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Awkward first time stories! Ill start
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Awkward first time stories! Ill start
>be me 15 years old
>been with this girl 2 months
>both virgins
>lying in bed she starts kissing my neck
>goes down my chest to my waist but doesnt suck me off
>i lie her flat and start licking her pussy
>eat her out for 10 mins straight she nearly cums
>go to slip my cock in her pussy
>beat myself off for 2 minutes trying to get it back
>she starts checking her phone out of bordem and watching the tv over my shoulders
>sweating like a bitch
>what is happening
>get it going for 5 minutes pumping like a piston
>lose is again
>turn over in shame
>she leaves
>broke up 2 days later.
OP Im Sorry
Hahaha a should laugh that's terrible.
> be me
> think life is pointless
> die alone
> profit???
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Honestly never had an awkward moment apart from my very first kiss. Me and my gf very honest about everything, i just have to ask, but here is a story ive found.
Wha? How did you not have perma boner at 15? Did you start puberty way late or something? I'm genuinely curious by this.
It fucking sucked losing your boner to nervousness and having a shattered self-esteem for some time after that. I'm glad I'm through with that shit nowadays and my sex life is great.
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>been dating for a while
>invited her at my place to watch a movie and chill
>drunk a bottle of wine
>start kissing
>fingering her
>she was kinda bad at jerking off so she was just doing things with my dick
>whatever, feels good
>stick my dick in her
> mfw that's not how I imagined it to be
>feels not good anymore man
>she's having great time
>can't cum in a span of 3 hours
>dick hurts
>she sucks me for 20 minutes straight
>wtf anon, I used all the tricks I know on you, and you are still hard
>next day dick is red, huge and hurts like a bitch
>go to doctor
>doctor is a female
>tell her the story
>she laughs and says to show me the dick
>pants down
>doc is shocked because shit looks serious
>had to do tests and use medicine for like several weeks

That's my story /b/
I was 15, gf offered sex, got the condom and couldnt get it up, just nerves, he clearly wasnt ready is all
omg, Full House.
What was the diagnosis?
>be me
>she not virgin
>get sucked off
>go down on her
>fuck her missionary 30 secs
>fuck her doggy 30 secs
>cum in her face

Pretty sure she had better fucks... And this was only last weekend. No fair though being a virgin and all, she cant expect much...
>"wer bery sorri sir :DDDDD"
>"burr ur benis is borkened :DDDDD"
yup you were virgin.. nothing to worry about and who cares if she had better fuck ?
Skin damage, sponge tissue(?) damage or something like that, don't know how it will be in english. Basically my whole shaft got a bit ripped off. My dick can't get all the way up since then.
I was just super fucking anxious about everything at the time eventhough i wasnt shy at all, it baffles me aswell
Don't worry OP. The first time I had sex my dick was so hard that after I put it in her sperm shot out of the end my cock. Talk about embarrassing.
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Never said I worried. Hopefully eventually I'll be more than a one-minute-man. Shes a 4-hour train ride though so we dont exactly hang out every other weekend.

You'd think 22 years of fapping would be enough to last longer.
I fucked up the time after that aswell
>be me
>16 years old
>New girl
>one night stand
>she kisses my neck down to my cock
>sucks me off for 2 minutes
>feels like heaven
>go to put condom on
>try to put on a second condom
>boner dissapears
>turn over in shame
>she leaves

Self esteem went down the drain for months after that, fucking faggotry i hated myself for so long
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>be me 18 years old
>at a house party in my friend's flat
>house is hot as fuck, head downstairs to get some air
>fat 2/10 from the party asks me to hold the elevator
>face looks like it was smashed with a fucking brick
>starts making out with me in the elevator
>drags me to her flat
>agree because drunk
>she locks the fucking door
>sucks me off
>could be worse
>she gets naked
>it's worse
>stretch marks everywhere
>she insists on riding me
>limp in a minute after seeing her rolls dance
Did I just write 22 years? That would imply I fapped at age 0. My bad... More like 6-8 years.
nothing worse than cottage cheese
I can't remember when was the last time i had such a good laugh. I will assume the story was true and say following - 15 year old kids are not up for such things. Go play with Lego or something,after that try to be badasses. But yeah, this was very amusing.
Thought doc was gonna say "what happened was she couldn't get you off, Let me try" lol
Op finding out he is gay
This was 7 years ago, dont know what happened but it was fucking dreadful
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i was reading this thread then remembered my first time.
>be 16, virgin
>turning 17 in a week
>meet girl, make out with her at 24 hour dance hosted by my high school the first weekend of spring break
>hang out with her over spring break, she blows me the first time we're alone together in our pool room
>few days later, we're in my room and i'm on top of her, naked
>start fucking for what seemed like 30 seconds
>hear mom's heels on the stairs, then on the hardwood floor of the second story
>stop thrusting
>she starts yelling to me
>god damnit
>yell back
>get off of girl

i was bummed i didn't get to bust.
>be me 17 years old
>dating this cute Thai girl. she is 19
>2 months in
>Laying in bed cuddling and shit
>just laying there and she ask "You wanna do it?"
>I respond "do what?"
>she gives me look as if i am stupid
>she replies "have sex!"
I never moved so fast in my life to grab my condoms.
Made me lol, thx spurdo
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>be me drunk with buddies literally looking for a party
>find party and force ourselves in
>buncha 13-14 year olds having sips of vodka whilst hostess' parents are away
>host got so drunk she passed out in her room
>lock door and help myself, we did everything
>so awkward
>left the room and everyone was so drunk they didn't even notice us missing
>we stole whatever alcohol these kids had and left
my first time I couldn't nut at all, seriously musta gone for like 2 hours. Eventually gave up. couldn't nut until my about 3rd or 4th time with this girl and only because I stopped and finished myself by hand. Was fine after that.

Although I did at some point have the same thing OP had happen a few weeks later.
>be me 16 with some 19yo slut
>party was lame af
>i have her some tim hortons
>she fucked me in a drunken blurr in a friends bed
>friend walked in on us while she rides me, tits out
>he walks out awkwardly back to couch
>never spoke to him again
The inside of a vagina is super fucking over-rated
Only sexual encounter I have had. about 7 or 8 months ago.
>at friends house, it's her birthday
>party winding down
>most people leave to get maccas (mcdnoanlds for you amerifats)
>I am just laying in the lounge room feeling nice and comfy and drunk
>friend comes down
>"come upstairs anon!"
>"it's nicer up there come on"
>get up there
>shit was awkward cause my first time and everything
>we eventually start spooing
>I eventually start fondling her tits
>undoes my jeans
> jacks me off
>starts sucking me off
>i get close, say some retarded shit like "what exactly do you want me to do when I jizz?"
>she stops
>"are you close"
>I nod
>then I just say "now" and jizz all over myself
>she just stares and laughs and shit
>keeps laughing for ages
>I don't know what the fuck to do so just go to sleep
The end.
hahahahaha this made my minute
>Be me
>Just start dating this girl
>In middle of spring season
>She spent the night on Saturday
>I tried to fuck her, she wasn't having it, I went to bed
>Next morning, I go to gym, and have super bad allergies, decide to take a benadryl or two to get rid of allergies
>She comes over again
>This time she's DTF
>My mind is ready
>My body is ready
>My dick is not ready
>Combination of benadryl and hard gym session make me super fucking tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.
>Couldn't get hard, went to sleep, we never went out again.

