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First time sucking cock experiences?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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First time sucking cock experiences?
I get really turned on by these stories. Doesn't matter if male or female. Let me start:
>be 14
>visiting old friend
>i am in no way attracted to the guy, but i was really curious at the time
>i jokingly tell him that i am gay
>he says to suck his dick to prove it
>i really didn't want to because he was a friend
>i couldn't resist cock
>suck his cock, got extremely hard and enjoyed it a lot
>did it all the time i stayed over, didn't get busted
>tfw no cock to blow all day

Share stories.
you are literally a faggot
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I would only suck off a trap. To bad there are no traps for me to fuck.
>make add on craigslist
>60 year old man replies
>get at his place
>go home and shower a few hours
>cry myself to sleep
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Huh? Wait wut? But you're not gay though. Are you a cute boy op?
I know, but I don't mind. I still like pussy and girls though.
The very first time I say OP is a faggot and I mean it
I guess I was cute when I had longer hair, often got mistaken for a girl. But now I cut it and look like a retard. I want to grow it longer again.
i was in a summer camp and curious.
so we went into a empty tent and sucked each other. but not until we ejaculated.
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Please post face or butt.
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don't tell me you did not like it
Currently I am in the backseat of a car.
i was 14 and it tickled

Do it fgt.
lies, we were twelve
Trust me, I'd love to.
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Come on op. you got me all hard and you going to leave me hanging?
goddammit time moves on fast
First times are rarely anything special.

>I was 21
>meet guy on CL, 19, slightly chubby, shy
>we meet at the mall and go back to my place
>awkward chit chat, each waiting for the other to make the first move
>finally both undress
>I suck him first, he smelled like soap, tasted like sucking your thumb
>he blows in like five minutes, I am a natural
>his turn to blow me, he is absolutely horrible at it
>can't cum, eventually tell him to stop
>never spoke again

I didn't experiment with dudes again for almost two years after that. I've had two guys I really enjoyed, the rest were awkward. Still prefer women, and live a straight public life, but I'm comfortable being bisexual.
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>have longterm online relationship
>meet up finally
>holding his hand and I got hard
>he asks if he can see it
>shows him my dick and he squeezes it
>asks if I can see his balls
>he shows me them
>I kiss them but feel really shy
>asks him if he can get a blanket
>gets under the blanket and worships his balls for awhile licking them all over and sucking on them
>takes his rather large dick into my mouth and starts bobbing up and down trying to do my best for my first time
>his cock gets really big and hard
>keeps sucking for like 10 minutes
>he removes the blanket and smiles down at me
>I blush and keep sucking
>his cock gets really hard and he starts moaning loudly
>do that for awhile but then he tells me that its his first time also and he doesn't think he can cum this way though he is really close
>get a pillow and jerks himself off
>tells me to kiss his balls over and over while he jerks
>tells me he is gonna cum and to hurry
>I take his cock back into my mouth and suck hard
>he shoots a medium size load
>taste all his jizz filling my mouth
>go to kitchen and spit it into the sink
>come back and suck him clean
>he pats my head and tells me he loves me

Was awesome.
Later on though he became a dick though and fucked me over even though I saved his life and always treated him like gold
Sucks :[

I am a gay guy btw.
Fgt, but you turn me on.
No homo though.
You gay :3
Sorry. :<
>and spit it into the sink
For shame.
Was my first time.
The next time I blew him he smiled and ordered me to swallow like a good pussy boy (his words) and I did swallow that time and everytime after.
>tfw no boyfriend like this
You have no idea what he was like bro.
He had serious issues when I met him and had basically been a friendless loner for years.
I had to put up with some crazy shit to make it work. He had a split personality where he would basically become the devil himself every once in awhile.

Then in the end he completely fucked me over and abandoned me despite him always telling me that his greatest fear was getting abandoned by someone he chose to trust and that he had been abandoned before and thats why its so hard for him to trust people blah blah blah.

In the end he was an evil piece of shit and did some other things and said some other things just to hurt me even though I literally never did a single bad or wrong thing to him.

Don't fuck with unstable people I guess.
You can make it work for awhile but eventually its likely to fuck up.

I did love him though and I still do.
I still feel heartbroken and helpless even though a year has passed.
Helpless in the fact that I don't think I can open up to someone knew yet.
>not wanting to swallow the first time
Taking that first load, sucking him dry, then looking up with a smile and thanking him is heavenly.
someone new*
I meant a boyfriend like you. :3
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Im single bby
I smiled and talked to him before I went to the kitchen.
His load wasn't so big that I couldn't speak with it in my mouth.
Anyway I gave him "the full experience" many times after that.
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>thought about taking a few people up on their offers on craigslist
>have extremely high standards for dudes
>never been with one

i'm sure i'll get around to it eventually
Aww... thanks <3

I still feel broken inside though...
Only good thing that came from it was that I reinvented my body.
Worked out and got into the best shape of my life am now super skinny and toned.

Hopefully soon I will be able to meet someone new and feel like I have a heart again.
Eh, try on /soc/ or /b/ instead tbh, craigslist guys are gross as fuck normally so if you have high standards it just won't work
File: dog_licking_self.jpg (108 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I sometimes try to suck my own dick or eat my own semen. My mind clears from the lust when I cum, though, and just seeing the semen and thinking that I wanted to slurp that up disgusts me. As for the sucking dick part I'm not even physically able to do that, so when I'm alone I sometimes try to lick my dong like a retard, then realize how stupid must I look, I stare into the distance in a frozen pose for a few seconds and then get my shit together and just masturbate casually.
Well you can give me your skype or something I guess?
When I feel better (hopefully soon) I wouldn't mind talking and getting to know you.

