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Best friendzoned story gets tits
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Best friendzoned story gets tits
lol that eye gap tho
>be me
>be 18 yr old britbro beta
> meet beautiful 18 yr old qt3.14 british chav
>start getting close to her
>walk her home everyday
> we start hanging out more
> sit together at school
> tells me she likes someone else and starts talking to me about him all the time
> I keep going with it, too in the friendzone to do anything else
I've talked to a girl every day for the last 6 or 7 years
and put off other potential relationships in the dreams of winning her over one day
lol right? i thought it was a shoop
>be nice guy
>permanent residence in friend zone
Women are such cunts
sorry OP that's all I got. Too high to type coherently
>wanted to bang chick
>chick only wants to be friends
I'd say it's just people in general.
File: Feels Bad Feel.jpg (12 KB, 294x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Feels Bad Feel.jpg
12 KB, 294x295
>Be me
>Be in love with a girl for two years
Judge me faggots
>After two years of friendship, start dating
>After eight months of dating she breaks up with me
>"I only love you as a brother"
>Find out three weeks later she broke up with me for a lanket faggot
>Still talk to her in hopes she falls for me.
>tfw I still love her
>mfw I don't know how to get over the bitch.
I know them feels, literally every fucking girl ever, even my damn prom date. Fuck it sucks
Unrelated captcha xpeel
Weak ass faggot
she isn't very attractive
>wants to hear about friendzone
This isn't reddit you neckbeard faggot. Post the tits now and shut your autistic ass up
I just wrote this to a girl on tinder.

Doing it rite?
thats an alien looking bitch
File: 1425259608391.jpg (71 KB, 600x656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 600x656
holy moly you're a gigantic faggot.

in my defense she hasn't had a boyfriend since a couple years before we met .
Perfect example of a female nord irl
Tell her you rubbed one out to her tinder pic
>be friendzoned for years
>she finally lets me fuck
>I end friendship after I fuck
>the end
>met girl online
>she tell me to go her university 2000 kms away
>I do
>no friends except her
>confess love
>"I just want to be friends"
>Reads it
>Changes her mind
>Starts dating you.
That doesn't sound like a friend zone to me.
File: 1386399840805.gif (42 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 200x200
>nice guy
I refuse to take this bait
needs more pls respnd.
I was friendzoned for years she stated I would never fuck her but I did. Never say never is the lesson here kids.
I'm going to butcher this.
>in love with best friend
>she has a shitty boyfriend
>still a virgin
>one day she tells me that she wants a threesome
>get to her house and find out that she just wants to watch as I suck his cock
>I'd do anything for her
>he decides he wants more
>fucks my asshole
>I cry as his cum fills my ass
>they cuddle as I walk home
>they break up
>my dad finds out and he also fucks my man hole
holy fuck is this bitch some species of fish or what?
Here's what she looks like
File: 24111252.jpg (117 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 400x400
File: stupidLookingCunt.jpg (240 KB, 1899x1086) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 1899x1086
why are her eyes on the side of her head like a hammerhead shark?
stop bothering my sister you faggot
Shes a 5/10 you must be beta af
You sure it's a bait mate? Being real with someone (nice) usually gets you in bad places because the other party isn't mature enough
>I just rubbed one out to your Tinder photo, does that make you feel good you dirty slut?
>pls respond
>My cat died yesterday

You need actual money.
Then they will do anything.
She looks like she smokes like a chimney, 1/10 wouldn't let her suck me, even with a Hoover
At least you didn't sit in the kitchen alone crying and eating the pizza you brought along.
Here's another one
Fucking file name
you are my inspiration /b/ro
she's probably a bot you autist
Maybe she didn't respond because she's busy getting those fucking teeth filed down. Jesus
this shit belongs in tumblr
File: image_24.jpg (76 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 500x500
how'd you know I took a pizza
>they ate my pizza
> says holy moly
> calls someone else a gigantic faggot
> Be 1st grade
> "Date a girl till end of 2nd grade
> She moves hours away


> Be 19
> Go to Gamestop to sell some games
> Cute girl at counter, easy 8.5/10
> She scans them all, asks my info
> Tell her my name and address
> She says "Did we go to Montgomery Elementary together?"
> Check her name tag
> Holy shit it's 1st-2nd grade gf
> Lose my spaghetti
> Get her number

You are a legend if you are trolling them.
Seriously, a bit more pls respnd and a bit more anger/swearing and we have a new trolling niche.

>Still talk to her
>I don't know how to get over the bitch

Do you see where I'm going with this?
the filename is level 1 at best
Not a bot
Too alpha for friendzone
File: UNLEASH_THE_FURY.png (481 KB, 692x632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481 KB, 692x632
you rage you lose thread?
max kek
top kek she looks like a 5/10 and you are still failing miserably. You must be a fucking fat ass neckbeard
> be me
> tell cousin i wanna see naked photos of her
> she doesnt reply
> i apologize and tell her to have a good day
> she never replied
>never say never
Gotta love beiber

WOOOOOW that's beta
needed more pls respnd.
File: Dis.jpg (100 KB, 450x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 450x375
>in first year of college
>girl is really into me
>im a virgin idiot
>get drunk and she brings me back to her place
>pretend to be too drunk to fuck because nervous
>pass out on floor
>next day she invites me over to 'watch a movie'
>go over and literally just watch the movie
>at this point she's like wtf man
>go home
>she texts me saying she just wants to be friends
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 352x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 352x244
This is all I can really think of, seeing that face
>be me
>be 14
>like this girl at church
>known her 4 years now
>invite her to welcome back dance of new high school
>says yes
>be after dance ends
>"i have something I need to get off my chest"
>"what is it anon?"
>"do you like me?"
>"your my (insert nickname here), I like you like a brother
>fast forward 2 months
>finally get her to go on a date with me
>lasts for 3 months
>ends it because she "just doesn't feel the same about me anymore"
>hardly ever talk to her now

and that's how I ruined a perfectly healthy friendship

turn 30 in May

and still a virgin
kek at how offensively beta this is.
I bet its how a good portion of "friendzonings" happen, too.

