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Middle/High school slut story thread. Post...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Middle/High school slut story thread. Post times youve fucked school sluts

looks like ochs..
will type it out
i wonder what her butthole smells like
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>be me, senior year, just broke up with girlfriend of 2 years
>hit up girl, lets call her Nicole
>Hey wanna come chill by the castle (there's a castle in my town. no one questions it.)
>"sure anon haha"
>we meet up, chill, shoot the shit and all
>"Anon, aren't you sad about you and natalie?"
>"Nah, i broke up with her. She was a cunt. Now I'm just looking for a new girl to hook up with"
>keep talking, eventually have to drive her home
>We get in the car, she strips
>Pulls my pants down, I take them off
>starts blows me, i start driving
>as I drive and get head (also known as 'road head') I realize i don't know where she lives
>every intersection and turn i pick her head up from my cock to ask directions
>get to her house, park out front
>i cum, she swallows.
>She grabbed her clothes then went inside
>mfw we never spoke again
>mfw she had a boyfriend
>mfw i had to ask a girl blowing me for directions
Nice panties

>be in 9th grade
>cloe female friend has casually suggested that a friend of hers who goes to another school might be interested in me
>agree to meet this girl because why the fuck not, not like I can get any on my own
>meet chick
>kinda butterface but nice enough, I'm not picky
>into a lot of the same shit
>coffee place closes and we're out of smokes (this was 2002, smoking was still legal in cafés etc) so we happen to head the same direction after saying goodbye as we're both going to the store
>"so, anon, why didn't you invite me over to your place"
>mom is not home
>tomorrow is saturday
>she comes home with me
>making out
>move to bed, clothes start coming off
>black lace thong
>my cock is diamonds
>don't know what the fuck I'm doing
>end up just pulling panties aside and shoving it in there with little to no actual foreplay
>kinda hurts
>seems to kinda hurt for her too (dunno if was virgin, but dry is dry)
>bust nut in 2 min
>she leaves
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First time I ever saw sex in person was at my sister's party
>Be me, 12
>Have older sister
>She's one of the sluts, and has many slut friends
>Her sixteenth birthday comes around
>Huge party, loud as fuck, drink everywhere
>Sitting playing video games wondering why everyone is so loud
>2am beckons and I need a piss
>Head to the toilet, avoid the drunken assholes
>Walk into bathroom
>See a girl pinned against my bathroom wall getting nailed from behind
>Dude's asshole is in clear view
>I remember them not noticing I was there for about 5 seconds
>She turns around sees me there
>"Oh fuck! It's anon!"
>Dude turns around pissed as fuck
>He says to me in broad Scottish
>"Urite mate? You wantin a pish?"
>"Uhh..no I'm good.."
>"Orite, nae bother pal"
>Leave room slowly
>Go back to my room and finish Crash Bandicoot
>Was a pretty good night
the scottish bit made me kek so much, nice story

Sounds like a real bro, that scottish guy.
why dindt you bugger his arse mate. btw im not scottish im american so i have no idea what i just typed
The worst thing is, he was an identical twin. The shock of seeing it all means I could never figure out which one it was
>"Urite mate? You wantin a pish?"

File: 1427950305551.jpg (96 KB, 596x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, 16
>be drunk as fuck at my birthday party
>sitting outside the bar trying to sober up
>see my slightly chubby friend that I ocasionally had sex with (You can say whatever you want, but chubbies are grateful)
>start making out
>I finger her in front of a bunch of people
>I hear people laugh and taking pics, but I don't care
>She goes away
>She comes back
>I finger her again
>We go in a dark park behind the bar
>I fuck her in the ass because we didn't have a condom
>I cum on her back
>I come back to the bar with her
>I'm holding her hand
>She's in front of me too
>I sobered up a little bit
>I look to my left and see that the girl I fucked is not my chubby friend but her landwhale best friend with the same haircut and almost the same clothes as my chubby friend. (I'm talking 120 kg here)
>I see cum in her hair as she leaves
>To this day I feel like throwing up when I remember I put my dick in that
My condolences anon.
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>be 16 or 17 and exchange student in the US
>find out this girl with massive tits and 8/10 face is into me
>christian private school so mates actually tell me not to fuck with her since its a sin
>meet up with her to go to a movie
>dont even make it out the car
>making out in the middle of the parking lot of a mall in her car
>people passing by, seem to not notice or just keep on walking
>actually fuck her on her backseet
>eventually some one notices and we hear laughing
>get clothed and drive off
>dont even care what happened since i just banged some nice pussy
>find a quiet spot in some neighborhood and kept on fucking
>actually had to through out 5 condoms that day
File: 1427726234810.jpg (11 KB, 350x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>christian private school so mates actually tell me not to fuck with her since its a sin
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im a college professor. you wouldnt believe the things these girls do during "office hours" just to get a better grade because "their daddies paying for tuition and would be so angry if they got a B".

it didnt used to be like this until recently, like the past 5 years or so, girls have really started to be more forward sexually about it. i dont know if its because porn is more popular on the internet or what, but it was never like this before when i first started teaching.

Do tell, what's the most degrading thing one of them has ever agreed to? I'd deamnd ass to mouth for an A tbh, at least
Did not fuck but

>2 girls, from 12-15 years old went on vacation to france every year
>rumour starts spreading that they go there to have sex
>it's confirmed by one of the girls a few years later on
>tfw there were pics of them in their lingerie that we had on our phones
There's no way this isn't truth
Emily Ochs?
shit i assume?
my nigga
details bro?
i wouldnt say degrading, but when they just start to get down on their knees right in front of you saying "let me just do this ok?" its a pleasant surprise. the best is when they do it to themselves . if they ask "do you want to fuck me?" or "if we had sex would that help?" thats when i know its game on.

Nice gig for you, but a bit vanilla for my tastes... though I suppose it I imagine them crying themselves to sleep later that night because they feel like whores and used then I can fap to it.
>Senior in high school, friend tell me 9/10 sophomore is into me
>One week later go to coffee shop whatever blah blah blah
>Go into neighborhood, get in back seat
>unzips my pants, best fucking head I've ever had

Actually had to stick it inside her before I bust in her mouth

>Best pussy I've ever had, nice perky tits too
>Girl plays soccer, beautiful ass
>Cum in her mouth, cutest smile ever
Innocent talk since then, probably will hook up again soon
>be at party
>be very drunk
>girl starts chatting to me and giving me the eyes
>I go and lie down on the floor, ready to sleep
>about 3-4 others do same around me
>girl comes over, she's just vomitted
>wants to make out
>ew no
>moves down and sucks my dick
>she swallows
>fall asleep
>never talk to her again

>another party
>super fuckin hot girl that all the guys want
>we're both drunk
>everyone moves upstairs to go to sleep
>she's talking to some people and I'm laying next to her
>she's got a blanket over her legs and it's also over some of me
>move fingers over to her
>finger fuck the shit outta her while she's trying to hold a conversation with friends
>see her cum
>no-one realises
>time to sleep
>fuck her while everyone else sleeps
>start thread about stories
>dont post his own
haha i know what you mean. sometimes im just tempted to give bad grades to the hotter girls just to see if i could get them to do something. but theres a fine line i have to walk or else i could get into some serious trouble. its not like this is a common thing. its only happened with 6 girls over the past like 5 years. theres no way i can ask or suggest anything like this. they have to be the ones to do it.

the hottest one though was every teachers fantasy. hot little sorority number walked in with her cheer outfit on, and things got interesting. i did not expect that from her at all.
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so many funny stories actually. ill start with 2

>be about 19 and last year of school
>our year has a party at the end
>get super drunk and smoke weed
>its like 5am and i get really horny
>see this chubby chick that has a somewhat pretty face but weighs way too much
>sit next to her, took me like 2mins to make her to come outside with me
>making out
>actually sun is arising
>chose the most stupid spot since people walk next to us to their way to the train
>actually banging her fat pussy doggystyle and people literally walking by 3 feet away
>still ashamed to this day

