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Wincest stories thread? last one 404d before...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Wincest stories thread? last one 404d before i finished typing

>used to finger my sis and fap when she came home drunk
>me 14-15, shes 20-21 (went on from 2002-2004)
>comes home drunk every weekend
>occasionally too drunk to navigate through the house without collapsing
>help her to her room while determining how drunk she is
>if shes out, panties off, time to fap

>comes home one night, unable to stay upright
>standard procedure, get her upstairs
>no panties already
>shes leaking cum
>this shouldnt be hot but it is
>furiously fap and add to the mess several times
>creampie fetish ever since

pic not her but very related
bump for some sister nudes
i wanna hear some more incest stories and see some pics

get in here faggots

File: 0549864105.jpg (85 KB, 800x757) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i havent got any pics of her but i do have some pics i found around here
would like to see any stolen nudes of sisters
that shit gets me off
File: jen1.jpg (107 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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only nude of my sis I got. She's 25
damn how did you get it? any other pics to share? even nn
>Be 15
>Sister 12
>Be watching a movie one night
>Parents are out
>People on screen start fucking
>Boner arrives
>Try to hide it but she notices
>"You turned on, bro?"
>Decide to go for shock, "Fuck yeah, look at those tits"
>She laughs then goes "What about these?
>Lifts up her shirt
>See two little budding breasts
>"Oh shit, sis, what are you doing?"
>She laughs and says "Just having some fun with my big brother"
>Slides off her shorts
>My boner is aching at this point
>She spreads her legs
>"Want a taste?"
>"Shit, yeah I do"
>Dive for her crotch
>Take her little 12 year-old dick in my mouth
>Blow her while she moans
>Swallow her sweet little girl cum before she fucks me in the ass
found it on her phone one day. Use it to fap to all the time.

Josh? is that you?
Of course it is you whore.
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well this didn't happen
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I have several experiences involving incestual situations. a few of them when I was a kid, and others when I was a teenager. and finaly one last one from a few months ago.

>when I was like 6 and my cousin was 4, he n i would play dogs
>he and I would us to lick eachothers tongues and sometimes touch our dicks together.

>when I was 9 and my sister 8, we would usually lick eahother as dares,
>when she was 10 and I 12, we started something similar to sex, but no penetration
more like rubbing eahothers parts.

>when i was 14 me and another cousin (female) would make out until one day we fucked n stop talking to eachother cause I moved

>now 24, i started fucking my closest cousin, but stopped cause she was getting attached
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hahaha Im still fapping
We need more stories.
>keep posting
Moar plz
>be me, 12
>brother 16
>curious about dicks
>hes a deep sleeper
>sneak into his room one night
>whisper his name a few times to see if hes still awake
>no response, get closer, shake him gently
>still no response
>slip hand under covers, feel his dick through pjs
>gently rubbing him
>it starts to get bigger
>he starts breathing heavier, panic, think hes awake
>duck down, roll under bed, stealth mode activated
>false alarm, get back out, decide to have a look
>move covers, ease down pj bottoms, theres a street light near his window so its reasonably well lit so i can see everything
>start rubbing it again, it gets hard again after a minute
>smells weird but its good, start touching myself too
>wonder if i can make him cum, start going a bit faster but still trying to be quiet
>expect ejaculation to be a little dribble of cum
>heavy breathing again, stop, he still seems to be sleeping so carry on
>eventually it begins
>cock starts twitching
>cum shooting everywhere
>all over his shirt
>oh god what have i done
>try to block it, hand covered in cum
>get the fuck out
>wash hand, turns out cum gets stickier when you get it wet, god damn
>eventually clean hands
>freaking out all night because i am definitely getting caught with the amount of cum on everything
>next morning, notice pj shirt in laundry
>he knowsss
>nothing gets mentioned, play it cool

in hindsight he probably didnt know
Bumpity bump bump bump
Any moar?
>be 8
>meet step sister whos 7
>well call her ally
>ally is the offspring of a cheating dad and slutty mom
>dont care because kid instantly like her
>share all my toys, and games
>play n64 with her and my brother
>ride bikes, play outside pretty much do everything together
>share the same bed together everytime she came to visit
>one night she tells me of a game she made up herself
>vaguely remeber her calling it mommy and daddy
>basically we both go under some blankets and dry hump the hell out of eachother
>experience some of my first erections
>finally stop playing the game because "my pee pee hurts"
>I could have taken advantage of that situation in thousands of different ways. but i didnt. i think about that shit all the time and it makes me cringe.
ive jerked off in my sleep lol pretty sure he figured he did
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got a few more stories, will type as fast as possible
Who'd want to do an incestual Role play on Kik or something?
>be 15
>step sister the same age
>find incest erotic literature
>genius plan forms
>convince sis to go "camping" in the side yard
>pitch tent and stay up late, wait for parents to hit the hay
>pull out the book and start reading
>watch her from the corner of my eye, she's reading the cover intently
>pretend to need to piss, head out, leaving book open to a good bro/sis scene
>come back in, zipper down, she's reading the book
>barely get in tent before she starts in with "talking about it"
>10 minutes go by, shes blowing me, I've got two in her cunt, roll away and grab her hips
>she bucks and says not that way, then lays down, I follow
>borring missionary sex, she's a dead log
>tried twice more that week, each time she lays there and does NOTHING...

Never went back to that pussy, couldn't even just cum and run she was so uninvolved. Daddy raped her as a child repeatedly though, so I understood.
That definitely took an unexpected turn...
Step siblings don't count even though its hot as fuck.
lost hard kek
The closest I got to "wincest" was when my cousin tried to rape me and I stabbed his leg (I was 8 and he 13)
File: abc1.jpg (1 MB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I use my sister's panties to fap all the time. Take the used ones out of the hamper and sniff them while I use her clean ones to fap with. Cum in panties, if not too stained, put them back in her drawer.

Pic related.
We need moar stories. I could make one up, but I have none of my own.
>it is up to /b/ for the stories
I know you guys will not disappoint
>be 14
>know a lot more about sex, never done anything with anyone else yet except the previous story
>brother is 18 now, gets quite drunk occasionally
>he comes home drunk one evening
>parents not home, they went out to one of my dads friends birthday party or something
>watching cartoon network, all the cartoons are shit because its after midnight
>he comes and lies down on the couch, puts his feet up on me
>annoyed but opportunity spotted
>tell him im cold, ask him to hug me, i lie in front of him and he hugs me from behind
>pull his arms around me, his left arm is under my head but his right arm is going across my side and his hand is on my belly
>can feel his cock on my ass cheek, start gently rubbing it with my ass
>with my left hand i start touching myself, hes getting hard and i can feel it
>suddenly he starts moving, i panic, he takes his phone out his pocket and tosses it on the floor, says its uncomfortable, everything is ok
>go back to hugging/spooning
>sly devil has rearranged his junk so now it goes right between my ass cheeks
>this is too much pressure for me, do nothing for a while
>after a while i say his name a few times, figure hes gone to sleep, move his hand up to my tits, squeezing myself with his hand, grinding his cock, its still a bit hard
>continue for a while but then parents come home, i sneak upstairs and pretend i was in bed the whole time
>really hope he wasnt pretending to be asleep, nothing gets mentioned though so im in the clear
jokes on you anon i still came
I love this story.
Back when I was like 10 or so and my sister was 12 she found a book in my parents room on different sex positions and info on sex... I don't remember how we started doing it but she showed me the book and I remember like sneaking into the closet in our back room(computer room) and we would like dry hump each other in different positions. From what I remember we usually had clothes on but I remember doing it in the pool where we took our bottoms off and like humped each other's leg under the water then another time we did it naked in the closet. I think we did it for like a couple weeks but I don't remember for sure why we stopped and if she even remembers
I won't feel pleased until you give us a story with your fully conscient brother doing something with you
fuck that, I'm pleased with the tale as is. More is always better but lets not cheapen the ride while we're at a junction.

