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General (W)incest thread here's story
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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General (W)incest thread here's story

>I'm 19
>sister is 18
>have two younger sisters this isn't about them
>Both parents are out of the house every friday
>I have to take care of sisters
>decide that today I am going to "fight" with them
>you know that sibling wrestling kind of thing
>We start a nerf war and eventually I take my older sister we'll call her Tori hostage
>tell my other sisters they have to come up with a plan to save tori
>I throw her on my bed and tell her not to move
>she tries to attack to i pin her down a rub my clothed balls on her face
>she is laughing and joking around
>sisters attack and so on
>eventually she takes me "hostage" i let her just so i can grab on her ass and tits trying to "get away"
>while they have me hostage they pulled my pants down and slapped my ass
>I took this opportunity to do the same to my older sister
>i pin her down pull her pants and underwear down and spank her bare asscheeks multiple times
>she grabs my cock in retaliation
>i pull her shirt down and squeeze her tit
>my other two sisters stop playing and go watch ANT farm or some shit
>me and older sister keep wrestling
>go down to basement to stay out of other sisters way
>her first move is to squeeze my dick again
>i said if she did that again i wasn't going to hold back anymore
>she grabs cock again
>so i take my shorts/boxers off
>full cock is exposed she is standing there stunned and asks what im doing. She didn't realize i was distracting her.
>go full on alpha and leap on top of her
>get her pinned down AGAIN this time since i have my cock out i decide to rub my balls on her forehead.
>she gets mad and grabs my hard cock again
>i told her she can either suck it or i will pin her down and fuck her asshole
>she goes to put it her mouth when i flip her over and start to penetrate her ass
>she asks me not to
>i remind her that she brought this on herself
>she agrees and starts to ride my cock
>i flip her around and finish on face
>we never speak of it again
bumpity bump bump
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>itt:shit that never happened
Sure OP.
Sounds about as real as the moon landing.

I like the part with the dinosaur
bump for more greentext stories pls
I can tell about my older brother an iI if anyone wants
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go on...
Meh fag it's Friday and I got nothing better going on in my life so do it

>be me
>be in 4th grade
>have two older brothers
>playing vidya one ay on my psp
>middle brother comes in one day telling me I have to help him with something
>comfy in my bed so I say no
>tells me i have to help him outside or else
>hops on my bed and starts rubbing his crotch in my face
>think is a game so just laugh
>pulls off shorts and i can see his bulge

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I have a story of me and my sister if anyone wants to hear it. I've pre-written it.
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You shut your whore mouth
i dont wanna hear about a 4th grader getting diddled. but go on for the feels
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derp focourse continue
derp, youre and idiiot for even asking that, just give us the stale pasta you got.
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>Be me about 5 years ago, 17yo guy
>Live with mom and sister, 16. 8/10. We'll call her Emma
>Dad died about 10 years prior in a car accident, it devastated my sister more than me, idk why.
>Mom works for a company so she travels alot and leaves us alone at the house, we used to have parties all the time, it was awesome, got laid almost every time I threw one.
>Be close friends with sister, we talked about everything and hung out a lot.
>I had feelings for her, but I didn't know it, it just felt like a brother loving his sister to me.
>Sister is still a virgin
>Sister has recurring dreams where she's in the back seat of her dad's car when he crashed, she rarely speaks of it, though.
>One Thursday night, mom is gone, I'm up late reading a book, My Side of the Mountain, and sister is sleeping
>Wearing tank top and pajama bottoms
>I'd say I'm 8/10
>Hear whimpering on the other side of the wall behind my bed.
>Start thinking about dad
>Hear sisters door open and footsteps down the hall
>Tries to open the door
>It's locked cuz I had just rubbed one out about an half an hour earlier
>She knocks
>Set book down and get up, opening the door
>She's drenched in sweat and breathing heavily
>"Dad again?"
>She nods, about to cry
>I hug her and she squeezes me tight, I can feel her sweat seeping into my clothes
>Hold her for seriously 20 minutes while she cries and talks about her dream, this one was the worst, yet.
>I saw my dads body before they fixed him up for the funeral, she didnt, yet she described perfectly what he looked like wrapped around the dashboard of his car
>I whisper sweet reassuring things into her ear, stroking her hair and kissing her head
>My heart must have skipped a beat 10 times while I held her.
>I love her so much.
>"Can I sleep in here with you tonight, anon?" She asks.
>We haven't slept in the same bed for years, so I feel somewhat nervous
>Can't deny her so regardless, I say yes
cont plz
Where is the spiderman, children?
>She takes off her wet pajamas in front of me
>I cover my eyes in reaction
>She grabs a shirt out of my droor and puts it on
>"Why didn't you get some clothes out of your room?"
>"I don't want to leave yours."
>"ok, I understand."
>She gets in bed
>Being a good brother I tuck her in
>This makes her smile
>That makes me smile
>I kiss her forehead
>I get into bed and continue reading
>"Would you play with my hair and scratch my back till I fall asleep?"
>What dad would do to get us to sleep before he, well you know.
>"Of course, sis."
>Put away book and start running my fingers through her soft hair and scratch her smooth back. She's contently moaning. Just soft little "mmm"s. >To my confusion, I start getting a little hard.
>Tell it to stop in my mind, but it keeps getting harder.
>She turns her head, looking at me.
>"I love you, Anon."
>"I love you to, Emma, very much."
>She moans a little, smiling and turns her head back.
>After a while, she falls asleep
>Want to cuddle up behind her but can't with this hard on.
>I decide to read more to get it to go away, so I do, still scratching her back with one hand.
>Finish a chapter and set the book down
>It's a miracle! It went away!
>I turn off the lamp and snuggle up behind her
>I throw my arm over her and hold her tight
>Her hand finds mine and she takes hold of it, her fingers intertwining with mine
>Heart beating really heavy
>Feels like King Kong trying to break loose out of my chest
>Start to get hard instantly
>The shirt she was wearing must have hiked up cuz the only thing separating my dick from her firm round ass was my pajamas.
>Then the unthinkable happened
>She moved her butt
>Almost came instantly
>Trying to calm myself
>She moved it again
>I don't know how it happened so fast, but I came
>I came hard, it was all I could do to not thrust my hips against her each time I shot glob after glob of cum into my pajamas
>It was getting wet
>It was getting wet
>I could feel how sticky it was
>When I moved it sounded like pulling a sandwich apart.
>She would know if I didn't clean up.
>I sneakily got out of bed and got a new pair of Pajamas and went to the bathroom down the hall.
>I took off my pajamas like peeling a wet suit off my groin.
>I wiped off everything and washed with a wet rag
>Hear footsteps down the hallway
>Before I could act, the door opened
>Forgot to lock it, damn.
>Act like I'm peeing
> Cute little groggy voice.
>"Where'd you go? I was asleep and I woke up and you were gone."
>"I came in here to take a piss. Can't you see?"
>"Oh, ok."
>She's just standing there, waiting for me to pee I guess.
>"Um, can I get some privacy, please, sis?"
>"Oh... sure."
>She turns around and the shirt is still hiked up, I can see my sisters ass glistening with a little cum still dangling in strands from it.
>I dont know what was wrong with me, but the sight of it sent me, once again, over the edge again and I shot cum right into the toilet.
>I had the rag in my hand and wiped myself off, my sister still standing there
>"ok, I'm done, let's go to bed."
>We got back in bed and I cuddled up behind her
>I was sure that I wasn't gonna cum again that night. I was positive.
>My sister turned around and kissed me on the lips.
>I was beginning to question how sure I was.
>"What was that for."
>"Does it have to be for anything? Aren't siblings supposed to be able to kiss each other."
>"Yea I suppose so."
>Something came over me and I kissed her back.
>She smiled at me.
>"I know what happened"
>My stomach did a 50 foot reverse 4 and a half somersault, with almost no splash.

