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Tell us about the 1st time you ever masturbated.

Here's my story (just wanted to tell somebody).
>be however old you are in 4th grade
>be femanon
>recess at school
>playground has a cool spiral slide (pic related)
>im next in line
>idiot before me is scared and goes down slow, braking with his shoes
>on a whim i pull myself onto the rounded side rail and straddle it
>slide down butt first past the idiot
>ha ha what an idiot
>there are small bumps where each section of the slide is bolted together
>my bum pass over these bumps
>oh...that feels kinda good
>do it again
>and again
>do it the whole recess
Next day
>im back at it
>bff asks me what i'm doing
>tell her my secret
>she tries it out
>at the bottom of the slide shes like OMG
>im like IKR
>we both do it the whole recess
Next day
>my friend has blabbed and told a few other friends
>there are now 6 of us
>one girl does it and is weirded out
>shes like this is dirty
>runs away to play on other stuff
>the 5 of us dont care
>we keep doing it
>sliding down cowgirl style
>we figure out how to control our speed
>how to lean at the right angle
>recess ends and we get called to line up
>5 of us are all energetic and ansty (lol)
>get the idea that less layers of clothing would probably feel better
>friends agree
To be continued...
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1 MB, 516x772

Next day
>the 5 of us are wearing dresses or leggings
>girls are SUPPOSED to wear shorts underneath dresses but i didnt
>just my skirt and undies
>feel giddy because im breaking the rules
>cowgirl down the slide
>skin on inner thighs keeps catching on the plastic
>ooh that hurts
>takes a few times to get technique right
>have to tuck knees up but keep them spread out a little
>ride mostly on your butt, but lean forward
>use hands to brake instead of feet
>go down again doing this
>at the bottom i have to sit for a minute
>holy cow that felt good
>but its not working out for one girl
>shes wearing a dress like me
>decide to help
>straddle the slide first with her going right after me
>but dont slide down
>tell her im going to check how shes doing it
>she gets into position
>peek under her dress to look at how shes sitting
>naked butthole winking at me
>shes not wearing any underwear
>god damn you bernice
>a little warning next time
>uh, so yeah you have to wear something so you can slide properly
>reccess ends
>sit down in class
>can feel theres a wet spot on my underwear
>dont make the connection
>wonder if I peed a little or something
To be continued...
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>so we're doing it with the slide all week
>technique is so good i can do it in jeans
>the slide is now our bf
>we nicknamed it Sly (dead serious)
>eventually one of the lunch mothers sees us
>tells us to stop doing that
>think shes just telling us to be safe
>come on mrs so-and-so we're just sliding down
>i know what you are doing and ill tell your parents
>oh... she actually knows what we're doing
>next few days 5 of us are in real bad moods (lol)
>we try cowgirling on railings (almost fall off and die)
>we try sitting sideways on the swings (just feels stupid)
>monkey bars (almost fall off and die)
>merry-go-round (too hard to do while spinning)
>nobody wants to keep the merry-go-round stopped
>for a few days we were basically test-rubbing our junk on everything
>nothing is as good as Sly
>one girl gets caught rubbing on the corner of her desk (seriously)
>so we stopped (or at least i did)
Fast forward to sleep over
>3 of us + 1 girl who doesn't know about Sly
>pizza, sleeping bags, disney movies, etc etc normal sleep over stuff
>at some point our bf Sly comes up
>lots of laughing
>new girl doesnt get it
>explain it
>new girl says she just uses her grandpa's massager
>im like thats weird (yeah in this whole story THAT's the weird thing for me lol)
>w/e lets give it a shot
>we find two in the house
>one is the wand kind with a giant rubber end (looks like a big microphone)
>other one is a neck massager
>you're supposed to lie down with your neck between the two nubs
>ok who goes first?
To be concluded...
File: my_boyfriend_sly.jpg (62 KB, 500x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you go first
>no you go first
>elaborate system invovling that oragami paper fortune teller thing that ALL girls know how to make
>fortune teller thing picks one girl to go first
>turn up music so the parents dont hear us
>she tries the microphone
>sits indian style facing the corner with the massager between her legs
>kinda weird watching my friend in spongebob jammies basically cum in front of us
>how was it?
>her face is beet red and she's out of breath
>gives us the thumbs up
>the gods choose me next
>i try the neck massager
>everything is wrong
>its too heavy/awkward to hold up to me
>the nubs move in circles
>FINALLY figure it out
>i can turn off the moving nubs and just have them vibrate
>and i sit on it instead of holding it
>feels ok nothing special
>im about to tell my friends that its meh
>suddenly find the magic position
>its like a switch gets flipped
>waves of pleasure etc etc
>i actually gasp i was so surprised
>if it would fit I absolutely would've pushed one of the nubs inside me
>it was intense
>i finish
>friends are like are you ok
>feel a little dizzy
>legs are all wobbly
>underwear wet again
>thumbs up
>we take turns abusing the massagers for another hour
>then fell asleep

So yeah that is without a doubt the first time I masturbated and came.
shut the fuck up
Mine wasn't so special I guess.
>be me
>tell mom im "sick"
>im at home
>in bed
>unzip pants
>whip that fucker out
>start rubbing
>feels meh
>then all of the sudden, a fucking flash of genius
>this is some sir isaac fuckign newton discover
>i decide to instead of rubbing, just tug on the motherfucker
>and holy shit, IT WORKED
>my grip was shit
>tired out after a couple seconds because i hadn't exercised my whackin' it muscles until then
>felt so good
>then i'm about to jizz
>was honestly scared, I didn't know what the fuck would happen
>watched shrek
>finally whacked it and jizzed

Been smacking it for atleast once every week since then.
Gonzaga is a collage you idiot. sent 2 teams to sweet 16 this year you need to get out more
stupid question, sorry. does it feel weird the first time. like can you tell it's going to shoot out or are you just surprised?
I remember dry humping the bed because it felt really good for some reason. I would lay on my belly and push my hips into the bed, I don't think I ever came from it but it definitely felt good at the time.
Hard to tell really
>be me about 10
>at home doing homework
>remember friend told me about masturbation
>also saw a video of a girl with her cunt under a bath faucet
>put two and two together
>prepare my masturbath
>put my asshole under the faucet and start jerkin my gerkin
>someone flushes a toilet
>scolding hot water burns my asshole and balls
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Tits or....that was a real fap worthy story. You can stay Tits?
Was worried about it. Like I didn't know what to expect. After I did it though I was just like "oh, okay".
File: 1424356856841.jpg (16 KB, 292x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I guess that's a question for any anon. did you know beforehand that something would shoot out of your wiener? or were you just going with the this-feels-good flow?
I was about 15 and i was watching porn and imitating what the guys were doing while waiting to get sucked in a gangbang. I felt a peeing sensation then stop cause i didn't want to pee on the couch. Then i continued to stroke again then thought what to hell all of sudden the cum poured out me and i was shock and walked into the kitchen to wipe myself off. I thought wow i guess i can have kids.

