now??
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Same dream, except she was Lana. Shit was so cash. Then I woke up to disappointment.

Find video of Taylor, screen capture, reverse image.

Fool /b
File: mah feelz.png (967 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mah feelz.png
967 KB, 1366x768
I dreamed OP was not a fag
mfw I woke up

Oh it's from a Vid? wtf, I thought shit was really about to go down in here!

abandon thread
But does anyone know what that video would be from? It looks like a webcam pic to me...

Though I assume Taylor could afford a better webcam than that.
I've seen her post once or twice. But the real Tswiz always hides like half of her face.

It might not be from a video, I just know that is how it is done and well Occam's Razor....
Cant even get laid in your dreams. God you're fucking grim.

Or she's on a shitty computer in a hotel or something? I dunno just guessing
File: 1421054719346.jpg (63 KB, 500x531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> We cuddled all night long.
> cuddled all night
> cuddled

OP is a beta faggot

Call me what you like but cuddles are where it's at, yo.
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007 - gXyCMdx.png
152 KB, 616x725
Few weeks ago I had a dream that I fell in love with a nameless girl.

I've never experienced an emotion that strong before and it was only in a dream.
File: ollie.png (500 KB, 460x575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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had a great skateboarding dream last night
>pro as fuck
>mfw I'm happy with a mediocre ollie
>mfw i got a fucking helmet ticket as i got in my car after taking this

pic related, it's me
So close to trips.

But I know that feel bro.
File: cam.png (286 KB, 871x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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David Cameron is in this thread, don't you know. If you reverse search this you'll see you can't find it. Therefore, he must be in this thread.

Come on, engage critical faculties!
I had a dream like that a few years ago. I can still remember every goddamn detail of what she looked like. Almost always I can figure out I'm in a dream very easily and manipulate it from there. This one gave off no signs of being a dream. When I woke up I was so fucking confused cause I was like 6 years younger than the last part of the dream I remember.
Same dream...but i was Taylor and when you fell asleep i finger banged your ass
shut up fukcing fag. you don't know shit
i died look to my dead body and fell so free just floating without a route just free in the air no worries no work nothing just a free soul it was so refreshing and then i woke up i feel so heavy in that moment and in some way sad
that op wasn't a faggot
My greatest dream is for OP to finally stop posting.
>I want to believe
I dreamt a dream of endless bananas... I really really really liked it.

I'm actually an MP but not Cameron. But don't tell anyone!
>up on the second pitch of my favorite climbing rout
>come up to the crux on lead, forgot the pro that I needed
>decide to go for it anyways, I've run this rout at least a dozen times
>begin the 5.11 pullover
>feel hands getting sweaty
>oh shit, I'm going to fall and I'm 30 feet run out
>lose friction and fall
>keep falling
>keep falling...
>I should have been caught by now, but keep falling...
>Hear my bones crunch on impact, my insides explode
>slowly losing consciousness
>wake up panting and sweating
My glorious trips and your pitiful singles suggest otherwise.

And I know it's you Taylor ;)
But I'm low on HP. Can't use you bro.

That's Right Honourable, not bro.
I had a dream I got shot in the face. Only it wasn't a dream. I just haven't gotten to that point in my flashback yet.
File: image.jpg (78 KB, 306x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 306x800
I was in the Starship Troopers universe going to academy on a ship.... I was flirting with both Denise Richards and Christina Aguilera.... I had a really vivid what seemed like 10 min sex session in a bathroom stall on the ship... Came inside her and everything, then continued to various classes to learn about bugs.

Afterwords had dinner in the mess hall played video games and fell asleep. When I woke up I had jizz in my underwear and a smile on my face.