>own goals count
I was best friends with a girl since kindergarten, who I had a crush on. In the 8th grade, after she told me she hated me in the sixth, and became bf's again in 7th, I asked her out. She said she liked me. She didn't respond to texts for 3 weeks in which I accidentally sent one to my dad and had to tell him everything. I was fundraising for football when I saw her and her boyfriend by the park kissing.
Either that or the time a girl rejected me, forgot I asked her, and her and her boyfriend dryhumped each other on top of me. She's dated a ton of guys but Friendzoned one. Me.
> Set up a day to hang out and catch up
> We talk some
> She's obviously a giant game nerd
> Loves the same games I do
> Loves DBZ like me
> Go to pick her up
> She's wearing a very pretty dress, she looks amazing
> We get in the car and I start driving to the restaurant
> We're bullshitting and I ask her a question
> She starts her answer with, "well my boyfriend..."
> That's all I heard from her response
> Fuck... Friend zoned

imagine if a girl (not your waifu) approached you and said the same shit you wanna say to them.
>perfectly healthy friendship

if it makes you feel any better you weren't going to stay friends after high school any way
Oh sit down faggets. I win this, hands down.
>Be me
>Butter up girl for over a year
> Finally get her. Break up with current gf cause that was going no where, boring as fuck
>New GF great. Great sex, great fun. Star Wars and LOTR Marathons all the time
>4 months go bye
>Something happens. She's... SHES CHANGING
wow she's smart too
you hit the jackpot OP
Okay, I have one from a few months ago

>be me, collegefag
>last semester
>girl I knew through a friend is in one of my lectures
>I start sitting with her daily
>she's kinda cute, but has a bf
>find out she's mild feminazi status, but everytime she says something about it it's illogical and I tear it apart in a way that makes her laugh, so it's all good
>seems to be into me after awhile
>small flirty things now and again in class and at our mutual friend's parties

ffwd two months
>she comes to class, looks like shit
>start chatting, turns out she left her bf
>do the good old sympathetic thing
>she leans on my shoulder

ffw to the weekend
>mutual friend's party
>she's been kind of really obviously hitting on me
>party winding down, a movie is put on
>end up sat next to her, squished together on a crowded couch
>manage to get my arm around her and she cuddles up to me
>end up leaving party with her a bit before the movie ends
>both super drunk
>"anon do you want me to walk you home?"
>u-uh sure t-thanks
>hold eachother up on the walk there
>get to my apt, she steps in because she wants some water
>both have a glass, we end up sitting on my bed
>start making out, some feeling up and things
>start to go for her pants
>"anon, no, stop"
>I do, pull back and look at her
>she starts crying and cuddles up to my pillows to sleep
okay wtf
>go to sleep sort of awkwardly cuddling?

This shit happens TWO MORE TIMES
>I stop taking her back to mine

ffwd 3 or 4 weeks
>"sorry anon, I just wasn't ready"
>it's fine don't stress about it
>"anon, wanna go out on a date with me?"
I deny her, but still see her on a nearly daily basis. Friendzoning bitches, in the name of gender equality
there's a reason we use meme arrows here, friend.
I had to turn my many necks
Streaming hell raisers
they live
Django unchained
night crawler

>be me, fresh out of 3 year relationship
>have a thing for this guy in my dorm
>attempt to flirt, realize i have zero game after being on a leash so long
>find other ways to get his attention
>talk to him all the time, leave him little things at his dorm door
>he liked health food a lot so i left him granola bars and other shit
>slipped airheads under his door
>we had so much in common
>a love of video games, anime, outdoor sports
>there was no way we wouldnt make a great couple
>it seems like we're getting close
>sitting together during class, lunch, going to events together
>one day he starts ignoring me completely
>goes on for a week or so
>I text him and ask him whats going on
>he texts me back and tells me that i pay too much attention to him
>i flat out tell him well duh its because I like you
>i get back "oh"
>he avoids me for a while
>ignores me texts
>freaking out, no idea what i did wrong, i thought a guy would like a girl being so into him and forward about it
>finally come forward and ask him about it
>"why dont you like me tho?"
>I like men"
>"Anon, it's just... I don';t know.. I hate obligations... Blahblahblahblah"
Niggs. This isn't your usual break up story shit. This is where it goes down.
>Calls me next day
>"Lets hangout"
>We've been casually hanging out for aboot a month now.
Doesn't get anymore beta than that.
double dubs confirms most beta
Sorry still a newfag kek
File: Thanks_obama.gif (2 MB, 349x348) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 349x348
>so far on the friend zone
>girl asks if she can practice blow jobs on me.
File: 1426293644925.jpg (63 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 900x600
Ill share my story i guess

>be in 8th grade and i meet this girl in the 6th grade
>she had a heart of gold and we become good friends
>she moves to another state and we keep in contact
Fastforward 2-3 years
>one day she tells me she really liked me
>i thought it was weird because of our age difference
>she sends me a pic of her tits to try and "prove she liked me"
Penis activated
>we long distance sext eachother for a while and then she moves back to anonsville
>im 18 at this point and she is 16
>we dont continue what we had started because she had gotten a boyfriend
>i use my age as an excuse for not wanting to fuck her
>we remain good friends and i became like a brother to her
>we "ended" our "relationship" but i would still fuck her any day of the hour
>2 years later and im still like a brother to her
u guf'd
Thats bullshit, being the nice guy has nothing to do with getting friendzoned, all you have to be us confident and actually flirt with her to get her
My ex told me that she thought we'd be better as friends. I really miss her huge tits.
Nice double dubs

Dude you belong on byefelipe

Is her next race a claiming race or a stakes race?
Yeah, that's true, she goes to school in Canada now... but even on fb our conversations are minimal at best. before we dated, our conversations were actually pretty interesting... now it's literally "hey, hows the weather up there?" "snowy" "cool"
you're retarded bro
That's an alpha move, you're probably just not his type. Or fat. Or both. Good luck out there.
tits or gtfo bitch
>be me 15 year old fat beta
>talking to girl just met think she likes me
>calls me late, drunk, think she likes me
>bring her around my friends one time
>tell my friends how i feel about her
>she gets too drunk and fucks 2 of my friends
>end up telling her later how i feel

Bonus 3 months later

>she got so drunk I she sucked my dick for 5 minutes and then came to and realized she'd made a horrible mistake
kinda win
you can't be friendzoned by someone who isn't available... that's just already being there
Fuck. My sides
kind of sucks, he's pretty attractive, and he does have a boyfriend.
too bad he likes it up the ass i mean i would have gladly pegged him if he was into it
I hate when people speak in blanket statements like that. It all depends on the people. You could be the best dang guy around, and yet still lose out to others
Dude thats what happens when the honeymoon is over, either settle down with her or break it
nah, I wasn't really into her in the first place.