>be me
>knew what masturbation was but never tried
>saw a news clip of a guy fucking a lawn table
>try it out
>find nearest table
>stick my dick into its umbrella hole
>feel a wasp crawl up my cock
>yank out penis and rip shaft of wood splinter
>go to ER
>tell doctor neighbors dog mauled me
>dog gets euthanized
>I thought wow i guess i can have kids.
Holy shit dude
come on. just tell us about the real first time you did it.
>be me
>yeah late bloomer i know, i just didn't wanna become a gross addict so i held it off as long as possible
>going on omegle trying to find tits
>Literally up all night, it was seven in the goddamn morning on easter day (which was also 4/20, swag)
>go to a girl who is topless
>type 'WOW hello!"
>she goes "come for me"
>know how to do it, figured i could at least fake it if nothing happens
>after about a minute of jerking it to this girl rubbing her tits, feel a sensation
>this must be orgasm
>wearing shirt
>stop. what a dumbass.
>about 1 mL dribbles out of my dick
>balls hurt rest of day
fucking hell why am i getting a turn on from this story
>Swear not a pedo
File: 1427588692884.gif (2 MB, 500x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Top fucking kek
>i just didn't wanna become a gross addict
aw come on.

but it felt good to do...
>Be me
>Be straight but curious.
>Be in like 5 or 6th grade.
>Have best guy friend.
>Do gay things with each other slowly escalating (Never kissed though)
>Give each other brojobs
>He always cums
>Ask him what it feels like etc etc
>He blows me until I cum.
>Burned a little but nice.
>Be 8ish
>have already watched porn for like 4 years out of curiosity
>watch video of some chick sticking a lollipop inside her
>balls itch
>grab balls to start itching
>explode everywhere
>don't know what just happened think I'm dying
>walk around trying to find something to clean it up
>can't find it
>give up
>take post-rape-esque shower
When i first fapped and found out what i was missing i was fapping twice per day.
It scared me at first. I had tried masturbating so many times with the objective of cumming, I had honestly started to think it was a myth or some shit. When I finally edged the first time I was like "What the fuck was that..."
>>Burned a little but nice.
what what what?!
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Don't really recall. I think I just went with the this feels-good flow but definitely knew the good feelings were building to something. I just can't recall if I new about nutting or just wasn't bothered by it. It seems to be more of a memorable thing for some dudes but not for others.
>be me
>be 8 years old
>go on newgrounds
>see games
>start to play them
>the fuck is this
>hentai game
>play it
>boner achieved
>rub it
>tug on it
>feel build up and jizz
>too young, so i'm shooting blanks
Idk, I just remember my first time cumming as burning a little.
OK then.

>be about 10
>doing homework
>friend told me about masturbation
>intrigued so I hop on computer
>search up "nice old chest" since I always liked older women
>get hundreds of pictures of antique chests and footlockers
>manage to find a pic of a milf with her tits barely exposed
>spend 15 minutes doing ventriloquism on my dick
>finally bust my acorns all over keyboard
>never cleaned up
>It seems to be more of a memorable thing for some dudes but not for others.
interesting. i really thought it would be a huge deal for all guys.
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First time I rubbed one out
>Be me at 13
>Sister Mom and I watching movies late at home
>They fall asleep around 3am and I change channel to "Latin Lover"
>Softcore getting me hard, but I keep looking back to make sure they are sleeping
>Take it out and start jerkin
>Eventually blow load

>... change channel and clean up
I always wonder if my mom woke up and just never said anything.
you know *somethings* happening but you're not really sure what. All you know is that it feels so good you don't wanna stop hahah. Then you cum and it's like "oh fuuuuck" and all you wanna do is lay there.
>bust my acorns

oh fuck i lost it
I usually only do it once a day now though. maybe even twice.
it's weird to think that smacking it has actually become apart of my schedule...
Illustration for OP's story should be based on this: Girl flopped on floor or on all fours gasping for breath like WHOA
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the first time
>Was told by a friend about this thing he found out
>tells me the details of it
>sounds kind of gross
>next day im thinking about my teacher
>gets the party going down there
>asked to go to the bathroom
>no one noticed
>went to the bathroom to try and fix it
>some guy left his phone there
>without thinking i go strait to pictures
>finds some porn pic and vids
>the problem gets worse
>finds a vid of a chick whacking off a guy
>"oh that's what he meant"
>tries it out
>feels good
>something feels weird
>jizzes over the wall and the toilet seat
>went into a semi sleep
>woke up
>guessed it was normal
>took the phone into lost and found
>left the toilet how i left it
>next day the headteacher calls for an assembly
>he's yelling because he thought it was an older student who did it
>hears some other mail teachers talking in the backround
>"there was loads"
>didn't know what they where saying
turns out I'm quite the stallion
I always love when groups of girls are mooning and one decides to pull down underwear
Ye once at least per day,but i can't say it is part of my schedule i just fap when i get a raging boner.
Exfuckingactly what I felt and thought but age 11
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 500x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be 12 y.o.
>notice it feels pretty good when i touch my weenus when its hard
>put austin powers in vhs player
>start spanking it to that scene were alotta vagina is in the hot tub
>pause at optimum boobage
>photon torpedoes ready
>open fire mr worf
>wait wat
>before i can react, cumshot blasts hole through tv and wall behind it
>hot neighbor girl staring dumbfounded at me through window
>i smile and wave
>her forehead starts bleeding
>she falls over
>+200 points
>win end of round medal for accuracy
>life in Prestige 3
>get on my level
lol similar experience

