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has anyone ever stolen/sniffed their crush's...
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has anyone ever stolen/sniffed their crush's used panties in middle school/high school? without her knowing
Yea I have stolen around 20 pairs all together from senior year all throughout college. Would get fucked up at a party then find the cute girls room and raid the panty drawer. good times
only from my cousin during those years. College years I branched out to the ladies in my dorm obvi. and friends. more friends than Dorm panties. Stealing properly from a dorm is fucking difficult if you're cautious. will post stories.

to fap you fag
amen brother. I had this ability of some kind where everybody recognized me but nobody knew me, and they all thought I was awesome.

I would go to random houses uninvited, not know ANYONE there, and party my ass off. I've stolen easily more than a hundred pairs of women's panties off campus. My last semester at college I got completely shitfaced, stole a backpack and filled it with the dirty panties from every single bedroom in that house.

Stealing from a dorm is tough though with the high traffic in the laundry room. Protip: Never steal panties in the same dorm you live in if you are able. If you HAVE to, don't steal from the same floor that you live on.

You do not want to get caught.

Go on...
I sniffed my best friends moms panties.
They smelled like heaven

why not just fap to some rotten fish?
stealing panties has two levels of excitement I think ignoring the obvious rush of it: There's stealing the panties that belong to someone you know, and getting intimate with a nice, warm wet dirty pair of her panties. Stealing from somebody you know is much better than a stranger, in my opinion. I love rubbing my hot friend's scent all over my cock.

yea but the whole rush for me was knowing whose panties i was stealing.

you sir are a fucking virgin idiot
I've never stolen, but I stay at my best friend's house alone a lot (she lets me) and I've tried on a few of her panties. My ass looks great in her thongs. However, I've searched the room many times and have never found any sex toys.
I have one chubby friend with a fantastic body. most of my curret collection comes exclusively from her. At this point I'm certain she knows, and there's this unspoken trust between us. When we hang at her place she'll go change into pajama bottoms, and leave her warm wet underwear at the top of her dirty laundry hamper in the bathroom. I'll go in and rub her sweet pussy juice all over my cock, but I never cum into her panties. Only into the ones I steal from her. When I do steal from her I'll put some money in her jeans or something lol.

When they're clean they don't smell like much, when they're dirty, they smell like fish. I don't see the appeal here. Y'all make me ashamed of 4chan.
>ashamed of 'the hellhole of the internet'/

You have some LOW standards my friend.
Yes, i stoled the pants of the sister of my best friend, I fapped and came con it and then put them back were they belonged. It was fucking awesome.
yeah it's nice to steal panties from a friend or sister or cousin or some hot girl you like.

Hanes are some of the best panties in terms of feeling. Do not go for Fruit of the Loom if you want to masturbate with them, that shit chafes. VS is nice of course, but you always want to be careful.

>try to steal something normal like white panties
>do not go for fancy exotic stuff, she will probably notice them missing
>when going for dirty panties, dig deep in the bottom of a dirty laundry hamper, not the ones on the top.
>clean panties, go deep in the back of the drawer. Think about it. You don't know every single pair of boxers/shorts you own, how could she know exactly what's in the way back of her drawer?

You just don't understand the pussy smell lust until a bitch has sat on your face or you can smell that girly asshole and pussy when youre 69ing that fat ass. You make me ashamed to be sharing my college panty raid war stories you fucking pleb gtfo off my /b/
you'd better round up your buddies at reddit and spam dicks and scat porn, that'll teach us.
I know right!? 4chan, always usually such a classy place, what with regular pictures of raped corpses, loli, traps, and creepshots.

Let's go back to reddit!
>You have some LOW standards my friend.

Sniffing panties is the kind of cringy shit white kids do. Good job.
File: I-like-you_3271.jpg (77 KB, 600x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nigger detected
Is it more exciting because you might get caught?
Get out of my country, liberal scum.
>you'd better round up your buddies at reddit and spam dicks and scat porn, that'll teach us.

like u dont go on reddit too u new fag
I never understood why /b/ hates reddit. I get tumblr.... but why reddit?
that's a part of it. The sneaking around, the opening of doors of rooms you shouldn't be in, while she's in another room, trying to make sure you don't make noise in her room, finding the right drawer, and quickly/frantically rooting through her laundry basket to find something inconspicuous all in a really short time is really crazy. It's a huge rush because while doing all that your sense of time is a bit messed up.

Women who keep laundry baskets in their bathroom are the best- a lot of the panic is lessened when you have the leisure to go through her panties and find something nice.
File: IMG_20120916_220108.jpg (294 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stole some from friends little sister, came in them a few times for a week, then put them back in her drawer the next time I was over.
Jesus, is she like an actual professional prostitute?
So it's the hunt and not the catch. Ever worry about disease or other health issues?
.... did you wash them after????
Most girls have underwear like this.
Nah, just young

Nope. These were clean when I got them, and I would wipe most of my cum off so it wouldn't leave a crusty feeling. And if its a thong, you just cum on the part where the front connects tot he back. Barely noticeable.
Did she get pregnant?
that's one of the cons of stealing random panties and not from women you know. Then again it's not like you know if your close friends have chlamydia or anything...
Nah. Dried up cum does shit as far as I am aware.
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When I was in high school I would always go over my friend's house that has this really hot sister and she would always leave her used panties and bra's in the bathroom on the floor. It was awesome.
And that's when you find out ol' 100 year old Ms. Jenkins wears thongs.

lol I actually did this in college... totally forgot as it has been a while ago now, but it's easy actually you just go and get your shit when it's like 3 am and people will leave their stuff down there all night.
how old was she? and how dirty were the panties?
I don't steal panties from old ass people. Do you not understand this?

