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ITT: We post escort/hooker/sex worker stories.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: We post escort/hooker/sex worker stories.
bumping for interest
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>tfw losing my virginity to an escort

>browse escort site
>check out escorts nearby
>get horny, wanna contact them, look at phone, look down
>spaghetti all over the floor
>be drunk out of my mind
>spend 200$ on a greek 10/10
>cant get off because im too drunk
>go home and go to sleep

>inb4 /thread

I licked the pussy of a stripper once. She tasted like spermicide.

I hope I didn't kill my tongue
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>licking the place where hundreds of dicks have been in
Didn't meant to post that picture, but now I've done I'll say I'd rather die virgin than to pay for sex.
>mfw kissing an escort
I don't regret anything.
>order escort
>have friend wait outside
>when yall done have him "rob" you
>get money back
This one time I fucked a prostitute in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

hookers are used to getting robbed. They'll just get beat by their pimps later, don't worry about it, you won't have to worry about the cops
Jokes on you, it turns me on thinking about it. Hell even one of my fantasies is a gangbang.
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>I'd rather die virgin than to pay for sex.
I did. Don't regret it in the slightest.

Sure, I could have waited until I was in a 'relationship' with a girl I cared about but that would have only ended badly.
Either one of us ends up crying and its a disaster or the relationship eventually ends and only the painful memory of her being my first is left.
Fuck that.

And I wasn't going to pick up a girl in a nightclub. They're such stuck up cunts with the bitch shields raised with an army of beta orbiters that if I had succeeded then it wouldn't have been worth the effort for a low quality woman.

But with a professional, I could choose a woman I was attracted to, local and didn't mind being with an inexperienced guy. She was willing to show me the ropes and teach me a few techniques. She even knew I trick I hadn't seen in all my years of watching porn. It was in a comfortable environment and there was no pressure. I could relax and do what I wanted with no emotional repercussions.

Shit, every kid should get one on his 16th birthday. I'd get one for mine to keep him on the straight and narrow.
How often do you go?
Once went to Vietnam on vacation with family,summer senior yr.
2 weeks in, my balls are so full of semen they ache. Go to city of Hue, the hotel there is 5 star with an in-house spa. Get two massage coupons compliments of hotel.mom claims one, brother too fat and doesn't want to do it.Turn to dad

Gives me coupon: "I was young once. You enjoy this experience"

Raise eyebrow.jpg

Go to spa. Normal massage. At end I'm facing up with nothing but short towel on. She says in broken English "you want me massage down there"

Yes ma'am.

Pours lube on my cock and starts massaging it.

Feels great.

I stopped her and asked if she would be down for more.

She just starts giggling as she pulls her dress up around her waist and lies face up on the table next to me.

Stick my cock in her mouth, feelsgoodman

Want more so I just climb on top of her and start fucking her hard.

Manager must have known what was going down, this girl is trying to hold in the whimpers but you can hear the rhythmic pants and the massage table creaking as I layed into her.

About ten minutes in I'm just swimming in ecstasy. I'm normally really good at pulling out and I'm getting ready for the climax to pull out and shoot it on her face.

Was young, didn't realize that when your balls are that blue it's so much harder to control ejaculation.

When I think I have about 10 seconds left to go, I lose control of climax.

I feel some semen just uncontrollably shoot out.

This is not what I planned but it's too late.

Classic porno groan:"hnnnngggghh...fuck"

She's looking down at her pussy with a little alarm on her face even as my cock is pulsing and shooting semen in her.

I just drained it all in there.

Pull cock out, last ropes shoot out across her belly and inner thigh.

Language barrier keeps her silent about what just happened but I know she didn't want me to finish in her.

Pay her the amount we agreed on for massage plus a little more ($50).

Gave fake room number

Left hotel 3 days later.

To this day I have no idea if she got pregnant or not...I hope she used the extra tip for what I intended it for, birth control.

Thankfully did not get any diseases.
I came in a stripper/hooker one time. At this place in Atlanta called Girls R Fun. Was what is known as a 'modeling studio'. Basically, you get a private room with them and either jerk off or have them do stuff to you. So this one time I go, a new girl is there. Super hot blondie, maybe 22. She isnt too familiar with the rules. Anyways, get her in room, request a handjob. We both get naked and she starts to lap dance me while stroking my cock. She starts grinding pretty hard on me and the angle is perfect where I slide right in her. When I realize I am in, get super excited and blow my top immediately. She rode me a little longer to ensure I got every drop out. She seemed to like the big creampie I gave her.
fucked a masseuse at one of those "rub and tug" places. a cute little thai girl. cost me $200, but totally worth it.

i only went to the place once and honestly, struggled with the morality of it.
Once last year.
I'll be getting another next month to celebrate my completing the 40 day lent nofap.