>be me
>be like 13
>going home from a trip to Pennsylvania
>live in SC so the shits like 500 mile drive
>i get the fucking urge
>here I am
>pillow over my dick
>obstructing my mother's view
>fucking whacking it PASSENGER SEAT, with my mom driving and older brother behind me
>the car was silent
>to this day I still wonder if they knew and didn't say anything
>or if im the greatest fucking ninja this world has never seen
>be me 10
>go on newgrounds and play games
>saw hentai game (didn't what it was)
>girl naked with huge boobs
>I watch then I get hard
>rub my dick faster then the speed of sound
>feel something about to blow
>no cum comes out (until I was 14)
>orgasm for 3 years
Best masturbating with no cum, you start to black out but its the best ever because you can keep doing it with no clean up
>they knew
I'd been watching piss come out of the hole for ever and a day. What's a little white-ish stuff after all that good feeling shit.
>too young, so i'm shooting blanks

>>no cum comes out

HOLY SHIT someone explain this to me right now? how...how do you know you came then? fuck sorry if this is a retarded question.
I basically was playing with my cousin in the farm and she said she was going to try something that she saw in a movie with,she started jerking me off. (I was 8 she was 11)
Fuck,14? I started cumming with 8
okay i'm the dude who wrote >>607765912

actually that's not me, but it's my friend's story.
he just said nothing came out. usually semen goes from
>I'd been watching piss come out of the hole for ever and a day
lol you watch yourself pee. j/k

no way.
>8 years old
>In livingroom watching cartoons
>Penis uncomfortable in my pajamas
>Move it around
>Feels good
>Started rubbing it
>Haven't stopped since
Holy crap just noticed your story is similar to mines
You feel a build up and then bust through a "Wall" and it feels great blanks or not
but what does blanks mean?!? are you saying nothing comes out or...?
Your dick must be dust by now...
File: BRODIDUHITIT.png (446 KB, 721x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
446 KB, 721x404
Whether you're a hetero dude or lesbo, we like the same god damn things, anon.
Blanks mean nothing comes out yes
nothing came out
Are you fucking 13?
Really? Its because I mature late, I'm 19 and no facial hair still and I'm short still (5'4) my little bro is like 5'8 so I'm still a late bloomer
probably femanon
I knew and I wasn't even there.
OP, are you lesbo?

What's with all the volleyball girls?
hmm ok. oh so you get all the feeling of finishing but nothing actually squirts out.

i'm an idiot. sorry sorry.
Whittled it down to damn near nuthin
Yeah its like a burst
listen, everybody likes looking at cute girls in tight shorts.
more stories!
Well, this'd be the second time i've ever mentioned this ever. I had always had this weird disorder were I got off in a fucking stupid way. Until I was 16, I finally jacked off normally. It took me an hour and I used shampoo. It was painful but it lead me to the right direction. I consider that my first time because the other times are shameful.
Yes feels like a girl cumming but nothing comes out, I think its better then actually cumming in my opinion I wish I had no cum to relive those days
well you cant expect us not to ask...
yup, gotta know
Are you jilling off to these stories of little boys self abusing themselves and painting everything around them white?
Jacking off with Soap fucking hurts you poor soul
I pretty much started this habit at 7 of laying down on my stomach messing with my dick with my hand. At first it wasn't for masturbation just it felt ok. I avoid thinking about it and i'll never tell a human being about it ever again.
aww come on!!! tell us. i told about how i did it with a PLAYGROUND SLIDE.
in exchange for stories picture of poon should be supplied "/
You are the worst kind of person
I started at the ripe age of six so I started shooting dry. So the first time I actually jizzed at nine I legit thought I did something wrong and told my sister and the cruel slut laughed at me while I begged her not to tell my mom. But yeah when you jizz for the first time it's surprising/scary but the orgasm part of it is just fucking awesome.
File: 1424469163906.jpg (80 KB, 637x496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 637x496

Well, I don't know if this counts as masturbation, but here goes:

>Be me, 11, playing Pokemon Yellow
>Level 70 Pidgeot, level 60 Scyther, level 55 Charizard, and 3 others, including Pikachu, who I don't really care about
>In Pokemon Mansion, about to finish it
>Get the brilliant idea to start a new game and fuck around, without saving
>Like a fucking idiot, I overwrote the sacred 1st ever Pokemon file due to muscle memory
>Get mad
>Like, the maddest I can ever remember being
>Go red all over and stifle the most soul-wrenching deathscream an 11 year old could ever produce
>Lil' D gets hard, and I tense every muscle in my body
>Calm down, notice a drop of opaque white liquid on the tip of my dick
>Feel tired; go to sleep

That was my introduction to human sexuality: pure, unadulterated, underage rage.
Most awesome story i ever read.
oh no! i'm sorry she was mean about it.
Op, I never laughed so hard
>Me, age 13
>I basically humped a couple of pillows, laying on top of them, with my cock in between them.
>Feels good, man. Weird, but good. I'll keep it up and see how much better it can feel
>Do I have to pee? No... no, not quite.
>Ohshit.gif I forgot they told us about this in sex-ed.
>MFW "Oh yeah, I remember now. Something's gonna come out"
I tried desperately to hold it in so I wouldn't "wet the bed," as if that much was gonna come out. I actually held back at the end the first maybe 3 or 4 times before I decided to just let it fly and see how it felt.

>Feels good, man
how much did come out?
File: fp.jpg (11 KB, 394x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 394x319
>thinking OP is female.
File: hexmaniac.jpg (414 KB, 958x1353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>9 or 10 years old
>4 states away from home living with my cousins
>taking a shit
>extremely bored
>start messing with dick in boredom
>gets hard
>mess around with it for like 6 more minutes
>stroke it
>all of a sudden orgasm happens and I lunge forward from the pleasure
>don't jizz anything
>keep doing it for the next hour or so
>like 2 years later I start jizzing
If only I knew earlier that you can orgasm constantly in a row prior to puberty.
Well when you get like 34 you will cut your veins.

>If only I knew earlier that you can orgasm constantly in a row prior to puberty.
what? i didn't know that. huh.
nah polished like a precious gem
File: Dicklesswonder.jpg (17 KB, 264x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First, most dudes watch themselves piss. It is for aiming purposes. Dudes that don't watch their dick while pissing should be sucker punched in the brainstem and die. Those dudes just stand there, with their hands on their hips, looking around and letting the piss just fly. After they've marked EveryGodDamnThing they just walk away like it an't no thang. But for real, watching piss come out of your dick is a little surreal. (don't look down the barrel)
pics or it didnt happen
Barely a drop or two. I wish I'd really embraced it and kept going with it though, so I could have a really powerful first orgasm experience.
Started at age 5, didn't realize what I was doing, just that felt good. Would grind on sofa arm, just right amount of hardness vs softness. Grandma caught me doing it and told me to stop because it'll make my penis look like a horse penis.