I cum into my girlfriends panties occasionally. I'll wipe it off and put it back in her drawer. Maybe she knows maybe she doesn't. She's on birth control so whatever.
lol, virgin detected
>In my mid 20's
>Share an apartment with college friend
>His teenage sister comes to visit
>Cute little 8/10 with braces
>Stays 2 weeks at the end of Summer
>Friend NEVER leaves me alone with her
>Knows me too well
>Finally its the last day of her stay
>We all go hiking together
>Stay out all day, brought picnic, etc.
>Come home exhausted
>Let her take shower first so she can nap
>We all have sweaty clothes from hike
>Volunteer to do load of wash
>Quickly grab her panties
>Stuff them in zip lock baggie
>Pink cotton... Sweaty... Cream in crotch
>Keep those panties for YEARS
>Only take them out on rare occasions
>Breathe moist air into crotch
>Then rub briskly
>Releases the scent of her sweet pussy
>Fap to them, then back in baggie they go
>I was 30 and married before they lost scent
>Such a sad day
>panty drawer
whats the point of stealing clean panties?

I think you do. That sounds like you. You like to steal old women's panties and man thongs.
Yes. Oh, wait a sec. Do you mean when I was in middle school (a long time past), or when she is in middle school (presently)?.
File: 1362793749428.jpg (15 KB, 309x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>best friend
>search for panties and toys

Is this how men work?

I left a panty on a chair in my room (clean), and my brother while wasn't paying attention picked it up and sniffed it. It was a fucking habbit.

Like, fuck.
can't argue with logic like that
Nah, I was just bored as fuck sitting alone in her hourse.
how old was she? and how damp were the panties when you first got them?
sometimes the panties you want aren't dirty, and sometimes it's harder to steal dirty underwear.
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Okey never told this before so, here i go
>be me in best friends house
>late at night
>everybody sleep, just my and her dirty stahs of dirty tongs
>find nice stained semelly tongs
pic semirelated
>go and sniff
>start fapping
>keep searching and find used pad
>no blood, just more pussy juice
>at first just sniffed, then taste it
>Oh My Fucking God, that taste
>fapping intensifies
>start to precum
>quickly hold my blue capped cycplops
>oh the feelings
>keep doing it for about 30 min
>biggest cum in my fucking life
>return the tong
>keep the pad
>fap again and again smelling it till the sunset

They are more histories like that, keep bumping?
File: back_to_reddit.jpg (189 KB, 717x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here we go!
tits or fuck off bitch

newfags gtfo
what are you saying? Are you a female? What panties are you wearing right now? I have a lot of questions I'd like you to answer if you're up for it. Mostly about panties.
>be in college
>have gf
>at her apartment while everyone else is gone
>go into each of 3 roommates rooms
>raid panty drawers
>jerk off using panties, into panties, while laying on bed.
>put panties back in drawer
>feelsgoodman.jpg knowing they all wore their panties after I came in them
not with your atrocious spelling. Also, don't hold your urethra closed when you cum, that's bad for you.
A regular baby blue pair, dirty, since I djd myself recently.
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 418x455) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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also rubbed my dick on all their food in fridge and put back
>mfw I saw them eating them
>visit gf in another country
>live with her for a few months
>see her mom first day, can see her panties through her black, thin pants
>wanted to smell them
>waited until it was late
>go downstairs to get something to drink
>rush into the bathroom
>find the dirty laundry hamper
>several pairs of panties
>sniffing them all while jerking off on the toilet
>smell moist pussy, with a hint of urine
>hard on made of diamonds
>gf's mom opens door, wondering what i'm doing in there so long
>sees me
>closes the door
>turns around, wearing nothing but a tshirt and panties
>lifts her shirt, moves her panties aside
>we fuck against the hamper
>cum inside
>rubs her pussy with her panties, gives them to me
>still have them
>gf never knew
>gf eventually gives me shimapan as a gift
>clean, can't fap to them
>still fap to gf mom's panties

anybody want more?
This reminds me one time back in elementary school 3rd grade back in the mid 80s. There was this corner of the school playground that had a lot of trees. In the middle of it there was this probably like 6 foot dead tree stump. It had like a thick branch that was hollow. We would play tag around in that area.

One day we just started hitting that branch and it started breaking apart because it was hollow. Next thing we knew, there were some panties stuffed in there. So we started busting up that tree more. All the sudden like a hundred pairs of panties fell out of that branch. We all just laughed at it since we were just 3rd graders.

So up until like early 2000s that I just realized that Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, had lived around that neighborhood.
srry for my bad spelling... english is not my native lenguage
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pics? That would be nice. What brand/size/style?
>at friends house
>hes taking shower
>no one else home
>friend has hot mom
>go in to her room
>can still hear shower going from room
>find panty drawer
>"awe yiss"
>fap like crazy while hes in the shower
>lay them down in bathroom
>cum over both pairs
>clean them a bit

>come back later after going out
>still no one home
>friend goes to shower again
>check on panties
>feels kind of stiff right around where the ass should be

god his mom was hot

even wore a pair of her underwear for a day before i put them back.

