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/b/ do you have any sexual experiences with...
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/b/ do you have any sexual experiences with a milf? Please share
fucked an 18 yo who had a kid. loosest pussy i've ever been in
>any sexual experiences with a milf?
I'm married to one. AMA
How old r u N she?
I'm 49 and she's 43
When I was 24 I fucked a 37 year old.
used to work with a 38 Latina MiLF with 3 kids. her daughters were like 21 and 20. ugly hoes. the mom was the looker in the family

anyway she would wear sandals in the office and just take them off and walk barefoot a lot. i would rub and smell her feet during breaks casually. one day she put two and two together and found out im into feet. she used to tease me all the time about my fetish. i also have a humiliation fetish little did she know it made me harder

anyway she would still let me rub and smell her feet till one day i got her feet and rubbed it on my crotch area over my work pants thinking she would like it and make me cum (she was acting very flirty so i thought she was into it)

she freaked the fuck out and transferred the next week to another department
Boy I tell you what anon that story did not end the way I thought it would
Anyone have a review of milfaholic d com? The profiles all seem fake or for prostitutes.
Had a expirience once. Anonmilf was 45 and I was 30. She was good at BJs but pussy was quite loose. Actually she has 2 children.
Wouldnt call it a milf, but she was way older than i was. I think i was about 18-19 years and she was about 29 -30. Just a one night stand and not even that good. She felt like a teenager because she had tiny tits and were quite skinny.
shitty greentext, epic story
>be me, 16
>go to cabin with friend and his mom and younger sisters
>mom is a petit brunette with a tight ass.
>she wears yoga pants and short shorts all the time as well
>go swimming in lake one day, shes lookin fine in a bikini on the dock
>she catches me checking her out i swear the whole fucking time shes taunting me leaning over in front of me n shit
>shorly after she goes back to the cabin, i return as well to get some snacks
>my dick goes rock hard in 2 seconds flat, just she turns around and sees me watching
yes of corse moar you giant fag
Yes god hurry, my dick is getting soft.
It ended realistically
duh bitch
It will end in spaghetti
Fucked my divorced neighbor who was in her 40's starting when I was 16. Pretty much weekly until I left for College. Still fucked her when I was home visiting. Taught me everything I know and I cheated on every girlfriend I had for 6 years because she was incredible in bed. Good times, I am sure I would still fuck her if I visit home again.
implying i give a fuck
>she blushes and searches for a towel
>shaved pussy, perky tits, fucking taking her time
>i dont even know what to do, never kissed a girl before
>she covers up with a blanket and asks what im looking for, all the while her eyes are lingering on my pitched tent
>says some stupid comment about me being excited or something and im like "uh no"
>"oh and anon while you're hear, would you mind moving my suitcase on top of the dresser, its really heavy and my backs been bothering me"
>at this point i knew something was up; she fucking naked under a blanket and just talking to me
>move the fucking suitcase, and look in the mirror to see her let go of the blanket
>literally frozen, dont know wtf to do
>"dont worry anon, (insert her sons name) will never know"
>observe her tight ass walk over and close the door
>im such a fucking faggot and say "what are you doing"
>suddenly something powerful grabs both my arms
>it's her body building husband
>mom goes and locks door
>body building husband rips my shorts in a flash
>my bare ass is exposed
>I struggle but it's no use
>mom grabs 18 inch strap on from bag
>dad ties me to bed with barb wire
>so scared I shif myself
>dad says "good, I won't have to use lube"
>he pulls his pants off and releases his horse dick
>penetrates my ass while mom throat fucks me with strap on
>I try screaming but it's no use
>I cum at same time as dad
>they pack up everything and head home
>housekeepers find me and have their way on my stretched ass before calling for help
i was 18 junior college summer school child development student in California she was 39
i was tutoring/babysitting her non verbal autistic child (age 7)
kid takes a nap.
I'm in kitchen making the kids lunch
she comes downstairs in nothing but a towel.
her husband was at work.
after that I fucked her every day that summer.
it was heaven
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ex-girlfriend free Live
Rofl this sounds really realistic..