Felt bad man.
First time trying anal

>Finally convince gf to try anal
>seriously was months of asking her
>I don't really know what I'm doing
>didn't loosen her up with my fingers or anything
>I did buy some good lube though
>lube up dick
>painfully push it in
>she clearly isn't enjoying this
>fuck it I'm fucking this ass
>few mins in I'm already thrusting like a mad man
>shes moaning but not in pleasure
>feels good man though
>smell something, look down
>shit all over my dick
>think to myself "whatever, I've waited too long for this"
>smell makes it nearly impossible to cum
>20 mins later of ravaging her asshole I finally cum up her poopchute, despite her shit stink
>pull out
>more shit comes out, some falls on the bedsheets
>she looks back
>look of pure horror as she realizes she shat the bed
>Asks me how long ago she I was fucking her with shit on my bed
>for some reason I tell her the truth
>shes doesn't say anything, just gets dressed and leaves
>breaks up with me over text later that night, says I'm fucked in the head
>wake up the next day with urinary tract infection from her shit
>be me 17, virgin
>gf 14, non virgin
>dating for about a month or so
>invite her over to watch a movie and smoke weed with me and a friend
>all alone since friend had to work first
>watch youtube on PS4 and make out for awhile
>talked about having sex with her earlier that day and she had brought a condom with her
>I carry her to my room and lay her on my bed
>start taking her clothes off and kissing her a little
>she was very shy and I had to pry her legs open
>eat her out for maybe 2 minutes
>go back to living room to get the condom
>come back, put it on and lay in bed with her
>it was so awkward we spend about 5 minutes trying to figure out a position
>eventually we just settle on doggy but she says she doesn't like it very much
>spend another minute trying to find the hole
>finally get it in and start thrusting
>she lets out a little moan
>she told me she didn't usually make noises during sex so to not feel bad so I felt great
>thrusting for maybe 1 minute with my mind wandering to some shit I read on /b/ a week before about what pussy felt like
>accidentally cum
>pull it out feeling bad
>"wait put that back in that felt really good"
>try to play it off
>she shakes my now flaccid dick and looks obviously disappointed
>go back to watching Youtube
>start fingering her to make up for it
>more moaning
>felt better about myself
All in all it really wasn't that bad we were very comfortable with each other so it wasn't TOO awkward. I got better after that and started lasting longer.
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I cringe every time I remember. I wish I just busted in her mouth.

Oh well at least I have had some type of sexual experience at 18 years old. Kind of the only thing making me think I am somewhat desireable. She's pretty good looking, too. I'd be lying if I said I wish I didn't have some more regular shit going on though, but I don't want a girlfriend so I don't know.
Same here. My first time I was with a girl who had been with like 10 guys, so she rode me for awhile then we did doggystyle. We fucked for like 30 minutes, she had her first orgasm, and second one. I just couldn't nut it. We fucked like 3 or 4 more times before I actually did. She was amazed about having an orgasm/

I didn't wish*
Actually, my first time wAs pretty damn good. I still remember it fondly.
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0067 - 8zW530X.png
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>Be me
>16 years old
>Talking to this girl for awhile, in my mind 10/10 but you know hormones, etc, probably a 7/10 now
>"Hey Anon wanna come over my parents are in Miami for the weekend ;)"
>Knew shit was gonna go down
>drive to local Walgreens to buy condoms
>Get up to register
>mfw a dude from my school is working the register
>leave laughing my ass off
>get to her house
>Watch a movie for a few hours
>Things get heated
>Get up to bedroom
>Do the deed
>Take condom off and nut on her face, shes a slut etc
>Says to me, "You know Anon we could be together"
>Tell I dont do relationships
>Get pissed
>Starts bitching me out
>Laughing my ass off because she still has cum on her face
>Get dressed and leave
>Have to go stealth mode because 16 year olds arent allowed to be driving past midnight
>Shit was more nerve-racking than actually fucking
>Get home
>Older Sister is watching bachelor
>Gives me weird look "Were you hanging out with _____ this late?"
>"Did you.....?"
>She gives me a high five
>The end
First time I came in her ass
>On vacation in wine country
>Spend entire day tasting wine from 10 am to 6-7 pm
>Drive us to the house we are staying at completely wasted
>She wants to go upstairs
>She falls on the way upstairs because so drunk
>We get up to the bed and she rips my dick out of my jeans and starts sucking and licking my balls like they are made of candy
>I'm rock hard and tell her to take off her clothes.
>She lies face down with legs spread and I eat her out from behind
>See a clean and tight asshole that needs my tounge, usually she would freak the fuck out but not today, today she wants her ass played with.
>She goes onto all fours and i put my thumb in her ass and she begins to rock back and forth on it
>I put my dick in her while my thumb is working her ass.
>She is really really into it.
>Finally she looks back with the hungriest eyes ever and demands I put it in her ass.
>I fuck that tight little hole until I can't hold it anymore and nut deep inside that ass.
>She looks back smiling and says you came in my ass and then passes out.
>Wake up next day and she asks how we even got home because she had blacked out about an hour before we even left the last winery.
This is mine, don't know how to green text.

>both virgins
>tried multiple times to do it
>alone again
>perfect oppurtunity
>try to put my dick in with a chin, btw she is mega tight it's hard to even fit one finger in her, it's like trying to shove your finger between Mr Olympiad fingers while he bench presses 1000 pounds
>realize I can't get it in unless my dick is diamonds
>beat off to get hard
HAHAHAHA oh shit you got me with the urinary infection holy shit man...
Not a chin, a "chubby" I hate autocorrect
>>stick my dick in her
>> mfw that's not how I imagined it to be
>>feels not good anymore man

wtf was up with her pussy?
>don't know how to green text.
being this new
>>sucks me off
>>could be worse
>>she gets naked
>>it's worse

I've never posted I've just been lurking around since the stone age.
if that is true, you have my respect!


Your a fking faggot
>wake up the next day with urinary tract infection from her shit
this made me lol
>being this new
did you stop to put on a condom or something?
Top kek my friend. I can imagine like your sister on her pajamas curled up in the couch watching tv and asking you if you did it and you leaning against the corner with that little smile and just nodding
Was horny af untill i realized i was about to penetrate her an then started getting nervous, lost it in seconds. I didnt use a condom that time, but the second time i did. and i messed up the second time aswell.
so you raped a 13 year old? You must be proud.
I think my gf has a magic ass or something, but i've never had shitdick. i guess i never "ravage her asshole" though, and i'm never balls deep. that's just asking for trouble.
Underrated thread
>itt teenagers
No. But then again not ashamed either.
I was 14
Am I still a terrible person?
>be me
>hang out with grill alot during summer
> she says "whats going to happen with us?"
>I dont want a relationship
>She says friend-o-benefits
>fuck yes I agreed
>Next night her parents are out.
>me 20 virgin she 18 virgin
>almost rock hard when she opens the door in anticipation.
>we make out a bit
>go to parents room, danger and shit
>I take of her top and start playing with her tits
>about 2 minutes later she pushes me away, says I cant do this, I'm sorry.
>i'm stunned.
>she kicks me out
>my first sexual experience wasnt a sexual experience.

I did still have a raging hardon so decided to finish in their garden.

mfw jacking off at 2 in the morning in someone elses garden.
>be me
>girl comes over to "what would we even dooo? lol"
>u already kno
>rip off her clothes
>shes naked
>she leaves
>she returns
>sex is had in all holes
>be 16
>go bordell
>fuck hooker but shes not friendly
>lose hard
>she uses hands
> i cum

wasnt so awesome like in my beta fantasies
circumcision will fix it, no prob anon
ps I did not wear a condoms
fucking kek anon
>be me
>be 11 yrs old
>know a girl
>she's 12 and is the younger sister of three
>her family and my family always meet during summer break in my family's summer house by the beach
>I always liked her but was too much of a beta to ask her to be my gf
>during the years her sisters (15 and 17 at the time) always said how she liked me and that I should ask her out
>finally one day (after 4 years of summers without action) I decide to ask her
>so we're at her place, she's sitting on her family pc playing Lara Croft
>i'm sitting next to her
>i ask her "Anon, do you want to date me?"
>awkward silence
>she looks at me and says she'll think about it
>(i was too much of a faggot to push her so I said "ok")

ff a month later (that was in late June)
>I'm back at my hometown (we lived in different cities) for a couple of weeks because there were exams I had to take
>she asks me on facebook if I was still interested in her
>for some stupid shit reason i say "wait, weren't we already dating?"
>she said she never said yed
>"oh, ok", I say
>"yeah sure I still want to"
>she gets happy and sending xoxos and <3 and all that 12yr old shit