Sure why not
>turn 19, 2 days ago
>Be in uni
>In lockerroom with first ever boyfriend all loveydovey.
>Making out because we're dating in secret
>feel his wood. it's enormous. never sucked cock before.
>Start uncovering it
>he gets really worried and embarassed and says "what if we get caught"
>"Relax there are mostly girls here, so its all good no one will come in.
>Uncover it, it's not gigantic in length it's average, but it's so thick like twice his dick head, couldnt barely get in my mouth
>suck on the head start going deeper he starts getting blushed and continuously precumming, because I always had this salty liquid going down my throat, i liked it
>he says "you have to stop or im gonna blow"
>I start sucking it porpously a bit harder.
>He ejacts this massive load on my mouth that hits my epiglottis and all the surrounding and I start choking on it and it falls all over my chest and floor.
He gives me his coat after i clean up, and guys come in the bathroom. Nothing happened.
well are you gonna post it or...?
Cuz I was about to go out.
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Talk to you later?
Looking forward to it.
My name is Aiden btw.
I really want to have a fap session witg a cute guy

I not gay, im not attracted to guys at all. All i love are girls and large, shaved dicks.
Traps are the best of course

But all the time i get someone on omegle or somewhere else its hairy, fat old dudes, sometimes wearing stockings and urgh....

Is it wrong that i want to get off with someone who shares the same interests?

I often help guys to get off too by pretending im a girl on chat websites. I just want to help

God i cant even fap right now since im art work goddamnit
Im so horny....
>best friend drags me out into the woods to play paintball
>we are taking a break sitting on a rock
>pulls out his dick and its fucking huge
> grabs my head and tries to force me to suck it
>i freak out and leave
>realize i kinda want to try it
>come back next weekend
>we are playing video games on the basement sofa
>get down on my knees
>pull down his shorts
>suck him til he cums down my throat

he had an amazing cock i always wanted him to try to fuck me with it but he was too big and im too thin and tight would of taken a miracle to fit.
>not gay
>wants to fap with a guy
>not gay
We call that closet sissie
You are so sweet... A fag, but sweet. Good luck anon, and dont be afraid of psychos, some of them can and want to be "fixed"
Im just not attracted to masculinity

Feminine guys ahoy
Same actually, doesn't make it any less gay.

Curvy body and a plump ass, top it off with a submissive personality and i'm hooked.
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Keep on talking lewd, I am close to cumming.
>went over to best buddy, know him for 20 years now, almost 22 myself
>play warcraft
>he gets into his bed, starts a porn and is jerking underneath the blankets right beside me
>get insta boner
>pretend i didnt see anything

I really wish id sucked him back then
I wish I looked more feminine. I try to, I really do.
Bump because first time greentexts make me cum everywhere. You guys are awesome.
File: 1359843736738.jpg (229 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 645x773

And I wish I had a trap boyfriend. We don't get the things we want.
well if you're trying to be a bottom, i'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who won't care.

I wish I was in better shape myself, about 50 pounds over weight. I'm so lazy though >_<

<- pic is me
That's because cute slim boys who know how to shave are the best boys.
I would totally be a bottom.

I know that feel, bro.
Thats why i shave everything except my head. I have around 1meter long hair, but really broad shoulders and a masculine face
But a cute plump ass and really feminine hips. They are wide as fuck, someone said theyd be perfect for child bearing...

Sadly i cant into trapping
File: 1420953587906.jpg (64 KB, 564x518) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>he gets into his bed, starts a porn and is jerking underneath the blankets right beside me
Umm. that's not normal.
well, face thing can be done with surgery

If you're bottom half is as good as you say, I'm sure there's a guy out there who wouldn't mind at all, because when it came to sexy time you'd be bent over something ;)
File: top sad feel.jpg (26 KB, 402x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
top sad feel.jpg
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Is no one else super creeped out by this?
Yup, all guys and girls both look flawless with no hair behind the nek. Your ass sounds delicious, would spoon you and then put my tongue to work.
For us it is. As kids we even shared porn and hentai and jerked off to the same stuff together in front of my pc

So its perfctly fine for him
No words.
Cept that is kinda hot.
>Be 18
>One day mom asks me if I'll babysit her friends son while they go out
>agree for 10$ an hour, and I'll be compensated if the lil fucker breaks any of my shit
>Arrive at like 7pm
>kids mom Is milf
>Gives money for pizza
>"So what are your plans for the evening?"
>"brought my Xbox, I'll let him go to town till he knocks himself out"
>don't stay up too late blah blah
>kid is a little pale, brown hair, am somewhat shocked by my attraction to him, rarely fantasize about this stuff
>He comes up saying hi, nice Xbox blah bla
>Tell to him to set it up while I finish talking to his mom
>Ruffle his hair because he's cute as shit

I remember that he sucked me off once, but im not sure to this day if that was a dream or not...
We also did 69, i kinda remeber the feeling of his foreskin and tip in my mouth...but that was 11years ago
So im not sure...
File: 1355988543257.jpg (37 KB, 406x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Most likely fake but continue
>14 years old
Sleepover at friendshouse
Randomly asks how big my dick is
Shows me his boner
I asked if I could suck
He jerked me off
Still not gay
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>be hanging out with best friend who I am secrelty in love with
>he is young super sexy twink with a super soft and plump girly butt
>model matierla
>he is always grabbing my ass hard at random times and squeezing down hard
>we both have feeling for eachother but we are also deeply closeted and go the same school
>he has this little orange soccer cones in his house and sometimes before I sit down he puts one under my butt and laughs when I "accidentlily" sit on it and yelp
>he shoved one of them in my mouth once also and told me to close my eyes
>poured some liquid into my mouth and told me it was his cum but then laughed and said it was just water
>am in his cali king bed at night sleeping over
>he is playing NBA Street V2 and I see his cute butt just sitting there
>I somehow rub my face against it and grind without it seeming gay?
>we watch a movie together and go to bed
>I can't sleep so horny
>I lick his toes while he is sleeping but only for a second because afraid of waking him
>go to bathroom and jerkoff to him
>in the morning I wake up and my toe nails are painted pink
>he did it and smiled
>brother sees my toes when we walk out together and smiles at me weirdly and asks what we've been up too
>blah blah

