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So /b/, tell me about her and what you're...
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So /b/, tell me about her and what you're doing to get her.

Pic not related
Super qt3.14 in my English class, she's not hot but she's beautiful. She's genuinely nice which is what I primarily look for in someone that I'm gonna spend money on to fuck. She smokes weed and since I work in a smokeshop I always give her good deals on stuff and try to flirt with her when I can. She has a boyfriend currently but I'm trying to continually offer things that kinda give me a one up on her current boy. My hope is that when she breaks up with him I'll be her first option, or if I'm lucky she'll just break up with him for me. I don't know her well enough to hang out with her outside of class or try to infiltrate her relationship.
Man she's like a 9/10 and I'm a 6/10
Been trying to talk for a while
Senior prom is coming up and I've basically just given up at this point
Why give up man? Ask her out, get her number. What do you got to lose? Shit like that you'll look back on and wish you woulda just done it
You're in highschool, this is the perfect time for you to go big. Be a cocky motherfucker and be confident. Confidence and uniqueness is the best way to get a girl and really isn't that hard to fake. My best method for getting a girls number is to be talking to her and just pull out my phone and hand it to them with the new contact page open. Unless they're a bitch, in which case you wouldn't want to be with her anyway, she'll put her number in there because it's too mean and awkward for her to give the phone back. Works every time for me.
Been friends with her for 3 years, she is the younger sister of my best friends wife. Says she loves my personality and uniqueness, she values weird ppl I guess, likes that I play music. Now I spend most days with her, but I am totally in the friend zone. Of course it is becuase I am 30 lbs overweight, she is like 10 lbs overweight and self conscious and wants to get back to where she was 2 yrs ago after breaking up with longtime bf. We jog together sometimes, I have been gyming it and dieting like a motherfucker trying to be the best person I can be, to try and earn her. the feels man I love her and she likes me alot but she just isnt attracted to me, she talks about other guys all the time, but shes afraid to talk to dudes, she has blown a few suitors off, but I know the second one comes around that fits her aesthetic Ill be dust in the wind... tfw man I can get in shape fast enough.
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>Found sweet qt redhead in high school
>We try dating, we both suck ass at socializing so it doesnt work, break up
>Go to colleges, no contact other than random texts
>We meet up years later to hang out as "friends"
>Its still painfully obvious we want each other
>She leaves forever again for college
I cant pinpoint what I find attractive about her, I honestly thought I was over her the second we broke up but when we met up again recently everything from highschool came flooding back into my brain and now I just cant stop thinking about her at all. She didnt change, she s still the same little aggravatingly timid qt pi shes always been, and Im still the same beta fuckwad who cant stop fixating on someone who might feel anything for me
what pisses me off about the whole thing is that she came after me, told me how she thought I was so much more interesting than other people and how Im more honest and straitforward and that she loves my personality. She totally wanted to hang out with me on the reg, I didnt even give her a thought until she started coming around. And now im stuck, If i tell her how I feel she will run screaming, but she started this shit tfw its not my fault I think she is my world.
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she's playing hard to get, and she's good at it. But I've got a pair of rollerskates and a rocket from ACME Industries, I should be able to catch her for sure this time
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That's a tough situation to be in man, you definitely are doing that right thing trying to get into shape and stuff. Maybe try hitting on her more? Make it a little more obvious that you're interested in being more than just friends. But keep working out man, if you get in shape that will always score points with other girls if, hopefully not, it doesn't work out with that chick. Good luck bro
Try and be subtle about it like I said, hit on her more, but don't overdue it.
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If I hit on her she would call me creepy and run, ive been conditioned to not touch her or be sexual with her in any way. Though sometimes shell slap me on the ass or fight with me playfully, but if I did that she would freak. I don't fucking get it man. We are so honest with each other, Im sure she gets the inkling that im interested, how could she not? But its just not gonna happen. This probably wont workout but i hope one day Ill find a girl who I can be open and real with. I think maybe that was my downfall, I never tried to act cool around her cause I never saw her that way, but we got so close over time that I couldnt help but develop feels.
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Well bud, if you know its not going to work out, ain't no point in shooting knowing you're going to miss :/ Move on, find that girl you can be open with. I know its not that easy if you got feels for her but no point in trying if you know it won't happen. You'll find someone bro
>tfw have gf but shes not the one

the worst part is she loves me so much but were just not a match, polar opposites. oh well shes a good person and deserves to be happy
Yea thanks, I just need to wean myself off her we spend too much time together for me to branch out.
She's half asain half white, 26, 5'4, 100 lbs. hot as all fuck. she has her issues, but she's also amazingly sweet and kind. A sexual freak as well. Shes so into me emotionally and physically - it's actually a little weird.
I don't really do anyting to "get her". I'm nice to her and I fuck her good.
>Be me
>Spent every lunch with her talking
>All the year gone
>She is gonna graduate this year
>Friend tells me to go for it
I'm gonna ask her this week, everyone says I have a chance but I don't want to fuck it up. She is the only girl I can fucking stand here, and there is no better definition of perfect in my dictionary then her.
Yeah man, that sounds like the best course if action. Good luck dude! Hope you find that special one day
Go for it man, if you talk to her a lot like you say you do, no reason to fear, just make sure not to psyche yourself up about it too much, be casual but upfront. Good luck man
also were both pathetically kissless virgins
Thanks, /b/ro
Her name is Lucy, she's small, sweet and white. I'm buying her from my drug dealer :P
9/10, and I'm studying her daily activities to see how I can capture her.
Have you tried talking to her at all? Finding someone who likes you is a unique feeling, I can understand why you wouldn't want to give that up even of there's a chance she likes you. Try contacting her if you want to try your luck with her again.
I agreed to let her and her female owner "scene" me once she gets her private dungeon set up.
You wanna really test that theory of weening yourself off? Bring another woman around her, if you want an insight to a woman's true feelings, make her jealous. You come out ahead either way, you might've found someone better in the process too.
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She hates it when I talk about my ex, which has to count for something. She likes almost everything about me except for my body. But yea bringing another girl around might make her feel that there is a deadline and she should make the move if she ever intends to. But idk
Sure... Since I cant seem to fall asleep
>Met online 7/10 girl
Decided to meet at a mall downtown, been talking every day. Newyears eve comes, we bone and I ask her to date me. She seems hesitant because her parents hated me. But she agrees.

She is a petite girl, weighs about 100 pounds. We bang all the time. We have been dating now for a year and a bit, things are still going well. We only had one argument because I went out to a show and got drunk and texted her, then called her a buzzkill (because she is)

i wouldn't call it very serious though... She loves me to bits still and idk why.
Toe she's perfect. Her Instagram pictures make her look kinda slutty ( only a couple ) but in person she's really funny. I used to remember her as shy but loud around friends. Not much of a body but she's skinny and short. She asked me to hang out one day because she saw my Snapchat story was hilarious and she thought I was too. Being the beta fag I am... I "hung out" with her and practically ignored her the entire time because my friend came along for whatever reason...I wanted another chance to talk but now she passes me without even looking at me and seems to be having much better times with other guys. I'm doing nothing to get her back even though I really liked her. I have no idea what she thinks of me now. I'm such a fag for that
She harbours some feeling for you, but she won't commit to you, that's bullshit. If she's going to play games with you, don't be afraid to play the game back. Just don't be shocked if she does the same, and if she does, your weening just got a kickstart and you're on your way to becoming a free man.
Hey /b/ros any advise there's this chick from work we exchange glances very often she smile me every time that I look at her. But we never speak mostly because lm always busy doing work stuff or she always taking to someone else. Who can I step up??
Doing to get her? She's fucking gone, she's completely shut me out, and blocked me. When I had finally had enough and told her how I still had feelings for her after all this time, she just cuts me out.