In retrospect I guess she meant it'd be flat, but I always thought it was weird because the other way to interpret that would be that it'd make my dick huge.
>be in 2nd grade
>neighbor is sexual predator
>becomes my best friend
>hang out with him a lot
>teaches me how to ride a bike, build a model boat, etc
>also teaches me that it feels good to touch myself
>teaches me it feels good to touch each other
>spend the next 2ish years of my life being molested on a basically daily basis
>eventually I mention to my mom what is going on
>go through the entire process
>it was happening to my younger sister too
>he goes to jail
>i go to counseling

Still to this day I haven't forgiven my parents for what happened, I have no idea how the fuck they didn't know what was going on.
>Thanks dad

This shit has stuck with me, I am 20 now. I think about it on a daily basis.

This is actually the first time I have ever really talked about it. So yeah.
>Still don't get that touching yourself is against Heavenly Father's plan for us
>be me, 10, hanging out with friend
>he tells me about this site Gagreport
>he tells me one of his friends goes on it and see naked women
>Next day take family laptop, go into room
>goes on site, see fakes of celebs
>ends up choosing megan fox, don't even actually like her though
>grab dick with one hand, instead of doing the normal thing, use other hand to swipe head of dick left and right really fast
>so this is what it's like
>used this as fapping for years after
>never actually came, but i would describe to others that my dick got a cold sensation

I tried going back to this to see what it's like, but I just hurt my dick trying
Looking back, it's no wonder I figured out how good the jets were in my grandmother's pool. Even maybe at age 10, I remember sitting in front of one, my dick getting hard, but it ultimately started to tickle too much and I'd have to back away.

>17 watching softcore on HBO
>Lysette Anthony topless scene.
>Stroking a little, but didn't fap
>stroking a lot
>I wanted to suck on those nipples
>dick feels weird
>blow huge load without touching it
>dick head feels weird and sensitive
>grab vaseline from bathroom
>start stroking in imitation of what I see people doing at school
>blow second load until it is too sensitive to touch
>wtf is wrong with me? Why does it do that?

>The next day after school, I see cute girl walking down the street.
>She lives 2 doors down.
>Fap to her multiple times that night. Still irritated that I have to stop for 20-30 minutes between loads.
File: lates.png (71 KB, 763x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 763x768
awwww. i'm sorry.
>Here's my story
>be femanon
(pic related)
>it's no wonder I figured out how good the jets were in my grandmother's pool
ha ha ha ha ha it was my grandparent's hot tub for me. that pressure feels good on guys?
File: me-gusta_o_313539.jpg (110 KB, 486x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh man awesome
this sounds super gay but im gonna combine the stories of my first time and my best friends first time
>me, be 13, summer before 9th grade (i skipped 7th)
>home alone
>rare occurrence since dad is retired
>have gotten boners but never came
>just watched american pie
>decide to make a dedicated effort to jerk it properly
>set the mood
>take a shower in parents awesome big walk in shower
>lights dim
>wearing ridiculous terry bath robe
>lay back on bed sideways
>robe falls open
>use lotion, start rubbing dick
>cum, feels like rainbows shooting from my dick
>mom had left some passion fruit oil burner thing going in the bathroom
>first orgasm memory inseparably linked to that scent
>get boners in bath and body works all the time

...tbc with friend's story
Boys don't produce sperm until puberty and I don't think they produce much seminal fluid either until then. This is different to girls who have all the eggs they'll ever need in their life from the moment they're born. When a boy masturbates to the point of climax before hitting puberty, they don't actually ejaculate, meaning no sperm or jizz comes out. Only the feeling of orgasm is achieved. Later, in the early teens or so, the full effect of orgasm complete with jizz and all is attained.
Are there only two siblings and does your sister have a brother or a sister?
well it DID feel that way.
Oh well. Not an ideal situation, but what's in the past is in the past. I just hate that I didn't have a childhood.
>looks like a big microphone
you know that's not actually a massager, right?
>>start stroking in imitation of what I see people doing at school

wtf kinda school did you go to?
It totally does. Only later in life did I realize that what I wanted to do was fuck the jet-hole.
I want to see OP's wet pussy.
yeah i seriously just learned this here in this thread. i'm a giant retard.

fuck you 5th grade sex ed.

though in all fairness they do NOT cover pre-puberty sex acts in sex ed.
yes it is
I first jacked of to dress up games on newgrounds. Judge me faggots I was 11
That's a hitachi, they're sex toys, pretty sure you used someone's grandparent's vibrator.
>be me
>be like 8
>Have giant ass stuffed teddy bear
>know about porn, sorta
>Start fucking that bear, pretending it was a girl or some shit
>I don't know, nigger, I was really young
>First couple of times, nothing happened
>Eventually get crazy horny after watching hot bitches at school do gymnastics
>Thinkin' bout dat ass
>By now I understand the basics of fucking (like different positions)
>Fuckin' that bear doggy style
>Flip it over, start fucking cowgirl
>So fucking horny, bruh
>Came with the force of 1000 suns
>Have no idea what happened at first
>Nothing really came out
>Do this for another couple of months
>Get pretty good at it
>Suddenly early puberty
>Growth spurt like a motherfucker
>Fuck that bear, bruh
>"What the darnit!" (or whatever 8 year olds say)
>Gets all over bear's fur
>Sorta understand what it is
>Can't clean it because I don't want my parents finding out
>Just stuff it in my closet
>Use it a week later
>Jizz is all hard
>Came even harder because dat friction
>This continues
>I know, I'm a disgusting animal
>Eventually parents have "the talk" with me
>Mom asks me if I masturbate
>She asks me what I do with the jism
>Show her the bear
>"I, er, did it, and, uh, some of it landed on the bear."
>She says she believes me
>But I know the truth
>She didn't really believe me

>mfw I had a moustache in grade 3
My story's kinda gay.
>be 9 or 10
>at school one day
>friend tells joke about jacking off
>"what is jacking off?" I ask
>"It's hard to explain, come over later, I'll show you"
>sounds like fun I guess.
>Ride bus to the kids house
>go to basement where his bedroom is
>he locks door
>this shit's getting kinda weird
>He tells me to take off my clothes
>Standing in my boxers, he's butt naked
>He says "do what I do"
>Dude starts tugging his dick
>I start doing it to
>He tells me to just keep doing that until I feel a tingle in the head
>tugging for about 5 minutes
>Reach climax
>Feels goodman.jpg
>No cum because prepubescent kid
>We spend the entire night jerking off
We also experimented a few times, jerked each other off. Tried sucking each other off once, but almost got caught. One time he suggested sticking his dick in my ass. I refused because I was 10 and thought it would hurt too bad & be disgusting.

