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Describe your first time fags
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Describe your first time fags
My ex. She was a total slut and has been used a load of times. Fuck could she suck a dick though, she was 4"11 and i remeber bending her ovee her bed and fucking her. she then stopped me, turned around and sucked me cock until i shot my cum down her throat. she swallowed and smiled. We were 16 then
The year is 2063. With my health failing me, I decide to pay for the services of a hooker. She gives me gonorrhea.
Nice, short girl
Nice, the burning is the best
>doing the lawn as a 16 year old kid
>dad asks me to get something out of the shed
>go in there and look for whatever shit he wants
>found it
>turn around
>dad standing at the door with his dick out
>tells me to bend over
>It hurted as fuck
>Had to stop after like 2 mins
>Cried the entire time
Dudes have it easy
> be 18
> girl from work is over at my apartment (short redhead with big tits, 7/10)
> smoking weed, watching half-baked
> she asks if I am ticklish, I tell her no, but my grin gives me away (insanely ticklish)
> she proceeds to tickle me
> I hold her arms to prevent her from tickling me and she gets turned on, start making out
> gets heavy, head to the bedroom, heart is beating a mile a minute
> start to get undressed on bed, and have a realization.. fuck, no condom..
> walk across hall to my roommates room and ask if he has one (he does)
> head back to the bedroom, make out some more, bit of hand action (no oral =/) crack open the condom and slide it in missionary
> no longer a virgin
> last about 15 minutes, bust and feel like a king

We were together for almost a year, she was a bag of crazy that didn't open til we were living together and I now refer to her as "the log". She just lays there and does nothing during sex, doesn't like oral (giving or receiving), doesn't like foreplay, doesn't like any position but missionary.. but it was my "first" so stayed with her longer than I should have.
those are some nasty tits
>Had to stop after like 2 mins
>Cried the entire time

you better have done a good job at sucking his cock then, you fucking slut.
it not yet happened
>it hurt when I lost my virginity
Litteraly what
>>Been jerking off hard
>>Give up on life style.
>>Ex comes over randomly
>>open the door
>>get on the floor
>>Sex on the floor
>>no dinosaurs.
>it was her birthday
>go to her house
>mom and sis out shopping
>in her room just talking
>start making out
>eat her out for like 10 min
>missionary and doggy for like 10 more
>cum in her pussy
>we shower
>i leave
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>>tfw no gf
>>tfw 20 yr old kissless virgin
>>mfw ill never get laid
>be me
>be 14
>8th grade
>loser that can't get a girlfriend even though most girls talk to me
>happen to have stepsisters in 11th grade
> they have a hot friend small tits and huge ass 8/10
>friend and I cuddle while over my house
>long story short she says she want some fuck and I lost my virginity at 14
>parents send me to Mormon college
>meet girl and started fingering her and getting handjobs
>leave school but still talk
>she lives on other side of the state but decides to drive 6 hours to come see me at parents house
>she sneaks up to my room after parents are asleep
>she takes off pants
>she's jerkin me off feelsgoodman
>put on condom
>can't find hole
>she slips it in and we start bangin
>no lube
>try to use vaseline and spit
>so nervous my dick isn't working
>fake orgasm cuz it wasn't happening

I felt pathetic afterwards, never had the opportunity for redemption either.
Are you me?
You're not alone, bro
>Go to see friend at uni
>Go on night out
>Get talking to one my friends hallmates
>Get with her in the club
>Go back to halls with her
>She walks me to friends part
>"Fuck I can't get this far and not finally bang"
>Kissing in doorway
>i start fingering her
>She lurvs it
>She asks me back
>We kissing more
>Get her on the bed and on her back
>"Shall I get a condom"
>Get condom on
>Start doing it
>It's all awful and clumsy
>I'm drunk and a general cocker upper of activities
>Eventually take condom off and keep going
>Feels better
>Not really close to cumming though
>Eventually just stop

She didn't even take her clothes off the frigid bitch
penis went in vagina

it was ok
>have fingered and oral'd two gfs b4
>3rd real gf I'm in community college
>short, black hair, brown eyes, pale as a ghost, skinny, bcup tits, innie vag, freckles, basically a 10/10 (in my book)
>we'd fooled around b4 (while she was on the rag) but this was first time we actually fucked
>in me bed
>clothes cum off
>I'm eating her out at the foot of my bed
>5-6 minutes in she cums and tries to pop my head like a grape
>wrench free and hold her down until she stops
>I'm not doneyet
>hold her legs to her ears
>misonary to doggie to cowgirl
>"its a good thing you dont have any neighbors cause I think they'd be able to hear me screming"
>all in all pretty cool time
>dated friend girl off and on for years
>she gave me a BJ when I was 14
>18 comes around and we go out again
>shes not a virgin anymore, but i am
>we do it
>19, with first gf
>been together a month, still got nervous eating around her
>wake up next to each other and she says she wants to fuck
>drive to store for condoms
>come back, she's all showered up and ready
>too nervous to maintain erection
>get it in soft but barely
>nothing happens, am embarrassed
>we try again later and it happens but no cum
>not the greatest
>irony when now sex is an exercise entirely of not cumming as quickly as possible
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>be me 17
>in U.S. history class
>curvy black chick that's been sick comes in and teacher tells her to sit next to me
>she throws attitude because she doesn't want to sit next to me but instead with her Nig nog friends
>she sits next to me pissed off cus fuck white bois
>I wanna hate fuck this bitch bad
>get hardest boner thinking about fucking her while wearing my Klan robes
>she drops pencil next to me and reaches for it
>thought she was reaching for my dick
>I cum in my pants
>sit still because what can I do
>Cried the entire time

