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Let's do a sexual experience from our...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Let's do a sexual experience from our childhoods thread. I've got mine pre-written out, so just bump til I get it all out. It's short enough

> be me 10 years old
> go to school like any other kid
> new girl comes into class
> black hair, blue eyes, pale skin
> talk to her because she's obviously shy
> we immediately become best friends
> a couple of weeks later, she invites me over for a play date
> her dad invites me in and we go to play in the back yard
> play tag and all other dumb games
> she suggests that we play one girly game
> she wants to play house
> I agree after some convincing (I was 10)
> we walk around to the side of the house
> "you'll be the daddy, I'll be the mommy"
> play normal, like kids do
> but then
> "OK anon, now we're going to play the mommy daddy game"
> wut.jpg
> she had a little dress on at the time
> she lifted it up to show me her pink underwear.
> I got embarrassed to look but also was surprised by my little ten year old erection, so I tried to hide it
> she saw it and giggled as she proceeded to take off her underwear
> "it's ok anon, that means you love me like mommies and daddies do"
> uh ok...
> she puts her dress back down but her underwear are still at her feet.
> she tells me to show it to her
> embarrassed, I pull it out
> she looks at it and plays with it
> feelsgoodman.png
> then out of nowhere she wraps her mouth around it.
> hnnnng
> she's sucking pretty mediocre like
> she says she saw her mommy do that to her daddy
> she tells me to lay down and I do so
> she stands over me, me being able to see her peach fuzz puss
> she squats down with the dress still down and is grinding her bare cunt on my cock
> I then notice that she's getting wet and is moaning kinda alot
> also notice a build up of pressure in my cock while she grinds on it
> she moves to far up and with her lubrication I slid right in
> she does this little cry noise but kept going
> it felt good as fuck
> the pressure became too much and it just released
> she says she feels it coming out
> gets off and the first time I've ever seen cum was my own coming out of her
> "that means you really love me, and that we'll be a family"
> still confused on what happened, I just agree
> she puts her panties back on with my cum still dripping out of her
> we go back to our play date as if nothing happened
> she invites me over a few times after, but nothing like that ever happened again
> 13 years have passed and I still get hard thinking about it.
> don't know what ever happened to her
> moved to California later that year.

Alright, there's my piece. Tell me if you're writing a story so we can bump
Bump. I have a few others from when I was older but I haven't written them out yet. So if you want em, more people will have to contribute
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Mother fucking bump.
You can't possible cum at 10, I mean, kids don't cum, do they? Or at least there's no semen coming out.

Also, I have a boner. Fucking 10 years old kids
I guess I was an early bloomer because there was indeed cum

it's possible. my cum didn't come(heh) until I was 12. Kids can orgasm, I did all the time. But the first time I saw this little white drop appear at the end of my dick after I orgasmed I almost shit myself
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I have one...
>Being a little witty 6 year old
>Watch Donald Duck on the television
>Sit down beside my family
>When Donald get's puffed with baby powder I get instahard
>Try to hide it
>Go to bathroom
>Cry because I thought boners were like a fucking disease or something
3 Years later
>Take a shower
>Get hard
>Masturbate until I jizz
>Almost cry because I thought the boner would not go away
>School next day
>Sitting with a big puffy jacket
>Get boners just by thinking of it
I'm a chronic masturbator, I will fucking masturbate every fucking day if I get the chance...
Huh. Alright
Anyone? I know I'm not the only one
What? You said sexual experience...
You should've said Sexual Encounter :^)
Me too, I did have orgasms but the cum would came a few years later
I'll give it cleaver. Do you have any sexual encounters from your youth?
>I will fucking masturbate every fucking day
I fap 5 times a day since im 14 and im 30 now

get on my lvl
Lol i have one but not something reaaly exciting

> be me on kindergarden
> twin asian girls curious of me
> i went to toilet with both of them
> they touched my dick and i touched their vaginas
> we pissed together
> after that nothing big happened but fondling each others genitals when we are alone
I have two:
>like 8 years kid
>round female neighbors house
>in her bed watching Simpsons
>In the episode the plot is something about all the adults in Springfield having sex
>she says we should try
>turn lights off and take our clothes off and do nothing
>"this is boring anon"
>Kiss and hug naked in bed
Asian twins. You lucky bastard. Too bad nothing else happened
Mmmmm trips
>be me
>be like 3 or 4 years old
>mom always got same babysitter for me
>things were normal for a while
>suddenly she (the babysitter) starts molesting my cock every chance she can
> it started during diaper changes
>yes i fucking rwmember this clearly
>was scared. Didnt actually enjoy it at the time
>she would force it on me. Chase me around and pin me to the floor and suck my cock every time she babysat me
>told me to be quiet because police would take me away if i told mom
>eventually told mom about it
>babysitter gets arrested
>shes only 17 (i know this now by asking questions about it to my mom while i was older)
>turns out sitter was addicted to drugs and was a fucking mental case
>comes back from rehab and appologizes
>mom allows her to babysit again
>everything was cool. We played nintendo
>many babysitting sessions later she sucks my cock again
>tell mom

Turns out the babysitter committed suicide shortly after.

>true story.
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>When Donald get's puffed with baby powder I get instahard
File: 1414454350414.jpg (25 KB, 333x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mom alows her to babysit again
cool mom
That was pretty wild. But thanks for sharing
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The first time I came I thought I pissed myself in excitement
Not really.
>be me 12 beginning sexual awakening
>at my buddy's place, he has 10 yr step sister who is just around
>she always kisses him on the lips hello, just quick nothing too gross
>at their house one day when step dad comes home, buddy is like hey
>sister comes running down screaming daaaaaaaddddyyy!!!
>he picks her up so her legs are wrapped around his waist and he's palming her ass pretty much, she got a skirt on that's riding up
>she seriously is kissing him on the mouth for like 5 minutes
>I'm bonering, my friend is so bored he just says she's annoying
>this girl literally won't unwrap her legs from him so he walks her into the master bedroom and just shuts the door behind him.
>didn't see either of then the rest of the afternoon
Did I witness child abuse?
Holy fuck thats hot. Are you friends with her on facebook????
Well alrighty then. Thank you for helping me keep my thread alive
I learned (at some point in my past) that 12 year old girls get wet and enjoy touching/licking. I'm not going to say anything more about that.
Free blowjobs and you had to go snitchin
Np. Man, I need to get some baby powder to recreate the memory...
Sadly no. I don't even remember her name.
Fucking faggot snitch ass punk
i dunno she seemed pretty excited about it
why even post if you wont give us the story
Hey man. If i was a bit older i would have loved it. Thinking back on it, she was hot and its kind of a turn on
Lol he mad
That's what this thread is for
Alright well, op is going to start writing out another one. Keep the thread alive
A friend and i used to fuck each other in the ass all the time. Started around 8 years old. Stopped around 14
>Be 15
>My friend tell me to go on 4chan.org/b/
>Strange dark place of web
>I'm 23 now still go on 4chan daily
>Masturbate daily even if i had a girlfriend
>Fap to Trap, cuteboy, girl anal

