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High school slut story thread? Greentext...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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High school slut story thread? Greentext times youve slept with sluts.
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>be me
>be 18
>be a virgin
>have 8/10 gf who is honestly just like a guy friend
>she doesnt seem sexual at all
>then there was a shift
>she starts texting me dirty pics all of a sudden
>boner intensifies
>"you like those anon?
>fuck yea i would love to see them in person
>oh shit did i just say that?
>she loves it and tells me its on for tomorrow
>her parents are at the lake for the weekend
>Saturday comes
>time to lose the V card
> 7 oclock rolls around and she is knocking at the door
>nervous as fuck
>stomach in knots feels like i have to shit a ton of bricks
>she comes in and heads straight for my room and doesnt say a word
>drops a piece of clothing every so often on the way
>looks back at me standing in my doorway and drops the bra
>walks backwards into my room motioning for me to come in
>she lays on the bed
>i get closer to her
>she goes into her purse
>pulls out a Condor
>my dick is diamonds
>mfw we fucked all night and i blew a huge load

Finally lost my vcard
>be me
>be 22
>kissless virgin
>not really interacted with a girl in the last 10 years or so

>pulls out a Condor

>>pulls out a Condor
Stuffed or plastic?
nigga you never get busy without a condor
sorry, but all I can imagine right now is her pulling out a large scavenging bird from her purse and you having some fucked up sex

So like...does your hand put out all the time? Give you that look?

Go around naked?

Take it in either end?

Let you cum on its face?
so your girlfriend is a slut?
so let me get this straight.

you called ehr your "gf" but you never even saw her tits?

is that normal? I always fucked first, then established relation after.

Seriously, who's the freak here?
File: image.jpg (79 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a reenactment of the situation
enjoy your aids
>The Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) is a South American bird in the New World vulture family Cathartidae and is the only member of the genus Vultur. Found in the Andes mountains and adjacent Pacific coasts of western South America, the Andean condor has a wingspan of up to 3.2 m/10.5 ft [2] but is exceeded by the wandering albatross (at up to 3.6 m/12 ft), the southern royal albatross, the Dalmatian and the great white pelicans (at reportedly up to 3.5 m/11.6 ft).
enjoy your vcard

>Thinks aids is contracted through sexual contact
im doing it only 6 years left for wizzard yessss
>be 15
>just recently lost virginity month prior
>two cities north of my home doin history project
>had been texting this french girl since I met her at football game
> 6/10 qt pie that I held in back pocket as I had girlfriend at time of meeting her
>broken up with said girlfriend day before
>"anon i'm watchin paranormal activity all alone... So spooked bla bla bla"
>wants me to come over
>fact that it's about 10pm i realised it's code for me coming to fuck her brians out
> tell my two friends I gotta fuckin go that the matter is urgent
>make my punjab friend take me all the way home
>by the time we get there he refuses to finish job and take me to her place
>she lives like 3 miles away in the fucking cuts
>by this time its like 12 and she still wants me to come over
>grow some balls and sneak out with dad's road bike
>straight bombin down long ass spooky road that goes on for miles with no lights
>not phased, I have a mission
>finally get lost near her house
>call her, no answer
>eventually get hold of her while just aimlessly searching for her house
>we meet at this sketch as fuck foresty area and she leads me to her house
>finally get their to find out her dad's fuckin home
>pissed me off but didnt phase me, no goin back now
>end up watching shitty ass scary movie marathon till like 3
>getting pissed at this point
>gotta make a move
>start playing truth or dare
>spaghetti almost flooded when I dare her to "come closer"
>have to keep goin "closer..closer" till right in front of my face still nothing
>finally say fuck it and just do it and she's goin with it
>cutely giggles and says "i knew it ;)"
>bitch better have
>continue intertwining sloppy underage tounges for like 20 mins
>all of a sudden she's fiddling at my belt
>hear footsteps and see light turn on outside bedroom door

nobody will believe me but i don't give a shit.

>be 18
>friend has neighbors our age that we grew up with, they go to catholic school, we go to public
>two sisters, 16 and 18, 19 year old brother
>girls aren't very hot in the face but massive tits
>their extremely lenient parents go out of town
>tell them to throw a party and provide booze
>catholic school kids are fucking nuts
>far sluttier and oversexed than what we've known
>big strip poker game
>series of events results in 20-ish high schoolers declaring the backyard a "nudist colony"
>get naked, hang out back there, see some dick but who cares
>hanging out with 16 year-old sister, comment on giant tits
>she asks if i want to play with them, but says we have to go to her room
>do so
>in room feeling tits, hard on growing
>her friend comes in without knocking
>says something like "ohhh what's going on in here???", doesn't leave
>sister says "close the door!" and she does
>decide to do a "comparison"
>shit escalates, they kiss
>double BJ
>fuck both of them
>basically a porno plotline
>nothing that awesome ever happens to me again.
File: reenactment..png (8 KB, 888x438) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh come on man, not being a virgin was the ONLY thing I had going in my life, there is nothing else i accomplished and you destroy me like that.

Fuck you man, fuck you, literally, I hope tomorrow you get gang banged by ten hot&horny teen virgins with big firm tits and tight tasty cunts.

You asshole.
continue, faggot
>by this point butt as naked with nothing but socks on
>run in closet
>waiting for eminent death
>hear footsteps walk away
>realize time is of essence and forget foreplay and putting my dick in her mouth
>here it is
>penetration immediately begets disappointment
>by this point she's so wet can't even feel it
>15 minutes of her digging her nails in me and moanin whilst I'm just fucking a slimy pillow case
>eventually hear footsteps come right up to door
>this is it baguette death is waiting for me
>valhalla her I come
>decide to pull out and reveal that it just aint worth it
>trying to convince me to stay playfully teasing my dick with her lips
>hard to resist but le petite pussè wasn't worth it
>end up sneaking out her window and cutting up my foot on broke glass
>right as I think im in clear front door opens
>no looking back run faster then in a nigger in the underground railroad
>grab bike and jump on in one fluid motion
>don't skip beat getting home as French retribution might be near behind and it was 5 am on school day
>dad wakes up at 5:30
>end up covering 4 miles in 17 mins
>get home
>sneak in successful
>victorious 2 hour nap before school
>wake up feeling gross as fuck
>dick and fingers smell like crackers
Not even worth it, was pretty fun adrenaline rush though.
I kek'd
I'm pretty positive the chick on the right in OP's pic is my best friends girlfriend. 98% sure
I fucking love flabby pale asses like that.
TFW I never fucked a slut in high school
File: 1427211907622.jpg (407 KB, 1260x1782) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dated this cute asian girl in highschool