That wouldve made my penis harder.
15 years old. I hangout with my good friend who I knew from elementary school. I hang out and then whilst in her room I whipped my dick out and she sucked it then let me fuck her in the pussy and ass.
Might as well be
>be 15
>staying at gf's house for the first time
>only done oral and masturbation with
>she starts to butt grind
>stick boner between her legs and rub it on her cunt
>thrust softly feelsgoodman.jpg
>gf hops on top
>she starts grinding on my dick
>feel like I'm about to cum
>pull gf's underwear across
>ram penis into vagina with the force of sledgehammer
>fuck gf for 3 minutes
>Cum inside her (she was on the pill dw)
>continue fucking her when already came so she doesn't think I'm horrible
>tell gf i came and should go clean dick and pee
>gf hops off and sucks dick dry and clean

break up with her 4 months later find out she didnt take her pill and got her pregnant on my first time, told her to get an abortion and left
< when i forget the greentext tho.
Was my ex, it was awkward and short
>was 18
>Jacked off a lot prior
>watched tons of porn
>Used tight grip when jacking off
>Latina gf, big ass
>Finally fuck her
>Doesn't feel anything like I thought
>Years of masturbation ruined it
>Couldn't really stay hard

>Stop jacking off
>2 weeks later
>fuck again
>Felt so good
>Way different than before
>Fucked the shit out of her
>Came in her pussy
>So horny we fucked again

lesson learned. limit porn and masturbation..sex will be better.
And doggy feels the best
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>17 years old
>First serious relationship
>Nobody ever gave me the talk, got advice from my brother
>Nervous as fuck when its about to happen
>Paranoid as fuck too because i knew she was kinda slutty
>Double wrap my dick for reasons i cannot explain to this day
>Go in, first 5 min no idea what im doing
>Start moving more, prop myself up and start plowing
>Cum buckets after 15 min
>she gave me a cookie

Broke up with her a few weeks later, remained friends afterwards. Plowed her again a year or so later because why the fuck not, gave me a 10/10 the second time around
this is OC?
maybe, count me in
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u want mother fucking oc
File: Kushcologne.gif (1 MB, 276x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Those look like my sister's tits.
>be 18
>be set upon as target by weird nympho chick
>suck me off
>has bf
>he's cool with it
>tries riding
>go missionary
>realise condoms are shit and make you feel nothing
>don't really know what else to do so go at it missionary for like an hour
>she loves it
>remove condom
>watch adventure time

Few months later

>meet girl
>also has bf
>he doesn't know and not cool with it
>fuck her
>no condom
>10 x tighter than first girl
>cum almost immediately inside her

I did learn very quickly after that though, fucked nearly not stop for months

Still with her

Don't think I'd ever be able to cum with condom again
> ask girl from work to a house party my roommate and I were having
> house is packed with people
> get extremely drunk and stoned.
> start making out with girl from work
> no place to fuck, every room had people in it
> take a walk to nearby cemetery
> fuck in the graveyard
> can't cum, too drunk
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have some oc cunt
File: GiE5ecb.jpg (51 KB, 646x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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show some real skin pussy
>Never get laid
>hook up with some thai chick
>basically the most awkward lay ever
>watching "Water for Elephants" in the movie theater and trying to get it in
>Only 2 in the entire theater
>She cries at the elephant getting the shit kicked out of it for being a nigger
>I laugh at the idea of looking past the guy fucking you to cry at a movie
>ruin everything
>Dump her when she moves across the country later

I regret nothing.
>Be 16
>Convinced I'll be kissless virgin for life
>Bored LATE one Saturday night
>Friend I'm hanging out with gets idea
>Parents are asleep lets steal my dad's car!
>Drive around for an hour
>Decide to get food
>Pull up at "Sonic" drive in
>Group of 4 girls pull up
>Range 6/10 to 9/10
>Feeling confident leaning on dads car
>Flirt with girls for first time in my life
>Girls are totally into us
>Get the nerve up to compliment 9/10s hair
>Use excuse to get close and touch it
>All of a sudden Hell breaks loose!
>Police siren and flashing lights!
>Get dragged off by cops
>Parents waiting at police station for us
>They are fucking furious
>Tell cops they'll take friend home to his parents
>But I should be kept overnight as a lesson
>What the actual fuck?!
>Get tossed into cell with "Ray"
>Big drunk redneck sonofabitch

Got my first kiss that night. And lost my virginity. Turns out jail is alot like highschool: The sex you want - You don't get. The sex you get - You don't want.
are you an homo?
When did you fuck the stepsisters? That's some chekov gun shit
File: IMG_0168.jpg (501 KB, 1280x956) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whats some real skin m8
i would love to cum between those tits
I was molested by my mother and her boyfriend.
File: 1407458705896.png (385 KB, 631x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sounds like a fun party
File: IMG_0089.jpg (122 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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m to the oar
>23 and still haven't even gotten a bj
Meh, it wasn't horrible.
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tell us the story
18. Just got back from basic that summer. Met up with a girl who had a crush on me. She gets on top, I slide it in. She tells me "were connected".
I pull out and ask "you mean like avatar or some shit!?"
File: IMG_0164.jpg (123 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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timestamp or not real
I had one like her. cute as hell, tiny. mission only & nothing else. bat shit crazy. I can pick em.
I was 14. Went to my bfs house to hang out. Ended up touching me. Couldn't resist. I sucked his cock till he came on my face. Hes still hard. Put on the condom. Started tearing through my pussy. I underestimated the size of his cock. Fucked me so hard i was trembling. The end.
>be 14
>just got home with gf from lake
>both soaking wet
>she strips down completely naked in my room
>she puts clothes on
>I strip down naked too
>put clothes on
>lay in bed and cuddle
>she initiates intense make-out session
>she gets up on top of me
>making out even more intensely
>she slides down a bit and unbuttons my pants
>takes out my dick which is rock hard by now
>she took off her pants and I ripped off her shirt
>she grabbed my dick and slid it in
>lasts maybe 20 minutes
>she eventually stops riding me
>maybe she's tired
>still didn't cum so I grabbed both sides of her waist and started fucking her as fast as I could
>she started gasping and moaning
>don't even care
>cum inside her
>just lay there in that position for a while with my dick still inside
>she slowly gets up and my dick slides out
>felt too good and got hard again
>she started stroking me
>gave me a handjob
>didn't even eat my cum after
Timestamp on iphone????
>be 15
>be dating a girl for a month
>go to some woods area behind our highschool
>we would always chill there and make out
>one day I start fingering her
>pull out a condom she didn't know about
>she was down
>had sex in a public forest could hear kids walking near another path
>we dated for 3 years after that
>constantly had sex in public parks, parking lots, etc
>I was an exhibitionist at 15
>I don't get laid like that anymore
>Lost my V when I was 16 to a sexy 26 yo 8/10 Filipino bar girl in Hong Kong
>Older brother was living in HK (Parents flew me over to see him)
>Went to "High class" bar with brother (Didn't get carded :)
>Didn't tell her I was a V, only lasted 5 min or so, 6/10 experience
>But thank fuck I was no longer a virgin!
>Was in HK for 5 days and she wanted to see me again privately :)
>Fucked her 3 more times and had her for a tour guide around HK for 2 days
>Only really paid for the first night (Brother paid the bar)
>Gave her a little bit of cash directly for being my GF for the 3 days we spent together before I departed.
File: Check em.gif (1 MB, 266x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Check em.gif
1 MB, 266x349
take photo of tits and a piece of paper and write the date and time
learn to english gooder

what's up with all these people who lost their virginities the normal way?

