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Hello fellow /b/ros, I’m here today to...
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Hello fellow /b/ros, I’m here today to tell you a story of the most inspirational person I’ve met in my life, lets just start.

>Be me
>16yo britfag
>Move to new country from the native lands of Scotland
>Start new school
>I have no friends
>Having lunch one day when this kid sits next to me
>And this is how I met Andrew
>Andrew just moved here too
>He seems like the only one who actually wants to speak to me
>We speak about vidya and what our lives were like back home
>All of a sudden I hear a thump at the bottom of the table
>Eyes followed and I was met with the most autistic idiot I’ve ever saw
>He tells Andrew to give him his dessert
>”Excuse me?”
>Retard speaks in tongues, only make out like 5% of what he said
>Andrew looks at me and with a cool face and says, “Oh you want this?” pointing a finger towards his dessert
>Retard nods
>Andrew says “Oh my bad, I didn’t know” before sliding his bowl off the table, covering Retards trousers in custard
>Retard emits the most autistic scream known to man
>Teacher runs over and tries to calm Retard down, while explaining to us about his disabilities

No because of overuse of the word autism
Yes please
lurking out of interest


Kill yourself, cunt.
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Righto fags lets continue

>Week later
>We both made some friends but speak to each other everyday inside and outside of school
>We take a trip to the local park and see people playing football (soccer for amerifags)
>We ask if we could play with them, they are a bit older than us
>I think of myself as a pretty good footballer at this point, play for the school and a team outside of school
>We get put on separate teams
>He’s playing against me, we are both midfielders
>He runs through our team like a bulldozer
>This fucker might be good at this
>Decide to try and get my own back
>Attempt to put the ball through his legs

I’ll stop this story here to explain something for you fags who don’t understand, what I just talked about is called a nutmeg, and when it happens to you it is the most embarrassing thing that can happen on a football pitch.

>He closes his legs and instead pokes it through my legs
>Passes the ball off which leads to a goal
>My coach is at the park with his kids, sees Andrew play
>Waits until after we finish playing to offer him a place on the team
>Me and the new bro play together on the team
>Strengthens our friendship
Pastore style

I like your story, keep going
>Andrew and I have been around for a while now, a few months or so
>We’re mildly popular and nobody really gives us shit now
>Me and Andrew are close now and we go everywhere together
>This kid comes back to school, others warn me of him
>Apparently he's meant to be like the school bully or something
>Can’t remember the fags name but lets call him Shaun
>Shaun wasn’t in school because he broke his arm or some shit, was pretty bad though apparently
>He never spoke to me or Andrew when he passed us but spoke to one of the people we were with
>He doesn’t have many friends but mainly sits next to a group of niggers, half of them don’t even notice his prescence
>One day in PE we are playing football
>The fag slides and takes Andrew out
>Andrew and Shaun now square up to each other
>Looks like theres going to be a fight
>Shaun apologizes and Andrew turns
>The little nigger smacks Andrew from behind
>Andrew loses balance but turns to face him
>He punches Shaun the edgy nigger in the face and the teacher comes over to stop it
>They both got suspended
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anybody else kept hearing leslie chow when reading this?
op has smegma in his pants

Continue fuckboy.
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Can confirm I'm basically a smegpot

Lets continue

>We’re throwing a party at Andrew’s house
>About 16 at this point
>2 8/10 qt 3.14s approach
>Andrew cracks a few jokes and the bitches are loving it
>We both lost our virginity that night
>Same bedroom
>Same bed (not the same time fags, this isn’t an orgy)
>Afterwards the bitches leave, along with most of the guests
>Me and Andrew walk downstairs feeling like gods and have some celebratory bevs
>Spend whole night talking about what just happened and having some bonding bevs
>Wake up feeling destroyed
>Andrew is making breakfast for us
>He makes really fucking good bacon
>I actually congratulate him on his bacon
>Really good bacon man
>We sober up and play some vidya
About 17*
Is this the story of "How I met you mother" but the mother is actually Andrew and you suck his dick ?
>We’ve been bros for like a solid 5 or 6 years at this point
>At a bar relaxing when Andrew gets a call and tells me he has to leave
>I think that maybe his mum needed him or something
>I get a call later on from Andrew
>He’s crying his eyes out
>Literally pouring his soul through the phone
>He tells me that his little sister died
>She died of heart problems, I can’t remember the specifics
>What I do remember is what Andrew did the next day
>He got a tattoo on his chest where his sisters scar was
>He got a tattoo of her scar
>She always hated that scar man, said it made her feel ugly
>She said she hoped no one else would have one like it
>Andrew always told her it was okay, not to worry because she was beautiful in her own way
>She always had a smile around him
>He’s the only one in his family who really supported her
>Her funeral came
>He looked fucking destroyed
>He had tears streaming down his face the whole day
>He tried to stay strong and gave a beautiful speech
>I was in tears too, that kid deserved to live her life
>This shit hurts man
Still lurkin'
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still lurking as well