She did that cause she knew that I was no longer good to be used. She used me and I was so blinded by her 'she would never use someone like that not anyone...especially not me' but once I poured my heart out to her I was no more good. Bitch used me as a a crutch. Fuck her, the fucking cunt.
already said we still talk, but it just ends up being random small talk and she never seems to reciprocate anything lovey i tell her. But that being said, shell always be the one to contact me first, she always is the one wanting to see me and shes always the one trying to bring us together and thats what pisses me off. She cant be trying to get close to me all the time and then be so cold anytime I try to get close to her
>Met 9/10 online
I'm going to Maryland this summer so I can meet her. We've been skyping each other for months now. It's been pretty good and we never run out of things to talk about. Her ex hacked into her kik and fucked with it so I got to talk to the guy and he's a fucking asshole. Other than the sociopathic ex, everything is pretty damn good.
Well her being friendly is a good sign. Means she doesnt think your a creepy faggot.
Start off with small talk. Ask her for help at your job or somethin
yea im just waiting for the day another dude steps in, i wont be surprised in the slightest. I image maybe we stop spending so much time together and I get in shape and meet someone else, break up, then meet her again. I can't completely erase her from my life because I am so close to her older sister and brother-in-law. But it fucking feels so unfair that everything fell into place except for phsysical attraction, but I guess that is the curse of assfatasses. Im reaching a boiling point, im sleeping with her in her bed, staying up to 3am with her, talking all the time, it is like a girlfriend simulation and It needs to end.
did u send him dick pics?
Thanks anon is good to hear it for someone else I mean that im not a creepy faggot
oh fuck, you sleep in the same bed too? Yeah, she either needs to reciprocate or you move on. From a psychological standpoint, she is controlling you. Make the change, I would suggest hinting at actually dating, If she is opposed, cut all ties and say you need space, be polite and not a dick, and it'll play out.
ur a creepy faggot
Pretty simple, take a sec out of your busy day and ask her to go get coffee or something sometime.

Keep an eye out for the psycho ex, but congrats man, hope you are happy with her
Man.. Fuck women who do that, such a bitch thing to do, sorry you had that happen to you.

Ah sorry musta missed that bit of info. Sounds like she either still has feelings for you, but is worried it won't work put again, or is just playing games with you.
One female of choice I'm not sure about how to get closer to. Seeing as I'm in a relationship, and we're living together.

Let's get into it

Female 1(co worker)
>10 years older than me
>gorgeous, not married
>extremely approachable
>genuinely feel nice around her
>we're both shy to greet one another at the beginning of the day but usually end up chatting it up as the day goes on
>we frequently catch each other looking

Current female
>live together

Anyone wanna give me advice on older women?
Also she was the one who broke up with me long ago, but at that point I was more relieved than anything. But now shes brought me back into her life, reignited whatever we had at full flame and Im just supposed to sit here while she pretends she doesnt see me as anything?
*Her. Yeah we sent nudes to each and stuff. We've been talking romantically for a while already and we're just dying to meet each other ;)
What should I do...?
Dude you right it has to stop. That shit won't go anyway except you heating that bitch . known for a fact
Well i posted my story a couple weeks ago
I work with this girl...she's an Ob/gyn at my hospital. i was affraid to talk to her, altough we did share the same operation room. One day i asked her for her phone number, she gave it to me, and we texted a lot, actually went out a couple of times, and things are doing great. We've gone trough some troubles mostly because some workmates got jealous, and told her a lie (that i was dating someone else, and she got mad at me for a couple of days) we managed to get over that, and i showed her that it was a total lie and not to trust them. She told me more about her, about her family. she's a lot like me, we're working on it at a slow pace. Any advice?
naw mayne i mean the bf, tell him its gonna beat his chick like rodney king

>new school
>dont know anyone except one kid in my gym class
>kid isnt there to sit with at lunch one day
>sit in the courtyard eating my lunch alone
>see 9/10 across from me doing the same on her phone
>never confronted a girl without a reason before
>decide today was the day to grow some balls
>take a bite of my apple, take a deep breath and get up from my seat and walk over to her

Try messaging her, make small talk, if you are a funny guy crack some jokes, just don't overdue it. Rinse and repeat till you get closer, then start hanging out with her if it works out.
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Absolute qt3.14. One of the few people who's genuinely nice to me. She's really smart. Only downside is that she's a christian and I'm an agnostic. Right now we're friends and I've been trying to build our relationship but I honestly can't see anything happening past that. Anxiety and minor depression get in the way of a lot of shit.
haha oh nah I didnt send one when he hacked in, it was one day that he just got on and called me an asshole for "stealing his girl". Me and her laughed our asses off after that. And yeah i told him something like that :^) The motherfucker thinks I live near her and I dont xD
Happens, and it's fucked up, so yeah fuck those bitches.

And it's not like I was just making shit up in my head either(like maybe she still has feelings for me too). She would post songs, or pics/quotes of movies, 'our' songs, 'our' movies you know? She didn't really mean it though, she was just using those to keep me close, fucking cunt I swear.
Nothing, I can't.
BTW any of you know a pickup line that actually works. I known that don't works all the time but I mean something to break the ice without make me look creppy??
>think in my head about what im gonna say
>other crowds around are probably watching as im 6 foot 4 inches tall (stick out like a sore thumb everywhere)
>Her back is slight towards me as she avoids the sunlight from being directly on her phone
"Why are you sitting here all alone"
>No response
>after a few seconds she lifts her head and takes her headphones out to look up at me
>she didnt hear me so I repeat
"I said why are you sitting all alone?"
>towering over her with a slight friendly smile
>she says the exact words after a short awkward pause
"My boyfriend is in detention"

It's all about setting, dude. Some work better in different places.
>Hey, I lost my number. Can I have yours?
I snapped her once after that day...it was never read. Said hi on Kik...never read. She doesn't want to text. I only do these things once because I don't want to annoy her even more or seem like a creeper who texts her 5 times a day with no response
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women are gay men with boobs and vag
Well, Seems like you have a stable relationship, not quite sure what you want advice on so, Whatcha need help with?
Letting her go. She's happier now that I'm out of her life. I may be a mess, but as long as she's happy, right?

Sleeping with an intern at my company as well as an au pair from Colombia currently. Worked very hard to get each of them and as soon as I did i felt like it was time to find someone new.

Wish I would stop feeling that way and learn to be happy.
this is correct
>chokes on apple
>stumble over to 9/10 grill
>chocking on her desk
>shes screaming
> I manage to spit it out
>run out of hallway and all the way home

How do my odds look guys?
Any day is beautiful...it all depends on your view of the world. What do you think?(Congo starter)
nah, most gay men aren't completely delusional
Sounds like a lost cause then buddy :/ move on, find the right girl, anyone can
Please don't start a congo line like this
I'll pour my heart out for you faggots too, I guess.

Been best friends with this girl for 5 years. Know everything about her and she knows everything about me. She said she liked me and, being the total fucking dumbass I am, I didn't take the opportunity and now regret it. Was friendzoned after that and totally fine with that, until about 9 months ago. Been in a real abusive relationship for the past 2 and 1/2 years with this girl that I thought I loved and she turned out to be a major cunt, but my friend was always there for me, helping me whenever I was feeling down. Now I wanna do the same for here, make sure shes taken care of and not hurt by anyone else. The only problem is that she has turned lesbian, thus decreasing my chances greatly. So /b/,how should I do this? This is one of the few times I could do something in my life that will make me truly happy and I don't want to fuck it up. Help.