I follow a pretty strict code - no trafficked girls, only independents, no drug users, no girls who offer bareback and use my own condoms.

It's a supplement until I get down with the motions and build some confidence. Then I can start gaming girl without worrying about what my performance in the bed will be like.

Fucking prostitutes is just about the worst way to learn what women want in bed. A whore is there to please you, and will convince you that you're a big man no matter how far that may be from the truth.

If you want to learn a woman's needs in bed, you need to date/fwb a girl with experience who can teach you.

I did that sophomore year in high school and have been pulling out some pretty unique tricks ever since. Learned a lot of crowd pleasers from Gen...
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>be me, thaifag, born in a province district
>when I was young, some cute girls of my age are all recruited for 'work' in Bangkok
>fast forward I go to Bangkok for uni, meet a girl from childhood by coincidence, still cute as fuck

should I continue ?
No, but you're continuing anyway aren't you
Nope, fuck your bullshit
>thinking I give a shit about their pleasure
I don't care what their wants and needs are. Icome first. No ands, is or buts.
If you maximize and prioritize the happiness of others they will never fully reciprocate.
Remember, society and civilization does not give a damn about the individual. Only I will ultimately be on my side.
check them,
trips sandwiched by 605 and 506
double trips o:
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You think I don't know this?

Look genius, it's perfectly reasonable to hold that viewpoint, that you have got to be out for number 1 because otherwise you'll just get hurt. I know that mentality from personal experience, sometimes it has served me well.

But if you think that mentality will get you more pussy than being interesting, sexually reciprocal, and not a total fucking wet noodle downer, you are wrong.

Be whatever the fuck you want/need to be when the situation arises. Life is full of goddamn contradictions, and those who succeed at life tend to be as well. This flexibility is advantageous to them.
Then you're missing out on the most important part of sex.

Intimacy. You will never understand and I pity your ass.

This. Have fun never enjoying sex much more than playing with yourself.
On a related topic I am going to get a hooker soon and I was wondering is there some kind of etiquette? I mean when she comes to my place, do I make small take, offer her a drink or something, or do we just get down to buisiness? I'm afraid of smearing carbonara everywhere,..
Getting pussy is a simple question of opportunity and escalation. I create as many opportunities as I want. It's that easy once you've got it internalized.

Intimacy breeds emotional attachment which is toxic for the traditionally masculine man.
Let me know how well that serves you in 20 years. In the meantime I'll be enjoying my freedom, financial security and independence.
You're getting her over to your hotel or a private residence? Just treat her like any other girl you would bring home.
i could tell you guys about the time i fell into a "trap"
>traditionally masculine
>intimacy is toxic

I bet you think lift kits look good on pickup trucks,.
Home. Thanks.. I'll try. The most awkward part is that I wouldnt know anything about her so small talk would be more difficult, I mean its not like I can ask her about her job to break the ice. If I spaghetty all over the place expect a greentext ofcourse.
Was quite a regular some time back (around the time that I was thinking about settling down with this girl). Meaning, I would hire another escort every 4-5 days, just for the fuck of it (no pun intended). Would take them out for a drink and then bring them back to my apartment, where I had hid a camera and recorded everything.

Was kind of fun. Plus it escalated quickly, as soon I would ask for women I would not normally approach, like older women (40+, even 50+, me being 29 at the time). Plus once I got quite a surprise, as the agency sent me a visibly pregnant girl. What would you do, anon?
I phoned the agency immediately and asked for another girl. So we can have a threesome. Was kind of wicked sick but I got it recorded.

Good times. Miss that high-paying job.
>not uploading even one video
you fucking faggot
get on it
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>in germany
>get kinda drunk, go to a hooker club (fkk or someshit like that)
>chill around some in robes
>the best looking one sits on my lap and start talking dirty
>untie my robe
>sees the pendant on my chest
>asks about it
>doesnt know about thor, doesnt know about odin
>mfw she is sucking my cock while i tell those
>wtf am i doing right now.jpg
>decide to tell her in a simpler way, tell her its the greatest god of vikings
>she cant speak very well english. understands "vikings" as "wiccans"
>now talking about magic and paranormal activity
>mfw i pay for this shit and she talks about unrelated shit when we fuck
>i still have no idea whats going on
>now i am upon her fuckin her good, shes still looking at my pendant
>i am bored as fuck, look her in the eyes and ordered her "Moan."
>her eyes opened like she saw a ghost, i could see the fear in her eyes,
>rock hard.jpg
>grab her neck
>she whispers in a scary voice "w-what?"
>i sigh, tell her to make sounds
>she is relieved now, had a good fuck and laughed about it, smoke together

it was fun though
I have a feeling you'll get your wish...