File: IMG_0413.jpg (36 KB, 250x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck off faggot
of course you faggots want moar. fear not, no spaghetti or dino walks shall be found in this glorious tale
>she laughs and pulls me onto the bed
>"anytime you feel uncomfortable, just tell me"
>suddenly the fucking sisters come into the cabin
>mom puts on a bathrobe that was in her suitcase the whole time to go get them snakcs or whatever
>no im not a fucking loli faggot, his sisters were 8 or 9
>try to figure out if im dreaming or not, then she comes back in a fee minutes later and im still lying on the bed
>asks me why my tent has collapsed
>"you know why"
>takes of bathrobe and shoves me ino the bed, starts grinding her bare pussy on my quickly erecting cock
>no beef curtains, she and a c-section for all her kids, husband never around
almost done, sorry for all the dialogue, dont know if u faggots like that or not
No. Youre such a massive faggot to keep asking "moar?", by the time you finish this wet dream, you'll be dead. Nice try GRRM.
File: 1428477746212.jpg (35 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Got some blowjobs from a 41 year old i met on tinder.then regretted making that choice before I had sex. Still a virgin lol.
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Holy shit you suck at telling stories, make something up quicker you insufferable "cont" faggot
>still cant get over how tight her ass and pussy was. she was like 48.
>turns around
>"you know ive seen the way you look at me anon. ever since you started highschool you cant keep your eyes off me"
>this bitch is telepathic
>her hands slide into my bathing shrts which were still wet, she removes them roughly and grasps my cock
>this is the first time ive ever had anyone touch my dick, and its my bestfriends hot mom.
>her ass is right in my face, i start rubbing her pussy, trying to figure out the good spot to rub.
>its fucking soaking wet, and smells good.
>i bury my face her tight ass and make out with her dripping cunt and asshole.
>"slap it if you want it"
>holy shit this bitch is aggressive
>"youre still a virgin aren;t you anon!"
>"uhhh ya i guess"
>she fucking laughs at me while jerking my dick harder than i ever have, and kisses me
>"tell me when you think you're going to finish" turns around and starts sucking my dick
>her smooth tongue massages the head of my cock and feel like cumming within under minutes
>"im gonna cum"
this next part will probably sound really weird, but she was physiotherapist or somehting, and new all these nerve things
>she does this fucking thing where she grabbed the skin between my asshole and balls and pinched some nerve on my inner foot
>to this day i have never heard if this and have never been able to recreate it, but it made me stop feeling like cumming after about 5 seconds.
i know it sounda fucking retarded but this is exactly hwat she did
sorry, now im almost done. its all coming back to me now
i have none, but my buddy lost his virginity to one, in a basement, on a stormy summer night, while visiting relatives 1000 miles away. she wasn't related to him though. my friends and i actually gave him shit for it since we were like 19 at the time and fuckin girls our own age. i know, this non-story sucks, but it's all i had. he rawdawg'd her too, which is double risky with a milf and all their experience / partners / likelihood of having hpv or herp or something
>be 21
>be work at le telemarket buisness
>be new
>Milf 32 years old
>2 kids
>Go to bar after work
>Get Hammered
>"After Party" at my house
>House is in student ghetto
>house is trashed
>room is trashed
>we are trashed
>she's falling asleep on the couch
>I say "im going to watch a movie in my bed"
>She mumble something about needing to fall asleep in a bed
>put on movie
>no speakers
>use extentioncord for headphones
>both laydown
>put between our heads
>heads close enough to kiss
>make out
>grind on her like highschool
>she stops me
>im cool with this
>get boner
>rub boner on her butt
>still clothed
>this goes on for like 10 minutes
>finally she is horny enough to want to fuck
>I reck her shirt and mini belt trying to take them off
>fuck for maybe 20 seconds before I bust
>fall asleep
>fuck again in the morning, this time a full 40 seconds
>she puts on shirt noticies its trashed
>doesnt say anything
>notices belt is broken
>puts it in trash
>take her to McDonalds
>go to work
>wondering how to never talk to her again
weeks pass and I never really talk to her much, avoid as much as possible
>her friend is pissed, says 'she wanted more'
>milf quits
>I fuck her friend
>no mcdonalds
I can feel it in my stomach, through the salt configurations, that you are lying.