ff a couple of weeks, I finished my tests ready to go full summer time mode

>my mom and I go back to her family's house
>we go to the beach every day everything is cool
>we watch movies together in the living room and make all-nighters almost every night
>always holding hands
>I was real friendly with the middle sister
>my gf didn't like it, she always said she stole all her bf
>her sister and I had the habit of shutting ourselves in her room and watch porn on her laptop while on bed
>bear in mind that I was 11 and she was 16
>both watching porn in her bedroom
>she asked me in a very casual way if I I wanted her to suck me
>my face became red
>being a fag I told her "no...." and left the room
>I shut myself in the bathroom and fap
>I began fapping secretly in their home

continue? about to get more erotic
keeb going
you only started fapping age 14? jesus i was on it at like 12

how old were you? also have a skank ass ho (i.e. 14 year old) story

>be mid 20s, hang out every weekend with bros
>some college party girls who live down the street would occasionally show up - free booze and all that
>14 year old ho lived next to them, parents didn't give a fuck, hang out with college girls
>ho tags along with college girls to party one weekend
>nothing much happened that time, she just got drunk and went home with girls
>so couple of weekends later, quiet weekend, just 5 of us sitting around drinking and shooting the shit
>ho shows up alone - tell her nothing going on this weekend
>begs to be let in
>jokingly tell her that if we let her in she has to suck all our dicks
>she says okay and comes in, heads straight for alcohol
>tell her she can't get drunk, because she can't stay here
>she proceeds to get blottered
>comes to living room, starts dancing
>starts stripping
>now naked 14 year old going back and forth to each of us, sticking her naked little titties in our faces
>finally one of the guys grabs her ass
>she squeals, and falls across the three of us on the couch
>so everyone starts feeling her up
>bro at her head pulls out his dick and she quaffs it like it was a water fountain in the desert
>she finishes him off and moves down to next bro, pulls at his zipper to get him out
>goes to each dude one after the other and sucks us off
>swallowed it all too, as far as i could tell
>finally finishes us all, then rolls onto the floor
>squirms a bit then finally passes out
>in morning, wake up, see her leaving out front
>didn't see her for a few months after that
>sweated it thinking we'd be v& at any time
>she shows up one weekend, gets wasted but no blow this time
Sad fella has to make up life events of rape to feel good.
wtf I dont get it what the hell happened? Finish your story faggot
File: 1422128719993.jpg (472 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
472 KB, 1536x2048

>virgin detected
>being amused because thread is full of betas
>realize I don't even last a minute
>probably even more beta than you all combined
>now i'm sad
14 and not a virgin? dayum
File: 1300044776986.jpg (17 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she was kinda bad at jerking off so she was just doing things with my dick
>she was just doing things with my dick
>just doing things with my dick
thank you, this is something I've been wanting to get off my chest for a while

>at the time I couldn't watch porn without feeling the need to take a piss every 20 secs
>i bet her sister knew that everytime I said "I have to go to the bathroom" i was gonna fap

>the younger one, my gf, was a complete batshit crazy fucking lunatic
>she was always arguing with her sisters
>mommy and daddy issues in the family
>my mom and I always stayed neutral and backed off when their mom yelled at them

>so nothing happens for a while
>"i should be taking advantage of this"
>our moms would often leave the house to go to nightclubs and only come back at 4 or 5 am in the morning
>sometimes her sister went out too, leaving us alone
>(17 yr old sister was living with their dad btw)
>anyways, me and my gf liked to cuddle on the sofa watching spongebob and disney
>i always caressed her hair and she layed on top of me

So now we went to my summer house. this whole thing was happening at their houses

>it's a fucking huge place
>built by my family
>one master bedroom and two equally big places
>we go there because the place is going to hell from negligence so we're milking it until someone fixes it or buys it
>has a big ass swimming pool about 4m in depth
>roads leading to the beach
>house is built on a cliff
>she always thought I was some rich dude
>anyways, back to the hot stuff
>we usually stay at the pool all day
>playing, splashing water, playing hide and seek around the property, whatever
>I like to tickle her and fond her while we're on the water
>i grab her from behind always laughing
>one day we're alone, as usual
>it's getting late, we are playing on the pool as the sun is setting
>water is tinted orange from the sun
>eventually we start kissing
>slowly making out
>she grabs my arm and takes me to one of shallow (around our waists) part of the pool
>she spreads her legs and we start making out
>start feeling boner
limit reached, continue?
First time kissing was akward. I felt like a moron. When we had sex I was rock hard,but when I put it I side her I didnt feel a thing. For the first hour I was wondering if she was just loose. But we ended up fucking for the entire day ,nothing . Fell asleep woke up to a bj and fuck from morning til night. It took me what was altogether a day and a half of nonstop sex to cum. Liked her alot but we broke up after a month because she thought she wasnt pleasing me. Sucks because she was the first girl who didnt get on my nerves.
>Be me 2 yrs ago 19 with girl friend of same age
>both at my house with full intention of fucking
>we both start undressing until in underwear
>Start sucking tits and fingering her getting hot an heavy
>chick goes full retard mode
> tells me to get on top of her she goes full dead fish mode
> starts laughing that my diamond hard dick is on her leg
> lose boner try kissing her she's scared of how big my lips are
> tell her to blow me toothy dry ass head
> say fuck this and tell her to get on top and fuck me everything getting hot n heavy
> lose boner cuz sucky condom
>pussy goes dry cuz any foreplay I tried she fucked up by being resistant
> bitch would not lossen up say fuck it and give up
4 months of non stop I wanna fuck then when we do fuck she doesn't deliver fuck haven't had sex since
The inside of the vagina is the only point of sex
Only two other guys. Her ex like 2 years before and this guy a month before we got together because she has trouble telling people no
I had the same issue, nervous.

of course
>Be me 2 yrs ago 19 with girl friend of same age
>both at my house with full intention of fucking
>we both start undressing until in underwear
>Start sucking tits and fingering her getting hot an heavy
>chick goes full retard mode
> tells me to get on top of her she goes full dead fish mode
> starts laughing that my diamond hard dick is on her leg
> lose boner try kissing her she's scared of how big my lips are
> tell her to blow me toothy dry ass head
> say fuck this and tell her to get on top and fuck me everything getting hot n heavy
> lose boner cuz sucky condom
>pussy goes dry cuz any foreplay I tried she fucked up by being resistant
> bitch would not lossen up say fuck it and give up
4 months of non stop I wanna fuck then when we do fuck she disappoints
U need pills op
Nah, nervousness
If eating a girl out doesn't get you harder than diamonds, you're gay. I'm sorry OP, that's just how it works.
>i continue to kiss her passionately
>she keeps moaning and biting her lip and kissing my neck
>she starts doing the sweet pelvic trust
>all this time I had my arms around her back
>she didn't want to take off her bra though
>her tits were small. remember when I asked her if she wanted to be my gf? she was wearing a basketball shirt and I could see her small titties from being next to her
>anyways, I lift her up and she locks her legs around my waist
>i put two hands beneath her shorts so I'm not grabbing her ass
>the whole scenery is tinted with orange because of the sunset
>feels like a fucking Wes Anderson movie
>after ten minutes of having my dick fully hard agaist my swimming shorts rubbing her wet pussy she stops
>"let's get out of the pool"
>she gets off and I follow her
>I'm kinda bending over forwards with my hands in front of my dick not to show my massive 11 year old boner
>we go to this small makeshift bar by the pool
>she takes me around it and lays down
>i spread her legs and we start kissing even more passionately
>we are still fucking drenched in water
>her legs are spread and locked into my back
>even though we have our shorts on we start to rub each other more and more
>she starts to moan
>I start to kiss her neck
>moving slowly downwards towards the stairway to heaven
>finally I start biting her shorts laces
>she asks me "Anon what are you doing?!"
>"Trust me, you'll love this"
>BOOM, i slide them off
>thank you layer of water
>she is now only with her bras on
>she closes her legs because she was shy
>i pry them slowly, telling her I love her
>she does so
>"Wow" I thought, "There it is"
>her pussy was so wet and hot
>very small, tight
>i start to rub my fingers on the labia
>begin to slowly put the middle finger in, trying not to hurt her
>she's moaning and panting
>i lick my finger
>then I creep up to her, tongue the fuck out of her mouth and tell her I love her
>i go back to the pussy
limit reached, continue?
>>High school sweetie and me get some quality time at a friends house
>> On the way there realize no condom
>> Stop at local pharmacy, pick up box of Trojans
>> Crap, freaking LONG line
>> Horny sweetie waiting in car
>> Finally get to register, cute young checkout girl
>> Place box of Trojans on counter, still long line all probably seeing this
>> Register paper runs out
>> Crap, she doesn't know how to fix it
>> Calls manager for help, seems like 5 minutes before its fixed
>> As she hands me receipt she says, "Have a good one!"
>> Realizes what she just said and she turns beat red.
>> Had a GREAT one!
My first time wasn't exactly disastrous, but...