Oh shit nigger

/r/ing stories of people getting caught in the act
File: image.jpg (22 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just tell your gf to masturbate into the shimapan. Or even better, give her the panties her mother gave you and tell her you bought them for her. That shit would be hot.
File: image.jpg (39 KB, 500x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 500x313
its like you're staring in to my soul
as much as I love panties, the thought of a guy wearing them totally ruins it.
i jizzed on my aunt's panties when i was like 20 or 21 in her bed. weird times..... i think she wanted me
Fapped into while I was in the restroom with her in the building and unceremoniously dumped them in the middle of her floor. At the moment I was dating he sister.
File: image.jpg (28 KB, 200x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guess it doesn't matter if I say: She was 14
They were soaking wet, but mostly from sweat I'm sure. But I swear even her sweat smelled good. But the inside of the crotch was AMAZING - Smelled so good I used it to guage how good pussy was from them on

Those panties stayed damp forever in that baggie.
baller move.
File: 1386221226976.gif (964 KB, 500x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yah no, dont do it. I was having a heart attack all day until i got the damn things of

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I sniffed my moms friends panties. She had just got home from some shitty 1D concert and she always got undressed in her bathroom and just left her stuff in there. As soon as I heard her door close I went up there and sniffed them.
Yall motherfuckers talk about fresh panties, these had just been taken off and were filled with juices.
lol you must have ruined them. I tried the panty wearing thing once or twice but that's because my gf was fucking weird. I've got a couple stories about her I'll share.
She was 19 at the time, there was some stains in them. I would rub them all over my dick when they smelled dirty and had some sort of stain on them. I would also rub her bathing suit on my cock and cum where her pussy was when I knew she was going to come change in the bathroom
was she asian?
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File: 572_1000.jpg (98 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>preteen me
>be doing the laundry
>just the usall shit and clothes
>find moms panties
>notice yellow stain in croch
>smell it
>pussy juice with urine
>instant bonner
>start touching myself
>cum in my hand and wipe it in the panties
>find my life fetish
>steal mom panties and keep them under my matress
>wear them sometimes in the nigths
>FF few weeks
>i´m sleeping
>moms wake me up
>aks what the fuck i´m doing
>spaguetti falls of my scrotum
>"it's a surprise mom"
>mom leaves
>never mentioned it
>Hang out with best friend
>friend's mom tells me she's leaving the next day and asked if I could watch the kids
>friend leaves the night before
>friend's room is in the basement, next to the laundry room
>found a stash of panties, clean and dirty
>jerk off with them all night, cum repeatedly into a clean pair while sniffing a dirty pair and rubbing another dirty one onto my dick
>eventually sleep with panties on my dick in my friend's room
>wake up, switch clothes
>friend's parents are already gone, kids are at school
>browse friend's pc, finds alot of black porn
he's white and i'm black, didn't know about his interests until this point. Only stuff we ever talked about porn wise was hentai
>fap to that for a bit while the panties are still on my face
>place the repeatedly cummed into panties at the bottom of the hamper
>pick up kids, get them sorted out

I would, but her mom is pretty big. It would be pretty obvious if I tried something like that.
When i was a freshman in highschool I actually posed as a non existant friend of mine and befriended my crush on aim. I got her interested in said non existant guy and she supposedly fell in "love". As this faceless persona i convinced her to give me her painties so that i cohld give them to my imaginary friend. She took the bait. I wore them on my face while i jerked for years.
Damn, she must have been sweating really hard, was it hot outside or something?
File: image.jpg (32 KB, 550x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 550x428
Wow really?

Back in college I used to do my laundry when the washers were all full and I'd wait for some hot chick to bring her basket in, see that everything was full and leave it on the table. Once she left I'd dig in. I had a whole drawer with dirty panties.
I dont think they were ruined. I think.

Her but was definitely bigger than mine. And her hips.

Fuck she was hot. Basically soccer mom status.
>get back to jerking off, dick is sore but orgasms are still strong
>friend's mom gets back, and checks the laundry
>door closed, so I look underneath
>see her smelling her panties with the dried cum in them
>see her deeply inhale
>dick is diamonds
>open the door
>show friend's mom
at this point she's like my 2nd mom...
>apparently she knew
>can't fuck
>lets me grind my dick in her asscrack between her pink panties and her ass cheeks
>bends over further, says to cum on her asshole
>never mention it ever again
>stole daughter's panties before leave on accident
She's like 12, and she was wearing frilly panties. Thought they were her mom's. Still jerked off in them though.
sounds like one direction is good for something. That woman sounds like a predator milf
Got a few from a cousin almost got another today but i couldent find the bathroom in time
yup i believe that was a dream but the next nigth the panties were gone
one time a girl came to stay at my families house when i was a teen and she was really hot so i stole her panties but they had shit stains all over them , so i took her moms instead which were white and smelled like leather and perfume. it was hot.
> Friend has 9/10 TWIN Sisters
> party at his house and get black out drunk
> wake up in his closet with a bunch of their panties
> steal panties and Scott Pilgrim comics
> fap on to panties
> never read the comics
> mfw I dont have the panties but still have the comics
It was in the upper 80's but humid as fuck. All of our clothes were soaked. I was tempted to snatch her top too but afraid she'd miss that easier.

