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incest thread. anyone got any real videos?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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incest thread. anyone got any real videos?
bumping for this

would also like to see stolen nudes
sister/cousin/mom anything

how about y'all write some decent shit

like some bitch is gonna jump from "couldn't fuck that hole" to "guess it's ok" shit nigga cant even suspension of disbelief
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after she shaves maybe, christ
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Bumping for the chance to get better shit than what's in this thread so far.
Here is mine.

>Be New Years, 15 years old sister and her friend 14
>At Grandmothers like every New Years
>Do the normal New Years, watch ball drop, some fireworks etc
>Gram goes to sleep, we stay up. Drink Gram's beer
>We hang out and eventually someone suggests Truth or Dare
>Boring at first, a lot of truth questions, Ever seen a dick? Ever kissed a girl? Etc
>Drink more and get braver, start with Dares
>Eventually we all end up in our underwear, then my sister dares her friend to take off her bra
>Fuck Yeah Tits!! First real set I've seen
>More truths, some dares. Sister and I both touch and suck on friends tits.
>Then my sister dares her friend to touch my dick
>Again Fuck Yeah, first time having someone touch my penis
>She pulls it out right there, my sister yelled "What right here?"
>I got a handy, don't remember how long, I came over her hand and the floor
>My sister watched the whole thing, I cleaned up with my tshirt
>Truth or dare ended there, we stayed in our underwear, watched a movie and went to sleep
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Is there a word for these types of pics?

Or does someone have like an archive of all of them.

