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let's get a wincest story thread going!
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let's get a wincest story thread going!
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>Be 14 only boy with 3 older sister.
>Mom gone and Halloween.
>Oldest sister, Jenny tells me to get dressed for trick or treating.
>Fuck that, I am to old.
>Tells me I am going, or else they will call mom and ruin her date.
>Well fuck, but sis I have no costume.
>Jenny gets a cruel smile on her face, Anon you are going as a sissy.
>A what, well I soon found out, as she forced me to get dressed in her outfit.
>"Now anon before we get makeup on, there is one thing all sissy's have.
>She pulls out a weird plastic container.
>"Anon a real girl doesn't have a cock and neither do you for the night."
>Fuck that, aint no way in hell.
>See my other sisters gather around the exits.
>Try to tackle May, but end up on my ass.
>"Anon you just don't get it"
>My other sisters grab my arms and legs.
>"Tonight we are going to start training you to be a sister, just like us"....
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>The sickening thunk of my cock being locked up is still sketched in my mind.
>As they applied my makeup and fingernails they teased me, there breast rubbing against me and May, as she bends to be my toenails shows off her naked pussy.
>My cock strains against the cage, but finds the wall impossible.
>Finally done they start to dress me, my other sisters holding me down as may and Jenny put on pantyhose, teasing me still.
>Now the panties, damn they really want to make me look like a slut.
>A miniskirt and really to small shirt really makes me start to look like a girl.
>"Ok anon, one last thing to make you a women... We have to make you a women"
>They all start to giggle, and I know I am fucked.
>"Why are we heading to your boyfriends Jenny"
>I ask trying to pull free.
>"Anon we told you, we are going to make a women out of you"
>She laughs as I still look dumbfounded.
>"You are about to pop your cherry."
>Still not getting it.
>"Jesus Anon you are going to lose your virginity.
>"You have a girl in there for me.
>I watch as may nearly falls over laughing.
>"Anon Jake is going to fuck you."
>I push my heels into the ground and they just lift me off the ground.
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ouch right in muh fantasies
>Arrive at jakes house,
>Big black man answers the door,
>"Ah Jenny, you have another sister for me to make a women"
> Cheetah speed out of nowhere, pushing through everyone.
>Almost out the gate.
>Tackled to the ground.
>"Get the fuck of me Jenny"
>I curse as she drags me in.

Thread 404'd
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another night in the wincester eh?
No wincest. Only longing. Anyone have wins ?
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Dumping what I have
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I really don't know which ones are good, as I haven't read them all
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anyone still here?
you guys were here a few hours ago, in the legendary OC wincest thread?
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MOAR damn you, my sides haven't left orbit yet. Giv closure plz? Plzzzzzz?
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Missed it.

But I'm here and lurking, please continue the dumping for a little while longer.
Just dumps or original stories?
>Thread 404'd

Anon could've been going anywhere with this story, so I wouldn't know how to close it.
Whichever, I'm not picky.
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last one from me, work in 7 hours :/
>Be 10
>Have older cousin who is 14
>Lives five or six hours away
>She usually stays with us for a week during the summer each year
>Haven't seen her in about a year and since the last time she stayed I've discovered porn through an old VHS from a friend's older brother
>Cousin and I are sharing my room (bunk beds)
>Have a fun few days of swimming, riding bikes, and playing sports
>One day she takes a nap while I go and hang out with friends
>Come home and mom says to go way her up for dinner
>Go upstairs to my room to wake her up
>Say her name, push her, all of that stuff
>Obviously awake and pretending to be asleep
>For whatever reason notice she is wearing very short shorts
>Move my hands up and down her legs
>No reaction
>Slowly move my hand to her panties
>No reaction
>Move my hand beneath her underwear
>Still "asleep"
>Stop after a minute, pause, and tell her to wake up again
>She "wakes up"