I came in here expecting 20+ year olds.

>be 22
>never actually asked a grill out
>TFW you hate your body so much you have zero confidence
I don't have a green-text. I was a beautiful angelic 11 year old. My moms boyfriend was always shady and touchy and he talked my cunt mom into fondling me in front of him. They'd both touch my cock and she'd delude herself into thinking it wasn't weird cause she was there. He talked her into sucking my dick and they'd finger my anus. He made me fuck my mom and then he fucked me. I told my uncle and he almost killed him, literally beat him with a chair leg, got arrested, they wanted to put my uncle in jail but moms bf refused to press charge and things were quietly resolved. I lived with my uncle after that who was obsessed with making me a man, if I crossed my legs wrong I'd get correct, awesome dude. My mom and her bf had another kid a few years later, a boy, so I took an interest in the family to look out for him. When I turned 21 I told them I want the kid leaving with my aunt or I'd call the cops and press charges. My mom hates me to this day over that but who cares. Thats about it.
>got married quick
>go to hotel
>put on white holy robe her parents gave us and told us to use for when we have sex the first time
>fuck the shit out of her and get weirdly turned on by the robe thing
>11th grade
>Gf of 5 months
>Had a lot of trouble getting it up
>Eventually start just started whacking it quickly while making out, got hard enough to get in but couldn't use a condom
>Feel like-a shit

Every time after that I've had some degree of erectile dysfunction whenever i try to have sex with someone, last time was this last valentine's day and I deliberated killing myself, but I decided that obviously wouldn't fix the problem and have been working out every day and taking testosterone boosters since then. Feels batman.
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>be me 5 years ago
>socially incompetent
>no girl will ever love me
>find meetup site
>realise guys are way fucking easier to pick up
>meet up with the queerest faggot there is
>have sex
>get really sick 2 weeks after sex
>read up on it
>all sources says it's a sign of hiv
>don't get examined for it because I refused to admit to anyone I had sex with a guy
>live several years thinking I was going to die any time
salty milk and coins, man
Bags of sand.
File: Check'em.png (356 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
356 KB, 960x640
Was drunk. Was 19 y.o. Brothel. 30 Bucks. Put it in like one fucking minute then she fucking insisted on sucking me. First and last time. I'll be 23 this year. Fuck my life.
>btw pic related
and that's all about my first time.
>Just turned 18. Started dating this girl
>We've only been officially a couple for a day or two
>We start making out, and she grabs my dick
>Tells me she wants to fuck
>I was beta as fuck, so I told her to wait for a special occasion
>She says "My first time wasn't special, yours shouldn't be either
>There's a small clubhouse thing in my back yard
>It has a rope ladder that leads to this tiny fucking attic
>We climb up there, and get to it
>Feels good man
>She's lying down and I'm going to town on her
>Turns out that there's a broken lightbulb up there
>She was lying on broken glass
>Instead of telling me that she was on top of sharp shit, she just starts crying
>She asks if we can stop (doesn't say why)
>I blurt out "Can I just fucking finish?"
>She immediately makes me get off of her
>We didn't stay together for very long
>be 13
>county fair
>meet up after dark with fwb in the field down behind the fair where the arena workers park
>use balloon as condom
>can't figure out how to get it in, try a bunch of positions
>finally get it in halfway
>she says "go deeper"
>i do, immediately cum into balloon
For some reason I simply wasn't able to penetrate at night so I just gave her head and she returned the favor

Next morning we were spooning and I slipped it in from behind. Pleasure was had.
Less than 2 mins of penetration before I blew my load. It was both of our first time and she was so fucking tight, never had tighter since. I popped her hymen and I felt the blood. She winced and got a little teary eyed.

We improved over the coming days and weeks though.
oh I forgot to mention her parents were home that morning. she was moaning pretty loud too. lucky they were richfags with a huge house, still pretty awkward going for breakfast after that.
25 in 2 1/2 weeks.
I feel the pain anon. At least you're still in early twenties. I'm heading to mid 20's.
>she takes off her nightgown
>kiss, 2nd base, etc.
>go down on her
>is wonderful, she's shaking
>inquire about sticking it in
>says sure but don't cum in me
>two dips and a quiver
>as promised pull out, blow on sheets
>she has to change sheets so rents don't know
>oh well
To a whore at a party on a couch in front of every one lasted longer than expected. She wouldn't suck me so didnt eat here. Next day i met her husband. Never talked to her again. And trashy enough her name was Penny
File: 1424501845356.png (13 KB, 528x424) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 528x424
tfw you came inside without a condom on your first time
i kek'd
A major pain in the ass
>tight body 14 year old cousin.
>reverse cowgirl
>pulled out and plastered her back
I know that feel

>be 17 and junior in high school
>have 10/10 sexy Asian girlfriend
>was a year younger than me, did everything I asked
>dad was super traditional and would not let her date but mom loved me
>started of slow
>"let me me your dick"
>whipped it out at school and got multiple handjobs
>she would visit me at my after school job and give me handjobs
>finally skipped school and had sex
>dick too big so we had to stop for a while
>did not cum and could not get it up after
>after that we had sex literally everyday at any time
>lunch break in the bathroom, in the school parking lot, museums, her mom's SUV while driving them to the mall..
>once had sex with a bus half full of ppl, once in a room full of sleeping girls

never had as much fun as with her
File: 1382085376244.gif (2 MB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x180
>be sometime last year
>out on a hotel trip in another city with gf of several years
>we decided that this is going to be it, we've been holding out way too long, it's time to have sex one of these nights

