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>i love you completely.
>with all of my soul.
>without you I'm nothing...
>a butterless roll.
>"you smell... just like him..."
>which is a nice way of saying i smell like shit!
>"n-no... i-i didn't mean it like that..."
>"it's a good smell..."
>oh... i see...
>"it's a smell i wish to wake up to every morning"
>"the truth is... sometimes i miss you so much... when i'm with you... i can hardly stand it... i love you more than anything. i wish i knew how to quit you..."
>don't sneak up on me!
>don't sneak up on me
>run run as fast as you can
>you can't catch me i'm the gingerbread man!!

>it's just an urban legend

>it's michael jackson

>1 time i asked to use the restroom

>just promsie me...

>we'te all going for a ride ont he yellwo submarine

>peach fuzz

>i'm a vegenertarian. and i don't dirnk.

>salty dog shrimp!!!
>roy wakes up

>roy says "ugh i gotta stop watching brokeback mountain..."
>yo! i told you! give me yo fuckin' purse!
>no! give it! stop touching me!!
>yeah! yeah man! go! grab her money!!
>bang!! bang!!
>car alarm goes off
>the town
>haden says "so there i was with roy's mom"
>fatty says "oh that is so gnarly"
>olivia says "what did you do to her?"

>haden says "well me and rick were hanging around her house after school because her husband's like never home and shit"
>"well rick just whips it out and starts starts rubbing it on her leg and shit, chasing her around her living room"
>"but you know what that crazy bitch did?"
>"she fucking drops to her knees and starts sucking him off right in front of me!"
>"like i wasn't even there!"
>"but that's not the fucked up part"
>"right in the middle of it he turns to me and he's pointing on her and he says 'cohe'"
>"so i'm like 'okay i'll give it a shot'"
>"and i start pulling down her pants all slow you know"
>"but yo check this out!"
>"she's all into it man!"
>"she don't even try to stop me or nothin'!"
>"she's all wet and shit"
>"and i just went to work. you know what i'm sayin?"
>"me and rick are goin' to town on this crazy bitch and she's just lovin' it, all moanin' and shit"
>"it was fucked up"
>"so rick's the 1 that came up with the nickname"
>"'cause that day she had us locked in tight from both sides like a pair of god damn chinese finger cuffs"
>haden says "bullshit."
>"i don't believe a word of it."
>"my mom"
>"would never"
>"do that."
>fatty says "yeah, he's probably lieing"
>haden says "yeah"
>"why the fuck are you wearing capris?"
>"what are you some kind of fudge packing homosexual?"
>"i mean come on."

>fatty says "guys"
>"i... i... i... i... i can't... breathe... i'm... couff... khgh kghh..." coughing... i... can't..."
>haden says "i can't... breathe either..."
>"i think we have... gonorrhea..."
>olivia says "oh! then i definitely have it! i sucked"
>rooster crows
>fatty says "you probably got it from roy's mom and you gave it to all of us!"
>"good job, loser!"
>roy says "my mom does not have gonorrhea!"
>"she doesn't suck penis!"
>"and that's the last time i'm gonna tell you"
>haden says "yeah whatever!"
>"i just don't wanna end up like christopher reeves!"
>roy says "what!"
>haden says "let's go find a doctor"
>roy sees them start running
>roy gets up and runs suddenly
>stops suddenly and feels tipsy
>roy says "brain freeze..."
what the fuck is this
>then I pulled out my .45 ACP handgun and committed suicide.
Riley is a massive faggot
>Anonymous 04/13/15(Mon)17:44:10 No.609795202 is a massive faggot
Austin for president 2016
>white chocolate

>roy wakes up and sees olivia
>olivia says "stop playing with yourself"

>a black midget says "oh my god!"
>fortune says "queer baits!"
>johnny tsunami says "johnny tsunami!"
>haden says "what!"
>seth walks up to them
>seth says "supermaaan..."
>haden says "what the hell?"
>seth says "yo man what's sup?"
>"dont' be shy"
>"come over here and give me a kiss"
>johnny says "i think he's hitting on you man!"
>haden says "you niggas ain't nuttin'!"
>"yall goin' down!"
>"that's right you just a bunch a white ass crackas!"
>"yeah i'mma wipe da floor wit yo cracka ass!"
>"you betta watch out man!"
>"you betta watch yoself!"
>"or 1 day i'll end up nailin' you from behind"
>"screamin' 'who's yo daddy!'"
>fortune says "who's yo daddy?!"
>seth says "hahahahah!"
>"ah, go to hell."
>seth looks at them
>"don't mess with willy wonka unless you can handle the chocolate!"
>roy drops down to his hands and knees
>seth says "that's right baby, suck it"
>roy grabs a stick and looks at seth
>seth says "i'm a beautiful chocolate man!"
>seth grabs a stick and waves it back and forth
>seth says "you are getting very sleepy"
>"you wanna take off your clothes"
>seth drops his hand and says "ugh"
>johnny tsunami says "man he's exhausted from waving that stick!"
>fortune says "exhaused!"
File: You.png (240 KB, 633x740) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go back to Reddit you faggot
File: you're a faggot.gif (308 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you're a faggot.gif
308 KB, 480x270
>Go back to Reddit you faggot