>be like 22 and in some techno club
>go to the bar and start talking to this older chick
>at some point im recognizing she might be down for a good fucking
>hours later we get into a cab and drive to her home
>beautiful appartement at the river thats crossing through the city
>shes 35 and a psychiatrist
>be super drunk
>take her clothes off
>noticing she only has 1 arm
>considering for a second
>her face is beautiful and she has a nice body+tits
>whatever ive come this far
>fucking the shit out of her and didnt get disgusted by the arm once
>fall asleep
>wake up and notice i have period blood all over me
>you fucking whore
>drive home and tell one single friend
>his word 'just hope the arm got fucked up from an accident, having this from birth makes it weird'

wanna hear more?
Shit nigger ocean city high school?
Greentext your stories m8. For the gods.
lel 69
What do you teach? Do you have a PhD?
File: image.jpg (78 KB, 718x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wake up and notice i have period blood all over me
top kek
math instructor. no but i have a masters.
Wish we had those pics now

Greentext motherfucker

>be about 20/21
>new years eve
>staying at a friends house until like 3am
>was talking to this one chick, dont remember how it started
>she comes by my friends house and picks me up
>walking home but still living at my parents house
>my bed is crap so im suggesting sisters room with a king sized bed
>of course sister not home
>getting upstairs and making out
>shes super drunk and telling me shes a virgin
>boner goes through the roof
>super petite body and cute voice
>shes super tight and super dry, actually had to use lotion to get inside of her
>having awesome sex until my sisters comes in drunk and super pissed about what shes seeing
>get out of my bed anon what the fuck is wrong with you?
>girl is so ashamed that she leaves
>had to jerk it out eventually
>never talked to her again
>sister was pissed for weeks
>years later im sitting in class at university and turn around
>shes actually sitting like 3 places behind me
>we look eachother straight into the eyes

>be 23
>at this club and took MDMA
>sitting on some sofa and tripping
>this cute blond chick is walking by
>i smile at her, she smiles back and sits next to me
>talk to her like 2mins and we start making out
>an hour later she wants to go home but im way too fucked up and still trippin
>also have MDMA penis, which means you cant get it up, no matter what
>she gives me her phonenumber and wants me to call her once i get out the club
>7am and calling her up, has her own appartement
>shes kinda sleepy but super horny
>have awesome dirty sex for hours
>she tells me shes actually 17 and not 18 as she mentioned
>next night im going out partying again and meet this chick i knew from the past which i always found super hot
>long story short we hook up and i sleep at her place, having literally the best sex of my life
>next morning, actually had a "date" with the 17yo blond chick, but fell in love with other chick

will be continued
nigger you in south jersey?
Used to grind her back in the days.

Dis gon b gud
>middle/high school slut stories

All these people posting about being 21+
forgot pic
File: WeevilUnderwoodd.jpg (33 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 16
>freshman girl wants to fool around
>get in the backseat, start fingering her
>in the midst of fingering, i feel as though something was off
>looks at fingers and seat, covered in blood
>"good going anon, you popped my cherry"
Forgot what post this is in reference too as well

>so cancelling date, telling her we cant do it since im chilling in bed with this super hot chick and i know shes into me for more than just a ONS
>hang out with the other check every day, we get super close and it feels like relationship lvel

so the sex with that 17yo chick was dec. 26th and the sex with the other chick dec. 27th

>newyears eve comes up
>im going with one of my friends to the party of his kickbox coach
>this dude is like 45 and living in a big house with college students
>kind of a open house party directly in the city
>being there for like an hour and cant believe what i see
>17yo blond chick is actually at this party
>try to act like i didnt see her
>im standing in the kitchen with friends, place is packed
>suddenly someone slaps me gently in the face
>i turn to where it came from and see the 17yo blond chick flipping me off while walking by
>friends start laughing since i told them the story as ive seen the chick at the party
>she gets super obnoxious, following me anywhere i go at the party, talking loudly about me with her friends
>simply acting like you would imagine from a 17yo
>2hours later the other chick picked me off from the party
>had sweat dropping from my balls as i imagened the 17yo blond chick would say anything
>nothing happened, got back to her place and fucked all night

this was actually this new years... girl kinda broke my heart. i guess karma exists

i have more. either more or how it ended with the other chick?

no, fuck off.

Go ahead tripsman.
>cousin gives me a girls number he use to see couple of times
>I start messaging
>she's 15
>right in to business
>find out she hates my cousins guts
>I lie about hating my cousin etc.
>chat with her for 4 weeks and shes in the mood
>drive to meet her
>go to her place
>we have chit chat and then go for foreplay
>she jerks my cock and says my dick is a bit dry
>I tell if she could moist it a little bit
>she goes down on me and sucks me
>didn't cum, 7/10 sucking
>fuck her on top of me
>cum and round to from behind
>make a fake phone message check and inform I need to go
>ignore her for week and she's hissyfit and tell her later that I wanna meet
>I fuck her again but could sense she was mad
>meet cousin and tell him I fucked her... twice
>tell him she partly thought we were doing some kind of revenge on him
>obviously he didn't give a fuck and we knuckled
what city is this?
im laughing so hard to that pic hahahaha
I posted this yesterday, so self-copypasta

>Be me
>Be 15, in high school
>Have girl friend
>Same age as me, emo (doesn't dress like one, but acts like one), the kind of grill who always complains that her parents treat her like shit and stuff like that
>She gets rejected by the popular grills at school, so im her only friend
>She is pretty cool actually, skinny and pretty good looking
>Acts kinda manly tho
>We always fool around, sexual talk and shit like that
>We are on math class, even if i like maths this teacher is a boring fuck, no one listens to him
>She, out of nowhere, asks playfully if she should masturbate, using hand gestures
>I, smiling, tell her "sure"
>She begins to "do something" with her pencil, i think she is just pretending so i just grin at her
>Slightly begins to pant
>When i try to see, she covers herself with her notebook, but keeps doing it
>This is the first time i see a girl doing something sexual in my life
>Boner comes in
>I begin to rub my dick, grab it throught my pants so she can see it
>She sees me, doesnt say anything, just stares at my dick, then at my face
>We stay like this for like 5 minutes
>Class is about to finish, so she just stops doing it, or maybe she came im not sure
>After class, i ask her if she was really masturbating, she says "haha, of course not", i keep asking and she just shows me her pencil, soaked
>We never talk about it again
>be 37
>wait outside hs at dismissal
>kids go to subway
>ok, i go too
>4 cute girls eating subs
>i get a drink and sit at table in corner and watch while rubbing pants a bit to get ready
>girls leave separately
>follow short black one
>she goes to playground
>i feed her banana
This was a good read
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Is that OC?