I dig this shit.
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posted it a couple times, no response, so anyone finds it ok? or should I even continue
Part 1
>Be me
>be 35 year-old divorced man with a 9-year-old daughter named Karen
>One day after work, I was tired as fuck
>Karen just got back from school’s volleyball practice
>she’s all sweaty and smelly
>Gave me a good hug anyway and says “Daddyyy! I was playing volleyball with my friends afterschool, that’s why I’m a little bit late home today”
>”It’s ok, go take a bath first, then go do your homework”
>”I’m really tired, can you help washing me, dad?”
>I’ve stopped bathing with her for a long time, she’s grown a very cute tight body since then, my dick was already up thinking about the idea of seeing her naked
>she sat in the tub with her back facing me
>I sat with my legs spread so my daughter would be sitting on my crotch
>I put lotions on her tiny arms, smooth back, flat chest, cute bums, sexy legs, basically rubbing all over her body
>”you left out the front bums”
>yep, that’s where men go crazy for
>start slowly rubbing her inner thighs up to her meaty lips
>I’ve been having an erection all this time
>she probably feels it now and fidgeted around to get away from the poking, but it only makes me even harder as her bums were grinding against my dick
>I back away quickly as I am afraid I would go beast-mode on my own daughter
>Just kidding, who the fuck can resist that, start jerking it furiously
>It’s so thrilling knowing that she might see me jerking it to his own daughter
>Fuck it
>start “washing” her pussy lips and the tiny clit while fapping with my other hand
>tell her to bend over so I can wash her bums a little better
>came buckets on her ass and back
>Oh my…
>”dad? What are you do….. Oh…..”
>I was caught
>Didn’t know what to say, can feel the heat up my back to my neck
File: 1369236524056.jpg (57 KB, 593x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1369490232107.jpg (1 MB, 1144x1718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Today me and my cousin were sitting on the couch watching Netflix n shit. She had her legs on my lap and was moving them around occasionaly, sometimes even moving them up and down right on my dick, I try my best not to get hard but I fail since I'm a virg and can't help not getting a boner from something bouncing on my dick. There's no way she can't not feel it.
>we both act completely normal around each other after
>tfw this isn't the first time
>tfw my sister was on the opposite couch
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At least use pictures of the same chick.
File: 1369598030470.jpg (301 KB, 619x904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 779980833.jpg (284 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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These came from fader8 on imagefap
File: 1369599412082.png (2 MB, 1120x840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1120x840
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Dude, just what the fuck? What the holy fuck is wrong with you?
File: 1012604111.jpg (287 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The pics are hot but the captions all sound like they were written by twelve year olds.
File: 1381182192735.jpg (43 KB, 320x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i want to feel your cum inside me!
He was using a rub
top kek
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File: 1388090574153.jpg (840 KB, 2815x2039) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did you miss the first line?
Read the whole thing nigger.
part 2 damnit !
File: 1410544123021.jpg (59 KB, 1100x825) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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go on
pasta.. but good pasta
Shoot. Interested despite myself.
Thanks. I creeped on my sister a lot to growing up. In the summer she always slept topless and would leave her door cracked just enough so her cat could come in and out. I was awake before her most mornings and I'd look in. The angle wasn't always right or she would be on her side away from the door but more often than not I'd get to she her tits.
File: 8539.jpg (16 KB, 200x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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part 2 ploooooz omg
tell me you have pics
Part 2
>we didn’t say anything about it afterwards
>It’s 10pm already, I got up from my seat in study room and check on my daughter and see if she’s in bed
>Usually she’d be asleep already so I keep my steps soft and my breath quiet as I peek into Karen’s room through a thin door crack
>Room is still lit, she’s not in bed yet
>what is happening. png
>I carefully push the door to get a better view of what is going on
>I was shocked
>Karen is sitting on her chair with her back facing me again, also naked, but this time she doesn’t know I’m here
>her legs were held high on the desk, spread into a V-shape
>she is slowly moving her left hand in circles around her lower body, with left hand covering her mouth
>Oh gawd, is she schlicking?
>I got a raging boner immediately. I just want to see my girl doing herself
>She didn't notice me, she’s very absorbed in the act
>her head leaned backwards and the body twitched occasionally and her chest moves up and down very quickly with her heavy breathes
>she slipped out a couple of moans, she’s really enjoying it.
>Meanwhile I got an incredible view of Karen’s legs, they look so soft and smooth, and those cute toes too, the only thing in my mind is how they taste like in my mouth
>”eeeee”I accidentally pushed the door open and made some noise
>my daughter quickly turned her chair around and see my peeking by the door
>she looks ashamed, trying to cover herself up, but only makes it cuter as she clenched her legs together and covered her boobs with her arm
It may be pasta in these threads but it is true and I'm the OP on it.
Part 3
>She’s really ashamed. She quickly get on her bed, hurriedly pull the bedsheets to cover herself. She’s almost in tears
>Just what kind of father am I….
>I try to keep calm and walked towards her
>”It’s ok, you know daddy loves you and I’m no stranger, you don’t need to feel ashamed, Karen.”
>”but… you just saw me…..”She’s still holding tightly on the sheets
>I tried to comfort her, “sometimes daddy does that too, it’s normal.”
>she hesitated and said, “umm, unless… You do it in front of me, so it’d be fair!”
>I absolutely love Karen as my daughter, but here, she just said it, she wants it, plus I haven’t had anything close to sex after divorce, how am I gonna say no
>”ok, but how about, we do it together?”
>She agreed. She came out from the bedsheets, revealing her lovely nips
>She spread her legs, the pussy is still wet from the schlicking
>”I saw you cum on me in the bathtub today, did you think I look sexy?”
>”you look amazing” I stripped, took out my erect cock, starting slowly jerking
>Karen’s groping her breast while rubbing her pussy with her long and slim fingers, I can see pink pussy through them
>the pussy and her thighs were covered in juice, oh god she’s so wet
>Karen got even more excited as she saw me admiring her body and fapping to her
> She put her legs on me, started moaning harder and harder after a couple of minutes
>”AAh…..Daddyyy… oh…..I’m cumming……ahh……”
>I got real hot seeing this, so I helped her out by caressing her body, her legs, it’s so soft… I licked her bare foot, sucked her toes.
>Finally, her body twitched violently, “Daddyyy…ah…..”
>I couldn’t hold it any longer neither, I shoot my hot load on Karen’s stomach.
>I came so hard some of it got on her face. She scooped it up and licked it.
>She doesn’t seem disgusted by it as she put on a grin.
>We just laughed it off, wipe the cum off and I put her to sleep