no faggot here
must b u ;;))
>white creature steals fatty's camera
>haden says "albinos?"
>olivia says "get 'em!"
>they run after the white creature
>albino burps
>roy says "die you albino thief!"
>roys stick changes into something else
>roy says "ew!"
>roys stick turns into a sword pulls him towards the albino
>roy says "oh! it doubles as a vibrator!"
>roy slashes albino
>albino explodes
>roy's sword disappears
>looking at photos
>fatty says "oh it's just a bunch of perverted pictures of roy"
>"why did you take these?"
>olivia says "did you... take them... for me?"
>fatty says "shut your mouth you dirty skank"
>haden says "yeah! show us the rest! come on!"
>roy says "i don't know who took those. but it wasn't me."
>haden says "yeah. uhhuh. that's nice."
>haden picks up a picture and says says "ooohhh! look at this hot check!"
>fatty says "yeah... she's pretty hot... i've seen hotter tho... plus she's a little fat for my taste..."
>olivia says "you're 1 to talk about fat. you're over 300 pounds."
>haden says "yeah. this kid could sink the titanic."
>roy says "give me the rest of the pictures!"
>fatty says "hoi!" and holds out the pictures to roy
>"soren and grandma"
>"gang bang"
>"yeah. i remember that day. oooh that was amazing!"
>haden says "yeah. almost as amazing as roy's mom!"
>"if you know what i mean."
>roy says "finger cuffs?"
>they all laugh

>olivia waves at roy "bye bye, pretty boy."
>they walk away from roy
>dark figure alone in a dark room in front of monitors
>"when i see those happy faces smiling back at me"
>"7th heaven"
>"there's no greater feeling than"
>another dark figure comes into the room and says "uhm..."
>dark says "augahgugghgh ocugughgh! ahugh!"
>another dark says "uhm... why the hell are you watching 7th heaven?"
>dark says "i-i'm not watching it. i-i was... i was just flipping thru the channels..."
>another dark says "you were singing the theme song"
>dark says "oh i-... i-i... leave me alone!!"
>oh my ass
>scooby doo! where are you!
>rover here!!
>chika chika
.hey baby
>i got a car outside with your name on it
>i'm not wearing any underwear
>and boy does it feel good
>that's disgusting man
>what is wrong with you
>pull my finger
>her we go
>oh my god what are you
>what er you doing
>i have a very big wiener
>oh that's disgusting
>roy wakes up and looks at his hand
>"baby batter?"

>semen ice cream
>roy picks up a stick and swings it
>"ah, piece of shit".
>roy throws the stick
>roy's stick hits a dark one
>dark one walks away
>roy says "are you from the matrix?"
>dark one vanishes out of sight behind a building
>haden holds out ice cream for roy
>roy says "ice cream!" and takes it
>fatty says "actually... it's semen."
>olivia says "that's fucking disgusting."
>haden says "well i saw this thing on t.v. right? about making juice pops."
>"so i jerked off in a bowl and poured it in some... ice cube trays, stuck some popsicle sticks in it"
>"and badda bing, badda boom."
>"we got sea salt ice cream".
>"it's sweet, and salty, at the same time."
>"and it's delicious!"
>fatty says "that was a great idea!"
>haden says "i know it was!"
>"maybe if you guys had half the brain i have"
>"you can get things done."
>"if you weren't a bunch of lonely virgins"
>haden stands up and says
>"this is it!"
>"no longer will our penises remain flaccid and unused!"
>"from now on we fight for every man out there who isn't getting laid when he should be!"
>"this is our day! this is our time! and by god, we're not going to let history condemn us to celibacy!"
>"we will make a stand! we will succeed!"
>"we will!... get laid!"
>haden runs up to them
>"are you with me?!"
>"we can do it!"
>roy says "what the hell is wrong with you?"
>haden says "nothing's wrong with me!" and grins and runs
>they go after him
What the fuck is going on in this thread?
>What the fuck is going on in this thread?

i have no idea
>roy sees them looking at a bulletin board
>haden sees roy and waves at him "yoohoo!"
>"take a look at this!"
>"it's the star wars lightsaber battle!"
>"me and you are gonna jump around like a bunch of fags!"
>roy says "awesome!"
>fatty says "winner receives a ham!"
>olivia says "no not ham you fat fuck!"
>haden brofists roy and says "a hat!"
>olivia is hiding something behind her back
>"i brought you something."
>"from me, to you!"
>olivia reveals what she's hiding
>"it's a bag of herb!"
>"i call it frankenweed."
>olivia hands pouch to roy
>"yep! strongest stuff on the planet!"

>olivia walks away
>haden watches her walk away and says "that little bitch..."
>"she promised that to me."
>roy looks at haden and says "what?"
>haden punches roy and says "pansy!"
>a stick hits roy and he falls
>a dark one says "hey hey hey!"
>grabs roy by the arm
>"don't fling your fucking crap at me"
>roy says "what"
>haden says "yo look he's talking to himself!"
>roy turns and sees no 1 there
>haden says "4 tickets for asses of fire"
>roy says "heyyy... macarena! hwah!" while doing the macarena by himself
>haden says "what"
>a dark one grabs roy and says "rusty turmbone"
>roy says "uuuuugh! get out of my head!"
>"this guy from the matrix keeps following me!"
>haden says "heheh. yeah."
>"and i'm the queen of engleton."
>fatty says "uhm. i think that's england..."
>fatty says "come on! we're gonna be late!"
>roy says "o-of course!
>haden says "the train"
>fatty says "oh. we missed it..."
>roy says "this is all your fault... matrix man..."
>sitting together eating ice cream
>haden says "eat up"
>"before it melts away"
>"that is perfectly good man juice you're wasting there"
>"don't just sit."
>roy says "that matrix guy... he says something different in every flashback..."