imitating shit like this
so, it wasn't anything abnormal to you until your parents freaked the fuck out, then other people did to?
Love how our society deals with things.
you beat me by one year damn unicycle little shhit
What's it to you? I'm a guy.
No they're originally meant as massagers.
>be brought up in bible belt
>get HORRIBLE sex education in school
>guy instructor tells us that if we masturbate, we'd never shoot semen
>that only happens when we actually have sex
>fast forward to being 13
>decide to start playing with it for the first time in the middle of the afternoon
>oh wow, this feels good
>wait, this is starting to feel a little bit too good
>cum in my pants
>what the fuck? i thought this couldn't happen

Thus began my hatred of religious people.
>Be 12
>Be watching Mortal Kombat movie alone at home
>Sonya Blade holds Kano's head with her legs
>Pauses movie
>Stares at her legs a while
>Starts massaging boner
>Cums as Sonya breaks Kano's neck

>3rd grade
>naughty babysitter accidentally leaves "dating site" open
>get on computer to play on cartoonnetwork.com
>see glorious babysitter tits
>next day, watching who's line is it anyways
>babysitter was sick so I was home alone
>remember glorious tits
>bones soon ensues
>fapping to Drew Carry
>feel wave of pleasure and feel disk muscles contracting
>too young to let anything out
>call it "pumping my penis"
>begin doing it regularly
The sad thing is, I remember the first time I jerked and came, I was watching another episode of who's line. Liquid coming out of my deck scared me. Shortly after, I began watching porn regularly.
File: 1420430922503.gif (900 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
900 KB, 320x240
This is actually a pretty great thread. Thanks anons!
go to sleep, bridget
I feel like I was younger than most people
>be me like 3
>follow dad into room on day
>watch him jerk it
>play with wee wee for rest of the time
>fast forward
>be like 4
>playing with wiener
>suddenly orgasm
>felt good sun
>no jizz cuz too young.
>became professional masterbater
>remember mom keep on trying to stop me
>fuck you mom my penis is bigger than my dads
>Be me 6
>get molested by cousin
>get raped and he makes me jack him off
>try it on myself when i get home while crying cause how could i be such a faggot
>jack it everyday but become numb to the memories
>Still jack it every day up to now
whoa dubs
>so a few months later im talking to my best friend
funny aside, we couldn't use the internet and be on the phone at the same time, since it would tie up both phone lines, so we bought some 5 mi range radios and used those non stop. we only lived like 2 miles apart.
>anyways talk about porn
>someone jizz towel joke comes up
>hes like what do you mean clean up
>im like...ur jizz
>hes like what are you talking about
>turns out he had never cum, just played with his dick
>i was like bro... just.... keep going. i dont know what else to tell you
>hes like BRB
>5 minutes later he beeps me
>"dude.... holy shit
>yea i know right

a few weeks later
>dude i jack off so much
>no way not as much as me man
>faggotry ensues
>we end up cumming into styrofoam cups in a competition to see who can fill the cup first
>he hides his in his closet
>mutual surrender due to dick soreness
My facial hair started growing when I was 14
Lol this is kinda fucked up
>be 12
>idk where but i heard the word masturbate somewhere online
>look it up in a webster dictionary we had lying around
the act of manipulating one's genitals for sexual gratification
>go into the bathroom later
>pull my pants down
>grab my dick and start yanking the foreskin furiously
>feels rough
>no lube
>no concept of what lube is
>decide to try something else
>grabs rolled up towel
>humps the shit out of towel
>kind of hurts but keep going
>start to feel weird
>never felt like this before but keep going
soon after
>jizz all over towel
>fascinated by this new substance
>wash off cum and throw the towel down the laundry chute
>thus begins many years of sexual adventures
So, are you gay still?
>be around 5th grade
>friends and i learn about porn
>watch it alot eventually start "giving ourselves handjobs" which was basically jerking it
>never felt anything but did it to fit in
>one day go home and go on computer
>go to one of the sites we found
>start trying again and now feels good
>cum for first time shooting blanks

the only thing about it is it just sort of turned on one day, kinda wierd i think
When I found out I could wank my limit was 11 or 12 times a day, average would be 5 or 6
This is sort of related
>be me a month ago
>beta fag, growing tired of normal masturbation, too straight to try anal play
>decide to use sleep paralysis to make myself have a wet dream
>done this plenty of times, but never able to orgasm
Ok so if anyone has ever tried to have a wet dream from sleep paralysis, you know that there is this golden feeling that arrives every once in a while but is damn near impossible to hold on to.
This feeling is so golden that your fucking heart rate increases to dangerous levels and you start hyperventilating, even end up passing out if you're not careful. You can also sweat basically all of your water weight out
>decide to pursue the golden feeling and try to reach orgasm
Should I continue?
>What's it to you?
You posted the story, ass hat. That detail just paints a different picture depending if some dude molested two sisters or a brother and a sister. Chill out, I'm not jacking it to the abuse of you and your sister.
You should post a selfie vagoo pic.
hah no man neither of us is gay
If you aren't a girl, no one gives a shit.
I agree I blasted so hard and it did burn a little. Still does if I wait a long time to cum.
The first time I jerked it was in 6th grade, in class.
I also had a gay sexual before this one too

When I was like 6 I was at my babysitters and her son told me to join him in the bathroom. We go to the bathroom together and leave my idiot brother watching home alone 2

While we're in the bathroom he tells me to get naked while simultaneously undressing himself. We're both naked starting at each other. He suggests we take turns kissing the heads of our penises.