dont even care if its fake. tell me the rest
Nice premature ejaculation story friend
... im listening.
>"Wh.. What are you talking about?"
>"When you cuddled me earlier, and I moved my butt. And your... thingy was all hard."
>I didn't know what to say
>"I.. I.. I.. uh."
>"It's ok, Anon. Don't be so worried."
>"It wasn't my fault, you moved your butt against my... you know."
>"I know, I'm sorry. I didnt mean to, I was just uncomfortable."
>Despite her knowing, she actually did not know that I had blown my load all over her ass. Just that I was hard.
>She looked confused as she wiped some off her ass and looked at it.
>"Ew, what's this?"
>She smelled it
>"Smells sweet."
>You know what she did next?
>She licked some off
>"tastes weird."
>I had my hand on my mouth, my eyes wide, I could not believe this was hapening.
>"What's wrong, Anon?"
>"Nothing, nothing. Must have been something you sat on."
>"Wait, I know what this is..."
>She looked at me.
>"I'm your sister, Anon. You fucking came on my ass?!"
>I broke down
>"I'm sorry, Emma. I didn't mean to, you kept moving your butt against me, I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry, please... please forgive me."
>She looked at me and gave me a confused smirk.
>"Oh ok. I'm sorry too, I guess it's kinda my fault too."
>We both felt relieved
>"Let's just go back to sleep, Sis. I won't cuddle you this time."
>"Ok, good. Thanks, bro, still love you."
>"Still love you too, sis."
>We laid there in the dark for a long time, I could tell she was wide awake from her breathing.
>"Are you asleep?"
>I tried to pretend I was.
>"Can I... um..."
>"What is it, Emma?"
>"I don't know."
>"Come on you can ask me, what are big brothers for if not to answer questions."
>We laughed
>"Yea right." She said
>I turn on the lamp
>"But seriously, sis. Ask away."
>She took a deep breath.
>"Can I see it?"
>"See what?"
>"Your.. y'know."
>"My what? Baseball card collection? My what?"
>"Your penis, can I see your penis?"
>My stomach was starting for the diving team again.
>"What do you want to see that for?"

>"My what? Baseball card collection? My what?"