>Long-distance relationship because of school, had been about 4 months
>Fly in, have a date, dinner, etc
>Go back to her apartment pretty late
>She says she has a surprise
>Pulls out a box of condoms
>stuff gets heavy pretty fast, go to put on the condom
>It's like half the width of my dick
>Try for like 10 minutes to fit it around, just doesn't happen
>Go to Wal-Mart at 2 am to buy XL condoms
>Still barely fit, left an imprint on my dick afterwards
>Up until 5 am having sex
I lost my virginity at 14 behind a dumpster behind a church to an asshole that was blackmailing me and left me there after cumming inside me. Not a great experience.
File: 1409553350813.gif (257 KB, 434x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 434x477
All the womens get horny for that Timmies, eh? My fellow Moose Jockey
>she's 12 and is the younger sister of three
>bear in mind that I was 11 and she was 16
No, I won't bear in mind. Decide on a fucking age.
Awww, look, you got the reference.

Trips were wasted on you, faggot.
stop asking, cont'
After this write a fucking novel you poetic fuck
This was good anon

He's talking about 2 different girls
no WAY XD you hav such A BIG PENIS mAN you shud be a pr0nstar or sumfing!!!!! xD:D:D:DD
You're a waste of fucking skin
Captcha: frape
Tits or gtfo.
>Be 17
>Fooling around with a girl from school
>Me virgin, she's not, on break from her boyfriend
>They break up
>meet at my place
>start making out
>start stripping, fingering her
>"anon, wanna put something else in there?"
>start having sex
>cum after like 4 minutes
>start doing foreplay instead
>"wanna go again?"
>fuck for 45 minutes
>she cums 4 times
>but I don't cum at all, lose boner
>didn't cum that night
>VERY awkward
>broke up with her after 2-3 weeks
My GF was the one who brought it up, and I never got shit dick from her either. And I did go balls deep. I dunno, I guess she was always ready or something. Shit was cash.
Im 18 male, shes 15 female turning 16 soon. Shes not a virgin and i am, started seeing eachother.. tell me about how a first time typically goes. I gym but still have low self confidence, average sized dick. Am i screwed?
OP the same thing happened to me.Even though the girl was hot,i lost my boner 2-3 times.Why the fuck??
>Cum after 4 minutes.
>didn't Cum that night.
Too curved to be a pornstar. Makes most positions basically impossible.
>be me
>15 years old
>no gf ever
>planned suicide
>now just 4chan all day
meant to say I didn't cum a second time
File: image.jpg (218 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 960x1280
Top kek
I did last time I posted about it. I'm really not interested in posting my tits every single time I fucking talk about stuff.
Fucking messed up isnt it
>Am I still a terrible person?
For not providing enough details to make your story fapworthy and therefore a waste of space, yes.
>>609315936 - her SISTER was 16. there were 3 of them, my gf (12) and her sisters (16 and 17)

>i french kiss that pussy like a dog licking a frying pan
>she moans and pants and twitches
>my dick must have already cummed about 20 times that day
>i loved the feeling of my tongue perfectly sliding her smooth hairless cunt
>i gently try to open her tight little pussy and lick the inside
>shes moaning like a fucking animal while trying to put her hands against her mouth
>eventually she starts twitching really bad
>i stop because her pussy went against my eye
>"oh no, not the pussy! ahh, my eyes, my eyes"
>anyways I stop because I was worried
>as she calms herself down and catches her breath i actually stop and taste my mouth
>seriously it was so fucking good
>she leans agaisnt the back of the bar, smiling at me
>i wipe my face and smile at her
>we both start laughing uncontrolably realizing what we had done
>i start hearing the wind call
>"Anon!" "Where are you?"
>I recognize the voice
>it's my mom, she's calling from the top of the hill
>i tell my girl I love her, she tells me back and we get out shit together
>i step out of the back of the bar, the sun is now halfway across the horizon
>i look at the top of the hill, spot my mom and wave
>i tell her that we'll be right up

I'll continue if you're interested. are you liking it so far?
>eventually w
It probably was for him though. Have to think of the positives here.
>no greentext
Not first time having sex but still a first time experience
>be 16
>get absolutely fucked up off goon with mates
>all the rest of my mates leave except for me and one of my fire because it's their house and I am staying the night
>We are giggling our heads off in bed
>start macking on
>fuck yeah
>One thing leads to another and I start sucking his dick
>Go full beta and start apologising the whole time
>he has way more experience than me
>Keeps telling me I am doing fine and all that
>tfw he asked to finish himself and cum on you

assume I was terrible. Then when I was 17 at a new years even party I sucked his dick again after heaps of us went skinny dipping.
Go on XD Moar
Pinnacle of Keks
Yes it is.But why this shit happened?
He was nervous you stupid fuck...performance anxiety or whatever how can you be over the age over 12 and never heard of this
you literally didnt pee/wash your dick after anal sex?
Wtf is wrong with you
>Doesn't matter had sex.
Keep fucking bitches and you'll get better
I know that feel. Must've fucked for at least 2 hours as well. She came 3 times and by the end I was like fuck it. I pulled out tried to get her to help but I just ended up jacking off and cumming on her belly. I went raw. Funny thing is, with my wife (2nd to ever fuck) I lasted 10-20 mins and I thought I pissed myself when I came in her for the first time. (It was in a condom).
It happened to me for live, 1 year in a row. I even had to go to a therapist.