>dark one says "why do you watch trading spaces?"
>a dark figure "ugh. i think the cable's out again."
>"stupid t.v.. never works when you need it".

>dark figure watching t.v.
>another dark says "why must you insist on watching those wretched sitcoms?"
>dark says "there's nothing wrong with sit-coms".
>another dark says "there is when they're so old!"
>dark says "what is that?"
>another says "ah, it's just a bag of weed i found in my chair."
>dark says "then we shall smoke it."
>"while we watch... growing pains."
>what are you looking at
>stop starring at me
>i'm not a steak
>and put a shirt on

>i wanna go
>where the homos go

>it's more of a picture book
>there ain't that many words involved
>if you know what i mean
>i know
>what you mean
>that's great
>get out of my face
>before i sit on you

>i got a boner
>fuck you asshole
>stop it
>stop it
>stop it
>stop it
>stop it

>but i can't do it
>it's okay
>i'll use my tongue
>i love you...
>'till the end of time...


>i'm a flying talking donkey!

>before i buttrape you.
>you've been hanging around her too much!


>sometimes... it hurts to pee...
>it burns... like the intensity of a thousand suns...

>uh i like pretty girl!
>don't hate me... 'cause i'm beautiful...
>that's not why i hate you.

>bye bye queer bear
>sorry. i don't screw stuffed animals.
>no! please!

>i want my baby back baby back baby back baby back. chilli!




>a dark figure watching t.v. sitcoms
>well the shoe's on the other foot now!
>uncomfortable and smelly, is it not?
>do you know that you're killing me?!
>do you even care that you're killing me?!
>dig a grave and throw me in!


>paris hilton

>roy sees a girl in his room and wakes up
>roy says "paris hilton?"
>girl is gone
>olivia says "hey."
>fatty says "heeeyyy..."
>olivia and fatty walk towards roy
>olivia and fatty freeze
>roy says "the hell..."
>girl says "hi studly!"
>roy says "what"
>"who are you?"
>roy says "are you the"
>girl holds up hand to his face
>roy stops talking
>girl says "betty"
>roy says "okaaayyy..."
>betty says "goodbye"
>betty walks away
>olivia and fatty unfreeze and continue to walk towards roy and stop
>fatty says "why are you standing there? looking all gay?"
>olivia says "yeah. what's wrong?"
>roy says "i think i... just talked to... paris hilton..."
>fatty says "paris hilton needs a good spanking."
>olivia says "i need a good spanking."
>"let's go."
>fatty says "oh yeah..."
>olivia and fatty run away
>roy looks out to where the girl was
>"oh i gotta stop drinking..."
>roy is walking around in the dark
>roy says "trees?"
>albinos come out of a black hole and grab roy "join us!"
>roy shouts "no! i don't wanna join your gay parade!!" and runs away
>roy runs into seth's group
>roy says "help! albinos!"
>fortune says "they're disgusting!"
>seth says "yo man! those are the whitest crackaz i ever seen!"
>johnny says "let's tare them apart man!"
>fortune, seth, and johnny freeze
>roy says "not again!"
>albinos surround roy
>betty appears and shouts "stop being a limp dick!"
>albino collides with roy
>roy wakes up in a dark room
>if you walk thru the door, i'll give you a cookie
>roy picks up a stick and swings at albino
>stick turns into a sword
>takes down albino
>roy falls through the floor
>betty grabs roy's hand
>roy looking at betty in a white room
>betty says "my nipples are hard as a rock"
>"so how big are your genitals?"
>cloaked figure grabs betty's arm "what the fuck man!? come on! i'm disappointed in you."
>cloaked figure looks at roy and says "what the fuck are you doing in here?!"
>roy says "i go wherever i want! it's a fwee country!"
>cloaked figure opens a black hole and pushes roy into it
newfags can't orangetext<
Knock it off
>roy wakes up
>jonny says "yo that was awesome!"
>fortune says "yeah"
>seth says "yo dog"
>johnny says "this ones going in the scrap book!"
>roy gets up and says "ough! ugh! what's all in my mouth?!"
>johnny says "uhh. it belongs to seth!"
>"well... well he... he kind of raped you..."
>roy says "you... raped... me...?"
>jonny says "that's right! he raped you!"
>seth says "yo man i warned you what would happen if you messed with the chocolate!"
>"my body is bootilicious!"
>johnny says "yeah man! his body is off the heezy!"
>roy sees fatty, olivia, haden in the distance
>haden says "fag." and runs away
>fatty and olivia runs away
>roy runs after them and says "no wait!"
>"i didn't do it!"
>"they forced me!"
>roy walks up to the 3 eating ice cream
>roy says "you do know that you're licking your own bodily fluids, don't you?"
>"that's disgusting."
>"look, i just wanna explain. okay?"
>olivia says "your pants around your ankles and the guys looking for their contact lenses."
>roy says "..."
>"look. i'm not gay. okay? i just want you to know! that."
>"i will never! go to the dark side".
>"i promise!"
>haden says "yeah. right."
>roy says "i'm serious..."
>haden says "just stay away from me."
>haden walks away
>a dark figure says "i told you we should've got tivo..."
>t.v. plays "now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down"
>dark says "oh yes..."
>"it's such a wonderful show..."
>"leaves me in stitches every time... i watch it..."
>another dark figure says "we have! dinner reservations!!"
>"we're gonna be late!"
>"you can watch that later!"
>dark says "there is no later..."
>"i'm sorry, but you'll just have to wait..."
>"besides, i'm tired of mcdonald's..."
>t.v. playing "started making trouble in my neighborhood... i got in 1 little fight and my mom got scared and said you're moving with your aunty and uncle in bel-air. i whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror..."