I still regret not telling him how I felt.
I would have married that kid in a heartbeat.
I'm not transgender but I would love to dress up as a cute girl, suck some dick and get fucked like a girl. I always say I'll dress up as a girl for Halloween but I always pussy out.
>Family party when I was younger
>Friend of family is kinda "bad uncle type"
>Constantly teases me about looking girly
Kinda did look like a trap
>Sneeking drinks with friends until they go home.
>Everyone's out front, I jump in spa out back.
>He gets naked, jumps in with me. Can't help but perv at his cock, like 6 inches soft and shaven.
>Tells me I look at cocks just like a girl as well.
>Kinda drunk, pull togs off, say something about proving I'm not.
>He laughs as I do, grabs my arm, pulls me down as he sits on the edge of spa. Says "This is what makes you a girl"
>Can't resist. suck him for 10 mins. He has to jerk to cum, Blows all over my face.
This soon becomes a regular thing. No one knows. Cept you cunts.
File: 1359744523504.jpg (45 KB, 680x584) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 680x584

What happened? Where are you guys now?
Wish I could talk to you, but I am currently visiting someone. :<
Same here, even though id have acces to my gf's and her sisters clothing...

I want to be a cumbucket for my /b/ros
Oh and one time somehow I asked him to tie me to a chair without it being gay?
He got a ton of hard white string and tied me to his computer chair.
Once he fully tied me up I got a super huge erection (I have a nice sized dick).
He stared at it and asked me why I have one?
I blushed and said it was just a random erection.

You should do it and then marry me
There are if you look hard enough, trust me
Soon after that we kinda drifted apart.
Haven't spoke to him in years.

I think he married some girl and works for a bank now but I don't really know because that is 3rd or 4th hand info that my mom said his mom told her sometime long after we stopped hanging out.

Whenever you are free. I have the next few days off from work.
Did a bunch of similar stuff with my friend once, use to jerk and suck each other at night or in showers etc, just pretending the other was a girl. Never told him I liked sucking more than being sucked.
File: 1427654487431.jpg (10 KB, 267x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw I done this once

what's your first name anon?

That is really fucking sad
Is being gay contagious or what, I've got the feeling, of unknown.
>captcha: eemoo
>I want to be a cumbucket for my /b/ros
Kinda this. Sometimes I imagine inviting a bunch of sex-starved guys from 4chan over and letting them gangbang me all night. I would fall asleep covered in cum.
only if you're a closet case
>he yells at me to stop
>Put my face up to his
>Blow a raspberry
>Little shit backs up, calling me gross
>His mom eats it up, laughing, keeps thanking me
>Have to essentially shove the bitch out the door
>Turn around
>backpack/w Xbox gone
>head for his room, meanwhile moral dilemma in my head
>His bedroom doors locked
>Open it with debit card
>we can call him T
>T has hooked up my Xbox and is playing CoD:WaW
>Scare the piss out of him, but let him play.
>retrieve laptop from bag
>browsing bee, texting etc
>Play a few games with T, he absolutely adores having a big boy over
>Eventually it gets late and I put on a movie on living room
... Female or male ?
Andrew :p... but I am sure you're not my old friend haha.

Yeah it really is... but in the end I am not sure coming out to him would have worked anyway.
I think he was too far in the closet.

One time he was squeezing my butt all day and I started flirting back heavily with him stronger then I usually did and he kinda freaked out in a way like he couldn't cope with his feelings and his identify of being straight.
I am pretty sure he couldn't handle coming out even though I knew he had strong feelings for me.

So maybe it was just not destined to work.
>be 15, he's 17
>in boyscouts
>one night in tent wrestling
>he notices
>begins to tease me
>I notice he is also hard
>we continue to wrestle and goof off
>I purposely lose and rub my ass against his hard on multiple times
>at one point I rub my hand on his hard on
>he asks if I want to see it
>he shows me, begins jerking
>lay down beside him, begin doing same
>he slides his hand over and grabs my hand and puts it on his cock
>slides his hand around mine
>both of us jerking so hard, moaning
>tells me to suck his dick
>wrap my lips around his head and move my tongue around
>tastes and feels wonderful
>after doing this for 5 minutes, he stops me, rolls over and goes asleep
>we never speak of it again
>become addicted to cock

that's all the happened that night, I was too nervous and overwhelmed
I am now 20 and still love cock in my mouth. being gay is the only way.
Closet case..?
Sorry, can't help my stupidity.
Ijust want to help guys get off...
Yip its not the name I was looking for

>tfw no femboy best friend to paint my nails and nohomo rub face on ass
find an adult chatroom.
Roleplay your ass off.
Damn, I am staying here like 2-3 days. You are the same guy, right?
If you have Steam, add me. My username is обрез. I'm the guy from Norway.
I do that often. Really often

If you have fun witgh someone named slaine, thats me most of te time
Or when i pose as girl i use caroline
Where you play? Chat avenue?
Ah I see, thank You kindly.
In that case I'm not the case.
Omegle mostly
>be 22
>have fetish for older males(50+)
>set up a meeting with a 63 year old
>meet him in his car in an empty parking lot
>bit fat, gray hair and beard
>how I like 'em
>he places my hand on his cock
>holy fuck, almost got dizzy
>he takes his pants off and pushes my head down and I start to suck
>decent sized cock
>he starts to finger my butthole
>the cigarette stench from his car is too much
>"I can't do this"
>take my clothes and leave

1st and only time
File: 1427657491504.jpg (77 KB, 500x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 500x490
Hopefully we'll all get what we need someday soon.
I feel more hopeful then I have in many many months which is nice.
I usually feel pretty hopeless.

Anyway I am gonna go smoke a ton of weed now and try to forget about the world.
The cycle continues for now. The darkness reigns.

Worst slowpoke greentext ever...

Well where am I looking?
Rough ass grammar but you manage to use epiglottis? The fuck nigga?
I want to know too, never found trapps in germany

>b4 me, about 12 years old
>already discovered fapping
>decided I wanted to get mine sucked
>had my best friend over to spend the night
>hey....I'll suck yours if you suck mine
>he agreed if I would go first
>I sucked.
>he freaked and pulled his little dick out of my mouth
>said he thought he had to pee
>I told him that was SUPPOSED to happen
>he wasn't buying it.