If I'd have wrung those panties out the sweat would have dripped out of them.
>hanging out with slutty chubby gf one evening with her loser friends
>she drove her friends back to their house and I stayed at her place.
>we were planning to have sex and I've been hiding my hard-on for hours now waiting for these bitch friends of hers to leave while we all watched some fucking movie in her room
>I'm looking at my gf's laundry basket with her underwear hanging out of the sides
>as soon as she leave my pants are down and I've got a pair of her underwear wrapped around my cock, furiously fucking them.
>I'm going through her underwear enjoying her scent, holding one pair to my face while I'm on my knees taking turns fucking different panties she's worn throughout the week
>gf came back and caught me masturbating
>that's how she found out about my underwear fetish
>she laughed, and I was initially startled, but she told me to keep going.
>I told her to take off her panties
>she takes off these sexy silky bikini style briefs that I put on my cock.
>they were soaked through, and I almost broke my dick going 85mph masturbating.
>I shot my cum into her dirty underwear and it poured out the sides and dripped onto the pile of other dirty panties I had used.
>She came over and licked/sucked the cum off my dick
I miss that crazy whore.
Why do you ask that?
Nice. just curious, what shoes and socks did she wear, and were the socks soaked too?
No but I fucked my cousin and her friend. How about that?
cause i have a thing for asians
Busted into my girlfriends sexy ass sister's panties while letting the dogs out for the family
Also came into her lotion that she uses on the regular a separate time
I was with this woman for a couple years before she cheated on me. The sex I had with her was nasty and crazy and indescribably wonderful.
>one day she wants to watch me masturbate with her panties
>I'm doing my job making her happy
>she gets up from fingering herself, with a brilliant idea
>goes to her underwear drawer
>holds out this navy blue thong
>she's a size 13/14 which translates to about an XXL
>tells me to put them on
>why the hell not, first time for everything
weird feeling
"turn around and show me that ass you little bitch" she says to me
>turn and she slaps my ass
>pulls them up and drives the thong deeper into me
>grabs my dick from the front, rubbing me through her panties and suddenly feel her tongue on one ass cheek, then the other
>she pushes me to the bed and lucks my throbbing cock through her panties.
She was completely fucking crazy and this is just one of the few times I wore panties. I couldn't bring myself to do it after we split up.
I did this to my friends little sister too!

Except I jizzed in her facecream she put on every night before bed.
was she asian?
>one day my crazy girlfriend is showing off these new panties of hers
>they look a bit snug, the sexy flower print on white panties wedged into her sweet fat ass
"do you like me new panties?"
"they look small but that's sexy as hell"
>she peels them off, pussy juice dripping from her into the crotch
>starts jerking me off, these things are amazing
"you like my cute new little panties? You like my pussy juice all over your cock?"
"yeah when did you get them?"
"I actually borrowed them"
"these are my little sister's panties" she tells me
>her sister is 'in high school' and a small but well developed little cutie.
>boner goes super saiyan
>gf can tell I'm suddenly harder
"oh you like that, you fucking pervert? You like having me jerk you off with my little sister's dirty panties you fucking creep? Why don't you cum in my little sister's underwear so she's walking around wearing your semen and my pussy juice you fucking pervert?!"
>her dirty talk was some of the best you would ever hear, and it didn't take long for me to shoot more cum than I've ever produced into those sexy little panties.
After that she used to steal her sister's underwear all the time. I don't know if she ever found out lol
I saved panties from every girl I fucked from highschool through college. Along with any I could grab from my friends girlfriends, female friends...

Had at least 30 pair

Then my girlfriend found them one day. Kept them in a plastic Walmart bag tucked in the back of my bottom drawer. I lied and said that they all belonged to one girl, my most recent ex-gf so she wouldn't know I was a pervert collecting panties.

She three them away.

Damn. She and I were only together another 6 months. If I had it to do over again I would have said fuck it and told the truth "I collect underwear from girls I've dated. If you have a problem with it you can go"
>panties AND scott pilgrim comics
"okay this guy might still be straight"
>throw out panties, keep comics
File: 1392682832249.gif (542 KB, 311x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
542 KB, 311x283
oh lord this is hot
File: 309_1000.jpg (124 KB, 1000x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 1000x600
well this history is not with panties but is kinda related
>in the country with my family
>playing with my cousin
>she is 3 years older
>take me to a closed warehouse
>nice jean skirt
>show me her new thongs
>nice pink hello kitty
>can i smell
>we have been fucking since i was 8 years old
>say its okey
>take down hello kitty thongs
>run like hell
>only hear her creaming and treating me
>say "if you want i can go for uncle anon and tell him"
>she start to cry
>i laugh
>fap in front of her
>cum in thong
>never return the litle kitty
living the dream. wish i could see those panties.
She wore white Nike's (only remember because she was sad they got scuffed) the socks were just plain white if I recall correctly. Feet aren't my thing. But she slept in a University of North Carolina jersey her brother gave her and these cute little ankle socks with Pikachu on them.

She'd reach up to get cereal from the top shelf and her ass would peek out the bottom (no panties). THAT drove me crazy.
they were pretty incredible. We used to dirty talk during sex about tieing up her little sister and having rough sex with her. Sadly, we never had that threesome.
She used to talk about shoving her pussy into her sister's mouth while I fucked her from behind.

I wish it had happened, but I had to be content with fucking her underwear. I stole a few panties from both girls before we broke up. Unfortunately I don't have them anymore.
Man, you fucking made me nervous. Thought you might be my old roommate or even his sister for a minute there. Haha. Thought I was busted.

She's half white and half Japanese. Their father was Navy and met their mom while stationed in Okinawa I believe
I lived in an off campus house with a cute Asian and I stole hers. Sucks because I'm deep in the friendzone with her.