>the time comes around
>we shower together, feeling eachother up, getting romantically kinky
>we do 69 for foreplay, holy shit we've never been this horny before
>she's starting to look clearly nervous/worried
>she lets me blow my load over her 10/10 butt and spends the rest of the time at the hotel occasionally apologizing deeply for being useless and disappointing me again
>i try to shrug it off, but after 3-4 years it's starting to hurt

>fastforward to december last year
>have a massive fight over various things including sex, money and the place we live in
>we both have massive issues and end up with me moving back in with my parents, 5 hours away
We barely talk, but she insists on remaining a couple and her presence still makes me happy but I don't know anymore...
that sounds beta as fuck
Pretty much. I don't know what to do about it anymore.
Oh yeah and obviously, I'm still a virgin at 22.
She's a 6/10 with OCD, PCOS and depression.
I've been severely depressed for years but I'm finally working on it.
I don't know why I still care for- and think about her. If it's anything but love, explain it to me.

I don't know if she's still "the one" or if I should just drop her, fix myself and fuck someone "better" later. "I still have a whole life ahead of me", right?...
dude just tell her to relax, start licking her and stick it in like there's not trouble, if she say something just kiss her while you put it inside
Dump that bitch, you'll feel kinda shitty at first but not for very long. Also don't be so fucking beta
File: 1382531506548.jpg (6 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 184x184
If only if real life was as easy as those hentai doujins, huh.

I was never good with people, pretty much always miserable until I met her. She's been my literal life, devotion and dedication for anything for the last few years. No matter what, she's the only reason that I got through most of- and the worst of my depression and didn't an hero.

How can I not be beta though? The only thing I might have going for me is that I've started gymming. Will confidence come automatically with getting a handsome body?
being beta is an attitude, not an appearance
>be 7 years old
>see half smoked fag on grown
>pick up and inhale
>feel alpha
>bitches tell on me to grandpa
>grandpa smells breath and gives me into trouble

was like fourteen years old. she was seventeen. i didn't anybody's world (that would come later) but she lied and said she had an orgasm. really sweet of her to do that. shes one of my best friends to this day
Here's an idea of when this was phones were all nokia at the time
>divorced mother has just got a boyfriend, she visits everyfriday night like clockwork
>just me and my nan downstairs in the house
>basically free to do what I want with a computer, a tv and a vcr
>use this time to plenty of masturbation
>want to fuck
>start spending this time in chat rooms and other early social media like myspace looking for girls my age
>get the attention of a 13 year old girl
>she has a mother who is irresponsible and leaves her at home alone with her bf too
>next friday I go to her house
>I'm nervous as fuck and she's even more nervous
>just me and her in her house
>lets go to your room
>uhh ok
>lay her down
>get on top of her
>start kissing and undressing her
>raging 15 year old boner
>under the impression you have to use condoms every time you fuck, lol
>struggling to open condom while making out and groping girl
>do you want to do this?
>I don't care
>that's close enough to a yes
>sit up and force the condom over my dick while staring at her body
>back on top of her and push my cock in her
>so warm, so tight
>cum almost instantly
>hugest cums of my life
>pull off condom, tie it off and throw it down the side of her bed
>spend night hugging and groping her
>go home about midday of next day after lots of groping and dry humping
>afraid to fuck again because only had one condom
And that's the story of the first time I put my penis in a vagina.
>be 16
>chick was crushing on me real hard for a while
>I was pretty beta so it was a good thing she was forceful
>she got a ride over to my house
>she arranged to have my neighbor , our mutual friend, to let us use his bed
gross I know but we were kids
>so we were sitting alone on his bed and she starts making out with me and I instaboner
>she tells me to stand up and takes off my clothes then puts a condom on me
>I feel pretty uncomfortable and started to lose my hard on once I was fully naked and she was fully clothed so she takes off all her clothes and tells me to lick her nipples
>I climb on her and go to town on her titties
>she tells me to suck and bite
she was into some pain shit last I slept with her but I didn't know it was at all strange at the time
>I instaboner again
>she grabs me and slides me inside her
>there was plenty of lube from her and the condom so it goes in easy and immediately the warmth makes me want to cum
>I start to move and can feel myself starting to cum so I stop
>she asks whats wrong and I say "nothing"
beta I told ya
>I just sit there for a minute getting used to being inside her then start to move again slowly
>she starts getting into it and I almost cum again and stop
>this time she eagerly asks if I'm going to cum but I say no I'm fine
I wanted to make her cum...
>I keep going and she tells me to slap her and bite her hard and shove a finger up her ass
>so now at least I'm distracted from the sex
I was never really into sm too much
>she tells me to choke her while rub her clit hard and biting her nipple
>think in my head this is great since she didn't say anything about moving inside her
>proceed to beat that pussy up until my arms are tired as fuck but just keep going since she was very clearly into it
>she starts to cum and I feel her pussy twitching on my cock
>I know I am going to cum but try to hold off as best I can
>no use
>be 15, freshman in highschool
>transfer to new Spanish class
>girl in class likes me, sophomore, 15, solid 8/10
>I get her number and we text a shit ton
>eventually start dating (my first real gf)
skip to second date
>she's over my house
>cuddling in my bed
>she feels my boner
>starts grinding
>she turns around, looks at my crotch
>she sees boner
>"well, anon we gotta do something about that"
>unzips pants, she strokes my cock
>blows me
>came in like 3 minutes
a little later
>making out
>reaches for my dick
>she grabs it again
>begin slowly fucking her throat
>cum and she swallows
pretty much it, we dated for like 3 months, broke up over some bullshit reason
6 months ago, 27 :(
Tired of telling myself I didn't care, I drove 26 hours straight to vegas to hook up at Sherris ranch. 3 hours with Chloe Pistol. 5 loads blown, 3 missionary, 2 cowgirl.
>be 16
>sleeping over exs house
>same room as her sisters so we have to be quiet
>spooning her in bed
>we decide to have sex
>slide into her, still spooning.
>lose boner from nerves.
>feel sick
>she cuddles me and gives me gingerale.
>fuck the shit out of her the next night.
18 hasnt happened yet to indifferent to care
File: 1381252979457.png (7 KB, 429x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 429x410
Holy fuck
>pull out for safety and stand up since I was on the side of the bed
>before I know what's what she gets on her knees and pulls the condom off then deep throats me harder than anyone ever has...
>... and immediately starts choking
I guess she didn't think I was already cumming
>she recovers while still jerking me off on her face and tits

all in all pretty awesome mostly thanks to her. we fuck around every once in a while and I even was engaged to her at one point but we broke it off and rightly so because she, like all women, is a hoe. She cheated on me when we were engaged, albeit I did too. Now she has a kid from a spic but they were never dating so it didn't stop her from answering my booty calls.