You are also a terrible story teller.

This shit is making my brain capsize.

Learn how to swim you fucking idiot.
u mad i got hot milf pussy kiddo? feel free to fuck off if im not typing fast enough for your autistic ass
>without warning she jams my cock into her cunt
>didnt know how tight it was supposed to feel, but it was fucking tight
>she keeps ramming her hips up and down, while trying not to moan to loudly.
>she hops off and starts giving me the sloppiest bj ever
>its like when sasha grey deepthroats and gets those guttural gurgling sounds
>i cant hold it any longer and blow the fattest load of my life into her mouth
>the fucking slut swallows it and lies down on me for a big, her fucking cunt juice dripping onto my thigh
>me being the faggot i am starts rubbing her back
>suddenly the fucking sisters come back in, and she hops n the shower without a word
>put bathing suit back on and tell the sisters i was taking a shower before their mom
>go back outside and tell my friend i had to take the biggest dump, go smoke a joint and fish for the rest of the day
im 20 now and still talk to her. i was afraid shed tell my parents or something for a while. she still treats me the same as she id before that, but we had a convo later on that trip where she said she felt really bad about it and shit.
feel free to contribute then. I'm sure you're excellent at writing erotic literature. and no fucking shit i was lying. you really think anyone's ever fucked their friends hot mom? especially on fucking /b/? ur like sherlock holmes bro
you know damn well that doesn't fucking count. it would be interesting if you were 30.
H-h-hey..! I-I, I just thought maybe I could push you a little bit!

unchecked. shut the fuck up you fucking cuck faggot. id bang your mom next time im in town but apparently shes booked until 2019.
when i was 24 i banged a 35 year old recently divorced woman. Banged her raw dog and blew my load in her, she was fixed so as long as she was clean id be alright. she asked me to pass her something so she could wipe my jizz from her, it was dark so i accidently handed her one of her 5 year olds shirts. Waited until she fell asleep then went downstairs to her fridge and grabbed a beer for me and my buddy who was fucking her sister in the basement.
top kek
>vacation in tropical island with just mom and dad because friend flaked
>first day there
>drinking and getting food at beach bar
>sit with some middle aged people because theres nowhere else to sit
>pretty chill for old people
>one of them, thick 40yo with huge tits nd ass starts coming on to me
>dem titties
>dem lips
>oh god
I actually dated a 34 year old for a few months while I was 20
>talk some more
>people start leaving the table
>milf stays
>agree to meet back here in an hour to walk on the beach
>fuck yeah im getting laid
>shes kinda old
>fuck it, yolo
dude what the fuck is wrong with u
File: 1386409387779.jpg (28 KB, 480x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I tell you what

I am 28, my gf is 46. She goes to the gym twice a day (How we met) bitch is always getting hit on. I will dump her sooner or later, I want a family.
>meet again
>changed from her skimpy orange bikini to a skimpy green one with some seethrough mesh shit covering her ass
>oh lawd
>begin walking slowly and sensually
>she says something potentially perverse
>i make it perverse
>shes horny
>begin making out
>pull out those bigass titties right there on the beach
>give her tits a sand exfoliation
>getting a blowjob on the fucking beach
>fuck yeah
>some people walk by so she pauses
>complains about sand or something
>lets gtfo this beach then
>didnt bust a nut... yet
can someone give me context on the pinching thing? I heard it before for sure, idk if it works (but hell, i would love to try)
>be me 23
>run into old female friend i dated back in highschool
>her 20 mother of 4 month old. still breastfeeding
>she has dubble D tits
>bring her to my house.
>shes in town to do shoping.
>bull shit with her for 45 mins,
>find out her bf is a peace of shit
>not takeing care of her needs
>lightly flirt with her. tell her shes beautiful
>tell her how much i "crushed on her " back in highschool when she wasent with me
>lie and say i was sorry for being a dick back then
>talk to her about a modeling job she wants
>tell her im good with a camra
>spend 30 more mins talking to her about it. and about head shots for her to use in her protfolio.
>spend 5 more mins coning her into takeing her clothing off.
>once nude inspect her body. have her do a few poses.
>get raging hard on and she notices.
>make joke of it. she pulls it out and starts sucking it.
>let her enjoy her self for a few mins befor beinding her over the bed,
>start fucking her hard and fast dogy
>she stops me helfway in and lays on the bed.
>brings me over her,
> tells me she likes anal this way.
> realy felxable puts her legs over my shoulders.
>she lubes her self with her own juices and takes me in her ass,
> screw her like this while sucking on her tittys
> suck to hard and get blast of hot warm milk in mouth.
>find it taisty and oddly erodic
>bust hugest load in her ass shes ever gotten
>after she got dressed my nut still in her butt. she left
>run into her a few days latter.
>repeat of last time.
>great sex but this time more focused on her tits.
>enjoy milking her while fucking her in every way i can
>lose contact with her after a few weeks
> havent seen her since
best milf sex i ever had other then with my Sons mother. but thats another story
rich niggas throwing, broke niggas lookin