mein sieds
>"But why?"
>"Can you please just shut up and show it to me? I'll show you my boobs."
>"No, no. I mean I don't need to see your boobs. I've already seen them a couple times with you getting changed in front of me all the time."
>"Oh, right..."
>"Ok I'll show you."
>"Thanks, Anon. I just want to see it. I've never seen one up close before."
>I was already hard just from this conversation.
>I pushed the covers off and my pajamas looked like a tent.
>I slowly pulled down my pajamas and my dick flopped out
>About 7 1/2 inches, and a bit thick, and cut.
>She just stared at it
>"What?" I asked
>She bit her lip as she stared.
>"What are you staring for?"
>"I don't know, it's interesting."
>Her hand moved to my waist
>"What are you doing, sis."
>"I wanna touch it."
>"Ask first?"
>"Can I touch your penis, Anon?"
>She looked me straight in the eyes. I couldn't resist that look.
> I nodded and looked down at my dick and watched as her hand moved towards it and touched it. Her hand was surprisingly warm.
>She took a grasp around it, her fingers couldn't reach her thumb.
>"Not so tight."
>"Oh, sorry."
>"You really are a virgin, aren't you?"
>She smirked and started pulling up and down softly.
>I groan a little from pleasure
>"Oh god, am I hurting you?" She takes her hand off
>"God, no." I grab her hand and put it back on
>"is it gonna cum again?"
>"mmm... mmhmm."
>She smiles and keeps stroking.
>It was like I'd never been with a girl before, I usually could last about an hour. But with her, it was all new, I couldn't tell you why.
>My hips start humping up into her hand slowly
>"Mmm I'm gonna cum, sis."
>She starts stroking faster
>I start to cum for the third time that night.
>inb4 spaghetti.
>Spaghetti never happens
>I watch as my dick shoots out the thickest, warmest cum into the air and onto my sisters fingers
>She keeps stroking until nothing comes out.
kinda has a fakey feel to it but whatever..its 4chan for pete's sake
How many times is this kid gonna shoot his wad jfc once before his sister entered, twice since she's been there even though nothing happened... does the writer have some jedi masturbation power that enables him to splurge just by seeing a lump of glue
Consecutive dubs.
yea but its a good story i want the ending
Of course it's fake, you can't actually have thick white cum the third time, you're lucky if you have any the second time. That's just not biology.
Now shut the fuck up and enjoy the show.
>"Wow, Anon, I've never seen someone cum like that."
>She licked her fingers clean then wipes more off my dick onto her fingers, sucking it off her fingers. Making sure I'm all clean.
>"Holy shit, sis. That was the best hand job I've ever gotten."
>She smiled and leaned down and kissed me.
>I could taste my cum on her tongue as it entered my mouth, I twirled mine around hers.
>We made out for what seemed like an hour.
>I moved my hand up and felt her breasts, squeezing them.
>Fuck yes they felt so nice and perky.
>She was on top of me, her bare ass rested on my semi flaccid dick.
>She rolled over on her side and threw her leg and arm over me, she was exhausted.
>"Goodnight sis."
>I kissed her forehead again
>"Goodnight, big brother."
>We both passed out.
>Woke up and we were back in the all too familiar spooning position.
>My pants were off and my dick was nestled up behind her ass
>My hand slowly rubbed her body up and down her sides.
>She turned her head and opened her eyes
>"Good morning, Anon."
>"Morning, Emma."
>We kissed, shit was cash.
>We both looked at the clock and realized we were both late for highschool. It was noon
>"We should just stay home, sis."
>She turns around and kisses me.
>I return the kiss
>"I'll make us some pancakes!"
>She jumps out of bed and heads downstairs to the kitchen.
>I'll get up and put my pajama bottoms back on.
>I'll walk out and she's there, stirring up the batter.
>She looked beautiful in the morning sun.
>I came up behind her, holding her tight, my dick poking into her ass
>"Last night was amazing, sis."
>"I have a feeling that last night was just the beginning."
>I kiss her neck as she stirs the pancake batter.
>I sit down at the table
>She makes pancakes
>We sit there eating them
>We start talking just like any other day, about school and our friends
>"I'm sorry I bothered you last night with my stupid dreams."
Sorry Mr. Bond
Continue Anon
This is like a 70s cheesy movie but with sex

"What else would a brother be good for"
"My what"

Super obviously fake
Any good vids? Or at the very least convincing fakes?
>About 7 1/2 inches, and a bit thick
Yeah ok
>I usually could last about an hour.
Yeah except for when you coughed your dirty yoghurt just by having her brush up next to you, and then did it again randomly 2 minutes later while not even having any contact
>I start to cum for the third time that night.
Fourth. Keep up with your own story mate

Do people even try to make these realistic ever
Like I said we laid there forever. I think an hour had past of just awkward silence I had a lot of time. Plus I was exagerating, it wasn't really thick. It's just for effect. Anyway.
>"It's ok, I'm your brother, I love you. And I'm here for you whenever you need me."
>She smiles with a sort of twinkle in her eyes
>"Thanks, Anon. I love you too."
>"Is this going to continue? What we did last night?"
>"Do you want it to end?"
>"Then yes, it will continue."
>"Do you wanna do something right now?"
>"Like what?"
>"Well you made me cum, now I think it's only fair to make you."
>We both had a sinful smirk on our faces.
>We got up and went to my room
>Got completely naked
>She gets on the bed and sits on her hands and knees
>I grab her ass oh my god was it nice
>I see her pussy, and with my thumbs, I spread the lips apart
>Best view ever
>She was dripping
>Wanted to shove it in right then and there
>I can smell her from 3 feet away, it was heavenly
>I roll her over on her back
too cliche
File: Sister Story Full.png (3 MB, 1338x7627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister Story Full.png
3 MB, 1338x7627
posting some GOOD wincest
>She's looking right at me
>I start rubbing her pussy
>She's moaning
>I put a finger in slowly
>I lean down and start eating her out
>She is powerless to me
>Eat her out till she cum
>She screams and is shaking
>I start kissing her passionately
>She wraps her legs around me
>Grabs my dick, stroking it again
>She wants it
>She needs it
>"You want me to put it in?"
>She thinks for a minute
>Nods her head
>We kiss
>She guides me into her
> So fucking tight
>Must have popped her cherry with a dido or something cuz no blood
>My dick is inside my sister
>I start moving slowly in and out of her
>I get faster
>She starts cumming
>I'm about to
>She won't let me pull out with her legs like vice grips around me
>Can't speak cuz It's too much
> gotta say something
>"I'm gonna.."

bracing for bullshit ending....
Nigger you don't have to justify anything, I'm just making sure no one gets their hopes up
>As soon as I say it, I start cumming inside her
>I feel my dick jolt inside my sister as I explode inside her
>She cums again
>Feeling our juices drip out of her
>"Oh my god!"
>I turn around and my mom is standing in the doorway
>All three of us start freaking out
>Mom runs away crying
>Sis runs to her room crying
>I sit there on my bed