>didn't even get mine sucked

>yeah, I sure woulda "peed" if I had

BTW, I'm straight. fucked hundreds of women in my time. don't crave cock.
File: 1427470842909.png (249 KB, 421x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB, 421x500
It'll be ok Louis, it'll be ok!

>be me
>go out with friends once a month
>kissless virgin
>3 years of this
>all of a sudden a girl asks me on a date
>two separate bi cd guys want to meet up and cuddle sex watching anime

My dilemma of choosing what to do here.
Don't wanna fuck qt boys if she is gonna be the One but also still really uncomfortable among females and just in general sexuality
if you're leaning towards the dudes, I hate to break it to you, your sexuality is already solidified.
There will always be other girls. Two cds is possibly a once in a lifetime thing though.
I don't know, on the internet there are places to find what you exactly you are looking for, I was looking for a serious relationship with a transexual girl and I did find it, I just don't know what you are looking for, but use google and you will find
>After an hour he passes out
>pull up porn on lappy
>Pop in headphones
>T still sleeping
>Dirty thoughts running rampant.
>Desperately need to bust nut so I can calm down
>Watch for 10 minutes, trying to find a good video
>Mission accomplished
>reaching for my cock
>See him in my peripheral
>snuck up on me
>Both excited and terrified
>Take off headphones and look at him
>"can I watch?"
>boner override activated
>Put my arm around his waist and pull him to me
>"only if you promise not to tell your mom I let You watch a big boy movie"
>his adoration for me, ever present, is in his eyes
>"sure anon, thank you"
>we watch for 15 mins, I watch him fidget as he gets hard
>Not even watching vid, can't take my eyes off him
>"I Like this movie anon" he murmurs
>"You know why they do this stuff?" I ask
>"why anon?"
>"it's one of the best feelings ever" I explain.
>He looks at his pitched tent, as do I.
>"what's it like?" he asks after a lifetime
>"I'd have to show you" I explain
>he looks at me with doe eyes, and I lose control
>kiss him gently, right on the lips
>He doesn't resist, he's clearly stunned
>pull back after a few seconds
>he looks up at me
>Can we do that again?
I sucked my friends dick when I was 13, haven't had a gay experience since but had chances too. This thread is really making me want to experiment.
Go on date and have a cd anime cuddle sexy time. No one person can own you until they deserve it, do both.
Do you even pretype?
File: l4YZaEi.jpg (829 KB, 5616x3744) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
829 KB, 5616x3744
Go on...
File: 1357762377189.gif (513 KB, 500x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
513 KB, 500x330

Go for the guys. I would kill to be were you are now.
I need more now you're killing me
Keeping alive because I want to relive those sexy times that were done to me, it was just like this but I walked in the bathroom and he just kept going and watched me until he came right on me. It's real hot.
> 22 male in the 727, had a guy suck my dick one night after being drunk and stoned. Been fantasizing ever since. Would suck a thin fit girly guy If in the area, I'm not fat but drunk right now.
Hot shit
plz cont

cont with more stories from my homosexual lifestyle

>be 18, he's 24
>been flirting for a year, he's always been scared because I wasn't 18 yet
>finally 18
>takes me out on a date, a movie
>the lucky one, that nicholas sparks chick flick with zac efron
>we're holding hands, cuddling entire movie, occasional kissing
>during sex scene notice his erection due to zac efron being a sexy god
>slide my hand on it
>begin to unzip pants
>his dick flies out, finally free
>slowly begin to slide up and down
>meanwhile my erection is about to explode
>he's trying really hard not to moan in movie theater
>after 10 minutes have to stop because he's going to cum
>decides to take me back to his place

So if I were to ask , who in the 727 wants to turn me into a girl for a night and let me be their cumslut?
Germany, baden würtemberg, would do the same for anons and /b/rothers
File: 1427072981683.jpg (95 KB, 741x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 741x598
>want to bury my face in sweaty pussy
ok mate

I'm not sure, I'm really old fashioned and it's hard to find anyone even remotely likable that would like me back

I've always been a save the sex for relationship sort but little boy cocks with big lipstick covered lips has swayed me.

It's a lot easier choice I imagine when you're not in love with fat pussy :/

I'm in the 727, tarpon area. Really like the idea, nervous as shit to do it because I know like, zero people who'd support me.
Cont when
>Smile and sit him in my lap
>kiss and lick his neck
>his mouth is open but nothing comes out.
>rub his cock through his pjs
>Thrusts into my hand like a little slut
>I can't stop, grab his pjs with both hands and pull them down
>My fucktoy rushes to help me
>As soon as his Pjs are down he's guiding my hand back
>slide my tongue into his mouth, I'm absolutely out of control
>He tries to thrust into my hand as fast as he can
>He's moaning into my mouth, I know he's going to cum soon
>Pull back, slow down my pumping, his cock is slick with pre
>Strands of saliva
>He's still trying to fuck my hand
>release my engorged cock
>pull his shirt off and mine
>Switch hands
>Am fapping self with his pre
>Start jacking him off again
>he's moaning like a slut
>can't hold back
>blow all over his back
>he's not done
>turn him around
>rub my cum onto my hand
>Jack him off with it
>he moans louder than ever
>cums on my chest
>Collapses on top of me

Fuck I need to cum cont

>we arrive at his house, start with cuddle session on couch to get back in the mood
>his tongue and mine are intertwining, so hot
>i'm laying on my back while he's on top of me
>holds me down and begins kissing my neck which drives me insane
>begins tickling me
>I struggle to breathe and get away
>he slides his shirt and my shirt off
>never noticed how our bodies compared before
>he's more manly, more hairy, more buff. I was more of a twink at the time due to being so young
>breathing in his smell, taking in every moment as he slides my pants off
>begins blowing me very slowly while fingering my boy pussy
>after 10 minutes im getting close, eyes rolling into the back of my head
Gay is sick an not normal. pls go to a hypnotherapist.
Sorry guys on my phone and I just saw this thread, and I gotta use a stupid app because b&
Tyrone- age?
Contineu I'm begging you