Moar would be nice too.

not done anything sexual with him while he hasnt been drunk, he did once feel me up when he thought i was asleep, and we kissed once at a party, didnt know it was him until afterwards though.
I'm ok with the way he tells it, I just hope he's builiding up to it
Could you tell those stories, please?
Be me. Don't know how to greentext. Can't share story. Inb4 typing this way is stupid. Too bad so sad. My story would have been hot. Newfag. Can I hash tag? Here's a hashtag. #.
Can you share one where you guys fuck? I don't care if he was drunk
too lazy ot write greentext and don't have it pretyped, so here's a shortened version

met a hot grill at summer camp when we were both 14
we're from different cities, never met each other
we hit it off immediately, after a month we decide to take each others' virginities
we do it, have sex for 2 more months until the end of summer and summercamp
we go home, can't really communicate/keep long distance relationship because of early 2000's and personal communication technology not that widely spread
fastforward several months
uncle has a wedding
for some reason he invites ex-wife and her family
see said grill there
turns out she was my cousin I've never seen because uncle divorced and ex-aunt moved out of town
still waiting to see some sister nudes
I'm proud of you, anon. Your stories do not disappoint. Moar would still be nice though.
>I actually might a story or two.
>might share
>what does /b/ think?
Love the idea, share and share alike /b/friend
age race country religion plz to better picture
race n country plz
bumping hard
Alright, anon. Short story, probably shitty but I'll post anyway.
>be me 12
>sister 11
>my room was under major renovations, so was little brothers room.
>I slept in guest room, brother in sisters
room. Sis on couch.
>one night parents wanted me to share room with sis.
>agree because I have to
>we go to bed
>decide to play a game called "I don't control this hand"
>took turns touching each other
>stuck finger in her clit
>laughs out quieting, forcing me to pul my fingers out
>her turn
>puts her hand on my cock
>she rubs up and down for a minute
>my turn again
>takes it to new level
>goes over to opposite side of bed and gets under the covers
>pulls her pants down a bit and licks her for a minute
>I can't remember how she reacted
>gets back up
>she's starting to feel uncomfortable so we quit
>end of story
To this day we have sworn each other to secrecy about what happened that night. We speak of it very seldom and when we do we simply laugh. I still wonder what went through her mind.
exact face i made when i read that
Got some moments with my sis when she was 12 and I was 17 if anyone's interested.
lets hear it
I'm interested. Share your story.
How was your sleep that evening anon?
volaroom X1vMMK
sorry this is taking a while

>be 16 for this, hes 20
>he has some friends over, drinks going round
>i am offered some, happily accept
>offered more, accept
>getting drunk (never had any alcohol before except a glass of wine at christmas and my birthday), this is fun
>probably should stop though because i dont want to get too drunk, i know what happens after all
>have a bit more anyway
>time to leave, go play some DS in my room
>fucking up battle tower in pokemon because not really paying attention, perhaps a little drunk
>brother comes in, shut DS, under pillow, he asks why ive left
>say nothing, dont move
>lying on my front
>he comes over, stands there for a while
>whats going on
>feel a hand on my ass, squeezing, getting right down touching my vag through my clothes
>not sure if this is ok but it feels good
>still do nothing
>he suddenly stops


dont worry, more soon, just bumping the thread
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It was fine actually. I think there was a bit on my mind but nothing else.
File: 1421445791109s.jpg (4 KB, 125x114) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Found out daughter is a total slut.
>Can't get the idea out of my head.
>Beat off every day in her panties.
>Punish fuck wife every day for raising a slut.
>She's super cute.
>Want her bad.
>Mfw don't know how to win.
>be me 3 years ago
>I'm 18, sister 17
>watching TV in my room at like 1am
>parents asleep
>sister comes home, just broke up with her boyfriend
>i kind of had this relationship with my sister unlike others. We didn't fight that much or disagree; we care for each other on the inside
>hear her crying in her room
>check on her, ask her if shes okay
>"i'm fine" no you ain't
>shes on her bed, i sit down on the chair at her desk
>talk to her for a while to make her feel better
>"anon, will you spoon with me?"
>shes under the covers, i dont get under them but still cuddle with her trying not to make it super awkward
>ive got a t-shirt and basketball shorts on for sleeping, shes got a long shirt and panties on
>"anon, can you come under the covers?"
>i started thinking she wanted to 'do it'
>get under the covers, start caressing her side
>she kinda grinds her rear against me
>i was already kinda hard, dick is diamonds now
>I ask "sis, what are you thinking?" cause I wanna see if she wants more
>she turns her head, kisses me but no verbal answer
>scoot back, pull her over so shes laying on her back, she doesnt protest
>i pulled my shorts off while under the covers
>pull her shirt up, still no protest
>peel it off of her, I can tell she wants it now
>i kiss her stomach, move my hands to her panties, pulling them down off of her
>pull my shirt off, my dick now pops out of the hole in my boxers, pull those off
>neither of us say anything, just keep makin eye contact, i make sure shes alright with everything
>i look her up and down, then lean over her, my face above hers
>kiss her neck as I push into her, start thrusting lightly
>thrusting gets faster over several minutes as I pound her, still kissing her neck and lips
>cum inside her; i knew she was on bc
>best creampie ive ever done
>fall asleep spooning with her
>wake up early morning, go to my room and go to sleep
>parents never know

Ever since then I've had a crazy fetish for incest.
until you mentioned pj's I was like, Sis?
but I always slept in my underwear. Still basically the same story.
Except we ended up fucking a few times.
I always fell like I regret for doing it, but then I regret that we still don't.

now I am sad, the best girl I know is one I can't pursue shit with.
File: ah7f.png (32 KB, 168x141) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Like to talk more about this...

Same kinda thing here...

I hate doing stories but here goes

>>Me and sister both fairly popular in our neighborhood, always having friends over, my cousin is my best friend and is always over.
>>Our house is small, so mom puts a tent outside.
>>Me and cousin always hanging out with sister and her friends since they were older and cooler.
>>One day, no cousin or friends over, just me and sister and tent.
>>Start fooling around, sister seems to know way too much about sex, I was 10 she was 12.
>>Fast forward, having sex consistently from 13-16 with sister, surprised she didn't get pregnant since no protection.
>>Fast forward, only occasional sex now with protection, I'm in my mid 20's.

Still feel bad about it, she has cheated on so many people with me :-/
If this is true, this is a major win.
Don't have a fake kik. What happened?
Dude, you're not dating. She's your sister. Just fuck her and enjoy it while it lasts.
please post some nudes if you got em
File: 1425316796435.jpg (18 KB, 485x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 485x407
what did you expected? this incests is just to fuck
Pics or it didn't happen. Also, best life ever.

>suddenly he stops
>touches shoulder, whispers my name a few times
>hear unzipping, cloth sliding, is this really happening?
>then feel my pants being slid down
>pants completely removed, still wearing panties
>getting nervous, do not want to lose virginity to my brother, but still enjoying this
>touching resumes, fapping noises also resume
>while fondling, he moves my panties aside, starts touching vag
>fingers getting deeper with each pass
>hes shaking, breathing hard
>finger goes in
>mixed feelings between pleasure and wtf
>something splashes on my ass, hear quiet 'oh f..'
>only one spurt goes on me
>something wipes cum off, pretty sure he used one of my shirts for that
>he leaves
>next day i ask if someone came in my room
>''no... oh i came in to see if you wanted to come back to the party but you were asleep so i left''
>give a sort of not really buying this face but then accept this answer and dont bring it up again

really sorry this is taking so long, got other stuff going on too
Sounds fucking hot so far. More?
File: tomoko turnedon.gif (177 KB, 500x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tomoko turnedon.gif
177 KB, 500x411
>be me, 21 years old
>get crazy drunk with siblings and a few friends
>some slutty high schooler is fucking like every guy there
>start feeling thirsty for the D but I feel like I have to stay on my best behavior in front of relatives
>eventually everyone goes home
>one brother is passed out on the couch, naked
>I toss a pillow at him to see if he reacts
>he's out like a light
>throw a pillowcase over his face, kneel down on the floor, and start gently sucking his dick
>heart is beating a bajillion miles an hour
>only end up sucking him for about ten seconds, because I'm terrified he'll wake up and I'm so turned on I might try to mount him
>run upstairs and jill myself to sleep
>wake up feeling hung over and disgusted with myself
Defo win
Come on dont let the thread die
So far is good

theres not much more for me to tell you, theres a few incidents similar to what ive already posted, we used to look at each other naked when i was little every so often, and theres the time we kissed, i dont know if that counts though because i thought it was someone else
>Freshman year at Christian uni.
>In engineering program, freshman intro class, bored af
>Meet girl, we'll call her Katie
>Katie isn't good with computer stuff, asks me for help
>After a few weeks of hanging out with Katie, tells me that she's bi and came to university to help her handle the attraction to girls (Disregarding the fact that there is a 6:4 girl:boy ratio there)
>Katie has emotional breakdown later that semester and leaves school
>keep in touch, find out she's dating girl at our school, we'll call her Sandra
>Katie is a 7/10 curvy blonde with a nice chat
>Sandy is 9/10 brunette
>Katie comes back following fall and breaks up with Sandy for me
>We date on and off for over a year, while she keeps Sandy on the side
>Find out Sandy is jealous of Katie and wants me too
>Beginning of Summer break between sophomore and junior year, Katie, Sandy, and I are at Katie's house in Oklahoma City
>Katie and Sandy fighting because lesbian relationships are unstable
>Me in other room
>Katie comes from her room (she was sharing with Sandy)
>literally grabs my dick outside my pants, kisses me hard, and pulls me into her room, Sandy still yelling
>Katie tells me to keep my mouth shut.
>she pulls my pants down and starts going on my cocktail, so I stay quiet.
>Sandy in tears, sitting against the wall watching
>I get naked, Katie does too, start eating Katie, 3 fingers in snatch
>Sandy is sobbing and watching
>Katie laughs and eventually comes
>Sandy gets up and takes clothes off
>Sandy pushes me out of the way and starts eating Katie
>Mount Sandy from behind
>She glares at me
>Katie slaps her, tells her to keep eating and let me do what I want
>smile at Katie and take Sandy to pound town
>Katie moaning loudly, learned Sandy is a bit of a screamer
>reach up and squeeze Sandy's perky tits
>she shudders
>fluids everywhere
>tfw, you made two girls come before you did

someone screencap this
All I got is my daughters pantie story
>pull out, Katie pulls Sandy down and gets on top of her, kissing and playing with chest
>slide my tip against Katie
>she just leans back, taking me to the hilt (I'm a proud 7")
>curvy ass bouncing as I fuck her from behind, watching them make out and play with each other
>play with those fat tits and gorgeous nipples
>Katie gets up and pushes me to my back
>Katie starts riding my face, nearly smothered in her curvy legs
>Sandy starts riding me, them facing each other and making out
>can't hold on much longer
>ask who wants me to come in them
>Sandy rides harder in response
>Katie literally pushes Sandy off me and hops on, clenching herself on me
>come inside like I've never before
>Sandy crying again "why do you always get what you want and I get shit?"
>Katie laughs as she gets off and snuggles against me
>gently suckle them tits
>Sandy cries as my spunk drips from Katie