At least its all good now.
>12 year old detected
an hero
Nervousness. Anxiety, testosterone levels, self conciousness, dozens of factors. dont worry about it.
I chuckled. It was pretty awful at the time. It did a number on my self esteem but I'll admit that since I've come to terms with it I find myself fantasizing about it a lot more than I'd like to.
Thank you anon.Especially when i wear a condom,the problem is bigger.
try not wearing a condom, if you spend too much time fapping before your first time sex is usually not enough of a stimulant to keep a boner. Your hand offers 100x more grip an you how you like it yourself. Vaginas arent as tight, their oftenly isnt any friction and sometimes its hard to keep a rod. Stop fapping for as long as you can and try and get some of the sensitivity back.
File: 1428725820012.png (75 KB, 968x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 968x647
Alright here goes
>be me
>be 17
>been with girlfriend of six months
>valentines day and she pulls me upstairs to lay in bed with her
>lay in bed for a good minute watching some movie or show that is fuzzy to my memory
> I decide to play with her ass underneath her sweatpants
> she's instantly horny and starts kissing me everywhere
>Strip off clothes and she sucks me off to wet up the ol' dick
>she lays on her back and tells me she wants me to put it in her
>she knows I'm a virgin
>says "its OK if you don't last long"
>"its alright I think I'll do OK"
>Start to slide in
>make one slow pump
> ohgodnotnow.gif
>make even slower pump
> about to cum
> pull out and blow huge load onto her stomach
> "its OK anon its your first time I'm not upset"
>mfw I'm a two pump chump
>mfw I stay with her for 2 and a half more years
another aussie from this thread. where you from?
yes continue
File: red stag baby.jpg (95 KB, 758x624) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
red stag baby.jpg
95 KB, 758x624
>Be 18, first semester at college.
>Girl from Indiana I used to know messages me out of blue
>She wants to come to my uni and stay with me for the weekend to party and shit
>Comes over, 5/10 no real interest in her
>After pregaming for an hour we start to make out cause why not
>She puts hand on jeans, feeling muh rock hard dick.
>Get nekked, eat her out and finger her, make her gush with mah musician hands.
>"Fuck me plz anon"
>Go to put dick in
>Totally flaccid
>The fuck did that happen?
>"Something wrong"
>"Just suck it for a bit"
>she sucks it for about 30 min to no avail.
>Panic mode engage
For 3 days we tried to fuck a few times a day, each time I was so worried I couldn't get hard, not even by myself when I tried to jerk in the bathroom.
>Now have sex every other day at least, 5 year relationship, have had over a dozen threesomes with my girl and her friends/sorority sluts.
Fuck being young with no confidence. That experience almost made me gave up on life after that shit.
define average
What country are you from?
Thank you once again anon
>Be Me
>Start kissing in bed with a girl in love with me, but I have zero feelings for her.
>Using her for sex and she doesn't understand that
>Start licking her pussy
>She says shes never given a blowjob before
>Grabs my dick with fucking pincer hands
>Squeezes it so hard it hurts and I tell her to be gentle
>Puts it in her mouth
>Scrapes her teeth along my penis for about 30 seconds
>Accidently bites it
>Start screaming in pain
>Run to Shower
>Put dick under shower trying to sooth it.
>Hear crying in my room
>"I'm so sorry anon I didnt mean to"
>She starts having a panic attack
>Tell her to go home.
too much porn sir.
Those fucking priests.
>First Blowjob
>Not warning her about teeth grinding
>be me, 29 (almost legendary wizard status)
>friend, girl, 19 asks me to come get her
>friends bailed on her, all alone, not enough cash for taxi home
>man up, collect her and let her stay at mine
>becomes lvl 99 flirt with me
>I'm okay with this.jpg
>head to my room, initiate foreplay
>time for condom, ok
>fucking for 20 mins, can't cum
>just lie beside her and sleep

>next day, no awkwardness?
see >>609316883

anyways I'll continue
>so we walk hand to hand all the way up the stairs to the main building
>we didn't really talk much, just stopping here and there to kiss some more behind some trees

okay, I'll skip to dinner
>my mom had ordered the local pizza place to go make some
>she had to go get them herself
>bear in mind that this happened in one of those village/tourist locations that are cut off from the mainland
>my house is between a city off the coast and a small village
>so my mom drives our car there and leaves us alone
>"sweet, more playtime"
>unfortunately as soon as my mom was getting in her car and we were waiving goodbye my gf's mom horns her car and starts going down the driveway
>"guess we won't have 15 mins to play" i tell myself
>her mom just bought one of those disgusting Fiat 500.
>great fucking ideia, you have a prepubescent daughter and two teens and you buy a tiny tin can
>so her mom is tagging along with my gfs sisters
>i think I had a small crush on the 16 year old, I should've fucked her when I had the chance
>so they get off the car with champagne and vodka and other drinks
>we all greet and kiss each other and I offer to take the drinks as they all settle down
>we were gonna have a big dinner just like the old days

ff to the dinner
>so we're all sitting at the table
>eating pizza and bolognese my favourite plate
>every one'e eating and talking and drinking and telling jokes
>I'm happy, she's happy, my mom's happy, everybody happy!
>my girl and I are sitting next to each other, she keeps rubbing her feet on mine
>she had socks but it felt so fucking good
>we look at each other, wink and shit
>our parents already knew we were dating and were happy for us because apparently they always tried to set us up
>i was that cliché charismatic guy from class who gets good grades, dresses nice and always says funny and darkly comic jokes
no more space, continue? sex incoming
File: 0053 - 1qfwZyT.jpg (67 KB, 709x765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0053 - 1qfwZyT.jpg
67 KB, 709x765
Well since we're also doing first time anal, ill share it too
>Be me 2 years later
>Same girl is still after me, kind of a FwB situation, even though I give less than 2 shits about her
>Find out she is going to a shitty state school and Im moving 3 states away for uni
>Be early August, aka like two weeks before send off
>Tell her "We're gonna be gone for awhile, we should try something new before we leave"
>she replies "what? :)"
>I spell out anal using those stupid emojis
>She doesnt respond for like 5 minutes
>"We can try"
>Do all of the prep stuff at her house (enema,etc) not to get shitdick
>Go back to my house and hang out for a few hours waiting for the effects to settle in.
>Decides its time
>No condom boys birth control is a wonderful thing
>Get some lube
>all over the floor/carpet
>slowly put tip in
>she makes funny noises, shes nervous i can tell
>knees slip on the lube, forces my dick all the way in
>she yelps
>regain composure, apologize etc.
>After awhile shes really really enjoying it
>shes an anal slut.jpg
>do anal at least ten more times before I leave for university
>mfw havent seen her in 4 years
Havent done anal since

>No idea what to do
>Gf to tight or i'm too big
>Strugle like 5 min with lube
>Boner dies
>give up
>Try again 3 days later
>Fucking force it the fuck in
>Feels fucking amazing man
wat do? Do i do it slow or fucking fast? no idea
>fuck her with the force of fucking 100000 suns
>She comes
>I instantly have the strongest orgasm of my life because of the feel of her vagina shaking and flexing like that.
Stop asking for more lol we abviously want it XD
I'm straight as fuck but I could give a better blowjob than most inexperienced girls, only had bad experiences with them myself anon
>The inside of a vagina is super fucking over-rated

Vaginas without adequate muscular strength around them are indeed overrated. Go find girls that are in better vagina-fitness.
Nice trips
moar fap
Since my first time didnt really count, i´ll tell how the second one went.
we were making out like hell on the couch and decided to fuck in the bathroom, things start to get hot and from nowhere i rip a forsaken fart while she was riding me on the toilett. Since i sat on the plastic seat i sounded even worse, and smelled like (suprise) shit.
She flew off me and said "wtfwtfwtfwtf fuck ur disguisting blablabla" while i was laughing like hell, still felt akward as fuck later on.
>be me
>middle school gf
>16 as well
>walked to her place after school
>watched That 70's Show
>Haha Kelso you dumbshit
>start cuddling
>instant boner
>go to her room
>clothes off
>start fingering her like I was looking for my keys
>eat her out like a free buffet
>didn't know what I was doing tho
>attempt to put the meat stick in
>jaws theme song playing in my head
>mom walks in unexpectedly
>looks at my dick with a not bad man face
>gives thumbs up
>walks up
>start fucking her
>hmmp going good so far
>about to fun
>she's enjoing herself
>fun on her stomach
>she licks the rest of my dick
>get dressed
>about to leave
>moms stops me
>says maybe she could get some of my dick later down the road
>double wammy?!?!
>year later
>break up with gf
>fuck her mom
>never seen both since
fapping engaged
Holy fuck, i do want it!
Fucking pedos
>be me, 14 about to lose virginity
>decided to fuck something regardless of circumstance
>8/10 qt with a thick, round ass
>coax her into anal
>tfw losing your virginity by doing anal on a whim
>stankdick that makes baby jesus cry
>still nutted on her face
>she gave me after nut head
>took a shower, felt manly

true story.
I'm so proud my story is bringing much fapping to this glorious afternoon!
okay I'll just continue dumping
could someone please make an image compiling all of these together?

okay lets go:
>she was that sort of bad girl that had so-so grades, a bad attitude with her parents, posted those retarded posed pics on facebook, etc.
>you get the ideia
she was hot AS FUCK though, an easy 8/10 on a good day, 7.5/10 on a bad one, blonde
>golden sperm