>she wants to meet at the night club on the resort
>meet an hour later
>dance for no more than 5 minutes
>"lets go"
>go back to her room
>sucks my dick dry
>chill, fuck her make her cum buckets
>she loves my d
>get blown for like 4 hours
>about to bust my 3rd nut
>where should i do it
>whereever u want, anon
>shoot my clam chowder in her eye sockets
>good bitch
>she wipes the cum off her face
>spreads my cum all over her tits like lotion
>wow she just really enjoys cum
I had sex with my highschool geometry teacher twice after I graduated. Her husband never gave her any attention and she used to have dreams about us fucking when i was in her class. It was 8/10.
>finally satisfied now
>cuddle for a bit
>fuck this im tryna sleep
>say bye take a cigarette and walk back to my room
>see her next morning, shes waiting for her bus to the airport
>and that was my first day on an island
>also, she works as the makeup artist for the foxnews anchors
>everytime i see foxnews on the tv guide
nice dubs. i think theres some genital gland in the sole of ur foot
File: 1427094336528.gif (424 KB, 157x157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 157x157
I fucked my friends mom once.
I was like 22 and she was probably in her 40s. I met her at a bar and I had no idea that it was my friends mom, also I was drunk. I probably wouldn't do it if I was sober. Anyways, I took her to my apartment, ate her out, got a blowjob and fucked her then called her a cab.
>mfw my friend still doesn't know that I fucked his mom
My friend's mom always used to come on to me. I was still a virgin and I was too intimated to do anything. I told him and he got her off my back for several years. Jump ahead 3 or 4 years. He started doing cocaine and I did it a couple time with him. We were all upstairs in his mom's room doing lines and she said her back was killing her. She asked me to rub it for her. I went a little too low and saw she was naked under the cover. She was laying on her stomach. Everyone else was coked up and preoccupied so I fingered her asshole for about 10 minutes. Years later I fucked her on a drunk night. I came inside her. She is ugly as sin but 1 hell of a lay. And she gave the best head I ever got in my life. I am not small down there. And she swallowed my whole dick with ease. She said next time we fuck she wants me to do her in the ass. I have avoided her for years and just prayed that she doesn't tell my friend. I realize how badly I fuckd up by fucking my friends mom. We are still friends and he has been there for me through all my ups and downs. I do everything I can to help him in anyway I can. He considers me his brother and I him. I want to confess but the time that has passed will only make it worse. This is 1 of my life's biggest regrets.
same person :D

>met chick one day on bus while telling a friend about a book i was reading.
>she piped in on the conversation noting the book was an offel lot like an anime
>tell her kinda.
>leave bus,
>run into her a few more times talk anime and music. get to know her great.
>take her back to my place to get away from hers she allready has 2 kids. bring them over to
>single mother takeing care of 2 mentaly handicaped children. ones autistic. others develipmintaly delayed.
>spend night bsing talking fliter.
>have great sex consive son. not end of it.
>year nad a helf latter. liveing in new place all 5 of us.
>like to tease her when shes sleeping becuse i know she wakes up aroused when i do and leads to great sex.
>playing with her ass and tits, loved her ass it was tight,
>giveing her back rub with some lotion we kept for her back rubs. shes not asleep yet but enjoys the rubing of her ass and pussy
>she passes out while im lubing up her ass and back
>take advantage of it. shes on her side ass faceing me
> havent done anything in a few nights with her. realy horny.
>rock hard still rubing her ass and back pertending not to be lubing her asshole
>slide my cock in her ass poping in like it was ment to be there
>she wakes up a little. big slut for haveing her ass fucked.
> while still in her ass she rolles and i roll with her keeping my cock deep in her.
she lifts into me moaning and asking me to fuck her harder
>she keeps this up as i keep fucking her
>get her moaning louder so loud it wakes up the down stars neighbours. who happens to be her lesbian mother nad her lesbian mothers gf!
>shes standing now and im standing also just destroying her ass her face barryed in the pillows on the bed.
>whole bed shakeing and squeeking as i dig it into her guts.
> start to hear moaning that is not comeing from GF
>house is attached to the same vent system. can hear her mother geting fucked by her gf downstairs.
>biger turn on,