Made her do a lot of shit, like we've fucked in the bathroom at school, the mall, bathrooms at swimming pools, by the river in a dense forest part. Had her suck my dick in the bathrooms at school and a lot more shit happens when we got drunk
>be senior year
>tell everybody I'm enlisting
>use that excuse to bang ~15 different girls and one of my friends mom's
>all I did was move to a different state to go to college

Truly an epic tale
File: 1426879281933.jpg (26 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is not a cool story, bro.
Greentext. The Bathroom fuck
>Know this one chick, Liz
>lazy, fat, unmotivated
>reputation for being an easy hill to climb
>dressed like she really needed daddy's attention
>I'm at her house one day while her mom is gone
>she's back from college on break, I'm probably 16
>I walk by her room when her door's open, she's on her belly texting, wearing tight shorts, ass everywhere
>I stop and stare for a second
>"You're such a little perv."
>embarrassed, start to walk away
>"I didn't say you had to stop, dork" (she still hasn't even looked at me)
>I suck up a lungful of air and come back and stare again for a few minutes
>she sticks her ass up higher in the air for me
>feeling faint
>I walk closer, collect my balls and touch her butt
>for about 10 minutes she just texts silently as I start groping her ass all over, pull her pants down, slide my hands up her shirt, finger her pussy
>she stops me at fingering her butthole
>"wanna fuck me" she asks, sounds bored off her ass
>um yeah
>she just lays there and I drop trou and climb on behind her
>am obvious virgin, clumsy, her fat ass didn't make it easier even though it was glorious
>manage to pump her for a few minutes, around halfway through she stuck a pillow under her waist to get her ass up higher, made it easier
>cum pretty fast, in dat pussy
>she squawks at me for making a mess on her bed
>I go back to my room and cower in shame
>awkward when mom gets home and asks us how our day went
File: 1418632556910.png (92 KB, 241x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sounds like my fat whore ex, you live in canada?
>Chat this girl up online
>She tells me one night to come over
>Sneak out of my house when train was coming through town
>go to her room on the bottom floor
>fuck her, could not cum
How beta are you? Banging sluts in high school is probably the easiest thing to do.
File: 5starpost.jpg (49 KB, 351x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 351x440
>be like 16
>party at the homies house
>typical shit, everyone is hammered
>this chick has been all over me
>6-7 out of ten but huge tits
>night is mostly a blur but i made out with her friend she came with
>possibly her sister
>head to friends dad's bathroom
Its attached to his bedrooms so i had go through it from the living room
>open bedroom door into living room
>girl's sister is standing there
>oh hey
>.5 seconds later girl comes flying around the corner and pushes me into the room
>ninja kick door shut while stepping back
>we fall onto bed, start making out, feeling those soft tits
>bedroom door opens, didnt even notice
>girls friend lays down on the bed beside us
>looks at both of them, no one says anything..
>welp, ok im going for it
>continue making out with the chick, unbutton her pants
>knocking on the door
>its her sister
>"hey our ride is here"
>we all look at each other
>she says she has to go
>the end
and then you woke up
My hand doesnt eat all my money
>senior school
>hot 8/10 chick with booty to die for
>on-off flirting
>lots of sexual heat
>late evening after-school practice for annual day
>"anon I'm dating this guy"
>get teary. say I will miss kiss.
>We hug
>We kiss
>We get handsy
>Go to the auditorium back room
>Fuck that slick pussy
>Cum inside
>Kiss goodbye
>Wipe tears
>Fist-bump the sky
>mfw I don't even remember her name now
>Know this one chick
>go back to my room

Nigga, is this a wincest thread?
dorms, m8
The perils of broke carless highschoolnimity
Kek'd hard.
File: 2013-12-30.jpg (295 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
295 KB, 640x640

Post a normal face pic of her and we will let you know bro
File: learntoread.jpg (18 KB, 400x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 400x407
>Have qt friend who is kinda into me and I'm kinda into her.
>her brothers friend asks her to prom. They are dating now.
>steal her phones SD card and release nudes to the world
>feel no remorse
>definitely missed the signs where she was asking me if I was interested in her and if I would be angry if she dated older guy
>sad but got to fap
>dorms m8

>awkward when mom gets home and asks us how are days were.

Yeah. Definitely not wincest pasta, nope, it's just a shitty college freshman story. Okay.
>high school freshman in new town
>people assume I'm a senior since I'm tall and built like a lineman
>get invited to party from a dude in art class
>go to party
>mushrooms, weed, alcohol, ecstasy at the party
>smoke weed
>go outside
>short busty senior follows me out
>we smoke more weed and she starts blowing me
>her friends catch us and they're giggling about it
>senior takes me by the hand and leads me to a large barn
>we go to the loft
>her two friends followed us
>they yell up and ask what we're doing while the busty chick has my dick in her mouth
>she yells for her friends to come up
>one is tall and slender, the other is 9/10 goth
>girls take turns sucking my dick
>they eat each other out
>take turns fucking them all
>fuck forever since antidepressants
>pull out
>other two chicks get a facial
>they lick each other clean
>we all go back to the party
>one chick still has load in her hair
>somebody points it out
>I become a legend
Pretty much my face when i heard, "our ride is here"
File: horse nigga!.gif (2 MB, 310x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
horse nigga!.gif
2 MB, 310x233
>Be in 12th grade
>Be browsing Piero Scaruffi's website
>Get knock on door
>It is dog
>Dog no want to do nothing else but knock
>Get pissed off at dog
>It realizes
>Asks me, "why be pissed off when you can be pissed on?"
>I realize he's right
>I bend down to him
>He pisses his golden retriever piss all over me

I've kept the dog since and he's 7 now. He's the best dog ever.
>Mfw Condor
File: sloth.png (1 MB, 1010x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1010x662
>Be me 24 y.o virgin
>My neighbour has this crazy hot bitch
> shes always eyefucking me from across the yard
>Neighbour working wageslave
>She stays at home working in the garden
>Gather courage and ask her to come for coffee one day since Im a neet.
>She accepts
>I tell her about my past struggles
>shes a good listener
>we end up on the couch
>I pet her head and stroke ears
>think shit did i just do that
>she likes it
>Cock hard, throbbling.
>Proceed to have sex
>aww fucking yiss
>v card lost
>neighbour doesn't suspect anything
>just finished cleaning up the fur from the sofa, gonna do it again tomorrow
>be me
>be 17
>going through rough patch with gf
>friend calls
>"lets hang out, I'm having a get together"
>go over expecting big party
>get to friends house
>just him and his gf plus random girl
>we start drinking
>after a few hours everyone is feeling good
>friend takes his girl to backroom
>playing vidya with rando-hoe
>she starts playing footsies with me
>start making out
>eat her pussy
>stick it in and realize how tiny she is
>we fuck on the couch
>feel myself about to cum
>pull out and bust on her tits
>go home next day
>cooking dinner for gf
>rando-hoe has texted gf telling her everything
>I get clocked in the side of the head
>reflecting over it
>still worth it.
File: Naamloos-2.png (138 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 350x350

>Um is that a condor?