TL;DR My lesbian friend has helped me with depression from a bitchy girlfriend, and I turns out I love her. Help me win the girl of my dreams
IF this conversation is sound it will develop into a Self Development thread/10
One of the things I hate doing. When I see her I get really hot... I said hey in person and she blankly walked past me. Such bullshit. I guess I'll find some whore to get over her. Anybody will do
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Girl I used to sell drugs to and I got close, started hanging, move from dealer to best friend to side bitch while she's with her boyfriend, we get high and cuddle and shit, just waiting for him to fuck off
>My head starts spinning but I say
>instantly knew this was a bad idea
>sit next to her anyways
>instead of walking away I forge on ahead in hopes of redeeming myself after strike 1
>start mild conversation about why he's in detention etc...
>ask her what her name is and so forth
>seems to have no interest whatsoever
>strike 2. should have seen this and walked away
>still I forged on ahead
>she keeps looking at her phone texting and whatever she is doing and giving me short replies
>eventually there are awkard moments of silence where I have nothing left to say and i begin to think of every posible thing I could say to her.
>then eventually she says
"You don't have to sit here, its okay."
>Strike 3
>She's dismissing me basically
>So I laugh it off and say
"Oh yeah sure, I just didnt want you sitting alone or anything"
>I gather myself and get up and walk away in the most shame I think I've ever felt

Sit and think for the next three days about where I went wrong. I really hope nobody has to experience that level of rejection I felt that day.
Probably the best you can do man. Just don't wait forever
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stuff... webm related
Liberal art-majoring lesbian feminist bitches are a tough nut to crack, but they aint impossible
You heard me laura
She's 25. Longboards, snowboards, likes math and the same music as I do. Has a boyfriend though :(
That is definitely a tough situation to be in, You said you're great friends with her right? That should make it a bit easier, how long has she been lesbian?

Made the thread cause I like helping people out
>Be me
>Be 16
>First day of junior year
>Don't know anyone in my English class
>Sit next to 8/10 blonde qt3.14
>We start talking
>Don't remember the conversation
>Next day
>Go into class during lunch because no friends
>She's in there too
>Sit next to her
>She's listening to music
>Mfw it's Megadeth (my favorite band at the time)
>Strike up a conversation about music
>Turns out she loves guitar
>I mean LOVES loves
>Bell rings for class to start

Things went really well between us from that point on until just recently. She was pretty much my only friend at that school.

Should I continue?
Well she told me that she's affraid that i may got tired of her soon. Also we're not actually a couple, we are meeting each other, that's why i said "we're working at a slow pace" The last night i went to take walk with her, the saturday she asked me to take her for a walk, and i gave her flowers, and she loved'em, the next day she told me that her mother also loved the flowers and told her that i have a very good taste. (so it's extra points for me). But she told me that she wants things to go slower, and to make things the right way. (We're at our 30's)
mine sucked so i hope yours is better
I'm living with a girl (fiancee) while dating a girl I knew in high school 11 years ago...

Shit is fucked, she's so amazing, we're definitely similar as fuck.

My fiancee is going away on business for 9 months on April 11th, and I can't fucking wait.

Except I have a curfew due to legal issues... FUCK
LEmme guess. You confessed your feelings, but she only liked you as a friend orrr you guys had drunk friend sex, now she doesnt wanna talk to you
Well, if you like this girl, Its worth going slow if she wants right? But just don't let it go so slowly that you just end up being just friends.
I did the same shit. Except to a group or sexy ass girls and they all made fun of me as I made the walk of shame back to my lonely spot. Now that I think of it, they're all crack heads now anyway...
At least call off the fucking marriage dude. Pick your girlfriend or your fiance man.
Yeah definitely don't try and juggle both at the same time. Pick one or you're destined for a shit storm
She's come out for about 2-3 years now, but she's going through that weird phase were she thins she's asexual, anyways i don't fucking get it. Honestly,if I could I would have chose not to be in love with her, but shit happens you know? I've formed that love where it's through the actions and the character of the person and not just their looks (even though she's still a hard 8-8.5/10)
I want to see where this goes
My gf is a mormon and madly in love with me, I brought up the subject of her parents approving of her dating a non-mormon and she said they wouldn't like it, and they may disown her. She started having an anxiety attack and wanted to break up, but still be completely together, or some shit. I don't know shit's fucked. I think she's just scared and anxious at the prospect of being disowned, told her that we can just take it slow for now but she doesn't want the title of "Girlfriend" because she thinks if we let it continue it will hurt more if we have to break up later, sort of makes sense I guess.
No intention of getting married, once she leaves that's basically it, taking all my shit, my snake, and moving to the country... Not looking forward to change, but change can be good sometimes too.

>tfw when stuck in a loveless, sexless relationship with someone who has completely different interests than you
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She's wonderful, reminds me what it is to be human. Which I so desperately need.
Been together 3 1/2 years
Life is good.
Think I'll propose within next year or so.
Pic unrelated
File: 1427346558079.jpg (177 KB, 500x1133) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For you, OP
You're a fucking piece of shit dude, not only that but you're a complete coward.
Hope your slut cucks you and leaves you high and dry.
Dubs speaks the truth
just like mine..
and damn.. she's reject me in the end..
these dubs dont lie
I have faith in you.
For you wield dubs
Well shit man, definitely is a weird one. Every asexual I've known isn't really asexual so don't know how that'll work, try talking to her more flirty I guess, lots of compliments, Not an expert on getting lesbians to go straight for you so Im trying my best with advice
damn I heard what I needed to hear on here but im still lurking... I just cant get over the fact that ill never be with her, this fucking empty, unsatisfied feeling like you have a drug addiction and no drugs.

>get her number
>Start hanging out after school
>Not quite dating, but everyone thinks we are
>3 months of hanging out pass
>get brilliant idea
>Start guitar lessons
>Acoustic, but still impressive
>Perfect my art over the next year or so
>Basically nothing new happened between us until then
>Invite her over after school like we do a lot
>She goes to my room and starts playing Guitar Hero on Ps2
>I grab my trusty guitar from my brother's room
>Sit down on my bed with guitar in lap
>Wait for her to turn around
>"Anon, I didn't know you played guitar!"
>Play this bluesy rock riff I came up with
>Throw in some bs words that I can't remember
>finish my little performance
>One last strum as I ask her out
>Mfw it worked
>Mfw Gf

Shit goes downhill from here, should continue?
She told me that she knows what i want with her.... so i need to give her time and be patient. One day she told me that she feels lonely, but everyone just wanna be with her for what she is professionally, not personally. "You know...i am strong..or at least i try to be... but i feel lonely..." When she sees me, she smiles. One day she left me a note with a drawing at my consulting office before i got to work. But i am confused, because sometimes she acts like she doesn't want anything with me....and others she acts the opposite.
File: au naturale.jpg (119 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
au naturale.jpg
119 KB, 640x640
she doesn't even know i exist and i'm doing nothing because why would i.
im smiling, but please continue
Feel you man. Just try to keep you're mind on something else its hard but it goes away with the time
kek in this thread of feels
That's super gay. but go on
Why won't you ever be with her bud?

