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hey /b/ so i have a story for you about the...
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hey /b/ so i have a story for you about the love of my life. sit down for a prewritten, not proofread 5073 word story about the love of my life

PT 1: Bella

>be me, 14 year old ausfag just starting year 10
>my name is seb (short for sebastion, easier to type (be gentle with my name please))
>a new girl entered the scene, we'll call her bella
>solid 9/10 on the cuteness scale, maybe a 8/10 on the hot scale. so she averaged out at an 8.5
>straightest and smoothest brown hair you've ever seen, with eyes to match.
>maybe 5"7-8 with B cup tits but firm. the best ass i've seen on a skinny girl to date, it was a nice size but the shape was to die for
>she's in my computer studies class
>so she was sitting in the back of the class, seeing as she had just joined and had no friends i snatched up this GOLDEN opportunity i had to break the ice with her
>the desk are kind of like long strips with computers all along them about 1.5 - 2 metres apart
>i sit myself accross from her and say hello
>she sais hello back and then plugs her headphones in and listens to her music
>about 10 mins into our 2 hours together i catch a glimpse of her computer screen, she had multiple tabs open related to gaming stuff
>the two that caught my eye were something about the legend of zelda: windwaker and dota (the first dota)
>i look at her and ask "so do you play video games often or what"
>"oh i play a lot with my friends from canberra, mainly games like garrys mod and dota"
>my brain was fucking going off the rails atm, i played
>"oh so you moved here from canberra then?" i made the assumption she did
>"yyeaaaaahhh, i didn't want to move away from my friends so i keep in touch with them over skype"

>meanwhile, one of the cockheads in my grade was eyeing her off and thought it was a good idea to come over and cockblock me
>fucking cunt scoots in on his gay little plastic chair and pulls up next to her
>you could see the fury and hellfire in my eyes when i stared at him with the most blank expression ever recorded in human history
>she inched away from him as he inched closer
>"hey" he said as he stared into her eyes and made a small smile
>"hey" she replied with a blank face and turned back to me to continue our conversation
>i noticed this faggot was still here, so i pulled back my left leg as far as i could whilst still talking to her and maintaining eye contact
>fucking slammed my foot into his chair and it broke one of the four legs
>the entire class heard the crack
>everyone stared as he fell to the side and smacked his teeth dead on the edge of the desk
>one of them chipped and he shed some tears as he was sent to the nurses office
>after he left we laughed and continued our convo
>about 30 minutes to go until school ended for the day i noticed that her leg was situated pretty darn close to mine
>i took off my shoes and pushed them away a bit
>started to slowly move my legs closer to hers in an effort to put them between hers and leg cuddle i guess
>she said something like "crystal maiden is the shittest character"
>i said "hey, don't insult my main you scrub" and kicked her a little
>she squinted her eyes and bit and replied "you're the scrub here"
>then she kicked me back
>holy shit, she was into it
>we continued this little kick thing for like 15 seconds
>with all the courage i could muster, i put my S.P.E.C.I.A.L points into charisma and agility to grab her leg between mine
>she stopped, then looked at me with a blank face
>i could see her cheeks turning a tinge of red so i quickly said "scrub"
>then she giggled and replied with a smile "you're the scrub here"
>she moved her other leg next to mine and we ensued the leg cuddle thing i was talking about earlier
>my dick was diamond, my brain was mush, and my stomach had so many butterflies in it i could have floated away
>after a fleeting 25 mins of the leg cuddle we had to go home
>"oh, i never caught your name"
>"it's Sebastian, but you can call me seb"
>"mine's bella" it wasn't actually bella but you know, for the story.
>so we exchanged skype information and planned to play a game of dota later on that night
>i got home and immediately turned on my PC and booted up skype, slapped the keyboard so hard putting in her ID that it could have broken my table
>i don't know how long i sat there staring at the screen waiting for her to accept the request but my ass felt numb after i stood up for dinner
>i got back after eating and cleaning up to see one new notification
>friend request accepted

>i don't know why i was so happy then but i was fucking off the rails
>the police could have opened up my door and told me my entire family died in a brutal orgy and i'd still be happy
>i messaged her with a casual "hey, how's it going"
>my heart was on edge that it could have failed whilst i was waiting for her to reply
>"hey" the little skype noise came up "it was good, now let's get going scrub"
>a skype audio call ensued and we discussed what characters we would pick
>i picked rylai (crystal maiden) and she picked rogue knight (sven) and together we dominated the bottom lane
>in some countries, what we did that game would have been called rape
>so we played about 3 games that night and then said our goodbyes and went to sleep
>i didn't go to sleep, i was up until 3am writing out tactics for how i would act around her tomorrow
>after a night of hard work i went to sleep
>the next few months were pretty basic i suppose
>every time we were together i would try to get to know her better and give her a few laughs
i like this
Part 2: Bonds