How to stop masturbating ? Seriously i fucking can't.
Alright /b/ i gotta story for you keep bumping it will take a little while i will think of almost detail and, if any of you are nig nog racist then tell me not to tell.

it's only abuse if it's harmful. Clearly she wasn't being harmed.
>be in after-school day care
>kids go there from 6yo to 11yo
>little asian/white mixed girl, 6yo, is really energetic and always tries to piss off the child care workers as much as possible before they tell her off
>one day many kids are sick and we are alone in there, 3 other kids were going to come later since they were older, hence went to school until later
>there was this one place called the "cuddle corner", basically a bed with lots of cushions and blankets
>after wrestling for a bit i pull down her pants forcefully because she had me in a chokehold
>she pulls down my pants too
>it just happened by itself, suddenly i was fingering her coochie and butthole and she was giggling and stroking my dick
>we try to stick it in but it doesnt work
>goes on for a good hour
>one of the nurses comes in catches us, she completely lost her shit and kicked me out of there, calling the police

and that is how i lost my traineeship at the day care
When i was 6 and my cousine was 5 we often hid in our grandmas wardrobe and then she took off her panties and i sticked my little stiff dick in her vagoo.
Yet there was a girl in my kindergarten who was seriously horny at the age of 5 or 6 and when we were having an after lunch nap she always tapped me on shoulder and showed her pussy like its nothing. Then one day we went to the bathroom where she kissed my little dick and i kissed her peach as she called it. Never had sex or any other sexual intercourse since then. Im 28 atm

I'm not a fan of the party van :)

I only mentioned it for scientific reasons
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

who says stories here have to be true?
fucking post
>we try to stick it in but it doesnt work
>but it doesnt work
>doesnt work
more detail pls
Are you me?

dont be an autist. greentext isnt illegal, it can be fanfic for what its worth
yes, and i only masturbate to your story for scientific reasons.

now start writing, damn it
would share mine but far as got was with this Asian girl when i was in elementary school all we did was dry hump when both of our moms would have a chat and coffee and watch their telenovelas in the living room at her house we would go to her moms room and dry hump didn't know what the fuck i was doing just felt damn good one of my first pre cum experiences
>Be me 7 its summer bitches finally going to have a good time, my dad blows up our plastic pool so we can swim.
> me and, my step brother and step sister are swimming step brother goes inside okay.jpg
>Sister says she wants to try something its called kissing she kissing me feels good man
> so she says lets try underwater i say sure me and, her go underwater and start making out feels good man we come up
> brother comes out and jumps back in so we play for a little more we get out sister pisses infront of us instant hard on
whoops to many arrows
the first time i cried cos my dad had just told me about parasites and i thought it was one.
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You are one of those stupid ass foreigners aren't you?
Holy shit OP, how on earth would anyone top this. Can't believe I actually got a semi hard on. Good one.
Dub dubs

When I was 16 or so one time I held my cousin up while she straddled me and made out. She was 7-9
i have a massive 7 inch diamater 8 inch long cock and was 18 years old at the time. she was 6 years old and tight as a fruit loop.

i did get her to try and blow me, and after that i sucked her fine kiddie juices from her vag.
fun times.
What do you mean by that?
>3 or 4 years old
>wearing diapers

Are you still retarded?
>and that is how i lost my traineeship at the day care

clearly a fake story numb nuts.
Maybe ? I fuck my girlfriend 3 times a week. It's been 3 year now. She not into anal and that make me sad. Sex is good but booring.
kek, I thought this too.

Go on...
Same for me. I masturbated since age 8, although I didn't knew it was masturbation back then. I'd also do it with a non erect penis by clumsily squishing my tip. I'm actually quite sad that I can't do that anymore, as I'm getting hard pretty quick after touching myself. Now anyways, a few years later I discovered I could masturbate with a hard on (about 11 I guess) but there was no cum. It started flowing out a year later. It actually didn't feel really good and I was pretty grossed out by it (I of course by the time knew exactly what was going on). Well, if you've read this unnecessary comment, you're pretty sure a faggot, but I felt like telling this story.
>be between 5 and 8
>always stay at my grandparents' during the day because my parents work
>cousins do the same
>have fun playing with cousins every day
>one day cousin suggests we play 'you show me yours I'll show you mine' as eloquently as a child can
>decide to play under a table in the dining room
>most of dining room is clearly visible from kitchen where adults are hanging out
>start the game slowly
>swap views of stomach, she shows me her delicious flat chest
>can tell that she's getting awkwarded out, but press on
>she dares me to show her my ass
>challenge accepted
>she giggles and shows me hers
>decide it's time to take it all the way
>whip out my dick
>she gasps and giggles
>ask her to show me hers
>"Anon, I don't have one of those!"
>pretty confused, but accept it
>"Just show me what you have anyway"
>cousin immediately stops smiling and dread becomes visible on her face
>a kind voice says, "You know, I can see what you're doing in here."
>grandpa busted us
>grandpa cock-blocked me

I never did get to see all of her. We've not spoken of this since it happened, and I'm not sure she even remembers.
based post I was regularly getting my dick sucked at age 9 I would feel an urge to come and nothing it wasn't till a few years till I spewed anything
i jerk of ATLEAST 2 times a day
Why do people do this "cont?" shit?