now I'm a MGTOW and proud. All women are fuckholes that deserve to be treated as such.
File: 1422223900932.gif (187 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 500x333
>Be me, 18yo
>Got tired of being the only one of my friends who was a virgin.
>Decided to set myself up with best friend's ex, who was a notorious slut
>Convince creepy stalker chick from high school to drive friend's ex down to Uni for a weekend
>Put the moves on her, get her in bed, she goes full starfish
>Come after the first three strokes
>Feel like a massive loser
>Get hard and go again, last a little longer this time
>Still embarrassed as fuck
>Dump her within a week
>be 18
>at my birthday party
>not a lot of people, just a few friends, 10 people max.
>broke up with gf a couple months ago
>party gets moving
>get stoned
>get drunk
>gf's best friend comes thru, she looks alright
>gets wasted as well
>end up fucking raw in the backyard while the party is still going
>didn't cum

In retrospect it sucked, and it got me into a lot of trouble, mostly because that bitch is a fucking psychopath, but i was glad i wasnt a virgin anymore.
>Celebrating my 14th birthday with my 17 year old girlfriend
>Be at our friend Jon's house
>Me not knowing she had planned this for a decent while
>Do the whole birthday "cake and gift" spiel
>More of our friends from school show up, decent amount of people are at the house
>Girlfriend says to me, "There's something upstairs for me" and takes me into spare bedroom
>Shuts and locks door, puts music on
>Build up to typical romantic bullshit setup
>Girlfriend undoes belt and pulls pants down
>I shoot my load straight onto her face
>Three days later, we break up.
File: writing-autism.jpg (69 KB, 1000x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 1000x400
When I was 12 I had my first sexual experience. At the time, I lived in a little suburb outside of Cleveland and anyway, the girl next door and I were really good friends. Our parents were both gone for the day and she was over playing Transformers with me. So anyway, we kinda got.. Bored I guess? And we started playing truth or dare, which turned into ‘you show me yours, I’ll show you mine". So anyway there I Was, 12 years old, heart pounding, blood rushing in my ears, and the chick (who was a year older than me actually) takes off her panties and hikes her little skirt up. so What did I do, you ask? I whistled for a cab, and when it came near, the license plate said “fresh” and there were dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought “naw forget it, yo home to bel-air!” I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabbie “yo homes smell ya later!” Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there. To settle my throne as the prince of bel-air.</small
>15 years old
>In my bedroom, parents home
>We're fooling around, she asks me to put it in
>"No everyone is home not today"
>She says too bad and pins me
>"No seriously stop"
>Puts it in
>Starts riding me
>"Sigh, at least let me get a condom"
>She lets up, I put one on, then do missionary
>Fuck her for, and I'm not kidding, an hour and 45 minutes straight
>She collapses from her xx orgasm
>I stop from exhaustion
>Didn't cum, feel emotionally numb
>Figure there's something wrong with me since I didn't cum

And that was my first time
Yeah same here... Don't worry anon. My main is bout to be on eradar.
Oh, you poor bastard
i wish i had your superpowers
File: lololol.jpg (33 KB, 391x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>my ex's friend
>currently in progress
Get the fuck off 4chan newfag before I beat your fucking ass
Underrated post
File: 1427206127657.png (218 KB, 2250x2250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you'll never experience spontaneous horny teenager sex again
Fortunately my girl scrubs my asshole in the shower for me :)
Is it worse to never have had the chance to?
File: chloe.jpg (37 KB, 553x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you moved in with a girl before having sex with her?
why don't you virgin guys get on fucking tinder (or grinder if you're queer) and find a girl?
I feel it would be easier to meet girls than when I was your age...
My first time was like learning to ride a bike....

My father was right behind me the whole time
Nice lie you have there.

You wasted my time.
It actually started because I desperately needed to escape the current life. I was failing grades and dropping out of my studies for the second time; my parents were hating me and pestering me daily about it; I had lost all of my friends I used to have; etc. I was about to give up, and she decided to invite me to stay with her. We became a couple after that.
File: 1401143656586.jpg (10 KB, 319x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 319x316
I put it in her and creamed
>Lost mine when I was 10. Raped by my older sister. And her friend a week later. Went on for years. When I hit puberty I started to like it, but until then, I hated every minute of it.

>Be 27
>Go out with workmates for one of their birthday's (20th)
>get drunk in da club, end up making out with the birthday girl.
>take her home, everything short of full sex that night.
>next night she comes over to watch a film, we go to my room after.
>apparently I'm amazing at the foreplay but ended up lasting about 1.30 once I got it in, and that was only thanks to furiously trying to work out 57x29 in my head