>be 22
>again its new years eve
>be at this bar/club
>want to leave and walk to bus station
>talk to these 2 chicks that are waiting too
>find out they are sisters
>only one of them is taking the bus
>sitting next to her and keep talking
>find out shes 32 and has to ride like 20min longer than i have to
>act like i have to drive close to her place
>we start making out in the bus for the rest of the ride
>go to her place and keep going
>her room had obviously 4 walls, you could hear people fucking coming from 2 of these walls
>start banging her with extra confidence
>she literally screamed like a child getting raped
>had sex for 4h straight
>didnt sleep at all
>had to go to a football tournament the next day
>come home, being awake for more than 24 hours with sex and football on alcohol
>had to work the next day
>be me
>drinking first time at party
>feels good man
>some dude "hey, anyone seen anonette?"
>anonette is known slut who just got the herp
>"dude lol look we found her"
>anonette was drunk and crying in closet
>skirt hiked up around her waist and pleasuring herself with a coat hanger, rounded side not hook
>she is forever known as hanger banger
>hanger banger
Top kek
It's all yours my friend!
File: 1426170216555.jpg (44 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hanger banger
This is golden. Pictures of the hanger banger?
File: Chuckles sovietly.jpg (12 KB, 320x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chuckles sovietly.jpg
12 KB, 320x374
hanger banger. legit kek'd at this
which girl is this? in which story?
>me, senior year
>hot girl in my history class, let's call her S
>don't really talk much but share some weekend stories to each other
>she tells me about how drunk she got, bla bla bla
>don't really pay much attention to her story as i'm staring at her glorious tits
>"anon, would you come out to my place next weekend? i'm having a party"
>not really sure if i should accept as i barely know her but what the heck, what can go wrong, right? oh how wrong i was
>school continues on as usual, we talk a little bit more than usual and we start sharing some stories of our private life
>she tells me her mom is a bitch, her dad is in iraq yada yada
>"anon, can you believe my bitch mom did that to me?"
>"no, i literally can not believe she did that"
>just go along with it cause i'm bangin' the brains outta that one in a few days
>weekend rolls around and i'm at home preparing for the party
>thinking about her tits and that fat booty, get a boner
>don't fap cause i'm leaving
>half an hour later i'm at her house music is playing loud and there are a lot of people there already
>i step inside and look around for her, grab a beer on the way
>she sneaks up behind me and hugs me, getting a little touchy
>"anon, i'm so glad you came!"
>bitch was already shit faced and the party had just started
>i give her a quick hug and cop feel of datass.jpg
>we both know we want it
>it's nearing midnight and people have already started leaving for some other party and the weaklings passed out
>it's time
>i find S outside on the porch smoking
>i look around real quick and see no one
>sneak up behind her and firmly grasp her ass, she lets out a soft moan
>"you've wanted this this whole time, haven't you slut?"
>she just nods in confirmation
>my dick gets rock hard as i feel her out and slowly pull her panties to the side
>too much text, no sexy time story, sorry, maybe some other time
damn thats fuckign awesome. i wish i had a cousin my age that wasnt a cunt. thanks for the good story
i'll make this short. it happened a few years back.
>know a girl from my trig class
>we see each other at a bday party for a mutual friend. his parents are out.
>she gets drunker than me.
>i take her into friends' sister's room.
>she's pass out. i play wiht her tits and finger her
>i jerk off while smell her on my fingers.
>wash my hands and make her presentable and leave her there.
>we see each other on monday.
>pretty sure she doesnt remember. if she did she didnt know it was me.
in college i think theyd call this sexual assault. no way she could consent. i still fap to the memory.
File: hangerbanger.jpg (73 KB, 638x572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 638x572
the one on the right is on her fb, no idea where my old yearbook is. her younger sister was also a giant slut. i wasnt part of the younger group so dont have any stories on her
be 18, have a 14 year old blowing me

be 18, have a 16 year old suck my dick in an unused staircase of the high school,every day at lunch lol...shit was cash...that went on for a couple month....dated the whore for a couple years
Well now I'm just jealous of the hanger
OP is this Philadelphia, Washington high school? Female name is Jill?
File: rcfi0qj.png (841 KB, 818x1157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
841 KB, 818x1157
>after we done did the deed i leave her on the porch with my cum running out of her gaping black hole of a vagina to go home and get some rest
>next week in school, don't see S at all
>the week after that, still no sight of her
>i give her a call and ask where she's been
>"anon, we need to talk"
>oh fuck
>we set up a time and meeting place
>at said meeting place
>it's evening, we're in a park kind of hidden away from everyone else
>"anon, my period is late, i think i'm pregnant"
>"bitch you said you were on pills"
>she just sits there quietly ashamed
>"i've decided to keep it and i want you to be there for the child when it grows up"
>shit shit what do i do
>do i keep the child?
>do make her have an abortion?
>it's a human life after all
>after some few quiet minutes i tell her that i'll be there when the child grows up
>i just made a huge mistake
>both S and i find a job and work our asses off
>both our parents are surprisingly supportive
>months pass and it is time for this bastard child to be born
>sitting in the ER and waiting to go see my baby boy
>the nurse comes up to me and tells me it's fine to go inside
>open the door and see S laying on the hospital bed with the baby in her hands
>"let me see him" i tell her
>she hands me the kid
>and oh my fucking christ
>this is the ugliest pile of dog shit i've ever seen
>i keep my composure and tell S that he's the cutest thing i ever saw
>really just want to throw the little shit in to the wall and and gtfo
>the rest is history, we live a comfortable life with our ugly as shit kid
>kid turns out to be worthless and just sits in his room doing nothing but play minecraft and watch kids shows
>be me now
>in hospital with stage 3 cancer, posting in this thread
>mfw my own child gave me cancer by posting this thread
why not
>girl who used to go to my school
nobody really liked her, i think she tried to get with everyone
>one day she msgs on facebook
>"hey, dont i see you around blah blah"
>she liked a close friend of mine
>get her number
>4 texts in and she just says she wants sex
>so tempting but i know shes not even that pretty
>end up not texting back till a month, where i get my license
>feel horny
>"wanna hang out"
>finger her, didnt get anything
>my first blue balls ever
>scold myself for even getting with that hoe
>go back 2 more times and fuck the shit outta her
i was 16 and sorry if greentext is shit
her names Melissa Siciliani
When I was a junior in hs, 16/17, there was a lesbian girl I went to alternative school with. When we were placed back into normal school, our old schedule got changed and we got placed in some classes together. We came back in the middle of a book they were reading so we asked to go to the library during that period to catch up. One of the days we were walking to library I stopped to take a leak. She just walked in with me because everybody was in class and nobody was around. I didn't care because she was the bull dike lesbian and thought nothing of it. I start peeing and think she went to a stall to do the same. When I finished I turn around and she's standing at the door completely naked and pulls me in. Starts jerking me off and tells me to finger her. I'm a young man with raging hormones so I comply. This continues everyday and we eventually just start fucking. When we caught up with the class we would sit next to each other so when the lights went off we could mess with each other. To this day my rock turns into diamonds when I see manlyish lesbians
I doubt the legitimacy of this post.
>7th grade and first week at an alternative school
>have no friends. getting picked on
>very hot puerto rican slut thinks i am cute in a geeky way or something
>flashes me her pussy during class under the desk. i blush and hide my face. she laughs and steps up the sluttiness
>fast forward a few months of her throwing it right in my face and me just hiding my face like a betafag
>friend realized i will never man up and take charge so he runs into her on the street and brings her to my house
>i am terrified but she is so aggressive that she basically rapes me. sucks my cock and rides it like a fucking champ
>we become regular fuck buddies. fucking almost daily and i go from being a beta virgin to having all kinds of sexual experience with this freak
>people see us flirting and fucking around at school and my new level of confidence
>suddenly popular and eventually fucked almost every chick in my class
File: 1361039075411.jpg (87 KB, 483x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 483x724
w8 wut?
Look at that slut, wearing underwear and pants. What a slut.

ochs NJfag here. 09. That looks like the auditorium there.
That's Aussie you ignorant fuck.
There was also a girl with massive tits and low self esteem and hung out with us. we were the kids who smoked cigarettes and listened to heavy metal and thought we were the baddest mother fuckers around. we are both rolling at a party and we end up fucking. Find out she's a virgin
never talk about it again, she starts dating women
Starts a relationship with the lesbian I fucked in the bathroom
they're still together to this day and every time I visit home I make sure to see them because they both like my dick and "crave the real thing from time to time"
I'm married with a family now, but my job sends me ther for work often.
it's an excellent relationship we all have
>Be me, Freshman in High Scool, Band Geek
>Senior section leader starts flirting with me
>We begin talking a lot, things escalate
>She's blowing me in woods behind School
>Her mom calls
>mfw she's jerking me off while on phone with her mom
>Tells me her mom is picking her up and that she'll take me home
>She finishes blowing me, cum goes all over inside of her jacket cuz running down her face
>mfw her mom buys me McDonalds while her daughter is next to her covered in my cum.