We just spend 15 minutes kissing each other's dicks. No erections, just lips to dick. Eventually his mom knocked on the door and we got dressed told her we were playing hide & seek or some shit.
no one cares, not vagoo
Alright, fair enough. Yeah, It was me and my sister, I don't have any other siblings. It also happened to my other neighbor, a girl, who lived down the street and was my age, but not to the extent it did with my sister and I.
>Couldn't figure out orgasm
>read somewhere you have to stimulate the clit a lot
>tried it
>oh that's what it is, cool
Totally. Everyone knows the conditioner's where it's at.
File: 1422134483699.jpg (169 KB, 870x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 870x958
> i was about 11 or 12.
> i had heard about it and decided fuck it why not try
> go in the bathroom
> house to myself
> think about Hillary Duff and Beyonces ass
> jerkinitwithgusto.gif
> this is starting to feel pretty good shit
> cum
> that was pretty cool
> clean up
> do it again later
> the rest of my life has been a downward masterbatory spiral of self hate and indulgence.
>be me at cousins house
>watching tv on the living room
>some nivea ad appears
>almost naked girl rubbing lotion in her body
>start to rubbing muh D but my cousins wanna watch some nickelodeon shit
>go to the bathroom
>start rubbing it like no tomorrow
>oh wait my aunty dirty panties
>i smell it
>oh wow it smell nice
>rub my D while smelling panties
>cum con the floor
>cleaned like nothing happened
Yes my FIRST time
First time I ever jacked off was in front of a web cam. I was 12 and I thought this girl on the cam really liked me. She showed me mind-blowing stuff and taught me about sex, etc. This was over a few weeks. Finally she keeps asking me to do it (she's been nude for me a bunch of times already). So I did it. Felt britty, britty good.

Fast forward to this year. Eh... Long story short I came across a vid of myself jackin' it when I was 12. Put it together that the girl I was "dating" wasn't a girl and recorded me.

I'm honestly not mad about it either.
I don't know what to make of that. Was the release of RAAAAAGE such that you came? Or was it the rage itself?
Sucks /b/ro.
Do you know if your sister has had as hard of a time with what happened as you have? I guess, have you two even spoken about what happened?
Well fuck, now I have to go rethink everything.

Once I even told him that I was looking forward to it because it felt good. To this day I feel fucking awful and guilty about that... but I guess I shouldn't. It's not like I had any fucking clue what was going on.
big cums from this story
>on comp
>try and type muvico
>type muvimo
>about 8 left page open
>parents grounded me
>took you this long to realize this

Are you actually retarded?
i watch my dick whilst peeing
i also piss on everything (walls, floor, urinal)

it's fun :^)
I have no idea honestly. We never talk about it. Ever. Except for my dad, who is a christian and has some how found it is his heart to forgive this guy, which I will never be able to do. It kinda makes me hate him even more honestly.

A few factors that might influence how my sister deals with it versus myself: she was a lot younger, I was the one that stopped it by saying something, and from my understanding it was worse on my end than hers. Although I don't really know...
>I came across a vid of myself jackin' it when I was 12. Put it together that the girl I was "dating" wasn't a girl and recorded me.
So will the cops charge you for initial production of CP or charge you with looking at CP? Or both?

Well no, but the way that anon phrased it made me think differently.
I swear I'd punch you right in the god damn limbic system!
File: giphy.gif (398 KB, 464x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Let's get this straight, off the bat. NO HOMO! Both of us are in loving relationships now!

>be me, 8 yo boy
>parents aren't home
>walk into living room
>see my brother sitting at the computer in his underwear
>ask him what he's doing
>the gears in his 13 yo brain weren't turning
>he tells me to take off my clothes and watch what he's doing
>pull out my peepee (the shit we called our dicks, amyrite?)
>he's on some random porn site
>he clicks on one video
>it's two lesbians toying on a pool table (one Italian-American, one Hispanic)
>get hard
>he tells me to grab my penis and move it back and forth on my dick
>the 2 girls are using a double dildo
>get a funny feeling in my crotch
>not able to cum, but still overcome by this amazing, almost painful sensation
>have to piss like none other
>start to leave, bro hasn't finished and asks where I'm going
>say I have to go to the bathroom
>go pee, head to my room and play Pokémon Gold because wynaut?
>13 years later and it still makes me cringe...
File: 1423509832243.jpg (256 KB, 707x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256 KB, 707x1000
> be like 4 or 5
> lying down in the tub on my stomach
> start rocking back and forth to make waves
> holy shit this feels good
> get hard and keep going
> water is sloshing over the tub
> decide to stop, but I ain't a dumb kid
> try figuring out different ways to rub myself with my hand
> decide on a technique where I "roll" my dick in my hands like I'm turning a ball of play dough into a rod
> cum nothing
> find out when I'm like 8-9 that I'd been masturbating for years

My first gf had her first orgasm riding on my bulge cowgirl style. We were both fully clothed.
>go to parents room
>see two dvds
>one of them is an attractive redhead with 3 black men on the cover
>thought I peed when I came

It was the dvds only interracial scene though. I never found that scene ever again. All what I remember is that she looked like the wrestler Lita.

10/10 for all of these volleyball girls.

I have thought about confronting it head on sometimes. Looking at the court case files if they still exist, making a trip to the public record, asking my mom and dad for more details, talking to the officer assigned to the case, etc.

I have even through about going and seeing him in jail, or maybe talking to his family. He had two daughters who were much older than me. God only knows what they went through. I wonder if his wife knew... I wonder where she is today.
> be me, 14 years old
> be femanon
> first boyfriend is internet boyfriend
> he's 19 and talked me into putting a marker in my vagina
> this isn't pleasant
and then like a month later I used a big glue stick and he was into it. Only used that a few times because I was very sheltered and put it in dry and it fucking hurt

When you shoot blanks your dick throbs really hard as if you were coming, but you just.. dont.

such is a life of a pedophiles. society has such a twisted image of us. :^(

File: desk.jpg (5 KB, 275x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>small class so instead of rows of desks we had desks arranged in a C shape
>have desks like in pic but with metal walls on the sides as well
>have young hot teacher who was cool as fuck
>start getting hard
>move pants for comfort
>put hand in pants
>oh shit this is awesome
>take off shoes cause why not it's feels comfortable
>ninja masturbating in the middle of class while some video was on
>right as I bust my nut the teacher locks eyes with me and looks at me weird and starts walking my way
>oh fuck I'm busted
>she starts laughing and says she though there were an extra pair of feet under the desk and why my shoes were off
>whole class starts looking at me like wtf
>make up some excuse about it being comfortable
>she says "anon you have to keep your shoes on ok?"
>try to put shoes back on without getting cum all over the place while the class jokes about what just happened and asks if they can take shoes off too
>wipe cum on homework when everything settled down and throw it away at the end of class

no idea if any of them knew what happened
I am not even going to dignify this with a response.
>Be 9 yrs old
>At friends house, sleep over. It was like 1996 or something cause we were playing turok
>We go to sleep, Im sleeping on my front.
>I have a no reason boner.
>I reposition slightly in the meantime my dick gets squeezed between my stomach and the carpet.
>hory shit what was that slightly good feel.
>start frantically rolling on my dick side to side.
>Heart was racing, I had no idea wtf just happened.