After that everything got bad, I got kicked out, she got pregnant but had a miscarriage, thank god for that. The only people who knew were us 3. I finished highschool on my own and went to college on financial aid. Haven't talked to my sister since then. I've tried to get a hold of my sis a lot but mom won't let me talk to her. Even though she's an adult now. I tried Facebook but she never accepts my requests. shes 21 now and is going to college to be a doctor. I'm 22 and I work as a lighting technician. Idk of I'll ever see her again. I still love her just as much as I used to.
waiting for some sister or cousin nudes in here
Moves her butt on my penis twice


Looks at me


Strokes me


But we're to believe you had sex with her and came last

Literally no one believes you and your shit ending was predicted after your first post
File: nigga.jpg (70 KB, 700x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 700x714

is this the new dinosaur... where your life gets ruined.
>a bear breaks through the wall and roars in my face
>my sister tears her tender young breasts off and throws them at the bear
>it gobbles one, giving us time to move behind the bed
>i cum again because fuck it why not it seems to happen all the time
>bear grabs the other boob and lobs it back at my sister
>she catches it between her feet and starts crying
>bear turns 360 degrees and begins walking away
>"shitty titties" says the bear
>i am enraged
>so i cum obviously, thick and hard
>it hits the bear and he explodes
>"hey sis i love you"
>"let's have more pancakes!"
>i cum
Just came from you posting
I openly admit that this is fake and I am open to criticism. I want to write a good one and i wrote this to get myself out there. Can u guys tell me what I did wrong and what I can do to make my writing not shit? Thanks for all the comments too guys. I really appreciate it.
When I was 15 I was always horney. I'd jerk off a couple times a day if I could, always right before bed if nothign else. It got to the point where I couldn't fall asleep without an orgasm. So I was nervous and a bit excited when my parents told me we'd be going to the lake house with my uncle, his wife, and their daughter for the weekend. Excited because, well fuck, it was the lake house; boating, fishing, swimming, a chance to sneak a few beers, typical summer fun. Nervous because of the usual sleeping arrangement. There were two bedrooms and a pullout couch. Which meant the adults got the bedrooms and my cousin and I shared the pullout. In the past, we were children so it was no big deal.
Better ending, I honestly just in here for the dinosaur
Have you ever HAD sex? Experience is somewhat necessary when writing this stuff if you want to be believable, because otherwise it ends up like this
Lynzie, my cousin, was a year older than me and got to do more stuff so we'd spend the night talking about the cool stuff she did at school, new video games, bikes, kid stuff. Now we were both teenagers and I had developed this new habit. Hopefully they wouldn't stick us in the same bed, or at least our age would give me an excuse to camp out on the floor or something. The first day passed like usual. I hadn't seen Lynzie in four or five years and she had really grown up. Blonde haired, blue eyed and tanned like a savage. she was just a little shorter than me with the rounded thighs and belly of a girl coming into womanhood but hasn't quite lost that baby fat. She had grown tits too. Wonderful, gravity defying tits each easily more than a handful. She spent the day in a pair of cut off jean shorts and a bikini top. She wore the shorts a size or two too small, unbuttoned and unzipped so they were held up by her hips alone. The top was a hot pink number that cradled her breasts just right, letting them bounce around without fear of slipping out.
Yea but only once and it was so fucking awkward and horrible. Probly why my story was shit. Thanks though. I'll have some more sex then I'll write a story.
1st off, stop with the "sis" "that's what siblings are for" "sis bro" bullshit, it's obviously fake and cringeworthy

also don't make it so painstakingly obvious "incest is taboo as fuck, hey let's have sex while mom is home and can just walk in and ask us how are day is like parents do literally all the time
Cousin or not, I couldn't stop sneaking a looks at her throughout the day. She was all curves and flesh that looked so squeezable. Anytime she bent over, the bottom of her ass checks would peek out from underneath those shorts and When she walked her breasts would jiggle maddeningly. In the lake, her nipples puhed so hard against her top that I had to swim out a little ways so I could jerk off real quick. I remember thinking crazily that I wanted to cum in her belly button. That night, just my luck, our parents set up the usual sleeping arrangement. Part of me was terrified, another part, the stupid part that lives in all of us, was excited by the idea of sleeping next to this sexy blonde doll. I threw on my usual pair of pajama pants and climbed in to bed, intent on calling it a night as soon as possible so i could toss off and fall asleep. She came in shortly after, dressed in a long t-shirt and a pair of panties. I tried not to stare at her thighs and ass as she crossed the room. My mind was suddenly filled with thought of oiling up those thighs and ass cheeks and rubbing my dick all over them until I came on her lower belly. I did my best to hide my boner as she slid into bed next to me. We talked a little bit, like old times; school, movies, stupid trends, the usual. Eventually the talk died down to silence and soon her breathing told me she had fallen asleep.
Motherfucking kek
Sorry, misread that as "I'm 22 and work as a lighthouse technician."

Thought to myself, well, you've got a cool job, why are you whining?
I slowly reached down by the side of the bed for the sock I had stashed earlier and, just as slowly, pulled it up under the covers with me, stashing it safely beneath my thigh. I took my cock in the usual three fingered grip and rubbed it until I was hard enough for a proper stroke and once there, i gripped it fully and went to town. I thught about my cousin walking around in those shorts, tits jiggling. I thought about what those tits must feel like when squeezed, what her nipples would feel like in my mouth. I had to keep checking myself to make sure I didn't shake the bed too much, but with the object of my fantasy right next to me, it was hard. Any time she made a noise or moved I'd freak out and stop. Finally I could feel myself in the home stretch, I was dying to cum at this point just so I could go to sleep. As I crept my other hand down to where I had hidden my sock I suddenly felt another hand rest lightly on my thigh. I almost screamed. Instead I froze, thinking maybe she had done it in her sleep. For what seemed like forever I sat there in a dark room, my cock flaccid in my hand from the shock, her hand resting on my thigh. Thinking the jig was up, I let go of my cock and slowly slid my hand away to rest in a less compromising postion if she woke up and caught me.
What should they refer to each other as, then?