Ended up breaking up with Katie, turns out she was cheating on me with other guys. Girls, I could tolerate, not guys.

Ended up fucking Sandy a few weeks later. Told her I'd never leave her. Haven't talked to her since. Been over year and I don't talk to either of them

Btw, Sandy is cousin
where is Matt, we need an update

Welp, I'd watch this porno.
Bumped for truth
The story of my mom and I

>10/11 years old at the time, dad left when i was really young
>It was bath-time as usual
>sitting in the hot water and soap suds when i notice mom's bra is on top of the clothes basket
>Imagine her beautiful breasts, boner emerges
>decide to pick it up and sniff it, absolutely rock solid
>I realise when mom actually walks past that the door was open the whole time
>quickly throw the bra back into the basket and get out of the bath
>fast foward a few hours
>now watching hercules on the couch together
>tell her i'm cold
>she cuddles herself around me with a blanket
>she's wearing a loose top without a bra, i can feel her delicious boobs
uh yes duh
dear god yes
do tell
>she pauses the movie
>"anon i saw you in the bath"
>instantly go bright red
>"do you think mommy is beautiful?"
>i'm shaking a bit because i'm so nervous, "yes mommy"
>"do you like mommy's boobies?"
>nervously nod my head
>she smiles and takes her top off, although i can't see them because we're both still underneath the blanket
>"go under the covers anon"
>i go underneath and see her breasts
>her nipples are pink and so sexy
>"touch them baby it's ok"
>my trembling hands grab at her boobs, they're so soft
>I squeeze them as much as i can before she stops me and takes off the blanket
>"i'm going to give you a special treat anon, is that ok baby"
>I nod my head, as she pushes me back on to the couch
>"close your eyes honey"
>as soon as i close my eyes, she take my pants off and i feel her soft wet lips close over my dick
>Stuck finger in her clit
>finger in her clit
>in her clit

Im sorry, wat son?
Nigga you were molested.
>left her phone one day when late for school
>had day off
>casually check it
>lulz screen lock is bday
>gonna give speech bout security
>mfw nakey selfies
>mfw pervy texts
>mfw my baby girl is fucking five guys on rotation
>mfw two at a time
>muh diamond rod
>dig through laundry
>pink lace boy shorts
>not the wife's
>smells so sweet
>no turning back
>fapped all day
>haven't cum so much since I was 13
>that night
>fucking hard again
>daddy can I go over anon friends house for school project?
>sure baby
>punish fuck wife for raising a slut
>fuck her til she's passed out
>as she goes whispers "whatever got into you give it to me more"
>daughter home straight to shower
>straight from shower right to room
>check laundry so obsessed
>black sheer thong
>still wet
>break my dick while sucking those panties
yep, doesn't mean he didn't enjoy it or look back at it fondly. He was in the legal sense, but not in the emotional/psychological sense.
>she is an absolute goddess
>her tongue strokes my shaft as she sucks my cock
>i'm scared a bit but it feels so good
>the more she sucks the more my dick tingles and it starts to build
>i grab her hair "mommy!" i yell
>she pulls her head up and grabs my dick with her hands, furiously stroking
>"it's ok anon mommy's here, your safe"
>i cum so hard, but i remember nothing came out, my body shakes and jerks as i orgasm
>she puts my dick in her mouth, holding it in there until it goes limp
>after it goes soft, she gives me a long kiss on the lips
>"after the movie maybe you're ready for another treat when we go to bed"
>"would you like to sleep in mommy's bed tonight?"
>nod my head and smile
part 2?
not really a wincest, but still pretty awesome

>be 19
>still living at home working shitty job
>would stay up all night playing vidya on days off
>lived in 2 story apt with mom(separated from dad when i was 14)
>my room was upstairs, her's downstairs
>one night it was about 2am, was busy playing WoW
>had to piss, only bathroom in the house was downstairs
>get up walk out my door make it about half way down steps
>hear 2 slight gasp and a low moan coming from the living room
>slowly creep down to the bottom of stairs and peek around the wall
>back of recliner chair faced the stairs TV on the wall
>and theres my mom in a little night shirt and no pants/panties
>shes leaned back in the chair feet up to her ass knees spread
>rubbing her clit in slow circles moaning/gasping really quietly
>little tuft of hair over her clit, cant really see clit but see the hair
>start jerkin keeping pace with her
>can tell shes getting more worked up, feels like hours more like 5 mins
>gasps start getting more intense
>iv been on he verge of cumming since i heard that first moan
>all of a sudden she gasps loudly freezes up for a second and shivers/whimpers as her orgasm hits
>blow load like never before right as she started cumming
>shes coming down from her orgasm
>still layed out on recliner chair legs extended out now
>realize i still need to piss, say fuck it and walk down the rest of the stairs
>mom pushes shirt down real quick "anon!!"
>blatantly looks at my still semi hard dick in my basketball shorts
>ended up just going to take a piss and went back up stairs

have a few more stories of times i caught my mom masturbating, if u guys want to hear them, again not really incest but i think they pertain to this thread
I knew this was bullshit, but I kept reading. I only have myself to blame.
obviously fake, but yes go on please
yes we need part 2
keep posting pics of her panties, this is my fetish.
File: Sister Story Full.png (3 MB, 1338x7627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister Story Full.png
3 MB, 1338x7627
anyone post this yet?
File: cous1.png (608 KB, 600x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
608 KB, 600x416
I wrote this days ago, but since you liked it, I added some details since I was typing it at the moment very fast...

This happened about 10 years ago in April 2005, with my cousin... now she is almost 24 and I am almost 28...
Pic related, it's her.

I used to babysits my 13 y/o cousin and her 8y/o brother, 2 times a week.
During the morning I studied and in the afternoon we normally played stuff like dominoes, bad cosplaying, cards, video games, watched tv, it depends of their mood.
It was fucking sad, having to do this for free 2times a week during about 8 months, as a favor to my aunt and at the same time I was forced to study there.

I remember she liked me, a few years earlier when she was at school, she told her friends she was in love with me, she was a kid, and kids are retarded and her friends made fun of her at school for that.
She always had a good image of me, and I always was very kind to all of them.

They both, my cousin and her brother were from different father, but same mom; after me babysitting for 2 weeks, the father of the kid wanted to babysit the kid, since he did not see him very often,
It was ok, less kids to take care of. The girls dad is in the army/military police so he is away for a very long period.

So I came every Tuesday and Saturday at 9am to my aunt house, she prepared me food and talked shit and then I had to take care of my cousin from 11am until 9pm, sometimes, even util the next day.
My aunt spent most of the day working and going out with her friends. She only worked 2 days per week.

DAY 1:

> after a few weeks of babysitting.
> Its about 1 pm, my aunt left since the 11am, I already studied, I am with my cousin, as normal.
> we were in her room, playing stuff, like normally do with her (and her brother, but he was not this time).
> I was not attracted to her at all.