>Yeah. why?

>Never mind, Carion
Crackers? Wtf?
Dated half puerto-rican half white chick in high school. She was a true nympho, my dick was in her mouth at all feasable times. movies, car, everywhere. even in front of people a few times.

we got caught with her sucking my dick in a mall parking lot and she kept going. we got caught with her sucking my dick at the park and she kept going.
I used to stay late at her house and watch movies. One time her mom came down stairs while we were laying there watching a movie, and her head was in my lap cuz she was sucking my dick. It was pretty dark but her mom walked right by us and she never stopped sucking my dick.

She loved cum. Loved swallowing it, loved it on her body, tits, face. She loved getting fucked in the ass.

One time we went to a wedding and she got horny so we went out to my truck. She stood at my passenger side seat and pulled her dress up then asked me to fuck her in the ass. There were people everywhere out there, they def saw us and she loved it.

So many more stories, god I miss her.
>sophmore year
>convince bestfriend (chick) we should have sex
>this starts a years worth of fucking.
>we dated other people, still met up to fuck
>would always give me quick handjobs when her parents were home, then deepthroat me tight before i came and swallowed the whole load.
>fucked in every room in her housr and mine
>fucked in both my parents cars
>she wanted to date
>said sure
>broke up with her 2 days later
>"its weird"
>start dating this other chick
>shit goes south
>meet up with her one night, say fuck it
>making out with her and reaching in her pants
>play with her pussy till she cums
>she returns the favor with a blowjob
>moaning the whole time with my dick in her mouth
>swallows it without even saying a word.
Havent seen her in years but having a personal fuck doll was rad
I dont know how to greentext but here it Goes. I saw a well known slut at a party. She is way too drunk and 3 years my junior, so I subtlely told her I wanted to fuck her and to call me tomorrow. She texted me and told me she wanted to fuck me after I asked her. We arranged to meet and I told her to wear a certain kind of panties. after a long night of BS we end up kissing in my room. She was the worst kisser ever but I went down on her in short time. Pussy definitely smelled a little off but I wasn't worried. Cute freshman chick. we have unprotected sex for an hour before I cum in her and take her home. She died in a car accident last year and it makes me sad to think about how I used her
> be me. Girl
> two years ago in highschool. Senior
> saw cute lonely kid at bus stop. 15
> stand infront of him. No one else around.
> lift skirt. No thong that day.
> reach behind. Pull out sick. Rock hard already
> slide it in pussy
> pump for 10 seconds. Done.
> walk home with his cum dripping out.
> good day
you pulled out a sick.. what?
>10th grade
>girl across from my table is sitting facing the same direction
>leggings were way to fucking tight for her
>can see through perfectly, a round fat ass with cheetah print thong
>friends go to my side of table after I point it out and we all just enjoy for a moment
>it's to good to pass up, must try
>as I'm walking I have no idea what I'm about to say, oh well
>"give me your number"
>she kind of laughs but says ok
>hand her my phone to put it in
>last period, text her
>ask her to meet me outside after school
>meet her
>asks her if she'd like to hangout sometime
>she asks me if I want to go on her bus
>on bus feeling her up and shit
>makeout a little, she did some crazy slutty shit with her tongue
>get there, nobody home, holy fuck
>she jumps on me and I carry her to her room, ass in hands
>throw on bed
>fuck her harder then I could physically handle
>she's in tears
>tfw she likes a cigarette after sex too
>treat her like shit half the time and she'd fucking crave it
>go out for 3 years
>eventually goes off to college
>it was fun
>I think about her ass everyday when I wake up
>she meant more to me then I thought
Lol. Dick. I pulled out his dick. Kinda small but I enjoyed it.
where were you when i was 15?
post pics of yourself

This is fake
they were both me :)
are you just pointing out that aids is a diagnosed condition of having hiv and that hiv is the sexually transmitted? cause if you are then youre gay as fuck
>qt pie

Top kek
I'm at school right now. Or else would. Maybe when I get home. Thinking about this is getting me horny. Maybe I'll fuck some random guy right after class in the library.
>lives 3 miles away
>goes home for 4 hours
Ya dun goofed anon
God I been wanting to do this for long now (me girl also). Just seeing boys like that makes me wanna give up the old vagoosh.
ment for >>605760176
What school do you go to? And yikes dude, please go die in a fire, you're the reason why diseases are spread so frequently
>15 years old
>she had tits
>i said i love you
End of story kids. That whore begged me to fuck her a few months after she left me for the guy she was cheating with while with him.

god i hope she gets aids, herpes and chlamydia
face pic

Holy shit this story sucked.
I feel bad for them. They're soo cute. Like a small lost puppy. I know I can make their day. And I get pleasure too :)
>Be me
>Had a crush on this chick for over a year
>Become good friends during senior year
>Become her confident
>She tells me everything about her relation with her shitty bf
>We start to hug sometimes
>One day I accidently touch her ass
>Looks at me while biting her lip
>Foreward 2 weeks
>French class gets canceled cause teacher is sick
>Asks if I want to come over for lunch
>Only had 1 hour break before school started
>Go to her house, eat, talk
>"I'll be right back anon, bathroom break"
>Tells me to wait in her room cause she has questions for our history exam
>Comes out the bathroom with really short shorts and a tight t-shirt
>Tells me she broke up with bf 2 days ago
>School starts in 30 mins
>She wants a hug
>Now she's the one grabbing my ass

>being this fucking virgin
you must be hot as hell
what about giving sauce of that gif
>be me
>above average looking guy
>girl who recently moved away comes back to visit for a weekend
>see her at a party
>flirty as fuck all night
>finally she shoves me into bathroom
>me 6'3 her 5'2...being controlled by this woman
>alcohol takes over
>sit on toilet
>she starts riding me
>no condom
>banging this chick on one of my good friends bathroom
>people take pictures of the aftermath
>bathroom destroyed and were both forever banned from this guys house