OP here, very true
She fucked your brother, didn't she... Continue...
Thanks anon, she's been a lot more flirty with me, so that's a plus, but she's very straight forward, as she'll tell you straight up that you're a bitch or you concentrate to much on yourself, etc. and I would want to hear that after spilling my heart out to her
Good luck bro, wishing for the best
Try living with someone for nearly 5 years and seeing them let themselves go. She's the one who dropped this "away for 9 months" shit on me, our lease is up on August 1st and we're living together as a "convenience"

she WANTS to get separated, she wanted to get separated months before I even considered cheating. Yeah, it's a shitty thing, but we both know what's going to happen
MFW I cough my lungs out and homie ask if I'm good...
all these are my story
I know that feel exactly with my current gf, she use to do that a lot, but eventually just stopped. Women are weird sometimes man. You'll have to pull through and hope for the best, it'll suck sometimes, but in the end it'll be worth it
That's perfect. You should be a poet
10/10. Get rich, shell wanna suck your dick for sure
>have gf
>she's perfect relationship material
>not as smart as I would want her to be
>also have e fuck buddy trying to get me to enter a relationship with her
>I a welcomed to go get some pussy any time
>other girl out of state wants me to fly in and have casual sex

I think I'm just gonna go ahead and fuck everybody at this point. I don't care.
Well if you two are great friends, maybe spilling your heart out to her isn't such a bad idea. I'd do that in your shoes, even if she is super straight forward. There's no way she would be rude about it if she decided against it with the history it sounds like you've had together
File: 1425666623951.png (111 KB, 297x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Been getting my cousin drunk the past few nights so I can bang her.
File: 1426715786549.gif (58 KB, 129x111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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noone, not doing shit, almost married twice jsut to see that after that i really dont have interest in relationships, i dont miss them, but i do wonder if theres anyone that is worth a second date, or a call back and not just one night stands, so im usually called a misogynist douche, when i just really dont care because i find them dumb and that kind of shit, most of them are hot but not worth a relationship
use a rubber, or else we will have yet another autist shitposting on here in the future.
Again, thanks anon, you're a true /b/ro and I'm gonna spill the beans in the summer. Wish me luck

>Turns out this chick is super clingy
>I don't have a problem with this
>We're both really withdrawn people
>Pretty much only talk to each other
>We date for about 2 years
>Her 19th birthday comes around
>Ask her what she wants
>"You don't have to get me anything, anon!"
>Get to thinking
>Have brilliant idea
>Start writing a song
>It's awful and dorky but I perform it anyways
>"Oh anon, you're amazing!"
>Three months pass
>We're still dating
>She's right next to me
>"I love you, anon"
>"I love you too"

I lied about the sad ending, she's asleep right next to me. You anons just have to find the right person is all. I just got insanely lucky is all

Good luck buddy, hoping for the best for you
:) all is well
Pics pls
I'm going to go find my guitar now...
put it in her poophole while she sleep
meh, i just want to be able to tell her I love her and be affectionate with her and all that fluffy bullshit.
that would be dumb. why would I post pictures of the multiple women I plan to fuck on a VERY POPULAR image board. aint nobody trying to get caught, nigger.
tfw Ive played guitar for 15 years and went to jazz school and it has yet to get me laid.
and on the other hand we have my Ex.... she never cared to call back when we broke (3 years relationship) and some nurse told her that i was dating this girl...and she sent me a lot of texts...and calls... she called me a liar, cheater, traitor, unloyal. I said to her that she never cared...why now? I always gave her everything, and she never gave a shit. And that she never took care to built our love and friendship after we broke. Apparently she had plans to be back with me that particular week, but didn't have time to call, and that i said that i loved her, and now that i have a vagina to fuck i turn my back on her.
Same... I don't like to stay on that emotion feel for so long. Stay happy.

This is me

I really want to respect the dubs, but we've only ever tried sex once and we both agreed that we weren't ready then and aren't ready now.
fuck that bitches look for me i dont look for her
>Mfw phone is in the living room and don't want to wake her up
Hehe... I played guitar since I was 8 years old and I'm still shit when it comes to showing people. I'm too fucking shy to show off what I know and can do. I like recording myself play. I actually sleep next to my guitar and play when I can't sleep. Its on my bed right now.
Ahhh, obviously ex is trying to keep you for her self so you can buy her more shit without her having to do anything. Fuck her man, this new girl sounds like she actually cares for you and that's something you want to keep
yea same I have a condenser mic and laptop next to my bed, just play and record and sleep, sing and mumble. I play piano, trumpet, drums, bass, vocal, accordion and ukulele also but guitar is my home. I have alot of anxiety about playing in front of ppl but luckily i found a few musicians at a coffee shop I frequent last week so Im hoping to do some low expectation performances there on some weekends...
We haven't known each other for too long but we can both tell that there is something there, no words need to be said. I'm just afraid to say anything for fear of being 'too soon' or maybe even completely misunderstanding everything.

She's not the prettiest, she's a solid 7/10, but I'm surprised at how shes made me realise how unhappy I was before getting to know her.
It may be that being gay is what lead anon to his downfall
File: 1427009167566.jpg (9 KB, 191x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>says this while browsing /b/
I'm not even sure if I can sing. I'm always around people and way to embarrassed to try. All I play is guitar and piano. I guess I'll try to find time to practice singing.
girl in my nursing class is super nice to me, we text all the time. We go out in groups to the bars with my other classmates. i dont get it i make her laugh and all that shit. but one day i asked her what she was doing on the weekend, and i never got a responce so i didnt push the subject. but a couple of days latter we started talking about random shit again. What does that mean? i need help bros
when you practice scales, sing the notes along with it. play chords and then sing each chord tone, then switch chords and sing more chord tones, just improve until it sounds good. Learning trumpet helped my singing alot because it focuses on timbre and tone and proper pitch and melody. trumpet and sax are basically the same mentality as vox.
I played sax in 5th grade...does that count
and learn the solfege syllables do re mi so fa la ti do, and learn how to use them when singing scales, they are very useful in helping you sing each vowel sound, just play a scale and sing each syllable up and down it, then improvize.
sure, but not enough if you dont feel comfortable singing yet. You have to come to terms with your limitations and work within them to truely sound like yourself. and focus on quality of tone and proper pitch, just record yourself singing a song, I have like 50 recordings of myself singing come as you are trying to get the mood, tone and pitch the way i want it, it is just trial and error and tenacity.
I should probably get a better mic than my laptop's built in
Ex plays guitar, and performed yet never played for me
Did you mention you would like that?
i have an old firepod and a cheap mxl 990 condenser, not a big investment.
communication is keeeyyy
>we took "time off" last august
>still waiting...
>still stalking her FB...
>still getting furious when she's tagged in photos with other guys
>still drinking vodka to hide the tears...
Yep. But this girl is much more like me, we enjoy the same things, she doesn't smoke, drinks socially, likes to take long walks, loves going outside the city, loves animals, nature, she's the one i've been looking for all this time
I don't know anything about microphones or equipment and such... I've got so many things I want to learn...

you cheeky cunt

here's my story

>high school
>approched by wild whore on the streets of hollywood
>literally on the corner of highland and hollywood blvd
>she is a new freshmen
>she just walks up to me with her filthy mouth talking about how she is going to fuck me with her pussy and all this hit
>she is 14
>im shocked
>"uhhh yeah sure whatever"
>ignore her for 3 days
>she comes to school with these boots that are tall above her knees
>ask her to spin around
>she rotates and shows me everything
>somewhat impressed
>decide to leave my current gf for her
>take her home the following day
>go straight to sex on my beedroom couch
>she tells me to stop within 30 seconds
>shes in pain
>notice blood on my boxers and dick
>we date for 2 years
>she has serious phycological issues
>her whore issues are starting to become real
>moms puts her in a mental instatution
>break up with her
>see her off and on for a few more years
>she moves away to oregon
>becomes heroin addict

shes cleaned up and found jesus, but she wont talk to me anymore and i still love her :(
File: 0521761859.jpg (260 KB, 688x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 688x960
My wife took her out on three dates. They kissed after the last one.
She's coming over on Saturday while my wife is as work. I'm smoking a pork shoulder while we drink beers and BS. My wife doesn't know that I read her texts messages. She told her that she'd better be naked and under me by the time she gets home, but to make sure I didn't come yet.