>turns into screaming match of whos better
>keep diging deeper into her working her till she starts squerting buckets from her pussy
>beds geting soaked while im fucking the shit out of her.
>mother downstairs loses when she screams to loud and cums
> i when 10 mins latter when i finish nuting in her ass
> gave her 5 orgasums back to back.
>bed soaked in her juices
> let her sleep on the wet side the rest of the night.
> i sleep on the dry.
> second best sex i ever had with a milf.
>and if you count that the other downstairs compleated while i was doing it. best 4 some ever
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>Met this chick through a mutual friend at a 21st birthday.
>Blonde, good body, nice taytays. I'm into it.
>We do a few shots together, and encourage each other to get hammered and #yolo.
>I am 22, she must be early 40's (I have no idea)
>She has added me on FB when I get home, so I know she is keen.
>Within 15 messages, already asks me over to watch a movie on Thursday night.
>Go round there, tryna be the man I ask her to come sit on my lap for a bit.
>She is wiggling around and I am getting hard as fuck.
>She slides her hand up my leg and massages my boner through my jeans.
>Start kissing and she gets into full mount.
>Stand up and carry her to the bedroom.
>Have pretty excellent sex, she lets me hit it from behind, nice bit of prone bone. Even keen to let me do a bit of assplay on her(which I love).
>Begin rekin her on the reg, eventually fuck that ass. It is so tight and warm.
>Break up after I move away for work.
>Still think about her all the time.

Pic related
Your obviously fake story and 3rd grade grammar gave me cancer. You are a detriment to society and would do everyone a favor by killing yourself.
you're such a faggot. you really expect any of these stories to be real? also ur grammar isnt even correct.
>Your obviously fake story....cancer
13 y/o detected
see the ugly bitch with the baby thats the bitch from the story. and the little boy in her arms is mine

and yes i just called my babys momma an ugly bitch.

so what you been fucking ?
illiterate nigger detected.
My grammar is correct. Faggot.
strange i had the right pic but ended up with something diffrent.
tight 18 y/o pussy, and I don't see any pics
look up one had to reupload the shit somehow came out as something that i dont even have in the folder. and i dout your fucking anything if you was. your little ass wouldnt be on here replying to me
File: nigga rly.jpg (8 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nigga rly.jpg
8 KB, 200x200
>pic of ugly Mexican whale and baby proves anon wrong
>pic directly proves that you had a fuck contest with your whale's mom and her lesbian lover
Lost my virginity to a milf. She had a husband at he time so we broke it off. Had sex with with mother primarily from there on out. One who pulled me from a bar bought the cab, the hotel room and my cab home, and crushed my dick into oblivion. Another who I hit it until i thought she was done, she crawled on top and finished me off quicker than i ever thought possible, just kegel flexed that shit. Milfs want it and give it just as fucking hard.
No but I think this milf at my job is making advances on me that I'm too dense to pick up on.
pls tell me ur a troll. do you even know what illiterate means? if so why are you using it towards me? i can clearly read and write.
>checkmate you stupid troll faglord13 y/o
File: poor anon.png (122 KB, 390x284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
poor anon.png
122 KB, 390x284
>also mfw
File: 1427771102647.jpg (41 KB, 480x622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 480x622
You are 12, leave.
Butthurt 8 y/o newfag detected
Tell me what's wrong with my grammar
lel sry, am autist, no to gud @ spaek n rite
This could be me same age and had multiple milfs that age I'd fuck at gym. Pics of said lady?
>be me playing pokeman
>chose squirtle
> mom wants bulbasur
>that's nonsense woman, go bak to teh kitchen
>she gets horny
>asks me to show my peepee
>wow that's gross
>take it out anyway
>she took my gameboy
>won Kanto league
Shut up retard. Thanks for proving my point of you being 13 btw. Classic 13 y/o response.
I am....the milfhunter. I have fucked 32 milfs. Only 4 werent married.
File: swiggle swaggle.gif (561 KB, 500x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
swiggle swaggle.gif
561 KB, 500x295
>mfw you take b8 this hard
Did anyone ever save that greentext where the one kid fucked his friend's mom by a pool, while the kids other friends were off being gay somewhere.
Actually fucking my mom's best friend, I'm 21 she's 43, it all started when I found out her husband cheats on her, started giving her attention, with occasional compliments on how hot she was, she gave in one night and asked me to come over at 2am.. her husband works overseas and she has 1 son that wasn't home, we fucked til the sunrise, since then I moved out of town and she still feens, and asks me to come spend the night here and there.. fucking sprung off that puss
File: image.jpg (39 KB, 488x442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 488x442