>anyways, dinner goes smoothly
>we talk about vacation, what we are going to do tomorrow etc. etc.
>our mothers decide to go to the beach
>i was always a pool guy, but since I was okay with it I agree'd on
>my gf accepted, her sisters had some other shit to do with their friends

ff to end of dinner
>they're ready to leave
>my mom decides that she'll stay at our house for the night so we don't have to move back and forth between the city where they live and the beach
>we could just go down the stairs from the pool all the way down to the beach
>her mom and my mom and a couple of her friends who went there to say hi go talking into the living room and the kitchen, etc.
>my gfs sisters were picked up by the older one's boyfriend to go the mall
>it's just me and my cunt, err I mean loved one
>we go outside the house
>its freezing as fuck
>we're wearing those comfy gym outfits to keep us from getting cold
>we decided to go chill to the roof
>the house if "infused" (?) to a cliff, so we could scale a little bit and hop to the roof
>we did
>we just layed there, talking about ourselves and summer and this and that
>I was laying on myback with one of my arms serving as a pillow for my head to rest and another arm wrapped around her head
>she was sideways, facing me, with one of her legs on top of me
>we stayed there for maybe 45 mins to 1 hour, looking at the star's in the sky
>she was amazed about having an orgasm
is this the shit part of the story?
>be 15
>new girlfriend
>both virgins
>be making out
>stop making out because we hear her parents get home
>as soon as they walk past she reaches down my pants and just starts jerking it
>waist band digging into sack
>semen explosion in T-minus 5 seconds
>spray her face, tiny pool dribbles in belly button
>feel awkward
>grabs towel, cleans up and leaves
You're off to a solid start rookie
I was with a couple guys who had similar issues and I found that taking things slow actually made it a lot easier for them. They were self-conscious, low in confidence, and rushing into sex with the pressure of having to perform and the various expectations just made it more difficult. The truth is there really is no reason to rush! If you're having trouble performing then focus more on foreplay, make out more, go down on her, take the time to get comfortable with her. She'll appreciate it as well.

Yeah fuck them! Oh wait... Nah he wasn't a priest, but he was a couple of years older than me and 'devoutly religious' in every way other than actually following the religion.
nah its that sentimental part that ends with kissing and fingering on a roof, give me time to write
Few days later, same girlfriend, making out, starts to suck my dick
>she starts to actually suck
>not gentle suction
>like a fucking hoover
>has braces
>feels bad man.jpeg
>ask her to stop
>awkward fumbling about and trying to fuck her
>won't let me take panties off because she's wearing a grandma sized bad and is on the rag
Yeah OP still kinda have those issues, moving around to get into a position takes all the blood from my boner, it's awful, I attempted to loose my virginity twice before I actually was hard enough to get it in, fml
Never posted don't know how to greentext:
Be 18 first girlfriend 17
Me Virgini
Her debatable
Been together 9 months
Her not shy but won't commit to going all the way
Got hotnsweaty one night and I got the signal
Heart racing etc etc nervous as hell, struggling to put condom
Cum buckets on her leg
Ditched me a week later
>be me, femanon, 17
>random guy messages me on facebook
>start talking
>find out he lives in my hometown, and is hanging out with my friends
>fall in love and shit
>he buys me a bus ticket to come stay with him for a couple weeks
>he shows up to the bus station with my best friend who I hadn't seen in like 3 years
>spends his whole paycheck to get me high
>we get back to his place
>smoke 1 blunt, and I'm baked
>sitting in his lap on a chair
>making out
>i lose my virginity in a chair, with a guy I had met in person less than 3 hours ago
>while my best friend was sitting on the bed literally 4 feet away
>still with this guy
File: 1412127474975.jpg (24 KB, 400x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 400x462
>don't know how to greentext
well premature ejaculation is just as bad as never coming imo, so don't feel bad.
Are you cut or uncut? if you are uncut then mabye you can get cut, will feel less when you have sex and therefore last longer.
Save this for a cringe thread anon
Fucking beast
>be 17
> dated guy for over a year, sucked him off a few times but never all the way
> he's small, 3 in. tops
> finally gets sex after trying to convince him for months
> puts it In
> couldn't feel it at all
> asked him to go harder
> still couldn't feel it
> he want me to ride him
> I try but still cant tell if it's in
> tell him I'm too tired
> brake up two weeks later
either fake, or hot as fuck
tits or gtfo
I see it as a warm up. after you Cum focus on her for 5 minutes till you're back up and give her a good ride.
>no first time story because no first time
>will never have story because this is the life i have chosen for myself
>eventually she asks me "Anon, do you *really* love me?"
>"Yes, baby. Of course I do."
> I told her some bullshit line like "look at all these starrs. even if you count them they can't measure what I feel for you"
>she bawwwed and kissed me
>and we started kissing
>nothing too extreme, some basic french kissing
>she rolls on top of me and we start rolling back and forth while giggling and kissing each other
>that shit was fucking dangerous now that I think of it
>the roof was maybe 2.5m above the ground
>anyways we eventually stop giggling and go full on at it
>we start to kiss faster
>tongues everywhere
>sometimes I open my eyes while kissing her and all I see is her sweet sweet lips completely entering my mouth while her eyes are closed
>It was fucking magical
>really, it looked like a movie. the moon was full and shining and the sky was FILLED with stars
>so I decide to roll over her and be on top
>she already knows the drill, she spreads her legs and interlocks them around my back
>no one can spot us because we're in the part of the roof that's against the cliff
>i slide her pants down to her knees and put my hand inside them
>she has goosebumps all over her legs
>it feels so fucking good just sliding my hands along her cold thighs
>she keeps kissing me and fondling my dick with her hand
>I then put my hand inside her panties
>she kinda twitches and makes "ughhh, its so cold Anon"
>I tell her not to worry that I'll make it warmer
>I start fingering her pussy
>she can't moan because she is always kissing me
>I can feel her breath against my neck and going into my mouth, it was fantastic
>my hand gets very warm and becomes sticky from the fluids
>i just do it for 5 mins until she orgasms and starts to twitch
>i cover her mouth "shhhh" while giggling
>she starts checking her phone out of bordem and watching the tv over my shoulders
She clearly wasn't a virgin kek
continue please
This is just gay. Just stop talking about your fantasies and fuck off, you permavirgin.
Nigger, none of that happened.
>eventually she calms herself down
>she tells me that was amazing and that she loves me for the bazillionth time
>she pulls her pants back up and we decide to go downstairs

Rest of the night went normal. she and her mom had a fight because she wanted to stay here for the night with me but she said no.
the beach day was normal, we didn't fool around much. we just kinda kissed behind some rocks when our mothers werent seing, so I'll just skip to the final day and then the ending
No this shit actually happened. It's not a fucking fantasy it was the best summer of my life you fucking faggot.
Stop reminiscing about shit that happened to you over a decade ago, you pussy.
this story was the biggest buzzkill, might as well have ended with everybody walk the dinosaur
Keep going bro!
Hey its you again I messaged you something you might be interested in this morning. check it out when you get the chance
>Be 17
>Go to girls place, in relationship with her for like 3 weeks
>She starts rubbing and touching
>Get hard as shit
>She unzips my pants
>I didnt expect this shit, havent shaved at all, coockamonga downstaris
>She still goes down, well ok I guess
>Take condom out of my wallet, about to put it on, cant slips off cant roll it down, fuck
>Try 2nd one and last one shit again failed to put it on ( I had practiced putting it on had no problem before )
>Out of condoms
>Get stressed as fuck
>She says its ok lets do it raw
>OMG holy shit I am about to hit it raw
>Get scared as shit getting her pregnant
>Dick dies, ED like a motherfucker
>Cant get it up, stressing
>End up going to toilet trying to get it up, cant
>Go back to room say I cant do it
>Girl starts to cry thinking its her
>Calm her down, watch a movie, went home beta as fuck.