Pretty sure I'm doing it right.

pic unrelated.
Well first, what's going on at home? Why is it you feel attracted to this older woman?
Maybe that's how you're happy? Some people just aren't meant for monogamy, and that's okay.
damn /b/ro, that's pretty heavy and a bit fucked up, but you'll find the right one some day.
>my snake

fucking kekked
I just met up with my ex.
>we broke up 7 months ago
>i moved across the country for her at age 18
>high school sweethearts
>3 days before our second aniversarry
>catch her "in bed" with her cousin
>now she tells me he was trying to rape her
>that wasnt the case when I walked in on it
>I ended up fucking her tonight
I fucking hate myself. I really do /b/
Your wife actually lets your participate? Cute. I don't let my husband even touch himself when he watches me get taken by another man
No one's probably gonna read this, but I just need a place to vent. So I've liked this girl for almost a year now, but I've only gotten to know her these past 3 months. Now, I think she likes me. The problem is, she is in love with this other guy in our group- to the point that she told him. He wants nothing to do with her however, he pretty much uses her as an ego boost. I told a mutual friend in my group about her and he told me that they made out, but the guy told her that he only likes her as a friend. I've been putting in work with her, and its working (to an extent- she still texts the guy almost all the time) She likes me, but I cant seem to break the love she has for that guy. So my mutual friend hits me up today and tells me that she told him that she went over to his place and that they made out again- only for him to give her the same response about how it isnt gonna go anywhere. So of course her dumbass is crushed (really bitch- you dont seem to get it?) and I decided that I cant go after someone who isnt gonna give me the 100% I would give her. I feel like shit- I havent been able to get over her. I want nothing more than her, and she wants nothing more than him. I could use some advice.

(Huge wall of text. sorry nigs)
I read it, Anon. Everyone needs someone to talk to. And this is the place we come for it.
It was natural, it doesn't mean there is still something. You may physically still be attracted to her which lead to the sex but that's just all it was.

Cut her off, seriously
If anyone is interested, I have about a 2 1/2 post long greentext about mine.
I might post it regardless, even if noone cares.
She likes watching me with girls, but its a LOT harder to get a girl to fuck your husband than it is to get a guy to fuck your wife. This is how we make it happen. :)
This will sound cliche but you like the idea of her. She isn't the only girl like that. She was just the first. Now, you have an idea of the type of girl you want. She isn't the one. Heartbreak is something everyone has to experience, and I promise you this isn't even the real heartbreak yet. You'll know when it truly happens, and from then on it's nothing buy strength. It builds you. This is just a learning experience, you sound young so don't worry about it.
I thought I was stronger than that.
She ruined my life. I did everything to better myself. Got a new job, lost 30Lbs, bought a new truck (lulz small dick)
Then I give in the the harpy that fucked me over.
I'm here homie,
Share away bud

Just a pre-story note: Yes her and I both realized that this was going to end up being painful for the both of us in the end, but as you will read, we really did not care.

>raised in the same tiny baptist school since k5 (1998)
>go there my whole life and never have a girlfriend
>fast forward to senior year (August 2010)
>we get foreign exchange students like always, most from Germany and China
>One German girl comes, and I instantly feel like I have met one of the most charming and beautiful girls ever
>I am pretty beta when it comes to talking to beautiful women so I hardly talk to her for the first two months she is here
>We share many mutual friends, and one day all these friends plan for us to go to Jose Peppers on a day off of school
>we all agree to go and, oddly enough, me and her arrive about 10 minutes early
>nobody else is there, so she starts talking to me and we strike up very friendly and chill conversation
>everybody shows up 1 hour late, so we really had a lot of time to talk and get to know eachother (fate maybe?)
>realize that we can actually become good friends so we give each other our numbers and start texting every night for about two months
>at this point I was really starting to come to terms with the feelings I was developing for her, even though our principal had forbidden relationships with foreigners
>Wondered if she felt the same, but I decided not to bring it up until the time was right
>that night she started to want to delve into past relationships
>neither of us had any, not even a first kiss (and we were both 17 at this time)
She's an 8/10 studied with me for 3 years ,she's really cute and genuinelly nice but I get a feeling she doesn't like me so I pretty much gave up on her
Timeframe now January 2011
>I decide to lay my cards on the table and say that I like her more than a friend
>I then asked her if she wanted to go on a 1-on-1 hangout (essentially date)
>she agrees
>We spend 3 hours at a decently nice restaurant and just talk the night away

March 2011:
>go to dairy queen for some cheap dessert (she loved their ice cream)
>we end up sitting in the back of my SUV watching a movie on my laptop while cuddling
>I look over to her and she just asked "willst du mich küssen?" (thankfully I understood; fact is she influenced me to learn german in college and now I am fluent in it)
>I kiss her without hesitation
>the passion between us in that moment is indescribable
>we just cuddle for an hour and make out a ton in that time
>after that We become essentially the most loving "unofficial" couple (essentially FWB+love) because we both know it will already be hard for us when she leaves
>at this point, being as social as she was and me being pretty anti social half the time, she was the one pulling me away from everyone because she wanted to spend her time with me and not everyone else

April 2011:
>1st April, we went to washington DC for a senior trip (missourian here so it was a really cool and "far" away place for us)
>me and her have the best time of our lives; we go tothe smithsonians, capital building, etc
>we sneak out of our hotel rooms one night to just cuddle and be alone together
>I decide to talk to her about being official bf/gf but still keeping it under wraps from EVERYONE because we had no other choice
>she agrees and I tell her that she is leaving May 31
>she knows but we are in such a truly deep and passionate love that we decide to anyway
>we have been making out essentially every day since our first kiss in march, and now it is kicking up
>once we get back from DC we make out everywhere in our school building, from the PE equipment room to the fucking chapel lol
>every staircase, even the one next to our teachers offices, which almost backfired on us because we made the fuck out while a teacher was still there (unbeknownst to us at the time) and after we were done she exclaimed "You taste like MINTS!" and we heard a teacher say "What in the world??!??!" and we ran the fuck out of there and were never caught

April-Mid May:
>we go on dates pretty much every day (this was the hardest part to hide from my parents and her host-parents)
>we manage to keep in concealed
>I experience what it is like for the first time in my life to be happy. Not fake happy. I was HAPPY. As in I loved waking up in the morning because I was looking forward to seeing her, her beautiful brunette half curled hair, her soft sweet german accent, her smooth silky skin, and to hear her wonderful laugh.
>Once we got to may we won a state championship in scholar bowl and we were invited to nationals in Atlanta
>another vacation with her
>we get to stay in the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere (cant remember the name, its a tubular sskyscraper there if you have ever seen Atlanta's skyline)
>we sneak off to random floors like 65th and just make out and talk for hours
>we have a great 2nd vacation there, but it starts to dawn on me that she is leaving in one week for Germany again
>fuck fuck fuck panic attacks and puking every night in my room
>the dude I roomed with got really worried that i was sick and I had to say that nothing was wrong
>on our trip home from Atlanta to Kansas City, MO suburb town, we stop in Nashville for a night
Depressing part (for me) of the story:
May 30, 1AM:
>I have to text her to sneak out of her room so I can talk with her
>she is able to sneak out past the otehr girls and talk with me on a random flight of stairs there
>I literally break down and tell her that she means more than the world to me and how much happiness and love she has brought me in my life
>she breaks down and tells me she has been thinking the same all day and was going to tell me too
>I kiss her, one last time... the last time I have ever kissed a girl and cried in front of anybody
>We sit there on those stairs for 2 hours, totally silent, just holding her in my arms
>we decide we have to go to bed; we cant be caught together on the stairs in the morning

May 31:
>we arrive back to our little town in Missouri
>I drive with her to the airport
>I literally can barely mutter a "goodbye" because I was losing the only person I ever loved and the only person to ever show me love (when I thought I was unlovable)
>She boards the plane and is gone forever

The following week:
>I walk, and walk, and walk
>I walked about 100 miles that week, without speaking a single word to my family, friends, anybody.
>my parents had no idea what the fuck was wrong and were worried sick
>I just couldnt even think straight (good thing my job wasnt making me work that week)
>I never really recuperated, and I havent had a girlfriend since then.
>I have never felt that happiness since, and am now wondering if that was my one taste of happiness (im 22 now, was 17-18 then)

I dont know.
Dude, you are. You got your dick wet. As fucked as that sounds, even coming from a female, it was just purely physical. Be proud of your accomplishments so far. Like I said in this post >>606076250 heartbreak is nothing but strengthening in the end. Good on you for bettering yourself. Just don't go back to her anymore. Seriously, don't fuck people who fuck their kin.
Thank you brother. Really appreciate it

How's it feel to be a whore?