Did more stuff, none as interesting as that story though
her mom couldn't smell that?
This is them now
Nice quads, Satan
This is not anything you should be proud of nigga.
I'm like a 6/10 on my best days so two chicks at one time that aren't whales is considered a success for me. Also, being married the change of pussy keeps me more interested in my wife after I visit
If she could, she didn't say anything.
always good to see a degenerate proud of his awful life choices. like a nigger excited he can be first in line to get new jordons because he doesnt have work the next day, or the day after, or the day after, or the day after, or the day after... etc
I've also gotten my wife into the idea of introducing a new chick and she has a lesbian friend with short hair and massive tits and a rocking body that's slowly doing more and more stuff with us. I love my life I don't care what anyone else says I should be proud of.
your cum smells?
When was the last time you had two women at the same time regardless of their hotness?
in high school i was on a girls couch fingering her while we made out and when her parents got home we had to break it up quick.
i rubbed my fingers on the side of the sofa and until they were dry enough and i shook hands with her dad when we made introductions.
i could smell my hand on the steering wheel the whole way home. to this day i wonder if her dad smelled his own daughters pussy.
like bleach. doesn't yours?

also, 8/10
I heard that's a sign of aids
dreamt about a prostitute without a left hand two days ago. deja vu
fuck you. it may smell like bleach but it tastes like skittles.
okay. thats not true. but i've never had any complaints.
Not just any aids too, mega aids.
File: scotbro.png (211 KB, 1680x1287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211 KB, 1680x1287
Actually all honesty I'm told my area smells like chlorine no matter how clean or dirty it is at the time
>Cuteboy thread
Confirmed faggot
ey u remember a girl there name merion reade?
i've never had any ball smell that i'm aware of. but yeah my cum smells like chlorine bleach. i'll admit i've tasted it before. didn't have any taste except for kind of salty. the texture was kind of gross though.
I don't think I've ever knowingly tasted it. Maybe after a bj and kissing ensues, but I'm glad to say at 26 I don't know what semen taste like.
I've tried different soaps and body washed but always chlorine.
I also smell my hands every time I scratch my balls out of curiosity if the smell is present
well i shower twice a day so maybe that's a reason. of course in the summer im always mindful. i've never had any complaints though.
>be virgin, first year of high school
>Chubby chick wants my dick so bad
>tells all her friends and mine
>I get laughed at for this
>reject her
>every fucking party
>Suddenly she gets a little bit hotter
>Decide what the hell
>fuck her in girl's bathroom after school
>Virgin that I am, I cum after 2 mins
>Look down on my shirt, it's stained with blood
>"oh shit, my period just started!"
>Walk home, regretting it all
>Week later, girl invites me home
>Ah what the hell
>It goes great, give her orgasms
>go home, ashamed
>tell noone
>Get lots of pussy afterwards
>Lie about the whole thing to everyone
>be 16 emofag
>have gf for 2 years or so
>meet up with friends at six flags one day
>run into a group of girls
>the little blonde one is all over me
>gf gets kind of pissy and asks her to stop
>blondie fucks off
>starts feeling me up whenever gf isn't looking
>not complaining
>she lifts her skirt while we're standing in line for nitro and casually starts grinding her ass against me
>fucking hello kitty panties
>dick is diamonds
>ask friend to save my spot while I "run to the bathroom"
>gf and her friend already on the coaster so whatever
>grab blondie by the hand and lead her behind one of the gift shops
>fuck the shit out of her while she holds her hand over her mouth
>cum buckets all over the inside of her panties
>she pulls them back on and just rubs it against her pussy
>we go meet up with everyone
>tfw blondie walks around with us for the next 4 hours with my cum all over her, occasionally rubbing it each time we get in line for another ride so only I can see
hey anon, in high school everyone was obsessed with status and popularity and who you know. now that im in college i understand the value of a fat girl. well, chubby more like it. theyre a reliable go-to.
File: 1407520058441.jpg (7 KB, 235x222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 235x222
File: marker.jpg (12 KB, 238x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 238x238
>Be Senior in Drama class
>Teacher doesn't give a fuck about anything
>Be playing truth or dare with my buddy and three cheerleader whores
>I whip out my magnum .44 marker and dare one of the girls to deep throat it.
>She does like a good little slut
>One of the girls comment "if that was a dick, it would taste better!"
>Tell the girls my dick is longer and thicker than that marker
>Marker is around 6.5 inches long and 5 inches around
>It's the old school magnum, not when Sharpie bought them out and nerfed their size.
>One of the girls call BS
>I dare her to suck mine in the bathroom
>She grabs my hand and we sprint to the bathroom
>Gobbles down my cock, notices it's 8 inches
>Shes she getting fucked by that at all costs
>Drops her panties and rides me
>Blow a load in her deep
>felt good man
Fake stories are the worst.
>17, senior in high school
>Meet girl at local shopping mall, colorful ass hair, kinda chubby in a good way, huge ass and tits
>Talk to her a bit, says shes 16, get her number, whatever
>Ask if she wants to hang out sometime
Next week
>Borrow my moms car because it has bigger back seat
>park in a church parking lot that's empty
>Make out for maybe 4 hours
>pull her pants down, eat her out
>Nice and wet and covered in spit, no condom slide it in
>fuck for 5 minutes
>see car coming
>Stop, get pants on, get in front seat
>notice it's a cop car, they get out and knock on my door
>Windows foggy as fuck
>Turn car on and roll down window
>They tell me to go to a mcdonalds parking lot and fool around

A few days later I find out shes a 12 yr old whore. The second time I hung out with her she's calling me her boyfriend and shit and telling me she loves me. Back the fuck out and haven't talked to her since. She's 16-17 now, pregnant, and has at least herpes confirmed.
>>christian private school so mates actually tell me not to fuck with her since its a sin

I went to public high school, but I was also heavily into all that church stuff. The church girls took purity pledges, virginity vows etc. The high school girls were sluts.

So guess who's pants were easier to get into?

Yep, you guessed it. All that purity and isolation those church girls went through actually caused them to build up a huge amount of sexual curiosity, like a dam that needed to burst. At about age 17 I figured out that tapping into their curiosity is what gave me the keys to the lockbox.

Here's a typical example of how I did it: First I would start talking about some of the "bad things" the HS girls were doing and how the church girls were so much better than that. Then I'd talk about some guy I knew (a made-up story of course) who was getting overcome by his sexual urges and struggling with it, but of course us church guys could handle it because Jesus gives us our strength. Etc., etc., various stories like that, to lay the foundation. Those church girls loved those stories, they would almost salivate hearing them. Then finally came the kicker -- I would reluctantly "confess" a secret embarrassment about sometimes I don't have the strength to resist the temptations. I would wonder out loud how many other of us Godly church people were struggling with these desires.

At this point, the girl would just about have a nervous breakdown, admitting her struggles too. I would just listen sympathetically to her outpourings, occasionally stoking the fires by asking her things like "How often do you think about these things?", "What sort of things are you curious about?" etc. etc.

So that was my grooming technique.

My final score: HS girls: zero. Church girls: 3 total, 2 of which I'm pretty sure I took their virginity. None of the 3 girls required more than about 4 months of grooming.
4 months? That's way too much work. Should have used alcohol.
>has work and a football tournament in one day
File: 1427484996407.jpg (27 KB, 475x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 475x444
she had just gotten creampied and didnt realize she couldnt abort it yet
File: 1426448308472.jpg (61 KB, 500x694) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 500x694
>hanger banger
fucking kek
i wonder if any of these stories actually happened.
Did you forget where you are?
Why would someone lie on the internet like this
Yours doesn't?
Here's mine...

>Be me at some sluts 16th birthday party
>Tryna fuck a chick in the bathroom in peace
>mfw she's pinned up to the wall
>Some spotty little virgin comes in
>Tryna finish but don't want to be rude
>"Would you like to release your bladder pal?"
>"Oh nah I'm good"
>Cheeky little cunt must have just been perving
>"Alright, no problem, my good friend"
>He leaves
>Finish fucking the chick, finish on some teethbrushes cause why not?
>Find the birthday sluts room
>Walk in on her getting changed
>Fuck her brains out
>"Shh anon my brother might hear"
>Walk out of party with two bangs and a new friend who likes perving
/b/ is more fun when it's halfway believable.
no, sex on new years eve, so dec. 31st to jan. 1st...
football tournament on jan. 1st
word on jan. 2nd
>Tells a complete bullshit story
>uses MFW
>doesn't even post a reaction face
Fucking newfags
>be 15
>dropped 40 pounds
>went to party two hours away from home with best friend at the time
>cute nerdy 22-25 year old flirting with me
>she asks what college I'm attending
>dont tell her im high school, just play it off
>invites me to her car
>making out in back seat and start undressing
>first girl i ever saw naked
>starts sucking my dick
>playing with her clit
>lays down with legs open
>fuck me anon
>im virgin faggot
>get on top and hit on window
>she laughs and grabs my dick and puts it in her
>never felt that warmth before
>thirty seconds later i cum inside her
>she says its fine shes on BC
>Says it in a very disappointed voice
>feeling kinda confident, tell her im 15
>she starts yelling at me that im a minor
>starts crying saying she would fuck a stupid 15 year old who cant last
>put on clothes and walk back to party
>no longer stranger to the female body