>you have no other choice but to surrender to my dark, gay powers.
>oh yes!


>shake that laffy taffy.
>that laffy taffy.

>what what what!
>don't mess with the big boys

>oh please god no!

>i'm too sexy for my shirt!


>the angry man closes his eyes
>and shuts
>his ears


>what what what!

>i won't let you take her...



>take it.
>uuuse iiit...
>okay baby!!!
>don't call me baby.

>to infinity...
>and beyond.....
OP is gay
Anon is gay
File: obamawaht.jpg (58 KB, 600x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what the hell is going on here
File: 1337058242322.jpg (162 KB, 600x631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 600x631
>what the hell is going on here

i have no idea
>roy wakes up
>roy says "what day is it..."
>"and in what month..."
>fatty says "you wanna go again?"
>olivia says "hell yeah"
>fat guy says "pirates is the number 1 movie in the country!"
>"every once in a lifetime there comes a movie, so amazing, you have to see it!"
>"that movie is pirates!"
>seth says "go on a diet, fatty!"
>fat guy says "it's rated pg-13. and it contains scary images, not suitable for young children."
>serge appears next to fat guy "ahem... excuse me..."
>fat guy says "starring orlando bloom! and johnny depp! pirates!!"
>crowned figure says "welcome! to the 10th annual star wars lightsaber convention for the mentally handicapped fanboys!"
>seth says "yo man i'mma 'bout to pop a cap! in this crackaz ass"
>crowned says "1 star wars fan will be castrated!! and put to death! while millions of people watch!! in horror!!!"
>roy sees haden watching in the distance and says
>"you gotta believe me..."
>roy sighs "hhahh..."
>crowned says "the winner will take home - a priceless piece of memorabillia!!"
>"this piece of shit over here!!"
>"only 100 were manufactured in the entire world!"
>serge says "please. hold the applause. you're making me soil myself..."
>crowned figure says "and without further ado - let the games begin!!"
>roy and haden step into the ring
>fat guy pats roy and haden's shoulders and says "oh mama mia... i am so fatta... wa!! hoo!! yahoo!! wa!! hoo!! yipee!!"
>haden points his lightsaber at roy
>roy says "i'm not gay... all i want..."
>haden says "yo! i don't care what you want! faggot."
>roy says "stop calling me that..."
>haden says "i call 'em like i see 'em."
>haden says "i've lost all respect for you."
>roy smacks haden with his lightsaber
>haden's down
>crowned one holds up roy's arm and points to him and says "look at this kid! he's got bald pits!"
>crowned one says "once again the emo fag prevails..."
>haden says "ahh yeah..."
>"ahhh yeaaah..."
>haden gets up and says "that attack was orgasmic!"
>roy says "i'm glad you enjoyed it."
>haden grins "hee..."
>haden says "maybe it's not such a bad thing..."
>"you being gay and all..."
>roy says "i'm not gay. but as long as you're happy".
>roy and haden brofist
>haden walks away
>seth walks by haden and says "outta my way, cracka..."
>haden says "someone's in denial."
>roy looks next to him says "whoa! shit!"
>black midget looks up at roy and says "yo! where's my weed motha fucka!!"
>seth holds up his lightsaber to black midget and says "let's go, cracka!!"
>seth says "we're not so different... you and i... it's like looking in a mirror..."
>black midget slashes at seth
>seth dodges black midget's slash
>haden's watching with roy
>haden says "this is pathetic..."
>seth slashes at black midget
>black midget drops a blue ball
>roy shouts "his balls are blue!"
>black midget slahes at seth
>seth goes down
>announcer says "and it looks like we have a winner!"
>"gary coleman prevails!"
>black midget says "aha..."
>"whatchu talkin' bout willis?"
File: dead_baby.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
OP has the writing skill of a metally challenged middle schooler.
blah says "blah blah"
blah says "blah blah"
blah says "blah blah"
blah says "blah blah"
blah says "blah blah"
blah says "blah blah"
oh I get it
OP is posting the transcripts of webcomics
god what a fag
>seth says "yo!"
>roy says "yeah?"
>seth walks away and says "supaaamaaannn..."
>fat guy appears next to haden
>fat guy says "those who don't see pirates will burn in the firey pits of hell for all eternity!"
>haden says "yo!! we're not interested in your faggoty pirate movie!! okay?!!"
>fat guy gives the lightsabers to roy and black midget and says "complimentary dildoes..."
>roy says "i'm gonna go easy on you little guy"
>"i'm no racist"
>time freezes
>black midget turns into albinos
>lightsaber turns into a sword
>roy slashes at and defeats all the albinos
>red figure starts to slow clap
>red figure says "congrautlations, silas..."
>"you never cease to amaze me..."
>"i've been looking for you everywhere,..."
>"but now it's time to come home, silas."
>roy says "what"
>red says "you are the key, silas..."
>"the key to our salvation..."
>"and the end is upon us."
>"it's time to fulfill your destiny, silas."
>"you are the one."
>"that will lead us to paradise. with blood-stained hands."
>"that's what the prophecy says."
>reality starts getting messed up around them
>red says "shit..."
>roy throws his sword away
>roy says "i'm not silas!!"
>sword appears back in roy's hands
>roy says "huhh!!"
>red says "i don't believe it."
>"after all we've been through, you still don't remember who you are?"
>roy says "fuck you."
>roy points sword at red
>"my name is roy."
>crimson figure appears
>red says "oh no. not this douchebag."
>red slashes at crimson
>crimson has red's weapons disappear into nothingness
>crimson says "don't let him manipulate you, roy."
>red says "you gave me head!!"
>crimson says "he raped you!!"
>red says "i washed your feet!!"
>reality is getting more messed up
>roy closes his eyes and shuts his ears and breaks down to the floor
>roy says "get out of here!!"
>"leave me alone!!"
>"what are you waiting for!!!!!"
>white light envelopes everything
>reality is back to normal
>roy sees black midget fall from the fight
>roy says "what the hell..."
>black midget gets up
>black midget says "watchu talkin' bout willis?"
>black midget walks away
>haden runs up to roy and says "yo!! buddy!!!"
>fatty says "olivia says she's gonna let you teabag her a reward for winning!!"
>roy stares at nothing
>haden says "yo!! you awake?!! it's not over yet!!"
>olivia says "so you want it now?"
>fat guy says "you might as well just kill yourself if you haven't already seen it!!"