You need some kind of validation before you continue? Just write the damn thing.
your grandpa is a she?
That's what yearbooks are for faggot
Call up your old school and find her faggot
>Fap to Trap, cuteboy
only thing left to do is to kill yourself
>so we get back in the house still rock hard
> sister says lets go in the room alone and, watch tv
> ok sure dont mind that we go in the room she
> we flip around because we are bored finnally
> we leave it on a fucking scene on a tv show we like she says she wants to kiss again
>ok we make out for a long time we get called to dinner she is staring at me stare back
> next day she calls me in the back yard and, says lets go in the shed to kiss again
> ok lets do it again she is kissing me it feels good man
> we get out she says lets try sex like we saw
> we go to the corner she takes off all her close
> instant hard on she starts sucking stick it in her
sorry trying to write as much as i can and nopuncation cause 404

Do you into reading comprehension?
Hi Anons i love fapping i do it any time i get a chance too. Wanna do it together on IRC For example? If so msg me at laqspam@gmail.com
Na, i can fap to whatever i want to nigga. Go kill yourself if you limit your life by what other people think.
>summer between 2nd and 3rd grade
>move to new town
>on beach meet this girl and just play with the waves and kid shit
>1 month later still summer my neighbors we're renting there house and look who moves in
>so once the girl moves in we play a lot and shit
> one day making like made up pokemon cards or some faggy 2nd grade shit
>drop one under bed
> go to pick it up
>have to lie under bed to get it
>once im down under my bed she comes down there 2 and starts hugging me like theres no tomorrow
> I ask her if there is a word that starts with "l" that she feels towards me
>looking for the word like
>she says she loves me
> pretty weirded out but also tryna get it in
> take her downstairs and teach her how to kiss
>teach french kiss
>then i get her to rub my 2nd grade dick while french kissing her
>goes on for 1 more month
>writes me a love note
>throw that shit away and never respond
>throws japcunt ragefit and goes psycho trying to ruin my now 3rd grade life for the next 3 years
Why do you see masturbation as a problem?
I'm writing this like 30 seconds after cumming and this is my third wank already, its only 4pm. cant believe taht guy thinks once a day is alot

>be me, old enough to buy liquor
>babysitting kid with disability in wheelchair
>take him to pool
>a girl (12) he knows from school is outgoing and wants to play
>she crawls up on my back, is generally annoying
>she's choking me so I reach back to hold her up with my hands (I don't know how to describe the position but I think you know what i mean)
>I put one of my fingers on her cunt (outside her swimsuit)
>she gets instantly quiet and pushes her cunt towards my hand
>fuck me what am I doing?
>I pull aside her suit and rub her pussy
>she's all quiet and melting into me
>time to go, I ask her to come over, she smiles and rides her bike over while I drive the (non-party) van
>once over she sits on my lap while he watches a movie
>I play with her titties, they get hard and she starts to shiver
>I reach down into her pants and she's fucking wet as newly formed dew on a July morning
>fuck this my brain is now full retard
>I take her to another room, pull down her pants
>she covers her eyes and act embarrassed, I lick her pussy like a lion on a gazelle
>delicious. fucking delicious, I would give my right nut to be able to lick her all day, every day
>continue this about every other day for a month, she always whispers, "can you do that thing with your tongue?"
>Eventually her mom suspects somethign, yells a lot at me, but cops never called.
>next summer try to hook up, girls calls me a loser.
>I end up talkign with her at pool, convince her to try again, after pool she rubs my dick on her pussy
> She appears done after that, ignores me, etc. I suspect her mom brainwashed her into thinking what we were doing was bad
> I have her FB but don't talk to her, just in case brainwashing still in effect. She turned butterface, so leave alone
triggered faggot
Cause when i masturbate daily, i lost the desire to fuck my girlfriend. I don't know if she the problem or i am... or maybe sex is just boring..
>throws japcunt ragefit and goes psycho trying to ruin my now 3rd grade life for the next 3 years