Nigga. Where do you come off? You fuck whores exclusively, yet you're spouting all this sanctimonious shit about how you are the God of opportunity and you could get laid whenever.

>"I could have any birch I want guise, I just CHOOSE to pay for it and never need more"

Also good luck with your faggoty infantile attitude.

>protip: being emotionally unavailable isn't enlightened, or the admirable attempt of a man to stay sane in a vicious world. It's literally a beta, pussy reaction to getting hurt and women can see it from a mile away. They won't think "oh man, his standoffishness really wants to make me fuck away the scars left by some previous harpy."

>they'll just write you off as another insecure former cuck with trust issues who has staked his last bit of sanity on a ridiculous, left field, uncompromising worldview.

>"wao, so attractive anon-Kun. Please let me bask in your faux confidence some more"

Also enjoy the riches of financial security all alone anon. I made 20k as an intern last summer, so I know how it is to be overworked, alone, good looking and rich.
>have fun being the obviously socially inept workhorse sitting alone at the bar paying $50/jigger to wash your sorrow down with mid shelf bourbon.
>Cool story.
If it was me tho, I would have looked her straight in the eyes, and start chanting incantations, as I fucked her raw. Really mindfuck her ( no pun intended)
Ask her about her taste in music, books, movies, TV, etc. Maybe offer her a drink that's sealed, or just a glass of water she watches you pour. Maybe put on some music. Take it slow and enjoy yourself, anon.
Thanks for helping, I didnt really expect a sensible asnwer on /b/.
agreed, would be nice, still, one scream and you are out.

Those clubs are pretty fucking expensive.

Different anon here but still, advice is good. Remember you're paying her, and she's selling you the experience you want. So it should feel totally natural to do whatever you're doing, just run it by her and treat her like a human being and she should be happy to make you happy.
Don't misunderstand. A man must be in control of his emotional state at all times. If you want to master the world around you, first you have to master yourself.
Allowing yourself to become attached to 1 woman will not end well. The divorce rate in western countries is ~50% and men are demonized in the court system. The evidence is out there if you look for it.
Til death do us part doesn't mean that anymore. And even for the women outside of marriage, how often do you hear them parroting about how they need to experience life or 'discover themselves' or whatever rhetoric they use for riding the cock carousel.
It sucks, unquestionably. But it's the hand we've been dealt.

Have you ever read Milton?

I'm not claiming anything of the sort - to do so would be personal hubris. My earlier post sated that it was to learn and improve confidence.
On the journey of self-improvement there are many paths, such as lifting weights and dieting to reading more to travelling to new countries around the world.

I'm not claiming it's better to be emotionally unavailable. A man who can;'t feel anything is a damaged man. But what's necessary is control. Self-discipline is a discipline unto itself and must be practiced daily.
>be me, 20 years old
>in Amsterdam on vacation with family
>tell them I'm going off on my own for the day
>go to De Wallen (RLD)
>walking around feeling like a fat guy at a buffet, gorgeous women in the windows everywhere
>see this one smoking hot blonde with big tits
>walk up to her window
>she smiles and opens the door
>I make a little awkward chit-chat, where you from, what's your name, etc.
>heart is racing
>about to,lose my virginity to this 10/10
>I ask her how much
>she looks straight at me and replies "I'm gonna need about tree-fiddy"
>it's around this time that I realize this prostitute is a 7-storey tall crustacean from the Paleozoic era
>I yell at her "you goddamn Loch Ness Monster! I already told you I wasn't gonna give you no tree-fiddy!"

And that's how I lost my virginity.

Go watch American Psycho.
But good luck finding a bitch worth being intimate with.