>roy says "enough!! you fat bastard!!"
>fat guy says "now playing!! at a theater near you!!"
>serge says "well, let's get this over with".
>serge points his lightsaber at roy
>"do you want the lights on? or off?"
>roy is mad and points his lightsaber at serge
>haden says "4! more! years!! 4! more! years!!"
>serge says "ouuuh... you're kind of sexy when you're angry..."
>roy says "you're the one that's sexy!!"
>"i want the lights off. so i can pretend you're carmen electra while i own you!!"
>announcer says "let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllllllllllle!!"
>serge says "as you wish, little man. but, you will be sorry. i guarantee you that."
>roy smacks the shit out of serge
>announcer announces "and we have a winner!!"
>serge walks away
>serge turns around and points angerly at roy and says "i feel so violated!!"
>haden runs up to roy "that. was awesome man!!"
>"transvestite action!!"
>roy holds up championship title
>everyone cheering for roy
>announcer is in the audience and shouts "oh my gosh look at me i'm the announcer and i'm in the audience!! ouuuh!! yeah!! back row!! wuuuu!! yeah!! i'm in the audience!! i'm so cool!!"
>roy, olivia, haden, and fatty are sitting on a ledge
>roy picks round pieces off his trophy and gives them to olivia, haden, and fatty
>fatty says "oh wow! they're so firm and juicy!"
>haden says "yo! thanks for sharing your balls with us!"
>olivia says "ready for your rewards?"
>Olivia holds something up and says "i've brought protection!"
>roy says oh yeah!"
>roy gets up and trips "hguh" and falls off a ledge "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!!!!!!!!"
>roy falls to his death
>sally says "wait up kiki!"
>"guess what me and tyler did last night!"
>"i let him take me on a magic carpet ride!"
>"i was the carpet!"
>kiki says "that's nice"
>sally says "what's wrong?"
>kiki says "i don't know."
>"don't you ever wonder if there's more to life?"
>"then getting drunk and laid all the time?"
>sally says "i don't understand"
>kiki says "don't you think it's... demeaning to women?"
>sally says "no"
>"not really"
>kiki says "yeah"
>"you're right"
>sally says "what's with you?"
>kiki says "i'm just thinking about silas..."
>"...my 1 true love..."
>she looked off into the sunset. wondering if she'd would ever see silas again. if she would ever feel the warm embrace of his arms around her tightly around her like
>"what the fuck is up with this narrator?"
>"it's like we're in a cheesy romance story or something."
>sally says "it's just emotional teenage drama shit."
>roy is falling to his death
>roy hears a voice in his head that says "uh hello can you hear me now?"
>roy thinks "who is this?"
>"what's going on?"
>roy hears "this is kiki"
>roy thinks "kiki?"
>"sounds like a cheap asian hooker."
>roy hears "i'm not a hooker."
>roy thinks "this is great. i'm falling to my death. and my last conversation is with an asian hooker."
>roy hears "i would never sell my body."
>"i'd give it away for free".
>roy thinks "oh."
>"well that changes everything."
>sally says "are you okay?"
>"you passed out."
>kiki smiles and runs away
>sally going after kiki
>kiki stops
>sally says "you are gaaay!!"
>kiki puts a message in a bottle in the ocean
>sally says "what the hell is that?"
>kiki says "it's a letter to silas."
>"maybe.. maybe just... somehow..."
>"it will reach him..."
>"and... he'll know i'm still here..."
>"waiting for him..."
>"because i'm gay like that."
>sally says "that's retarded."
>"super retarded!!"
>kiki says "no it's not!!"
>sally says "it's pretty stupid."
>kiki says "yeah, you're right. it is."
>"i'm so gay."
>"ah! not again!"
>t.v. playing a little girl's show
>another dark figure says "oh. my. god."
>"i give up, man."
>"this is an all-time low. even for you."
>"i don't even know why i still hang out with you."
>crimson says "there is nothing wrong about a grown man watching this."
>"it's perfectly natural."
>"it fills my heart with joy."
>another says "and did the show give you that banana in your pants?"
>crimson says "uh... i... no... i was..."
>"i've been experimenting with my medication. mixing it up a little."
>"uh... i just... wanted... to see if i... could..."
>another dark says "you have a boner."
>crimson says "it's not a boner!!"
>"the texture of my pants is off-balance is all."
>"a-and... the moons are aligned with the stars..."
>"i don't have to explain myself."
>zain says "you are a pedophile."
>crimson grins and says "heeee... yeaheeyaghugh... ha ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah aaahh..."
>"that's not funny."
>roy wakes up
>roy says "ah heeee!!"
>roy sighs "hhahh..."
>"i wet the bed?..."
>"oh nevermind. it's just crap."
>olivia is mad at roy "hmph!!"
>haden says "stop ignoring her."
>"she wants some. just give it to her. and enjoy it."
>"freakin' pansy!!"
>roy says "no!!"
>"i-i can't do this anymore!!"
>haden says "what the hell are you talking about?"
>fatty says "he's gay. remember?"
>olivia looks at haden and says "how 'bout you?"
>haden says "not. now."
>"i'm trying to cut back, okay?"
>"i feel guilty enough as it is."
>"you being my... sister, and all."
>"you know what i'm sayin'?"
>roy says "i... i can't hang out with you guys anymore..."
>"you're just... you're dragging me down the wrong path..."
>haden says "what i understand is that you're afraid of the truth. and you're running from it."
>fatty says "we're your only friends, dumbass."
>"that's what you need to understand."
>roy says "whatever."
>"i'll be back."
>roy runs away.
>fatty says "there's the train. it looks like a hotdog. oh ho ho ho ho ho!!"
>haden says "you guys ready to go?"
>"we're gonna take the train down to the park."
>"my dealer's peddlin' thru today."
>"i hear he's got some new stuff."
>olivia says "sounds great, mr. peabody."
>haden whispers "i told you! not in public!"
>roy says "that is so disgusting..."
>haden sprints at the train>ahahah! i'm not going to leave until you dance!
>on the train roy grins "heeeeeeee... heeee..."
>everyone takes their trophy pieces out on the train
>roy can't find his trophy piece in his pockets
>roy sighs "ah hhahh..."
>why are we all standing so still?
>roy looks sad "ah... hahh... huh... ahh..."
>roy says "so why are we really here?"
>"you can tell me."
>fatty says "haden bet johnny that he couldn't walk down the stairs and talk at the same time."