I'd never want to date her, she's kind of stupid, but I'd fuck her senseless given the chance.
my girlfriend dressed up in cartoon print panties for me. that shit was so hot. too bad you dont have them anymore
File: mmmb.jpg (97 KB, 662x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sniffing panties is so much fun
>be at friends house
>family leaves me at their place while they go do something
>"it begins"
>go to little sisters room
>go to her dirty hamper and pull out a few panties
>wrap 2 around my dick and put one on face
>lay down on her bed with pants at ankles
>jerk it like a mad man because these chances are small
>when ready too cum, i stand up
>in heat of the moment, decide to jizz on pillow and a bit on the underwear

>reality kicks in and horny thoughts rush out the door
>jizzum clearly noticeable
>being clean pillows as best as i can and blowing on it to dry it
>do decent job but not great
>say fuck it and put underwear back
>go back to watching tv

everyone was none the wiser
put a ring on that shit bro, that's a rare woman who would put up with that, if I understand fully what kind of panties they were.
Yeah, i took some from her clean drawer and went into her bathroom and came after smelling them, it reminded me of eating her pussy, no shame here. She actually liked it when it smelled her bra qnd got horny.
You can do that??

IDK, I've never done anything like that, also, because, imagine getting caught with a bagful or drawerful of panties by your parents, or your jerkass friends? How would you explain it?

Also, I've had my used gym clothes get stolen right off my lap back in High School, when I fell asleep on the bus, and I never figured out whoever stole it, no one ever mentioned it to me anything. I think it was the creepiest thing ever.
In 10th grade I stole my math teacher's used panties when she went swimming. The best part was I heard she cried about it afterwards.
yeah they were for little girls. i dont know why. shit was just hot.

I literally just did this for the first time ever no joke.

>Friends girlfriend has roommate she hates.
>Roommate is hot.
>Roommate is gone for the weekend.
>walk into room drunk, find used panties. >Suck discharge from frontal stain of panties.
> First and probably only taste of pussy
she knows why...
Jerked off in gfs roommates panties. Then put them back while my gf was taking a shower. 10/10 would do again
I fooled around with my cousin for a long time. She was happy to accomodate my panty obsession. One of the first orgasms I had without masturbating was thanks to her:
>she's undressing while we're watching some porn, and she decides to get on top of me 69 to play with my cock while watching porn
>I'm on my back looking at her pussy, her cute yellow panties in my hand.
>she's jerking me off when I ask if she would use her panties instead (new concept to both of us but I saw a video and wanted to try it)
>sure why not
>she puts her warm wet underwear on my dick and it feels like a wet kiss on the tip of my cock
>she's clumsily jerking me off with her panties on my cock, and I'm just throbbing and trying to play with her pussy but I'm too distracted by this amazing sensation
>tell her to go faster, do this, do that, tighter
>cum in my cousin's yellow panties, and feel my cum spilling out the sides
>watch her stand up and wipe my cum off her hands
>startle her with a kiss because she gave me my first orgasm (unassisted idk what else to call it lol)
>we got a lot closer after that, more panty play with her. But most of the stories are the same. We drifted apart, I realized at one point I was in love with her and after we drifted apart I was depressed for a long time.

Every now and then we'll talk about it, and she'll give me some of her dirty panties. Or sometimes when I go to visit I'll masturbate with her underwear and leave my cum in the crotch. She knows, and doesn't seem to mind.

Maybe I should call her up and get back together with her lol
yeah she was very open. let me do anything i wanted. fucking knockout too. so many dirty pics. no i wont. sorry
you don't keep your entire collection in one place.

Keep a couple pairs under your pillow/in a pillowcase
Keep a bag deep deep in the closet, or maybe in like a lockbox. The ones you don't fap with frequently or couldn't bear to lose
>keep some behind your books on a bookcase nearby
>stash that shit.
Or just maybe get a footlocker for your room and get a lock for it.

PLEASE tell the story. Describe her.
>greentext us down memory lane!
File: 1424232603706.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
there was something recently in the news about some high school student getting an upskirt pic of his spanish teacher. It allegedly circulated the internet. Anyone have it?
random pic I have
>aarerre you me?
Those look uhm made for a young body
lol I was thinking something similar to that but you put it perfectly into words
please tell me these belong to your little sister
lol it was in NYC, like two weeks after they lifted city wide cellphone ban in schools. havent seen the pic tho!
File: fWpFUUt.jpg (163 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163 KB, 1280x960
what size/brand/color/style were they? Details motherfucker!
"you said what I was thinking" is what I meant lol I'm a little drunk.

If there are any females in this thread, I'd love to know their thoughts on if they caught some guy sniffing/fapping with their undies or noticed semen in them/noticed their panties missing. Would it get you off? Would it creep you out? Would you sell your panties to horny friends?
>Picked up a girl at a party in collage
>She was about 7/10
>Been wondering what kinda panties she'd have
>Cotton? Satin? Lace? Thong? French cut?
>But when she pulled her jeans off
>Boys style Spongebob Squarepants underwear
>Dunno why but dick turned to diamonds
>Never seen anything like it before
>Wouldn't let her take 'em off
>Pulled 'em over to the side to fuck her
>Kicking myself tonight for not stealing them
damn, how many showers does your friend take?
lol that kind of shit is a boner-assassin for me.

I hate when women wear dude's underwear. It killed me to hear Ellen Page wears dude's underwear.
He would take one before he went on stage and another once he got home to take the make-up off.

Musicals and such.
File: IMG_0399.jpg (101 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 640x480
File: image.jpg (58 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 960x640
> i have a chubby friend with a fantastic body

Nigger wut?
it's an acquired taste man. For grown-ups.
don't worry, you'll understand when you're older.
>tfw I used to work in retail and would take home thongs when no one was looking.
I would wait until someone laid a pair of panties down on an aisle with no cameras and then I would strike my prey.
sounds like you have a couple of stories. Favorite pair? I'm certain you mean company property and not misplaced customer's used dirty panties?
Smelled and came in my mom's underwear for years.