For the rest of semester, it was obvious she was still into me
Thanksgiving break:
>"anon I miss you"
>"Can't wait to be back in class with you'

>"Idk what I'm going to do not seeing you over winter break!"

She was actually and completely genuinely uninteresting.
>I dont have time for a bf
>i hate obligations
>we are just friends
>i dont like you

yet 90% of the time she makes out with me
what fucking zone am i in?
No shit, even if he wasn't gay, guys and girls are alike where they don't want you paying too much attention.
I honestly don't know how to feel about this.
Jesus man, just fuck her. She obviously wants a fuck buddy.
shut the fuck up. that's not what that is.
It does all depend on what she's into as well, but if you're just gonna be beta and let her walk all over you and blame it on being the "nice guy" its just stupid. treat her better than others but at the same time dont make it seem desperate at least
oh, this relationship ended 6 years ago, I moved on after about 3 and now have a gf of 4 months. I still care about this other girl and would like to think of her as my friend, but she grew very distant very fast... I try, but I definitely wont give up, I just won't break my neck over it
Tell her you'll take her home and feed her eggs.
File: 1344399213872.png (111 KB, 944x537) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 944x537
If you were a true alpha you would have sat down with her and told her that you wanted to start a relationship but that you needed to get some fuc from her. You would then proceed to fuck her incessantly and then disposed of her at the appropriate time.
tldr you are a beta

have you specifically brought up being being friends with benefits?

she's probably waiting for you to offer

bail now if you're actually in love with her tho
File: 178918.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
ive asked her plenty of times if she wants me to be her good time then fuck it but she says no
i get so many fucking mixed signals its not even funny
>be me
>never have girlfriend
>never come in contact with female for more than 10 minutes
>still virgin
>suicide soon
>be me
>Junior year
>meet 10/10 qt3.14
>very funny, loves anime, video games especially
>skip a class or two just to sit with her at lunch
>we talk and I give up
>try once more
>'will you go to homecoming'
>'let me ask my mom'
>doesnt go with me
>go alone
ff to senior year
>talk to her after breakup of my long term relationship
>begin to get to know each other
>start playing games together
>shit is so cash
>terrific friends
>i could feel passion flow through me when I was with her
ff to Christmas of my sr year
>go to mexico for christmas
>take my laptop with me
>play video games late at night with her
>repeat everyday
>talk all the time
>end up gifting $35 worth of steam games to her
>'anon, when you get back you should come over'
>'Sure, what do you wanna do?'
>'We should watch The Thing and cuddle'
ff to our "date"
>watch movies at her house
>bring pizza and SSBM
>have a good time
>cuddle and she falls asleep on me
>At this point, Im falling in love with this girl
>kiss her cheek before I leave
>gives me an awkward nod
ff to a week later
>doesnt talk to me
>too busy to play games with me
>'hey, whats going on?'
>'I dont want to lead you on, anon'
I'll be that one faggot who gives you +1 for MRA status
im starting to fall pretty fucking hard and yeah i have brought it up she doesnt want that
File: noice.gif (1000 KB, 500x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000 KB, 500x265

Riter it can't be done.

God damn dude.
With a mouth that big she wont have trouble swallowing these huevos
The best way to get a woman to fuck you is to point out all her flaws and show you are superior to her... trust me on this one bros.
This is the winrar op
That's not friendzoning, that's her politely telling you that she's not into you. Don't be a whiny creep.
>buy a prostitute
>take her to a motel room
>i tell her its my first time
>i tell her more about me and why im doing this
>i get emotional and she takes my arms and sits on the bed beside me
>she says this probably isnt best for me
>i shouldnt be hiring a prostitute

This is a copypasta. If anyone has the original that would be great
Op we need more pics
Don't forget to livestream
She knew I had strong feelings with her though. Even before our "date" she knew. She lead me on pretty badly.
OP isn't gonna deliver because he is a huge fucking lying piece of shit faggot. Everyone abandon thread

18 is too young to extrapolate your life from.

if you haven't touched female in the next 5 years, then we can talk about becoming an hero.

until then, chill mang
I see my crush at laundromat and ive been talking to her fo awhile
>Laundry Day.
>See you there.
>Wanna say "Love your hair."
>Here I go mumbling.
>With my freeze ray I will stop the world.
>With my freeze ray I will find the time to find the words to
>Tell you how.
>How you make.
>Make me feel.
>What's the phrase?
>Like a fool.
>Kinda sick.
>Special needs.
>With my freeze ray I will stop the pain.
>It's not a death ray or an ice beam, that's all Johnny Snow.
>I just think you need time to know
>That I'm the guy to make it real.
>The feelings you don't dare to feel.
>I'll bend the world to our will
>And we'll make Time stand still.
>That's the plan. Rule the world.
>You and me.
>Any day.
>Love your hair, Anyway.
>With my freeze ray I will stop
Ok, stayin friends isnt the best idea, in my experience that is, i get very attached to the girls and same happens to her, my break ups are always due to circumstances, the probably reason she got distant is because she just wants to move on. It might be best you cut contact at least until she moves on, then you can have the occasional how are yous
If your "friends" with your exgf, you're not in the friendzone unless it was a fake relationship.
She just doesnt want to fuck u anymore for whatever reason, although u could still get her back.
>ask girl out
>"no, friends"
Without a shirt
File: 1428282561669.jpg (7 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 200x200
File: thatbitch.jpg (10 KB, 300x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 300x286
op is not delivering
what a crazy random happenstance
Most autistic thing I've read all day
How long till u pick winrar
That sounds pretty okay to me.
OP I'm in love with your GF. What is her name?

although depending on the breakup she may still want to fuck
Yeah but my life has been the exact same for the last 8 months, no change, no progress. Don't think I'll get a women anytime soon.