>image unrelated
>meet hypno therapist
>starts telling me I am a sissy and puts earbuds on my ears
>fall asleep
>hour later I open my eyes and he is jerking his huge cock over my face
>cums in my mouth and says good sissy

Stopped seeing him because I ran out of money.
What do you look like?
>inb4 B&
>admitting to evading a B&
>I tell him im so close, he stops
>slides me down and shoves his cock into my mouth
>he's fucking my mouth which is a new experience for me
>gagging and choking as I feel his head hitting the back of my throat
>in heaven
>after awhile he cums a small load
>swallow it like the boy slut I am
>picks me up and lays me on my stomach
>spits on his cock and shoves it inside of me
>never actually had a cock inside of me, only fingers
>I moan in pain at first but after 3 strokes I begin to feel dizzy from pleasure
>he lays on top of me and puts me in a head lock
>is whispering and kissing my ear
>after awhile he rolls me on my back and begins jacking me off while fucking me
>I don't last 3 minutes
>I clench as i'm cumming all over the place which makes him cums
>he pulls out at the last second and cums all over my stomach
>we're both breathless

he ended up cheating on me a few months later so I ended it. I haven't spoken/seen him in a year. I was still in love with him for awhile but now that I look back I don't understand why. oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>7 years old
>friend is staying over
>we chillin in the tent in my room
>"want to get sexy"
>explains him and his other friend do it
>sure why not
>starts making out with me
>i go along with it im 7
>tells me to suck him
>lol sure
>lick his butt too
>he does the same to me
>go to sleep like nothing happened
didnt dawn on me what happened til i was 12. never talked to him about it , never want to. im not gay btw, dont have a problem with it but i like tits too much to even consider a dude
File: 1427134445932.gif (309 KB, 460x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 460x351
>Goku JR
File: image.jpg (59 KB, 396x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 396x600
So guys, what do you enjoy about sucking cock?
The feeling of being a little bitch wbu
I love it when he's about to cum and you just feel his cock swell up and throb in your mouth as he grabs the back of your head and uncontrollably thrusts your head down on him seeding your mouth
the soft skin on my lips and the feeling of being somebodies bitch
>Laying on top of me, breathing hard
>Kissing him on the cheek
>running my hands up and down his back
>his skin
>I don't know what I'd call it, but I was intoxicated
>Whispering in his ear
>Did you like it?
>yes anon
>can it be our secret? Our mom's will not be happy if they find out
>ok anon, I promise
>I like you, T
>I like you too, Anon
>I kissed him
>He kissed back
>I don't think anyone would understand how I felt at this moment
>We laid there maybe 10 minutes
>boner begins to return
>Want to try something else? I whisper
>Yes anon
Im not even gay but i have a massive boner over this
post faster damn you!!!!
>Be 12 y/o me have big cock
>Go over to friends house that is 11
>I say "hey wanna see my ddick"
>he says yes
>he whips his out
>Tiny lil thing
>whatever suck him off until he says it feels tingly
>Ask him to suck me he says no ans goes to sleep
>2 years later
>Sgame thing happens
>Still a tiny dick
>"im not gay"
>*gets a boner over two guys fucking*

yeah sure not gay at all nope
It gives me butterflies. While visiting a friend at uni recently, we all did what I assume was MDMA because they wanted to baby me a little bit (recent death in the family) to cheer me up.

I remember my favorite part of the whole night was when I ended up laid in bed in spats and a t-shirt next to an Italian guy nearly double my height, just gently running my fingers over his face and saying nice things. Every time I stopped, he'd begrudgingly ask me to keep going. Considering how ridiculously confident is, it was really nice.

Then when he fell asleep, I pulled his pants down and had a look and sorta got him hard in my mouth. Then I stopped and climbed into a futon instead.

Actually ended up telling him the next night while we were all drinking int he dorm and everybody had a hearty laugh at my expense.

Every time I've visited since, he's been really kind to me and looked after me. I make double entendres a lot but the few times I've seen him in just a towel or something, I've had trouble making eye-contact.

I have a fiance who's on pain pills so we don't ever have any kind of sex but... The Italian guy makes me feel really weird, even though I'm like eight years older. Someone joked I look like his younger sister because I'm so under-developed. I don't know how to feel about any of it.
>The guy with the tiny dick should do the sucking

When will they learn to put their false sense of entitlement behind them
When you put the cock in your mouth, runt.
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
I was 13 and hanging out with my boyfriend and a friend of his. Boyfriend gets called by his mom and had to go home so I keep hanging out with his friend. He was pretty cool and offered me a joint, I'd never smoked before and was pretty stupid so I figured why not. We smoked a bit, it was alright and he started getting flirty.

He was a real smooth talker and was saying all kinds of shit, grabbing me a little saying he wanted to fool around. I was a little high and intimidated and he started kissing me and I let him. After a little while he said that if I didn't blow him he'd tell my boyfriend I made out with him. We argued but I eventually gave up. We went behind a building and he undid his pants, pushed me onto my knees. I tried to tell never done it but he didn't really care. I blew him, it was pretty bad and sloppy because I didn't really know what I was doing, he still ended up cumming and came on my face.