Now I make do with my fat, postpartum gf's... Vaginal birth, pisses herself if I so much as make her giggle. Let me tell you, fat/preggo piss and pussy sweat is perfect.

I've even held one pair of piss-soaked, plus size panties to my face while cumming in another pair.
this makes me feel a lot better about the pussy shit i do with womens underwear
I knew it. I knew pregnant women had awesome panties. I'm waiting for a friend to get pregnant so I can masturbate with what I hope is estrogen and vaginal juice drenched panties. How fucking wet was she on a regular basis? Did she have to change panties more than once a day?
I don't really have any stories. Sorry Anon. It was company property. I figured since most women were embarrassed to buy panties at a small retail chain I figured I'd treat myself to them.
>I would stuff them down into my shoes and sneak out to my car when I'd go on break
>I really thought about going to the bathroom and slipping them on for the work day but didn't out of fear of bending over and someone saying something.

Sorry. Tried to find a picture but I guess she got married again and changed ber last name.

Anyway. This was about 15 years ago. She was a white Hispanic in her mid twenties. Her face and body was a 8 at most but her ass was a 10. Every other day she wore these super tight jeans that showed off her panty line.

I knew she swam at least once a week at our school pool. So one day I had tbe courage to sneak into the girls locker room. Since it was lunch time it was easy to find her clothes as she was tbe only one using the pool at the time. Her panties were size medium, black, cotton, bikini style. A little stained in the gusset but they smelled great. I still have them somewhere at home.
Smelled her her bra? That's autistic as hell
Kinda like these... But yellow and Spongebobs face on 'em

Just my thing I guess - Took me completely off guard
I have stolen about 20 used panties but my favorite thing is to steal from attractive goldstar lesbians. I have stolen used panties from goldstars on four separate occasions. I get off thinking that I'm the only guy who knows what their pussy smells like.
Very horny and wet for the first for months, dry as the Sahara until after birth.

Her pee now smells and tastes sweet, if she's hydrated. Medical fags could probably tell you why
you are awesome, kudos on having such huge balls in HS.
>hide them in shoes
you definitely know what you're doing lol. Amateurs hide them in pants pockets.

Are these panties that women have tried on? Is that even allowed at stores?
virgin much?
I try to be smart about it lol the pockets are the first place they'll check. Unfortunately none of them had been worn. I just have a panty fetish.
rofl, never seen a girl before?
>> in high school
>> riding backseat in 10/10 super hot friends car
>> car is kind of a mess
>> notice used panties on floor, 2 pairs
>> hide in shoe
>> mfw they smell like her puss
>> best faps I ever had with those things
if I'm trying to steal dirty panties I bring a ziplock bag with me to preserve the scent. Especially if I'm trying to hide them in a show or in the pocket of my boxer briefs. I try not to do that so my smell won't ruin them.
when I was 15 I would stay at my friends house on Friday nights and smoke weed, his mum worked nights. His sister (14) was stunning, a 9/10. She shared the bathroom on the second floor with her brother. We would all catch the bus home from school and walk back to his place. She would usually shower and go out straight after to a friends house. Best part was she would leave her panties on the bathroom floor. My friend always was asleep by about 11, so I would go to the bathroom and fap furiously with the panties over my face sometimes for half hour or more. They usually stank of pussy and ass. Sometimes they were stained, sometimes not. She was fucking stunning thus these were some of the best faps of my life.
> Friend has 9/10 TWIN Sisters
>9/11 TWIN Towers

nevar forget
Ever find a pubic hair?
not these days lol everyone is terrified of a nicely maintained beautiful bush.

I think that it's hot. Fully shaved is creeper shit. I have to admit though that the shaved trend has made pubic lice/crabs endangered though and that's awesome.
never, i wish to get thong of a girl, but i dont know any, anddont have many occasions

fucking worthless bro

got to be good smellies

bonus points for snatch stains/dried cum

negative points for doodoo stains
from what i remember only a few times. it used to drive me crazy on friday at school because she was very popular (all the guys perved on her and the girls kissed up to her) I would always feel so horned up knowing I would sniff lick her panties she was wearing later that day. i would cum buckets on the bathroom tiles.
thongs are good for sniffing, licking but you can hardly masturbate with them unless she's huge. The best you can really do is wrap the ass part underneath the head of your dick and enjoy the feeling of your foreskin moving over it as you jerk off.
But most thongs are too small to do anything with. Best I've managed is to force the tip of my cock into the tiny gusset and rub the tip of my cock with another pair of panties.
>not turning moldy