I don't even want or care for sex, I just want companionship, friends and someone who actually gives a shit about me and my life.
File: JMq42.gif (190 KB, 300x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 300x169
>friend zoned a chick
>she cried
>felt kinda bad but not really
>went for her friend
>got friend zoned
>went back for original chick
>got with her
>we're still together to this day
Top kek
Are you me?
be original pls
File: IMG_8920.jpg (143 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 960x1280
yes <3
>be 21
>dating a girl I work with
>ask her to move in with me
>we move together somewhere new
>she misses family and sleeps on couch
>i send her home
>mother of god what have i done
>4 months later i ask her if we can be together again
>she says not right now
>mfw i was about to start the process of proposing
8 months is nothing.

Seriously, you're functionally still a foetus atm.

an 8 month trend doesn't define you
nice pepe
>date girl for 2 year in high school
>get sent to rehab senior year for H by the 'rents.
>Comeback 6 months later
>Bitch met new guy within 2 hours of me leaving
>Doesn't want to leave new guy, but "cant stand to lose me again"
>Still occasionally talk to her
>Every time I see her I want to splatter my brains
Not gunna green text I am on mobile can't be asked
Went to kindergarten and crushed on her until fifth grade
Stupid southern guy moved to my school and she is obsessed with south
Says she likes him and I am like oh fuck
Befriend him with her he isn't an asshole
Hang out with him a lot
Begin sixth grade and he asks her out
They date for a bit and IDC at this point
He moved back to south near end of sixth grade
She is crushed
I'm like ayyyyyy lmao
Swoop hard and she bites
Sixth grade date for like two months
He wants to long distance date her
Well fuck
This goes on through middle school
Stop freshman year bcus she thinks he cheated
How do I make friends, I'm a NEET.
<3. Got any more?
no, youre just a whiny bitch
this is not OP

>fuck I miss IDs
her eyes are probably the same distance apart as her nipples.
You keep calling it a date, it sounds like she just wanted to kick it.
Not if you make those faggy hearts
Ayy lmao
>be me
>highschool fag
>new school
>about a week in still not very many friends
>sit by myself on the bus
>mind my own bussiness
>notice cutie/10 on the bus
>she smiles
>I smile back
>do this for the next 2 days
>decide to say hi to her and make good friends with her
>hang out at lunch, make her laugh all the time
>hold hands on the way to school
>sit by her on the bus after school one day
>she doesn't seem the same
>kinda sad
>ask her if she's okay as I look over and notice a tear forming in her eye
>tells me she lives in a group home
>things aren't good man..
>she tells me that the other girls call her trailer trash and just give her a bunch of shit like all the time
>smile and tell her everything gonna be okay
>bunch of other sweet stuff to cheer her up
>she looks at me with this magical face and smile and lit up eyes as she's just so happy
>yoo that face tho
>tell her to come here as I put my arm around her
>she cuddles up next to me and tells me I smell good
>we laugh and it's just a silent peaceful ride all the way home
>girl gets off the bus and yells a name at her just as she gets off
>i just tell her not to listen
>boy behind us jokes about us kissing and we just sorta ignore him
>im too shy to go for it
>fuckin kek so hard when she turns around and yells "SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE" when he tries to say it again

Continued hold on..
You're not in the friendzone your just fucking retarded
get a jawb
File: image.jpg (71 KB, 500x483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 500x483
>2 dorks who have nothing meet each other in school
>instant love
>get friendy with girl
>girl asks guy out
>"go out" on a "date" with "her"
>hold her hand on the way home, I feel like the biggest fucking alpha to ever grace the earth
>Don't do much else, we break up, both move away
>6 years of constant friendzone follows
>idgaf, in a frat full of partying bitches every night
>Still talk to her, still do things with her when we come home
>Still have her furry valentines day drawing above my bed
>Still send each other little things now and then
>Still want to deflower her against a wall like an angry fucking animal
>Still both virgins
I d-don't even like her anymore baka
that's hard.. Would I make friends though?
Can we get one with a face in the shot
>>Still both virgins
Yeah, that's what she just told your bitch ass, meanwhile she's getting her pussy railed by a chad every friday night.

She doesn't consider it as "Losing her virginity" because she doesn't "love" them.
Don't want sloth tits.
You know, there is this amazing thing called the fucking INTERNET. Maybe you should try posting a meet-up in your region on an anonymous imageboard where other socially inept fucktards reside.
File: 1427247310600.png (97 KB, 640x1290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 640x1290

Just by being put into situations where you socialise will naturally create opportunities.