Must feel deep, cavernous and empty.
I already tried everything and i was so damn close.. But for some fucked up reason she decided to act like she hated me to "not ruin our friendship", 2 days after she told me that she had feelings for me as well. I just don't get why she pretended to hate me... The Hate fucked our friendship/relationship way worse than everything else ever could.
Hold me, bros..
If it was that simple, I would. Its a whole group thing and I cant cut her out without having to leave that group of friends, which are pretty good people.
Shes beautiful
Shes funny
Shes smart
Shes driven
Shes strong
She has an amazing body
Too bad shes gone now...
Its crazy, she's legit everything I want in a girl. I've talked to other girls and they dont bring up that same passion, those same feelings. I cant seem to break her off, especially when I feel like if she has some of the same feelings. Im honestly trying to do a fwb type thing, but Im worried it wont end well

Cut her off emotionally, man.

Start looking for little things she does that piss you the fuck off. Anything, really.

Not as hard as you'd think lol, find one flaw and make that flaw the biggest aspect about her. Sooner or later you'll stop having positive feelings for her.
Wow you're a cunt.
Actually I'd say she is or was interested in you. You blew the chance by not asking her. However you might still have a chance if you ball up, and get things rolling.

Look the worst thing that can happen is she says no, then what? Your just right back where you are now, except with purple bruised balls instead of blue ones.

Besides if she says no its not like its bad for you. Most women, even when they have to say no are flattered that you asked them out.

You do realize there's a reason she's talking about other men in front of you, yet hasn't gotten herself a man right?


The fact that you said she slapped you on the ass is another give away. With guys thats just a playful, fucking around/ good game kind of shit. It however is not the same when women do it.
It won't, they never do unless it's purely unemotional, and that's clearly not the case. Just keep it friends for now, you don't have to stop your feelings because if you have them, they will be there. I'm just telling you, she isn't the first of this kind. You will find another, and that time she will actually feel the same. Just learn to cope with these feelings and that she doesn't feel the same.

This isn't to say that she may not one day grow feelings for you. Just pay attention to how she treats you and other men, assuming you stay friends. It may reveal her character more. If you find she uses you, no matter how perfect she seems, drop her.
I've just been through rejection after rejection, but i'm getting better:

>be me
>HS senior
>go to friend's party
>start using dank memes to grab grill's attention
>get her #
>days pass, texting and talking
>prom is pretty soon
>ask her out
>says "I'm sorry anon, I'm not the dancing type"

It was the cutest rejection I've faced, but it still leaves a bit of coal in my heart. Any other anons experiencing this loop?

>my dream
File: 1426802623117.jpg (146 KB, 375x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shes ok. but for some reason i love her she fucks with me and sometimes makes me feel like shit. i know she would fuck me. she's scared of life i wanna be by her side to help her with her problems. she doesn't want love so i don't admit it.
she plans to visit for 2 weeks and i'm going to let her stay with me. i plan to just hang and flirt with her then make a move. if everything works out i expect to be hitting it daily. if not then fuck me.
Don't. There are so many times I wish I woulda just talked to the girl. I ended up going to Senior prom (even bought a suit and shit) but the girl I was going to ask was too intimidatingly good looking.
I'm right there with you, anon.
Rejection after rejection will make you feel like you learn how to deal with it, but in reality you just become numb. I've never met a girl which rejected me "nicely", instead they lied straight to my face, got my hopes up high and ended up ripping my fucking heart out.. Cheer up bro, it could've been worse.
File: 1380779710561.jpg (20 KB, 500x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know the feelings are there. She definitely is interested, but I dont want to be anyone's second choice. Its funny- She got really jealous when she caught me looking at other girls. Im pretty sure she already knows about how I feel about her, but I think she's trying to keep me as backup, which im definitely not interested in. I really want to tell her to make a choice so I can move on, but I know its gonna make me look like a bitch. (I wanna hit and quit- but my friend told me he thinks that she's a virgin, which again, would not end well for either of us)
she's qt3.14 9/10 freckled and auburn hair she has a silly type of humour to her that I've come to love. She doesn't know it yet, but she is like therapy to me, this is the most I've been out of my shell in years and it feels nice man
we've been flirting and shit for like 2 weeks
wish me luck anons
Gorgeous Irish redhead on my course at uni. We get on fantastically, share the occasional joint and nerd out over TV. The catch is she has a boyfriend, who she suspects is soon to propose. I'm not one of these faux alpha fags who regard homewrecking as an achievement, so I've done literally nothing to express my interest, and will continue to do so until circumstances change. The real shame is I don't warm up to people easily, so it figures that, when I do, I am impeded by my own moral centre.

I suppose I can stick to my 2D shit for now.
rip in rest?
Ill give that a shot. Im a very realistic person- I see her flaws and she's nowhere near perfect, but so am I, which stupidly make me think we're good for each other.
Damn, the fucking feels. Why didn't you guys stay in touch online?
Showing someone you have value in yourself isn't a bitch move. I know I would respect someone who showed that to me. Again, you sound quite young and this sounds like highschool love. Even if she chooses you, it'll probably last for a good few years and you'll find yourself wanting more. Shit, go for it. You live once. Even if it does only last a few years or months, 'least you can say it happened. But if you're already feeling like a back burner, then fuck it. Start talking to other girls.
Prettiest girl i have seen in awhile, she is in most of my lectures (i think), talked to her first time today.
I would really like to get to know her better, hope she fucking accepts my friend request i sent 10 minutes ago thats all,
Absolutely nothing, I made the mistake of fucking her sister because I thought we had nothing more than a super close friendship, boy did I make a mistake. She rubs it in my face everytime we're cuddled up watching a movie or on some stupid adventure.

"We coulda been fucking right now... but you had to fuck my sister"

eh, it's no issue, every time I say something along the lines of "no no no, we should be fucking right now" shell tell me to give it a few months for her whore sister to find a bf so she doesn't grow jelly
>chasing women
doing it wron f
That's the fucking worst. I'm feeling with you /b/ro and we'll find her

>we have to

Bump for interest.
Believe me, im looking. I havent been able to find one that I like. Only thing is, I just feel like if I was to get with her, that I wouldnt be able to trust her because there'd always be that thought in my head that she still loves that other guy. Im not looking for a marriage, of course- I just want something to happen.
despite all those things shes a crazy fucking bitch and i hate her but i wish i could love her
i still have to see her everyday and it kills me
File: 1427094483599.gif (2 MB, 260x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 260x229
Been working on her for 2 years now... Plan to be working at it another more before I pop the ol' lickeroo and ask her to marry me.
> happened a week ago, in what you muricans would call senior year
> March break trip, over two dozen 17 year olds at a rented house
> general partying, booze and weed
> longest and one of my best friends is there (we'll call him M)
> he's dating a girl that I had a thing for...for like 5 years (but that's a different story)
> anyways, partying happens, end up hooking up with M's ex (L)
> i finger her and she blows me
> feels good
> night time, we end up sleeping together on the floor in sleeping bags (not enough beds for everyone)
> fool around, have sexy times
> great times were had, she enjoyed also
> march break ends
> everyone is talking about what happened during the trip
> talking with M, ask him if he remembered anything that happened to me during the trip
> he doesnt know anything b/c he greened out the night it happened
> slowly tell him what happened between me and L
> he's ok with it cuz he's a bro and he's moved on
> continue telling him story, he suddenly remembers something
> "That was my sleeping bag!"
> tfw when I fingered my best friend's ex on his sleeping bag
My ex. Petite, cute and coy with a wild and weird side that she only showed to a privileged few. I was one of that few once upon a time, and I feel she was my only experience of love beyond puppy love.