Staying at a hotel on sunday, have arranged a meeting with a 67 year old. Going to be fun
File: 1426104598803.png (77 KB, 270x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 270x259
aww that cute widdle belly ;3
Cute, but what are you hiding under there?
I was young and stupid. I'd like to think I'm smarter now but who knows.
I kek'd
post butt
>sit up
>carry him towards bathroom
>kiss me, I tell him
>He tries to reach my lips
>I like when you kiss other places too, T
>Oh, sorry anon
>He goes right for my neck
>sexy little faggot is copying me
>good, just like that
>Am enjoying this far too much
>Turn shower on, then carry him to bedroom
>Set him down on his bed
>Those fucking eyes
>Kiss him and grab him clean clothes
>Try to find lube, to no avail
>No anal, but I'll make do
>Exit his moms room
>He's waiting for me
>His little cock is so enticing
>walk him to the shower
>Climb in
>Immediately pull him to me
File: Bw8WMJfIMAAqCJp.jpg (66 KB, 505x816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 505x816
erection reaching full percent
op please dont let thred die!
I can't stop reading this
You have to keep going
Keep going
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
Taking pic of butt is harder than I thought.
File: 1427010722728.png (35 KB, 179x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 179x200
File: 1426372119481.jpg (332 KB, 650x936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332 KB, 650x936
File: 1424878149753.jpg (99 KB, 426x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 426x341
i wonder whats inside...
Hurry up anon
File: image.jpg (29 KB, 225x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 225x350
Too shy to post cock...
Jeep going
more boy bulge then?
i won't tell if you don't
>Start washing his body
>teasing his little cock
>His eyes are on mine
>First time he got a good look at it
>Grab his hand and put it on my raging hard on
>Just like me, I tell him
>He tries, but I can tell he'll need practice
>I stop him and press his back against the wall
>kiss his neck, lick and kiss his chest
>Stop to play with his nipples
>my New friend can't stay quiet
>moaning and groaning
>Tease him with my mouth, kiss his tip, lick and kiss all around
>Drag my tongue across his balls
>Get an idea
>Have him put his hands on the wall
>Slide between his legs
>I take his cock in one go
>It tastes so
>I feel him, his need, I slide my tongue on the underside of his shaft, playing with his balls all the while
>He's moaning and fucking my mouth, my cock is rigid
>Anon I can't I can't you have to slow down I'm going to
>At that I wrap my arms around his waist and force his cock as far into my mouth as it'll go, I slurp and suck as best I can, his scream signalling his orgasm
>I swallow his cum, it may be bitter but I'm too horny to care
Nah, you're not smarter just a whore and always will be
i really wanna suck my friends dick, how should i tell him?
"Dude, i'm a total fag and I want to suck your dick"

That should work.
"bro can I suck your cock, no homo lol"
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
Sure ~
>fucked hundreds of women

Just tell him you're gay m8. Or ask if he's gay.
would give thorough tounge-lashing
"Jesus, my girlfriend can't suck cock for shit. I bet I could suck cock better than her. What about your gf anon?"

If he says she sucks awesome, he's not interested.
he is bi
he dont have one neither do i
Not the same anon who's trying to get your skype, but I'd just like to say that you don't just 'feel better'. If desperate anon makes you feel better, then you know it just might work out. If he doesn't, whatever. You don't just feel better by yourself. Quit being a faggot and open up to anon, will you?
Thanks for the self-esteem boost.
so what's the problem? tell him you want to blow him...
i hope story continues...................................................................................................................................................................................................
Fuck greentext

We dried off and cleaned up, I washed his pjs and we Sat on the couch together. We ended up making a late night McDonald's trip because I forgot to order the damn pizza

His mom came home around 2:30, Ts head was leaning on me when she walked in, but I'd kissed him and played with him till he fell asleep

Tyler Is now 15 and doing good in school, I turn 21 in a couple months. We've had plenty of fun nights together.

AMA I guess
you rapist faggot, finish the story
ever anal?
with t?
im not sure hes attracted to me
>This is what I'm listening to as I read this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt9dOIdGIeM
>This is exactly how I feel
>They should have sent a poet
>If I can ever know this, I can die happy
well nut up so you can get his nut off.
nice try
>not the poster
yes, because getting a blowjob requires them to like you... ask faggot
Yeah. About 2 years after the first encounter, although I became fond of eating his ass on the second encounter tho.

It was my first gay experience outside of fapping to shota
It's me m8
did it go over well? maybe a short summary?
>we got out of the shower
>i bent him over the sink
>i grabbed the shampoo to use lube and stuck it in
>to my surprise instead of boyish moans i heard a mammalian grunt
>i look up and see that T was actually a 500 foot tall crustacean from the Paleozoic
>his giant head swung around and he whispered in my ear
>i need about three fiddy
How often do you see eachother?

How are you getting along these days?

I had a similar experience to Tyler at his age.

I often feel bad that the person doesn't talk to me anymore. Sometimes it keeps me awake at night and makes me wonder if I did something wrong.
>be 14 years old
>watch a porno dvd we stole from parents
>sleep over that night
>got asked if i would suck it
>didn't want to at first
>end up saying ill go second if u go first
>finally i went under the blankets.. and..
>he never went second tho..
Any female first bj experiences?
>Be me
>last week
>closet bi for my entie life
>bored so go out for a walk at aroud 8 pm
>street is pretty much empty except for 3 kids from around 12-14 years old
>they start calling me a faggot and asking if i would suck their dicks
>obviously just to annoy me
>gets me pretty hot and i get all red in the face
>they notice and start laughing at me
>one steps in front of me whips out his dick
>long story short i start sucking my first dick
>blow the 3 of them and cum in my mouth
>loved it
>tell them i will come back for more if they keep it a secret
>the 3 of them fucked me for the first time
>anal orgasm
>tfw i'm the bitch of a bunch of kids

I fucking love being a sub bitch
Yeah but I'm here to read the faggotry. Its far more entertaining.
Living the dream
File: 1426815717967.jpg (77 KB, 1004x776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 1004x776
>pics or it didn't happen
Pics of a sudden event from a week ago?
you lieng sack of shit
Here >>607114889
Even some women can't suck cock good.
I live in one shitty city in mexico, you would be surprised, this is whole place is pretty much a massive ghetto
I thought you were gonna say check em
>Be me around 16 or so
>Hear about autofellatio
>Decide to try it
>Have bath to relax muscles
>Get on bed
>Flip legs over head
>15mins pass
>Fit head in mouth
>No idea what I'm doing
>Suck and wank furiously
>Cum in mouth
>A few tries later gagged myself

Haven't tried for a while, might try again soon.
God I love blackmail, too bad you didnt get fucked.
I did a few months later after I turned 14, behind a dumpster behind a church. Probably the most humiliating experience of my life.
this thread is so fucking gay. I love it.
yo post a pic of face pls
We were split apart for around 6 months as our mom's had a falling out, we talked over xbl frequently though. This was roughly a year and a half ago, he'd never say it over chat but he'd write me messages "miss you" "I can't wait to see you" etc. It was funny, we'd never dirty talk over the internet, Just wasn't the same, and we still don't to this day

About 3 months ago I ran into him And I was with my girlfriend, we only see each other every weekend Or so, I could see the hurt in his eyes, and I watched him walk away

He showed up at my apartment crying, telling me he loved me, that He could never replace me no matter what. I've never been so torn in my life. I got him to understand there was no way we could be together, at least not right now, and that he'd always own a part of me

As time goes on we grow closer and closer, which is the last thing I expected.