Cont... ?
this is cringe worthy
yes, moar. I'm diamonds after reading that.
I was playing with my cousin ( I was 12 years old and she was 9) and she dare me to kiss her feet. I did and then asked her to kiss my belly, which she did. It went like that for a while until she asked me to kiss her ass. I kissed both cheeks and then asked her to do the sale to me. She did and then wanted me to kiss her ass again (I guess she liked it). This time I kissed her her and also liked it, then, as I realized that she would do anything, I put showed her my dick and told her "kiss it". She looked at me and hesitated for a second but then went down and kissed it. She didn't like the smell lol. Shen then wanted me to kiss her ass again (wtf?). I did and then I told her to kiss my dick again but this time she had to kiss it for 10 seconds like i did with her ass. She kissed my dick for more than 10/seconds and it fell great. She then, finally, showed me her pussy and told me to kiss it, which I did so I didn't really want to. After that her mother arrived and we stoped. We never talked about it (I'm 23 nos).
File: cous4.png (145 KB, 375x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 375x183
> I was not attracted to her at all.
> She is very attractive but its my cousin, and 13 y/o, so no fucking way.
> She is punting make up and a dress, since we were playing about "cosplaying" sailor moon and "toxedo mask".
> She looks good, but I keep focus on her game, I did not want to think dirty stuff. I know her since she was born, and I was kid, so try to think nothing sexual, because its akward.
> We start to watch tv in her room, the Sailor Moon crap, as every day at 1pm.
> We are in bed, watching, normally I spend my afternoon watching tv with her, so its a normal day so far.
> For some reason I got a boner but I did not notice, probably something related to the Sailor Moon crap.
> she see my pant is raised, and hit me on it with her hand, while she laugh.
> Fucking hurts, but...
> I was ashamed for a lot of reasons.
> fuck why I am hard? why she did that? why it felt so good? I want more... but why? Then...
> grab my boner, hiding it, pretending to be ashamed and in pain ( I was, but it felt good at the same time).
> she said... "What is that?"... I pretend to be ashamed but I kinda like it.
> "What do you think it is!!!?"
> "Penis!" (She said in a childish way)
> "yes, leave me alone" (kinda to stop the situation).
> Why is so hard? ( she asked )
> "I don't know, Id did not notice when it happened".
> "Can I see it?" ( she asked ).
> she says, "let me see it", so I open my hands and shows the bulge in my pants.
> she said: "Can I touch it?".
> fuck! my heart start pumping hard, and my dick even harder.
> I was like pretending not to want but I started to want.
> "umm, well, go ahead".
> So I let her touch the bulge over the pants.
> She ask me, "can I see it for real?".
> At this point I felt like I was going to cum, since I was a betafag.
> ask her to close the door, she does so, we were alone, but I don't want surprises.

>After hercules we ended up watching another movie, i think it was scream
>I was really spooked after the movie
>"if you're too scared you can stay in my bed tonight remember?"
>"i want to sleep with you" i say, because i was generally frightened but also really excited
>we both brush our teeth together and all that other stuff you do before you go to bed, the anticipation was insane, it was all i could think about, but she didn't mention what happened before again
>we head to her room and she tucks me into her bed, then she gets in herself, only that loose shirt and panties
>she rolls over and spoons me
frum da soufside
pls don't kill my Boner
>Be me, 16 sister 13
>Parents away a lot because of work
>Sister has really bad friends that only I know about
>They get her high or drunk almost every weekend when parents are gone.
>Comes home drunk one weekend.
File: cous3.png (117 KB, 328x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 328x186

> I open the pants a bit, the zipper.
> I said to her: "Ok, I wont do it, you do it... open it".
> She opens my pants, touch my boxers and said, "It is super hard! never saw one, well in real life...", then she start talking about
one picture that saw on the internet, about a man holding his dick and that she saved it in her computer and how sexy it looks.
> (In my mind I was like... "probably she masturbates to it, maybe I can ask her to show it, so I get her more exited").
> "Show me", I asked and making fun of her a bit.
> she sowed me an HD image of a guy holding this huge dick, it looked more like gay stuff not even for girls.
> she look at it and I can tell she likes the image and she is craving cock by the way she looks at the picture.
> until this moment she is still rubbing my bulge while watching the picture.
> Slowly, I grab her tiny and soft hand and move it inside my boxer.
> She goes all the way inside my boxers, I can feel her hand and I feel the butterflies in my stomach.
> I push the boxer down and she pull my dick out.
> crap, I think I will cum at any moment, I don't want it to end yet.
> she start holding it... while she see the picture in the computer.
> I move to the bed holding her hand in my junk.
> I act shy because I don't want her to freak out, and I am a bit shy anyway.
> lay down in bed while she try to touch me but she don't have an idea what to do, she is just like touching it.
> I grab her hand and wrap it around my cock and teach her how to make me feel good.
> I don't have a huge cock, but is thick, very thick.
> There is a big mirror in the wall, and I can see her ass while she is kinda in doggy and his Sailor Moon costume.
> I started to touch her back, pretending to go slow, since I want to touch her ass, but I don't want to scare her, since I al ready feel like abusing her.
> So I tell her, I will touch her too a bit, since I am such a beta, and she did not answer, I assumed it was OK.

Cont... ?
double teamed a gir with her stepfather when i was 18, she was my ex gfs sister, they made out in the shower all the time too, hot as fuck.
>just her touching me made rock solid again
>very slowly her hand slid down from my chest to my boxers
>her hand stopped over my boxers and squeezed
>"are you awake baby?"
>"yes mom"
>"are you too tired for a treat?"
>I start trembling, i don't even know why, i was so excited
>she slide my boxers down and tells me to roll over
>when i turn over i see she is completely naked, she is gorgeous, round breasts with pink nipples, wide hips and a shaved pussy
>"i want to try something a bit different anon"
Well duh, MOAR
not wincest, but i fuck my gf while she talks about her daughter all the time, makes me cum buckets.
File: cous6.png (350 KB, 413x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
350 KB, 413x411
All pics related, its her.
> I am touching her ass while she does that, she has this sailor moon skirt on, so I just put it up and grab her ass slowly.
> I asked her for the computer to google more dick's pictures, I know is gay but seems that she is in to it.
> found one, a picture of a girl sucking the shaft of a guy.
> Ask her if she wanted to do the same. (put it in her mouth).
> She did not answer, she just did it. trying to imitate the image.
> so I put it in her mouth and try to teach her how to make me feel good, with tonge and hands.
> I am a bit beta at that time, so I don't even know what a good blow job feels.
> She start to lick it, I ask her to suck it like it was a candy...
> she does...
> fuck it feels good men.
> While she is at it, I look for a video in her computer, a blow job in .
> found one that I like, show her, how to do it.
> She imitates the girl.
> crap, my cousin is sucking my cock, and it feels so good.
> I feel the heat, I am not longer ashamed or shy at this moment.
> I ask her to swallow the "milk", when it comes out.
> She approved with her head.
> She had this huge mirror, I can see her whole body in doggy style, while sucking my cock.
> While she suck it and rub it, I start touching her vagina.
> is so soft and tight...

Talk about her daughter in what way? What kinds of things does she say?
talks about her pussy, what a slut shes going to grow up to be.
Wow. Yeah, buckets.
>She's not just buzzed, she's wasted.
>Slurred speech, can hardly walk
>Pick her up like a good big brother
>She's in a pink tank top and tiny jean shorts her parents wouldn't let her buy
>Drop her in her bed, sit down and stare at her
>Start rubbing my crotch while staring at her
>She won't notice if I just peak..
>"mom i'm a bit scared"
>"it's ok honey, mommy will be gentle, it won't hurt"
>she pulls my hand down to her pussy and massages her clit with my fingers
>she moans so sexily, her breaths are so heavy
>my dick is about to explode
>"we help each other feel good ok?"
>i nod my head
>she then starts tugging on my dick as she pulls me in and i start sucking on her delicious nipples
>"can you do something special for mommy with your penis"?


any lurkers?
File: cous8.png (356 KB, 412x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
356 KB, 412x412
pic related
> is so soft and tight... I see it in the mirror.
> I cant contain it, I will come in her mouth...
> I said "swallow it".
> I cum buckets in her mouth, while moaning hard.
> She drink it like a champ, no complains, she took care of my cum, not a single drop was droped.
> she keeps liking a bit but...
> Start to feel the shame, that I was just taking advantage of my cousin.
> I feel the regret, so put my pants up, and said, brb...
> went around the house to make sure we were alone... I was regretting it bad.
> came back and tried to cool everything by saying hey! Dragon Ball is on tv, so I tried to change the situation by talking her about the series.
I was almost 18 and she was in the second year of HS. I was scared, I asked her not to tell any one or I was going to jail. I just told her that to avoid the shame with my family.
I was not scared about jail, I was about my aunt knowing.

DAY 2:
So next week, I come again, I was afraid, she could have told my aunt.