My sentiments exactly.
>fucking with no condor
Orrrr you could be a good little slut, head to the bathroom, take your tits out and take a picture.
what the fuck did you do to achieve an "aftermath" worthy of getting you banned?
>out drinking in pub, underage as fuck so friends have to buy drinks for me
>milf comes up, says pizza is buy one get one free
>asks if we want the second one
>free pizza and drinking? Yes
>no idea who this woman is, friends seem to know her
>2 friends go to play pool, me milf and oldest friend hanging
>oldest friend takes hint that the milf wants me, he fucks off then we go to smoking area out back
>I'm inexperienced as fuck and she's dom as fuck
>turns me around and stands behind me kissing my neck
>feel like a total woman but fuck this geeks amazing
>undoes my jeans with one hand and gives me hands down the best hj I've ever had
>blow load all over wall and her hand
>she wipes her hand on a napkin and throws it away
>kisses me hard and then walks away saying she has to get back to her husband
>go back through to bar
>"man what the fuck happened?"
>tell them I fucked her because I was young and not alpha enough to tell them I got dommed in to submission
>ask friends who that was, expecting her to be a local milf or something
>they tell me it was Tilda Swinton
>didn't believe them
>next day they put on narnia and Im like wtf

Turns out she has a holiday home in the shithole Scottish town we were drinking in and has an open relationship or something. Seen her a few times since, dont think she recognises me, or doesn't care. Anyway, Tilda Swinton is why iver got a femdom fetish
You have sex without a condor? shit that's brave
>Be me, 19
>first year college
>first week actually (close enough to highschool)
>befriend a pretty handsome guy.
>he's a model actually
>has a gf from back in high school who went to the same college
>They break up
>I'm like best friends with the guy now
>Month later, I meet the girl at a party
>She's pretty hot. Her face maybe 7/10 but her hips scream 9/10.
>had my eye on her for a while, but didn't do anything because brocode.
>She's talking to this other guy at the party.
>Or more like: hes talking to her.
>Everybody leaves, exept me, her, and the other guy.
>We have to stay for the night because we missed last train home.
>We have to sleep on the couches (big house, multiple couches) in the living room of the house.
>Other guy leaves for some reason.
>Leaves me and her.
>She says she's feeling ill, and asks whether she can lay with me for a "hug"
>End up fingering her
>Didn't bother the brocode
>Foward month or so.
>I've fingered her one more time, also at house party
>Been to movies together
>We go to the beach
>I don't really know what to do. So I just hold her hand occasionally.
>She goes all quiet.
>I ask what she's thinking (girls love that question and you can always use it)
>She says she likes me and all, but doesn't want a relationship
>"Okay then."
>Kinda gave up on fucking her.
>She invites me to her house (she lives on her own, I still lived with parents)
>We cook.
>she want to watch movie with me
>never seen in before
>I don't eve thouch her, because she said she didn't want me.
>she starts touching me a little
>I decide to go for it anyway
>put arm around her
>get closer ad closer
>slowly but steadily
>In a moment of courage I kiss her
>goes further and further
>I start fingering her
>She rubbing my dick
>pulls it out
>start giving me handjob
>I pull het pants down
>Undies soon follow
>fuck her for a good fifteen minutes
yes, go to the bathroom you slut and take photoos of your wet pussy
I'm a cute lonely guy, wanna fuck?
Nigga aint u afraid without
holy 0-100 kid
File: 1413650294060.png (710 KB, 1000x941) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
710 KB, 1000x941
>be me
>graduate high school, go to community college
>start talking with friend from high school
>she's older than me, obese af
>says her parents are leaving this upcoming weekend
>come over
>she touches my dick
>we hop in shower
>i cum on her face
I don't know why I laughed so fucking hard but thank you
>be 19 and huge pussy
>buddy has girlfriend who is super hot, 14, and very slutty
>get back from school and she starts texting me
>invite her over
>hang out all night, smoke weed, drink a lot
>i never make a move, she's getting ready to leave
>i know she wants to fuck me, so i just go for it
>she's into it
>we're naked
>i reach for a Condor
>"what's that for? i'm on the pill and i get tested a lot."
>i put down the Condor
>she gets on top of me, slides it down till i'm balls deep
>fuck her for what feels like an hour, really only like 2 minutes
>bust my nut in her
>she goes home
>don't see her again for years
>has kids now
>they're mexican, not mine
Fat bitches just seem to love cum on there face

>being this beta
Just fucking continue.
if u live close enough then sure i'll give it up
>be 19 and huge pussy
>buddy has girlfriend who is super hot, 14, and very slutty
more like notbustedforrape/10
Tits or gtfo
Where do you live?
File: hqdefault.jpg (25 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 480x360

I imagine it was something like this.
i have nudes of her too

i've posted some on /b/ in the past
This must be recorded and offered for the masses.
>She tells me she loved when I touched her ass
>Girl is 5,5, wavy brown hair, perfect tits and ok ass
>We start kissing
>She takes off shirt, takes and my hands and put them on her boobs
>They fit just right in my hand
>Boner raging to get out of my pants
>I start to play with her tits and she moans a bit
>he takes off my shirt and her pants
>She is just in lingerie in front of me, I still remember her red bra
>She takes off bra
>Perfect titties as expected
>Kinda firm, not saggy
>I start to feast on her perfect little nipples
>She moans harder and harder
>Says: Anon I have something for you
>Gets on her knees
>She takes off my oants and boxers and put my already hard dick in her mouth
>Start teasing with her tongue
>Im basically in heaven right now
>Says she wants to fuck me
>Oh yeah baby im gonna lose the v-card
>She pushes me on bed
>Gets on top of me
>I start to finger her and her ppussy is perfect too
>Really wet
>No condor
>push my way in her love tunnel
>Never felt this good in my life
>Last 15 minutes
>Best day ever
>Arrive at school with her 10 minutes late
>Everyone knows something hapenned
>We dated for a year
>I miss her boobs
Can provide pic of face for legitimitude
I think you know the rules darling. Plop them titties out or vacate the premise.
File: 1427022187981.jpg (153 KB, 1080x1776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB, 1080x1776
here goes nothing
timestamp, bitch
would you like to share with the class?
Let's turn that Can into a Will?!?!?!
what is that? I usually only go to soc and decided to give this place a try
>be me
>talk to girl i knew in high school, hardly ever talked, year younger than me
>be 20
>text her every now and then "TOKE DATE"
>she accepts one day
>comes over, we smoke weed, talk about random things
>go to my room from smoking outside
>tell her if she gets on my bed i'll join her
>she gets on and I join
>says, "I'm super wet"
>start feeling her pussy
>she starts jerking me
>we fuck 3 times
>make her come like 20 times, her words not mine

now a year and half later, we're bf and gf

Ayyye what do you know, this picture was already posted in another thread
where do you live?
provide proof with paper wriiten date on it
where do you live??