And Idk if I did but I tried to make it clear that mom was out of town, she only caught them cuz she came home early. Should I make it clear or just not mention it at all?
In the car with my sis

Speed bump, her boobs bounce

Cums in pants

Stain is shown through pants

Sister doesn't know what it is and starts licking my pants

Cums through jeans into her mouth

She doesn't know what it is so swallows it

Dad sees

"That's what having 1 of each gender is for :^)"

"Sis that was so hot I love you sis"

"That's what sisters are for"

I cum again, milky white and thick as mayo

Sister scoops it into her vagina

Please give me pointers on how to write better
>my stomach did a 50 foot reverse 4 and a half foot somersault, with almost no splash.

>oh god toppest of keks
>+1 internets for you my good man
Suddenly, slowly her hand moved. It slid down to the inside of my thigh, then made it way up. Slowly it stroked my thigh until it slid around and cupped my balls. At first she just held them, but as my dick grew hard, she began to gently squeeze them, then roll them with her fingers. I had never had a hand other than mine on my dick and I moaned soflty at how good it felt as she stroked and rolled my balls. She scooted closer to me on the bed so her mouth was right by my ear. She was breathing heavily too, which made me even harder. Her hand dissapeared from my balls for a few seconds, when it returned it was wet with saliva and she slowly wrapped it around my shaft. She began stroking it slowly at first up and down, rolling the palm over the tip at the top of the stroke. The she just gripped the shaft and began pumping. Every now and again the hand would disapear and the come back re moistened. Her breath came as fast and heavy as mine and she made little whimpering noises as she worked my cock. Every once in a while, she would just squeeze it tightly and rub the front of the head with her thumb, giggling softly every time it jumped. Both of my hands gripped the sheets tightly as she worked me and I could feel the pressure build up more and more with each stroke. Her breath in my ear drove me wild. Suddenly she put her mouth real close to my ear and licked it. Just once. "Cum in my hand." she said. I came. Hard. She gasped as it spurted out and rolled down her hand, slipping between her fingers and providing more lube. She stroked and pumped until I had spurted my last and even then she slowly stroked it until my breathing had evened out and my cock had gone soft. She slowly let go, wiped her hand off on the sheet and rolled over without a word.
Haha nah, In real life I actually am 21 and am going to school to be a lighting technician for theater and television. It's a cool job and I love every minute.
The awkward and horrible stuff should have been there rather than the ultimate fantasy parts - sex is hilarious and stupid quite frankly, and writing it should reflect this even when you want the reader to feel eroticised. Fumbling around with a small dick trying to work out how many flaps to pull apart is the reality of sex, and stories should always have a decent dose of reality
Their actual names? Do you have siblings? You never refer to them as sis or brother, it's always their name, ex Matthew or Matt for short, not "big brother-San"

Or Alexandra or Ally/alex for short, never little sister-kun
File: 1388830922036.gif (897 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
897 KB, 500x281
fucking dying
Thank you, very much. I'll use that in my next one. The real question is, do I have potential? Should I keep writing these?
Coming from a family thats broken from divorce, my dad never really talks to me or comes to see me during the day... he just gets home and watches TV, its been like that my whole life... idk if its just my life and im a outlier but i do hear my friends have their parents walk in on them over skype and some times i feel a little sad about it
What if someone in this thread gets the 7 7s :0
came so hard from the first line
And yes I have siblings and I refer to them by their names. I think I'm deriving it from my dads interactions with his siblings, calling them brother and sis, and them calling him brother. I can see that my generation is much different.
My fucking sides, literally pissed myself
Everyone's got potential (god that sounds shit) but yeah it's really just a case of knowing your subject matter and giving the stories enough believable parts to keep people interested. 9" dicks ploughing virgins who magically love every second of it is good if you're writing to an audience of 12 year olds, but for the real thing it's got to be a little self-deprecating and down to earth so that the average 4chan neckbeard can hope it might happen to them one day. Or just go all out shit and make it hilarious like my bear ending
I actually read an incest story that was so real and detailed that a few parts made me cry. I need to write them like that. But there's not much room to do that on here.
Nope. Considering that if it isn't in greentext /b/tards can't be bothered to read it. Which explains shitty grades.
Best bear ending by the way. And thanks I'll incorporate that into my next one. You'll know it's me. I'll use the 50 foot dive thing again. It was gold.
File: 1428029012845.gif (2 MB, 480x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x292
Can I post step sister story?

we need some pics in here

bumping for the real shit
please do
Try it.
Your mom appeared out of nowhere, men cant cum like 40 times in a row, cum doesnt smell sweet it smells like bleach, saying you could smell your sister from 3 feet away isnt hot, you're bad
Okay I'll have a go
>be me
>be 15
>beta as fuck.gif
>at aunt and uncles house for a week
>with 7.5/10 cousin
>both have to sleep on couch
>one night when laying down, she starts trying to spoon me
>accept it and play along
>instantly got rock hard
>I can feel her hand reaching down at my penis
>instant boner
>starts slowly stroking my cock