She asked how many girls I'd been with, I told her three, which I figured wasn't lying if she knew the rule about dividing what a guy says by three. We dated for about a month, till I suddenly ended up in hospital, after which we never really saw eachother so first visit she broke it off
File: 1346812714889.jpg (8 KB, 285x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Like bags of sand.
Jesus man thats fucked up. Did anyone else find out?
File: 1416727493617.jpg (24 KB, 416x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Some sloot crawled into my bed and started rubbing her crotch on me. I told her to go back to bed like 4 times and she eventually listened. When I woke up she was gone idk.
Almost, when I was about 13 she tried to get my cousin involved. She wanted to have us both in her at once. He freaked and ran. Was sure we were gonna get busted but he never told. By this time I was totally into the sex and we fucked like crazy as soon as he left thinking we were gonna get busted and it would be our last time.
>be me 22
>poorfag working at staples
>5/10 chubby girl really likes me
>big tittays, big ass
>have to do stock at 4am
>no manager cuz on vacation, only us
>putting shit in my locker, she asks if anyone else is coming in
>nope, only me and you
>tells me to get naked
>yes m'am
>get on floor, she rides me for like 10 minutes
>cum inside her, says she's on ring or some shit
>no baby born, best 10 minutes of my life
Damn. Well, at least you enjoyed it somewhat. How did it stop tho? did it ever?
>be 19 cuz beta fag
>divine light shines down on me to change my ways
>find shy virgin 8/10 blonde with 32C tits to date
>still going from beta to alpha so I level grind that relationship like vanilla WOW
>tits out, oral, but still not banging
>3 months in, finally hit level 60
>fooling around on her couch while watching movie after her roommate went to bed
>now alpha as fuck and pushing into uncharted territory
>undress her and myself while making out and working my hands over her like a TSA agent
>go down on her
>when she starts bucking hips move up to kiss her and slide right in
>BANG-A-RANG dat Ruffio
>fucking roommate comes out of her bedroom
>freeze like bitch's eye sight based on movement and wont see us
>fucking roommate stops at couch and stares at my ass while balls deep
>mood killed, cock wilting, needz healz plz
>roommate walks out and comes back with a blanket
>covers us with it and tells us to have fun
>dick becomes Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
>can suddenly fuck with the force of a thousand suns
>cum in dat pussy
>fuck for the rest of the night

>dated for another 3 months after that until she said she loved me and I hearthstoned out of there
what body type and personality combination grants sex?
>be short, fat and antisocial
Giri i always liked was wirh my best friend
They never did anything she hated him
She comes over one day out of the blue
We start talking i dont remember of what
We get on my old busted couche she get on top
She started dancing and was getting touchey me too
We start makibg out hardcore with tongue
I asked her are you sure? She said positive
I took off her shirt and undid her bra and i started
To suck on her titties while she unbottund my pants
She played with my dick said i was huge (confidence 0 to a 100 real quick) started to suck on it
After 5 min i said stop im gonna blow
I started eating her out
We where both perfectly shaved btw
She was délicious to say the least
She orgasmed, it was awsome
Ran to my room grabed condoms (thanks dad for buying) run back straped it on and entered gently
It was one of the best sensations i ever felt,
Her moan, the warmt, it was insane
After 10min i came inside her (w/condom)
Felt great we made out for the rest of the day nude on the couch, she would lick my dick from time to tm
Made her souper later in the night she was impressed and we started talking about the future
We kept fucking in my buds back (hes dumb)
And up to dis day where still together, sex is less often ans its more cutsie woutsie shit but in all, 10/10 would do again


this her?

Also, did you drive 26 hours straight and then lose your virginity without sleeping in between?
Still a virgin but meh
>Be my birthday
>I wanna watch that new dracula movie
>GF comes to my house with said movie
>she plays it on her laptop
>Suddenly I get an strong desire to eat her out
>I get down on her
>"anon, I brought this movie so you could watch it"
>I don't give a fuck and start eating her out anyways
>I lost the count of how many times she came
>Movie is ending by the time I stop
>I ask her to let me fuck her
>She says no
>I ask her to let me rub it on her ass
>She accepts
>I'm into anal, so I kind of lube her ass with my precum
>I start rubbing her asshole with a finger
>"Anon... I don't like it tha-*moans*"
>I penetrated her ass with a finger, that was the hottest moan I've heard in my life
>We get interrupted and leave for dinner.

And that's it.
File: topkekek.jpg (10 KB, 235x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 235x224
>Dick become Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
File: Feelsgoodman.jpg (8 KB, 186x178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 186x178
>girlfriend for year and a half
>go to college
>break up after stress too much for long distance
>fucking life ruined
>start to get better
>winter break happens
>end of winter break
>end up talking at the park for like 6 hours
>she's horny and doesnt want to lose virginity
>not sure if she wants to get back together
>say sex or nothing cause if im gonna get emotionally wrecked im gonna do it right
>she comes over after a week
>we have sex and it feels great
>decide to stay in her life
>friends when I go back to school
>month in she wants to get back together
2 yea anniversary coming up in a little more than a month. Feels good man.
> be 20
> in a club
> socially awkward penguin
> friend hook up with girl (5/10)
> girl has friend (big tits 6/10)
> friend said nice shoes
> first thing that came to mind was want to fuck??
> went back to her place
> sneak in because her dad was home
> don't know what to do
> she undress me blows me and makes me comfortable
> start banging her doggy
> got too nervous went soft
> she blow hard again
> went into missionary
> bang for the next 15mins
> took it out and jizz over those titties
> smoke at her window
> she went down on me
> ohyes.jpg
> bang for a second time
> sneak out before dawn
> she pass me some money said it's for cab
> turns out she is 7 years older than me

mrw i just became a gigglo.

If you're going to claim alphadom, you should probably drop the wow metaphors
Yeah, stopped when she went to college. Still kept banging her friend though until I left for the Navy. I moved back home after 6 years, they both got married and have kids. We never mention the sex though. We have a pretty normal relationship now.
I had been seeing her a few weeks and it was early in the semested. She invited me out to a party (Freshmen in college). I have a terrible cold and decide to load up on codine syrup and go out and meet people. End of the night I am pretty far gone and want to go to my dorm to sleep but she convinces me to walk her home in exchange for cold meds. I initally can't get it up from drugs/booze and wake up at 4 am to her riding me while her roommate was sleeping. Still not sure how I feel about it. I really just wanted cold meds. Also she got sick.
I was in kyoto japan, just turned 16 and a classmate took me to a love hotel ルシャトウ. That's when my addiction and discovery of pussy started.
It was about as long and memorable an experience as typing this setence.
File: checkem.webm (3 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
She was morbidly obese (315 lbs) and had a yeast infection from not being clean. I had never smelled the aroma from a yeast infection before, and had no idea. I ate her out, and nearly died.