That escalated quickly- lesson learned though, always be ready
cool may may dood. ur still a faggot
LOL you fucking liar. If not then i bet your moms friend looks like this.
u jelly
I have fucked a colleage of 43 years old. She eventually left her husband for me, but I got bored of her when she was fulltime available. It was horny at first though, I fapped to her a 1000 times before she started to notice me. She loved to rim and finger my ass. That was new experience. I fucked her in the ass one time and she came 6 times in a row. The next day I wanted to fuck her ass too but she refused because she didn't feel that close to me (I was in autistic state all day programming), didn't give her enough attention. But my thougt was: wtf you came 6 times in a row, how can you refuse that stuff. That was the moment our relationship began to fall apart.
She's not the baddest.. but shes a fucking freak
got pics of her boobs as well, those were great for a 43 year old
File: bite.gif (2 MB, 664x589) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 664x589
Used to date/fuck one

Long story short, i was 21 and she 34 at the time, sex used to be AMAZING, however she was kind of a creep.
She has 2 girls, one of them 3yo the other one 7yo, everytime we had sex she would let the door unlocked saying "it would be awesome if one of the girls came here and watched mommy being fucked hard", whenever she said that she would moan even harder, like she really meant it and actually wanted the girls to come and check on us.
However she wouldnt mention shit about it when we werent fucking, and she would be overprotective to them.
Probably the craziest woman ive ever been with, and also the best at sex.
I left her after she cheated on me... dem good times.

I had one with a teacher - still think about it and still think what could have been...

>be 15 or 16 - 10th grade
>have chunky, big-titted south african teacher for history
>she's white, probably mid to late 40's brunette and plump but not disgusting fat
>I've never really thought of her or had a crush or anything, in fact if anything I thought she was a bitch
>She used to pin shit on me when a group was acting out, and I'd be the one to stay back after school
>I was in school assembly and happened to catch her staring at me.
>I thought nothing of it
>Look in her direction like 5 minutes later and she's staring again
>I thought she was just monitoring me, because I was a bit of a shit head back then
>disregard it, forget but in the back of my mind I start to take note of her presence and start noticing trends
>she would stand near our group when she was on yard duty, I'd often catch her glancing at me but again I thought she was making sure I wasn't being a shit
>I seemed to have her as a relief teacher A LOT when any of my teachers were sick, even though there was a large pool of relief teachers
>One day she was relieving for my drama teacher, who was sick
>There was a bunch of us preparing for this show in a couple of weeks
>We are in and out of costumes frequently, i'm standing in underpants and a disgusting red sweater
>I pull off this ugly, cosby like sweater and as it lifts up but before it covers my eyes I see her eyes flick to my body as she stands in the far corner, leaning against the window nonchalantly
>As it pulls over my head and off into my hands she's still looking and I catch her eyes quickly dart elsewhere
>I stand there, sweater in hand with a strange look on my face
>her eyes switch back to me, and she looks straight into my eyes and then looks immediately away
>she knows she's been caught
>she immediately walks down the side of the room, head cocked, looking out the window as if she's got pressing business elsewhere
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stop fapping and type faster mate
smallest dick shes ever had too
File: IMAG0321.jpg (335 KB, 1216x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my personal milf, loved anal
Anon, It's time to activate sanic speed.