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>Go downstairs and have dinner
>Act like nothing happened
>Watch some tv, play SNES Super Mario World with cousin
>Both get ready for bed, lights out around 10:30 or so
>I'm top bunk alpha
>30 mins or so pass
>Ask if she's awake, no response
>Go down to bottom bunk of her bed and say her name, push her, same stuff from earlier to wake her up
>No response
>Pull the covers off from under her and start playing with vagina again
>Decide to pull her underwear off
>Feel her butt rise up a little bit as I do this
>Obviously awake
>Put one of my fingers in her and hear her start to breathe heavily
>Decide to start kissing her down there
>Do this for about 15 minutes
>Not "going down" going down, more just exploring and licking and kissing
>Try to get her to respond periodically
>No dice
>Go to bed
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Ok last one from me for real, need to sleep but I'm leaving my computer on to catch all of this
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>Introduced me to 4chan
Riiiiight almost had me.
>This happens more or less the same way the following night and the night after
>A small part of me thought she might just be a heavy sleeper
>Final night she is staying over we order pizza and go to blockbuster
>Saturday night and it's summer so we're both allowed to stay up until midnight
>Parents head to bed before we do
>Go upstairs at around 12:30am (badass)
>Get in my bed and she gets in hers
>A few minutes pass and I do the usual thing
>Say her name a few times and push her to try to wake her up
>No response
>Feeling bold
>Say her name one more time
>No response
>Say out loud "I guess you're asleep, that's kind of a bummer since you're leaving tomorrow"
>Start to climb back up to my bed on the top bunk
>"I'm awake anon"
>Get back down to her bed
>Pull her pants down
>Start fingering her again with one finger
>Pull her shirt up (but not off) and touch her breasts
>Kiss her (the way a 10-year-old would kiss)
>Do some form of this over and over for awhile
>She puts her hand down my pants for awhile
>Licks and kisses my cock after a few minutes
>Won't outright blow me
>Both completely naked at this point, except for her shirt which is still pulled up
>Ask her if she knows what sex is
>Ask if I can put it in her
>No response
>Start moving over toward her vagina and press my cock against it
>Little 10-year-old cock going in and out of her
>Occasionally kiss
>Too young to properly cum so we just kind of do this for 10 minutes or so before I stop
>Lay down and talk for a few minutes
>Go back up to my bed, keep talking from top bunk to bottom bunk, eventually fall asleep
>Next day she heads home
>Don't discuss it until years later when we end up at the same university
>She's in law school I'm undergrad
>Get ridiculously smashed one night
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is there a cont?
Hawt. Arrived hard.
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You think spodremin can stop my fapping? Good luck.
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Someone please post Ben and Haley, I never got to read the last part
>One of those nights where you just hang on the couch and watch tv and work your way through the alcohol
>Talking about all of my conquests and exploits as a college guy and she talks about her exboyfriend who recently left the state
>Eventually talk about "first times" and I tell her mine was at 16
>"No it wasn't anon"
>Get quiet
>"Yeah, I know"
>Talk about those nights a little bit, she tells me that at family events after that she's always pretend to be tired to go "take a nap" hoping I would take the hint
>Stopped doing this after a year or two
>Have a good laugh about it, being young and stupid
>Go to use the restroom and look at myself in the mirror -- can't decide whether to make a move or not
>When I come out she's laying down on the couch, eyes closed with a big smile on her face
>Move over to her and begin kissing her
>Unbutton her shirt and start kissing her breasts
>Rip off her pants
>Take off mine
>Whisper for her to wake up
>We leave our underwear in a trail from the couch to her bedroom
>She goes down on me for a few minutes while I finger her and then she slides down on top of me
>Kiss her and pick her up, lay her down on the bed
>We go at it a few times that night before falling asleep
>Things were a little awkward the next morning, but overall pretty cool
>Never speak of that night or the ones we had when we were kids ever again
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>no momcest caps
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dawwwww X3
i'd love to chew on that.
Does anyone have the really long one? His sister's name is like tasha or something, and the picture of the title is tangled..
Google tashas brother
Tasha's brother, it's on jumpshare, just Google it.
Fuck off Ash Ketchum
Got a decent one.

>Be me, about 11 years old
>Don't have many friends, the person I hang out with most is my 15 year old sister
>Sister is 7.5/10
>Left home alone together for about two hours every weekday
>Pretty much fight or argue whenever we see each other
>One day she comes home from school about 30 minutes after I get home, pissed
>Try to make a joke
>"Hey, who crapped in your cornflakes?"
>Think I'm a comedy genius, nearly suffocate laughing
>Get pushed down pretty hard, hit my head
>Get pissed
>Charge at sister, wailing on her
>She backs off after I tell her I give and goes upstairs to her room
>I go back to playing vidya
>Parents usually come home at 5, it's now 6
>Sister comes down, blandly states that parents are at the store (these trips usually take like three/four hours)
>I ignore her
>She sits down on the sofa behind me, doesn't say anything
>Feel kinda weird having her watching me play vidya, but ignore it
>She eventually says "Hey anon, you ever seen Twilight?"
>Only ever heard about how shitty it is
>Say "No, why?"
>She asks if I wanna go watch it upstairs
>Pause game, turn back, give her the "The fuck?" stare
>"Come on, I think you'll like it."
>She heads upstairs before I can respond
>Part of me knows she's setting me up for something to get back at me
>Follow anyways out of sheer curiosity
>She's lying down in my bed, the movie's started
>I sit at the very edge of the bed, bracing myself for whatever payback I'm about to receive
>About five minutes passes before she tells me to lie down
>Lie down, heart pounding, thinking I'm gonna get a pillow over my head or some shit
>Nothing happens for another ten minutes, but I catch her peeking over at me every so often
>At my fucking limit with suspense
>Nearly shit myself when she puts her hand on my chest
>Have no clue what just happened, she just leaves it there for a while
>She moves it down to my stomach

hell yeah
>be 11
>twilight came out 2008

that means you are 12 or less
>Gary was here
or 18?
are you retarded, it's 2015 you dip

sorry meant 17
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this anon's math confounds me.
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