Well fakes have been exposed asking for writing tips

this is now a erotica circlejerk

bye guys
Thats all i got man. My first crack at an erotic story. I'm going to write more, after all, they have a whole weekend ahead of them. But I don't think i can crank it out fast enough for this thread.
i dont want to hear it
so dont
Sorry no pics, but at least the story isn't horrible and fake
Moms new boyfriend moves in with us
brings his daughter
Relatively dumpy, but cute face and big tits, especially for 13
Fast forward a year
I have my first GF, cute petite brunette
Lose virginity to her, with her for 6 months at the time
My dumpy step sister has become less dumpy
We're also sort of friends, but in a weird way
We only hang out when no one else is around
We text, but don't really talk unless no one is there
Anyways, she became hot
Not great ass has become more round and sort of bouncy
Already big tits now pretty good size for a full grown woman
Started using acne wash, got braces off, cute short haircut
Face is now cute hot, wit dark eyes and hair, and just a splash of freckles
Also kinda pale, just a few steps above milky
Our parents basically married over mutual love of martial arts, mum is black belt in karate, some sash in king fu
Bf is jiu jiutsu instructor
They go out to watch UFC from time to time
Leaves step sister alone in the house
Go ahead OP
I'm not OP nigger, I'm actually telling a true story
My bad sorry just please continue i need to finish my night fap before bed and I'm sleepy
It's a half bad story, what'd you expect?
File: 1277962663301.jpg (22 KB, 638x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 638x359
woah there, faggot.
>on phone
At home one, Saturday night, my GF just left
Parents went to fights
In room, paying vidya
Get hungry, decide to get late night snack
Turn off pc and head downstairs to get cereal
Trix aren't just for kids
Living room TV is on, go to check it out
She's wrapped in a blanket watching TV
watching one of my fav shows, law and order
Sit down, one cushion over from her
Was in room so wearing just boxers and t shirt
Eating cereal and watching LAO
she looks over at me, glances at my boxers
Laughs a little and asks if I'd like some blanket
Say sure, she tries to toss some over me
When they lift, I see she's wearing white booty shorts
Riding up pretty high, bottom of butt cheek visible
Blankets don't quite reach
Move over closer to get under blankets
Trying to stay out of her personal bubble
It is blatantly obvious that you never have experienced real incest before, even to people who have also never experienced it. That goes to show both how bad the writing is, but also your inability to draw from life experiences, something else you fucked up because it is painfully obvious you are a virgin.
what the fuck kind of household do you live in where people just bust into the bathroom without knocking
File: 1424591488482.png (531 KB, 1583x3529) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
531 KB, 1583x3529
Can we get some more mother and son in here?
File: 1425795949495.png (483 KB, 1300x3220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
483 KB, 1300x3220
Got another mom and son