Kek, you did 3rd grade for 3 years?
You had sweet nippon pussy and you threw it away. You are a huge faggot now huh?
Well I wrote out a story and accidentally deleted it. Fuck
File: 645132.jpg (58 KB, 1024x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 1024x682
>16 sleeping over gf's house
>her moms away
>fuck n suck all over the house
>go to bed and sleep
>wake up few hours later
>the room is dimly lit
>my gf's head is on my chest
>she's stroking my cock
>hear her whisper, stroke it like this
>feel another hand on my cock
>she whispers, do you like his cock ricky
>WTF! her little brother
>but it feels good, so I feign sleep
>he strokes my cock for awhile
>she asks him if he would like to suck it
>yes please
>ok, do it how I showed you with my dildo
>if Eric starts to wake up drop to the floor, I'll take over
>he says ok and starts to lick my cock
>she says good, you're doing good
>guys like it when you lick their cock
>now swallow it
>slowly he worked most of my cock down his throat
>good boy she says
>while he sucked my cock my gf played with my balls
>I couldn't hold back anymore
>I let out a moan and filled his mouth
>in the dim light I could see she was looking at me
>she couldn't see I was awake
>he licked me clean
>whispers you're the best sister
>he sneaks out of room
>a minutes passes
>I know you're awake
> be me 8-10 years old or something
> have a sleepover with my neighbor
> we slept out in a tent in my yard
> both guys
> we started fooling around like we always did
> then, we got this weird idea about rubbing our dicks together and stuff
> then i put my dick in his ass, and kind of fucked him
> he moans
> we switch turns and fuck eachother
> We never mention it, because now that we are grown up men we see that what we did like 10-15 years ago was fucking disgusting, why the fuck did we do it? Kids are disgusting man
I was able to cum at 10, only thing is that it was clear, took a couple of years to actually become white
Nigger detected
Get the fuck off 4chan coon
I made a chick in a wheel chair cum.
Be me work for A Transit company.
> Pick up a 7/10 wheelchair girl up.
>black but that hot well taking care of black girl hair in short shoulder length dreads, B tits in a long black dress 22 years old Not durpy at all.
> Got to take her across the 3 county's to a rehab place, 2 hour drive at worst.
> Turn on the radio to a easy listening i need back round noise to stay awake. She strapped down in her wheel chair to the floor right behind the driver's seat in the van.
> "Excuse me Mr Bus driver" She said reaching up and tapping me on the shoulder.
> "Yes Miss what can i do for you?" professional as shit.
> Could we listen to some else? Im not a fan of easy listening.
Great she's black and will want to listen to the Songs of apes.
> "Some classic rock or country would be nice." She says in a soft coy voice. 'MY NIGGA!" I think to my self Cutting on classic rock.
we both jam out for about 15 minutes before she starts talking to me. Basics Do you like your job where you from so on we're making pleasant telling a few jokes. Then i nut up and asked.
> So miss if you dont mind me asking where you born disabled or where you in a accident? She looked taken aback for a moment then smiled. "People usually are not so up front well I was in a accident. My brother wrecked his car on the way home. He died i was well." She said patting her legs.
> "Are you completely paralyzed or." She smiled stomping her left foot softly. No my left leg is but i have some ablility to move this foot and im not always numb below it comes and goes. the nerves some time fire and i can feel every thing but most the time im numb" she said sadly "Im sorry that happened to you and your brah." I said. "Well it could be worse i could have to wear a diaper thankfully i dont." she said laughing.
> We talked for about a hour after before.
I drifted a little in the lane hitting the rumble strip vibrating the whole bus. Her face went blank then her face turned red.-1-4
File: u wot m8ty.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
u wot m8ty.jpg
65 KB, 1280x720
> so we get done fucking
> she pisses on the floor again why.jpg
>so we rush in before we get caught
> so later in the middle of the night she wants to fuck again i say no she says she will tell if i dont
> you wot m8 so she blackmails me into fucking her
>mfw she turned into a sex addict whore
>the story is too long to keep going on and it s all i remember
>be me 7yo
>had my bestguy friend over
>we started playing whit our dicks
>sudenly i was like "suck it"
>Gets dick blown for like 10sec
>did'nt get hard
>we go of play videogames
>still know him
>hope he does'nt remember
>"Really now? Ah!" She said as we went back to the middle of the road. Are you alright? I asked concerned. "Anon you remember those times i can feel down there? Well i happen to be having one of those times and im super sensitive..." She said with a shutter coming over her. "Ah sorry Femanon I'll drive slower."Anon would you.... Would you please run over that rumble thing again." She said embarressed. I pondered a moment then."Yeah i can do that." I said moving he van over to the rumble strip ridding the tires down. Vibrating the van."Ahhh......Oh god...." She said moaning. I could see her in the Passanger Mirror above me. She Bagan breathing heavy She slide her hand into her dress moving it furiously. "Im sorry..... I may not g-et many... Many more chance.... Chances to enjoy this... " she said her voice going low moaning.
File: 1419294410962.jpg (18 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 320x320
File: 1426836591718.jpg (220 KB, 997x959) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 997x959
> I unzip pulling my dick out I've never been so hard in my entire life. I start jerking while driving. Thank god for automatics. I can see her she started reaching up her shirt with her free hand rubbing her breast. Im going to town on my self same as her.
> "Oh God anon please pull over!!" She moaned. I see up ahead a shut down truck scales bingo! I Race into the stop tires screaching we are the only vehical there. "Anon Please please my bag! She demanded not stopping. I grabb her purse my dick still out climbing over the seat handing it to her. SHe dug into that bad boy grabbing her hair brush. She shoved it deep into jacking it hard. Im so caught up in the show i dont notice im Hard and out. She grabbs my dick. Holy shit I was not expecting this she's jerking me so fucking hard it hurts We are both moaning like animals. "GOD ANON PLEASE PLEASE ANON!!!!" She begged pulling condom from her purse. SHe fumbled putting it on me i picked her up unbuckling her lap belt shoving my dick in as hard as i could. Im slamming my dick in and out of her she's running her nails over my chest. I start pulling her shirt up i want to see her tits. She pulls them out bigger then i expected im balls deep had full of Tit blow my load so hard i almost faint she starts coming after i pull out. We're both left breathless slumped over diffrent things in the van.
> We both lay there a minute. "So thats what they mean by here to serve huh?" She said starting to laugh."Yeah i guess so. Want me to help you.." I guestured to putting her back in her chair."Yeah if you would holy shit i wish i could control when i can do these things.. I might be able to keep a boy friend." She said putting her dress and shirt right."You know im not seeing any one..." I said. She was quite a moment. What you doing Saturday anon?"
This is based on a true story. BASED not entirely true just based.
jesus christ anon
File: 1298009855183.gif (1 MB, 260x146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 260x146
fuck. i can remember being 12 and cumming the first hundred times or so. just that tiny little drip that happens, rubbing it around on my dick head afterward, feelsgoodman.jpg

>be me
>be 13
>be 1996
>internet doesnt really exist yet
>got some jpgs from local BBSes
>brother is using the computer, cant jack it there (or use the telephone because it logs him off)
>cant steal dads porn because hes dead
>get idea
>grab one of moms harlequin romance novels
>run to bathroom, lights off so no one knows where i am
>hard as fuck jacking away
>about to cum
>mom walk into the bathroom not knowing i was there
>her face when
>drop book on my dick
>its wet with my cum
>mom doesnt talk to me for a week
Sounds legit, this is not only some neckbeard bus driver's fantasy at all
what the fuck that chick has two buttholes
I don't see what's wrong with that, really. Maybe you should tell your girlfriend that you really are into masturbation, who knows you two might find a way to enjoy it together. I for example like to masturbate together with my girl. We're sometimes facing each other basically using each other as porn. I've masturbated while she didn't knew it, when she was on the computer, for example. I caught her masturbating in secret too, and depending on what mood she then was in, I'd join, watch, or leave it be. It's also great to masturbate but cum on her.
i have kinda the same story too it's just that we did'nt go all the way we just blew each other
Keep fucking going then nigger did you fuck him in the ass? How old is the little faggot?
>first grade, first day
>dad's a doctor
>tell the whole class, only thing I have to be proud of
>fast forward a few months
>still saying "muh dad's a doctor" at every chance
>think that makes me cool
>recess, pretty rural school
>group of 5 girls, always together
>they got mad at one of the group for some reason
>they prank her by grabbing leaves and shit and forcing them inside her pants
>they tell her the plants are poisonous
>girl gets scared
>she's crying, separated from all her cunt friends
>they won't let her close anymore
>she joins some other group of girls
>they all approach me
>girl actually wants me to take a look at the plants
>they hand me the leaves and sticks they had put in her pants
>tell her they're not poisonous, she should be okay if she's not allergic
>"how can I know if I'm allergic?"
>"if your legs got red then you are"
>not minding me, she pulls down her pants
>"no, you're not allergic. Your legs seem fine"
>for some reason I decide it's a good idea to pull down her underwear too
>nobody stops me or protests
>first pussy I ever saw
>"yeah, you're gonna be okay"
>"thanks anon"
>girl was in my class until fourth grade, we never talked about it again