her pussy must have been magic
i do this every single day
>only its not my friends mom
i would go only for sniffing, if only i could...
yeah, they brought me no joy. I wanted what was inside the underwear. Having stolen a woman underwear just made me feel like a fuckin' loser.
was it from a friend or some random pair of panties? Details
>16 or 17 year old virgin me
>at aunts house to sleep over
>went to take shower
>looked in the tiny closet in bathroom
>bra and panties in laundry basket
>placed the bra near the sink
>start to rub boner against it
>getting hornier and harder
>start sniffing panties
>first time smelling pussy/ass
>intense euphoric smell
>masturbate furiously while sniffing hard
>came onto her bra
Ever since then I've had a major fetish for sniffing panties. Sometimes I sniff my teenage sisters panties, but it's nothing compared to an adult womans. She moved to another apartment a short while after that, so she no longer puts her panties in the bathroom, sometimes I fantasize about smelling her panties again.
>be me at college
>staying at gf house for while with her twin sister
>9/10 redheads
>home alone
>sneak into sisters room
>pair of spongebob panties just sitting around
>not sure if clean but on desk so maybe
>wrap muh dick in the warm, cottony goodness
>she's a virgin so panties are boxer shorts type for maximum surface area coverage
>maximum surface area for my dick
>dat innocent spring flower scent
>sticky viscous white cum everywhere
>neatly fold them back up and return them to desk without my too spilling
>she must know
>never look at spongebob the same way again
I had a pair of panties I stole from my sister. I tried but I couldn't fap with them. It's just one boundary I couldn't cross. I do keep them on hand though because I can't fap with them, they are my exclusive cum rag/dick cleaner. Before I jerk off with my panty collection and if my dick has lint or other bullshit on it I don't want to transfer that crap to my good usable panties.
this sounds like an amalgamation of every random story in the thread.
File: Syu4.png (538 KB, 619x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
538 KB, 619x338
you people have ejaculated on my face...
>but it's nothing compared to an adult womans.

Give it time. When she starts to get wet like all the time because of hormones it is glorious. They get wet so often for the smallest things.
Thanks anon
>be about 16
>forgot jacket in friends house
>next day I go to friend house to pick up
>Ring the bell, friends mom open the door 8/10 in his early 40's
>Hello anon, my son is with her father in a fishing trip, return until tomorrow
>just come to pick up my jacket
>ah ok. come in
>then the phone rings, anon pick your jacket is in the laundry
>come to the laundry see a stash of dirty panties, instantboner.jpg
>hear friend mom talking in the kitchen
>start to smell a pantie, sweetest smell in my life
>while taking a deep breath of the crotch friend mom walk in
>I almost shit out myself
>Friend mom stare to me for a while
>then pull down his sweat pants and say, want the real thing
>make love over the washing machine
>spend the rest of the day fucking like rabbits
Then every time my friend and his father have a fishing trip I have an special time with friend's mom,
cougars and milfs have some fantastic smelling panties. I can't get enough of them. Stole a pair from my aunt one time that had me come back for more. She wasn't exactly attractive, maybe 7/10 but god in heaven that scent made me want to enter her.
Weird. I didn't even read the thread.

She looks a bit like
But the panties were more liker shorts than those
I think getting caught with panties is the best way to get sex out of somebody. It seems to be a guaranteed method.

Unless you're catastrophically ugly. I'm guessing nothing could help if Quasimodo gets caught sniffing panties.

Either way, good job anon. Did she give you any panties to take with you?
betcha almost every guy has done this, at least sniffed a pair
it's a natural cycle of life.
File: 870210395.jpg (86 KB, 748x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 748x1000

My mother inlaw was sure emitting those hormones the last time i was over.
she wanted her daughter's D bro
File: pic1.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 1280x720
Yes, to think about her in my lonely nights, I keep hidden in a secure place as my mom always cleaned my room.

Also I bought some for she, the she use it and return to me, it lasted a couple of years.

Pic related a pair I have, unfortunately smell fade out
those look awesome, what brand are they?
>be around 17
>parents leave for weekend
>free house fuck yeah
>throw party
>later in the night people start passing out
>had a pool so heaps of chicks stayed in their bikinis
>nicked the underwear of the hottest there
>masturbate into them for a week before she asks about it
>say that there was a bunch of stuff left behind ill see if I can find them

I eventually gave them back after like another week of cumming into them but I saw her wearing them later which made me cum even more buckets
I know,its funny how she fights it. Last time I was over I made sure she knew I was dtf. By leaving her playful pantys on her bed.
you should have jerked off and cum into them and left them there. Maybe next time leave her a pair of cum filled panties with a note saying "text/call me" or something
File: 1 (5).jpg (108 KB, 466x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 (5).jpg
108 KB, 466x700
one is maidenform, the white, the other the label is faded
Pic semi related, look a lot like friends mom
I almost want to say fruit of the loom. I've had maidenform before. My cousin used to have these sexy maidenform panties that I wanted but she wouldn't let me have.

She was going to give them to me when they got old and worn but her mom tossed them. Never forgave her for that. (aunt not cousin- she did her best to make up for it, she knew I loved those panties of hers)
What brand/color/material/style was it? Also post pics of the girl please.
lol someone took my line I see. Standard details of panties I ask every woman who posts. You forgot size though. Size is important.
Ive tried a texting. She doesnt respond and when i tried calling she was a mess. Its only when she around the youngest daughter she gets in the mood.
How do I achieve this?
damn sounds crazy. Maybe send her a dick pic? See what happens? Or maybe send her a picture of you jerking off with her underwear while you're at her house lol.
>be 12 going to secondary shool (high) school
>go to get school uniform at the school shop
>bored as shit,start goofing around
>put a pair of girls tights on my head
>those things stink of arsehole,not in a "nice" way.
>who ever wore them before must of followed through

tl;dr harmless goof turns into a face full of nasty ass until i get home that day.
jesus dude read the thread. You'll get all the info and more.
Lets just leave it at crazy.
is she the same size as your wife? Maybe steal some panties and give them to your wife like they're new or something.