You realized your dream. You did something not a lot of people get to do. Feel proud.
I feel like adding you just because you're a sweet little fag from Norway
Do I have to ccheck my own dubs?
I have fantasized about this many times. And soon I am gonna expierence it. My friend is I think bi and I think I am straight but might be bi. Well the story is this: a few days ago we jerked it together while watching some porn. It escalated to my sucking him off because of curiosity. We talked afterwards for a while and I also told him I wanted him to fuck me while I was dressed up as a girl. And to my suprise he accepted. Next week it's gonna happen. Still gotta buy those girl clothes though.

I feel like I am a bit fucked up in the head but that is I think just because these thoughts are kinda new to me

NIGGA you better pick him over and fucking girl. He loves the hell out of you.
I was about to go to bed, when I stumbled over your story.
Wow, just... wow. Which you had been my babysitter. I wish the two of you all the best.
Anon & Tyler OTP

No need for pics, but... details?
I'd rather not.
I was about to go to bed, when I stumbled over your story.
Wow, just... wow. Which you had been my babysitter. I wish the two of you all the best.
Anon & Tyler OTP
>>be 13
>>guy in class says he can blow himself
>>proceeds to show everyone
>>get home
>>decide to try
>>can almost reach
>>try every time i masturbate
>>finally manage to deep throat myself
>>blow huge load in mouth
>>love it
>>have a sleepover with a friend
>>he's got a huge cock for his age
>>talk about sex
>>he says he's a virgin
>>i tell him i want to blow him
>>go down on him
>>deep throat like a good little faggot
>>stick a finger up is ass
>>he blows the biggest load of his life
>>show him the load still in my mouth
>>"thanks anon"
>>continue till we both are 16
>>he gets a girlfriend
>>never talks to me again
>>not mad
>>i can still blow myself
File: 1418802524988.jpg (329 KB, 1468x2060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329 KB, 1468x2060
why not? it's a anonymous image board. what, you care about what some fat ugly neckbeards think of you? just do it breh
I sucked of my brother once and he came in my mouth a couple of years ago, I loved it and i know he liked it too, we get kind of akward now when we are together and hear anything abou gay stuff, it's obvious that he wants more.
How do I let out the gay inside of him?
I really want to be his sub bitch
femanon or no
>>How do I let out the gay inside of him?

looks like he's already let out the gay inside you once already

This is a fag thread. Stop asking people if they are female
>insert dildo in butt
>take pics
>send them to him
>femanon or no

This morning I was reading a trap manga with these two brothers and I fapped thinking about my little brother. I feel weird about it.
Obviously not a femanon
Hot fucking damn, I want to live your life
Its never really going to go away. But don't let him fall out of your life. Stay friends. Spend quality time together.

I know how Tyler feels: You're not lovers, but you're not family either. You're some weird place in the middle. In my mind, this person taught me something dangerous but also beautiful. I was marked by their body but at the same time, I don't begrudge them for it. From Tyler's position, I'd just want to know you still care. That even though you've move forward with your life that if something in mine goes to shit, you'd be there for me as a friend and a bro -- that I'm not something disgusting you feel the need to dust under the rug and hide or be ashamed of.
>not gay
>loves large shaves dicks

It doesn't work both ways.....
I sucked my first cock today.

>Be 26, Britfag.
>Finally had the courage to stick an ad on Craigslist.
>Guy responds and we send a few e-mails back and forth. He was wary of being scammed.
>Head over to his place nearby. I let a friend of mine know beforehand so that if he turned out to be a murderer, I'd be avenged.
>Knocked on his door, he opens it in his boxers and a shirt. He's ~40 and not particularly good looking.
>Invites me inside then sits on the sofa.
>Takes his cock out. It's flaccid but still fairly long.
>I get down on my knees and start jerking him off.
>Put it in my mouth, swirl the head around with my tongue. It doesn't taste very good at first, but that soon fades away.
>Get him hard and take as much as I can in my mouth. I'd estimate him to be about 7 inches long by this point and I get about 5 inches of it in before gagging. He seems to like that.
>I experiment a bit, trying to see what works and what doesn't. Going down as far as I can, then sucking hard on the way back up gets him going.
>When I do especially well on one suck he takes holds of my head and pushes me down until his cock is at the entrance to my throat.
>He asks me if I'm willing to deepthroat and I nod into his crotch.
>He pushes down on my head, hard, and I feel his cock slide down my throat.
>I gag, of course, but he holds me down there and starts to fuck my face, thrusting as far as he can until I start to choke.
>Eventually he lets me go and I go back to my own pace.
>Do this for about quarter of an hour. My jaw is starting to hurt and he says he's trying to enjoy it for as long as possible.
>Decide to up the ante and start focusing exclusively on the head, except for the occasional attempt at deepthroating him.
>Give it both lungs and keep it up for a few minutes solid.
>He's breathing heavily now and thrusting up into me.
>He grunts a few times and I feel his cock twitch as I take him back into my mouth.