You take that shit on a photocopier? wtf.
>be me
>be 14
>crazy goth chick my year has crush on me
>CGC is too shy to do anything about it
>pulls hair over face whenever she see's me
>admires me from distance
>CGC finds out where i stay
>CGC starts stalking me
>stands across the road from my house with her friend
>waits outside my classes and follows me
>one night its raining and my mum,who's now aware of stalker,takes pity on her and invites her in out of the rain
>have to sit with CGC and her friend
>CGC is still too shy to do anything
>the ice has been broken though
>next night i go out to my mates house
>CGC is outside
>says hi to me
>starts walking beside me
>go through lane to my friends house with them
>at end of lane is a plot with loads of garages
>CGC grabs my hand and pulls me between 2 garages
>her friend is stood round corner giggling
>CGC is in hunteress mode
>she has me cornered
>she approaches me and starts stroking my chest
>she has her hands stroking the front of my thighs
>boing! i'm fucking diamonds
>rock hard,cock is sore and bulging massively against jeans
>she asks if i like her
>i splutter that 'i'm not sure'-just as shy as she is
>'you look like you like me' she giggles
>she starts stroking me through my jeans
>imma cum-total virgin-never even kissed a girl
>she starts unzipping me
>Friend's like 'hurry up Tammy!' giggle
>Tammy the CGC unbuttons the jeans and falls to her knees
>Cock springs out
>she's gasping and moaning quietly as she strokes me
>Takes me in her mouth
>'hey!whats going on there!'
>shit, it's a member of the public
>Tammy jumps up in fright
>i pull my trousers up and we both run out laughing
i posted this pic a few days ago on soc
will post later, gotta put kids to sleep first
Give email, we talk, I come fuck you, we remain fuck buddies and fuck very often, yea?

She was a dirty little whore though. She wouldn't have told anybody because she would want to be able to fuck me again if she got the chance. I wish more girls worshiped the dick like that.
File: 1358655153748.jpg (178 KB, 1268x1690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 1268x1690
What about preschool sluts?

>be me 4-5 years old
>my best friend is a grill from preschool named Stephanie
>we hang out a lot, playing doctors and nurses etc
>Stephanie is at my place, we're fooling around on top bunk in my room
>get naked and start playing around with each other like usual
>ask if I can lick her 'fanny' (means vagina in UK)
>"No anon, I pee from there - it's dirty, it's full of germs, you'll get sick"
>Fts, I want in - somehow convince her to let me down there
>Proceed to examine everything with my tongue and fingers
>My diddle is now raging 2" monster
>See her mini diddle (clit) and think it goes in my pee hole, try but doesn't seem right
>Somehow realise my diddle is meant to go in her fanny
>Me gusta

...and that's all I can remember; I do get the feeling she wasn't very happy about the whole thing though. I told my older brother everything, he was doing sex ed at the time and said all my descriptions were pretty accurate.

And no, it didn't turn me into a pedo.
had my heart broken but this girl named Tammy
but hoes gone be hoes so I can't blame Tammy
File: f9JHzkn.png (429 KB, 464x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
429 KB, 464x739
pic related
i live in london
this looks like that tranny with the huge dick that has the cumshot reel where she's got two thumbs up and is just shooting massive ropes...
Ok. how can I contact you?
Not giving up my personal email here..
Could you post a picture with a timestamp on it?
i live in Florida
well idk what state do you live in
File: lazytownnzz.png (48 KB, 256x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 256x286

condor, really?
you could give me your skype

>and then you wake up
Yea.. I'm Tyson...

Who's this?

What city?
File: ayy.jpg (33 KB, 600x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 600x446


If you live in nevada i'll fuck your brains out
>Tilda Swinton

No shit you felt like woman since she looks like a fucking dyke.
fuck it, I'll bite.
File: CONDOR_cut.jpg (187 KB, 800x1006) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 800x1006

They made a movie about this.
>Knew this girl from a a party
>Got her number and we texted back and forth for a while
>Kissed her a few times at random parties
>One day we decided to spend a night, just casual and shit - She declared that she wasnt going to give her pussy up the first night of being with a guy
>JesusfuckingChrist, how much do i need to work for this pussy.jpg
>Finally the day comes - her entire fucking family is home(Parents 6 & 2 sisters)
>As day becomes night, i decide to make a move - turns out she is wet as fuck
>Pull out xxxlarge condom and start fucking her virgin pussy
>She is moaning loud as fuck, so scared her parents will hear it
>i pull out, take the condom off and shove it in her mouth and the crazy fuck swallows it all, Kudos to her.
>We fall a sleep
>I wake up in the middle of the night, horny as fuck - starts to poke her with my dickkkkk
>Gives me the best blowjob of my life - eventho she stated earlier in our history that she would never suck a guy without condom.
File: 1331900393356.gif (2 MB, 336x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 336x199
shit starts to get interesting ( i'm not >>605758743
lol you dumb fucks
this email isn't used for anything anyways. wtfe
Gf before tits might be normal at 12-14. Maybe 15 if she's a good little whore
File: 1297120828518.jpg (30 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 400x400
>me 16, just got driver's license
>she 17, cute
>both of us attend Catholic school, met at a school dance
>take her out to go to the movies, end up making out in the car
>making out for 30 minutes, very hot...rounded 2nd heading for third and safe!
>pussy was so wet.
>she unbuckles my pants, pushes them down
>puts me in
>pretty clear I have no clue what I'm doing, keep pulling out so far
>she tells me not to cum in her
>pull out and cum on her belly after 5 minutes
>tells me not to tell anyone else
>tells me she should have charged me, she's charged for it before.
>mfw I realized she was a part-time Catholic High School prostitute
>don't care, I lost my V card
>be 18
>classtrip to italy
>get in room with 1 boy and two girls
>1 stockbed 1 "double bed" ?
>she wants to take the double bed with me...
>day ends and we go to bed
>start talking in the dark (all 4 of us)
>suddenly rubs her ass at my dick
>instant boner
>pull down her pantys
>dick approaches butt
>Knock knock
>come in
>mfw i fucked her while we talked to our classmates about lord oft the rings.
Goddamn that's s big ass chinchilla
File: image.jpg (181 KB, 1000x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 1000x667
>>implying there's a scale delineating Virgin. You're either a Virgin or you're not
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 470x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 470x313
>be me, junior year
>dating 8/10 tall blonde for years
>things have gotten boring, she won't give me the thirdhole
>meet short slut in class, 7/10, big tits ass & eyes brunette
>flirting ensues
>she wants to chill after school
>go to her friends house
>only 5 of us there, getting high & huffing air duster
>friends all pass out
>she sits in my lap while we get supa high
>'think about what you're doing man femanon gf will be pissed if she finds out'
>go for it anyways.
>Start kissing, carry her downstairs
>she blows me, girls got talent too
>fuck her for a few hours
>she does ATM without complaining
>blow load in her ass
>lay for a while
>fuck her again
>grab my weed & skate home like a bawss
>gf finds out two weeks later
>doesn't leave me, we talk it out
Mfw I'd finally gotten to fuck a girl in the ass and keep my gf after cheating.
There's being virgin and being A virgin
seriously post pictures of this chick, lol i need to see her.
>>I ask what she's thinking (girls love that question and you can always use it)
as much as i do not believe your story, thanks for the tip friend.

