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Alright /b/
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Alright /b/
Sissy thread
Talk about your experiences and fantasies, hookup with skypes or snapchats or whatever, share futas and shemales, or even share songs that make you feel like a sissy
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>be me
>have to change my bed
>instead of the usual fap session on my desk chair, I turn the computer screen and fap on the bed
>I know I can make a mess on the sheets
>fap in all the sluttiest positions
>for like 2 hours
>til my dick starts to hurt
>eventually lay on the side and lean my head close to my cock
>give the few final strokes
>at this point I'm so drunk with pleasure I'm moaning like a slut
>fucking intense orgasm
>give myself the most gigantic facial ejaculation ever
>usually I shoot 2-3 ropes and then a few drips
>I shoot at least 6 huge ropes right on my face and my open mouth
>best fap session in a long time
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have a bump
Oh, Anon...
Don't inspire me, please. I already feel slutty enough!
implying you can ever be slutty enough
When I was 13 and my step sister was 15 we were snooping around our parents room and found my mums vibrator and she convinced me to bend over and fuck my ass with it, she promised to use it on herself if I did this, she didnt.
What slutty positions did you fap in specifically? Give me some ideas, please.
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Keep going Anons
File: Slap.gif (953 KB, 274x163) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I punch fag boys in the balls
File: 1428698050639.jpg (113 KB, 1280x905) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got fucked by most of the guys in my gym class when they found out I shaved my ass. I love my gym class. 3 facials and a creampie
I sucked off an older guy from Craigslist today...he face fucked me as he came down my throat...he let me call him daddy as I did it too
Lucky, lucky, Anon
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>I got fucked by most of the guys in my gym class
sounds like a made up story

>Last summer
>Got in to the typical cycle of someone who spends too much time on 4chan
>Started fapping to gayer stuff
>End up exploring my sexuality a bit
>Take pics of my ass, cock, and body for people on /soc/ and /r9k/
>Regularly browse dick rate threads, become kind of enamored with just how good dicks look
>Full on fapping to gay stuff now, sissy trainers, bareback creampie closeups
>Have Skype sex with other sissies, and have about 3 throwaway emails just for kinky, lewd and depraved emails where I'm simultaneously the dom talking about how much I want to fill up sissy ass with my cum and other emails where I'm the depraved cum sucking anal whore
>Multiple times where I had the house to myself I nearly hooked up with people

All in all, it was a good year for my sexuality and I'm glad I did it. Everythings back to normal now though, but I'll still occasionally fap to something in that vein.
Just a question anons. I wanted to fuck a trap for a long time but it appears that 99% of them look like men with wigs. So my question is - is either one of you attractive enough to be considered female or are you just closed jerking fat betafags?
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I like positions that make me arch my feet

on all fours is another good one, when you can feel the cool air on your anus
There isn't a huge supply of passable traps unless you live in thailand.
ugh even if this isnt true its my dream to walk around with a few creampies leaking out of my ass.
Mmm, I love arching my feet. Right now I'm sitting back with my legs spread open wide and my soles arched...
It's a hard position to describe but I love it.
I know what you mean about the feeling of cold air.
File: 1413812238163.jpg (9 KB, 319x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw I still get incredibly turned on by people who talk so openly about lewd stuff without being ridiculous like those fags in steam friend threads
I know right. Why do people even bother about fantasies of being a woman slut if they look like men? Shits just weird yo. It's like being a landwhale and thinking that men want you.
>arching feet
I have never heard of this being a thing, explain a Little?
Good, maybe you'll get as horny as I am from typing this.
Some people can look passable in the sense that they have nice enough bodies or a big enough ass that you don't mind "pretending", I guess.

Otherwise, if you want to fuck a gay guy for whatever reason, it's up to personal preference as to whether you're good to fuck them as they are or if it helps if they're dressed up like a sissy slut/girl.
Meh I can kinda understand them.
When I was in my late teens I had really smooth skin a sleek frame and long straight black hair.
I felt pretty or feminine at times and enjoyed feeling that way.
I always had bisexual type feelings and stuff.
Still I have a mans face and a manly body so I knew I could never really pass for a girl.

Still as I got older and more masculine and now look like hulk hogan I kinda miss those times when I felt really pretty.

I dunno.
I guess maybe mentally as a man I put value or importance on the wrong things (vanity).
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just look how beautiful and sexy her feet look on that picture
doing the same when I touch myself feels insanely feminine and even slutty

I don't really know how to explain better
>>I know I can make a mess on the sheets
>tfw just got reminded of when I used to talk to a confident guy who came buckets and how he used to tell me he'd fuck me under the sheets until we were both a sweaty gross mess and cum in my ass

I don't know why but the whole idea and depravity of someone being so hedonistic they have dirty bedsheets that are stained with cum and sweat does funny things to me.
It just feels girly and slutty to arch my feet while I stroke myself and play with my butt...
Try it!
I'm already there man. I've been edging for like an hour now.
So fucking hot. More like this~
I had sex with an old bf once and he finished all over his pillow.
He held me down and rubbed the wet cummy pillow all over my face.
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can you put it in slow, ...please.
What are you masturbating to, Anon?
God damn.

Mostly the memories of all the slutty sissy stuff I delved in to last year and how I shouldn't be jerking off to it any more, mostly. When I've been edging so consistently I get so ridiculously turned on that my sexuality just goes nuts and I get off to the dirtiest stuff.
File: catme.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4128x2322
Would anyone fuck me? I'll be a good girl...
File: 1428524460742.gif (2 MB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x300
I've got more like this in my partyvan...
I sort of want to hear what you did...
Because I've done some pretty slutty things too!
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>be last month
>fap to porn for an hour
>naked on my bed, leaking and moaning
>go to IRC circlejerk room
>wait for one particular anon
>make myself edge a few times
>anon finally logs in
>we go to private convo
>I set a tinychat instant room
>at first I'm too nervous to go on cam
>I only get on mic
>I fap while he listens to me moaning and dirtytalking like a slut
>he links me pics of sexy celebs and I edge to them
>suddenly he links me this webm (pic related)
>I say "fuck it i'm going on cam"
>turn my webcam on and fap for him
>rarely been this horny in my life
>I get on my knees and cum
>I spurt so hard I can hear the cum falling on the floor
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No. your tears make me harder.
Probably why dont you post more you lil slut
Are you trying to encourage me?


Like I said >>609146562 here, I got in to some pretty gay stuff.

I must have had about 10+ conversations on the go in my throwaways that I'd respond to every day. Trading pictures with sissies and what not, having them jerk off to my cock pictures, and then there was the gayer side where I'd send guys pictures of my body and get them to tell me what they'd do to me.

I made a LOT of people cum in 2014 by being lewd.

All in all though? Being the dominant one and all that was really fun and hot but what really got me off was being the submissive, especially if it was with someone who was really, really lewd.

You know, talk of cumming in my ass and making me ride their face and stuff.

God damn I'm supposed to be over this stuff
Post more hottie
I'm gonna cum for you
Man, I wish I could find a sissy to absolutely dominate. Like fucking hard and fast, force feeding my cum, etc. I've only had a couple experiences and they were pretty mundane :/
A lot of people talk a big game on the internet but IRL they are very very tame. Comes with the territory of them being desperate lonely virgins who pretend to be something they're not.

If you really wanted the full experience, you need to go with a full blown gay guy. Not a 4chan fuckboy.
Thread replies: 48
Thread images: 19
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