> come, and everything looks like normal. I bring my homework as usual, and go to the table to "study".
> Aunt left...
> about 1 hour later.
> my cousin is in her room, trying some new clothes she got the last weekend.
> she came out and ask me if I like her out fit... some nice dress.
> she goes to her room again, come out dressed as Lara Croft, asking me if she looked ok.
> In my head... "crap, last week I saw her like a my little cousin, now I see her all grown up and hot..." I feel like a perv.
> I said yes, you do look good. :)
> 15 mins later...
> she comes with a dress and tells me, that Sailor Moon is on tv, if I wanted to see it with her... and I start to have a feeling again.
> the boner raises a bit.
> I will be there in a minute, trying to decide how not to end up like the last time.
> So I decide to go, enter the bedroom.

how old is ur daughter?
at least post pics of your mom to help your writing
>stuck fingers in her clit
virgin detected
>be 14, sister is 11
>in basement rec room, watching shadow of the wolf (took me a minute to find the actual title of the movie)
>gets to the sex scene where she gets on top of the guy, get to see big tits
>first set of tits I have seen, since I stopped bathing with sis
>Get a hard on, and try hiding it. Awkwardly.
>Sister notices. Laughs.
>I get red (feel my face get hot)
>" I can't help it, she has big tits"
>my sister laughs, we get quiet
>the scene passes and she rewinds it (VHS, yep I'm old)
>"What are you doing?"
>"I just wanted to watch it again."
>My dick is hurting, and my just trying to burst through my shorts.
>She keep biting her nails. (she had that bad habit back then)
>finally she says, "real tits don't look like that"
>I am a little stunned "What, of course they do this is video. Not some comic or something."
>"No you don't have tits, I do" she was a little submissive in saying this
>we sat quietly for a minute until the scene ended
>with some hesitation, "well can I see yours...'
>she agrees with almost no hesitation she pulls of her top.
>They are small, but there. Definitely not big jugs, but teacup sized.
>after a minute of looking at them, she moves closer to me on the couch. "Do you want to touch them?"
>I happily agree. Now I am cupping her tits, firm and puffy nipples. The first tits I am getting so I am not complaining.
>She gives me a couple of minutes, then says "K my turn"
>"What? what do you mean?"
>she just looks down at my shorts
>I start dissenting to the idea, but she says she'll tell our mom.
>That honestly scared me. I pull down my shorts and underwear.
>She starts reaching for it, then stops, looks at me "it's ok if I touch it" I wasn't sure if it was a question or more of a flat statement.
>she touches it, just gracing it
>she pulls her hand back just as quickly, giggles a little.
>"What?" I thought something was wrong with it
>"It is just so hard and hot."
Im still here
File: cous11.png (123 KB, 121x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 121x382
Is this thread still alive?
she is very cute. awesome tits. I hope you have some ass pictures or nudes...
Meh i really dont have anything other than i used to grope my aunts tits when i was like in 2nd grade. I could probably fuck her since shes very shy and her husband left her years ago. But id feel bad about it
hot. you should try to see if you can involve her with shit, maybe starting with pictures from ur girlfriend?
yes and my dick is rock hard from your story
well give kik faggot?
File: cosn4.png (542 KB, 613x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
542 KB, 613x417
> I sat in bed, the bed is next to the door.
> She came and laid next to me.
> Sailor moon starts.
> after some 5 mins...
> I cant stop thinking about last week, and see her sailor moon outfit in the wall.
> instant-boner, I cant hide it, even more that she does look good today too.
> She see the boner, but I dont hide it.
> She tell me "close the door, pls", and my heart start pumping wildly, I know what she wants.
> I extend my arm to close the door and lock it.
> She puts her hand on my pants, like... shit here we go again.
> She puts her head over my tummy and start rubbing my bulge.
> we both pretend are watching tv. but she dont stop, goes slowly.
> start to play with my pants, open them slowly.
> we kept pretending we are watching tv.
> I help her, to make things faster.
> I open the zipper and put down my pants a bit.
> she insert her soft tiny hands inside my boxer very fast... straight to the base of my cock.
> she grab her and masturbates me slowly, pretending to be distracted.
> We still pretending to watch tv, to make it less awkward.
> I put her dress up, so I can see her ass.
> She had some nice sexy undies.
> Rub her ass.
> she suddenly take my cock out and put it in her mouth... fucking glorious... she is good.
> ask her if she practised.
> She said that has been watching videos.
> In my head: "crap, I don't care any more, I will keep doing this for ever."
> feels good... then 2 mins later...
> phone rang so I have to take it, if its aunt she will get mad if I dont answer.
> take my dick in my pants so I can answer the phone that is in the living room.
> In a quick way, before leaving the room... point my finger to the Sailor Moon dress.
> tellling her without words to put the sailor moon outfit.
> run to the living room.

and my dick is hard from her awesome tits.
File: cous12.png (349 KB, 319x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349 KB, 319x437
(pic related)
> pick up the phone.
> it is my aunt, asking me if I am hungry or what to eat, and blah blah, about she is not coming until tomorrow. couple of mins later call ends.
> Go to her room.
> She had the outfit ready, She was in front of the mirror putting some lipstick.
> I know she was doing that for me so I got even more exited.
> She looked so pretty and hot...
> I have the biggest impulse, I want to kiss her... she sucked my dick but we haven't kiss yet.
> I go to her and french kissed her, grabbing her ass and pulling up the sailor moon skirt.
> go back to lock the door again.
> run to her and kiss her, guiding her to the bed while grabbing her ass.
> we laid in bed, still kissing.
> I open my pants a bit and she goes down, I can tell she is obsessed with sucking dick.
> she open my pants fast, I pull it down and she go straight to take it out.
> since we are in bed I can reach her pussy, put my hand under the skirt, exactly like the last time.
> so I touch it a bit, then she moves and approach it to me...
> so we are now in 69, she is over me.
> While she is is there, I am very nervous, a few weeks back she was just my little cousin... never imagined she could try this.
> She is very submissive, she ask me if she is doing it ok and ask me for directions...
> Still on 69, she got a small body, well formed and big tits to her age..
> pussy is completely shaved, (felt like pedobear).
> start licking clit.
> she rubbed her pussy in my face wanted me to tongefuck her, but my tonge is small, I tried my best.
> lick the clit very fast.
> She stops sucking, and start pressing my head with her legs, I can tell she is comming hard,
she is pressing my skull hard with her legs.
> she came...
> she breaths hard and let her body fall on my face.
> she now resume the sucking...

i hate fuck my gf and make her scream so she can hear it.

heres one from when i walked in on my mom mid orgasm in the shower

>be 19
>sitting at home again playing vidya
>mom was super stressed all day
>walk into living room shes lounging on the couch
>as i walked in it looked like she had just been fappin
>hand moved from crotch real fast
>super flustered look on her face
>voice really hoarse "hey anon do u need to use the bathroom i think im gonna take a shower"
>me "no im good mom, you go ahead"
>she gets up and walks to her room to grab clothes

let me tell you a little about my mom, i caught my dad cheating on her with my buddys mom when i was like 14
dad was a prick didnt really get along with him always angry and shit, i told my mom about what i saw and she didnt leave him right away
instead she basically became a slut, started wearing thongs(where my panties fetish came from) dressing super skimpy low cut jeans etc

anyway back to the story

>she grabs her clothes outta her drawers
>unwraps something outta a long silk nighty thing
>see rubber shaft, holyfuckitsadildo.jpeg
>she goes into the bathroom starts shower undresses and gets in
>bathroom is separated by a door from the mirror, on other side of door is just toilet/shower and tub
>shes in the bathroom i go into lets call it the mirror room i geuss
>her clothes are all scattered on the floor
>see pink/orange thong laying inside her shorts
>picked them up see giant wet spot with white cream colored wetness all over the crotch
>as im standing there fappin looking at her wet panties
>hear a squishing like sound coming from bathroom
>barely hear it over the sound of the shower
>put ear up against the door hear slight moans and squishing sound
>hear squishing sound getting more intense moans getting louder
>im so horny at this point i may as well of been humping the door
>iv had this thing for my mom for sometime now, but never really had the balls to do anything about it

>Carefully pull up her top
>pink bra enlargens boner
>Pull that up too
>She's completely out
>Decide to try something
>Grab my Wang
>Slowly open her mouth
>Insert Wang
>Her mouth feels so good
>Carefully grab her head
>Close my eyes in pleasure
File: cous13.png (270 KB, 191x779) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270 KB, 191x779
(pic related)
> She came a second time, now I can tell when she comes, she close her legs hard and stop sucking every time.
> After the second time she get confident enough to squeals when cumming.
> by now I know how to make her cum, so I play with her a bit then try to make her cum as many times as I can...
> I make her cum like 4 o 5 times more.
> I want her to make me cum so... stop licking her clit and start to talk a bit dirty like...
> "will you swallow my milk again?"
> She said, "uhum", aproving while having the dick in her mouth.
> When she answer to my dirty talk I get more exited...
> Start to imagine how could be fucking her tight pussy, since it look like I cant fit there.
> She then says with my dick in front her face: "Give me my lunch, I am hungry, give me the cream"...
> that way she said it... I just fucking could not contain it any more.
> Start to come in her mouth, press her head hard against my cock, she swallow it, she don't let a single drop fall and keep licking.
> She tells me that taste like pineapple, wich is weird...
> feelsgoodmen.jpg
> a bit less shame this time. We kissed and ask her not to tell anybody or I will be send to jail for 25 years. ( I am not sure if its true, but I used it to recinforce it)
> She tells me if we can be boyfriend and girlfriend.
> Tell her yes but it MUST be a secret. My aunt will kill me and my mom probably too.

Leave to home... but still ashamed about all of that, that I actually liked it but it is the daughter of my aunt...