>johnny walking down the stairs "1, 2- d- uh-"
>"oooh! damn it! i couldn't do it!"
>"and i bet him my soul!"

>roy says "so haden gets his soul?"
>fatty nods
>fatty says "but he's gotta die 1st."
>roy says "and that's why we're here?"
>"to kill johnny?"
>"haden says it's not really murder. since he owes him his soul anyways..."
>"i have hershey stains in my underpants..."
>roy says "ooooookay..."
>haden runs up to roy and says "yo man!"
>"we found some 5 dollar hoes behind the old donut shop on 21st street!"
>"we'd better hurry up. before the cops take 'em away."
>roy says "and you're paying?"
>olivia says "hey! i thought you weren't interested!"
>haden says "yo! they're down there!"
>fatty says "now we just have to wait until they come out so we can snatch them!"
>"ah ha ha hau!"
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creepy thread.

it'll fit well with this cringe shit
File: 1309245508667.gif (2 MB, 834x1031) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>olivia "so what do you guys think the meaning of life is?"
>haden says "pfft! i don't know!"
>"but i sure like massaging roy's back with my feet!"
>"ooohhh yeeeaaahhh..."
>seth appears out of nowhere and says "what would you do if yo son was at home!! crying all alone on da bedroom floo!! 'cuz he's hongry!! and the only way to feed 'em is to sleep wit a man fo' a lil' bit of money!!"
>fatty cuts seth off and says "what the hell are you talking about?"
>seth says "something you wouldn't understand, cracka!!"
>"ahahahahah!! hah..."
>roy stands up to seth
>seth says "ouuuh. the white boy's gonna take me down."
>roy says "that's right."
>"you're going down. nigga!"
>seth says "don't hate. appreciate!"
>"you just hate me 'cause i'm black."
>"i can't stand racists like you."
>"do you have any idea how hard it is for me to get a job?"
>"peace out, home skillet."
>seth walks away
>olivia says "so you're just gonna walk away?"
>roy says "here they come!!"
>come on the train... y ridey...
>"hurry!! we gotta follow it. th-the train went under the bridge!! lets' go!! we're gonna miss 'em!! they're getting away!!"
>haden says "uuuhhh..."
>roy says "ching chong ching!!"
>roy says "it's the gang bang train." and walks towards the train
>haden grabs roy's arm and says "there ain't nothin' there, douchebag."
>roy can't see the train anymore
>roy says "it was there a moment ago!"
>real train comes and stops and some people get off
>"aww! freakin' sweet! dude."
>"yeah! that was pretty gnarly!"
>"oh my god!" freakin' sweeeet!"
>fatty says "i'm bloated."
>roy says "you're not bloated."
>"you're just fat."
>"go on a diet."
>"isn't that right?"
>i do my fruity fruity on the table!
>haden pushes roy into the train
>haden says "yo mama's so stupid, she got locked in a grocery store and starved."
>fatty says "oh yeah? well yo mama's so stupid, she heard it was chilly outside and got a bowl."
>roy says "your mama's so stupid she voted for bush."
>haden says "okay. you win."
>roy says "where the hell are we going?"
>fatty says "to the playboy mansion."
>"auh hauhau ahua! hauaha uahauahauah!"
This shit is lame as hell.
>hello dahling!
>fatty says "there it is!"
>"can i have a powdered donut?"
>roy says "why the hell are we here?"
>fatty says "to bang hot chicks of course."
>roy says "what!!"
>fatty says "yeah. you heard me."
>roy says "are there any men?"
>fatty says "oh i forgot. you're a fag."
>"no i don't think there are men at the playboy mansion."
>"unless you count hugh hefner."
This fucking guy
>samefag detected
>oh whoa whoa. oh god. i am. every memory i'm looking out the back door. i have a photo albums spread out on my bedroom floor. it's hard to say it. time to say it. goodbye. goodbye. every memory i'm working out the front door. fond a photo of a friend i was looking for. it's time to say it. time to say it. goodbye. goodbye.
for sure lurking
>you can turn off the nickelback.
>it's starting to scare me.