>>No condor
I have a few won't type all so idk choose
All different girls

>head on street outside party
>bathroom of hotel in party
>threesome in bath
>anal in shower
>foursome on heroin
Or I just choose another random one
File: sensiblechuckle.gif (993 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
993 KB, 250x250
>be me
>be ~15
>dating a kid for almost 6 months, in foster care.
>go to park one day, with him.
>he has raging boner, I'm always horny anyways
>park is across the road from my house
>already exchanged pics
>has a big dick, fucked other girls before me
>he's expirienced fuckyeah.jpg
>he attempts to take my skinnies off
>lays me down on park's flat surface near the slide
>picks up my hips, and slams himself into me
>already gushing
>he rips me, I bleed
>asks if I'm on my period
>"what no"
>continues until he almost nuts
>pulls out and we walk home
>blood almost soaking theough my undies
>we date for 2 years after the matter, my first and my last rip our love 2/14/14

Well guys, losing your virginity for a girl is kinda vague and you feel kind of gross after, exciting, right?
>be 17
>chick i went to elemetary school with huge tits now popular
>virgin 4chan fag
>wants hang out
>mfw wtf
>make out one night thats all
>trying to play it cool
>go to a dance
>shes drunk as fuck
>grind on muh dick
>pulls up skirt to reveal panties
>not too hard because she a mess
>dont see her again all night
>she texts me and comes over
>holy shit
>we make out
>says she wont do anything first
>finger her for 20 minutes and she never comes
>she slowly makes her way down and puts her mouth on my dick
>can barely feel anything
>fall asleep
>guess I came and she left
>shes married now
File: 1384484436319.jpg (34 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 480x360
> mfw Condor
>be me
> 18 lightskin athletic and pretty good looking i guess.
>hardcore raver fag
>new girl in school, pretty hot,
>hardcore raver bitch
>takes interest in me
>have a lot of fun watching her get desperate for me so quickly.
>hang out sometimes at a friends house and hookup, just kissing some clothed face in butt action.
>friend brings her over
>sitting down playing counterstrike lul
>says he has to do shit and he'll be back
>look at her, she's a lifeless sex doll desperate for me
>push her softly
>falls onto my bed lol
>get on top
>start hooking up kissing, she turns around and sticks it out so I can get some dry hump action in
>dryhumping and it's hot, get up
>"look what you did"
>friend calls says he's outside we gotta go fuck shit up
>she reaches out for my dick she's desperate to suck,
>juke her and jerk my dick out of her reach and pull my pants up and make her hang with me all night.
>half regret, half not.
pic related, tis her
What a beauty, you got he insta or fb?
File: image.jpg (259 KB, 1224x552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 1224x552
Must be a homosex.
I take it you never fucked her then?
I bet she has big tits, too
Welcome new friend
Stage IV
If you never fucked her, you are fucking stupid as shit
File: thadick.jpg (150 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 1024x768
to be completely honest I didn't think she was going to do it, she lied and said she wasn't into that, also at that age I was stil self concious about having foreskin, half worried she wouldn't like my cock. got over that and everyone likes my cock so mfw total fail.
pic related, my cock.
her insta is @classychrissy
>be 17
>planning to fuck this girl that's clearly out of my league
>big tits & a nice ass
>anyway, it's 12AM & that's when I sneak out to head to her house
>a half an hour walk later
>waiting outside of her house, texting her to let me in
>she passed the fuck out
>blue balls all week
>was about to head home but pulled some risky shit & tip toed through her backyard
>actually managed to find an open window that's pretty close to her room (her room is next to the front door)
>stick foot in the window
>kick a fucking box
>her brother comes out to see what that was
>he's probably stoned as fuck because I smelt weed
>he goes to the kitchen for something & goes back in his room
>no one else comes out so I stick my foot in again
>avoid the stupid box
>both feet in now
>tip toe to her room
>open the door to find her sucking my dad's dick
never fucked her.
but I like to imagine how heavily it impacted her to be denied dick that she wanted so badly.
>no, it didn't turn me into a pedo
So you were a pedo all along?
Lost out loud I read this story to my gf she said don't ever try it I want to though
File: image.jpg (18 KB, 270x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>Mfw anon got beta'd by his dad
Kek altitude maximum
Do you still keep in touch with her?
>Her parents away, go to your house
> She pulls out condor
Condors! Condors are on the verge of extinction!
>all his money
Kek, blame it on that
>be me senior year
>best friend is a chinese fat fuck, deals weed too and has a smokin hot 22 y/o sister, also deals weed and other shit
>Weedle my way into their family of drug dealng asians, do a bunch of drugs with them and eventually charm the fk outta his sister
>Mfw im an 18 y/o virgin beta fag
>mfw she wants my dick bad, must decide between keeping good friend or banging hot older asian bitch
>One day all fucked up on mdma, weed, booze etc. Pass out in her room (was helping her vomit n change n shit)
>Wake up, dick is in her mouth. Shes naked

>fucked her for about 20 mins, came inside, kept it going for about 2 months

Dont talk to them anymore, but damn i miss the free drugs and pussy. Good times
I met this college chick a few years back, she a pretty california girl, short dark hair and a body that wouldn't quit. I ended up in her apt with her and her roomates watching some boring movie. I was laying next to her and out of nowhere just kissed her stomach, then went back to watching the movie. After it finished we went in her room, she told me she had only had sex once, which I believed because her bush was like the amazon. I banged it out right quick with no condor in sight and came inside her. Apparently she freaked out because I tried calling her a few times after and she wouldnt call me back, this went on for about two weeks. Finally her friend (who kept trying to fuck me) answered her phone and said she wasnt around, but I can leave a message. I told her Id see her around. I got a call from the chick like the next night, she said she thought she was preggers but we should hang out soon. I said yeah sure and never called her again. I found out like a month later that some drunk driver T-boned her, shattering her legs and pelvis. Free abortion.
>not using a condor
enjoy your stds
>be me about to get busy
>forgot my condor
>had to get a pigeon instead
ruined sex
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 480x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 480x522
So much kek that this condor thing keeps going
>be 17, English dude in France
>dating a french chick two years older than me who's off in ireland doing au pair shit.
>got friendly with another english chick at school (pic related)
>At her house for birthday party with 5-6 other frenchies
>got really drunk and we ended up fucking in her sister's bedroom. Could hardly get it up cos too much whisky.
>didn't do it for me but whatever
>slept in her tiny bed with her pleb tier mates sleeping on the floor
>she wakes me up in the middle of the night start fucking again
>halfway through on of the guys asleep says En francais s'il vous plait.
>carry on still couldn't come, dumb bitch kept biting the shit out of me
>got a morning bj
>School on monday, some chick who was there was awake the whole time apparently