She didn't go back in. Never found out her name but my friend and i call her Mazda since thats the car she was driving
Hows your first day on /b/?
I think he's mad
>25, a year after breakup with fiance.
>Be lonely, start texting chick.
>Chubby, say she 19, hasn't graduated highschool, 6/10 looks.
>Invites me over, starts drinking, watching movies.
>Start kissing and making out, pull down her pants, try to slip it in.
>Tightest shit I have ever felt, finger her until nice and wet, proceed to fucking.
>Fuck the shout out of that tight cunt for hours, never bust a nut, try to play it off saying I'm saving it for later.
>Drink some more, cuddle for an hour.
>Drive home, now 8 am, drunk as fuck.
>Call into work, pass out.
>Text for weeks, ready for round 2.
>Can’t go over because her lesbian sister will call the cops etc.
>Finally able to go over again, she sits on phone talking about guys idgaf about the whole time I’ staring at her tits.
>Drive home, nothing happened, ignore her for weeks.
>Take her out to my cabin, she has to “change”, comes out wearing sexy see through lingerie.
>Make out heavily, get drunk, dick is diamonds.
>Her mom calls and she has to go home because “emergency”.
>Spend next few months texting, excuse after excuse.
>Delete her number, block her on facebook, etc.
>Several months later she has a new number, texts me, says she pregnant.
>MFW, I never nutted inside her, not my problem.
>See her around periodically with her hot as fuck lesbian sister, small town.
..Be 26 now. Never talked to her again, last I knew she lost the baby and has still hasn’t passed highschool.
File: deer.gif (119 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 200x200
Yeah, he mad
>Should have used alcohol.

But you gotta realize that the girls who drink at least have drinking as a way of releasing the stress.

The key is to find the girls who are totally full of stress, but have no way to release it. You know, the true believers. The ones who actually wear their purity rings, and would never touch alcohol because they know God is watching their every move.

The more tightly wound up they are, the more explosive they are when the dam finally bursts. Once I figured that out, I realized that I didn't need to use alcohol.

Plus, I ran the risk of the girl blaming the alcohol afterward. I didn't want to fuck a drunk girl. Instead, I wanted a girl to get so frantically curious about sex that she actually initiated the sex herself, completely sober, but with her hormones totally out of control. I loved the mental games aspect of it, which is why I didn't have any interest in alcohol.
thats pretty much what i experienced at my exchange year. i eventually became friends with a guy that was sent their by his parents cause he was a bad boy in their eyes and they hoped to scare him straight at the christian private school. went to a lot of partys with him and met the nastiest sluts in my life.

but at the christian school there were also a lot of sluts and queers. funniest story was that the son of the principle eventually came out the closet (which nobody was surprised about, since he was acting like the biggest queer you could imagine) and the principle actually flunked him out.
my guest brother was dating this chick from school which also turned gay after breaking up with him. im laughing about it to this day and its been 7 years.

kid I worked with goes ass, to pussy, to mouth, to ass, to pussy. He's a fucking sicko man.

This is indeed how we Scots talk when trying to be friendly.
>am senior in highschool
>dating tight, skinny freshman with a scene flair
>dat young pussy
>first time we had sex was Black Friday, her family was out shopping
>get there and immediately initiate make out fest
>both undress and get into her twin sized bed
> sweetlittletitties.png
> get to fun part and fuck her doggy style
> says she wants to kiss me while having sex
> sure, sentimental shit. Long as I get some pussy
> after about 5 minutes, bed frame breaks and it's now uneven
> we go to couch
> cowgirl to the nut inside of her
> family comes home unexpectedly
> oh shit
> hide in her closet for 5 hours naked until they leave later that night

The best pussy I ever got. Our relationship lasted about a year before I went to college and she cheated on me with some skinny fedora fag a grade above her.
File: facepalm.jpg (12 KB, 213x237) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 213x237
mfw someone complaining about using mfw
File: FL52XPe.jpg (18 KB, 259x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 259x253
>7th class
>people leaving the school sad and shit
>we decide to make a party
>in a forest of a classm8 with a nice fireplace and shit
>random chick is there ive never seen befor
>tall but hot tho
>drunk as fuck
>3 buddys and me fuck her infront of whole class at the fireplace
>fuck her for hours and noone gives a fuck after the 3rd round anymore
>she just lays there and we fuck her
>30 people walk around i am sure i saw parents
>noone gives a fuck we just fuck her

when i think back to this its totally cringeworthy
4 guys taking turns fucking a girl at a 7th grade party
i count 10th grade pussy as the best pussy i ever got. something about that young. i feel a little guilty saying it but its true.
She's ugly
pic if someone cares
>be 15 maybe 16
>new years eve party at my boys house
>getting trashed
>his mom made banging punch with vodka and shit like that
>drank like 4 cups of that plus a split a handle of jack 3 ways
>now im drinkin beers
>go outside with few chicks
>smoking some dank weed
>bitch starts grabbin my cock, making out with me
>take another hit of DANK420KUSHxXxMLGxXx grass
>walk to sidewalk, violently puke half of my digestive system out
>smoke a few cigs, wash mouth with some vodka
>fast forward to 5am
>all the cute bitches either latched up or left
>fucking 1.5/10 ginger landwhale still not claimed
>"yo anon you gonna need a condom for when u fuck that sperm whale?"
>nah fuck u i aint touching that with your dick
>I pass out on the couch
>wake up to what feels like an earthquake, or structural failure of the building
>open my eyes this fat fucking cunt is riding me
>give a stiff arm that would make barry sanders jealous
>fat bitch falls on the floor
>starts crying, wakes the entire house up
>cock covered in her cunt juice
>start flippin out on this bitch
>she doesnt even get dressed just picks her clothes up and runs out of the house

TL;DR I got raped by a fat ugly ginger bitch at my boys new years eve party when I was 16.
>be me 4 years ago
>16 at time
>have this friend from my school
>around 1.60m tall
>brunette, blue eyes, curly hair
>white as motherfucking snow
>Best ass i seen in my life
>huge tits
>know she wants my D
>make up plan to tell her what i feel
>no shitting, i just go up to her
>Yo, Valkyrie (real name, go find out a brazilian girl named that, btw, she lives in Curitiba, brazilian name is Valquiria) this weekend my family is gone, wanna show up to my flat so we can hang out?
>"And do what Anon?"
>"i dunno, watch some netflix, listen to music, you can even touch my intruments"
>"sure, just gotta warn my parents"
>2 days pass by and she says "so, ends up im staying the whole weekend in your house, any problems?"
>"of course not, it will be even better" *smirk*
>she gives me the hottest look ive seen in years, she was basically saying "we gonna fuck all day err day"
File: 1426825006438.jpg (12 KB, 284x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 284x276
pfff masters kek lmao.jpg
How fucking long did it take you to realise she has one arm!?
>be freshman so like 14
>meet these identical twins in between classes
>locker next to one of my buddys I use
>so start chatting these bitches up
>solid 7.5/10s one is a little hotter, one is a little chunkier
>chunkier one has a boyfriend, later bitch
>start talking to the hotter one
>end up textin for a while
>wants me to go to her house before school
>lives around the block, k nbd
>wants me to take her virginity, just wants to lose it doesnt matter
>go there fuck this bitch at like 730 in the morning
>blood everywhere
>bed looks like a murder scene
>sister comes in starts freaking out
>we fucked on her bed
>120 kg
--265 lbs

Yes, but I bet it felt nice and warm
Little backstory, 1 year prior to this i was 100kg x 1.67, while this story takes place i was around 72kg x 1.80, i have dark brown hair, kinda muscular, scary looking guy, about 7/10 but i looked always mad, have a fucking deep voice, always had, so ppl called me "Monster" (Monstro in PT-BR)
>friday rolls on, know shes going home with me
>last class of the day, we sit across from each other
>i look at her, she looks at me with a smile
>she looks dang happy
>i probably had a nervous look
>bell rings, i go up to talk with her
>History teacher comes up
>"you and her, you two are going to stay a little longer for talking too much"
>she comes near my ear "im gonna have to wait a little more to touch your intruments?"
>i look at her, and reply "only if you want to wait"
>she looks surprised, holds my left arm with her left arm
>as we walk down the room back to our seats, se reaches for my crotch
>above the clothes she holds it, looks at me and whispers "its kinda big, eh?"
>i reply "wait until you see it"
File: one_arm_chick.jpg (179 KB, 1212x846) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 1212x846

she was actually really good in hiding it. also i was drunk. i dont remember exactly, but i think she was just wearing a jacket and you wouldnt expect something like this.
her facebook also doesnt show a single picture of her fucked up arm, so she is really aware of hiding it

jpg shows her
File: 1427232434394.png (36 KB, 338x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 338x338
>be me 16
>go to a local band gig with a mate
>we meet up with his gf and her mate
>(lets call her Zoey)
>obviously trying to set me up with her
>shes probably a 7/10
>get high with mate round the back of the venue
>mates gf and zoey asks if they can join
>take the piss a bit but let them
>stoned as fuck we split up
>mate with gf me with Zoey
>im flirting with her and shes flirting back
>going good
>sitting on fire escape stairs we start making out
>she grabs my cock while making out
>gets it out and jerks me for a bit
>says shes never sucked dick before
>say iv never had my dick sucked before
>she wants to try
here another one
shes pretty tall and got a kid i think
I've heard this one (typed differently) before, so I don't think so.