>so basically she became REALLY good friends with a girl in my grade towards mid second semester
>she was blonde and short, and i'm talking short for a 15 year old, like 5"3-4. i wasn't ridiculously tall but i was 5"10 edging 5"11
>let's keep in mind that i was 14 in year 10, the youngest in the grade by 7 days. the second youngest was a guy who we'll call joseph. he was a real close mate of mine
>back to the girl, so she was blonde and short, maybe a 7/10 averaged out. C cup tits
>they were really good friends, like told each other everything friends. we'll call her beck
>so i was friends with beck for bella came to the school but i never looked at her in a sexual way. don't know why
>so with only half a semester to go until year 11 i channeled my courage and asked bella to be my girlfriend
>i was fucking ecstatic when she said yes, and i mean ECS-FUCKING-STATIC i've never felt that way before, like i could have been happy if i experienced 24 hours of torture a day every day
>so during the school holiday between grade 10 and 11 i opened up to her, let my guard down and told her pretty much my life story (i won't tell it here because it's way to long)
>we were together in her room at the time
>her parents probably thought i was gay or something because they never let her go out to party's or over boys houses with them knowing there would be a boy there
>so after i told her she burst out into tears and told me about how sad my life has been etc etc
>i never expected this reaction but who cares, shit was cash and i felt like i could trust this girl
>now she had trust issues and hated my best mate Joseph. absolutely hated him. she would tell me this on a daily basis (this could be more important later on in the story)
>along with her trust issues she hated rapists with a passion and that was fair enough. i personally didn't like people who cut themselves or committed suicide (personal reasons)
>bella and i would always visit and talk to eachother almost every day
>a very special time we spent with each other was when we would play legend of zelda: windwaker on my gamecube
inb4 brown eyed girl
no trolls today friend