Most of them are in it for the money, and every one that I have found that I know would be the one, she's already fucking taken and I don't play the friendzone shit so I move on.
>29, engaged, wanted some different pussy
>Get a 19 year old escort from an agency
>knocked back three shots of whiskey beforehand to calm the nerves
>meet her at a hotel
>start with a lap dance to get to know one another bc I'm not kissing her
>really hot: tiny, in shape, blonde
>not to brag, but I'm 7.5" long
>bitch deep throated my cock for a good twenty minutes
>Even grabbed the back of her head and skull fucked her
>Dirty talk like you wouldn't believe
>wants to fuck in mish, puts her legs around my head
>fuck for a bit and blow my load in the cover bc her pussy is super tight
>hang out and bs with her for another half hour

Honestly, a really fun fucking time. Probably gonna go see her before my bachelor party

I can agree with the necessity of discipline and novelty in life. I can agree that a man who ties his wellbeing to anything external is likely to have that wellbeing damaged.

You should speak more like you did in this post, your intellect wasn't evident before.
Exactly. So many guys are in the friendzone because they allow themselves to be put there. If they just got some self-respect and grabbed hold of their fucking balls they could move on and find better prospects.
Pattaya, Thailand; The Castle.

It's a BDSM Club where you can rent a slavegirl or being dominated by a Thai Mistress. I chose the slavegirl, tied her up into a hogtie.

After that, I caned her feet for a good 15 minutes until she started crying. Next, I untied her and made her lick my feet (was walking around the whole day in my shoes without socks)

Next thing I feel is that this bitch is biting into my big toe. I was shocked and accidentally (insert coolface) kicked into her face. While she was still in shock, I rushed out of the play room, but the 3000 Baht on the Bar, said goodbye to the Boss and never came back.
>be me 20
>vacation in bulgaria with friends
>get drunk
>really drunk
>ask taxi people where the girls at
>"no problem"
>get in taxi
>drive for 45 minutes to what i only assume was the main city
>driving deeper into town
>real shady streets
>finally park behind a apartment complex
>taxi driver stays in car tells me to go up the stairs and go in the first door
>"getting a little nervous"
>was pretty drunk so i proceeded up the stairs
>get lead into a bedroom
>a older woman comes in
>a line of girl walk in behind her
>line up like im picking a criminal
>look across their faces
>see sadness and fear in the eyes of every single on
>realize they are probably sex slaves
>not one spoke a word of english
>pick out the girl who made eye contact with me
>have to listen to some bulgarian mtv on tv so it doesnt make to much sound
>think to myself "this is too much"
>let her suck my dick and fuck her a little bit
>drunk so i knew i wouldnt come anyways
>thank her for the service and proceed to pay
>have to give the taxi driver all the money
>awkard drive back where taxi driver was completely silent
>now im getting really nervous
>he talking on his phone and glancing over at me
>"im gonna have to fight for my life"
>sit in the car tensed up for what felt like eternity
>give him directions to another hotel
>drops me off and hands me his card
>awkard good bye
>throw card away and stay inside for the rest of the trip

I don't think self respect is really the issue. It's really attachment that's the issue. There's a lot of men who respect themselves, but also don't know how to take a loss when it's the best course of action. These people are prone to friend zone situations.
Hobbyist here. Been fucking hookers for over a decade.

This guy is a massive faggot who's just making justifications and rationalizations to himself about why he can't get laid.

I don't hate women. I love women. I fuck hookers because I live women so much, I want to be inside them even when I don't have one of my own around. I love relationships and intimate sex, sometimes I just happen to be single. Relationships end. Happens to us all. I fuck hookers in the interim because I can't be bothered with clubs. Too old for that shit.

Angry fedora-tippers like this fag make us all look bad.

>inb4 I'm rich/I bench 450/I have bitchery begging for my dick/etc.
>faggot trying to tell us that not giving a damn about women's feelings is somewhat beta

Yeah, you are indeed a faggot.
bulgariafag here what nationality are you?
also those hookers were most definetely sex slaves
In a rare moment of courtesy on /b/ I'll say thank you.

But perception is inherently link to self-respect. The majority of women are nothing especially remarkable, not pioneering scientists nor intellectual scholars. They trade on their looks, and why shouldn't they? A woman's peak value is between 20-30 at prime breeding age because history, nature and biology have designated her the important task of bearing children.
But despite this, too many men still regard the average woman as something miraculous and individual while not realizing their own self-worth. And thus the friendzone situation arises.

It is beta dude.

It's not beta for the dumb reason you think it is (I.e. "Hurr durr womyn ain't my master, this dude is Betamax cause he isn't mega aloha lyk me")

Not caring about women's feelings is beta because deep down, you know you're really just punishing all women for something that some girl did to you years ago.