Best sleep I've ever had.
Literally last night I slept
>be me sleeping
>Everything is perfect
>The love of my life is now married to me
>We are absolutely rich
>My family inheritance came to me
>we live in a fabulous castle
>(am female in dream btw)
>Luxuriously live in peace
>have alpha sex
>Im pregnant with a beautiful baby girl we are naming Alexandria
>One night I wake up.
>bedroom door is wide open and husband isn't in bed.
>walk down to the foyer to see what is happening
>husband is drinking
>my husband is a recovering alcoholic
>he looks stressed
>decide to leave be
>go to sleep
>woken up really early by husband shaking me
File: image.jpg (43 KB, 701x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had a dream once that Buck Owens was rolling in his grave because Taylor Swift considers her music to be "country."
Go on...
>He's completely drunk
>he's telling me he can't kill me
>he doesn't care. He loves me too much
>I wake up again.
>husband asleep beside me
>it was another episode
>I have mild psychosis of the severe paranoia kind
>Go through my day somewhat stressed.
>I need help.
>is it a demon?
>(it's the 1800s in the dream)
>Have a rustled night sleep
>having a hard time getting to sleep
>again i wake from my sleep
>something is different
>I walk out down to the foyer and the door is wide open
>Cold air and rain is coming in by the puddles full.
>I run to see what is happening
>run to the middle of the courtyard
>it's hard to see
>I trip and fall over
>I look at what tripped me
>I find a corpse
Much more to come.
Yes, continue
More dude, this is getting good
I got to chop that autistic bitches lips off and fed them to my goldfish. I wished upon a star.
That she came back. Needless to say I'm still here waiting......
>The corpse is not my husband
>he looks like the gardener
>his face is beaten bruised and bloody
>his arm is bent in an awkward shape behind him as if he was turned over.
>in the distance i see a shadow.
>It comes for me
>in fear I rush to get up
>I turn to run to trip on the body again
>A sharp pain erupts in my leg
>I scream in pain at it
>I turn to see a gleam in my leg
>A knife
>I look up at my assailant with tears hidden by the rain
>I can't see clearly with rain falling on my cheeks splashing into my eyes
>A strike of lightning shines in the sky
>revealing my assailants sharp facial features
>his bright blue eyes
>His lips shaped as a smile but one with regret.
>My husband was not happy with what he was to do.
still more
File: Aww yeah.png (75 KB, 197x162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Aww yeah.png
75 KB, 197x162
Inb4 dinosaur
I had a dream about moot once right before he left. We were sitting chatting in a stairwell and just beyond the bottom was my old computer lab in like middle school.
Keep bumping guys i got a lot to go.
>His screams out to me
>"I don't want to kill you"
>He clenches his fist and raises it above his head
>swinging hard down into my stomach
>again and again
>And then a fist to my face
>and the world went black.
>I woke up covered in a blanket
>lying down in a chariot
>I look around inside
>There is man there sleeping
>"hello" I call out
>I push him and try to wake him
>He stumbles to a conscious vigor and greets me
>Even acknowledging my presence he seems...off
>as if he didn't want to talk
>I asked where we were going
>He said to the statuary Glenn Asylum
>I murdered my gardener and was screaming bloody murder about my husband
>He had enough of my "issues" and decided it was safer for him to seek help for me. It had "become too unbearable to deal with on our own"
>My own husband.
>abandoning me
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 350x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 350x288
Hurry it up nigger
I once dreamt that I was an SS officer in France looking for french resistance members.
Many Jews were found that day.
The best dream i had involved volcanoes & U.F.O's

I want J.K Rowling don't you understand?