She has moved on since the break up, and to all outsiders, so have I. None of them know that I still think about her. It's the stupid shit I remember too. Our spastic inside jokes, her eye-rolling tolerance of my bizarre sense of humour and the like are the things that left the biggest hole. It's weird, but what made me know I loved her was how we had to stop our steamy shower sex due to laughter, as she tried to blow me wearing a bloody shower cap. The thing made the most distracting noises as her head bobbing brought her in and out of the stream of water.

It probably sounds dumb as all fuck to you guys, but those unique moments only you and an intimate lover can understand are the real core of a healthy relationship, and the memories that tear you up, knowing that you'll never make any more just like that.
In highschool?
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I am back.
And I did, she helps me perfect my German (learned it in college because of her)

I forgot to add this as a pic; this is what I could look forward to on random occasions; things like this really have an effect on you.
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she's cute but i didnt and wont do anything because im a retard
Fear not, for a life of wizardry awaits you.
tehfeels.jpg. I feel you Anon.
File: qt2.jpg (60 KB, 555x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>inb4 underage
Even hearing her fucking voice shakes me with rage.
Its weird though cause Id give up alot to fuck her again
but its not worth it considering how she treated me
pic related its her
Worst excuse ever
have you even tried talking to her? like, any exchange of words? ever?
also overthink everything
>hears a deutsche accent while reading

highschool, you mean middleschool buddy?

she looke like fucking 12, get over her and fuck real girls with booties
Ich kann ihre Stimme hören, wenn ich das lesen
Oh boy
talking to womyn isnt too hard dude.
You gotta build up the inner man you have in you. Before you go up to her you have to see her as your prey, and youre gonna pounce on her because youre powerful.
Count to 3 and go in for the kill

tired as hell, its like 330am
welcome to it, little buddy. she only just learned to be a bitch
Everyone says that, shes 18. like almostyear and a half old pic though. couldnt bother myself with finding something better
she actually had like an 8.5 ass tho.
I guess its k cause im hanging out with like 3 chicks tomorrow.
But fuck
Why is she such a bitch
just done with chicks mane
Oh no
she started being a bitch a year into the relationship.
I was too weak to let go first.
If i couldve realized how horrible she was I wouldve been the alpha
that shits embarrassing
She has a guy she's been with for over a year but they aren't together. Basically he gets to fuck whoever he wants because she's really into him. She calls him her boyfriend but he calls her his fuckbuddy. He's a cool guy and him and I are kind of friendly but I don't like the way he leads her on. I also have basically fallen for this girl and I'm trying not to become one of her thousands of orbiting betas. As of last week we all three now work together. Which is pretty shitty because it was originally just me and her. Fortunately he can't really say anything because they are in an "open relationship" or something. Anyway I can tell she likes me on some level and next week we're going to a big ass nature reserve thing together with some co-workers (her fuckbuddy wasn't invited) and we're all gonna trip mushrooms and look at nature and all around have a good time. I'm gonna feel the vibes and try and go in for a kiss if it goes in the right direction. It's kind of a gambit but I'm blessed with good aesthetics even if I'm a bumbling retard and that normally works for slaying pussy. I honestly wish she would just vanish into thin air because working with her almost every day is pretty much torture.
what if i feel like a worthless faggot
im boring as shit, all i do is sit on the computer doing nothing and i dont have anything to talk about at all
at this point id better be ded
File: 1427090511703.jpg (99 KB, 681x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 681x1024
>>takes care of her body
>>decent artist
>>good personality
>>actually has humor
Asked her out, she sayd she's never been on a date before then says she would have no idea on what to do.
I showed no hesitation, just gave her a date and time. Sayd we would just hang out.
Dint even bother calling her to confirm, just showed up at her house at the appointed time.
I had let one get away before and decided it wouldnt happen again.
She looks out her window then goes backs inside. it took her a while but she came out and we left.
I dint really planned things ahead of time, I decided to just go with the flow.
I began the conversation by asking her why she had never gone on a date before.
She sayd that no one ever asked her. Probably was raised near a bunch of beta fags.
I felt hungry so I stopped at a Long horn restaurant. I've never been to one but w/e.
>>Food was better than expected.
>>Ask her about her family.
She was raised in a very concervative household. Her mom was a Jehova's witness.
>>high chance of her being a virgin.
>>I dont like virgins but w/e.
>>Take her back to her house after dessert.
>>She says that it was nice.
>>I say "same time next week?"
>>she replyes "same time next week"
>>Dont bother calling her.
>>She texts me from time to time
>>I dont reply.
>>she calls on friday saying hi.
>>asks me why I hadnt replied back
>>tell her I've been busy with works
>>she asks about saturdays date
>>I tell her I'll be there
>>she sounds happy
I pick her up and notice she's wearing a skirt this time around.
Took her to see a play knowing she's the artistic type. Got hungry but decided to keep it simple. How simple? Taco Bell simple.
She tells me that she really enjoys my company and proceeds to ask me where I wanted to take this dating thing to.
I looked at her, no hesitation and told her "I just like you."
"Can we do this more? I would also like to see you more than a day of the week"
Why not man up and find a hobby then? Go play a sport, or go lift, or go learn a language, or go cook. Possibilities are endless breh you just gotta go do something. From her perspective, why should she pay you any attention if you're boring? Why does she gain from dating you?
in case this 404's you can message me on kik: deadendking01 or just deadnedking. idk i dont use it too often
Theres no way you should sell yourself short because of a girl you like right now.
I know how you feel though dont get me wrong.
I sit on my xbox/computer almost constantly myself. But really the best thing is to be friendly.
Who knows, the chick might fall for your cute awkwardness. it happens
because it's what gets him off so I'm a cunt? Shut the fuck up, I may sleep with another man but I will always come back to the one I love
Im still looking. Having one on the side but she is just not "the one". Or one of the ones
>is a cuckold
>always come back to the one i love
>always come back
>to the one i love
Nice try.
Either that or your partner is a fucking beta degenerate.
lol it's 1:30 here in the west, but I got the idea

>Alles Gute Anon
File: 1426484162927.jpg (61 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 768x1024
She wasn't interested, so I took her sister out.
Now her sister and I are dating.
She suddenly got interested.
MFW I don't care because Jennifer is an awesome girlfriend (wife material!) and Karissa is a bitch that just looks good in yoga pants.

Pic not related.
i used to bike but i guess i got bored of it
i remember once in class she told me something i didnt hear and said "wat?" and then said she saw me on my bike and i just said "ah yeah"
spanish is the main language here
this was like 2 years ago tho, i dont go to that school anymore
Nice. I bought my first pet from a dealer in SF.
She caught me a bit offguard with her answer.

it 3 additional weeks before we had sex.

I was right, she was a virgin thus quite horrible at pretty much every aspect of sex. I had never seen a woman struggle so much with oral sex...

Long story short, its been now a year and things are steady. I'm happy I dint let her get away.