And punishing others isn't even the part that makes you beta. What makes you beta is copping this retarded strong man attitude as a facade to hide your pain behind. Because in reality, you and I both know it's all about the one that got the best of you that you never got to get back.

We've all been there dipshit. Some of us go through the pain and don't become retards with third heads as a result, and we go on to live emotionally fulfilling lives. Then there's fags like you who stunt your emotions and go around the pain rather than through it. Because you know you're not man enough to take a loss at face value, so you rationalize your failures as needing a correction in worldview. Then you become some return of kings red pill cock gobbler and pat yourself on the back for having "finally gotten women."

>protip: there wasn't a reason that she did what she did to you.

>protip: a real man has a laundry list of failures and losses in his past. To strive greatly means to risk dearly, and sometimes to lose badly.

>protip: enjoy your rude awakening or your pointless isolated existence, whichever.

Fair, I had meant to say there is room for self respect to come into play in a more meta way, and you do it justice.
Are Bulgaria really this bad?
I just wanted some college aged pussy that wasn't my wife's and didn't want to put up with the bull shit associated with fucking a college girl.
If being right means being a faggot, then he may well be a faggot, but he's still right.

Being afraid of being hurt, keeping others at a safe distance, that's what prey animals do. Rats, birds, little shits that get eaten as soon as they let their guard down.

I've never given two shits about getting hurt in a relationship, and I've been hurt plenty of times. And i've given it my all again and again, because that's how you get to have a good chance at it. That's confidence. Having the balls to put your ego and self worth on the line to build something. And yes, sometimes it goes south, sometimes it's her fault, sometimes it's yours, but at least there was a chance.

Acting the way >>605779447 suggests is just being a posturing pussy, puffing your cheeks and thrusting your chest out with "the traditionally masculine man" and shit like that.

It's paper thin, and quite sad.

You know what you don't hear men who get to have a successful relationship say? That shit.

Because that shit makes a relationship barren and meaningless, and women don't stick around that kind of person in reality.

They might fuck you, because you're the brooding asshole at the bar, but that's all you'll be, because, in the end, an asshole is what you are, and being alone, is what you deserve.

And this comes from a sexual sadist, so you better believe that i know A LOT about assholes and how to be/not be one.
File: 000_4chan_NOTICE2.png (93 KB, 459x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 459x426

WTF? AN INTELLIGENT VOICE ON b/? You don't belong here
Some things like the amazing nature, historical places and parts of the seaside are realy nice. Food is great people are warm, and most speak english and everything is really cheap to the western standard of life. BUT it is really easy to get conned, or robbed or to get in a shady situation like the one with that anon. But its an eastern european mess of a country, what can you expect ..
Amen brother.
Where should I go as a not so experienced tourist?

So much this.

Cannot express how much this.

PUA types aren't alpha. They're sad little men masking their pain behind affected machismo and misogyny. No one envies people like that, they pity them. They know they'll die alone and miserable because their own stubbornous and hubris wouldn't let them admit that they're just lashing out at people who've done nothing wrong.
What do you want to see? Like do you like more natural way of tourism , or fancy hotels and resourts ?

You're in a marriage, and cheating on your wife with little girls, and you're telling me I'm beta?

Let's put it all in perspective man. You weren't alpha enough to sow your wild seeds at ye right time, so now you throw away the relationship that should keep you happy and loved until your old age and death to make up for your regrets of the past.

You reek of beta. Just like every other aging schlub in an unsatisfying/mediocre marriage who has resigned himself to his incredibly tired existence.

>your life has been lived a thousand times before, and you are as emotionally mature as I was when I was 18.

I guess some people never learn. Most, in fact.
Funny how there are more sensible people in a prostitution thread, than on the whole board right now.
File: Ogre.png (336 KB, 593x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
336 KB, 593x593
>be me
>live in shitty town
>most prostitutes look like dark souls 2 ogres
>never even think about fucking one
>pic related
You're probably right. I'm out for now.
But for those of you with an open mind who are disheartened and want to learn something, who want a better way then I will say this one last thing.
Find the kings who have returned and learn from them.
(Cryptic I know but if you're committed them you'll find it)

fuck 9/10 whore in Juarez (very hard to find one like that)

polyurethane condom breaks & I shoot jizz in her. she freaks - I freak

WONDERING now if I got a little brown one in meh-HE-coe
Took, the words of my mind..
This board needs more people like you.Period.

johns come from all walks of life. Its not all just trash

dominque struass kahn
I am fucking an expensive escort on the reg currently, when we started hooking up, I didn't know she was a sex worker, but considering how fucking good she is at sucking dick, when I found out it made sense. Best part is, she got me a few jobs, so my money troubles vanished. Downside is that rich business women are very demanding and all of them are 100% cunt.
Visiting sex workers has been a pastime of many great men, anon.