>betty says "so what do you want me to do to you?"
>roy says "sexually?"
>betty says "ooohhh yeeeaaaahhhh..."
>betty says "i just need to feel betty with you. hahahahahahahahaha..."
>"are you feeling horny?"
>roy says "well... where are the guys?"
>betty says "what are you? gay?"
>roy says "no!!"
>"i'm just looking for someone..."
>"someone in my dreams..."
>"everybody keeps calling me 'gay'."
>"it's really hurtful!"
>"i'm glad i have someone to talk to."
>betty says "no."
>betty says "my body needs some loving."
>roy says "..."
>"so you're not gonna help me."
>"well if you're not gonna help me, i'm not even gonna bother talking to you."
>betty says "bitch!!!"
>fatty says "yo!! dumbass!!"
>"i need that powdered donut."
>roy says "uhm. okay. but, there was this girl, up there, and..."
>"she's gone..."
>fatty says "you're an idiot!!"
>"and i'm hungry!!"
>"so where's the powdered donut?"
>betty waves "helloooo!!"
>roy says "there!!!"
>no 1 is there
>fatty says "okay."
>"whatever you're smoking, you gotta share with me."
would you fuck off?
>olivia says "where have you guys been?"
>fatty says "we went to the playboy mansion! and ate donuts!"
>olivia says "playboy mansion?"
>"isn't roy gay?"
>fatty says "yeah."
>"he played with himself in the parking lot and fantasized about orlando bloom".
>olivia says "it's okay. we'll still love you. even if you're gay."
>roy says "really?"
>olivia says "no. not really."
>roy says "oh mannn..."
>roy sighs "hhahhhh..."

>fatty says "can we get some pizza while we're here? i'm really hungry!"
>roy says "you're always hungry!"
>olivia says "yeah, fat one."
>they walk to haden eating ice cream
>haden says "i made a new batch."
>fatty says "i see that!"
>olivia says "you gonna share it with us this time?"
>haden says "no! go gitcha own!"
>"i'm sorry."
>fatty says "there's only enough man-fluid to go around."
>fatty says "ahahah huwwahuwhghughuguhwhugwuhgauhgwawgugaauhghawhuauhaguhghg!!!"
>ahh, shut up.
>crimson says "i believe it's time."
>"time for me to reveal the secret."
>"and tell the truth."
>"silhouette says "eh, it's okay. i already know about it".
>crimson says "what?"
>silhouette says "yyeah, i already know about you and the mailman."
>crimson says "you saw that?"
>"i was giving him c.p.r., for your information."
>"but, that doesn't matter."
>"i'm talking about revealing to roy."
"about his true destiny."
>silhouette sits down
>silhouette says "oh, i'm gonna have to sit down for this 1."
>"hey did you ever find out who broke the foot-rest?"
>crimson says "oh my god"
>silhouette says "what?"
>crimson says "who cares about the fucking foot-rest?"
>"i'm trying to have an emotional scene here."
>"and all you care about is the foot-rest."
>"you don't even have feet."
>"you moron."
>"anyways, back to roy."
>hey look! i'm 98% done with gran turismo!
>"that's the farthest you're gonna get. there's a glitch in the game."

>oh! freakin' sweet!
>a whole ocean... made of jello
>look at how cheesy this story is of my posting...

>oh my god we're like falling
>uuuuuuu wa a a a
>ough ough

>i farted 4 times

>barney b-b-b-barney!!
>my coco pebbles!!
>barney!! b-b-b-barney!!

>i'm gaaayy!!

>i can fly!!

>oh my god we look really cool!!

>mexicans rule the world!!

>it smells like dookie!!

>you destroyed my fetus!!

>barney! b-b-barney!!
>my coco pebbles!!

>fill me with the power of hair gel!!

>douche bag!!

>the light!!
>it burns!!

>feel the power of the dildo!!

>hello sweet cheeks!!

why would you bump this thread?
>why would you bump this thread?

i have no idea
>i just wanted to tell you
>that you have possibly
>the worst haircut ever
>always remember that!
>"i will!"
>"i'm a coconut head!"

>"i swear to god if you fart i'm gonna punch you in the balls"
>'sorry, that was me. i couldn't hold it in any longer.'
>'excitement makes me fart.'
>''raroo... riff...;;
>''reroo... reroo?''
>''riff... riff...''
>come on!!
>i'm a retard!!