>so one day, i'm walking to her house to surprise her for valentines day
>had this sick day planned which involved many romantic things and cliche stuff
>i knock at her door and nobody answers
>i knock again
>a third time
>getting kind of worried now because nothing like this has happened before
>i fucking mirrors edge my way up the side of the house next to her window
>she lived in a two story house with a small roof next to her window on about a pretty steep slope which was easily big enough to accommodate me
>i look in through her window and my heart sank
>she was laying face down on her bed in an over sized t-shirt, thigh high rainbow striped socks, and these lovely little black and white panties i loved
>from what i could tell she wasn't dead
>lift up the window and go inside slowly because the mood of the room called for it
>i sit on the edge of her bed and stroke the side of her hair thinking she was still sleeping. it was like 9:30am
>she rolls her head over and looks at me, her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks were red from crying
>"what's wrong" i asked
>tears welled up in her eyes and she held me really tightly
>over about 5 mins she told me through her tears speaking really fast about her friend who had commuted suicide in Canberra
>i just did the usual, held her close, stroked her hair and told her everything was going to be alright
>from what i could tell her parents and family had left her for the day, maybe because of the news about her friend
>so then she pulls back and wipes her eyes
>"seb, do you love me?"
>i stared deep into her eyes and smiled a smile
>i felt like crying for some reason
>"yes" i replied softly
>she pulled my head onto hers and we kissed a long and hearty kiss
>after a while we let go of each other and then she pulled me in a second time and kissed me
>this was not a kiss of love though, this was one of lust
>honestly i did not know if i wanted to go through with this because of the state she was in but i went ahead with it anyway
>this decision could have fucked up everything
>now i knew she was a virgin
>but i was not a virgin, i'd had sex with two other virgins previously and called myself inexperienced
>i pulled up her shirt and help her firm breasts with my right hand, as my left caressed her cheek and held her face close to mine
>i lifted her shirt completely from my body and began to unbutton mine
>after both our shirts were off we continued to passionately kiss for god knows how long
>i slid my hand down her stomach and onto her underwear, the texture of her skin was driving me insane
>my hand had a mind of its own and slipped underneath her panties and moved down onto her second pair of lips
>her skin was silky smooth and not a single hair was unshaven, she was running a tight ship
>i remember a conversation we had one where she said she enjoyed playing with her clit more than penetration, so i put that info to good use and moved my fingers slowly at first
>i could tell she was enjoying it because she began to grind into me and i could feel the vibrations from her moaning into my mouth
>soon enough i tore her underwear off with all the muscles i'd acquired from fapping
>she was there exposed, with only her rainbow socks on to cover her perfect legs
>after some more playing she pulled back and slid my shorts down my legs and i was just wearing briefs
>the bulge in my briefs was quite noticeable today, seeing as 90% of my blood was pumped into there
>she pulled them down slowly and my cock sprung out into the crisp air
>i could tell she had never sucked a dick before and i had to guide her to what i liked, but towards the end she was doing a pretty good job
>i pushed her back onto the bed and went to work on eating her out
>i could taste her juices as they flowed from her love and she kept pushing my head up towards her clit and i kept moving down
>eventually i gave up and went to work on her button
>i was having a boxing match with that cunt and we were 40 seconds into the seventh round
>i could feel her hands pulling at my hair and her thighs were clamping onto my head like a vice
>soon enough she locked up and i could feel her muscles contort and contract as she shook violently
>i pulled my head back and pulled her towards my erection
>she put her hands on my stomach so she could ease me in at her own pace
>after a battle i finally got myself halfway in and began to thrust
>her cute little ahs, oohs, and moans drove me over the edge
>waves of pleasure shot up my spine with every thrust
>i don't know how long we were there for but half of it wasn't even sex, i don't know what it was but the sound of heavy breathing filled the air
>she was on top and i was holding her hands as she bounced on top of me
>i knew that i was going to come soon and i said "i'm almost done"
>did not want to get her preggers anytime soon
>she didn't listen and began to pump faster towards her own orgasm
>soon enough she locked up a second time and i could feel her squeezing my shaft
>my body began to move on its own and before i knew it i was pumped in and out of her like crazy
>i could feel the surges of pleasure through my body as i shot my load inside her
>i've never felt closer to anybody in my entire life than i was to her at that current moment
>she fell off me and laid there panting with her arms spread
>i did the same
>soon enough i looked over to her and she was peacefully asleep
>i pulled the blankets up over and feel asleep myself
>woke up the the sound of a car pulling into the driveway
>leap out of bed and put all my clothes on as i hear them pour into the kitchen
>mirrors edge 2 just got released
>jump out her window and slid down that little section of roof
>gather up enough speed and plant my foot at the edge
>make a solid leap in an attempt to make it over the fence
>almost cleared the whole thing but had to land on the fence and jump off
>took the shoelace express all the way back to my joint and just told my dad i'd been out for a skate
Part 3: The Divide

