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Change one letter in any video game title...
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Change one letter in any video game title and briefly describe what the resulting game would be about.

>Sins of a Polar Empire
>Real time strategy game about an eskimo colony
>Pick your tribe
>Ally with other tribes or take other tribes down
>Unique research like riding on the back of a polar bear or sharper spears

> run around and do stuff
> never make it to the cloud district
Counter strike NO
A game where every time the counter terrorists decide to prevent a terrorist attack they decide that the shouldn't so you basically watch terrorist successfully blow shit up and kill hostages, you can also play as the terrorists.
>Rob of War
>a very lazy man, Robert Bergstein, is sent on the front line against his will...he'll try his best to defect and go back home
Fallout Jew vegas
>rid wastes of Jews
>good karma for every Jew
>restate the Nazi party in Post apocalyptic Vegas
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> The mast of us
> You're a cabin boy on a sailing boat when suddenly everybody gets sick and starts to slowly die and you have to sail the boat back to land to get medical help. You have to learn to sail the boat and fight not only against the harsh ocean and waves but also insure you stay sane whilst doing so.
> You are the crews only hope to get back to land alive
>wake up in scary house
>only thing you can remember is ham
>get chased by scary ham monster
Hamnesia: A machine OF pigs
nice meme
Little nig planet
>learn how to steal bikes
>how to ovoid job applications
>create a fresh demo
nice mixtape m9 sjubscroob to my soundcload
Bender: The Arrival
>Bender, from Futurama, arrives
Technically should be Blender. Even better though.
The Gaye

You just lost it queer
>You get to be a revolving door
>You have to let people through without hitting them or holding them up
harder than dark souls
Drying Light
>Interactive simulator of a dryer with see-through window that has a light in it
Batman: Arkham Night
>Batman has a night out on the town
left 4 mead
> friends ditch you because you ordered a pint of mead from the bar like a d&d fag
Bomb Raider
>You raid bomb sites
> Down of war
> not that much different from the regular dawn of war, btw
Mortal Combat X
>Made by people who aren't trying to have "edgy" spelling
dawn of war with down's syndrome
Unsharted: Drake's Fortune
>Drake holds in a fart for the longest time, afraid that it may not in fact be just a fart.
War Framed
>You are framed for starting a war
>You play Germany in WW1
Change Battlefield 4 to Battlefield 3
>Has slightly worse graphics
>Better launch
>Basically the same besides that
Fears of war
>a game about PTSD
World of Barcraft
>Competitive bar-styling
Womb Raider

>The story of a lone anon on his quest to lose his virginity and overcome the life of a beta.
Rock Sand

>Avant-garde non-game where you play as a rock sheathed in sand. You are taught the controls at the start of the 'game' but none of them do anything,a s you are an inanimate rock covered in sand.
Spec Ops: The Mine
>Entire game is you trying to get your friend off of a mine without it detonating
>Ends when your friend dies/sacrifices himself
Ballout 3

>Try and become the top baller in all of Detroit
>Try not to get shot
>Interactive Abortionist Simulator 2015
Sears of war
>You invade a sears store
>sears staff call in u.s. to help fight against the anons
>anons use giga nigga to take over sears and the rest of the world
call of cuty
>you are a beta white-knight that must save qt's from uncultured swine alphas
>loads of battle
Your description was much better than mine, damn.
Rainbow Six: Beige (Had to change the spelling slightly)
>Try to design the best beige camo clothes for the military/SWAT/Terrorists
Dead Spice
>zombie cooking contest
Have you seen No Mand Land? That weird Serbian film?
Ed's orchestra
>like guitar hero,but with symphonies
MLB 15: The Slow
>you can only play as David Ortiz
>Wait two weeks for your AIDs test to come back
Mall of Duty
Action packed FPS featuring America's true hero: Paul Blart.
Gravity is caused by the displacement of space as objects with mass occupy it.

Black holes have a finite mass and vary in size.

Time is an illusion created by the movement of objects in relation to one another.

Dragon Rage
>RND screws you over 120% of the time
>Rage quit
Table: The Lost Chapter
you are a table somewhere in Albion
>Wind Walker

You have a magic stick that allows you to walk on the wind to punch dungeon bosses at hurricane speeds. No more use for items due to flying and flying roundhouse kick.
Ryse: Son of Nome
>Like Ryse, but with Nome.
>What the games was
>Dead Nigger
>You lost contact to the Planet Crusher "CoolAid", you need to restore power and encounter several types of dead niggers that try to steal your LaserCutter
>They get mostly spawned behind you to increase the surprise effect

Average demo team breaks down abandoned buildings
>Fuck a hoe named Destiney
Thats the title of a softporn movie
Batmen: Arkham Asylum
>Bruce Wayne is clinically diagnosed with severe multiple personality disorder
Germany did not start WW1

> Carcry 4
> You're a repairman who busted up his car in a fender bender.
> Pick your tools to start saving money to fix your sweet old car
> turn to crime
>far dry 4

see how far you can go through a himalayan landscape before your clothes dry
Dank souls. About becoming the dankest soul on the internet
Exactly, they were framed...
Read Island
>Stuck on an island with nothing to do but read
Super Neat Boy

>Maintain a clean room at all costs.
>Tears of War
Overjuiced ppl cry because of monsters killing humanity
Red Bread Redemption
>You are a piece of toast looking for redemption after being dropped on the floor
>Demon Souls
>Exactly the same as Demon's Souls, but easier to say.
>Rifa 15