>Masturbated daily for a few years before finding out what the fuck that was.
>>peek under her dress to look at how shes sitting
>>naked butthole winking at me
>>shes not wearing any underwear
>>god damn you bernice
because it needs no dignifying? ikr
tfw no one notices that 60777777 is coming

and get.
File: mystery-machine.jpg (32 KB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 480x320
If you're close with your sister it might be a good idea to talk with her before you start asking around too much. If she can't deal with the past then she might hate you for drudging everything up.
But if you're not close to your sister or she can deal with everything coming back up, then fuck it. Dig deep and find yourself closure. Be pushy and get answers.
You're not a pedophile. Pics or it didn't happen.
Really wish I remember what that movie was called or at least the girls name.
the fuck do you mean? you need a picture of me or something?
For the slow ones: https://youtu.be/nHB5_Dvd8Lw
That's a good idea. We aren't super close, but I feel like asking her if it's okay if I do some research is the right thing to do. If she is super opposed to it, I will respect that.
File: SIMPSONS_NAMBLA.gif (34 KB, 379x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 379x226
Yes. A picture of you being a paedophile. Preferably with time stamp.
trying too hard.
I share your pain /b/ro.

I used to jack it to one of my dad's hidden porno DVDs. This was 10+ years ago, but the video looked like it was from the 80's or earlier. All the girls had bushes but nicely trimmed.

Story was some slut woke up after a crazy house party. Dad comes home and is pissed. Tells her to clean up or else. She goes from one part of the house to another to clean. Each time she comes across someone new to fuck (her best friend, some other dude, her brother). Eventually Dad comes back home and shit isn't clean so he starts to spank her, then rubs her ass, then fucks her.

I came SO MANY times to that movie I could probably recreate from memory alone.
Classic /b/ - you were destined to come here
>post evidence of you doing something illegal online.
is that what you are trying to imply?

Sorry Mr. FBI, not today B)
You could pass for a retard
It would just be so much easier
>Latin Lover
S/O this anon

I used to masturbate to this show every friday
Her crying gets me every time! I fucking love it.

>uh huh huh huh
>>how do you know you came then?
you know...
>Be about 12 years old
>knew about porn since forever
>been watching since 11
>set my alarm for 3am every morning to watch porn
>pull up porn on laptop
>dank cumshot compilitation
>whip it out, and start jerking the little guy like no tomorrow
>jerking for like 30min straight
>little pearls of clear liquid start coming out
>feels good man
>feel something coming out of my dick, but not pee
>massive load all over my thighs, dribbling down my fist and shaft on to my balls
>look at screen
>piece together what happenned
>waddle of shame to the bathroom
>clean off hands and balls
>first post cum piss that night
>go back to sleep
>wake up in a pool of liquid
>still not sure if wet the bed or wet dream
Alright, well fuck you too!
>be 12 playing on absoluflash.com
>see that hentai category dad told me not to go
>went anyway
>dick became hard
>heard about that on TV
>started jerking off over the ads coz i was too scared to launch a game
i was 13.
watching public access.
was a show called by a guy named Mike Hunt.

blond guest on, wearing a mask and showing off her tits
i rubbed so hard
when it finally happened i thought i pissed myself
Forgot to mention that I never even had a chance to cum to the scene or even the full movie either. Only the boxart. I lent it to a buddy of mine before ever watching it. He didn't really care specifically for that scene but said the girl was at least hot so he watched that one to.

He's the one who told me she sort of looked like Lita. I agreed with him. All I know is that movie might very well have been in the late 90's. I have wanted to watch it ever since just for the nostalgia at least. Highly doubt I will ever find it since I can only vaguely describe it at best.
You really could though.
lol as though it's ever been used like that since it's conception. They aren't even sold as normal massagers anymore
anons we must find this dvd
We've tracked down things with even fewer details in the past come on anons
I would try /r/ but I honestly doubt they would find it. They kind of suck actually.

>pretty attractive redhead
>interracial gangbang scene (inb4 cuck meme)
>somewhat resembles Lita
>possibly released in the late 90's

That's the best I can describe it. The movie had different scenes from what my friend told me. Mix of like white guy with two white girls and blah blah. Basically it wasn't only interracial.
It sounded like you wanted to change the world's view about pedophiles. So start now and change it already.
Get a load of this guy.
Im just saying that I don't understand how youvr never thought of your experiences from that perspective before an anon prompted you to.>>607782187
When the thread is dying down but you have nothing to contribute
Anon has you hooked deep. Let that bait go. Let this anon troll someone else for awhile.
i have clearly not been hanging out at the right places.
Contribute your first time masturbating you faggot (unless you already did. then sorry).
Should I make a thread?
Differentfag, mine was close to this

>be me 3rd grade
>no idea about sex, etc.
>at school
>one kid anthony made some dank joke about how he did it with my mom in bed
>everyone laughs
>later at home
>take bath with a fuckton of mom's conditioner (don't remember why)
>get out of tub, done with bath
>drop towel on floor, clumsy me
>bend down to grab it, accidentally sticking my dick between my legs
>stand up, sudden feeling of pleasure
>to fap-squats
>cum nothing (hadn't hit puberty so no sperm)
>do fap squats for years
>finally discover real purpose for my right hand
>have fucking masterful toned calfs to this day
oh they knew
>Be 11
>at the local pool's hot tub with my best friend
>prior to that we had watched a lot of porn
>I had no clue what masterbation was though
>see him facing towards the jets in the hot tub
>he was thrusting forward and back with close eyes
>ask him wtf he is doing?
>tells me to try it while thinking of a hot girl
>I did
>tfw it felt fucking amazing
>after finishing up
>try to do it again
>he tells me to wait for a 10-15 minutes before trying again.