DAY 3:

> cant stop thinking what I have been doing, I am glad, but ashamed.
> its sad she is hot and cute and I cant tell anybody we are fucking.
> I come again next Saturday, I haven't touch my dick, I want to see her swallow a lot this time. So I accumulated my babies since Tuesday...

File: fredfork.png (74 KB, 251x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 251x339
This one bitch brought her kids over to my house once and they were fucking demons. I mean she just did not try to give them proper discipline in terms of maturity. Like one of them was 7 but acted like a 4 year old and pretended to be a dog. Weird shit.

Anyway, the other kid started banging a spoon into our table and the mother didn't stop it until a few good hits into it. There are still dents in my table because this person can't control their kids.

Therefore, the arch-nemesis of table fucker AKA Frederick the Fork is the trojan man, because he would have circumvented the spoon in the first place....
I had a similair situation with a neighbor girl.

I would get embarrassed because my shit got hard. Honestly I think i coulda lost my virginity to her at fucking 11 instead of losing it at 16 like a normalfag
>not sticking ur fingers inside a girls clit
File: cosn2.png (572 KB, 653x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
572 KB, 653x421
> I dont have condoms, I dont think she wants to fuck anyway and I am not making plans for it since losing her virginity could be a bigger deal.
> I am glad with the blowjobs, and I am a betafag.
> A day like normal, start to study, aunt left a few hours later.
> she is in her room. doing her stuff.
> 1 hour later...
> she comes to the table. Where I was.
> Notice she has the Sailor moon skirt.
> and said "today there is no Sailor Moon on Tv".
> Then says "But I can dress as one if you want".
> instantly my boner knock the table...
> I said, "ok, do it, I will be there in a couple of mins".
> She left to her room.
> I start thinking... I am going to fuck my cousin again... I hope this don't end bad.
> I went to the bathroom, washed my cock, I wanted to do it again.
> I was exited since, as I said, I was accumulating my cum since Tuesday.
> went to her room, and there she was. Dressed as S.M. putting her make up.
> again I close the door, as she see me in the mirror.
> I walked straight to kiss her.
> kissing her on my way to the bed.
> Touch her body, completely...
> I was exited so I pull my dick out
> Start fingering her, while she has her cloths.
> Open that thing and pulling out those tits, very big for that age.
> Started to suck them, they are perfect, big natural tits as shown in the pictures.
> ask her if she wants to suck me.
> grab my cock, and there she goes... She removes her undies...
> 69 again... while we are at it... I was appreciating such a tight, clean cute pussy... so virgin...
> I cant imagine my cock in there, since it looks very tight...
> I inserted my fingers to see her reaction, she did not wanted at the beginning, but I made it, I inserted my fingers.
> I try to make her cum, licking faster her fav spot and pressing her tits.
> Make her cum about 3 or 4 times
> She squals hard and press my head I knew she came...

File: 1359520271378.jpg (122 KB, 383x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 383x286
File: 1357188185328.jpg (3 KB, 126x93) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 126x93
File: cous5.png (220 KB, 304x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 304x320
> I repeated couple of times, she was wet.
> I stop and ask her if she wanted my cock inside her.
> She did not answer, and kept sucking for a few seconds.
> "ummm .. I am virgen", she said... then I said "I will go slow and we can stop if you dont like it".
> She then put her tiny body over mine. and sat over my lap, with my cock infront of her while stroking it.
> She looked like thinking a lot about it...
> Then I heard... "I want it inside". So she still with the Sailor moon outfit, she get up, and put her self in a doggy position.
> Well, it was the first time for her and the second for me, so she was asking me to go slow.
> I was horny so, even if I wanted to go slow my dick wanted to enter bad.
> No condom because I was a betafag and I was horny... I will pull it out at the end...
> I dont have a long dick, but is fucking thick, a fat cock... like really thick cock, it actually makes me feel tiny but I am about 6.2 inches. Not big but thick.
> I put it in the entrance of that tight pussy. I don't think it will fit, I probably will hurt her...
> Push a bit, while she is in doggy and I am holding her to me.
> She pas her arm under her body, grabs my penis, to have some control and give me some direction since I was lost (beta)
> I start to push a bit, and she control how much of me enter by using her hand.
> The head enter and she close her legs like it was hurting a little, but its fucking wet...
> After going very slow, in a out I have almost the middle in and I can tell she start to like it more and more since she moves to get more...
> then I push it all the way in, holding her waist and she throw her face to the pillow and squiled like she came, I am not sure if she did, she just felt it all in...
> Start fucking her right in the pussy since its all the way in...
fuck the kid and then tell us about it. hot mom/daughter threesome pls
File: 1357616310274.jpg (21 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 300x300
we went 166 posts without your bullshit. Leave now motherfucker.
File: 1357617170393.jpg (99 KB, 645x549) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 645x549
File: cous9.png (100 KB, 163x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 163x257
> so fucking tight and since she is tiny I look huge.
> I got some speed already, and it is tight... very tight...
> When I saw it all in, I was like, I hope I dont hurt her, she makes me look huge.
> She came again, and started to make noise... we were being loud, fucking hard...
> I lift her to change position, since she is light and tiny I didnt even need to pull my dick out...
> keep fucking nice and make her cum a couple of times...
> I see my aunt picture in her desk, reach it while fucking and put it face down since, I don't want her to watch us fucking, and because I feel guilty I am fucking a family member.
> I see the mirror and I can see I am fucking sailor moon, I can feel she is cuming once again.. and it gets me...
> start to feel like I will cum inside my tight cousin...
> grab her legs hard and pushed her against me , all the way in while filling her with all had...
> I started to cum inside her body. It felt GLORIOUS, I even farted while cuming. The sensation bent my knees I could not hold it...
> fell on the bed weak...
> she fell too...
> and I saw she was driping cum form her vag...
> shit forgot to pull it out.

That same day went to buy condoms and those aftermorningpills... fell really nervous
I spent several weeks afraid, but no retarded baby came...

We kept fucking regularly until she was about 19yo, I moved out to other city for work related, my brother found us while she was sucking me.
We had a lot of very good times... and some bad times...
File: 1357186587815.jpg (86 KB, 528x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 528x384
File: 1305668286699.jpg (30 KB, 500x378) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 500x378
Details on when your brother found yall
i need to see her bare ass or pussy please, this shit is hot.
File: 1357616660783.jpg (6 KB, 193x146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 193x146
how disastrous was the aftermath of being caught?

And aside from some repetitive details, fucking 10/10
Fucking niggers, kill yourself.
File: 1357618124552.jpg (68 KB, 360x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 360x300
She was 16 by then, since we got confident we started to do it almost anywhere...
>we were in living room, doors locked
> Borhter came from backdoor,
>saw us then went straight to kitchen.
> she went to bedroom.
> My brother and I never talked about it...
Based spiderman
>on the verge of cumming without even touching myself
>decide fuck it, whats the worst that can happen
>slowly open door and peek inside
>and hoooly fuck /b/ theres my mom sitting on the toilet
>legs spread nipple in one hand eyes closed
>and about a 8" clear pinkish dildo
>slidding in and out of her pussy
>the squishing sound was her wetness as the dildo slid in if u didnt get that by now
>im standing there watching my mom masturbate in all her glory
>i can tell shes about to cum, still hasnt realized im watching her
>she moans hard slams the dildo deep, then freezes up and starts shivering
>holy fuck shes cumming, literally blow load in pants hands free right then and there
>middle of her orgasm i decided fuck it, im going in
>open door all the way and walk in
>she opens her eyes and sees me, shes still mid orgasm mind you
>"OH MY GOD A-anon what ar....mmmm..doing here"
>that mmmmm came as she pulled the dildo out and slammed her legs shut
>me "omg im so sorry mom i had no idea i thought u were already in the shower i need to pee"
>i can tell shes still at the end of her orgasm
>she can barely form words, "a-anon im sorry....you had to see me.....like this but please GO"
>when she said GO it was like a moan, too much of a pussy to do anything
>walk back into mirror room look down at my shorts, huge cum stain all over the front

thats about it really, few other times were basicly like the stairs incident, the best one for my was def that first time catching her as i came down the stairs, i think theres alot of sexual tension between us, but like i said before im too much of a pussy to persue it last think i want to do is ruin the relationship i have with her, still think about those times all the time whhen im fapping, probably the reason i can only cum to mom son/panty porn now lol
>2020 - 5
>not sticking your finger in a girls clit
File: cosn1.png (592 KB, 593x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
592 KB, 593x421
Nothing, my brother was like my best friend so he did not mentioned anything... Also I think my family knew we fucked, since she kinda behaved like gf... bitch did not hide it well.
> be me
> be 13
> brother is 15
> brother stays in room playing video games, I watch
> hug his arm a lot
> one night a storm takes out the power
> he’s pissed about game, but I pretend to be scared to make him calm down
> hugging and shit
> lean up to kiss his cheek, accidentally kiss lips instead
> mfw
> he says nothing but he does it again
> its really short and unsure
> hug him tighter
> kiss for a while
> mom comes with flashlight
> act natural
> move to not looks suspicious
> my knee is in his crotch
> diamonds
> mom leaves
> he rubs his crotch against my knee for a while
> finally he gets guilty enough and lets me go
> did I enjoy? I dunno

There were other times but I dunno if you all wanna hear them
File: 1357186307766.jpg (48 KB, 522x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 522x383
Go for it
moar pics please ! got any of her pussy ? or bare ass
File: 1357618234017.jpg (78 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 400x300
dubbl dubs
When is the last time yall fucked

Do you want a mongoloid retard monster baby? 'Cause this is how you get a mongoloid retard monster baby.