Keep fucking going nigger! How old is the little faggot, did you fuck his ass while his sister watched?
I jerked it twice as I was reading that, and three more times while writing this. Get on my level.
Ok let´s go:

> be me 11-12 years old
> go to school
> fat as fuck, no one wanted to be my friend
> had a best friend, always doing things together
> I invite him to play videogames at my home
> playing street fighter II in Super Nes
> "If I win, you show me your cock. If i lose, I show to you"
> stupid ante, but sounds funny
> losing and winning, showing cocks in underwear
> we get showing without underwear
> "now, the one who loses grabs the other one´s dick"
> stupid ante, sounds funny
> begin to lose and win
> begin to ante "lick cock"
> begin to ante "suck cock"
> not finishing blowjob, but his cock in my mouth for 10 seconds. Also, my cock in his mouth for 10 seconds.
> Weird, but funny

We become fapping pals (going to quiet and alone places and fapping, our own cock, and sometimes the other one´s cock) for 3-4 years. No more cocksucking.

One day he moved to other place. Lost contact.

> inb4, his penis was huge. 13-14 years old, 18-19 cm. Mine was small (10-12).
Lol, didn't understand how to fuck.
I started to watch porn when I was like 5 yrs old so I would always make out with all my friends we would rub each others pussys and suck our tiny nipples it was awesome I loved it and as I got older I started to make out with my brother who's 5 yrs younger then me when I was like 10ish and he would suck my nipples and lick my pussy it was the best lol :))

I didn´t mention: Now I live with my girlfriend.
I wouldn't say "abuse" just happiness. If she likes it, then who are we to say it's wrong.
>begin to ante"lick cock"
Dont get it,he name was Ante or something?

Ante = bet

sorry. crappy english.
>be 5 or 6
>ausfag so grade 1
>me and 2 girls playing back of school
>say "hey grills u wanna play a game"
>both say yeah
>we go to bush and sit down, other kids cant see us but cars do pass by
>tell grils we are gonna play show me yours you show me mine
>show grils penis
>grils giggle and snort, says it looks funny
>grils start stroking and playing with my dick
>slowly getting hard
>tell grils to show me theirs
>grils stand up drop their underwear and lift up their skirt
>dick is hard as diamonds by now
>start playing w gril i likes clit, she starts to moan and spaz out
>recess ends
>go back to class with boner

at the time i didn't know what a clit was but just thought she was ticklish so the next few weeks I shove my hand up her dress in class and tickl her tickle spot.
lol, this never happened

> wtf
>be 10
>friends older brother (17) takes me in his room
>I give him hand job and blowjob
>be 11 sister12 female cousin 12

>we being older get to play outside after dark

>dont want to go in house to pee so just piss right there on blacktop driveway


>sister and female cousin do the same

>fuck sister later that year in shower
Had a fapping pal, too. We don't talk about it today, but still. No gay thoughts, no masturbation to each other and only touching ourselves, but we'd go outside and climb trees to masturbate and exchange tips. I don't know why we didn't see this weird back then, I guess we felt like two buddies who just discovered something that feels really good no one else has discovered yet. We're both absolutely straight and had multiple girlfriends since then. Thinking back it doesn't arouse me in any way, we really held it like going to the swimming pool or riding our bikes together.

> D:
its pasta
>be 11, stepbrother 12, stepsister 13.
> at nudist campsite on vacation.
> each have our own tent. Parents sleep in caravan.
>stepsister had a fight with her mum because she didn't want to go nude.
>she gets punished by staying in her tent.
>me and stepbro sit in the awning.
>stepbro and I hate each other.
>parents go out to buy groceries.
> stepsister calls me to her tent.
>I ask what's up.
>she says nothing and opens her tent, 3 inches.
>get semi-hard.
>she asks why I don't have a boner.
>I say I think I do.
>she asks if she could feel it.
>I refuse, because it's out in the open.

Should have said "I'm going to go ahead and do the lick test, don't worry, muh dad's a doctor."
I have the weirdest boner right now
I like watersports to this day
Totally agree. Same here anon Lmfao. Have wife and kids though.

>Niggers in charge of getting the joke

Jesus ya'll are dense.

(writer of >>605933696 here)

We usually tend to "end" each other faps. When we were about to cum, we grab the other one dick, and then the other "fuck" the hand.

It was really horny. Now I look back and I say, "wtf?"

But I remember my fapping pal with a smile in my face. He was a really nice friend, and all those fapping moments were really hot. In a forest, in and abandoned factory, at night in remote areas...
Lol, should been like. "Sorry, I don't date lazy people."
Girl I had a crush on mum rings for play date

Day of play date
>wear boxers
>feeling cool af
>arrive at girls house
>parents of girl give me judging/angry looks
>almost shit myself
>girl takes me out back to play in cubby house
>half an hour later girl asks if i want to see something
>say yes
>girl takes me around the side of her house to hidden bush area
>girl takes off skit, reveals no undies and slightly developed titties
>dick instantly starts throbing and is hard as diamonds
>girl giggles and tells me to touch her tickle spot
>touch her clit, shes getting wet af
>never happened before so thinks she's peeing
>take hand away quicker than a nigger running from cops
>girl takes down my pants
>she walks up and stands a mm away from me, my penis is now covering the full length of her vagina
>girl starts moving back and forth awkwardly
>starts moaning and deep breaths
>I sit down bc feel too good
>she sits on me and tries to continue
>penis in her vagina
>she awkwardly moves around on my dick and moans and groans
>too much for me
>tell her stop
>she hops off and plays with penis
>feel unknown pleasure all of a sudden
>look down
>girls hand has warm sticky white residue
>girl runs and calls out for mum
>she shows mum
>get yelled at for unknown reason

never see girl again up until this year,found her on facebook shes ugly af now and her mum died lmao
>Be 12-13
>At friends house playing with remote control cars etc
>his sister (9-10) wants to play
>i say she can play if she touches my cock (was funny at the time)
>she plays with my cock rockard.jpeg
>later that day we are all watching a film in bedroom, say show me yours i will show you mine
>brother joins in, all naked at this point
>start playing dares, getting my dick sucked from bro and sis, sucking his dick and licking her honey pot
>bro dares us to fuck, push my dick inside her, she starts panting and going all red, i get off
>dare bro to sex sis, he does.
>continue this game for 1-2 years until she starts realising whats happening. never happened again after that.