I don't have a facebook and my yearbook is at my parents house, sorry bud

is her name julie by any chance?
Real life master troll, would bang while making car engine noises and using her nub as a shifter
File: 1425232629631.png (763 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
763 KB, 800x800
File: 1420156858090.gif (2 MB, 142x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 142x200
no one needs to jack it to your hs sex story faggot. just get it over with.

shoutout to everyone that just told their story and didn't feel the need to tell us every word said in the days prior.

wow, I wish I had a facebook or something to pull a picture of the girl I thought this was. When you said tall and has a kid I was almost 100% sure it was her.

And tbh it sounds like accurate behavior for her as she was a slut starting in grammar school and right up till...still a slut.
ok, guess i wont finish then, good night bro
>>was talking to this one chick, dont remember how it started
>>she comes by my friends house and picks me up

>she kisses my bell end
>licks my shaft
>puts me in her mouth
> I feel teeth but don’t mind as I’m too turned on to care
>she takes me deeper as deep as she can
>(dick avg about 6.5inch so nothing huge)
>she takes about 2/3 and chokes
>we both laugh
>friends gf walks around the corner
where are you form ? country wise ?

this. also i call BS
Aren't you afraid one of them will regret it and snitch on you?

the states.
Biggest regret from those years: I never got to fuck a girl with braces. I would have loved seeing that shinny metal and her cute pink rubberbands as we had that awkward but fun teen sex. I broke up with a girl(badly) actually, then a month later she got braces and I was so sad.

My current gf (24) had them as a teen, but never wore her retainer so her teeth shifted back and she's considering getting braces a second time. I really hope she does.
noway you are right than m8 :^)
File: 301599924.jpg (45 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 640x960
>be 17, almost end of senior year in high school
>have a gf at the time
>be in band
>there is this girl in the clarinet section
>name is danielle and she's 9/10
>she has a thing for me since the summer of the year before
>we always did shit and cheated on our significant others
>dont know why we never got together
File: IMG_1072.jpg (26 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 300x300

>>she looks dang happy
>"you and her, you two are going to stay a little longer for talking too much"
>she comes near my ear "im gonna have to wait a little more to touch your intruments?"
File: yummm.jpg (29 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 640x480

>be practicing for shitty school musical
>im a decent musician so i was forced to play for it
>danielle was in the cast as well
>gf was not in musical therefore never needed to go to rehearsals
>be 5th period in musical practice
>danielle is in the equipment room where all the instruments are kept
>middle of practice realize i forgot to take out flugelhorn for a part coming up
>director flips his shit at me
>sends me to the equipment room to warm up instrument while they practice other parts without me
>danielle is sitting there with my instument in her hand
>"tf are you doing with my shit?"
>"just wanted to play with it..."
>i wasnt mad because i mean, i couldnt get mad at that cute face
>she puts my horn down and makes this weird eye contact with me
>then suddenly grabs my hand
>uh okay?
>puts my hand on her chest
>she is wearing this loose blouse
>she starts to breathe heavily so my hand can slide down her blouse
>breathes in to loosen bra and let my hand in
>nice b cup titties all up in my hand
>she starts sucking on my neck
wtf HS or middle school has a class room like that?
the ms /hs I went to were shitty little class rooms. In fact the colleges I went to were that nice.

fuking yurops
File: 960x640_bestfit1.jpg (32 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 480x640

>couple minutes pass
>got to get back to rehearsal or director will come in
>get back to seat
>friend notices a hickey
>oh fuck
>gf will find out, what do

>avoid gf rest of day
>tell her i got sick and didnt want to get her sick
>went home
>start texting danielle
>she sends me nudes
>fap furiously
>wear scarf to school next day
>gf never noticed
>danielle kept doing this for the next month
>we never fucked though
>Be 17
>Go to Catholic school
>Start seeing thin fit 8/10 blonde slut
>Have mass at cathedral next door
>Ditch out of service
>Go to choir loft on second floor
>Sits me down overlooking entire service
>Starts sucking me
>Bust after about 4 mins
>Swallows like a pro
>Pulls stockings down, hikes up skirt, sits on my cock
>Not sure if okay with this
>Paranoid of getting caught
>Bitch starts moaning
>Have to cover mouth as she rides me for the next 15
>Tell her I'm cumming again
>Starts slamming down on me and biting my hand
>Both have earthshattering orgasm
>Fucking silent screams
>Fill her to overflowing
>Blood and cum dripping from her
>"Hell of a way to lose my virginity"
>Me: "...wat"

More stories?
>8 inches
Post dick and timestamp motherfucker.
>my dicks still out when she walks around
>put dick back in jeans fast
>but not fast enough
>she sees my cock in all its glory
> she says Jay went to the toilet
>(jay is my mate)
>me and Zoey laugh again
>she knows whats going on and starts to questions
>she asks if we made out
>asks what we did
>asks to see my dick again
>before I can respond jay is there
>we chat like nothing happened
>get ready to go
File: 1412120277630.jpg (36 KB, 407x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 407x407
>be 16
>go to m8s house party with a girl i've been seeing
>my mates really into airsoft and paint ball etc
>proceed to get 720erryday
>drink some gin becasue i am britbong
>walking around house and find m8s airsoft gear
>dress up in the kit and roll up a joint
>walk around house with top off telling people "they weren't there" and complaining about "gooks coming from the walls"
>bumb back into gril
>gril wants to fuk
>say im a method actor
>say i'll only fuck her if i remain in character
>bang girl while quoting random war films
>still wearing camouflaged helmet
>cum on my mate's bed by accident
>"collateral damage babe"
>flip mattress and fuck off
oak creak?
not high school but who gives a fuck
>be me
>be 20
>mom is dating some dude only a couple weeks
>invites us down to his shitty lake property for the weekend
>meh why not
>weekend pretty shitty for most part
>mom wasted the whole time
>bf not happy about it
>saturday night bfs kids show up
>daughter is 7/10 qt3.14 17 yo
>not much tits but killer ass

>Be me Freshman year 2 weeks in
>15 lanky, Long hair, Above average dick, 8/10
>Highschool with exgf from middle school, Junior 17 years old
>shes been slutty since than
>9/10 Diabetic Asian.
>Hanging out waiting for football game
>Stay at school to save a trip
>Run into ex while hanging with a different girl
>were not salty at each other
>chill for a while
>have to piss
>joke "I gotta piss, who wants to help"
>all 3 of us kek"
>go into stall because I hate urinals without walls because I like to pull my whole dick out
>don't understand that gay zipper shit
>don't shut door to stall
>whip dick out to start pissing
>door shuts
>Junior girl behind me
>still virgin so hard as fucking diamonds
>"Well you did need help"
>Grabs my dick
>"Ooh you grew up"

too cool to be tru
>stand there mind blown
>"Why don't you piss anon"
>"Uhm I can't"
>"Oh I see why"
>Spins me around starts sucking my cock right there
>Losing my mind at my first blowjob
Little detail, In gym bathroom
>move to handicapped stall by her pulling me by my hard cock
>She sits on toilet bowl
>spreads legs while in a skirt
>"What do you want to do?"
>Remember how slutty she is
>Decide to deny because STDs and shit
>She blows me more
>Basket ball game starts
>Gym is full
>Bathroom gets packed
>freaking out
>two people hear her talk trying to calm me down
>people tell us its okay
>walk out
>She comes out behind me
>She looks at the guy and jokingly cleans off her face
>Jocky senior kids can't believe shes with me
>Shit she was hot as fuck
>trade numbers
>depart ways
>go to football game later
>we lost
>But I was going to lose harder soon



Inb4 fresh prince
File: 1428071816916.jpg (119 KB, 765x757) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 765x757

Dated a girl with braces for 6 months. She was really shy about it and just wouldn't do oral even after I took her virginity. I ended-up getting her to give me a blowjob and it really turned her on.