>I start pulling my underwear up, "No stop it's not fair you got to touch mine for way longer."
>she reaches out again.this time grasping my dick as well as she could,
>I could see her kind of get a kick out of it,
>looks back up at me, "K i want to try something I have seen."
>she starts moving her hand up and down my shaft.
>Now I am already ready to blow so it doesn't take long before I cum. I grab the tip and cum into my hand.
>she gets scared for a second as I am cumming.
>Then she realizes what happened, my hand is covered in cum. I take a bunch of tissues and clean my hands and crotch off.
>she starts taking her top to put it back on. "I quickly say well that's not fair."
>"what do you mean"
>"Well all i got to see was your tits, not your crotch."
>she thinks about it for a half second, stands up and pulls down her shorts, then a little more hesitantly her panties.
>I could see she was really wet, her slit was just engorged .
>I reach out with my hand, and start moving my fingers against the tip of her clit
>I move down pretty quickly, my finger start finding her hole, I move with a little bit to much vigor and slide my finger into her
>I realized what happened, and stop for a second
>This is the first time I realize my sister was really enjoying this her face is redder then it has ever been.
>"Don't stop" she barely gasped out
>I kind of pull her by my other hand towards me, while still fingering her.
>her legs spread a little more open as she starts to straddle on of my legs.
>She starts cumming right away, loosing any strength in her legs her body just collapsing on mine.
>My leg is all wet, as I feel her trying to enjoy herself.
>Her breast are against me. I can feel her breath against my chest.
>I look down, she is smiling in ecstasy
>For what ever reason I decided to kiss her
>I press my lips against hers, she was surprised for a second when I pulled away.
>Then she looked up and reached up for a deeper kiss.
goddamnit, give me more! this was the best one so far
Go on....
achieve sweet wincest anon, post story and pics later
File: 1357276986788.jpg (107 KB, 382x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 382x346
I am done for today, I will finish this since I am always lurking, but never wrote what it all down. A solid year of stories.
File: nonstop cock.jpg (16 KB, 220x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nonstop cock.jpg
16 KB, 220x220
I think that might've been your brother
File: 1357278750292.jpg (25 KB, 450x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 450x331
File: 1357185411384.jpg (51 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 250x250
File: cous45.png (354 KB, 375x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354 KB, 375x441
a bit more than 2 years ago.
that sound you don't hear is the sound of everybody masturbating furiously. God Dammit, continue.
Someone please screen cap.
>im so horny at this point i may as well of been humping the door

my sides
Thank you very much for sharing anon. Very much enjoyed.
Fucking kek
You can't stick your finger in a clit. Nice try retard.
>be me
>be 15
>slowly fapping to based porn site
>hear knock on door
>i turn my head to the door, thinking about my sister
>fapping velocity increases
>door opens
>tfw i have no sister
>dad take me from behind and ruins my bowel movement for years
File: cous7.png (263 KB, 261x565) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 261x565
I think thats it for now, I had a few videos, but I dont have them with me right now.
MORE MAN!! Something
we must have more of her and this , thank you sir. nice story. she is very hot.
File: cousn.png (787 KB, 976x5861) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
787 KB, 976x5861
>>i grab her hair "mommy!" i yell
Way more cringe
you ever steal her panties when you couldn't be with her?

My cousin and I used to fool around, but if we didn't have time/privacy she'd give me her underwear to masturbate with instead.
It got to the point where I had a couple extra pairs belonging to her, and every time we hung out she'd just take off what she wore that day and take a pair from me.

I miss her.
ur the best
Thank you!

> be me
> be 14
> brother is 16
> he spends time on the computer now
> he’s the only one with a laptop
> dad uses the PC 24/7
> need laptop for schoolwork
> take his lappie before he gets home
> check his history out of curiosity
> among other things are many pages about incest
> “is it wrong to fuck your sister”
> “I get turned on by my sister”
> google shit
> don’t know if want or not
> he comes back and I pretend to be doing schoolwork
> when he learns I’m on his comp, he sits close behind me
> like, really close
> has hand right next to my thigh, on the bed
> know what he’s thinking about
> decide to go for it and lean against him
> puts an arm around my stomach
> heart going like sanic
> lays his head on my shoulder and watches me type
> he’s breathing on my neck
> goosebumps, goosebumps everywhere
> he kisses my jawline
> don’t. know. if. want.
> sit there in odd silence as I attempt to finish my paper
> fucking brother just breathing

There are quite a lot of these things. I’m kinda trying to tell the story of how shit went down.

We need pics of your mom
every good story needs to be screencapped
Fuck ya, thanks man.
>>607976811 here
will bump with this last one

>be quite young, probably around 5-6
>in the bath with my brother
>old enough to not be supervised during baths but young enough to be not bothered by sharing with bro
>he says lets play i can look at his if he can look at mine
>i fondle his dick for a bit under the water, pull back foreskin, pretty weird stuff
>he wants to look at mine
>he makes me turn around and bend over, like doggystyle
>spreads me open
>feels weird and cold, never had this done before
>starts touching around vag opening, this feels bad, very sensetive
>i have had enough and i roll over, tell him its my turn again
>he wants to carry on, not my turn yet
>he tries to force my legs open, i kick him in the face
>i guess i wasnt strong enough to do any real damage, but he stopped and retreated to the other end of the bath, we continued bathing and that was the end of it

we played i can look at his if he can look at mine a few other times before this but not with any touching involved, this was the last time it happened. i saw glances of him naked since but nothing happened between us until >>607958925 this
>Daddy raped her
>she lays there and does NOTHING
How fucking retarded are you
Go on...
File: Pat.jpg (5 KB, 184x274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 184x274
no can do man, but she looks alot like pat benatar, short hair like that and everything, hips of a goddess nice ass and slightly bigger tits.
>I was born before school district's cutoff date (early August).
>Younger than kids my grade by 2-14 months.
>ADHD; high IQ; INTJ; disruptive; outcast.
>Get bullied some; bully other kids back.
>Terrible at making friends, but not for lack of trying.
>Lose Elementary School friends when I go to distant Middle School for bullshit "Gifted & Talented" program.
>Parents get a divorce.
>Be 12-13, maybe 2 or 3 friends, two of whom move to other states.
>Sister is 17 months younger than me.
>Very shy; not many friends.
>We grow up thick as thieves.
>Dad moves out; mom at work all the time.
>Look out for each other; make the best of lower middle class.
>One summer night, mom at some function or another.
>Playing GameCube; sister on the family PC.
>Get hard for no reason, as young pubescent men do (probably controller rumble).
>Sister is chubby, but has huge tits.
>Get idea.
>Ask to see them.
>"No, Anon, that's weird."
>"Aw, come on, just a peek."

To be continued...
So pretty much you raped her again...
> put aunt's picture down because didn't want her to watch us fucking

oh god.. this was more funny than hot.
File: 1419180231863.jpg (727 KB, 3664x2748) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
727 KB, 3664x2748
thank god i don't have a sister. (or anyone actually)
saved me from having so many imaginary fucked up fantasies
(which some happened and some didn't , and it haunts you to this day) like yours guys.
still , i can somehow relate to incest.. unhealthy tho. but totally hot
Same tbh.

These kind of threads make me happy of being a single child. Can't help but get boners from these stories.
File: 4.jpg (33 KB, 376x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 376x666
don't worry man, I have a sister who you could call hot and I've always enjoyed these threads/incest fetish, but I'm never imagining her, the only times I have was when I wasn't fapping and the idea of having sex makes me feel gross. Idk, it's more like imagining you're somone else, fucking an imaginary sibling vicariously. I get off on mother son porn too, but my mom is a fucking landwhale and I never think of her like that.
Well thanks anons, I came twice to this thread tonight.

felt good man.
do you have more pics? she is hot
lol, love it when that happens.
Does anyone have those ben and haley stories? I could really use those


>"Ugh, fine." *quick flash with bra*
>"How 'bout no bra."
>"You're being a weirdo."
>"C'mon, I'm just curious."
>"If I do, will you leave me alone?"
>*quick flash, no bra.*
>I lunge and grab them.
>Decide to back down; skeeving myself out a bit.
>Several days pass.
>Work the nerve back up.
>Sneak up on her, grope her at random, over clothes, under clothes, from front, from behind.
>Never more than maybe a minute or two.
>Start to cut deals to do various chores to see/touch those glorious yams.
>Maybe a week of this.
>One night, mom is out again.