A 9 year old doesn't know what sperm is.
When i was 9 i did
I'm an old fag and this was before the days of digital cameras. I didn't have a Polaroid and I sure as hell wasn't going to use 110 or 35mm film to get developed later.
File: 1427511603894.png (90 KB, 563x1714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 563x1714
anyone have the rest of this comic?
What are the names of these girls? I know they've been in videos before.
keep going plz
I doubt it's real...but continue
still waiting on some sister or cousin nudes in here
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 1218x7359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1218x7359
File: h51jpkgu.jpg (102 KB, 458x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Part 4
>be next day after work
>Karen’s watching TV when I got home
>She’s wearing a loose camisole(shirt with no sleeve?) and a pair of tight shorts
>I bit my lips when I saw that, wow….
>after dinner, I invited her to watch movies with me together
>So we were quietly watching. I didn’t tell her, it’s lesbian porn.
>after all the bullshit, sex scenes ensued. She was shocked but not scared.
>After a while, I felt her head on my shoulder. I looked over and saw she was squeezing her legs. Her breathe became audible
>It’s working.mp4
>she pulled up her shirt a little, started touching her tiny boobs from below. Stuck her other hand under her pants, rubbing it slowly
>I lifted her and put her between my legs just like I did in the bath.
>I gently nipped on her earlobe, then work my way to her neck, kissing and licking her young fresh skin, while caressing her meaty thighs
>I took out her hand she was shlicking with and sucked on her fingers to get a good taste of my daughter’s juice
>I couldn’t wait anymore, I went for her tiny clit, rubbing it, tickling it, Sucking on those perky pink nipples. She came in a minute.
>”ahh…. It never feels so good when I’m doing myself” She was happy
>Karen sit down beside me, kissed me my cheek, she looks satisfied
>Karen was lying on the sofa and her legs are on mine as she was relaxing, regaining her breath
>Her legs are being naughty. They keep fumbling around my manhood.
>I can feel her feet pressuring my dick through layers of clothes. She’s teasing me
>Just when I’m about to lose it, she sat up and whisper in my ears, “daddy, do you want me to help you cum?
Welcome to /b/ newfriend.
Part 5
>I already came twice yesterday, yet my daughter is seducing me right now
>this is heaven.jpg
>Without me saying anything, she is already unzipping my pants, gripping my dick with her little hands
>Sure she doesn’t know how to work a dick, so I just tell her to stroke it.
>She’s taking her time, slowly jerking it. Precum is dripping in no time
>She got curious about the precum too as I see her playing with it.
>”kiss daddy” I gently pushed her head to my dick, and she kissed my penis top softly.
>She started sucking me. Her head bobbing up and down, although movement is monotonous, she keeps looking me in the eyes, making sure I feel good.
>Of course I did. I feel like my dick is gonna explode anytime in her mouth.
>She couldn’t even take the whole thing, so I just pushed her down harder with a little bit force. Oh gawd, it’s still just half of it, she’s already gagging.
>But I couldn't let go, I lost all my senses just as I shot my load into her mouth, down her throat.
>It was a really huge load, she’s taking it like a champ.
>But it wasn’t enough, I quickly pulled it out and spurted the rest of it on her cute face.
>She looked surprised as I shot my load with spasms after spasms
>I’m fucking satisfied.
>I saw Karen overwhelmed as her face was all covered in my cum, so I tell her to go wash her face
>I feel tired right after, so I went straight back to my room and take a shower in my own bathroom
Is that Cheeto dust at the bottom of her vagina?
Kek looks like it
>I saw you cum on me
She's 9. Way to fuck that one up, faggot
File: 1428031648338.jpg (19 KB, 301x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 301x353
Fuck you , you fucking candy ass roodie poo

wow batman arrived
goddamn it she looks just like a girl i went to school with. just wiht a few more years on her.
>implying she hasn't been exposed to sex by someone else
I used to spy on my sister for years, saw it all and then some!!
I feel I missed my chance for incest years ago. My sister and I at ages 14 and 15 watched porn together about weekly. A few times my sister picked out brother/sister incest videos. I never made a move and she didn't either but I have a nagging feeling that is what she wanted.
please share some pics or vids
I have a cousin that I've always wanted to fuck. Got lucky and used my artfaggotry to get her to let me draw her in nothing but panties, but I had to be professional about it. Didn't go anywhere past that but I really want it to. Sad I didn't see her for Easter today
is thread kill?
Fuck that is lucky. I think most guys have at least one hot cousin they would pound the daylights out of if given the chance.
pics plz