Hahaha oh god he is a RoK wannabe, even admitted it like it was a badge of honor. This one was easier to call than the callgirls he's cheating on his wife with.
But... You didn't have sex...

I never really understood how paying for pleasure, went from being perfectly acceptable , in the 19 century, and a thing usually associated with bohemians, musicians, opainters, and generally people of culture, to something so frowned upon. Like you almost get stigmatized if you admit that you are a regular.
Whats the protocall with that sort of thing, is it just you going over there to fuck, or due you have to woo her into fucking you?
It's all context to me, personally.

If you're doing it because you've resigned yourself to a lonely existence and have completely given up on dating, that's bad.

If you do it when you're single because it's simply the most pragmatic way to keep your libido in check (fapping does get old), then fine. More power to ya.

Supplement, not substitute. That's how I see it, anyway.
I still have no idea wtf is going on this thread.

Fucking a good hooker is like going to a restaurant and having a nice meal. You enjoy your meal, you pay and leave.

But getting a laid is the deal. It's like hunting, you grab your spear, go to the forest, stalk one chase it and stab it with your spear. Then you eat your meal and you leave.

Both results are the same, but 2nd one is more glorious and satisfying. Still I dont see any trouble to not doing hookers.
Never said you were beta. I just had something I wanted to get out of my system and did.

Preach the self actualization stuff all you want. You might actually be right. Fact of the matter is that I had an itch and I scratched it.

Eventually you will be engaged, and (assuming you're a man, which I will since this is 4chan) you will understand. Maybe it is a tired trope, I'm okay with that.
I used to work there, I did your mother
Because women of the time were shunned away in the kitchens whilst the men lived and worked, the only women who got any say with a man and held any sort of power over him during them times were mostly whores and prostitutes.
So that's what women aspired to be to obtain more power in society. Then when they achieved today's status of having no self respect and they all fuck any guy they please, no man should rightly pay for it when it's easy as fuck to get.
Because they all ho's now.
I like nature, food, relaxing environment (beach etc.) and women ;)

They have their demands, so I'll get an email about what they're looking for, so I have to tailor the experience to fit it. I only charge 250$ an hour, but if they want the boyfriend experience it's 500$, which means I take them out to whatever expensive place they want, use their card to pay for everything, take them back to their place and do whatever it is they want.

I have one client, and all she wants me to do is rub and suck on her feet while she drinks champagne and talks about her feelings, basically I just tell her she's right about everything.

I don't think many here would disagree with this. I was just trying to explain to some RoK fanboy how he's making the wrong choices, but he peaced out on a billowing cloud of his own farts and insecurity so whatever, best of luck to the poor fucker.
Personally, I don't see it as any different than going to a restaurant. Food's a sensual pleasure, sex is a sensual pleasure. I don't see why it's fine to pay for one, but shameful to pay for the other.

Maybe I'm getting Id's confused. Sorry for laying into you.
Most women will fuck you for money. It's all in how you ask. You have to do it in the least creepy way possible. Just be real with them. "Ur very pretty, way the fuck out of my league, but I'd like to have sex just once with a girl as hot as you. Can I pay you to have sex with me." You have to say this in the most candid unjoking way possible without being scary. This is usually easier to pull off if they and you are drinking. If they say no, be very cool about it and apologize if you offended them, then wait. 50/50 chance they'll come back and take you up on the offer after they've seen ur not a creep.
I can recomend Plovdiv, its my hometown its great place for everything, but dont stay for too long cause it can get a little boring too. Also Veliko Tarnovo - its a place of universities so the main population is young people hence lots of parties, also awesome nature. For beaches I recomend places like Sozopol and Nesebar, there is no way you can get wrong with these ones. And for women, statistically some of the most smoking hot women live here so if you got game you're set.
Avoid the capital Sofia and avoild resorts like Sunny Beach, and Golden Sands like the bubonic plague. Have fun.
Well, you have to keep in mind, there are different mentalities. People have different priorities. Some people just want what they want and don't care how they get it. Some people love the chase and actually get bored when the chase is over. Some people want to feel like they've earned what they have. Some people are just hungry and want to eat.

You get me? It's all good. Just do what works for you.
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