Slept with her again a couple of weeks later same situation.
Some girl that was there starting tickling my feet whilst I was balls deep in her friend.
>came so hard
File: 1.jpg (39 KB, 481x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 481x853
File: image.jpg (24 KB, 355x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 355x302
>implying condors can melt steel beams
>far sluttier and oversexed than what we've known

Are you talking about catholic school kids or reporting on aliens from a 90s sci-fi movie?
fogot pic.

apparently she lives in Milan now.
4 miles in 17 minutes is pretty shit on a road bike
I hope this thread never ends
File: condor2.jpg (502 KB, 1280x851) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
502 KB, 1280x851
>be me, virgin
>get a girl to come over
>she lays on the bed
>i get closer to her
>she goes into her purse
>pulls out a Human
>my dick is diamonds
>mfw we fucked all night and i blew a huge load
i hope you used a condor
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 562x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 562x316
Dubs tho.
Hi guys I'm back. girl who fucked the lonely 15 yo.
File: DSC00680.jpg (287 KB, 1654x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
File: 1462938.jpg (86 KB, 680x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 680x706
today was a good day
not really my highschool story, but worth a post!

>Be a 6/10
>be extremely socially awkward
>set up a dating account online
>meet girl in my area
>shes like an 8/10, 26 years old
>end up meeting at a nice resteraunt
>i. am. so. fucking. sweaty. holy shit.
>quickly recognize eachother
>order some food
>im trying to be alpha
>actually kinda working
>we are hitting it off
>the only thing wrong is this sweat
>tell her its a side effect from some medicine i'm taking for my knee (football muscle tear)
>she's down to go back to my place
>escort her out by the arm looking alpha
>get back to my place
>she asks what i think we should do
>im about to suggest a movie, but that's pretty pussy
>me still trying to be macho
>take a huge risk
>"lets hit the bedroom, baby"
>she winks and starts kissing me
>oh god it worked
>so happy
>fall onto the bed making out
>shes going down and undoing my pants
>rubbing her face on my bulge

And here is where it all goes to shit

>im feeling alpha as fuck
>this shit really works
>i tell her "show me those tits, bitch"
>her: "excuse me"
>me:"well no i mean i wanted to see if they looked like my moms. theyre the same shape"
>she kinda starts backing off
>me: "no, like....."
>speechless. literally afraid to talk now
>staring at her
>pull my dick out and start jacking off
>just starting at her
>she gets her stuff and leaves with me just jacking off looking at her

Never again

Take a new picture of yourself with the time/date written on your tits.
File: image.jpg (114 KB, 718x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Didn't read lel
File: 1342780888144.jpg (243 KB, 604x527) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
243 KB, 604x527
New picture? You're confusing me with that other bitch who tried to steal my thunder
I have grown a lot since then, wanna hook up?
Your mistake there, son, was that you didn't bring a Condor.
... Moar?

I'll tell you about the chick I was dating at the time.

>met when I was 13 she was 15
>new at the school
>stayed at the schools boarding house, only 60 of us at the time
>got really friendly
>lost our v-cards at some french rock festival in normandy
>awesome tent sex
>Couldn't fuck at either of our houses so we fucked all over the place at school
>toilets - empty hallways (wednesday afternoons we had off so was empty) - classrooms - outside in smoking den - down in the park - school gym - once she sneaked into my room nearly got caught.
>good times

She was fucking awesome, curvy (proper curvy not fat) redhead who loved getting fucked, had a higher sex drive than me by a mile, loved getting fucked in the ass. She got an implant so we didn't have to use condoms, buckets of cum I dumped in that chick.
Shame she was a fucking psycho.
You still have a chance to fuck her then
Lol. I go to UCLA. Close by?

Oh, well >>605776180

Woops, meant to say >>605775797
Dunno bout him but im in LA frequently
You fucking had it. Lesson learned I hope. Most men will talk themselves right out of pussy so just shut up.
>grew up in relatively small town, that's all uber christians
>have a sort of girlfriend in junior year but she doesn't do anything other than make out
>she and I go to dance, she has to bring friend along
>go back to my home after dance and get in hot tub
>girl and I make out and friend watches
>friend asks us about sex and stuff, and I'm like couldn't even tell you because girl doesn't put out
>both girls talk about being curious but can't because of jesus
>turns out friend never been kissed
>gf says I can kiss her
>she super into it and better than gf
>my room is in basement, we get done in hot tub
>they want to change and I beg to watch
>they finally say yes, play show me yours and I show you mine
>I'm getting increasingly agitated by this grade school bullshit because I actually got to fuck a chick that summer and now it's like I'm back to square one these dumb bitches
>naked and hard, say that they can play with it
>they take turns softly touching and giggling
>friend first to put in her mouth
>gf gets jealous joins in
>I nut super fast and blast over them, they think its funny
>I eat them out and finger them a bit
>no fucking them that night
>gf eventually gets scared off because of sinning
>buttfuck the friend at the end of a school year party, because it "doesn't count as sex"
>stop trying to get with girls at high school because they are crazy christians and know if I accidently get one preggo I'm fucked
>sleep with every type of chick I can in college
H3H3 is my nigga!
I was thinking the same shit
File: 1384174303637.png (78 KB, 698x658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 698x658
>waiting for eminent death
imminent you cunt
Moar teen butts
File: 1426933746588.jpg (156 KB, 566x842) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 566x842
Condor u mean
shouda have condor there mate
File: 1410814980885.png (481 KB, 509x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481 KB, 509x480
An action's worth a thousand words, anon.
File: fyeah.jpg (3 KB, 100x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me 18, first 2 weeks into college, be virgin
>Be brainwashed from hollywood thinking >pussy will rain from the skys now that
> I'm in college
>Literally first girl I meet is 17 and a 8/10
>Lock her down as gf within first month
>Literally only girl I have ever slept with
>4 year relationship on going.
>She started off super shy and unexperienced
>Now we are total freaks getting it on all the
>time and everywhere
>MFW she says all her friends are jelly of us
now that I'm an adult I condor all the time m8
good for you, anon!

Sorry faggot, I've been fucking her up the ass on the down low.