For fuck's sake, this is 4chan, I can't fap to wall of text. Have some fucking delicacy in your storytelling, asswipe.
>"Wow, Anon, I've never seen someone cum like that."
Any interest? If not I'm going to sleep. ..
Sorry faggot, i don't know how to condense that into greentext so your autistic mind can handle it. Is that why you don't read books?
>asks if I like it
Fuck yes
>says "my turn"
>slide my hand down there
>she lets out a quiet moan
>about to stick finger in before she says "if we're going to do this don't tell anyone"
>stick finger in
>says "put your thing in there"
>heart fucking pounding
>slowly stick dick In
>thrust 2 times and have urge to splurge
>pull out and nut on lower stomach
>she exclaims "ew anon wtf"
>she goes to bathroom to clean off
>comes back and falls asleep
>never talk about it again
still bumping for some sister nudes in here
File: 1428039591286.png (527 KB, 1112x4608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
527 KB, 1112x4608
When we were younger my sister found a book on sex positions and we would dry hump each other like in the closet and even did it in the pool like humped each other's leg... Haven't spoken to her about it since the last time it happened
Oh sorry nevermind that wasn't wincest, got it mixed up with something else. It's still a good read tho
I'm 18 my cousin is 20
She has an addiction to cocaine and I find out during a party
My uncle is a cop , he will go nuts of he finds out
I call her and tell her we have to speak
Tell her that if she doesn't have sex with me I'll tell uncle
She says yes
We've been fucking for 2 weeks
She says she'll continue to let me fuck her till she's clean
Ach mein got, mein sides
File: 1426888207579.png (368 KB, 411x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
368 KB, 411x600
Gonna dump a bunch of wincest pics if anyone's interested
mom/son ones preferred. cameltoe specifically
File: 1425793994247.jpg (93 KB, 702x782) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 702x782
>Once again 4chan stops me from sleeping at 2 in the morning
Sitting beside her
Maybe 5 inches of space between us
Put my feet up on ottoman thing
Not sure what to do with right hand (the one beside her)
Only choices are put it around her or between us, on my lap is awkward af
Between us it is
We sit for a few minutes
Start making small talk at commercials
She asks if I had fun with my girlfriend earlier
kind of out of nowhere but okay
>but here's the thing
My GF is hot, like 8
I'm like a 6
Only reasons I can keep a hot GF are
6.7 inch cock
Love for eating pussy
Like I'd do that shit every day
Eat my GF out every day, get bretty gud after six months
>so back to the story
captcha: his rpubss
File: 1425794065808.jpg (33 KB, 800x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 800x495
Shit forgot the image
File: 1426385916071.jpg (537 KB, 1457x1130) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
537 KB, 1457x1130
Keep this thread up!!
you have to keep a story line, just like this anon does with his story>>607775236, also keep the spaguetti in your mind, not in your tale
try to keep a story line and attach to it, donĀ“t assume that we will fill the blanks with our imagination; don't be kike with the details, that's what make a lame story into a great tale. Read some boks and cultivate youself anon; start with Justine to learn the deal
Wall of text and books are two different things, books at least have paragraphs, dumbass. And does this look like a fucking book to you?? I thought we were on a fucking imageboard... oh wait, that's right, we are! Where people use a meme called greentext to tell fucking stories to each other. If you don't get the flair of green text, why are you even on this fucking website??
bring me morrrrrreee
File: url.png (7 KB, 205x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 205x246
Outstanding post. I laughed. Thanks for making 4chan good.
ITT: anon gets molested by his cousin, what a nice plot twist
File: 404.jpg (19 KB, 480x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 480x357
I know how to handle this situation, ive had to deal with this on multiple times with my family
>go to the kitchen where the window is that looks out to the hot tub
> open all the drawers and cabinets
>find the one with the knives
>kill your dad by stabbing him the the neck deep deep in with the biggest knife you can find
>try to do it in a room where he wont be found
>then kill your mom the same way, carry multiple knives, also maybe just knock her out for fucking later
>go fuck you sister
>get her on the floor
>hold the knife near her neck and face so that she has to look at it
>get control of both her hands
>hold them down and cut off her top, leave her bra on if shes wearing one
>next put your hand down her booty shorts and thong
>rub her pussy and clit a few times, make it look like you enjoy it, this is the time to make eye contact, do not penetrate
>If she is not struggling at this point but is instead being slutty make sure she knows that both your parents are dead, if she still does not struggle punch her in the stomach
>she will try to escape, let her get away slightly but as she is running give her a solid push so that she slams her fucking skull on those open cabinets and she will scream in pain
>wrestle your sister down so she is face down on the ground, make sure to grind your boner on her ass, dont come yet tho if your stamina is low, or do, you will have another chance later, dont worry
>work your hand under her near the button and zipper on her booty shorts, make sure to struggle with the button so that she thinks you are having trouble, also rub her tight pussy through the fabric of her shorts, this may make her recoil her ass up into your boner and it will feel really good, this is a good time to give her head a SINGLE slam into the floor, not any more, then she might think you dont still love her
>get her shorty shorts unzipped and let her up halfway while pulling them down her legs, leave her thong on her
pt 2 soon
She asks about having fun with GF
GF is pretty loud, and I didn't really think anyone was home
Maybe she didn't hear?
Reply 'yeah, it was pretty chill "
She quickly says "sounds like she had fun"
Grinning when she says it
"Oh yeah, she can be a little loud"
Smiling and trying to make a joke so it isn't awkward
Because that always works for me in the past...
Awkward silence ensues
Jesus I'm an autist
Suddenly she asks if she can ask a question
Tell her ofcourse
I just want a new conversation flowing
She asks what we were doing when my GF was screaming oh my god at max volume
Try to be funny
"When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, they fuck"
She laughs, thank God, then follows it with
"Were you actually fucking though? "
She has this weird innocent, almost disbelief face
It's pretty cute...
I was actually eating her out, but I'm not about to explain that to my step sister
"Yeah we didn't think anyone was home, sorry about that..."
Her cheeks get a little red and she smiles then says it's okay
>If she tries to escape while you are pulling her shorts down, let her stand, she will be dizzy and confused
>then quickly jerk the shorts backwards and up
>this will cause your sister to go headfirst into the tile floor
>immediately drop you full body weight on her
>quickly take your dominant hand and stick it down the back of her thong or panties
>use your non dominant arm to ward off her arms and keep her face down
>at a moderate rate push your dominant thumb into your sisters asshole, then rub her pinky pussy with your index and middle finger
>she will begin to squirm with more fury and pleasure
>ignore what she is saying, she will be having a good time at this point and will be enjoying this
>pump your thumb in and out of her asshole very fast
>this may be hard because it is so tight, just push it in and let your sisters anus slide all the way down to the bottom of your thumb knuckle
>this should only last a few seconds, there are more important things at hand, she just needs to know whats going to happen
>now use both hands on her boobs, go under your sisters bra, it adds a certain je ne sai quoix for her to feel two hands on her boobs with the bra on
>also press your solid 120% boner all the way into her asshole, but leave it there, dont fuck yet
>get in her ear and ask her where she wants to get fucked, in her tight pussy, or in her whore hole
>whatever she says, call her a fucking whore for it, berate her over and over saying she is a whore for picking that hole
>perhaps free a hand from one of her tits to punch her in the back of the head, remember your penis is still inside her asshole right now
>whichever hole she picked, fuck her in the opposite one, if this means its the pussy, then flip her over first and make out with her
>gotta love those braces\
>finish and call the police
>or keep her prisoner for as long as you can
>if you go option 2 i reccomend feeding your sister your parents brains, best fried in olive oil with rosemary and pepper
Part 2?????
File: 1428127117062.jpg (699 KB, 1883x1471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
699 KB, 1883x1471
Nice try and greentext. You'll get better someday.
more mum stuff, yeh
>I was 14 my sister was 12
>home alone
>I paid her 5 bucks to try on a thong I stole from friends sister.
>convinced her it was for my gf but I needed to make sure it fit properly
>still dont know how that worked
>at first she wanted to change in the bathroom and come out but I stayed right on her so she couldnt close the door behind.
>told her if she wanted the money then she had to get naked and wear just the thong.
>she stripped her clothes off and put the thong on.
>I pulled my dick out and began to jerk off.
>she told me she wasnt going to let me jerk off to her unless I gave her 5 more dollars.
>at that point I knew I was golden so I told her I'd give her 20 if she had sex with me.
>Apparently 20 is alot for a 12 year old because she didnt think twice about it, just said okay.
HOW FUCKING LONG HAVE I SPENT READING THIS THREAD? Good thread though. Not just to OP but to everyone who replied to it. Nice stories.
Keep it up
Can't speak for op but I personally used to be able to go 6-7 times in a row without losing my wood. Now that I'm in my mid 30's I can only go 3-4 but they generally last much longer than the 6-7 when I was younger.
We had sexual conversations before, but usually a little more jokey
She was a little more bold recently,butnot like that
Figure it was signaling that we had become friends
I talked about stuff like that with my other friends, isn't this the same?
show starts again and I go back to watching
A few minutes in, she shifts
She goes to move her butt to a more comfy positron
Don't notice she was going to sit on my hand until
Well she sat on my hand
My hand clenches in reaction to surprise
Shorts Riding so high my ring finger slips inside them
It's so warm, and so wet the slit is covered in pussy juice
My finger almost slides in side of her
Quickly pull away from her, she jumps up
I'm in trouble now. ..
"Holy fuck did you just put your finger inside me? "
"Not all the way!and it's not my fault"
Suddenly a miracle
"It's okay anon, I'm really not that upset"
Flashes cute, flirty smile
alright, first ever actual post ive just really been a lurker before.
>be 11 or 12
>me and sister are really close, neither of us really have a best friend so we're eachothers
>rooms are across eachothers with a bathroom in the middle
>forgot to mention shes a year older than me
>really close family, so if she forgot a towel or something she would just call me and i would go grab one for her
>one night while messing with her after she got out of the shower
>can't remember completely but i think she mooned me, no sinister meaning or anything
>we always did that stuff to eachother
>she turns around while the towel is still up
>can see hairy pussy and shes a fire crotch(hard on instantly)
these stories are as real as the "holocaust" but entertaining I suppose
>have to ask