>be a negro
>smoke refer
>the end
The Blinding of Issac
>You blind some kid named Issac
Time is real.
Lass Effect 3
>You are a scientist studying the effect of girls on guys (watching porn)
Battlefield Hardfine
>try not to get killed while handing out parking infringements in a battlefield
Hears of War
>You play an average man who is shocked to hear about a war
File: 1427874797625.png (943 KB, 1366x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
943 KB, 1366x770
One Ginger Death Punch
> An open-world sandbox game set in a school, where you have to kill all the redheads.
Variant Hearts: The Great War
>Like surgeon simulator heart transplants but during WWI
can imagine that
Gary's Sod
>You have to plant Gary a new lawn before he rapes you
Metal Bear Solid
>Play as Stephen Colbert
>Combat Ursine Cyborgs of Soviet desgin
>Bears of War
Ppl fight with bears who are the same size as them because of steroid overdose
>you play a nigger behind an arc.

Medal of hodor.
>Hodor hodor hodor.

This war of mine.
>yyou are a struggeling femnazi trying to end female oppression.
Lebo Star Wars
>every character in star wars is lebonese
>chewbacca is forced to wear a turban
>princess leia is stoned to death for kissing her brother
Middle Earth: Shadow Of Hodor
>Hodor hodor hodor
Dank souls

>An rpg featuring the dankest memes
My sides
>a logic game using the metric system to brighten up retarded murricans.

>another crazy racing game spinn off
check'd & kek'd
>You play a a demented, burlap-sack version of Pac-Man
>You have no soul and you consume all others you can find
>Gruesome storyline
>Sac-Man turns out to be a misguided, lonely, being who wants to feel or a soulless, sadistic, insane murderer depending on your choices
Mine Craft
>You are a child laborer who toils away each day making mines for terrorists to use against Maericans
Donkey Dong
>Like goat simulator, but with a lot more rape.
>Also, you are not a goat but a donkey.
Mental Slug 3

>You play one of four slug struggling with a crippling mental problem
>Each has a different problem
>Have to overcome your problem to eat cabbage leaves
Super Sexagon

>Like super hexagon, but with more sex
two dinks- .... ya nvm

Mass Defect,
A company gains a monopoly on the OS market and gets lazy, then hires their housewives and dauhters to design newer OS's that dont make any sense, this company becomes known as microsoft.

World of Whorecraft

Meincraft, Adolft Hitlers world building simulator

Wheel of 4chan-roll them dubs

Call of- ... no I'm not even gonna do that

I'm out of ideas.
AWESOME film its the one im thinking, mostly drama with implicit dark humor?
Binal Fantasy.
A game that delivers twice the fantasy, for the normal RRP.
>You play an old fat rich man
>You hit Hitler's single ball into holes
>Lower the score the better
File: 1427222643726.gif (873 KB, 510x546) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying everyone in 40k doesn't have down syndrome
Garry's Bod
You spend all your days in the gym clicking that mouse
you got to push yourself hard with those mouse clicks to increase your abs
maybe it will get you to do a situp
That's 2 letters.
you'v obviously never had mead that stuff is great lol

Face combat
>where a group of people come together to smash there faces together till someone is the last one with teeth left.
Lead space.
>> space is lead
>> lead is everywhere
>> in a universe where lead people live
>> lead finds a lead marker and it transforms lead people to humans.
>> Epic space battles with humans and lead people.
>>A Foe lurks in space where it is mutated with humans and lead people
>> they r bi huead
>> They kill and reproduce like a parasite.
Mount and Blaze

>Get on a Horse
>Smoke assloads of Dank ass kush
Maximum kek
Not only did you not read/follow the rules, but you tried to turn this into some sort of "anti-Microsoft" thing.

Like you said, you ran out of original ideas long ago.
well that's just, like, your opinion man
>Not only did you not read/follow the rules, but you tried to turn this into some sort of "anti-Microsoft" thing.
>Like you said, you ran out of original ideas long ago.
Hows that metro working for you? Does it even show the C drive?
I'd play it...
>you go on a really really exiting hike
I see someone is a butthurt Apple faggot
Deus Sex: Human Revolution
Sex Implants make having a penis irrelevant
>Game takes place in an abortion clinic
>Abort as many fetusses as possible
>Double points for aborted twins, tripple for tripplets etc.
>You have a gun that shoots hangers
File: frozen.gif (1 MB, 276x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mein sides.
File: ciMkzH6.png (165 KB, 256x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 256x306

The Whims

Create a virtual version of your inner sociopath, cheat on your loved ones, drown your children, electrocute those pestering family members. All the while, bask in your immense wealth and the freedom of never ever getting caught.

"The Whims. Show your true colors."
get kekt
"I'd be hittin' number you'd need exponents to calculate!"
Shadow of Hordor
>epic hordor simulator
>hordor hordor

>>>609680684 (You)
>I see someone is a butthurt Apple faggot
<must be the reflection of your face in front of your metro screen

>In this game, you try your best to poke OP's mom.
Table II
>the story of a Table in a unused suburban dining room, with the promise of little to no content and Peter Moleneux will still fail to deliver.
>Park Souls
>you are the ballet parking manager in heaven
like payday 2 but the next one
Duke Nukem 3G
>you travel to several cities where illegal aliens are swarming and ruining reception

Kerbab Space Program
>you're fucking green inhuman creatures that try to science, but all you're good at is blowing things up

>who would really want to save a princess named Zelga
womb raider
you fuck bitches
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Thread images: 7
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