File: 1427071409258.png (48 KB, 517x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 517x375
anyone else feel like a little faggot when laying in bed but when they get up feel straight as an arrow?
sorry for asking but its not something im gonna talk about at the dinner table.
I was at the mall with him and my boyfriend. Again my boyfriend had to go early so I kept shopping around a bit with his friend. He was driving me home and asked if I wanted another joint (also short for saying he wanted me to blow him). He pulled over into the church parking lot and we went out behind it, started smoking. We went behind a big dumpster and I started to blow him and he came on me (which I wasn't too happy with), and to make up for it he went down on me and fingered me (which was unusual). I wanted to go home at that point but he started saying he wanted to fuck. I didn't want to but he said he'd tell my boyfriend and all our friends, and tell everyone I was a whore (he had a few pics too by that point). We argued but eventually I got on the ground on my back and he fucked me. He was really rough and it hurt a lot more than I was expecting. He came in me (didn't realize it at first) and said he'd be right back because he was going to his car to get a towel. Never came back and I had to walk a good 15 minutes back home. I had to have a friend of mine get me a morning after pill.

cont nigga god damn
File: 1426208306615.jpg (41 KB, 246x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 246x430
>I'm Vice-versa
wow he's a dick!
I researched it for awhile, and I knew better than to even attempt it before 14

I got some lube and I used my internet knowledge as best I could. It was uncomfortable for him, but he cherished me to a fault.

We did it on my bed, he'd asked me for it before, but I was scared, I'm a grown man and he's well, not. I had to yell at him to stop a few times because he was begging for me to fuck him, but if he got me too worked up I'd be prone to doing something stupid.

Anyway it was like any other intimate moment, at least at first. I guess he'd seen it online and had to know, because he developed of grinding against my dick, he knows how to tease me better than my girlfriend

Anyway he talked me into letting him handcuff me, he wanted to try fucking me and while I was surprised I figured I'd might as well try it.

After he cuffs on he immediately flipped me over and started sucking me off.

As soon as I was ready he stripped himself and starting lubing up both of us. I begged him to stop but he wouldn't have it. He did all the work, he climbed on and I bit my lip as he impaled himself on my cock. He was so fucking tight I was just waiting for blood to pour out.

He moaned, he got it all the way in and moaned.

He started to bounce looking me right in the eye

THIS is what you were missing, He said

After a minute I was begging for the cuffs off. He made me swear I wouldn't make him get off,

I swore I wouldnt

I threw him off as soon as the 1st cuff came off. I pinned him against the wall and we were moaning and yelling so loud I got a noise complaint

I'm the fucking top, faggot

He begged for my cum, and boy was I happy to oblige
Yep, continued for a few more months until he ended up in jail. He drunkenly, while under 21, walked into a police station with drugs in his pockets because he locked his keys in his car. He was an idiot.
very interesting, i wonder why this is maybe its becasue the sheets are rubbing agsint my naked butt.

Its a turnoff that you didn't get to enjoy it, If I were to blackmail someone into fucking I wouldn't treat him like shit, Id try to make it as enjoyable as fucking possible, but some people just want to make others feel like shit to feel superior. So, how does your story end?
File: 1426205030599.jpg (94 KB, 677x631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 677x631
maybe, only faggots sleep nude it's science

>have gay chat with 35yo man crossdresser on kik
>wank my asshole crazy
>get in bed
>want to kill myself

Why can't I find something that fits my heart hole?
File: 1228141652.jpg (534 KB, 1386x2098) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534 KB, 1386x2098
Would you guys suck me off? I know it's small, but I've heard it looks nice
Underrated post
I would, anon
Truth be told I enjoyed part of it. It pretty much ended here >>607128171 Once he got out of jail he ended up moving and that was pretty much it. The experience got me really into some really messed up things, humiliation, degradation, etc
That's basically a large clit anon, you might as well become a sissy.
File: 1228141656.jpg (525 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
525 KB, 2048x1536
Thanks! Here's some moar
Do it.
File: 1224140957a.jpg (518 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're probably right, but I don't really bottom, I'd rather fuck a sissy, a feminine guy, or a woman
That's pretty cool then. Do you feel bad about enjoying humilliation and that sort of stuff? I like to redeem those feels, its like its retarded to let your ego take the joy out of things. Some guys enjoy getting plastic ducklings up their ass, and they can't live with that fact because of their moral bullshit and it ends up twisting them.
Sad shit, really.
Did you get fucked in the ass?
Oh my, it does looks tasty
Do you want my anal virginity?
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Maybe, do you live in California?

Cont by popular demand.

>I don't realise what's happening until I reflexively swallow and feel another spurt hit my tongue.
>Instant decision that since I've already swallowed some I might as well get the rest.
>Some cum slips out between my lips, over my hand.
>He spurts maybe five or six times, total, and I swallow most of it straight off.
>He calls me a good little whore.
>I lift off his cock, see the cum on my hand, look him right in the eyes and lick it off.
>I climb up onto the sofa and relax a bit.
>My cock is hard as a rock and it shows through my pants.
>He notices as we're chatting and tells me to strip.
>I get down to my boxers, my cock is tenting them.
>He tells me to take them off and start wanking. He wants to watch me until he's hard again.
>Horny as fuck but nervous as hell at the same time so I don't cum.
>He plays with himself until he begins to grow again and tells me to get back on my knees.
>Kneel down in front of him, but he stands up.
>Slaps me with his cock a couple of times, it's not fully hard yet.
>Tells me that he went easy on me since it was my first time, but now I'm going to learn how he does things.
>Takes hold of my head again and guides me towards his cock.
>I'm kinda scared by this point, but still horny as hell so I take it back in my mouth.
>He lets me suck on it at a slow pace for a minute or two, then tells me to get ready.
>I nod and he forces his dick to the back of my mouth.
>I gag, but there's no time to relieve it before he's thrust back there again and again.
>At one point I feel him slide into my throat and he holds me there.
>I've got tears in my eyes and am close to panicking when he lets me up for air.
>Tells me I look like a real whore now.

>Do you feel bad about enjoying humilliation and that sort of stuff?
Sometimes I do, but that's sort of the allure to me a bit.

About 3 weeks after that, yeah.
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