cmon i know some of you people have nues of their sister or cousin
If there's more keep on going
I suck at writing this shit, plus it's not finished lol
You fucked up big time, bro. She wanted the dick.
don't normally show :(
Part 6
>I just realized what I did to Karen. I couldn’t resist the temptation, the young fresh body. I need to calm myself
>Nope, Karen just walked into my room. She’s only wearing a huge oversized white T-shirt. Her pussy was barely hidden under the shirt and her nips are somewhat visible through the thin cloth
>I was immediately infatuated as I saw her legs and the teasing under the shirt
>She sat beside me on the bed, her thigh touching mine. Her hair smells amazing.
>”I couldn’t sleep. Can we chat?” she grabbed my arm with both hands, body leaning to me, her face is full of love
>she talked a bit about school and her friends, didn’t bring up any of my perverted stuff
>I couldn’t concentrate the whole time as I could see she didn’t even put on underwear. Her entire body is just covered with a single piece of cloth. Her pussy is exposed, and just inches before me….
>After half an hour, Karen said she’s cold, so she crawled into the bedsheets, lying in my arms
>I’m literally spooning my daughter, fuck.
well now is the time
cmon i wanna fap
I would only have the drawings I did, and I don't have them atm. Plus they were done at a time where my skills were rusty and not nearly as good as they are now...
I know. I wish I had followed through.

Can this be a not normal time? No one knows you or your sister here, the chance is very small. Let us see her naked.
Is there a non creepy way to ask her to pose again?
Are you niggers up for a true incest story?? I typed it all out so you won't get blue balls waiting for me to deliver.
lets go
Oh yeah definitely she said she'd do it again, frankly I just don't know how I'd go about asking. It was awkward enough asking the first time.
I'd much rather come up with a way to mess around or fuck her than draw again.
Go you not nigger
doo eet
got anything about step sisters?
Hurry up you faggot
be my guest
> be me
> be 14 and super horny
> sister be 5-6, too fucking young, but cute little blond
> start having her play with my cock
> teach her to jerk me to orgasm
> sperm everywhere
> fast forward four years, she’s almost ten
> home alone – both naked
> mutually masturbating on my bed
> feel great but I know she’s not gonna get me off
> in spite of her avid are action – I’m jaded
> I take over for myself
> enjoying the view of my totally naked younger sister spread out in front of me
> totally smooth pubes, legs and body
> she fondling her clit and enjoying herself too
> I get on my knees between her spread legs
> “spread yourself for me”
> she obeys like the little sub she is

part 2 coming up
Ask her to do it again and get out some wine and keep drawing and keep her drinking. If she is willing to get naked/topless in front of her cousin there is something in her mind already. Just loosen up her tongue a bit.
part 2

> my cock is throbbing and I’m on cloud nine
> “may I shoot my cum into you?”
> she agrees
> holymutherfucking.jpg
> my libido notches up to a new level
> I go past my flash point
> I feel my climax crawling all over my body
> I plunged the head of my cock into the vagina she’s still holding open for me
> can only get about half the head of my cock through the tight ring of muscles inside her vagina
> press just hard enough not to hurt her
> my cock goes into pulse mode
> my scalp feels like it’s peeling off the top of my skull
> my knees go totally weak
> I maintain my position
> first time in my life I’m cumming inside a girl
> the fact it’s my little sister is a kinky bonus
> holy christ.jpg
> I am pumping more cum out then I ever have
> all of it is disappearing into my sister’s cunt
> all of it
> I actually wonder if it’s gonna stop
> I’ve never pumped cum this long
You do. You posted all of it.
Part 3

> finally I feel the throbs ebbing
> cock remains hard as steel
> tentively I back the head of my cock out of her pussy
> I’m shocked at how my creamy goodness gushes out of her
> I push my cock head back into my sister
> “this is gonna be messier then I thought,” I tell myself
> I figured I’d just shoot it into her and it would stay there
> but it’s under pressure inside her
> probably filled her womb due to the pressure
> by now being forced up her tubes
> I have no idea if my sister said anything during this time due the roaring in my ears
> I tell her my sperm wants to run out of her
> “better run to the bathroom and clean it up”
> sweet kid that she is, she obeys without question
> I feel like a fucking king of the world
>> I actually wonder if it’s gonna stop
>> I’ve never pumped cum this long