What would I do with Taylor? Sing everything has changed?
File: phone3.jpg (20 KB, 624x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 624x373
I had a cash as fuck dream once

>try to backflip
>mfw it fucking works
it was back in the day at middle school and there was this janitor closet that no one has ever been in. So in my dream we opened it and it will full of every weapon imaginable and they were all gold plated then the school turned into a battlefield and i picked up a tree and won because i was the alpha that picked up a tree. I also used a gold crossbow
>We arrived to the asylum where two women wearing mostly black, and white gowns greeted me. They were women of the cloth.
>They both were not happy to see me
>Their dialects sounded Irish.
>as did the receptionist
>I was most definitely in Ireland
>The two women greeted my to the other "crazies" and locked me up.
>my room was small. There was a thin blanket on the bed a desk and a heater. The toilet was an extremely stained piece of porcelain.
>I walked to my bed to sit and think
>What was happening to me
>How could he do this to me?
>I laid there and cried to the sky turned dark blue
>The desk had a small candle.
>I called out to the sisters hoping to be heard.
>No one heeded my call
>I searched the desk and found three matches and a small notebook
>the matches were so old I could use them to write.
>But I had to use one to light the candle
>I stroke the first match on the desk.
>It instantly broke.
>I stroke the other and it lit.
>Carefully I lit the candle hoping the match wouldn't go out.
are there any lurkers? reply if you are.
im so beta when i dream of a hot gril i want to sex like t-swizzle i get nervous and try to avoid them just like real life. my sexy dreams are usually just me fapping.
Still reading
keep going m8
You're fuckin gay as shit OP! You had a dream about Taylor Swift and all you did was cuddle?!? Eat. Some. Dick.
>I began to write on the notebook using the last match
>I wrote about what happened so long as there was a voice to be heard from these pages
>I turned the page to continue when I found more writing
>"Please. Whoever reads this must know. You are in danger. Don't trust the pills."
>I felt a small breeze and goose bumps crawl over me as I read the ominous small passage.
>What am I to do?
>I'm in a loony bin.
>Should I trust them?
>or will the pills help me?
>I scoured the desk for any other hidden gems.
>I found a pencil
> a glass shard
>and a small abundance of powder.
>I assumed the powder was crushed pills.
>I began to think about what the pills actually did.
>I slept it off and let the day pass on blowing out my candle.
>When I awoke, I found a note with a small white pill.
>The note read "Take these. They will make you feel better"
>The staff never asked or diagnosed anything I had.
Still going forgot to say
>What's the best dream you've ever had /b/
Started off mutilating then raping the corpses of several schoolgirls, made my escape on a ship and became a pirate.
Raided a ship and found a crate of dildos and sailed around buttfucking myself with my assortment of new toys until I woke up.
Did I say that was all we did? It was just the best part.
awaiting more
Last night I had a dream that I was married to OP. We cuddled all night long.

Greatest fucking dream ever.
Really? That was the best part? Was the second best part when she shoved a 20 inch dildo in your ass? Faggot!
>I decided to give it a chance.
>I swallowed the pill with some difficulty.
>They could have at least given me some water.
>I looked down to notice a tray with some food.
>very small portions of meat and some potatoes.
>I was hungry so i had eaten it.
>I have very quickly grown bored of doing nothing but lie down and feel terrible.
>I decided i must escape.
>I made a plan with the very little things i had.
>I would go to sleep and try to be awake when the sister, or staff gave me the pill.
>I would then make my move.
>That night I had a dream.
>A dream where I had made my move already
>I lunged at the staff member when he opened the door. Stabbing his throat multiple times with the glass shard.
>My shirt had gotten much blood on it.
>My heart raced with rage, fear, guilt.
>I hid the body inside the bed to look like I was in there taking measures to have the blanket cover most of the face.
>I took with me the candle, powder pencil and notebook.
>It was all I could fit in my pockets without them showing.
>I took refuge inside a hall closet to make my next move the following night.
>When I awoke once again, I was covered in blood and sitting in a janitorial closet.