so if social is something you want (which it sounds like you do) get a job where you work with people rather than programming shit from home or something. Do something where you're around co-workers
>Be start of my senior year
>Start getting close to a friend of mine
>She has a boyfriend but for some reason falls in love with me
>Don't want to ruin her relationship
>Back off and decide to wait
>During this time I fall in love with her
>A few months later she breaks up with her boyfriend
>she starts talking to my best friend and falls in love with him
>They start dating
>I thought she loved me
I haven't spoken to her since then.
OP i was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. The doctor told me that something that might prolong my life are pictures of the breasts of this girl. Please do a charitable deed and post them. God Bless you.
File: 1424275927415.png (134 KB, 780x1092) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 780x1092
This has to be fake kek
fuck me bro exactly the fucking same here. she said "i really dont like you" so i said ok well it was fun while we talked i cant see us talking much now/anymore and then she says she still wants to talk and now shes getting into my friend who was the one who originally told her i liked her. fucking bitch. now ive just kinda stopped replying to her texts and constantly being invisable on skype though
No I believe her, as mean as it is to say that
I mean I normally wouldn't think I'd want to fuck her myself but here I am
She most likely made the right decision and just said that in order to protect your feelings. Probably shouldn't have been sent to rehab anon
Die fgt
At this point I am friend zoned but don't realize
Try sooooooo hard to get in her pants even get her drunk and get her naked
Buy she pusses out and we continue our friend ship..... FML
Junior year south moves back and they date again
She smoked pot he smoked pot I didn't
I start and hang with their circle of friends
Tell him we fucked because she didn't remember
Or so I thought
He gets pissed and breaks up with her because I am his best friend and he didn't know
She come onto me hard to make him jelly
Alrighttttttttt start dating fuck like rabbits
He gets pissed still friends with southie because I got him a hotter bitch
After south gets girlfriend my gf starts acting distant
She fucks him behind my back at a party
I find out a day later when she breaks up with me southern e does same
They start again
Fast forward 4 years I see him at a local jco party and fight him
Basically go to jail and get probation
Dude. Your story fucking sucked.
File: image.jpg (141 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 1000x750
>tfw became Chad in college
Meet H in 2nd grade, friends with my sister
get to know her in highschool, we sit next to each other in chemistry, we start hanging out with same group of friends.
crushing harder
We talk about college plans, she knows where she's going, well now I know too even picked the same major as her.

sophomore year of college she has a bad breakup, I try to be there for her, help her move on. Give her flowers, lever her chocolate on her doorstep, just let her know she was loved.

She tells me she hates her life and I tell her that I love her, and I love being a part of her life.

she starts dating a girl


Then stop talking and hanging out. Burn those bridges down. Who cares if she screams at you and says you're immature, say that you like her more than just friends and you can't just be friends. That fucking bitch won't care if you stay or go, bitches will always have tons of friends, that's the point of friends to bitches, it's a resource.
File: deeeandruh.png (372 KB, 469x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
372 KB, 469x539
Not really a friendzone story, just a retarded fuck up.

>Skyping with gf
>On browsing 4chan while she talks about her day
>See something funny and laugh
>"What are you laughing at anon?"
>Hesitantly tell her i'm on 4chan
>"Can I see?"
>Send her link to /b/
>She is pretty grossed out at the things
>Asks tons of questions "why does this girl have a dick? What does mfw mean? Why do people keep posting this banana....ect"
>Explain to her everything then she asks
>"Anon what's cuckolding?"
>Did not want her to see that.
>Tell her anyways "Some guys are attracted to the thought of having their girlfriend or wife cheat on them with a black guy"
>She gets quiet for awhile
>Ask her what she's looking at
>Know she's still looking at the cuckolding thread
>Get subconscious as fuck because she was a virgin before meeting me and I can tell she's comparing my dick to the pictures in the thread
>Fast forward a couple days
>Sexting on phone
>She asks me if there's anything I want to do to her just name it
>Try to keep it tame but also tell her something I actually want... say I want to try anal
>She says ok, I ask her what she wants to try
>Asks if i'm willing to have a threesome
>With who?
> *insert name of nigger co worker*
>Hell no
>then she goes on a speal about how it's just for fun and how she loves me and wouldn't try to run off with him or anything blah blah blah

tfw my gf is trying to get me to become a cuck
tfw it's my fault
OP now I am just curious. I really would love to see her boobs.
File: photo.jpg (67 KB, 800x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 800x960
more of a miss opurtunity story to pursue my career but
>be me
>8th grade beta fag
>friend gives me note saying a girl wants to kiss me
>the note was faked
>but she did think I was cute
>we became friends
>fast forward to HS
>be me
>been talking on and off with this girl for the past four years
>last year of HS
>we start talking again
>both single
>trade nudes a few times (pic related) but never fuck
>she says she loves me
>by this point I had decided to join the US Army
OP not delivering tits and people crying about friendzone? This must be reddit.
>in a frat
>still a virgin

Nigga, if you're gonna lie, at least make your story add up.
Okay I'll start job hunting, maybe a coffee shop or something. I'll use the extra money to get a car too I suppose.

Any other tips before I go?
ID's are what kept all the faggots in line... now they all run free and cause cancer
File: photo (1).jpg (93 KB, 646x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
photo (1).jpg
93 KB, 646x960
>I tell her Im joining will be away for a long time
>she says lets both wait until after Ive already joined
>if we are both single we get married start a family
>I agree
>fast forward to now
>still not in the army but close
>she got a fucking husband
>I found out because she posted a story on snapchat of them fucking
>I messaged her about this
>she told me she loved me but didnt want to wait
>tfw: wtf
>hurt like a bitch
>I moved on though
>she also got really ugly
>went from cute blonde to dying her hair white
>looks like an old witch now
> Be me, sophomore in college
>be broken up with by a cheating bitch after 3 year relationship
>meet cute asian in english class, 8/10, has boyfriend
>Instantly hit it off
>Girl tells me she has relationship problems.
>Korean boyfriend neglects her to play League of Legends (typical)
> I become b-team bf
> Months pass, we have many a moment
> gets drunk together almost every weekend, sleep in same bed without fuckin (beta af)
> try to kiss her one night, girl is into it for a minute, but then stops
>leaves me drunk and alone, tells my roomates that I am "in a bad place"
>She calls me, asking we meet
>I make her choose, me or him
>she chooses LOL player over me
>emasculated af
> friendzoned
No I don't like ID's, then i can't samefag my post and make people think my post were cool or liked.

Somtimes I even have conversations with myself in hopes a real person joins in.
File: 1414155155383.jpg (10 KB, 251x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 251x240
if there's a choice/offer/opportunity and you're a little on the fence about it, just do it.

"fuck it, go on then" is a powerful phrase.