To this day, I can no longer eat pussy.
are u me?
Was just this sunday actually. 2 days ago.
>be 18 y/o me
>just waking up slightly hungover in my friends basement, my girlfriend of several weeks next to me
>I had tried to initiate before but she told me it was too soon
>Wake up for some reason around 5 am and she is already wide awake
>dont feel like talking as much as she does so i kiss her neck a few times, knowing its her weakness
>her attitude immediately changes, she starts teasing and just barely touching my dick while kissing me
>5 minutes after waking up she's whispering in my ear that we need to get out and fuck
>we leave quickly as a few friends are still sleeping, passed out from night before
>Here's my favorite part: For a week or so, she was making fun of me a bit, claiming id last 2 minutes
>To spite her, I take 30mg adderall.
>We drive around looking for a place to fuck and she gives me a few hickies
>Decide to just drive back to my place about 25 mins away
>perfect, addie can kick in
>we park in my driveway, which is pretty private
>im just starting to feel the addie, we get in back seat
>Start making out and finger her to get moisture flowin i guess
>she starts looking at me and just says, do i really need to walk you through this?
>starts to take off my pants, i finish and take off hers
>she gets on top and i take a few seconds finding the right hole with my dick
>find it, fuck for an hour and a half (thanks adderall)
>Realize I have to go to work in like 15 minutes
>try to finish but can't, she already has twice
>we go get starbucks, i drop her off at her house and i go to work, still sweaty, tired as shit and neck just covered in hickies
>actually got a raise that day, coincidentally
>have fucked and finished several times since
>shits not as cash as i hoped but still cash

and thats my story
My wife and I waited until our honeymoon and had consensual sex in the missionary position for the purposes of consummation and procreation.

>> be 16, funny, but black.
>> older brother been recommending me to watch inception for days
>> love those awesome brain movies.
>> decide to go with 'the group' of friends.
>> consists of: hot 7/10 f ; tall blonde m ; short mexican m and myself m.
>> movie starts (ads), finding spot, flirt by touching 7/10's ass
>> have no idea it turns her on, but she tells me later
>> finally sit in the back.
>> movie going where bitches walking on walls and shit
>> make 'the move'
>> moving hand all over her stomach and gradually down to 3rd.
>> pussy out and never touch it
>> movie ends, and we go to my house
>> no one home (miracle)
>> somehow, other 2 stay in kitchen
see her on couch in other room
>> decide to start tickle fight
>> she kisses me out of no where.
>> fuckingyouwhatmate.jpg
>> kissing stops because nerds come in
>> we go downstairs and start massaging
>> finally get to 3rd base with massaging.
>> other two get uncomfortable.
>> she tells them to get the fuck out
>> they go upstairs for a while
>> she quickly unzips and slides it in
>> isthisreallife.avi
>> they come back
>> gg
>their ride gets back. gg life

date her for like 1 year after but break up because cheating
File: 1422257299108.jpg (215 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 1280x800
I was a freshman in high school, rawdawging my girl, in her bed, on a friday night (i don't remember why her parents were away but they were. he was a trucker, lel, but home for the weekend so i think they had a date night, and her cousin was with her so they must have assumed she wouldn't do anything crazy, but her bf came over too and we were all 4 fucking in the same room with the lights off). I still remember the way she smelled, her soap/shampoo/perfume scent and all. She had still developing puffy high B or low C cups, they were juicy and pink and just fucking perfect... she looked a lot like the white agent girl from The Interview. But just the feeling of our bodies together, completely naked, her soft, smooth everything, the motion, the warmness and wetness, shit felt so good I couldn't tell if I was about to cum or if I already came so we just stopped after a few minutes. I don't know if I came to this day, many years later. Wore a condom the next few times, for safety's sake, and to prolong the magic. I could last an hour with a condom but not 10 minutes without one, it really is the best feeling ever. And is way better to me with passion, not just hurr durr imma bang away doggystyle like in porn... i like the closeness, chest to chest, whether missionary or her riding while we're both sitting upright. She ended up being a crazy whore, we both cheated on each other, but it lasted all of freshman year and into middle July of the summer before we broke up and she, thankfully, moved to another city/school.

> Be me
> Moved to a new town because of work
> Only know one guy at new work, been friends for a few months now since I moved into new town
> He knows a lot of people, think he's some kind of dealer
> One day he introduces me to a solid 8/10 qt 3.14 while we're working
> Blonde hair, green eyes, cutest smile, great tits and ass as well of course
> wayoutofmyleague.pdf
> She seems to really like me
> He tells me she asked him tons of questions about me after we first met
> Dealer friend says he's going to hook us up
some time later
> She shows up at work and says she's here to see me
> isthisreallife.jpg
> She's really flirty and strokes my body as she's asking me about myself
> I'm really hard
> My time to shine!
> She suddenly excuses herself and says she has to talk to my dealer friend
> See them exchange something in the office
> She comes running back out towards me with a huge smile, she seems really excited
> Really like this girl a lot
> I can really open up to her
> She turns me on so easily
> I let her ride me hard and fast
> Right out of the car dealership and onto the highway
> MFW I'm a car.
That is the saddest thing I've ever heard. and I'm an oldfag
We live in a sad world, Anon.
Even with my post that you quoted, I'm sure there's someone with a worse life than me out there.
I'm "just" among the bottom of the barrel, but I've started to slowly and carefully climb back up.
Good story man. I agree with you about the passion and closeness of it as well.

Who's the girl in the photo btw?
> Sigh?

> Sigh?