I'd lick her armpits damn it
top dream
A dream in which my fetish was actually lived out. Where as it's impossible in real life.
It's macrophilia
This is feeling very Shutter Islandy
>I also didn't feel very well.
>I felt like puking my guts out and had a severe migraine.
>I had to be sure I was to be ready to go when night stroke again.
>I put my head to the door and listened for footsteps. Nothing.
>It's almost as if the sisters didn't even care for anyone here.
>I opened the door to check the time.
>it was one in the afternoon.
>I had a few hours to get better
>Sitting with my head over the bucket, it stunk like piss, shit, and other bodily fluids.
>The smell was enough to make me hurl
>Had I needed my finger I would have anyway.
>My immediate reaction was already feeling better. But my migraine.
>I needed water.
>There was a small tap by my head.
>I got up and drank some of the water.
>There were small pieces of dirt but it was still water.
>I fell asleep.
>I awoke and felt better.
>The hall was dark meaning it was night.
>I searched the closet.
>nothing I found was at all useful so I went on my way.
>walking the halls is much scarier when you're aware of what you're doing.
A small bit to go.
Had Karlie Kloss' legs over my shoulders. felt so real. Waking up was depressing to say the least
I had a dream I was taking a bath but instead of water it was filled with barley 18 girls. Damn I wish that happened in real life...
>was running through a mall trying to shoot someone
>shot crush on accident.
>an hero'd
>traveled through many dimensions on my quest to apologize
>went through a giant party dimension
>one that looked like final destination
>another that looked like a nuclear wasteland.
>finally found her sitting next to a lake, under a tree, on a starry night
>wake up

I had a similar dream
was sad when I woke up.

it's funny cause supposedly your minds can't randomly generate faces, so you've seen her somewhere before. she might have walked next to you on the street the previous day and you didn't even notice
>I tried to remember the way I came.
>I also realized this was a bad idea going the way I came.
>I only meant running into people.
>I decided to seek a building map.
>They guaranteed to have on in the office.
>I followed the signs to the office to see it was locked.
>thinking about giving up was not an option.
>Then I had an idea.
>I snuck back to the janitors closet to find more matches and a small cup.
>I filled the cup with some water and hurried back to the door.
>Taking the powder, I dropped as much as I could into the small bit of water to make it globy.
>Stoke the match to lite the candle and broke the pencil to pull out the lead.
>Fitted as much of the powder as I could into the key hole, pushed the pencil lead into the middle and cooked the powder with the candle.
>the powder hardened and I turned the lock unlocking the door.
>Proud of my accomplishment I rushed into the room looking for a map
>Once i had found it I had looked to the door.
>A man was standing there.
>He stared at me.
>Neither of us spoke.
>I was too frightened to scream
>I was too frightened to react.
I had a dream about me and my roommate running away from work on a train later getting off and running into a carnival type thing she hates everything so she didnt want to but i run in and slam into a large ginger man, bearded lumberjack lookin fuck and wake up.
>He exclaimed
>"who are you"
>I was still too frightened
>when I opened my mouth I had asked
>Who are you?
>He had said that depends on who you are.
>i noticed he was wearing the same thing I was.
>He must have been another escapist.
>I'm escaping the asylum I had said
>Now who are you?
>"I am kyle I am also escaping"
>I remembered I was in ireland.
>Kyle was an irish name
>"I guess you're here for the map" I had asked.
>He nodded.
>We can work together
>He agreed.
>We left the office and I locked the door once again, trying to get out as much of the powdered key as possible.
>I cracked and broke easily enough that it took little more force than it took to turn in the first place.
>We had ventured off to the other wing of the building until we tooke refuge in a closet.
>We shared our story of why we were there.
>I had told him what I knew.
>"my husband tried to kill me. but he felt too guilty. He spared me and the only reason I can think of is my inheritance. I was once a very wealthy woman."
>He had told me of his brother. They were farmers with a very large potato field.
>The money was great as well as the company of his brother.
>One day things weren't going so well.
>The potato fields were dying.
>Most of the years crop was rotted or eaten by pests.
>The famine was killing them
>His brother was just as stressed as him.
>His brother was a "lightweight" as it came to drinking.
>drank too much one night.
>Lit the farm on fire.
>Killed himself.
>as for himself.
>He was homeless for a year and a half.
>It was a miracle he lived as long as he did.
>God was on his side.
>That was when the asylum picked him up.
>deemed mentally unfit for society because he was homeless.
>He would stay because of the better living
>but they treated him horribly so far.
File: 1412204057490.jpg (188 KB, 984x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 984x688
>be me
>the mafia is chasing me for some reason
>they want the briefcase that i have
>run into coffee shop, sit down like nothings up
>they run it right after me
>they didn't see me sit down
>they haven't spotted me yet
>get up and run right at them for some reason
>run straight through them and head to the amusement park next door
>they chase
>run to the roller coaster
>get on
>they get on as well
>mfw the roller coaster is giant donuts floating on kool-aid
>mfw my donut is faster than their donut
>they realize they can never catch up
>they draw their straws from inside their jackets
>they proceed to drink up all the kool aid like it's nothing
>jump off donut coaster and land in blue cotton candy pool
>cover myself in blue cotton candy
>sit next to candy stands and yell "cookies" over and over
>they are oblivious
>they leave in search of me
>i run to a warehouse
>remove cotton candy
>open briefcase
>it's a fuckin stuffed bear
>i turn around
>it's the mafia goons
>i throw bear at them
>they explode into sugar
and then i woke up