looking back at it now i realise how fucked up the whole situation but it was awesome at the time...this story is 100% legit
Wow anon what happened after?
told this before:

>be 9-10
>older brother (12) and neighbor girl (10) in back yard
>brother says "show us yours and we'll show you ours"
>everyone drops pants
>see girl has no penis or balls
>WTF??? where did they go???
>later getting babysat by 15-year old neighbor girl
>I blurt out "anonette doesn't have a penis!"
>she explains that girls don't have penises
>"you don't have a penis???"
>"no I don't"
>i'm still confused and she can tell
>she says "do you want me to show you?"
>I nod
>she takes me into den and pulls shade down
>pulls panties down and sits on couch with her skirt up
>"get between my legs and look"
>get my face right in there
>she tells me to put my tongue on it
>think "ewww" but OK
>start licking her
>she starts grinding my face and telling me to push my tongue in further
>hear her moaning. thinking i'm hurting her
>few minutes later she shivers a little and holds my head still
>"you can't tell anyone we did that anon"
>thinking to myself "why would I tell anyone I liked a girl's pee pee?"
File: 1392485602886.jpg (7 KB, 103x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 103x125
lost my shit

> never see girl again up until this year,found her on facebook shes ugly af now and her mum died lmao

Cool story /b/ro
>be 11/12 years old, dont know exactly
>best friend has sister of 14 constantly horny
>sister and i are alone in best friends moms caravan
>best friends sis says lets play a game
>tells me to lay on the bed and shut the curtains (shes on the other side)
>*knock knock* on curtain
>i open the curtain, sis completely naked
>i am very confused, but getting a boner
>she asked: you ordered a hooker? I say no.
>tells me to play along, pulls down my pants and starts sucking my dick
>it felt so fucking good, but i also felt awkward
>she says that i now need to lick her vagina
>vagina is already very wet, it tastes funny
>she is squirming around and pushes my head away
>tells me i need to put my dick inside her
>as i am on top of her im fucking nervous, but im going for it
>vagina is so wet that it kind of slips in pretty easily, but she pulls back kind of shocked and in pain
>says i can continue anyway
>now im fucking her and my head is spinning from excitement
>she starts to breath heavily
>it all gets too much and i cum inside her
>i lay on top of her for a few more seconds as we are both pretty confused by everything

Still jerk off to it sometimes
>be 12
>go round neighbour's house
>she's an 11 year old cutie
>lying on the sofa watching tele
>anon do you like me?
>err yeah I guess
>today we learnt about something you do when you really like someone
>she starts rubbing my crotch through trousers
>get a boner and it feels good man
>she puts my hand under her dress on her little panties
>feel they're kind of wet
>so confused
>slips her pants to the side and rubs my hand on her
>slips her little hand down my trousers and wraps it round my dick
>puts her leg over me and starts to straddle me
>rubs her self over my cock
>slips it in quickly and her eyes go wide in a kind of confused pleasure
>'wait, not here. Let's go upstairs'
>stand up and she leads me up stairs holding my hand all the way
>heart is pounding so hard
>get to her room
>she looks back at me as she pushes open the door
>tells me to lie down
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
Swollen prostate much??
>girl takes off skit, reveals no undies and slightly developed titties
>girl takes down my pants

Calling bullshit.
File: sl.png (19 KB, 552x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 552x414
>>thinking to myself "why would I tell anyone I liked a girl's pee pee?"
Wow. Such absurd bullshit. You have no fucking idea what ten year olds are like, do you?
If I don't jerk off at least once a day, I feel wrong.

And I have an urge to punch a baby right in it's happy face because no one can be happy until I jerk off.
No one
>when I was 12 I'd eaves drop on my 14 year old sister masturbate all the time
>our bedroom walls were pretty paper thin and hers was next to mine.
>I'd always press my ear against the wall and jerk it to her quietly moaning
>We had this weird battery powered ball that sort of looked like a brightly colored landmine which would vibrate and roll over the floor. I'm sure someone knows what I'm talking about.
>anyway I'd know she was doing something when I'd hear that toy start up.
>she would usually moan someones name, usually just boys from her classes, sometimes my dad, but on one rare occasion she moaned my name.
>Think to myself "this is my chance"
>get up and walk into her bedroom
> See her in bed, legs up, with one of the rubber tips pressed agains her vag
>instantly realize I have no idea what I'm doing
>"even worse, I realized when I tucked myself into my waistband, my dick was peeking up from my pajamas.
>"uhh I forgot to say goodnight"
>run back to my room
>next night business as usual. Toy comes on, ear goes against wall, Hand around dick.
>After a while still jerking it but hear no moaning
>realize she's been standing in the doorway rubbing her nub.
>I hide under the blankets and pretend I was sleeping the whole time.
>She comes over to the bed and straddles me through the sheets.
>"Anon, don't you want to see what your sister feels like?"
>she gets under the covers with me and grabs my dick
>slowly starts jerking me and forces me to touch her.
>She gets naked and starts grinding her wet clit against my dick
>Mom busts in and says "Whats that noise?"
>Aw mom your just Jealous it's the Beastie Boys!!
I came with the force of a thousand suns, thanks for that anon!
A true masterpiece, I came again, thank you so much!
>takes off all her close
>she promises to let me feel her.
>I stick my dick through the opening.
>she jerks my cock.
>get boner.
>she says she's happy she made me get a boner. Now she feels pretty.
>I ask if I can feel her tits.
>she has C.
> pull my dick out of the tent.
>grabs tits and licks nipple through the 3inch hole.
>I notice girl (16) in the neighbouring caravan looking.
> run like hell to my awning.
>forgot stepbro was there.
>he asks why I have a boner.
>I make excuse.
>he says he heard us talking and he wants it too or he will tell on us.
> I go ask my stepsister if she wants to do the same to my stepbro.
>she refuses but I convince her.
>come up with rule me and my stepbro switch every 2 minutes, Unless neighbour girl looks again.
>we time it on our old DS.
>stepsis tells me after two turns she'll give me special treatment.
>sucks my dick through the opening.
>after 3 minutes stepbro comes to tent says it's his turn.
>pull my dick out.
>he asks why it's wet.