You was raped nigga.
>this is my first green text if I don't fuck it up
>slut in class I hung out with (I was innocent and tried to be a cuddle buddy, yeah I'm gay I know)
>texts me and says we should fuck
>I think it'll be like porn so I'm like fuck yeah
>I get condoms, she shows up at my place one afternoon when everyone is out of the house
>we fuck missionary for a while
>shes a loose slut so it takes forever to blow
>she goes crazy love for me
>we fuck a few more times
>one time I convinced her to tie me up and try post orgasm torture on me because I was curious
>she keeps doing it until I promise to be her boyfriend for all of Highschool
>break up a week later, tries to tell everyone I have a small dick and we fucked
>no one believes her because she's a huge slut
>somehow I got out of her dramatic hellfire unscathed
>glad to be single, not interested in post orgasm torture anymore either
Double numbers works better
1, 2,4,8,16 Etc
rilee marks

and we later tried doggystyle and other positions, even anal, but nothing to me beat good ol missionary or her riding me while i was still sitting kind of upwards, chest to chest, nipple to nipple. normal cowgirl is fine too. i wouldn't turn down doggy, but it's just so impersonal, like you said, it's all about that closeness and intimacy if it's with somebody you really know and (think you) love
It was sad considering my dick is about 4 inches and she was loose.. I honestly felt nearly nothing.. We fucked for 30 min and stopped cause we almost got caught
>be 16
>always bump into hot 30 year old milf
>one day bump into her with boner
>tells me to come over 6aclock
>come over and lay down on bed
>she starts sucking me
>cum in her mouth
>spits them on floor
>go out from house
>kept having these sexual moments for a while
Dude, I've been there. 5 and a half years. She then got knocked up with a another guy and left me.
Getting solid C's in my coursework.

next semester, take it slow on course load, B's and A's. It was seriously like being sexually frustrated sucked out all my energy in life.

next semester, got laid by 8/10 with moves of a 10/10. grades shoot up to A's.

Sometimes you just have to leave it behind you and go ahead into the unknown. Sometimes it's thrust upon you (me).

Good luck anon, tip: belly dancers know how to work it well, even novice ones.
Thanks Anon.

Do yoga girls work if no bellydancers can be found?
was her first time too. the blood ruined the mood and she was kind of embarrassed. I tried to lighten the mood a bit so this is what I said

"You know me, I don't mind a bit of ketchup on my hot dog"

Not sure why I thought that would help but it sure as fuck didn't.
>I didn't have the first time
>I didn't have the first time
File: kinks.jpg (83 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 600x600
>be 18
>NYE with the GF
>Waitng for 12AM
>She decides to play The Kinks
>We both love The Kinks
>12AM rolls around and she kisses me
>She pulls me in closer and we start to undress
>Fucking for about 15 minutes
>Haven't jizzed yet
>Wonder whats wrong
>"All Day and All of the Night" plays
>Cum like a spaceship taking off
Can't tell ya. Never had a yoga girl.

Got a flexible one now, she's fun.
>at a house party
>sitting in the backyard with ma buds smokin up
>chick comes and sits in my lap(reclining chair)
>starts to massage my balls
>obviously gets hard in seconds(not a faggot)
>go upstairs to get some priv.
>she asks if i have a rubber and i said fuck no i don't do rubbers
>she says fine just do me.
>in the middle of it and my asshole flat mate walks in like a dufus, chuffs, says oops sorry walks out.

asshole ruined my boner, but couldnt kick his ass as his too fucking ripped and does all kinds of fucking martial arts..sucks.

>order a taxi to take us home to continue and we did.

>be 16
>got back from a first date with a girl after dropping her off
>tall, brunette, a little bit of freckles, 2nd nicest ass I have seen till this day
>get into bed and lazily text a few people
>receive a message from my ex (of about a month)
>"anon can I come over I need someone to talk to right now"
>say sure because my parents are gone to our cabin for the weekend
>she knocks on my door at 1:30am and lets herself in
>says she needs to lie down and asks where my room is

Go ahead.
>5 5's.....fuck
Quint quints
Nice hunger games thread m8
File: 1396052364148.jpg (30 KB, 361x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 361x640
>be 24
>download it
>everyones doing it
>might as well
>go to store
>pick out condoms
>gotta hit level 30
>select champion
>fuck this game ill always be a silver scrub
3 pumps and done.
>1st gf and both 18, my mum drives us down to the snow for a holiday
>getting handjobs under blanket in rear seat, mum none the wiser
>mum lets us have the main room & double bed (maybe she was the wiser) and she sleeps in the next room bunks with younger bro
>get drunk, go to bed, do it missionary, goes in easy, last 30 seconds, feels great, still with her 25 years later.
>last a full minute now
>barely get sex any more
>maybe that why
>qt girl 7/10
>she is talking about her assignment
>look at eyes
>slide down zipper
>suck my dick
>close my eyes
>white seeds came out
>i love my hand
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>she explains how she feels bad about us breaking up yadda yadda
>i want to go to sleep at this point, no point in staying up listening to her complain
>"I think im going to goto bed now"
>"anon what can I do to stay"
>"not sure, it's your call"
>im facing the left side of the bed while on my side
>she turns around and backs up so her ass is wrapped around my already hard (virgin) dick
>the ass is fat
>no joke, nicest ass I have ever seen in my life,100% hands down
>"does that feel good anon?"
>"yeah but im still really tired, so I think you should get goi-"
>grabs my dick through my shorts and massages my balls

I honestly barely remember, and it was only 10 years ago. Back of my car, no condom. Crazy gf of 3 months. Ended up banging several times a day for the next 4 months. Good sex, she dumped me, then I had to get a restraining order after she had her fill of whoring around in college. Shit was not cash and I regret ever being with her.
Go on.
>Both 16, she was the only red head in my highschool.
>We'd made out but not gone all the way.
>Decided it was time for sure.
>Just so happens, I had a part time job at a Howard Johnson Motel.
>Used a master key copy late on saturday night and picked a room at random.
>Figured if the room was empty at 11:00, there was little chance somebody would show up. And even if they did - well - we really didn't think much about it.
>Both of us lost our virginity that night, very emotional for her, ruined the bed sheets and a set of towels. She bled - but took right to it.
>After that, we fucked like minks every chance we had. I actually went "hunting" for the best safest places to "park"
>We later used my mom's station wagon with the seats folded down for evening long fuck sessions.
>Broke up when we went to different schools after graduation. She was very hot, very willing...
me 18
she 24
She was a really nice cute girl kinda bbw though lovly innie pussy tasted awesome we did it for 2 hours but i kinda could'nt cum
But it was really nice
lol I'm 28. Cheer up, at some point you simply stop caring
See, I can't buy this. No rookie lasts that long. Even with a condom. Unless you're really gay or were so nervous you couldn't stay hard or something... which also kinda points to gay.

I don't think i've ever lasted two fucking hours FFS
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