Go with VS or something uncommon. Not Hanes obvi. Something that looks like you could buy individually. Have your wife wear her mom's panties while you fuck her.
File: 24352523524.jpg (7 KB, 250x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 250x238
I wish
Having a girlfriend with a female roomate is the best.
For 4 months when I was alone on the house I used to sneak into her roomate´s room, open the panty drawer, take a pic of every single of them, take the 3 o 4 I prefer the most go to bathroom and cum buckets.
Also I take to her used ones but I dont get turned on by shit nor menstruation stains.

Also bc the house was very old the bathroom door doenst close perfectly and there was a tiny split where I usted to spy and filming her showering. I miss those days so much
File: 1415537315494.jpg (23 KB, 500x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 500x533
>negative for doodoo stains
you don't know what you're missing.

seeing a beautiful clean girl have slight dirty marks in her underwear, jesus christ how could that not turn you on?

I'm not saying they have to be covered in shit.... Actually thinking about it, I'd still fap to them.
Ive though about sending her some nice lace pantys. As a replacement for what I took last time. Every encounter is just making things between us more awkward. Too much sexual tension.
shit stains almost cost me this insatiable fetish of mine.
>friend of a friend is a model
>models are disgusting
>one day at her house
>realize there's one person in the house in the bathroom or something and others are out getting booze or whatever
>rush to her bedroom
>floor is covered in stuff- from clothes to food and packages of whatever, like plastic wrap and shit
>look for some panties to snag
>surely she won't miss one pair out of like 14 on the floor
>horriffic shit streak in her panties
>throw like a tarantula on fire back to the floor
>maybe the next one
>shit stain
>next one
>shit stain
every single fucking pair of underwear she had was fucking gross, like she didn't know how to wipe. I've talked with other people who have experienced this, and a lot of people with access to any kind of model's underwear say the same thing. They don't know how to fucking wash themselves. They may look hotter than hell, but they are disgusting bitches.
I like a girl that knows how to wipe her ass.
I have about 15 pairs of panties i have stolen over the last 2 years.
the level of beta disgusts me
File: 1.jpg (302 KB, 747x1373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
302 KB, 747x1373
Saw a guy on here a while back talking about how he ran a scam selling 'used women's panties'... said he used to piss on them a bit and rub a but of his along them, and sold them for $50 each.

Said he make 30k in one year, but stopped after he got guilty about it.

Never trust the internet.
*rub a bit of his shit along them
File: 1409599280475.jpg (130 KB, 960x849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 960x849
Anytime there's a opportunity for me to steal panties I'll seize it. I've been witness to many milf panties in my lifetime. I have a thing for thongs in particular, or any underwear that could possibly grind up a woman's ass as much as possible, y'know... capture them smells

I hope this thread doesnt die as I'm typing this out, and I can't condense the story to green text, so here I go...

Anyway, this recent new years eve me and muh gf were going to some party, and we were invited for pre drinks at my gf's work m8's house, and as we arrived I realised I was the only guy there.

After spending about half an hour being surrounded by girls getting themselves all sexy, doing their hair n make up and trying on different outfits, and using my keen eye to try my best to make out each of their panty lines by cautiously staring at their asses when my gf wasn't looking (which is what I tend to do a lot of the time, I like to find out if they're wearing a thong), I was really fucking horny.

Unfortunately after heading to the bathroom, I found out thats not where she keeps her underwear, which on previous attempts with women I normally manage to swipe their stinky pantsu, I realised my goal was in her bedroom, which is where a majority of the girls were, so I had to abandon my quest.

Anyway, after admitting defeat, we continued to finish our drinks as all the girls were pretty much ready to head out, and just as we were leaving one of the girls (who's flat it was), reminded me that I had forgotten to bring my bottle of JD with me, which I thanked her for and told her I owe her a favour, which she replied "I'll remember that".
oh yeah it's easy to simulate a "woman smell" or panty stains. I remember reading some phone-sex operator had some male stripper friend walk around in some store bought panties to get them sweaty, and that an old trick was to rub canned tuna juice into the crotch.

This was in esquire back in like 2003 or so if I remember correctly.

A lot of successful ones these days will post pics of them headless in panties. It's an insane fucking business.
File: 1408866653331.jpg (64 KB, 699x442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 699x442

We left her flat, and had headed across the street and were on our way to the party when all of a sudden the girl who's flat we were previously pre-drinking in stops us and starts to wonder whether or not she'd left her straighteners on, and was questioning the rest of the group whether they knew or not.

She then comes to a conclusion that she has to go check for her own comfort, and turns to me and says "Well anon, I know how you can repay me."

I feign a sarcastic annoyance to the situation, but know now that she's given me the golden ticket to her fruit, and no one else will be there to witness my dirty deed.

I arrived at the scene, my heart was racing, I knew what lay ahead of me. I instantly check the straighteners to get that out of the way, and dart straight for her hamper, and shuffle through all her dirty clothing to find her smelly panties.

I inspect and sniff each of them, to get as much analysis of her scent. I rummage through all of her panties, hoping to find a naughty little thong for me to taste. And finally I find it, and its a bit tatty, there's a tiny rip on the rear where it covers her ass, and a tiny reddish dot on the gusset which made me think it was her period panties. Regardless of that, I sniffed the fuck out of them for what seemed like a long enough time for the group of girls currently waiting for me outside to question.

There's something about that ass musk, guys. It just smells divine. I rubbed my dick a bit while I was at it, but I couldn't blow my load, or take the panties, just in case I accidentally pull them out of my pocket at the party or something.

I've stolen panties in the past, and have had a collection for sometime, but eventually I get too paranoid and throw them away. Living with a gf will do that to you.
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