And yes, I eventually got to cum on her braces (by "accident").
>16 junior year
>sister is in jr high, has her friends 14/15 come over all the time
>we decided to have a party because parents are divorced and the old man let us do whatever the fuck we wanted.
>get drunk
>later on people start leaving
>sisters friend had a crush on me for a while
>start talking to her
>tell her "hey my sister is passed out, wanna smoke a bowl in my room?"
>"ok, anon."
>go to room, put on music, smoke a bowl
>moving in for the kill, terminator vision
>making out
>she says "never done this before, blah blah."
>"ok well we can take it slow.
>get her to suck my dick
>has braces, wasnt as cool then as it is now.
>pull down her pants, munch that pussy for a bit
>go to give her the dick and she says "im a virgin, i dont know if im ready."
>"itll be ok. i know youll like it but if you dont want to we can do other things." lulz
>she replies "no, i want to."
>fucked her soft at first and then railed that bitch.
>she loved it. we fucked a couple times after that.
>told her we cant date or anything, shes my sisters friend.
>she was heartbroken for a bit but got over it.

i probably boned 80% of my sisters friends in those days. was great.
Gillian Anderson of Edinburgh?
>on the bus back from gig
>Emily asks if we wanna go back to hers
>(Emily = Jays gf)
>free drink and chance of getting laid not gunna say no
> get to Emilys house and start drinking
>her parents are out so we start smoking too
>play the drinking game ring of fire
>I pull a jack, make a rule
> say you have to take clothes off whenever you drink
>get too the end of the game and were all pretty much nude
> drunk and high I make out with zoey again
>Emily keeps looking at me
>split up again me and zoe in back room and em and jay in the front
> rooms separated by kitchen
>start to finger Zoe
>she grabs my cock
File: 09202.jpg (11 KB, 200x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 200x350
>be 16 and virgin
>coming back from lacrosse practice
>huge slut sees the bulge from my cup
>tells me I have a huge dick
>start flirting with her for a few weeks
>go to the same party, leave together
>fuck in my car, she doesn't know its my first time
>tells me I have the biggest dick she ever had
>other girls find out, get more ass then I should
>all this because I was wearing a cup
Tell more m8
Steve, pls.
>Go back to school
>see her
>She winks
>we text during class
>suddenly texts stop
>45 mins later
>I get called up to office
>sitting in room with the deputy and dean
>"So anon, Did you go to the football game?"
>"How about the basketball game?"
>Ask me what happened
>Explain that she went with me
>Deputy says "Did she" and makes a jerking motion
>Say no
>"so what did you do"
>Both straight faced
>She told
>Get suspended for 10 days
>walk out to get picked up by my parents
>Shes crying in the next room mouthing sorry
>she got expelled because of prior suspensions
>Had to sign a waver because I was underage

Parents were pretty cool with it dad was Proud as fuck, I had to write out this paper about what I could've done to avoid getting suspended, Dad jokingly says "Be gay", Put it down kekekekek

>Come back
>Mad attention behind a freshmen with a hot junior
>Get mad girls
>Go to next football game
>Meet new girl
>Makeout with her in auditorium
>Date her for 6 months
>Lost virginity to her
>She told me later in our relationship she only did it because she heard I was hung from the slut
>8.5" Cut

Hope you all love it
>didnt notice she had one arm
>woke up covered in "period" blood

oh and P.S i saw the seniors later, they laughed when they saw me, apparently them telling on me negated the fact that I got a fucking hot asian to blow me.
Fucking jealous assholes.
hows high school going then?
>be me

confirmed for still being 15 lmao
>first time i saw sex in person

How was he?
>Middle school
>Scoping out this 12 year old hottie for weeks
>Spot her walking in hall during class
>Take her by the hand
>She giggles
>Lead her to secluded spot
>Back stage area of auditorium
>She blows me for a bit
>Then I lift her skirt and eat her pussy
>Once she's good and wet I fuck her
>So tight I cum in under a minute
>Wipe excess jizz on some drama class costume
>Write her a note and send her back to class
>Being the Principal has its perks
OH god this happened to me once... glad you're not in prison now?
I dated a girl that went to a private Christian school, then found out she'd fucked 14 guys in that class, her favorite was a black guy with a 9 incher
>I feel her tits, DD’s at 16 doesn’t get much better than this
>pull her jeans off and see her thong
>want to pull it off and go ham but remember foreplay is key
>start to kiss her thighs and stomach
>slowly pull down her panties and see her perfect pussy for the first time
>start by licking from bottom to top
> not sure exactly what to do but I know to focus on the clit
>after a minute or so I got the hang of it
>she was moaning which was probably good
>slide two fingers in as well
>shes wet as fuck
>after 5-10 minutes I feel her orgasm
>my cock is diamond
>she asks if I have a condom
>This is it
>me 17 she 15
>tell her parents going to regatta
>don't go fuck in car instead
>get back to her parents house
>parents ask if anything interesting happen at regatta
>we say nope
>turns out plane crashed during air show
>talk our way out
>doesn't know you don't have to cum inside to get a gril pregnant
>doesn't know precum contains sperm
>give a stiff arm that would make barry sanders jealous

my nigga
File: 1413358924688.gif (952 KB, 245x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
952 KB, 245x180
So hot.
Well done.
>be 18 senior in high school
>gain popularity for starring in high school play, getting spray tan and going shirtless
>crazy freshman blonde girl has crush on me
>hang out after school in cafeteria
>flirts with me and gets me a halfie
>she asks how big my dick is
>I tell her she can rub it through my jeans
>she says "you're big as shit"
>decide to hang out that weekend
>she comes over and I hit it missionary and doggystyle and cum in her mouth, she swallows
>get really sick the rest of the year and feel like shit
>turns out that bitch gave me mono
>summer junior year
>dating 6/10
>at my place
>turn on silence of the lambs
>we start to make out
>we get naked and she climbs on top
>puts it in
>realize this isn't as good as expected
>start watching movie while she goes reverse cowgirl
>mfw she's trying her damnedest to get me to but and all I care about is Hannibal eating a guy's face
File: 1417473417434.jpg (35 KB, 453x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 453x500
I lost it brah
File: 1396707458812.jpg (36 KB, 500x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 500x666
>plane crash
>Three Rivers Regatta on Aug. 4, 1996.
>lost v-card
>thing better then expected

video of crash
seduction is incredibly fun, no matter how you play it.