You fags shouldnt be afraid of asking a woman out. Show some self confidence. Dont consider yourself a 10? not even a 5? Doesnt matter, if you show lots of confidence, chicks will be intrigued to find out why you're so confident.
Met a girl who went to my school on the first day of uni. We never really talked much before but she approached me and we got along really well. 5 weeks in and we're really good friends, we're always making each other laugh. Never had a gf before and I think she would be perfect. What do?
There isn't a point in arguing with you :/ you're probably single anyways, what would you understand
i dont mean to end myself just for her
i mean for how my life is right now
i dont see her anymore but some "friends", i guess still do
Ask her on a date
Ask her to be gf
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>been talking with blonde 1 for about 2½ years, we kissed a couple of times
>not hot but cute
>blonde 2 is ex gf, we see eachother sometimes
>blonde 3 is ugly as shit and bad at sex, but since I dont get any from blonde 1 & 2, I hit it on a regular basis
>cant decide between blonde 1 & 2, so its meeh
>want to fuck blonde 2 again so bad, but blonde 1 is dope af.

dunno wut do /b/
Why'd it end? It sounded perfect.
Hobbies help breh. Not only to keep your mind off of people, but to improve yourself. Girls take note of this- if they see you changing for the better, they'll start talking to you more
You dont wanna be around cause of how your life is now?
I feel you actually
I feel worthless alot.
But im changing.
Seriously, you should do something. I've been working out. Keeping shit food out of my diet, reading, discovering new music, taking walks...anything to do to improve your quality of life right now.
Also why say "friends"?
If theyre even remotely friendly then go out with them.
Anon thats not dumb at all.
Ive had many of those moments, similar to yours...Im so sorry bro.
nice, I call her pepa, though I think she's been lying about her identity and she's actually a nbome and not lsd, still I love to trip with her
"friends" because sometimes they talk to me and we don't do much stuff at all and i kinda dislike some of them
i'd like to do something but i dunno
i just cant let myself do anything because my mind tells me how pointless it would be
its some kind of brain lock
Somehow I managed to go on a date with a girl I really like despite having bad social anxiety. Realized we have pretty much the same personality. What's weird is that she "friendzoned" me, still don't know if she was joking.
>implying i know women
oh man
wait is this Jeremiah?
if not then soz
Anon you're better than that
assuming youre young0ish you still have a shit ton of time to improve yourself
if you really want something you have to step outside of your own head
File: EzIeoi7.gif (1 MB, 300x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x169
there isnt one because i only leave the house to get food or to go to work i have no social life and no hobbys, just got one chick from america who does everything i tell her to so thats pretty nice i guess
i dont know how i would do that
i can only do things my brain "approves" or thinks its appropiate for me to do
and it or I dont "approve" much
as i said im kinda stupid
Im not judging
I dont think I can really help you, but I promise later in you'll life you'll grow to be twice the man you are now.
You have potential, the hardest part is reaching it
i believe in you
Girl I work with. Cutie, southern girl (I live in the south im from new york (not the city)) real redneck from what I hear. I wanna go for it, but theres all that shit about it not being a good idea to date coworkers. Also im a huge pussy when it cones to this kinda shit.
maybe i will
Dudes that are scared of chicks are so frustrating
see >>606080979
You cant be a huge pussy. You know why? Cause if you keep thinking like that you'll never get laid.
You can do it.
remember if you have a kik you can talk to me
She's in my class at university for Diploma in IT, and I remotely break stuff on her computer a lot just so she'll ask me to fix it.
ahaha shit anon, youre such a creep
I actually have gotten laid though. Girst time high school sweetheart, second time in college. The wierd thing is, in college the girl didn't even go to my school. And I legit never left my room except for class. I was a shut in basically. She was a friend of my roomate. She came to hang with him, met me, one thing led to another and we fucked. I kinda fucked it up though.
At the time I was going through some serious mental strife. Towards the end of the relationship, in the last couple of months, I stopped smiling. She wasn't a reason to smile anymore, but instead a reason not to break down. She did her best, yet no human is equipped to function solely as a crutch for another. She no longer got happiness from me, rather she spent her time altruistically holding me back from the edge. I don't resent her leaving me because I had no right to drag her down. Besides, I learned to cope alone after the initial trauma subsided. It did me good in a backwards kind of way.
Yeah, but it sounds dumb on paper without the context of the bond only me and her understood
Fucked it up?
My ex and I had alot of shit like that. Shower sex is amazing let me just say that.
No but its hard to let go after having someone be a constant in life for years. Having to change your whole schedule and adjust back to life without them. It just leaves a void.
Im an emotional faggot so im feeling what you are.
Yeah, however I have had long enough to adjust. I've slept with multiple women since, and even had a fling with an aspiring model. However, the sex was just so hollow. I felt uncomfortable if any affection was displayed. It's like I need something at the level me and my ex had, but it's impossible to have that straight away.

In time, I will be more receptive, but eight now I shut off all emotion as soon as I get close because it feels like I'm placing paper over cracks. I've hurt a fair few girls, despite never being dishonest, because I have genuinely tried to bond but ended up cold. They're not carrying that so, to them, I just led them on.
:/ Sounds rough man.
All I can say is work on you. best advice I can give anyone.
Right now you dont need anyone, even though you may feel lonely. But hey since youre getting out there with the ladies again, youll probably be okay after a while
I reckon so. It may sound bleak but this isn't chewing my life to pieces. My existence is defined by more than my love life, so I'm okay.

It's the nights in, scrolling idly through 4chan and social networks, when I don't notice it has gotten dark outside therefore forgotten to turn my light on, leaving me in the dark, where I really want her slim hands (that were a little bony, which she hated) to rest on my shoulder.
Fuck, feels.
When Im on here time fucking flies. I only came back because of depression... just because I thought about her, and how her curvy body felt in my arms.
it was perfect while it was there.
/b/ro, we are faggots.
Massive, massive faggots.
But hey just know you're not alone when youre feeling down like that.
I'll keep you in my thoughts anon. I hope you'll be okay. Godspeed <3
Y-you too
I'm doing nothing. She's going through some stuff and I'm respecting that. Still, I'm p much in.
Been friends with her for 3 years, she is the younger sister of my best friends wife. Says she loves my personality and uniqueness, she values weird ppl I guess, likes that I play music. Now I spend most days with her, but I am totally in the friend zone. Of course it is becuase I am 30 lbs overweight, she is like 10 lbs overweight and self conscious and wants to get back to where she was 2 yrs ago after breaking up with longtime bf. We jog together sometimes, I have been gyming it and dieting like a motherfucker trying to be the best person I can be, to try and earn her. the feels man I love her and she likes me alot but she just isnt attracted to me, she talks about other guys all the time, but shes afraid to talk to dudes, she has blown a few suitors off, but I no the second one comes around that fits her aesthetic Ill be dust in the wind... tfw man I can get in shape fast enough.
Toe she's perfect. Her Instagram pictures make her look kinda slutty ( only a couple ) but in person she's really funny. I used to remember her as shy but loud around friends. Not much of a body but she's skinny and short. She asked me to hang out one day because she saw my Snapchat story was hilarious and she thought I was too. Being the beta fag I am... I "hung out" with her and practically ignored her the entire time because my friend came along for whatever reason...I wanted another chance to talk but now she passes me without even looking at me and seems to be having much better times with other guys. I'm doing knothing to get her back even though I really liked her. I have no idea what she thinks of me now. I'm such a fag for that
She has a guy she's been with for over a year but they aren't together. Basically he gets to fuck whoever he wants because she's really into him. She calls him her boyfriend but he calls her his fuckbuddy. He's a cool guy and him and I are kind of friendly but I don't like the way he leads her on. I also have basically fallen for this girl and I'm trying not to become one of her thousands of orbiting betas. As of last week we all three now work together. Which is pretty shitty because it was originally just me and her. Fortunately he can't really say anything because they are in an "open relationship" or something. Anyway I can tell she likes me on some level and next week we're going to a big ass nature reserve thing toget her with some co-workers (her fuckbuddy wasn't invited) and we're all gonna trip mushrooms and look at nature and all around have a good time. I'm gonna feel the vibes and try and go in for a kiss if it goes in the right direction. It's kind of a gambit but I'm blessed with good aesthetics even if I'm a bumbling retard and that normally works for slaying pussy. I honestly wish she would just vanish into thin air because working with her almost every day is pretty much torture.
File: wQIywEN.gif (1 MB, 500x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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MFW she's let me cum in her ass for three years but won't let me fuck her proper.
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