>love is a strong feeling
>i thought i felt it once before i met bella
>oh how wrong i was
>that was nothing compared to this
>would have cut my nipples off and poured HCl down the holes just to catch a whiff of her shit stench
>anyway, so during the second term of year eleven i noticed something was wrong
>bella wasn't letting me touch her as often
>i mean like in general, i would go to hold her hand but she would pull away
>she was speaking to me less and less
>had to sherlock holmes my way to the bottom of this
>made a graph and everything representing her mannerisms over the week
>determined it was not because of her period
>i confronted her about it and she told me that nothing was wrong
>that was a damn lie
>becuase later on that day i'm chilling in the library doing my biology homework and then she walks in holding back a smile
>she walks up to me and sits next to me and the conversation played out just like this
>"hey" she says
>"hey there" i reply in a happy tone
>"do you feel like we're actually more than friends"
>"of course i do"
>"well i just think that we haven't really changed, and that we don't treat eachother like more than friends"
>my smile drops and i stare at her with a blank expression
>fully serious now, but she's still smiling
>just a little info, another girl joined our school at the start of year 11 and we'll call her cuntface because she is a cockblocking cuntface
>bella and beck befriend cuntface because cuntface has no friends
>they don't like cuntface that much because cuntface is a cuntface
>so back to the library
>i'm staring at her and she sais "do you think we should continue our relationship, because we feel just like friends seb. i just don't like you anymore"
>my heart sank so far down it might as well have slapped on a hat and started working in the rice fields because it was nowhere to be found
>i stared at her
>for what felt like hours
>this was it, i gave this girl my heart and everything i had and she just referred to me as a friend
>"so that's it then. it's over. if you see me as a friend then it's not going to work?
>her face continues to quiver holding back smiles and whatnot
>"so then that's that, we're over"
>i go back to typing on my keyboard and i'm just hitting keys, not even paying attention to anything
>she walks out of the library
>that was it, i don't like you anymore. what a horrible reason to crush a young boys heart with
>told me she liked nobody (later she started flirting with other boys)
>i fucking knew something was up
>fucking knew it
>this clearly has to be one of her friends fault, probably cuntface
>i can feel my rage boiling over as i start writing so hard my lead breaks and i'm just tearing at the page
>somebody poured gasoline all over my nice little candle i had going
>i was fucking raring to go at that moment, if some cunt coughed i would have put his head through a wall
>the bell rings and i close my book and begin walking to my bag
>graphics class was up next, you just sit in the air conditioning sketching things, real chill and easy stuff
>i sit next to yet another one of bella's friends. we'll call her sam
>so sam fucking knew that bella had broken up with me, i could read it on her face. she probably had something to do with it
>it was a friday so i just wanted to finish my work and go home for the weekend
>and i did just that. i didn't talk to her, i just did my work and then went home for the weekend
>on my way home (i was skateboarding home because the folks were going out to dinner) i see some other cunt from the grade below me and 3 of his friends all sitting together
>i could hear one of them go "look at that faggot on his skateboard" and then they all laugh
>i pulled my left foot off and slowed myself to a stop
>turned to them, dropped my bag and walked over
>you could feel the fear radiating off them
File: checkem.jpg (14 KB, 248x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 248x249
>i looked at the ringleader, some blonde twat with glasses
>grab him by the throat and slam my head into his nose as hard as i could
>he dropped like a sack of potatoes and curled into a ball
>the guy who called out the comment swung at me, but i ducked under it and uppercutted him so hard that i swear he left the ground for a moment
>i wasn't super athletic, but i was tall and had one of those no fat body types
>everything went so fast but it felt like slowmotion because i could easily see what these fags were trying to do
>some guy on the right though he was bruce lee and tried to axe kick me
>i grabbed his leg mid air and spun his foot so fast it broke his ankle
>the fourth kid tried to run but i grabbed him by the collar and yanked him backwards then curb stomped him into oblivion
>violence in real life is nothing like in the movies
>especially when you're the one dealing it
>it's brutal, bloody, and you don't think about your next move. it's all pure reactions
>got back on my skateboard, rode home, took a shower, ate food, went to sleep

i was interviewed by the popo for this but i told them it was self defense because they jumped me. got away with it too, what fags am i right?