But later ended up banging her two days later with a condom and then after that I learned of ovulation and when to fuck and not to fuck raw and was with her for next two years never used a condom and hit it raw, didnt get her pregnant and now we are broken up.
>be 14
>girl is pc master rase
>she comes over and plays on my 2nd pc
>start playing csgo with cheats i made
>she invites me into bed
>fuck without condoms
>both were happy
>play 3 comps and she goes home
>found out i got overwatched 7 hours later
>sad for 4 weeks because overwatch
File: faxanadukey.jpg (13 KB, 175x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 175x200
>be 18 with first gf in 4 years she is 16 be dating for a few months oral sex and hand jobs to this point
>lets me cum in her mouth imokaywiththis
>I am virgin she is not.
>over at her house all the time siting on couch
>She is playing with my dick under a blanket
>have to go and jerk off in her bathroom because balls start to hurt
>mom makes awesome dinner and I leave
>fast forward to the night
>sneak back in to her house
>takes me to bed room
>my dick is diamonds
>go down on her seek and destroy her clit
>she cums with a pillow over her face
>time is now
>lay down she sits on me and slides my dick in side her
>that feel the first time your wrapped up in warm wet vagina
>Just stay still for a second so I can feel the goodness..... and then she starts moving
>I understand now what all the fuss is about.
>fuck for a good 20 mins before I feel like I have to blow
>"cum inside me anon its okay"
>that feel when you know she is on birth control because you fucking bought it for her
>cum inside her with the force of an exploding super nova.
>roll over she cleans me off with her mouth.
>tells me I have to leave because school
>Drive home listening to music so loud seat dancing.
>some one calls me a faggot through the window
>idgaf just got laid...
>fuck like rabbets for a year and a half
>she hates that I saw fuck a lot
>say it one to many times breaks up with me

10 years ago now still think about her sometimes when I fuck my wife. haha she was half white half Asian.

you're either a woman or a virgin if you don't have an understanding of performance anxiety

it's something anyone who has had a real sex life knows. it's gonna happen to you eventually if it hasn't already so get comfortable with it; life isn't like porn where the guy is consistently hard for two hours
same here ;)
it's not over yet you fucking idiot, I'm still typing the last night where I finally fuck her
yes, continue
first time with this one bitch
>me, 20, nonvirgin
>shes 18, comes over with friends
>we all get shitfaced off some good good
>everyone passes out cept me and her
>invite uptstairs to watch netflix
>she gets into bed we start making out
>take off her clothes, eat her out
>pull my dick out, lather it up with some saliva
>slide it in, fuck her for a good 30 minutes
>couldn't finish because alcohol but hard as the rock
>she couldnt move afterwards, friends downstairs heard us the whole time

>she didnt call me again, 10/10 i kekd
>I lost my virginity at 14 behind a dumpster behind a church to an asshole that was blackmailing me and left me there after cumming inside me. Not a great experience.

Try this instead:
My virginity was lost at 14 to an asshole blackmailer. He left me there, next to a dumpster behind a church. He came inside me. Not a great experience.
>better tension
File: 1426377132283s.jpg (4 KB, 125x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 125x120
>Im virgin
>Fucked for first time.
>Nutted inside her in 60 sex
>Shit was so cash
>she's 15
>good friends but super slut
>probably lost her virginity at 12 and was fucking guys ever since
>tell her I love her (I didn't, just wanted teh sex)
>first night together alone
>she's just wearing a wide top and panties
>free view on her boobs
>get instant rock hard boner
>start fondling
>she gets wet in like a minute
>put on condom and put it in
>cum in like 2 seconds
>she's not amused
>10 mins later
>round 2
>cum in 30 seconds
>I'm out of energy
>she's furious
>wake up
>never had sex with her again
okay people, final night in cunt paradise

So I'd just like you to know that I actually forgot to mention that between the pool day and the roof night there was a week where I stayed at her dad's with her and made out with her when he was asleep. This night that I'll greentext happened a week after the roof one because I went back to my town because I was homesick. I eventually came back and celebrated my 12th birthday with her, the sisters, her mom, my mom and some of our families mutual friends at friend's hamburger place.

>so we're having dinner at my house
>it's me, my gf and her mom
>things aren't going well between them, the mom was probably bipolar and depressed
>her mom is kinda pissed off at the world and just wants to get out of there
>our moms say goodbye
>my gf and I, who werent at the table, decide to ask her if she wouldn't mind her sleeping here
>her mom starts bitching and goes paranoid
>yells at everyone and gets pissed off but my mom goes talk to her in private and convinces her to leave my gf stay for the night

ff to bed time
>so my mom had already gone to sleep
>it was like 2 am in the morning
>me and my gf were sitting on the couch cuddling and watching a Goodfellas on my laptop
>we decide to go play some cards game on the dinner table
>my mom is asleep so we decide to be bad
>we go to the fridge and grab a bottle of vodka from the pizza dinner
>we start drinking the vodka
>eventually we must've have drank each about 1/4 of the bottle
>I was feeling okay though
>we continue playing for awhile but decide to go to our bedroom
>we put or pajamas, shut the door, turn on just a tiny shelf light and crawl into the bed
>we start going at it
>"Let's get it on.... Uaaaaaaaaa!"
>we kiss more and more intensly
nice story haha I love the speak in extensions thingy, always cracking me up in greentexts
feel your pain op
>be 17
>be with gf for few days
>we decide its time to fuck
>ditch school next day
>go to her house
>go to her room
>lay in bed
>start making out and touching each other
>she strokes my cock, im 100% fully erect
>wet dripping pussy is ready
>lets do this
>she takes off sweat and panties
>lays down on back, legs wide open
>i mount and put my dick in
>so warm, so wet, so tight
>this must be what heaven feels like
>pumping for about two minutes
>feel my dick losing power
>please no
>boner goes dead
>what happened?
>i dont know
>try endlessly to get it up
>tell her it will get hard if she sucks it
>she refuses
>we go to sleep
only time thats happened. maybe it was just the first time jitters
i think i need to see a therapist..GF is 8/10 and 2/10 on the crazy scale, nice ass but has small B/C cup boobs(im a boob man) i can fap to porn like 3 times in a row bust a nut and im still good, try to think of getting hard around my GF is like trying to fly sometimes. usually once i get going im good but sometimes i lose it and you trys hard to get it back for me like fapping me off like a jack hammer but i got to basically restart with slow kisses and putting my hands all over her. i end up getting the job done but not the ideal way i want things to be.

10/10 i kek'd
ITT: moar csgo fuck stories

>be me, LEM
>invite girl over, mfw she has 2 comp wins
>show her my rws on esea, insta waterfall.jpeg
>we get on dm, she's playing with my rek9
>start to spam 35 bullets
>4 headshots
>i 1v4 clutched later that day in comp solo queing
>came all over her face
>10/10 would flashbang again
Fuck I can't breath I'm laughing so hard “NOW!"
I was 8
Anxiety is boner cancer
All it takes is stray thought
If sex feels more like work than pleasure - you're putting too much pressure on yourself.
Cognitive counseling might be a good idea, reign in those errant thoughts
voice of experience speaking
File: 1424210286479.png (41 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw i never cum from sex and the next day my dick always has small bruises on it and hurts