My favorite line so far is: "Do you mind if I check it out really quick?" slide hand down pants and begin fingering. Additionally, this is highly effective with married women. Coming across purely and innocently curious - not creepy.
Fuck Ocean City
>friday night
>i took her out
>i wore cologne to get the feeling right
>we started making out
>she took off my pants
>but then i turned on the tv
>thats about the time she walked away from me
I win /thread

nobody likes you when youre 23
Was she the same age? (12-14)
Wearing cologne is actually the best thing you can do to improve how girls see you .
pretty good, can't complain
haha fuck u
you know that that's rape, right?
>pull condom out of pocket in wallet
>have put a condom on before so I don’t fuck it up
> once its on she tells me to go slow its her first time
>agree to go slow as its my first time as well
>press my cock against her pussy and make out with her again
> try to get my dick in when making out but cant multitask
>look down and watch as my cock slides into her pussy
>I cant hold back the moan as I feel the warm silky smooth walls
>she moans and says to slow down
>I’m barely in her..
>I say ok anyway and slow down
>I get deeper and she starts moaning more
>says that it hurts
>I ask if she wants me to take it out
>says no
>I keep fucking slowly
>she has a face like a slapped arse
>looks like she’s hating it
>take this a complement think I have a huge cock or something
>finally cum and roll off her
Mfw getting dating advice from 4chan
What is life

>junior year, maybe year before
>talk to my buddy/drug dealer/ride to school in the car our way to school.
>he wants to leave early to go hang out with thse two 8/10's
>say "ok, im down. but i gotta be home at dinner my aunt is coming over."
>he agrees
>we get to school. high as fuck. good times.
>sitting in the commons and two 8/10's come up to us asking about us coming over.
>so we leave 4th period with these chicks. wendy and donna.
>smoking herb, bullshitting.
>dude leaves with wendy and me and donna are hitting it off
>"oh anon, i could really use a back rub. my dad had me doing all this hard work last weekend."
>mumble "well thanks for doing my work for me"
>"oh nothing! im good at backrubs. here lay down."
>lift up her shirt. make sure to uncover those titties.
>work the back. thinking about fucking her. getting a hard on.
>start grinding my dick on her ass.
>shes lifting and grinding her ass on the dick
>flip over. remove clothes agressive as fuck
>grabbin titties like im gonna rip em off
>fuck her twice
>my buddy got some as well.
>decide to eat acid with these chicks. never made it to dinner
>told dad i was getting laid.
>"my son" tears and shit
kekkeroni that's a good one pal
>improve how girls smell you

laughed out loud for once.
>be me
>beta as fuck but funny
>fat bitch has a crush on me
>decide that didn't want end high school as virgin
>fuck her
>later turned she dated a girl and had threesomes
worst thing is that i told i love her so she would put out. On the upside, wasn't so beta after this

It's just something I realized. It's strange how we often associate smells with stuff from our subconscious.
What was the point of her getting nekkid if all you were going to get was head?
> Be 17, Me and buddy have racket going
> Throw house parties
> Make 11th, 10th, 9th, graders
> Pay $5 cover charge 20 peeps plus
> Buy cheep Booze, profit
> Make them bring girlz to enter
> after 2-3 hours kick them out
> Keep Girlz
> Real party starts
> College girlz, Bros, and out of towners come
> Famous party so lots of peeps show,
> Meet out of towner, no make up, dress, plain
> but this chick is matching 1v1 beers, shots
> Fuck no chick out drinking me!
> Head to bed togather
> Vitoria Secretes Panties Set
> 8/10, but Beta me passes out
> Morning, shes like,
> what the fuck is wrong with you anon
>Next night, scoping out liqueur for next party
> in walks a 10/10 model with makeup, hair mini dress
> with a guy 20 years older and BMW
> She comes up to me, says hey anon
> I'm like damn I Fucked up, its her
> 2 years later Found out her uncle raped her
> at 14, she has major stds
> she hooked up with a local bartender
> popped out kids gained 100 pounds
> Anon dodged bullet, MFW as a beta
'12 here

The chairs look different than I remember. Don't think it is.

What this guy said
>be in 12th grade
>last day of school senior banquet
>go to an after party with this qt girl double d's pretty thick
>We were friends in 7th grade I asked her out and she put me in the freindzone
>want to go home
>she offers a ride for me
>we start talking
>talk about piercings
>bring up her tit piercings
>say can I see em?
>pulls down her tank top
>huge tits flop out, can barely see the piercings because her boobs are SO huge
>oh wow, can I feel them?
>why the fuck would you say that fucking idiot
>grab them and start playing with em
>start licking and sucking without asking
>we make out as I go fully erect playing with her tits

We didn't bang but my fetish is boobs so its a win for me, plus I proved theres no such thing as the friend zone
>Be anon, 15 y/o or so
>Start talking to 7.5/10 nigress
>Yes, a black girl
>Be chilling in semi-forested area facing a park moderately covered by trees
>Passing joint back and forth
>She starts kissing my neck
>"I want to suck your dick anon"
>Dick is literally rock hard, the weed made it harder (yes that happens)
>"I have no gag reflex anon"
>I told her to give it a shot
>She starts sucking but doesn't realize my dick has no flex while hard
>Gags, still bomb head tho
>She pulls out a condom and we fuck for a couple hours
>See people walking by unaware as we fuck, pretty badass
>Bitch started speaking spanish
>Bust after another half hour or so
>Sucks me off before we part ways
>Tells me she likes me a couple weeks later
Needs moar dragons and spaghetti in pockets
maybe she could turn into the lochness monster
otherwise pretty shit tiered made up story mate
>Be 19 year old me from Ohio
>Go to 4th of July party at a Mansion on the lake every year because I know somebody
>Not modest, invite girl I'm really into to a mansion party with 3 open bars
>Take her to the party with friends
>She gets plastered, I'm sober
>Go back to friends house and start to make out
>Its like 90 degrees of pure humidity because friend is a cheap asshole and won't turn AC on
>She grabs my hand and puts it down her shirt
>Tell her it's too hot and I'm going to bed
>Go sleep on floor because that's the least hot place I could find
>Had to drive her home the next day
Go on...
>Make out for maybe 4 hours
u serious?
>be 15
>be new years eve
>sister and me both have friend stay over night
>sisters friend always liked me
>14 yo old not so cute but crazy big tits for her age
>all of us sneaking champagne from parents party
>all put a good buzz on
>cant stop lookin at sis friends tits
>errbody passin out
>meh i guess its bed time
>tryin to go to sleep and hear someone walking around
>peak out and see the friend
>decide to stop her before she goes into sis room
>end up in living room
>start making out and a few minutes
>tells me to feel her tits
>not wearing bra
>making out feeling tits for a long time
>lift up shirt and start sucking on her nipples
>dick is diamonds
>she rubs it through my shorts
>says she never gone any further and is nervous
>she goes to bed
>i go back to my room to finish what she started
>quietly unload a quart of jizz as to not wake up my friend
>2 weeks later
>sisters friend stays over again
>catch her up late at night just like before
>lots of titty feelin and making out again
>this time tells me she wants to try sucking a dick
>let her have at it
>pretty enthusiastic for her first time
>blow in her mouth and she gags everywhere
>this happened 4-5 more times
>she good enough to start swallowing
Must've been worried if she was a little psycho bitch (my inclination after what I've read)
> be me rugged 14yr old farm worker
>catholic boarding school in the 70s
>i miss behave far more than i should
>lots of cruel and unusual punishments

maximum overkek
>make out some more
>she falls asleep holding onto me
>feel kinda disappointed about the losing virginity experience
> it was fun and I came but wasn’t great
>lay awake in bed with Zoey still hugging me
>(by bed I mean the shitty sofa bed in the back room)
>get a ragging boner for no reason
>decide I need a glass of water
>carefully slide out of the bed without waking zoe
> she rolls over and moans but doesn’t wake up
> go to the kitchen and search cupboards for glass
>keep looking but cant find one
> “top left”
> Emily is behind me
> I decided to put my boxers on before I left he room so im not naked
> em is in her underwear bra and panties
>its not weird for either of us we’ve seen each other almost nude a lot
>but this time I still have a bonner
i lol'd
Cheese nips
File: wtf.gif (4 MB, 415x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 415x212
>Be me, 17 yo virgin beta
>Out with drunk friends on a cold night
>I'm not drunk
>Hot 8/10 friend of a friend's girlfriend, with a slutty reputation looks at me and smiles
>Cops see us and starts talking to me and my company
>I'm standing in the back just listening
>8/10 girl goes "Kiss me"
>I do
>We go away from the others, to a small house with benches
>I'm starting to get cold af, but don't care
>Making out with her and feeling her up
>She notices my boner
>She smiles
>Cockblocking wt-friend comes over
>Notices I'm shaking from the cold
>Talking with the cops
>Kiss the girl, I'm getting a lift home
>After getting my jacket me and my friend goes out again
>We find our company again
>8/10 slut called some sandniggers over
>mfw My cockblocking friend tells me she fucked one of them that night.
Aint nobody got time for some gay teen boarding school molestation story this is 4 chan faggot
type faster
bump, still waiting for >>608147917
me 2
literally lol
picture of the psychiatrist please
>Dec. 27
>My birthday
Doing the lord's work anon
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