>I know something is up now, but am still confused as to what exactly it is
>theres about 5 minutes left of class and we are packing away the costumes
>there's only about 5 of us left, and her supervising us in this small costume room
>the last few others leave for next class and i'm still struggling to stuff all these fur coats and overalls and shit into this closet
>I start trying to jam the sliding door shut and it wont budge
>she laughs and says something about not ruining the wardrobe and packing things like a typical male or something
>she strides up and gets in front of me, opens the sliding door and starts straightening garments so I can close the door
>I feel the side of her hip/waist/ass jostle against me and my hand accidentally brushes the other side of her ass
>I immediately withdraw my hand, pull a face and make a startled noise
>she ignores it and asks me to push this sherlock holmes coat in more, while bending forward a lot more than is required
>I try to get at it but I can't reach without invading her personal space
>I say, "I can't get there, with you standing there"
>she says "oh come on, there's room - im not that fat"
>I reach over her as far as I can without touching her and start rustling this coat to fit it in the wardrobe
>"a little further" she says "hurry up"
>I lean on her a little and keep forcing the coat further in
>"thats it" she says
>I [position myself to preserve dignity, putting a little more weight on her and so left hip is pushing right into her right butt cheek
>the coats almost in and I kind of rush and lunge to get this over with
>She purposefully moves forward for a second before arching and thrusting her butt backwards
>I half fall and ram by junk against her buttcheeks
>I have no other choice but to keep pressing my slightly hardening cock against her to regain balance, or fall over and hurt us both

Type fast motherfucker, type fucking fast
RIP thread
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My dick is Diamond No Crash

>she giggles a bit and reaches behind and grabs my ass, saying "are you ok?"
>like im the clumsy one you manipulative bitch
>she holds a fistful of my assflesh while I steady myself and regain my footing
>I start backing up and she lets go but starts backing up too
>her ass is following my now hard dick like a magnet
>I back up further and she reaches behind while pretending to be looking for balance and grabs onto my cock and balls
>she says "whoopsy daisy" in a shaky voice and lets go
>she straightens up and turns around to face me
>she has a wild, lustful smile on her face
>I am scared
>she embraces me and grabs both my asscheeks, forcing me close to her
>I pucker up to kiss her like I kiss my granny
>shes not interested - my face gets mashed into her neck as she gropes my ass and back
>I think fuck this and move my face into her tits
>she squeals and reaches a hand down the front of my pants
>She has her warm hand on my fully erect dick
>she makes a lustful groan and slides back the skin
>I straight up almost cum in my pants
>she starts taking my shirt off, then we hear the outer doors open and she takes her hand out immediately
>she says loudly "don't force it in or you'll break the door" and starts fiddling with the cupboard
>other teacher comes in for a class, sees us putting away garments, no one the wiser

Never happened again. She never made another pass and it all stopped. I think she realised how risky it was for her.

> milf hairdresser when I was around 15, 6/10 amazing rack, im horny as fuck always
> always asking me about girls/why I dont have a girlfriend
> every haircut builds and builds and eventually get onto her sexlife
> one night talking about me not having a girl and her not a man
> build up the courage over the course of the haircut to say we should do something
> stressing bigtime thinking ive fucked up and everyone will know
> she goes quite for about 30 secs
> fuck fuck fuck ive fucked up
> says I should come back after she closes and we can talk more
> come back nervous as fuck after shes closed
> takes me out the back and says if we do anything no one can ever know and if I ever told anyone she'd deny everything
> agree agree agree, whats going to happen, still not sure, still a virgin at this stage
> she starts kissing me, im really getting into it, huge boner
> pulls my pants down and blows me
> massive load in her mouth after about 10 seconds
> she comes up and says I hope you can last longer next time