>pic related

gl anon
>rly hot girl ask me to homecoming
>me say yes
>rly hot girl get asked by other guy
>rly hot girl tells me she just wants to be friends now
>me cry
what you did there, I see it
dumb the bitch for even thinking of fucking a nigga
>close so getting in army
Are you full on autistic? The army takes anyone. You make it sound like you have been trying to get in the army for 5 years.
that's not friendzoned you got straight-up rejected
Where is the walking dinasour ?
File: samefag.png (6 KB, 374x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 374x115
oh do you?
Tits or gtfo normie cunt.
>be me 6th grade
>nerdy girl in class asks me out
>I've never even talked to you before.
>Friendzone her
>Next year
>Me and her become good friends
>She grows huge tits
>Hot as hell
>I ask her out
>Wanna go on a date with me?
>I deny her
>oh noes, she friendzoned me, i'm so le nice guy, o fuck life
File: kek.png (38 KB, 453x521) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 453x521
dude....let her go man....
Thanks anon, I only have one chance to do cool stuff in this life, I'll just do it.

More advice like this!, I'm still a NEET atm so i don't have shit to do, Please just give me all teh knowledge I need to get out of this shitty stage.

I don't even think I'm beta, I'm just a neet who doesn't get the opportunity and chances to be alpha or beta.

Most guys crack up under pressure around women, I don't even get around women to get said chance, I don't want to be like this forever, or else I think I'll just off myself.
File: samefag.png (51 KB, 827x727) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 827x727
You're still a fucking samefag
You're a fucking moron. Frat houses help even the lowest of frat betas get laid. They teach them the ways and/or set them up with sluts that will fuck you without even knowing your stupid fuckin name.

Get the fuck off of /b/ you 13 year old little shit.
I know that feel anon.
> be me
> senior year
> decked out in my spikes and long hair
> fucking metal as fuck dude
> everyone thinks I'm a fag
> except for her
> prettiest girl ever
> boys talk about how she gives best sex
> am virgin
> she is too
> she's the head cheerleader of the squad
> head cheerleader of school is friend.
> eats with me every day at lunch
> always interested in what I'm doing in my free time, why I have my laptop out every day, tapping keys
> mega likes for this girl
> too beta to ask her out
> one day she asks me
> "OP, don't take this the wrong way, do you like me? As a friend I mean."
> look at her
> debate what to say
> shaking man, so scared
> "Anon, I like you as a friend, but nothing more"
> shit. I fucked up.
> she looks at me, her eyes are a little wet
> "Okay, I was just curious"
> Next day
> She's not in any classes
> She's not at lunch
> I eat alone, still tapping at keys
> Next day, she's back, won't talk to me
> She has a boyfriend now
> He's my doppleganger
> Tries to make me jealous
> Doesn't work
> We graduate
> She hugs me, and we never see each other again
> See her on facebook
> She posts quotes about love and being rejected every day
> Oh.
> It's about me.
> I look at my screen a year later.
> I had been typing her a sonnet. 400 lines.
> Hover hand over the X.
> Do I want to close without saving? Yes.
> Proceed to delete.
> I am the hermit.
> I love no one.

Tl;dr she was a skater girl I said see you later girl this nerd is too beta for that ass. Pic related.
>have one post quoted
>called samefagging
>mfw I have no face
Brozoned/Best Friend Zoned.

>be me
>be 16 awk kissless virg
>meet hawt 17 y/o kinda slooty chick in highschool
>super flirty with me & best friend
>fucks best friend
>still cool with girl
>assume she still has a thing w/ best friend
>still flirty with me, but i dont do shit
>get close to her over 3 month period
>she meets another guy, they start dating
>goes off to college
>completely cut off
>still friends on fb
>find out shes single after 1.5 years
>start convo over fb with her
>start to hang out again
>be nice guy
>get very close
>tell her how i feel
>"i have things to figure out but I'll let you know"
>a week passes
>super flirty w/
>play my cards right for once
>make out w/ her
>she acts like nothing happened
>listen to her always complain about ex bf
>starts texting her ex bf again
>tells me she still loves her ex
>hardcore friendzone, hella confused
>keep optimistic
>hangout all time time
>her talking to her ex turns into them being exclusive fuck buddies
>she cuts him off, blocked over social media, phone etc
>a little hope thrown my way
>get drunk with her
>fuck her right in the pussy
>lose vcard to her but she had no idea
>she acts like nothing happened again
>back to being exclusive fuck buddies with her ex
>should have gotten out earlier in too deep
>hate my life
File: fedora_tip.gif (2 MB, 340x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 340x253
>boys talk about how she gives best sex
>am virgin
>she is too
that's not what that is you spastic
>OP, don't take this the wrong way,
You're not OP, Stop copypastaing shit
This is like 10 paragraphs of you saying "im a fucking retard" over and over. Thanks for sharing your low iq with us

you got me
What's even worse is that my room is the most hoppin room at any party we throw, literally always full of primo bitches
I just have no game
I'm so gameless I don't even know what monopoly is
I've had sorority sluts rub up against my dick at beer pong, sit on top of me in my bed, try and massage my back, these damn KD's are knocking on my window asking to see me every morning, but I just dont move forward on any of these girls at all, or they're a damn tease or I just suck at being hot or something.
And the house's walls are not very soundproof, so there's that extra misery
It's a frat, not a miracle house; if I told you what I spend my time normally doing you would assume I'm swimming in pussy, but we don't all "get it"
How do you make the writing green?
There's an incongruity with your argument
I am willing to fuck a lot of things, most (if not all) women included.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OP of comment. What's the difference
as I say, best way to stop being NEET is to get into E, E or T.

there's only so much advice I can give though, you got to do it for yourself, otherwise it's worthless
Type :Green: before each line, the formatter will turn it green after you click "Post"
How has no one won yet?
:Green: Gotta get that green.
Why didnt it make yours green then?
type :green: at the start of each line
No space bro.
>Like this
> kek
A whole thread of shitty FZ stories. Where are the fucking tits, cunt?
Last one before I go to bed
>Top Fucking kek.
>New fags confirmed
File: asianassbehind.webm (3 MB, 720x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Not OP, but enjoy this gook getting railed like the slut she is.
>Mfw all the sluts these betas are talking about who friendzone them look just like pic related every saturday night
Because he capitalized it duh
File: dickfigures.png (5 KB, 205x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 205x290
New fags confirmed
Shit b8 m8 I r8 0/8
>Be me
>High School fat kid
>Not very popular
>Some nerdy chick shows me her mood ring
>Tells me to try it on
>It goes purple
>She gets all nervous around me
>I ask her what it says
>"uhh nothing"
>she stops talking to me for a week
>google what it means
>purple is love, enamor, infatuation