Can you pls show tits? Were you on the pill when he came inside or wut?
File: DSC00675.jpg (172 KB, 1369x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 1369x1536
She is from Peru.
She has 18 years old.
But in the school, ERA UNA PERRA :)
Tell me again how having a sexy girlfriend is beta. I'm dying to hear this
No I was not. The fact that I could get pregnant by a stranger was a def turn on. But I did take a plan b. Hmmm hld on I'll go take a pic in the bathroom for you guys. BRB
You're totally awesome hahaha
Did anyone else have a "slut night"? It's basically a party where everyone agrees that whoever shows up is fair game. It's 90% guys, and the girls pretty much know that we're going to get gangbanged.
got kik/facebook/anything?
File: ZI8gr.jpg (9 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 225x225
>be 14
>me and cousin convince these three girls to blow us
>start blowing us regularly
>one of them becomes my gf
>blow jobs almost every day
>break up with me at 17 for another guy
>cuz obv shes a huge slut
>still think she prob cheated on me eventually
>mfw 3 years of constant bjs
>mfw ive received around 1,000 bjs before 18
>mfw no shame
File: DSC00686.jpg (248 KB, 1369x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248 KB, 1369x1536
His name is Alexandra.
In the school, she suck dick in the class of math.
File: 1426023019955.jpg (45 KB, 460x645) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 460x645

>totally addicted to WoW during high school
>First real GF in 10th grade
>in hindsight she was 6/10 at best
>total sex maniac
>wanted to give me a BJ one day while watching porn on my computer
>I think it's fucking weird but she gets under the desk anyway
>I put something on and immediately am just bored
>looking around my desk trying to think about what to do
>my mind drifts to axes and fireballs
>World of Warcraft my sweet release
>Launch game without sound on
>porn sounds still playing
>flying aimlessly through the skies of Outland
>it is here I am truly free
>blowjob been happening for 10ish minutes now with her just randomly stopping to ask if I like it
>ready to bust a nut
>she stops and looks at me confused
>pokes head up and sees WoW on screen
>by the flames of sulfuron, no
>she leaves, I find a group for Heroic Magister's Terrace
>get a text "I'm outside in my car, aren't you gonna come after me?"
>"No sorry, I really want the phoenix pet and white bird mount"
>she leaves enraged, break up a few weeks later, go back to sticking my dick in the CD drive at night

and nothing of value was lost.
greentext your story m8
File: 1426087804059.jpg (15 KB, 465x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 465x357
>be freshman
>improve my image since middle school
>black bitches start noticing
>will fuck anything cuz horny teenager
>start dating notorious slut
>been fucking dudes since middle school
>think i scored a jackpot
>get really feely with her
>dumps my ass literally days later cuz im 'too perverted'
>fast forward a month
>slutty new nigger from st louis moves here
>instantly sweating me
>decide to ask her out
>start dating
>shes 6/10 face but god damn she had a fat booty and huge tits
>remember last experience
>decide to take it slow
>only kiss and touched her butt once
>she decides we should just be friends instead
>next week she is seen with a self proclaimed neo nazi
>they fuck within days
>other kid hits it within a month
>she moves back to st louis
>remain virgin til after high school

i couldnt even fuck nigger sluts.. how sad am i
hola mandame tu kik o skype y te mando mensaje, me platicas lo de alejandra ;p
anal in shower and or threesome in bath
File: Ohheybud.png (2 MB, 1440x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1440x1440
Here you go!
He was just fapping in his friends bathroom.
danos más, compañero
Ugh time stamp
Fuck. I forgot. Sry
at least it's not on google.

But >>605782248 is right
your face looks like a pussy, anon
ITT - newfriends
so where did you say you lived?
Also full boobs por favor
File: P1110324.jpg (668 KB, 2066x3376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
668 KB, 2066x3376
More from Alexandra - Peru!!
File: condor_release.jpg (94 KB, 640x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 640x427
You don't have a condor? No wonder you can't get laid.
post pic with timestamp and you are my new queen
I'm from north Dakota but go to ucla
I will follow you as well. Also I would like to cum in you.
>be 35
>be english teacher
>ginger slut in the year 10 class
>frequently flashes me her panties
>end of day
>rest of the class has been dismissed
>emily has stayed behind
>asking for advice about essay that's due
>she's playing with her hair and pouting at me
>strokes my chest lightly, bites her lip
>goddamn i'm so hard
>without thinking, lean in and kiss this 14-year-old slut
>hands running all up and down her petite, nubile frame
>one hand on her ass, another on a budding breast
>she is stroking my crotch
>stops kissing me
>gets on her knees
>unzips my pants
>starts sucking my diamond-hard cock
>sucks me like a pro
>cum in her mouth
>she swallows most of it, some drips onto her blouse
>cute little ginger 14-year-old gets up and kisses me, still tasting of my cum
>takes my hand and guides it under her skirt
>dem cotton panties though
>quickly pull them off her
>whispy pubes coming through on adolescent pussy
>no time to lose
>guide my cock to her tight cunt
>gently ease in
>gradually pumping faster
>holy shit, i'm actually fucking a 14-year-old school girl
>she's moaning, looks so hot with my cock in her
>eventually cum in her tight, young pussy
>looks me deep in the eye as she climbs off me
>gets her schoolbag
>leaves without saying a word
>she's left her panties on the floor as a memento

File: 1352854300942.jpg (187 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 1200x800
not highschool but worth to share (english is not my main language so ignore the mistakes)

part 1/2

>searching for room in shared flat
>find a decent room in a flat owned by a young woman (26-28 y/o cant remember)
>she is hot
>make a joke about how hot she is and that could be a problem for me
>she just smiles
>i also tell her that i wont hit on her because i just want a calm place to live in
>everything going great so far
>6 month later she tells me she is a hooker (not street shit, decent private agency club)
>i tell her i dont care about her job, she is fine the way she is, and i keep my promise not hitting on her
>she starts bringing some dudes over (now i understand why she told me)
>she basically get those guys in clubs and deals a price with them for sex (around 100-300€ for 1 night of sex)
>hear them moaning
>for some reason i enjoy it, laying on my bed in my small room which is near hers
>keep my shit together, dont talk about it ever
>another 6 months pass
>its winter and fucking cold outside
>one night, coming back from work we start small talk as usual
>i tell her i have back pain and i dont feel fine
>she stares at me
>then she procceeds to make me an offer
>anon, if you go out now and bring me food and a movie i give u a massage as exchange
>its fucking cold but hey, why not, i agree, a massage would be great
>come back 30min later
>living room is set up for a massage, bed in the middle surounded by candles and a heater
>she takes off her shirt (wtf)
>lingerie is awesome, her tits are fucking great
>try to ignore and play the idc card
>she starts massaging me
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