To be continued...


>See sister watching TV in mom's room.
>Cozy up next to her on mom's bed.
>Grab her tits; suck/bite nipples.
>"Please, anon..."
>Continue fondling.
>Cock hard as a rock; bulge visible through jeans.
>"Hey, can you do something for me?"
>"Will you leave me alone if I do?"
>Whip out my stubby, fully-erect 7" cock.
>"Sure, just put this in your mouth for a sec."
>Worst "head" ever; more teeth than anything.
>Warm and wet, so whatev.
>Grab her neck and force her down onto my throbbing dick.
>She gags hard, throat muscles contract around the head of my cock.
>She gets up, covers mouth, runs to the bathroom.
>I finish myself off in a frenzy of unthinking, bestial pleasure.
>Most intense orgasm of my life at that point.
>Clean up clumsily; put away my still throbbing dick; shuffle over to the bathroom.
>Hear whimpering/crying.
>Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
>"Sorry sis, I didn't mean to hurt you, please don't tell, yadda, yadda, yadda."
>Finally comes out a couple minutes later.
>"You almost made me throw up, anon."
>"Sorry, I didn't know."
>Both of us too scared to continue.
>We agree to stop forever.
>Never speak of it again.
>Life returns to normal.
>Almost a decade later, we make some actual friends and have normal, healthy relationships.
>I almost never think about this.
>First time ever told anyone about this, albeit skeevy fucks like myself anonymously over the internet.
thats it? What else?
>be 15
>see dog licking his balls
>pull out my balls and start whistling cmere boy
>dog licked my balls

still a KV at 24
that's not incest faggot

Dogs are part of the family
But dont you have cousins?
you fucked up, should've went farther
i've got an incest fetish because i really love my cousin who's a year older than me. no stories though
>be me, 19
>medschool freshman, living in a flat with sis, 20, same medschool 2nd year
>we decide to do a movie marathon one weekend
>Jägermeister, vodka, 2 sixpacks, a few redbulls and 22g of weed all ready in the kitchen
>ffwd saturday 4am, both drunk and high, Wolf of Wall Street sex scene inc
>she leans on me and straight up kisses me, could fucking feel her tongue almost in my throat
>rockhard, autopilot mode, hand under shirt, grope breast, push her down on the sofa, know shes on the pill
>both strip, blowjob inc, bust a nut, doggystyle time, bust again, bj again, cowgirl next
>wondering how I was able to maintain an erection after all the booze and weed
>clean up, watch another movie, sober up, Rocknrolla up next, refill on vodka, get bong, 10 hits both
>ffwd Thandie Newton/Gerard Butler sex scene
>repeat autopilot again, clean up, shower together, cant bust because water, too lazy to move to bedroom, crash on the bathroom rug, bust a nut
>feel completely drained, just rest on sunday
>ffwd sunday evening, making dinner, homemade lasagna, sis walks in, her classic yogapants/oversized shirt pj combo, sits on chair, backwards, the view of that ass...
>wash hands, dinner can wait, pull of her yoga pants, press her against the wall, eat her out, autopilot starting
>bend her over the table, get crazy idea, finger in pooper, shes completely startled, another finger in
>can feel my dick with the two fingers, push in another finger, she says it hurts a bit
>completely on autopilot now, pull out fingers, pull out dick, ram dick in ass, shes visibly in pain but shes fucking going with it and loosens up a bit and actually starts to enjoy it
>autopilot still on, start fingering her and stroking her clit, she suddenly tightens up and I cum so hard I get a fucking cramp in my leg
>clean up, finish dinner, repeat every month

Im a 3rd year now, were still at it, wont post pic because choke on dick (dem rhymes)

On second thought, quads get pic
Pls more
File: IMG_0048.png (460 KB, 1357x4428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
460 KB, 1357x4428
nice trips, heres your quads
Need some quads
That deserves pic.
File: meY6cgO.webm (175 KB, 624x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bumpity bump
I fucked yo bitch nigga
File: 1311359686930.jpg (154 KB, 1245x914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 1245x914
Mom Incest Compilation: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/15481
Incest Taboo - Mom and Son (Tabitha And Brian): http://wehasporn*com/fetish/15479
Big Incest Family - Polina Fucks Dad: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/14397
Incest Sex - Mother Invites Son To Fuck Her: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/14346
Bro Cums In Sis (Incest): http://wehasporn*com/fetish/14342
Incest - Mom And Son: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13844
German Incest - Sister Catches Brother Masturbating: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13743
[Real Incest] Mother and Daughter: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13177
Brother Sister Incest Fantasy: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13843
Family Incest Sex Party: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13842
Wincest Thread!: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13895
Wincest (Image Set): http://wehasporn*com/amateur/13896
Super Taboo Complete Collection [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/14623
File: 1427703581282.jpg (38 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 400x400
File: 1311547238058.jpg (296 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296 KB, 1600x1200
Hott Little Sis [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13228
What a Family!!! [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13478
Cruise With My Sister [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13654
First Time With Dad [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13688
Like Mother, Like Son [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13715
Mom In The Jacuzzi [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13679
Mom's Dirty Dancing [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13047
My Cousins Booty [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13441
Brother Shares Sis [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13695
Me, Mom, & Lots of Friends [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13659
Family Playtime [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/14526
So I Impregnated My Cousin [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13681
Loving My Mother [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13713
Mom's Card Night [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13044
Daddy's Girl [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13660
Coping With Mom [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13046
A Night with Daddy [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/14520
Discovering My Sister [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13655
Sis Veronica & Friend [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13443
My Name Is Cindy [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/13442
My Summer Job [Incest Story]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/15026
Mom Lights Up [Incest/Taboo]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/15508
No Jimmy, That's Incest! [Incest/Taboo]: http://wehasporn*com/stories/15507
Thats double trips m8
File: 1317166702855.jpg (54 KB, 593x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 593x480
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 1 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/736
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 2 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/734
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 3 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2320
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 4 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2321
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 5 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2323
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 6 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2324
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 7 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2326
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 8 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2327
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 9 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2329
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 10 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2331
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 11 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2333
Super Taboo - Super Taboo 12 [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/2334
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i can't belive no one said this yet, tits or gtfo,i'm 90% sure you're some dude in a basement jerking off right now, if so post neckbeard tits for the lolz
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tits or get the fuck out neckbeard
Love abound on 4chan between brothers and sisters.
Where are our quads?
Has that dude that got tit pics from his mom do a third compilation yet?
is it weird if I get turned on by moms in bikinis?
File: 1408686859211.gif (463 KB, 290x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shit nigga
File: momdickpics.png (2 MB, 5712x3124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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From the other day.
Will probs get shit for this. Fuck it. Go to reddit. Great incest advice.
Nice one anon. Teach that bitch a lesson. She was probably lying anyway.
File: momdickpics2.png (2 MB, 1883x1471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1883x1471
This is a pasta. Was posted a few times. You have no vids.
is there an update to this?
Not that I know of. Still waiting on matty. It's been a couple days...
This thread is god tier
maybe they will fuck this Sunday
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How has your relationship with her been since then?
>10 years old
>calls her mommy

I'm just gonna pretend you were sheltered cause I like this story.
File: 1422148138458.jpg (8 KB, 200x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck me that was
Kekd for a good 2 minutes.
>be twins, age 15
>go to same school
>always pull her ponytail from behind during recess as a joke
>she hates it, tells me to go fuck myself every time
>get home together one day, mom and dad will be away
>get into comfy pjs and start watching tv
>she gets up and starts going to the bathroom
>i get up, pull her hair again, but this time i slap her ass as well
>gets fucking furious, tells me to fuck myself
>"lol i's just jokin"
>she goes into the bathroom, i get back on couch, she comes back a few moments later, throws herself on the couch
>minutes of awkward silence, then she says with a soft voice "can you do that again? it felt weird..."
>"lol do what?" pull her hair again
>"no you dipshit, slap my ass"
>"uh... okay"
>she turns around and lays on her back, i start slapping her ass
>for a few minutes she's moaning and breathing heavily then she tells me to wait
>drops her pjs, a sky blue thong reveals her tiny butt, and she lays on my lap
>ohfuck.jpg, my dick gets rock solid
>she sees the bulging and says, "take it out and keep hitting", i take it out, she starts jacking me off
>minutes of me smacking her and she jacking me off
>can't hold it anymore, throw her on the floor and cum on her now red butt cheeks

We continued like this for a few months. She occassionally blew me but no actual fucking ensued. Then one day she decided to rub her ass against my dick, and it didn't take long after that to get us to fuck. We fucked for a few years until she went to college. We're 25 now and she's got a fiancee, so we're not fucking anymore, but what had happened was great and is now our little secret.
this is why i never want kids

if i had a daughter i'd probably eat her panties
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