>"ouuh, nice ass!"
>"i like yo butt!"
>'follow me if you want to live'

>"our house!!!"
>"is a very, very, very fine house!!!"
>"with 2 cats in the yard!!!"
>uhm... okay.

>tell me it isn't so...
>"it is."
>"i cheated on you."
>with who?

>run run as fast as yo ucan!!
>you can't catch me!!
>i'm the gingerbread man!!
>i see youuuuuu!!

>"excuse me, do you know where i can find sailors?"
>if i can be like that. i would give anything. just to live 1 day .i nthsoe shoes. if i could be like that. what woudl i do? what would i do? yeah...
>roy wakes up

>roy looks out the window
>roy sees haden, fatty, and olivia
>roy says "augh!"
>"i've never been more happy to see those gay camouflage capris!"
>roy touches haden's shoulder
>roy's hand goes thru haden
>roy says "hhahhh!!!"
>no 1 notices roy is there
>fatty laughs "auuhuohou hahhahah hua hau huu hahh!!"
>haden, fatty, and olivia run thru roy
>roy walks up and grabs a photograph
>photograph is a group photograph with only haden, fatty, and olivia in it
>red appears and says "hello roy..."
>"i'm getting tired of following you."
>"it's time to come home."
>roy says "i am home!!"
>"you cockjuggling thundercunt!!"
>red says "ouuuh. such big words for such a little man."
>red says "wait!! you remembered my nickname!!"
>roy says "i... guess..."
>red says "that's great!!"
>"your memory's coming back to you!!"
>roy says "uhhuh..."
>red says "what's my dog's name?"
>roy says "uuuhhhhhhh..."
>"uhhh... uhh...."
>red says "i can't believe this shit."
>roy's sword appears
>roy hits red with his sword
>time freezes
>voice says "roy, to the point already."
>"it's time to end this game."
>roy shouts "oh my god!!!!!!"
>"what do you want!!!!!!!"
>runs away
>time unfreezes
>red says "i can't let my feelings get in the way anymore"
>"mr. poopie pants is gone."
>roy runs and finds a giant lock
>roy says "that's 1 bigass lock..."
>albinos surround roy
>roy says "huhh!!"
>roy says "god damn it!!! not a again..."
>the power is yours!!
>roy opens giant lock
>roy walks around a white room
>roy says "helloooo... is anybody hoooome?..."
>"ugh... these pictures are terrible..."
>"roy sees a picture of himself"
>roy holds his head
>deni deni d-d-deni deni! d-d-d-deni deni! deni deni!!
>>red says "you don't have to do this..."
>>roy says "yeah... i do..."
>>"it's supposed to happen."
>>red says "we could've run away together!"
>betty appears
>roy says "oh no not you again!!"
>"look. i'm not interested."
>betty says "well i'm an a cup, tiny, small breasts, pink nipples, i'm about 5'2, 95lbs, a small nose, and blonde, flat hair. my vagina? i'm all dripping like a burning candle."
>roy says "look, something really weird is going on."
>"i'm being followed."
>"i think i'm on some reality show or something."
>"you see, there's this guy, with red hair, and he's, he's... been following me."
>betty disappears
>crimson appears
>crimson says "it's time to go roy..."
>roy says "don't tell me what to do!!!"
>"i do what i want!! when i want!!"
>crimson says "you are merely a tool..."
>"therefore, you have no rights. whatsoever."
>roy says "what the hell are you saying?!!!"
>silhouette appears
>silhouette says "uhh... we're outta snack packs".
>crimson says "chocolate or vanilla?"
>silhouette says "both."
>betty appears
>betty says "roy. run. fast."
>"you're gonna be used as a human sacrifice. hurry!!"
>roy says "a sacrifice?!! what!!"
>crimson says "heyyy!! get back in character!!"
>betty says "you're just like me!!"
>crimson grabs betty
>roy says "let her go!!"
>silhouette blocks roy and says "oooh i don't think so, pretty boy!"
>betty says "we aren't supposed to exist..."
>"they created us... to create something..."
>"it's time for us to leave now..."
>"everything is falling into play..."
>"he's going to butt rape me. and he'll butt rape you too."
>everyone but roy disappears
>"no wait!!!!"
>they're gone.
>roy finds a board
>roy says "ouuuh look it's a ouija board!!"
>roy says "hmhhh... aha... uhhuh.. and.. and it... and over here... we..."
>board starts glowing
>roy says "hhuhh!!"
>"huhh.. haueguuhghgh!!"
>runs away and a trapped door appears
>roy finds a room full of monitors
>roy says "ugh!! i hate windows 98!!"
>"stupid windows 98!!"
>deni deni deidn ideni deni
>roy holds his head in pain
>roy says "ughh!!"

>the night time is the right time the night time is the right time
>the night time is the right time the night time is the right time

>"are you my dad's brother? do you know where i can find sailors?"
>silhouette says "you think it'll work?"
>crimson says " he's almost an exact replica."
>"it's our last hope."
>silhouette says "but what'll what'll happen if silas wakes up?"
>crimson says "roy will simply be no more".
>"and that's the way it should be".
>"we've lived in the shadows long enough".
>"now it's time to rise".
>silhouette says "judgement day."
>crimson says "judgement gay!"
>roy gets up "ughhh..."
>"damn bill gates..."
>"to hell! with microsoft!!"
>roy gets out sword
>roy destroys monitors
>"uagh!!! ugh!! ugh!! nngh!!"
>"hahh.. hahh... windows 98... sucks..."
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