Decided to continue anyway.
>be me 2nd grade
>kinda friends with this one ginger kid and some Gorilla Grod looking nigger girl
>surrounded by sexual jokes and innuendos regularly at home, older sibling and Austin Powers
>convince ginger to kiss nigger in bathroom
>spend weeks convincing them to do more, look down each other's pants, play with each other, etc.
>eventually talk them both into it and sit back and watch the sexy times roll
>general kissing, remember she pulled his dick out and got him hard, he finger banged that gorilla senseless
>start getting a little horny myself
>start fooling around too, pussy feels weird
>feel sudden tug on my zipper, ginger tries to start sucking my dick
>freak out and leave them in the bathroom stall while I go to the next stall and try to bust my dry nut

I believe this is the event that led me to have raging jungle fever. For much hotter black bitches now, of course, but that girl helped start it all.
Will power homie. Ween yourself off of porn and cut it down a bit at a time. 10x/day - 5x/day - 1or2x/day - a couple times a week - /b/ less lol, idk, read some interesting books, maybe smoke a few

>be 3
>neighbor ho comes over
>she's beggin' for the d
>starts grinding up against me
>humping my leg
>yeah, rock hard now, 6.5x6 - yeah i know kinda small, but i was only 3 then
>throw her on my blankie
>tear her clothes off
>go down on her like i'm slurpin' up jello pudding
>she's a squirter
>my turn
>pop the head in
>damn she's tight
>slide in halfway
>so hot and she's squeezing already
>not going to last long so i go for it
>pounding the shit out her
>just as i was about to cum, she whispers in my ear - dada big
>that did it, since i have a baby daughter fetish
>i came buckets
Also happened to me a lot of times
my turn
> be me unborn
> twin sister cell swims over to me
> she say hey
> I say I wan sex
> she say ok
> I slide mitochondrion inside her
> it go all the way up to her nucleolus
> I jizz inside her
> still think about it every night
File: wtf.jpg (27 KB, 510x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 510x383

>be 3

> 3

2 babies 1 fox? really?
I do several times a day even when fucking the very same day
>implying you were born
>cant steal dads porn because hes dead
Nice trips
show us a picture of this bitch
>be me orange
>bees make honey
>honey on city wall
>girl wants anal sex
>give anal sex to dead duck
>girl disappointedaar
>ships with sails are for sailing
"This is boring anon" ahahsahahahahahaha
thx m8
I had quite a few friends guy and female experiment with me

If I fucked guys and girls, does that make me a man slut?

also, stories?
I came all the time, it was Crystal clear , low volume, and very slippery. Sadly my sister was the first to see it.
File: 1388073612972.jpg (168 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 1920x1200
>be 9 years old
>live in Cul de Sac (like ed edd n eddy)
>there are two other kids my age one girl one boy
>playing ball with the guy
>girl comes up
>Anon! I want to play too
>we let her throw the ball to us
>she sucks but I kind of like her so I don't want to be mean
>tell her she is doing it wrong and to let me show her
>grab her hand and show her how to lean into a pitch
>our bodies rub as I show her
>she gets red
>I get red
>she says thanks anon I get it now
>FFW to a week later
>boy got the chicken pox so he is inside
>just me and the girl
>go over to her house
>we are in her room watching TV
>Anon remember when you taught me how to throw?
>yeah what about it
>did you get close to me like that because you like me?
>red faced.exe
>she smiles
>she comes over to me
>kisses me
>I freeze because I never saw it coming
>kiss her back
>next thing I know she is rubbing my cock
>feels good man.jpg
>she puts my hand on her pussy
>oh anon one more thing
>at this point she should have asked me to kill her parents and I would have
>she looks into my eyes and says "I need about tree fiddy"
>it was about this time I realized she was an 8 story tall crustacean from the Paleozoic era
>MFW that god damn lochness monster tricked me again
gawddermnit loch ness monster

stick to your own kind and not the dicks of our little ones
File: image.jpg (81 KB, 640x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 640x492
Old pasta is old
I would giggle at if I hadn't seen it so many times when it first came about
It's not really pasta considering i did write the story instead of finding a prewritten one.
Im not sure why but the way you wrote this is fucking hilarious
you dirty little nigger
>he gets mad and tells her to open the tent.
>we go in.
>he says that it's not fair I got a better feeling than he did.
>she tells him sorry and gets scared that he tells on us.
>he says he maybe will.
>what a dick.
>she says we can see her puss if he doesn't tell.
>we all swear on it.
> she pulls down undies and we are surprised.
>I ask why it's wet down under.
>dumb me
>she says she doesn't know but it tastes good.
>asks if I want to taste.
>I lick.
>tastes bad and I yell ew. But it does turn me on.
>stepbro asks if he can taste
>she says no because she is embaressed.
>he is okay with it, if he gets to do something he saw the tvstars do.
>she wants to be an actress she says so she says yes.
>he puts his dick in her vagina.
>she says of feels good but hurts a little.
> I jerk myself off.
>she says she will put it in her mouth again.
>I get bored so I go away.
>don't remember if I orgasmed. But there was definitely no semen.
>I go play DS
>5 minutes later they both come in the awning.
>she is nude
>she wipes semen of her mouth and hands.
>I ask what it is.
>he says that in the end it will feel really good and you will 'spray'.
>I say I want that too.
>parents come back in the awning.
>stepmother asks why stepsis is nude.
>I say we told her its not scary being nude so she tried it.
>she tells stepsis good for her.
>best excuse