>pic related, mfw i woke up
I had a dream that i spent more time with my mum before she passed.
File: I crie.png (5 KB, 497x501) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I crie.png
5 KB, 497x501
>we fell asleep awaiting for the night again.
>We awoke to screaming and yelling.
>What is that?
>We looked outside the door to find flickering light and heat.
>a fire?
>I realized I had left the candle by the door to the office.
>It must have caught fire.
>Kyle and I ran in the direction of the exit.
>The map showed us an exit through the basement.
>There was a sewer entrance in the basement where the janitors would clean the clogs.
>we ran avoiding guards
>There were no patients
>They were locked in their rooms
>those were all the screams
>We ran to the basement entrance
>The basement was in flames with heavy smoke everywhere.
>The coal must've been lit.
>we took another direction running into a guard.
>Kyle lunged at him with a metal pole.
>The guard stabbed him with the bayonette of his musket.
>the guard then ran for me.
>I have never been more terrified in my life.
>I suddenly broke down.
>Why did my husband leave me.
>Why did kyle have to die
>Why is this all happening to me?
>It was then, that through the tears I opened my eyes.
>I was home. My husband. Never left. It was I who stabbed my husband. With the glass shard.
And I awoke.
Anon just did the best check em' ever.

What a way to end it
File: HOLY FUCKING SHIT.jpg (10 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 225x225
This was awesome
also CHECK'D
File: 1405727128870.jpg (16 KB, 233x217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here's another fun one:

>be on school trip
>we wake up second day, everybody except the students are gone
>i naturally impose my alphaness on everyone and become pack leader
>i declare we will acquire bikes and ride our way back home
>we find a shitload of bikes
>maybe a biker gang was also on their school trip i don't fucking know
>i look at the bikes and they know better than to not have their keys on the ignition
>we get on bikes and ride
>me leading of course
>we come across a bridge
>obviously dangerous for some reason
>i let my pack go first and i go last like the alpha i am
>they cross no problem
>i start to ride across
>suddenly the bridge start to spin like a fucking beyblade
>i am about to be thrown off
>catch bike between my legs and hold on to the bridge from the railing with my hands
>wait to reach optimal velocity
>let go
>fly, pull off sick backflip and land on bike in the right side of the bridge
>"oh so cool anon" they praise me
>i fire up bike
>bitch wont start
>i try again
>piece of shit
>i get off
>look at bike
>my bike is suddenly made of legos
>i look around
>everyone is legos
i wake up

These trips
Also great fucking dream anon
captcha: rlish
Legos bike
quads 8888
File: OMG.png (314 KB, 461x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
314 KB, 461x349
Why did kyle die tho
fuck you anon you made me cry
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