also quads checked
Part 4: Retaliation

>the weekend was average, i didn't do much
>ended up finishing shadow man 2 so that was pretty cool
>my left hand really hurt from friday. i think i broke some of the bones in there punching those fags
>the return to school was brutal though
>told my main mate joseph what happened
>basically just told me stuff like "that's so dog mate", "i could see you were really happy with her"
>asked him what happened on friday with him
>he told me he saw bella, beck, sam, and cuntface walking towards the library before bella entered
>my thoughts were true. some shiteating faggot in her group had something to do with it
>but which one?
>first two periods were graphics. golden opportunity to talk to sam
>so i'm in there and she asks me how i was going with bella
>played dumb because i knew she was just stirring shit
>"oh she broke up with me on Friday during lunch"
>she was all like OH NO and stuff like that but i knew she was just being a tard
>she told me "i was the one telling her not to go through with it"
>bull. fucking. shit.
>through those two lessons i came up with a nice steamy plot
>i would have sex with bellas closest friend beck and maybe even get her to like me, then crush her heart
>bonus points if she commits suicide
>i knew that it was easier and more effective to target her friends than it was to target her directly
>so over the next few days i plotted my revenge
>come thursday (everyone is meant to go to other schools and play their chosen sport)
>sport is cancelled and the year 11's just have to study where ever that want to the day
>beck was an alright friend to me, we never treated eachother wrong and laughed with eachother every now and then
>so i tell her "i'm just going to wag these next few lessons in the toilets or something, want to come?"
>i walk into the toilets and wait for her
>couldn't get caught going into the boys toilets with another boy in a christian school oh no that would be horrible
>i'm not a christian by the way, or an atheist, or agnostic. i just don't care or need religion
>"heeey" i hear as she strolls into the toilets
>"so how's it going beck?"
>"pretty go--"
>i cut her off my planting a long and lustful kiss on her lips
>"well that escalated quickly" she replies and then throws her arms around me and starts making out
>my rage boils again as i set my mind on the task at hand
>it was all about getting this chick to love me and then crushing her
>i don't remember much besides this beck chick having a VERY nice ass
>it wasn't like bellas though, it was a large ass. but still a good shape
>she pulls my pants down and sucks my dick, i pull down hers and suck her clit
>eventually this leads to sex
>soz for the shitty description
>so at the end i pull her around and cum right on her face and she takes the load with glee
>she smiles at me as she wipes it off her face
>we just sat in each others arms and made out until the end of the day
>"i had a great time today sebastian"
>"call me seb"
>she giggles and kisses me goodbye before going home
>over the next month i played this girl like a fiddle
>learnt much about her during my time with bella
>got her to like me so much that she practically orgasmed when i asked her to be my girlfriend
>of course i felt nothing for this girl though. it was all about the mission to destroy bella
>the night i asked beck the question i remembered something that bella said to me once
>"i only trust and care for two people in this world. beck, and you"
>seeing as she shut me off, beck was the next best thing.
>so over the first month i was dating beck was great
>progress was being made swimmingly
>my dick was being milked on a daily basis
>every time beck would kiss me and then run off to bella i'd look up and wave goodbye to her and catch a glimpse bellas blank face
>on the verge of tears i hope
>so i dated her for nearly a year, and watch bella and beck grow so much closer
>then on the day before the date bella broke up with me, i did it
>i crushed beck's heart
>i said all the nasty things i could. stuff that i knew would cut deep
>unfriended her from skype and went my way
>over the next few months of grade 12 i could see beck, she was just so emotionless
>never smiling and never paying any attention to bella anymore
>i had won
>at least i thought i did
>nothing happened between that day and graduation
>i just lived my life as per normal and didn't talk to beck or bella
>a few days before our formal (prom for all you Americans reading)
>bella killed herself
>her parents walked in on her with a rope around her neck tied to the ceiling fan
>the day after it happened i was told about it over skype by joseph
>i had finally fucking won
>i got my revenge
>yet i still felt empty somehow
Part 5: Revelation

>so i went to formal with a girl in my grade called reanna
>pretty hot, 8/10 but i didn't really care
>i had become sort of psuedo-depressed
>i wasn't sad but i was not happy either
>so about a week after the graduation ceremony and i'm enrolling at universities to do my chemistry degree
>i recieve a knock at my door
>i'm home alone so i answer it
>standing there are the parents of bella, holding a letter
>the mother had clearly been crying
>the father was holding pretty well, the man always treated me really well and i would have called him friend at one point
>no words were exchanged as he handed me the letter and they both went on their way
>i turned it over and saw something written on there that brought me to tears almost instantly
>'Seb' was written in bellas handwriting
>inside there was a hand drawn picture, and a short letter that read
Dear Sebastian,

I was wrong to break up with you. I loved you with all my heart and soul. You just don't know what you have until you've lost it.
The reason i ended it with you was because i was afraid, it sounds childish and stupid but i was genuinely afraid of losing you.
You know how you don't like to disappoint me or your close friends? Well this is kind of like that, except it would always bring me
to tears whenever i thought about me making you sad. I just could not cope with it anymore and thought that maybe if i didn't see you
anymore then the pain would go away. i know now that i was wrong, because the pain in my heart grew even larger every day without you there beside me.
When you got together with beck it tore my insides to shreds, i didn't know what to believe in anymore. I've been such a mess, i'm failing all
my subjects and have become really depressed lately just thinking about how i've hurt you. i can no longer deal with the pressures of society
and my own life, just know that you still own my heart, and i still own yours. I love you.

File: IMG_20150322_213327.jpg (309 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 1200x1600
>i broke into tears when i finished that letter
>through all the sobbing and wiping my eyes i brought myself to look at the other page in the letter
>it was a picture of link from windwaker holding a heart container
>i was so wrong to do this to her
>i loved her and all i did was try to fuck up her life
>how much of a dick could i have been

that's it friends. that's my story. love was lost and feels were felt. sorry about the potato quality photo btw
the reason there's another day on the timestamp is because i was thinking of posting this again tomorrow when i had more time
I just read your story. Holy crap.

The way you sought revenge through so throughly hurting her friend reflects very poorly on you as a person, but I thank you for sharing all the same.
Good story op
you made me cry bro...
Today OP was a nice guy
Feels are too strong
fuck I just finished it - feels are strong
only got through the beginning and end but the rest im sure was beautiful, tragic, and hilariously adventurous. I enjoyed this
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