Then Karen tilts her head back and lmaooos.
Last part of this story

> follow her to the bathroom
> cock still hard and bobbing as I walk
> I stand in the doorway of the bathroom and watch her trying to wipe my sperm off of her pussy
> it won’t stop flowing out.
> NotMyProblem.jpg
> We talk, she wipes again and again
> she’s naked, I’m naked
> my cock stays hard
> I’m amazed at how cool we both are about it
> Later we walk to the Dairy Queen a several blocks away
> she never complains about the cum that continues to leak out as we walk
> just mentions that her panties are soaking wet
> she became10 yo and the next few years are the best fucking years
> neither of us realize that our relationship changed that late afternoon
> we became closer
> she became more sub
> we’d continue to fuck for another 11 years

good times were had by all...
>Then Karen tilts her head back and lmaooos.

I'm not the same fag

The Karen story did not have the ring of truth
Does anyone know the sauce to this image? I fapped to it so long ago and lost it...
Growing up I shared a bedroom with my five younger sisters. I got my own room after my parents realized I wasn't sleeping in my bed anymore. I would slide into my sisters beds, or if the older two were on the rag I would stick to the next two. I got caught (kinda) and quit at age ten. that said, I probably "played" with my younger siblings for a good year and a half, not counting my previous experiences being taught to fuck my oldest sister at age six by neighbors and others. All in all I'm just happy that I'm still moving forward, and Ive accomplished a massive amount in my life despite my lack of any advantages. I did my military time, Iraq veteran, service connected, plus several years working in a defense research laboratory after my time in the service. before I could not go to college, I had no money, and no support from parents. Now I'm back in college getting that education because I earned my place,
File: Age 10 or 11.png (135 KB, 210x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Age 10 or 11.png
135 KB, 210x410
This is my sister from when we were fucking the most often.
Wine is nasty shit and she's not 21, not that she doesn't drink occasionally, but it'd be mad sketchy if I brought wine and was like "hey drink this and get nude"
It would have to be under other pretenses.

How close are you and your sisters today?

My sister and I are very close but she no longer interests me from a sexual standpoint.
Keep on goin
We must keep the thread alive keep on posting n saying stories
At this rate RIP thread you will be missed
one confession was that my 12 year old would come into town and spend the night at my families. I was 13 or 14 at the time, and horny af. She would come into my room, and usually ask for a massage. We Made this game called high or lower, we're I'd move my hand 3 inches higher or lower.

Idk if anyone's interested but cont'd?
this is hot as fuck

dad and son both have monster dicks too
Go on

So, that night she sneaks into my room, and asks me to massage her. My hormonal self started gently started on her soft sholders, then she'd keep sayin lower, to her smooth back, then lower to right above her ass. I'd had been sitting there for 5 minutes, losing faith and thinking she say higher. she was curious enough to say lower, and I rubbed her cheeks, then started squeezing them hard.

Pt. 3?
dump pics someone
Post more than three lines before asking, attention whore.
>learn to green text
Yes pt 3 tell the hole story
File: 1427931259676.jpg (47 KB, 360x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 360x451
Aaaaaaannnnnnnnddddddd boner died thanks ass
We don't any more, not because of our play, but because of their life choices in adulthood. I do have a big heart, but instead of helping me when i was hospitalized,they cleaned out my bank accounts and stole my disabity payments,leaving me homeless and on the streets. I ended up in the oil field, then back to the hospital. The VA actually worked this time, helped me get back on my feet, not my shitty biological family.

So i decided that doing this shit on her clothes wasn't good enough and made some shitty excuse that it may not work well. She then came up with the idea of taking her shirt and pants off to help, it was night time and parents were gone so this was perfect (She also played into my trick/ploy). I repeated the same steps, this time feeling the tender skin down her back, all the way down to her ass. my dick was hard as diamonds at that point. I told her to flip to the front to 'cover' that side. started up her smooth stomach, to her ribs. At this point my dick was jet fuel proof, she was into it and said higher.

Dewd. Hurry up. This boner won't last another 12 hours
Sister used to show me her tits (w/ nips covered) and try to see my dick after showers. Tried to re-initiate shit later but was too late and way awkward. Shoulda played the porn card
> Be 14 shes 5-6
>Ff she is almost 10

Dude WTF? That makes you like 18-20
What the fuck is wrong with you?
source on second photo, always loved it
Thread replies: 124
Thread images: 29
Thread DB ID: 51440

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