>After his sister died he was different
>He isn’t as outgoing as he was
>He only speaks to me now
>He doesn’t go out drinking with the rest of us anymore
>Eventually I grew tired of not having him there and I decided to make him come one day
>Just us two
>He says to me a lot of things I will never forget that night
>He thanks me for everything
>He tells me that he thinks more of me than he does most of his family
>He tells me something that he never told anyone before
>His father used to beat him as a child
>He always told me his father left before he was born
>That wasn’t true
>His father carried this on until one day when Andrew was about 15
>Andrew saw something that day and snapped
>He said it changed him as a person
>This is why he had to move
>Andrew almost killed his father
>His dad was abusing his little sister /b/
>Andrew used every ounce of his energy and hatred to try and kill him that day
>He never
>His Mum found out what his father was doing when she got home and moved with him and his sister
That's why incest is never wincest.
Hope you read that /b/
I bet she enjoyed it
>Coming near to the end
>This fucking hurts to type man
>Andrew came around to my house
>Tells me he’s moving
>I can’t believe it
>He tells me it’s not that far
>20 minute drive or so
>He showed me the house, nice place
>Says he’ll have a party there when he moves in
>This is a shock as he was kind of an introvert now
>He says he'll call me when he gets there and we can talk

I’ll continue soon, I need a break
Oh come on, I gotta sleep soon
1/10 lame ill jack off elsewhere
I'm actually Taylor Swift, i dont care if you dont believe me, id just like to let you know that right now id let any of you creeps pull my hair back and let me take it
Andrew is a lil fuckboi and OP is a cuck
>I never heard from him that day
>I called him a lot over the next few days
>Eventually his mum answered
>We never got to have that party /b/
>Andrew died in a car crash going to the house
>He was hit by someone who was trying to escape from the police
>I was fucking crushed at the news but the person who crashed into him was trying to get away from the police for sexually abusing a child
>I’m sure he’s at least happy at the fact that a monster who was like his father was caught that day
>Rest in peace Andrew, I love you bro.
>I’ll see you soon brother
>Goodbye /b/
shittt man
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For all I know you could be. A man can dream
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Thank you for restoring my faith in /b/.
I thought everyone was fags now.
Actually, I'll answer any questions you have about Andrew/the story.

I don't need to go for another while.
u gunna leave an hero?
Can confirm am not going to an hero.
Was the scar and heart problem actually related to the father ?
Other stories about Hero Andrew at school or anywhere else.
Football pitch maybe ?
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Don't see him soon you fagoot. Live for him, for his sister and for that scum of a father. Eek out a happy existence if not for the fucking fact that it is what he wanted, what his sister would have wanted but because you will keep his memory alive in you. A man only truly dies when he is forgotten.
I don't actually know how the scar got there, I never thought it would be right of me to ask, I always assumed it was something to do with the heart problems though.

I have a couple yeah, I'll write up one of our better memories, i'll be like a minute or two.
>what about now?
Fuck me, that hit me hard.
>best wishes to you man,you're a great anon
man, your friend sounds gay.
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So, as requested, more of Andrew.

>As before mentioned he played for my football team
>We played next to each other on the pitch
>Think Matuidi and Verrati (for the guy who mentioned Pastore earlier)
>We were losing, bad
>About 4-0 down with 20 minutes to go
>Andrew scores from around 30 yards with a freekick
>He assists for the second
>I score the third goal, but this isn't about me
>He get through on goal and takes it past the keeper with an absolute wonder of skill
>He goes to take a shot and kicks the ground instead, falls on his face
>It's all good he made up for it as he assisted again for the fourth and fifth goals.
>We won that game

I miss him, but the memories of him really make me smile everyday.
As a guy with only a girlfriend and absolutely no other way of socializing
>reading shit like this makes me glad, thanks
Thank you, I'm just glad people are enjoying our memories.
Sorry for your loss anon
Yeah I like dat ! (Pastore guy here)
More Matuidi and Verratti stories ! (or anything else)
Honestly thank you, for reading and enjoying.
He was a person too good to not share, He was incredible and I wish all of you could've met him.
You're more than welcome. Thanks for letting us know, you're a great friend.
Good night everyone !
Of course!

>Semi finals for a cup, name escapes me
>One of the easiest games we have played
>Allowed us to show some flair
>We enjoyed that game and Andrew scored the best goal I've saw anyone who was not a professional score
>I played for about 12 years for various teams
>Andrew was a fast guy, but he wasn't weak
>He got the ball at the edge of our box after a bad corner
>Nutmegged two midfielders
>He took it to the other half and rouletted around another
>He was close the the box now, about 25 yards out
>One last defender
>Big cunt
>Comparable to Jaap Stam (6ft 3 center back)
>He looks up and simply pokes the ball through his legs
>Scored with the outside of his boot.
Night, remember to give yourself a clap on the shoulder once in a while. It feels retarded, but it honestly helps for a lot of stuff. See you soon, anon.
Bye for now.
I am op, I think that was the guy who liked Pastore, thank you anyways!
Op here, I'm going now, thank you to all of you for reading.
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