at least its still fun and feels good
File: 5313776.jpg (12 KB, 359x203) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 359x203
>she kisses me more and more passionately
>I just kiss and kiss and kiss
>she stops, pushes me to my back and literally jumps on top of me
>her legs are spread open
>she takes off her shirt, so she's now in a bra and her pajama pants
>i take off my shit and throw it onto a corner
>she leans forwards and flips her hair while staring to grind me and kissing me
>i also start to do the Elvis
>she notices me that Im rock hard
>my dick is making a tent on her crotch
>she grabs my dick from the outside, so she's grabbing my pants actually and begins to just fondle it
>caressing it and just "playing" with it
>i keep fondling her head while kissing her and her neck while she plays with my dick
>eventually she stops for a while and backs away
>she lays on her back, puts her legs in the air and takes her pajamas and underwear
>i do the same
>"I'm going to fuck a girl at age 12!" I thought
>she reaches her hands backwards and pulls the blanket behind to cover us
>she then throws herself against me and we just french kiss each other's body for like 5 minutes
>we kiss our necks, mouths arms you name it
>my cock isn't in there yet, she is grinding her pussy against it
>i kiss her boobs and make them go hard
>she's grasping and moaning
>she then rolls me on top her her, spreads her legs and I just go at it
>I slide my dick in her
>the heat of a million suns
>we just kiss while she moans and groans
>i start picking up the pace, I didn't even care about the consequences
>we just do it for 10 minutes just kissing each other and me fucking her in the missionary and with her on top of me
>I felt like a fucking God
>must've cummed inside her about 10 times or so because we did that until we were fucking DONE
>it felt so good, all the sweat and the heat, there's nothing like it
>more towards the end I decided to slide it out of her and finish her off by licking her pussy for 5 mins or so
>my mouth was fucking full of her juice but I just kept going until my tongue was sore
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I remember my first anal :') good times!
>be 18yr old fag with 17yr old gf
>always watches anal porn so i wanted to try it
>gf of course said no but she was a fucking pushover
>asked her three times and she caved
>be at her dads place
>her dad is a mechanic that works at home
>he's outside working and I'm inside with the grill
>get horny because hormones
> start getting frisky and move to room
>no condom with me so pussy outta the question
>hehehe other hole it is
>she hates it, no lube or nothin so I gotta take it slow
>eventually get it in
>really fucking tight but still nice
>once I'm in I start pumping,slow at first
>chuga chuga chuga start going faster
>no sounds outta my girl
>it feels good I do what I always do
>I speed up to the velocity of a jack hammer
>pump her poor ass for a good ten minutes
>cum in sharpie holder
>pull out, she cries out
>look down to see a little blood and shit on my dick
>Gf then runs to the bathroom to shit out my cum
>she gets really quiet after that, saying her ass hurts now
>feel bad that I hurt her....buttttt butt sex
*Slow Claps*
I'm glad I brought you some joy, anon.
its super rare that i cum from actual intercourse. i love sex and can last forever. when i fuck with my gf, after i make her cum a few times and figure we both had enough i just finish by jacking off in her mouth.
>fucking her in the missionary and with her on top of me
Same here - with no regrets
This is the gayest,most made up story I have ever heard. So at 11 you were fingering 12yo girls to orgasm and drink half a bottle of vodka between the 2 of you.

Jesus fucking christ if your going to lie either make it believable, or short so people don't waste their time on this BS.
Is there a little more?
>eventually we were so tired that I literally just crawled from her pussy up to her face and we just kissed and kissed passionately while fondling each other
>she had so much pre-cum and cum in her hands

After that we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up and slept like babies.
Next day everything was normal, weeks continued with some kissing and fingering here and there when we went out with our parents for dinner and went to "sightsee" while our parents stayed at the restaurants waiting for our food. Right before the summer ended our families had a feud and now hate each other. We tried a distanced relationship through Messenger but it didn't work out because since my mom was no longer friends with her family we couldnt drive there to see her. She always called me while I was at school, asking me to text her on class and do this and that, so I broke up with her after realizing how much of a wimp she wanted to make me. This happened in 2002 and up until 2005 I received anoymous calls late at night from her disgusing as a telemarketer or some other shit. She decided to contact my friends and lie to them about me but after showing them how crazy she was they stayed on my side. I keep a secret Facebook to spy on her, she looks like she has gone from bad to worse. She smokes and does drugs, her sisters are also on those "peace and love" hipster shit, smoking weed and all that.
Still was the best summer ever.

First of all, I had already turned 12. Not that it matters, but it's a fact. Second, I wasn't "fingering 12yo girls" you make it sound like I was a fucking playboy or something. I didn't even fap before her sister started showing me porn. My girlfriend was way more advanced in terms of sexuality than me, she was a slut pretty much. Or turned out to be.
And I THINK it was vodka, again, maybe it wasn't vodka, all I know is that it smelled like vodka and we drank about half of it.

I'm telling the truth, take it or leave it.
This kept me entertained for a whole 45 min. Gj anon
is that even legal?
Fuck a bitch who hasnt had it in awhile and does Yoga.
>Things will never be the same
What's that supposed to mean? Don't believe it if you don't want to, but I'm telling you that it happened for a fact
Someone archive this thing!
https://4archive.org/b/thread/609298980 done and done

can someone make an image compiling all?
*clapping* Godd job bruh. You've entertained me for a good 45 mins XD
Thanks I guess.

Thank you, I was lazy. I wrote up a bigger post if anyone wants to see it.
File: 1423585411003.jpg (10 KB, 250x178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You fuckers don't understand my pain:

>Be me
>About 11
>Me and my friends used to hang out in a treehouse that my friends dad made for them before I was even friends with them
>We used to 'masturbate' in there.

(Little side note: Looking back at this now it seems gay as fuck but I never gave a fuck about it. We were very strange and sex aware kids - but that's another story.)

>One day we go up to the treehouse
>A girl from our class that lives near there is there
>Me and my friend go to the house
>We do regular kid stuff for a while - aka I can't remember much except what happened after
>Somehow we talk about masturbation
>She's pretty outgoing
>She watches me and my friend rub our erect cocks
>Keep in mind we are about 11/12
>She let's us take off her bra and even shows pussy
>Itty-bitty-titty because we were kids
>First time I saw both from a girl that wasn't related to me
>She agrees to let one of us 'have fun' with her
>We rock paper scissor between us to choose who does
>I was scared as fuck so I purposely delay my choice to make sure I lose
>He wins
>She is in doggy position and he goes behind her
>Not sure if he stuck it in her, they both claim he did
>She looks at me and says I can have a go anyway
>I come up behind her
>Penis has never been more flaccid
>I rub my flaccid penis on her asshole
>Didn't even want to do this
>My friend asks if I put it in
>She claims I put something in
>After this things go back to normal as if nothing happened
>Later end up walking home the same way
>Feel bad about 'having sex' at such a young age for several days

I'm now 19 and still a virgin. This was my only sexual experience and the closest I ever got to fucking a girl.

I have her on Facebook and she is now a massive slut. Sometimes I wish I actually stuck my penis in so I could have lost my virginity.
Gj Anon. I thought it was yet another bait greentexting, but it was quite interesting.
This is my first time being OP of a thread an you guys love it, im actually happy.
>sad fuck
tfw this same thing happened to me
File: 1313691748545.gif (801 KB, 200x86) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
801 KB, 200x86
>21 and on CL looking for some ass
>Pick up this girl an hour after emailing her
>She lives in the back of this apartment complex
>Drive to front gate
>See her walking to me
>She's hot as fuck, just my type, curvy, no rolls, big ass huge tits baby face and glasses.
>Dinner goes well. We see each other a few times after, then start drinking together
>Eventually end up sleeping in same bed, but not fucking
>This continues for like 3 months, every other night we'd hang out and sleep in my bed, no sexual anything
>Eventually stop talking
>Argument happens
>Sends me snapchats of her and her shiny new black boyfriend trying to make me jealous
>Doesn't realize I didn't want any emotional attachment or physical sex
>Doesn't realize my fetish is cumming on and rubbing my cock on sleeping women's asses and legs
>last time we slept in the same bed I came between her ass cheeks
I...I have one.

>Be 15
>Just recently expelled from school
>One of my good friends somehow knew where I lived (I never gave out my address, I have no idea how she found my house)
>She just shows up out of the blue one day
>The one day I'd convinced my dad to buy me beer
>I had just finished the six pack
>She shows up nearly on the verge of tears
>Tells me her boyfriend just went to jail for beating her
>She was 16, he was 18
>Believe her and drunkenly try to cheer her up
>She suddenly just grabs for my crotch and starts undoing my pants
>Start nervously laughing
>Kind of drunk and not sure what's going on
>Not hard at all
>Takes her clothes off and starts grinding on my dick
>Still nothing
1/2 (Probably 2)
File: 12945821ß215.png (596 KB, 2011x4833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i made a crappy screencap and i needed a reply so your last post is in the same color
>I wrote up a bigger post if anyone wants to see it.
>The stone age.

You mean since last summer ?
>she was the kind of girl to have bad grades and to post stupid pics on fb
>that happened in 2002

yea ok
>She starts getting mad that I'm not getting an erection
>I say something like "We probably shouldn't"
>Can't stop my nervous laughter
>This just makes her more mad because she thinks I'm laughing at her
>Shoves my flaccid dick inside of her
>Starts bouncing
>I still can't stop laughing
>This goes on for like 15 minutes before she gets pissed and says "Fuck it, I'm going home, next time it better work properly"

And that /b/ was my first time.
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