It feels really fucking weird knowing that the first time i masterbated I was in public in front of dozens of people and the fact that my best friend at the time taught me how to do it. Also it'd be kinda cool to see how big my first load was but nothing is visible in the hot tub. And I am kinda scared since the first time your load is supposed to be huge and there were many women in that hot tub who could've been impregnated by a 11 year old boy. LEL
wait wait wait.

so you're getting full on boners in 3rd grade? or was your junk just big enough to tuck between your legs?
Mine was weird as shit. In 5th grade I would always stick my hand down my leg prisons and pee on it, but only a little so it wouldn't show. It felt good having my hand on the ol Willickers. A while later I discovered what motion could do and 7 years later I'm still cranking the dong.
File: By_m3e9CQAEAHpi.jpg (108 KB, 683x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 683x1024
Another guy who waited until 17 here. I had some kind of weird self-control obsession and the idea of giving into a sensation terrified me. I was laying on my back in bed under the covers just kind of enjoying the feeling of an erection and running two fingers up and down my cock. My heart sped up a little and I felt a few little jolts go through my chest, which is the time I would usually stop touching myself. That night it was almost like a voice in my head said "just a little more," and I stroked a few more times. Before I knew what was really happening I felt my cock seize up like it was being tasered. My hips started wildly thrusting into the air. The feeling of tightness was so intense it almost drowned out the feeling of pumping what was, in retrospect, an amazing amount of cum directly into my comforter. When I looked at it afterward there was a good nine or tench inch wide soaked circle on it. Almost more incredible than the orgasm was the amazing feeling of clarity that followed it. For the very first time in years my mind was free from the torment of hormones. To be unchained like that was so wonderful that I started laughing semi-hysterically. I would do almost anything to experience the intensity of that first time again.
i remember that time
i bet pepridge farm remembers too
those were the days
>Be 11
>Rubbed it in bed but never long enough till climax
>fast foward 2 years
>13/14 in Highschool the guys talking about Jerking it
>I Say its not that great
>Go home and try again
>In Bed going hard
>Feel it coming
>Next day in shower go at it all the way
>Cum after 10 mins
>Painted my thigh and hand white
Never came that much again untill first time cumming inside a girl
>Sore arm and bad Headache for the rest of the day
>Do it again everyday till now even if I get laid
The only time i stopped was when I got chicken pox at 19 and had pox on my dick and hurt to even touch it, two weeks clean pump it twice and it felt like I just started again
File: 1422561603005.jpg (14 KB, 260x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 260x232
oh god that pain
Have volleyball fetish now
File: 590.jpg (23 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 500x500
Thats actually kinda hot knowing that you bursted your seeds into numerous women. I would have loved to have an experience like that.
everybody does even if they don't know it yet. even girls.

Link to vid
yeah what the hell sport is this and how do i become an avid spectator / supporter
That's pretty fucking gayKEK
>get hundreds of pictures of antique chests and footlockers
you just admitted to making child pornography on the internet.
Doubtful on the preggo thing. The water's too hot and your jizz got super-diluted in there.
>immediately has image of 12 yo boy desperately jiggling elbow skin in front of tv
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/b/ is a sausage fest once again.
Not enough lady stories.
OP posts Femanon jilling off story and follows up with plenty of tight asses and then hot tube jet stream fucking cocks everywhere.
It's on Tor or the deep web or fucking whatever you want to call it. Chubby kid sitting on the toilet spanking it.

Fuck I was dumbest kid alive. The "girl" I was cam-ing with was like a 30 second loop but I fucking bought into it so hard.
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Made a thread >>607786397

Let's see if anything comes up.
*I* wasn't the one recording it jackass.
I would get boners at weird shit. I remember being even younger and getting a boner at the idea of mud/playing in it. Fucking weird as hell, I know. I jyst tucked my junk between my legs by accident and boom.
>Female cousins
>Not what your thinking
>Victoria's secret magazine
>Explode on floor
>wipe it up.
we need tits and a timstamp.
And 40keks to you, sir!
>be me
>be 14
>hear about masturbation
>watching video on youtube
>jack off and cum
>feel super guilty afterwords

The first time I came was to some weeb shit. Goddamnit.
You're new here aren't you.
> 15 (late bloomer I know)
> in bed, rub penis against bed just pretending to have sex
> woah wait a minute...wait. a. Minute.
> unusual euphoria feeling
> (so THIS is the feels pretty good moment from little nero the pimp master on newgrounds?)
> keep going, get a rhythm
> entire time climaxing
> this feels really good.
> sudden urge to pee but no way in hell I can make it, I'll have to go here
> sort of arousing revelation in the sense that next time, I would probably do this in a bathroom not my bed.
> ejactulate, immediately don't get why it's coming out in spurts
> finish
> turn on lights, check pants
> very thick, gelanteous yellow substance in pants
> nurse joy rape fantasies all next school day
naw m8
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I did the same thing but it wasn't my first. I knew what I was doing in a car of 6 people and I even put on porn.
nice trips but you still went on cam. if you get caught you are fucked no matter what even if you didn't know they were recording
-in 4th grade my friend was like dude... I found out something you have to try it.
- I'm like sure dude that's a little weird "laugh"
- asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and drew a very mediocre picture of boobs which apparently got me up back then
- went to the stall, waited for some dude to stop pissing and leave
- and I went at it, not really knowing what's to happen or when its suppose to
- multiple stops due to kids coming in and out
- finally reached that point and came probably a total of a full single drop of jizz
- it was fucking amazing I'm surprised I managed to not make a single noise
- went back to class and had to tell my teacher the stall was broken and went to another grade level bathroom- which is why " I took so long"
-she found out later that the stall was never out of order
-she pulled me aside in recess and questioned me
- I was feeling like such a badass at that point I told her I was just taking a furocious poop
- let's me go to dominate in tag
i kinda love how weird kids are sometimes. i miss the naive inhibition.

>gonna masturbate with massagers in front of friends
>why not
>gonna play with myself in the car with my mom next to me
>why not
>car full of people
>time to cum

seriously. i love us for being so gloriously weird.

Did your neighbor make you gay?
whats your kik send nudes
Better story of mine because i'm a disgusting pervert.
>Female cousin
>sort of what you think
>Room next to mine
>Poked holes in walls
>Pinpricks but could see most of the room
>Had hot friends over all the time
>One of her friends move in
>Problems with mother
>Name is kelly
>Is cheerleader
>I would watch her after a shower
Yes fgt
>be me at like 10 or something I don't even know
>notice that when car crests hill, on the way down I feel weird and good in my pelvis
>I loved climbing things as a kid, used to have a bunk bed with a desk instead of a lower bunk...
>would try to do a pull up on upper bunk, and suspend myself with my core, gymnastics rings style, seeking that pelvis feeling
>lie down and roll my legs up over my head, trying to make my dick feel good using nothing but abs
>be watching playboy special on history channel, very very secretly
>keep abs super tense
>excitement and muscle tension makes me bust in my pants, no hands

>eventually google "sex"
>see guys jacking off onto girls
>try to do the same "rub hand over penis up and down" motion
>learn to actually masturbate
>masturbate all the time everywhere for years.
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