Not even really friend zone, like not-friends zone. Bitch had gap teeth.
isn't that the definition of the friend zone? it's just a big cop out for chicks who don't have the balls to tell you how they really feel.
>TL:DR always pursue girls with balls and a cock
My first prom date was a fucking cunt.
>be me
>have crush on girl in middle school
>ask her out
>rejects me because she thinks other guys likes her
>fast forward 4 years to senior in high school
>me and the cunt are in the same design class
>we pretty coll together just friends
>one day out of the blue cunts friend says she needs help
>I follow cunts friend and there sits cunt with a big sign that says "Prom?"
>I say yes
>we start planning right away
>being the beta I am I paid for everything but the flowers she gave to me
>we get to prom night an its a collasal waist of time
>she refuses to dance with me yet she will go dance with friends
>literally 3 of the 4 hours at prom was just sitting with her
>complete waist of time and money
>fast forward 2 months
>I'm still attracted to cunt
>ask cunt out
>rejects me again and then goes on to tell me she is dating some YouTube singer
>out of curiosity I look him up
>fucking millions of views and married
>quit talking to her after that

Sorry if the story telling is ass. My first green text.
I was there. I'm not an oldfag. Your not an oldfag.
It's just temperature based
I bet she precooled/heated that ring before putting it on
>going to a college to be with some bitch you ain't even dating
>being this beta
I'm pretty sure he fucks the prostitute and they start just hanging out without money involved before the friend zoning.
I had one that turned purple around boys

Those fags would hit on me all the time
wtf did this guy continue his story?
YOU FUCKING INBRED. Slutty girls do the work for you if you're shy, especially if you're a shy frat. Oh my fucking god, you don't have anyone believing your terrible, bullshit story. Just fucking yourself.
Is she waiting for you to make a move or is she a lesbian?
I understood that then, I just got really fuckin paranoid over that shit.

Some chick I barely had feelings for, but she was homely enough to fuck. Then she BASICALLY RAPES me with this ring.
gud shit 8/10
>grade 12
>be 18
>meet 10/10
>long hair, brunette, big tits
>talk with her a lot
>liked her at first sight
>be beta as fuck
>people know I like her
>pressure me to write her a rap song and ask her out
>I do
>present it to her
>mfw no response
>she stopped talking to me
>I'm fucked
File: IDGAFuko.jpg (132 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 720x540
Okay here's one
> Be me
> 15
> Friend in High School
> She is pretty nice looking, but I really fell in love with her personalititties.
> *Personality
> Anyway I try to ask her out after hanging out a bit
> We kissed once and it was nice she seemed to like it
> Come my 16th birthday
>Stay home from school to play Assassin's Creed 1, because yeah birthday
> Best Friend shows up to my house.
> Kicks me in nuts as birthday punches
> Kicks me in the nuts in another way.
> Says that he and girl I am trying to get with hooked up
> She blew him in the park before he came over to say happy birthday to me.
> yay?
> Blocked from going out with her even when she and him didn't work out
> gave up and chased other ventures.
Sounds a lot like my prom date as well. Except I'm still a HS senior. But I knew her lesser time than you did.
All in all, still feels bad man.
Post pics of your ass? Preferrably in long stockings because traps only look good to me in long stockings/socks.

Are you passable? You don't have to post face, just your ass, lift cock out of the way too
dat head tho fucking balloon
Another one from me
>Be me again
>High School
>In senior level math at 10th grade
>Im one year ahead, so im 13/14
>These two 10/10 senior cheerleaders start fucking with me.
>Start grazing me with their tits in the hall as they pass me
>Lift their skirts in class to show their naked puss from across the room.
>Im fucking sweating bullets every damn day
>I finally say fuck it and work up the courage to ask them out.
>They laugh in my face and stop fucking with me from then on.
You don't need game, you just grab their arm, move them to a bed or couch, take off pants, and put your cock int heir mouth, no you don't wait for them to grab it, just grab your cuck usher it to their mouth and rub your tip on their lips and they'll open up. Get a BJ for a few mins and then pull their pants down, man handle them into doggy styl and fuck their brians out, Tie a knot around the condom trash it, pull up your pants, wait 30 mins and do the same with another whore.

You don't need "game" to get a one night stand at a party, you just need a sex drive.

"Game" is needed when getting a gf, or seeking a relationship.
The friend zoning.

>OP 16, Friend 18.
>Starts coming to see me and my friends nearly everyday after school.
>Girlfriend gets jealous.
>Dumbs girlfriend and continue to meet friend everyday.
>We would go back to mine(group of us and her) she would wrap her legs around me.

>She was blonde, 7/10.
>She would rub herself against me whilst she was sitting be hide me whilst playing games.

>All my friends would stare and be fixed.
>I didnt care.

>I found out she got a boyfriend.
>Boyfriends would prevent her from talking to me.

>She would call me early mornings for hours.
>Her boyfriend left her.
>She came around my house to talk, she walked out the shower naked.
>I laughed and smacked her bum.
>Year went past. She confessed her obsession with me. She loved me.
>I said maybe we should take a step back for a while.
>Saw her out, she didnt realise it was me until I came closer.
>Apparently she was excited to see someone that looked like me.
>I called her the following morning.
>I asked whether she would hook me up with her friend.
>She did.
>Been going out with her friend for 3 years and haven't seen her since.