We got away with it. I still wanted to cum with her and she promised she would do it more times if I don't tell my stepbro. She sucked me off once, but then she got braces so I fucked her twice after that. Then she got a boyfriend and we didn't do it since, besides I jerked off while she was showering.
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 301x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 301x388
Reminds me of this.
File: th.jpg (8 KB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>and that is how i lost my traineeship at the day care
The first time I ever came was when I was ten. Nothing as exciting as putting it in a girl, but I definitely remember the pain and wanting to do it again
File: Maniacal_Laugh.jpg (33 KB, 573x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 573x430

nice one !
>be me, 7
>live in a little tiny hovel of a house out in the sticks
>only neighbor for miles has a 12-year-old daughter that my parents get to babysit me sometimes
>girl starts with things like making me French kiss her for rewards
>peaks in on me while I'm trying to piss
>calls me over on bus ride to school and makes me sit by her while she shows me off to her friends
>one day she's wearing short shorts and a halter top while babysitting me and says she wants to play doctor
>leans back in easy chair, spreads her legs, closes her eyes
>"okay anon I'm your sick patient. Use your doctor powers on me, touch me to heal me"
>"u-um touch you where?"
>"anywhere you want, anon. You're the doctor"
>think for a sec and have my first male moment, start rubbing between her legs
>her eyes immediately snap open and she stares hard at me, her lips slightly parted and her eyes begging for more
>my 7-year-old brain processes this as her being mad at me and I immediately burst into tears and beg her not to tell my parents
>she comforts me and promises not to tell, says I have nothing to be sorry about
>but the mood is killed, doctor time is over
>don't realize until years later that she wasn't mad, she wanted my little kid dick and I fucked it up
>feels bad man
This is the story of my life moda fucka
File: 1426214198873.jpg (6 KB, 350x307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 350x307

I've fucked enough ten year olds to know this is fake and gay.

this picture is top-notch old sport. Can I have it?
Are you me? I've been with mine for 5 years. Sex is boring. I have to sneak a fuck buddy over every couple weeks to pound her pussy and asshole raw. It would be more often, but she usually needs time to recover...

My gf is clueless lol.
I did the same with two neighbor girls when I was 8. They were inspecting my 2" hard on when their mom walked in.

My mom didn't know how to punish me, and my dad was like, "son, at least you gay."

No repercussions for me. Then I turned into a sexual deviant.
>be like 7-8? i dont remember
>my sister dressed up in a skirt as i lay in bed
>she lays near me
>she starts to grind on me
>cock becomes diamond
>i dont know whats happening
>we repeated this a few times
>thats all
Hey sir mind if I save your photograph
Thanks - mike
kill yourself faggot
you gay
Moar plz dick is diamonds
>solution: don't
File: 1402120654256.png (10 KB, 100x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 100x100
>>When Donald get's puffed with baby powder I get instahard
OI m8


Proud of you nigga. Where do us anons go to find extra fuckbuddy pussybutts? Gf ain't cutting it, nahmean?
Amen my anonymous niggaa
>be between 7-10
>Invite cousin over to hang out
>She's about a year younger than me
>at night, we share a bed
>somehow try to have sex
>struggle to find each others genitals
>feel her vagoo a little bit but can't get it in
>sleep the rest of the night

Yeah I tried to fuck my cousin without knowing what it really was.

well i don't remember it as detailed as you do but

>be me 5 years old
>no parental supervision
>go to the basement of the building we live in with a girl i go to school with and play with
>i tell her to show me her puss, she does it
>i remember wondering where is her penis
>i then show her my penis, it gets hard
>she gets scared and runs away

that's it lol that's as far as i got as a kid
Didnt do shit like that, but gf told me something similar and dont know what to think:
>Sleepover with a friend that turned into makeout session at 10 y old
>Party with friends where they made a circle and showed their genitals to see who has the prettiest pussy
I like your gf
Same shit with my homie years ago, look back at it and think da fuck, shit kinda ruined our friendship
My gf did the same and had a lesbo relationship with her counsin from 9 to 11 yo.

Go figure, bitches are kinky way too young these days
>be me
>sick party thrown by best friend
>he and his gf are here, along with a lot of random fuckers from school
>his gf somehow got beer
>im not asking questions because hell yeah
>three of us go into his room and start drinking
>shake that is playing
>dunno why but we all get really annoyed by it, but just continue to drink
>im pretty drunk at this point and start flirting with my best friends gf
>he gets visually frustrated but doesnt stop me
>say something along the lines of "your hair is like a lions mane. beautiful." (i was a really awkward teenager...)
>honestly i dont remember what happened for the next half an hour
It's easier than you'd think. Especially if the fuck buddy is already in a relationship. It just becomes like therapy. She's happier with her bf, I'm happy with my gf.
Literally the dumbest shit I've ever read on b.... Continue
>flirting has stopped for the most part
>RANDOMLY, my best friend says "so, what do you guys think about a threesome?"
>im like hell yes, being virginfag at the time
>his gf is like "uh no"
>best friend is still like stuck on it though
>his gf still shutting down everything he says about it
>dudes like alright alright
>gf says something like "if you want sex just have sex with (my name here)"
>dude just instantly starts making out with me
>only 16 so still pretty curios about my sexuality and just go with it
>tl;dr i fucked my best friend in the ass in front of his gf, then fucked his gf later that night.

captcha: froger
Double dubs checked
*not gay

I dun goofed.
Tits or gtfo
That's icky
I wish you were my sister.
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friendzoned again.jpg
7 KB, 300x168
>be 13 start of highschool
>cute girl in class I like
>she doesn't seem to notice me
>one day after school I was heading to the library
>she sees me and quickly turns away
>I pass it off being an ugly motherfucker
>walk into the library to get some books.
>after a short time I see her in the other isle
>she looks at me through the books
>whispers "hey anon" and signals me to come to her isle

>11 years old
>Have twin sister
>On a camping trip in northern NY
>She decides to practice kissing with me
>insane amounts of tongue and spit swapping
>I'm incredibly confused by this but it felt good enough to keep going
>fishing one day off the dock sitting in a lawn chair
>sister comes up and sits on my lap (for some reason my cock was already a chub at the time, random boner I guess)
>She starts grinding slightly on it making it grow
>leans into me keeping me down in the chair
>Trying to sort of push her off because I wanted to fish
[spoiler]And I fucking swear my cock just barely went into her as I was trying to push her off[/spoiler]

[spoiler]We just kissed for a couple more days, she got a bf like immediately after that summer[/spoiler]
yes pls

This so much also applies on me.

>be between 5 and 8
>always stay at my grandparents' during the day because my parents work
>cousins do the same
>have fun playing with cousins every day
>one day cousin suggests we play 'you show me yours I'll show you mine' as eloquently as a child can
>decide to play under a table in the dining room
>most of dining room is clearly visible from kitchen where adults are hanging out
>start the game slowly

I also did it with my cousin, under the dining table, which is visible from the kitchen.... WTF Dude
4chan reunions warm my heart
Turns out you're a multiple personalities. That one was your alternate but with the same memories from childhood. I'm a third one. We're all one.
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