Just shut up and continue already, you never need to ask that fucking question
File: 1345499145646.jpg (48 KB, 416x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 416x431
What? I'm on my phone,and better at what?
She sits back down
A little closer this time
when she lifts the blanket, my rock hard cock is pretty visible
She looks at it as she sits down
She throws the blanket over it
Doesn't do anything
Try to hide it awkwardly
"Oh my god why are you hard?!"
Giggly and almost giddy tone
"Why are you wet??"
I flash a smile and kinda joke back
"Maybe because you put your finger in me? "
She's looking me in the eye but I can see her hand moving under the blanket slowly
Towards my dick
"You were wet before that. ..but are you saying me being inside you makes you wet? "
Still trying to joke, but at this point it's pretty much foreplay
welcome brother, carry on
>german refusing to believe they committed genocide
She reaches the sides of boxers
Touches pocket
Spaghetti explosion
>I bent her over the counter, got on my knees, and began to worship her ass
>I told her I loved her booty, especially in a thong
>pulled her thong aside and began to eat her out from behind, switching back and forth between her pussy and ass
>she has never felt such pleasure and begins to moisten up and moans
>switch to just eating her ass and begin to finger her pussy
>start with one finger and then two after a few minutes
>she starts to reach an orgasm and twitches as I continue to finger fuck her and eat her tight asshole
>she cums all over my face moaning aloud in pleasure
>tell her this is only the beginning ass I turn her around, left her on the counter, spread her legs, and make out with her as my had cock rest right st her pussy hole
>my had cock rest right st her pussy hole
you need to type this shit out before you post it
No don't fucking continue you Autistic fuck!
>she turns really red runs into her room
>jerk and do that little precum thing that preteens do
>a few weeks go by, just still thinking about it like crazy
>one night i try and bring it up, but im a pussy
>start convo by saying "this one girl in my class says she doesnt shave"
>mfw she buys this even though im 12 and no girl would say that to me
>she's like not all girls do!!!
>keep saying like eww and no way for 20 min or so
>fucking brings it up to my dad
>anon thinks all girls shave>didnt see that coming, shocked
>he says something like lol or some shit
>let it for a little while longer
>2 weeks or so later
>both of us in moms room
>start argument, she wants to leave
>play wrestling and keeping her down
>"you have to give me something before you can leave!
>give you what? she asks
>to pussy to tell her so i say "you'll have to think of something"
>she says 5 dollars or some shit
>ton of other things
>never goes twards anything sexual
>mfw fucking pissed
>still to pussy to say anything...
>she says ill show you what you saw earlier
>i say okay
>she pulls pants down, red bush in my face,ask if i can touch it
>she says yes
>omg this is what life is for
>sneak a finger in
> gets scared or mad or something and leaves
What a lovely thread OP, hope doesn't die
>have first real cum ever that night
>felt so right
>bring it up to her, she doesnt really seem happy or mad about it
>i aks if she would want to do anything else
>says she wont cuz were brother and sister
>never really try anything else, to scared
>17 now and lost virginity about a month ago, 8/10 with a decent little guy, 6.5 on a good day, thinking of trying something again, any advice how?

Just stop
Why u mad that he does big cums and you don't?

no. it's all lies .shit thread. poooor
its a true story? lol
at least its not like these bullshit ones on here "sister says something:
"i say u want dik"
Lel this is my story..
wondered if someone would end up saving it
Your story was actually a lot like that.The only difference is you had an epilogue, which also isn't uncommon for wincest stories. I personally like the ones where the female ends up pregnant.
this was a true story, sry i fucking wish i couldve fucked her
i dont care post rest
Since when was highschool on Saturdays? You said the parents were out on Friday. Which would make the next morning sat.
Just like in my Korean cartoons
File: erinn.jpg (298 KB, 1440x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
298 KB, 1440x960
I'm the original writer.
typed it up 2 nights ago
havent written the other days yet.
File: 1420408645155.gif (528 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
528 KB, 500x281
hope you got more practice type things up on an ipad, cause i would like to have more
I probably won't post it tonight
I was going to type it up but i didnt find the time
probably tomorrow night
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