And so begins my sexual defining but shortlived time with a milf, moar if anyone interested
I fisted a mother of a friend on his birthday party. I was 8 years old. Never told anyone. Was my first sexual experience, it confused me a lot.
Wanna know the story?
File: olmztMt.jpg (77 KB, 827x755) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>OPs Mom
>Fuck her in the ass
>Walk to OPs room
>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>that's how I became the Prince of Bel-Air
> I sign up for an athletism extracurricular activity, 16-17 yo
>Teacher is around 30, she's a cute brunnete
>Nice; nevermind there's a extremely sexy 15 yo girl
>smoking body, brownish skin, leggins
>Try to get close to her, I fail cause I was beta as fuck,virginfag, no fucking confidence, still funny though, become friends
>One day she told me:<italic>wow the teacher is all over you</italic>
>what? didn't even notice
>Start to pay attention, it's true, teacher's always very close to me, giving me advices, etc

>We usually changed in the storeroom(we were very few and locker rooms were a bit far)
>One day, just the teacher and me in the storeroom, she was changing trousers, I peek a bit
>"Accidentally" she takes off panties a bit too, I saw a really cute white ass
> I blush and don't know what to say
>She laughs "haha oops"
>Beta as fuck I say sorry and turned back
>She touched my back and say "hurry we got class"

> At the end of class teacher says: <italic>Anon, can you help me picking the training stuff up</italic>
>My friend looked at me, laughs and tell everyone <italic>come on let's go</italic>

Sure, go on.
good ol' Colleen
25 male currently with 42 female
I once chatted/sexted with a MILF who contacted me through a CL ad I made.

She was pretty hot and we traded a few pics. We never actually met up though. I think she was only interested in being turned on at work.

And a few months ago, I hit up this fat 25 year old on MeetMe. I was surprised to learn she was a MILF. I would've given her the D, but she lived 3 hours away.

TL;DR: I've only had almost-sexual encounters with MILFs.
>Just me and her into the storeroom, again
>Chit chat for a bit, what are you studying? how long have you been exercising?Do you have a girldfriend?
>No, I don't
>Wow that's a shame youre very handsome
>Starting to see it clear( I'm a bit tard ok?)

>Try to gather the training stuff real close to her
>She starts to touch me, arm, back,...
>I start to touch her, arm and go for hip
>She's smaller than me, real cute
>When she put the last thing down she waits for me to put what I was holding down, very close to her
>She looks at me and touches me again

>We stay like this for I don't know it seemed hours
>She put her hips close to mine, raging hard on
> She looks for a second down, smiles
>I lean a bit forward, she goes for the kiss
>My hands in her hips, we kissed, tenderly at first, but lot of tongue after a few seconds
>She rubs my dick over the trousers, precum starting to go through boxers
>I don't know what to do,I touch her ass
>She puts her hand under my boxers and takes my cock
>Oh wow, so soft
>Caress a bit, then jack off hard
>Hand on her boobs, unzip the track suit jacket
>She stops, take off the jacket, almost seethrough white t-shirt
>I look at her boobs
>She noticed, laughed and take the tshirt off

>Buckets of cum worth image, still fap to that
>Medium perky boobs in her sports bra, fit body but tiny bit of belly
>She takes my shirt off
> Go back to kissing, I go for the boobs, clumsily try to get underboob
>Soft sweet material the clouds are made of
>She took off her bra: "You like them?"

Sorry guys I started to picturer the scene and I can remember more things I thought
> I, recently employed, at a teambuilding-day for work.
> Milf secretary, 15 years older, around 38, asks me if I can drop her off at home, as she lives in a village on the road to mine.
> We are in the car, she is quite chatty as she was drinking, and then she asks if i have a girlfriend ATM but I haven't
> Why do you want to know I ask and she doesn't answer it but asks how long ago it was since I been with a woman. Instant boner, she was hitting on me
> I blushed and stuttered and she laughed about that, touching my shoulder saying ah come on, you can tell I won't tell anyone
> So I tell her I hadn't had sex since my last breakup which was about 8 months ago
> Poor anon she said, you must be a loaded canon, arent you
>wtf? didn't know how to respond to that, but she said she was extremely horny now and asked me if I wanted to see how wet she was

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