>When I was 16 I heard she was extremely sexually active, when she saw me she didnt want to fuck anyone. I didnt believe her and I was a virgin at the time so I was too scare to mess with her. LOL faggot... She was hot, not as hot as her friend :D
<being this new
holy fuck she cant fucking write a sentence for shit, "and that and this and whatever" holy fuck tell her to fucking die
>Talk to girl I met online for a year
>I tell her I like her in probably the most beta way ever
>She says she doesn't know
>I stop talking to her because fuck dat bitch
>We start talking again because I'm desperate enough to attempt to ask her out again
>She says we will date for a week
>Said it was so she could see how it would be
>I say ok and then become a dick and start ignoring her calls
>Fast forward like a year later
>Now all she does is calls me when she is upset so I really know I have to be in the friendzone by this point
>I later on found out she sent nudes to one of my real friends after talking to him for a day
>Found out because he felt bad for me and me and him are best buds so he showed me his phone and I saw the texts where she randomly sent them to him
>I call her out for being a slut and shit and then just stop talking to her
>for a few months she would make gay ass posts about how she misses how things used to be

I'm not even sure how beta this is compared to some of the other things in this thread but I felt like posting this because it happened several years ago and I haven't really told anyone the full story.
>hot girl asked me to homecoming
Really? Whats wrong with you
Sounds like you friend zoned yourself. She wouldn't have expressed interest (remembering you and making plans), gotten dressed up and gone out with you alone unless there was something there. She was probably testing the waters for either a quick fuck or a new boyfriend. You lost man.
File: 1.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 1280x720
Passable as much as a whale from Arkansas. They fuck anything here, even their dogs.
ask her if she is the object being medical researched to discover how she got so fucking ugly
I got lucky after HS a coworker needed a date to go so I figured what the hell and went with her. 1000 times better. I think she was interested in me but I had no interest in her. She had a hot friend though and her date was like my first date. I danced with both grills that night.
> I started fucking my sister when she was 10
> Me be 19
> Lots of good sex
> Much cum expended
> She's a bit of a sub
> Will let me do most anything
> No kissing
> just sibs with benefits.
Nice trips
This is how (omfg you neckbeards fucks actually tell him how you cunts)

So take the word you want to memetext, in this case, Jimmy Russels

Type #FG0T or simply :memetext: before word

So without spaces this
:memetext :Jimmy Russels


>Jimmy Russels

Ignore these neckbeard fags, they are too busy despairing over the fact they will never get laid to help anyone but their sexual appetites out.
File: not guilty.jpg (5 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
not guilty.jpg
5 KB, 300x168
>Fell in love
Can you betafags stop saying "fell in love"

No that infatuation shit isn't love, you make like their tits, ass or attracted to their shitty personality, but it's not love.

Love is waking up everyday visiting your wife in the hospital being treated for chemo, praying to a god you don't know exist in hopes of her getting better, Love is paying thousands of dollars just to extend her sweet life another 4 months, Love is even after she's long gone, visiting her grave and hoping you can see her in the imaginary place called heaven one day.

love is when someone so close to you can control every emotion you ever have just by being them.

You shits don't know what love, heartbreak, or emotional trauma is.

You can't fall in love with a teenage girl who you only talk to in biology about the homework you did't do because you were up all night playing video games

Fuck all of you.
Butt I'm not lying I'm a founding father of my chapter been here for 3 years my dad was cook for the sigma nus that used to live here decades ago until they got disbanded for selling heroin
I couldve been conceived in this house
I can't even manage to get laid
I'm not asking you to be impressed I'm asking you to help me get my dick wet
I have an excess of sluts, an excess of drunken parties and an excess of popularity through greek row
How can I turn that into a vagina?
One chick I really liked turned out to be a mad lesbian, now she's a hardcore feminist and I make fun of her on facebook. One chick was straight up wife material but was dating one of the frat bros (who broke up with her) then moved to seattle. One chick is a total lying slutty whore who I want nothing to do with. One chick hit on me tons of times then fucked all 4 of my closest friends. Then I got that high school redhead with the 6 years of friendzone shit.
Theres so many god damn hoes here, there's gotta be a way I can fuck one before I graduate
Spread cheeks? With stockings and some acne cream that ass would be fire.
File: 1408517030743.gif (982 KB, 320x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
982 KB, 320x287
>mfw faggots on b can't even appreciate dr. horrible pasta.

>Okay buddy, thanks ;)
File: gumpster.gif (477 KB, 245x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
477 KB, 245x240
I may not know what love looks like, but you're a humungous faggot.
nice trips
she dosnt really have that many friends though i feel
i feel like she just talks to me cause im there
I appreci8 it
You can't be edgy your entire life son, you'll figure that out one day.
>fedora tip
thread is dying
Just like your hope anons
no u.
OP didn't deliver. Post tits.
>be me
>sophomore year new school
>have boyfriend going into new year but we don't actually like each other or find each other attractive it's just for security reasons
>he's a massive faggot and is heavily into amazing atheist where as I'm verging on feminazi syndrome since all my friends go on tumblr
>Go throughout the school day normally
>6th hour history class qt 3.14 tall kid sits behind me
>make eyecontact
>aww ye
>for the next couple of days listen to his conversations with his friends
>sometimes I found myself laughing at their jokes and I really wanted too be friends with them
>one day am invited to group with them for a group project
>autistically try to be friends with them and it works
>find out tall kid is really shy with girls
>oneday am in a group alone with him
>decide to start conversation
>hey, uh, I like uh... girls.
>wtf is wrong with me
>tall kid starts laughing awkwardly but seemed genuinely amused
>become friends with him
>mfw I had to hide my retard boyfriend from him
>mfw I realize I care more about his friendship than my empty relationship
>was so happy when boyfriend broke up with me
>mfw boyfriend left me for a short Mexican emo girl who was basically a total bitch
>so much happiness
>Skype with tall friend everyday after school
>mfw he gets crush on me
>mfw I'm friend zoning him
>mfw I don't know what to do
>do I admit to lying to him and risk our friendship or continue to both of our feelings
>ups and downs throughout the year
>ask him to come to my house late at night during spring break
>he comes to my house and we share our first kiss
>come to my house more nights
>one time my mom catches us and makes him go home
>looking back on it its kinda funny actually lol
>have been dating since
why would you be baited like that
tired of lurking for boring crapy pasta.

post tits or gtfo already.
or continue to hurt both of our feelings**
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