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Post pics of kids who you have banged their moms
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Post pics of kids who you have banged their moms
so it's your son right?
yes, its so ugly
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Can Confirm Banged his mom
I have a story about when I was 17 and I slept with my friends mom. It was a weird and convuluted relationship. I'd be willing to tell it if anyone wants to listen. It's green text an I'm on mobile at work but bored
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It's past your bedtime.

Why don't you have your mum tuck you into your racecar bed and bring your bitch-ass a warm glass of milk.
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This asshole
http://facebook com/profile.php?=73322363
bump of interest
pls go ahead and tell us your storieeee
Yes, please greentext it. The more details, the better. Including, what she looked like (big tits, big ass, tight pussy, etc.), how many times you fooled around with her and what all you did with her? Please.

Also, did the friend find out? And if so, what happened? Any sort of confrontation/fight?
>mfw someone could actually post a pic of me here
hopefully he doesnt lurk this shit
Well it was a dark rainy night, when I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door she had massive tits and then i fucked the shit out of her
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Banged this kids mom, Hes my friend from school i came over to give him his xbox controller and his mom answered the door in a towel, she told me to come in and took me into his room. She pushed me on his bed and pulled my huge cock out, I called her a whore, She sucked me like a tornado. Then her daughters wandered in and got naked and spread their ass cheeks and told me to purify them analy, I cummed an ocean and the swam in it
Ok. I'm more into the lead up to the interaction. But I'll do my best.

>be me in grade school
>fat kid gets bullied a lot
>befriend him cause I feel bad
>we hang and he ends up being pretty cool but still awkward
>go over his house all the time
>his mom tries to be the cool mom a lot
>his dad is a prison guard and never around
>we graduate middle school together and go to the same high school
>I was always fairly popular and had no problem making friends
>he wasn't so lucky
>his dad had a gym in the basement and we started using it when we were freshman
>I got in good shape since I was already a swimmer/baseball player
>he was losing weight and getting strong cause he was a fat kid
>I end up landing a log term gf in HS
>me and my friend get distant
>I'll visit him and his mom every now and then
>some days it'd just be his mom there and we would bullshit
>more often it'd end up bein me and his mom talking while he played video games
>for about 2 years I got a lot closer with his mom
>I talked to her more than I talked to him
>I sensed he didn't like me but I wasn't going to start anything with him

Cont it gets interesting
She's his mom???
Tidally based anon
Oceans churning
So pissed
Please continue! Also, got any pics of the mom? Even without showing her face? Just to give us an idea of what she looks like? If not, please at least try to describe her body type.

Also, what ages were you and her? And how long did this go on for?

Also, please clarify whether or not your friend found out about you and his mom, and if so, what happened.
>as we are growing up through HS I get invited to a lot of parties
>I keep asking my friend to go with me and do stuff
>he always says no an that he'd rather stay home
>I try telling him he doesn't have to drink or anything and that he should just come out and that is hang with him the whole time
>no no no
>finally I get fed up and tell him I'm trying to get him to come out of his shell a little
>we get into a mild argument but it passes
>I still go over his house and shoot the shit with his mom
>she started going through somewhat of a mid life crisis and I found out she was cheating on her husband
>we started having this weird dynamic where is ask her if she was "behaving" and she would say yes or no depending on whether or not she was fucking around
>we would talk like this on Facebook all the time
>once when I was at her house it was me and her and she was drinking this bottled White Russian shit
>she was pretty loaded an started breaking down to me
>confessed how guilty she feels
>I'll never forget this line as long as I live: "I can't believe I kiss my kids goodnight after knowing what I've swallowed."
>it was a strange moment that kind of turned the tide in our relationship
>I stopped thinking of her as my friends mom because I thought we connected on some other level
>she inevitably apologized te following day over Facebook
>I said it was no big deal
You're truly stupid. That girl is barely starting to grow hair under her arms. She's pubescent.
Please continue! Also, got any pics of the mom? Even without showing her face? Just to give us an idea of what she looks like? If not, please at least try to describe her body type.

Also, what ages were you and her? And how long did this go on for?

Also, please clarify whether or not your friend found out about you and his mom, and if so, what happened.
>ITT dads posting pictures of their kids
Sorry no pics. She has a Facebook but I don have one anymore because drunk reasons. She is a typcal mom body. Real life shit. Big tits, fat ass, thinner when this was going down, she lost a lot of weight from stress of cheating on her husband

>fast forward a few months
>I still ask my friend to go out with me a lot
>he finally snaps and tells me I'm a fucking asshole anymore
>I'm a douchebag and I'm totally different size HS
>in hindsight he wasn't wrong, I was different
>but we were both older and I think he was living in the past and also had social anxiety
>I tried being calm with him but he drops a bomb on me
>he says him and his mom talk shit on me all the time
>that they both see how different I am
>"alright man"
>I was fuming but I kept my cool
>I felt pretty betrayed by his mom, I thought we were a little deeper than that
>we had real conversations and it was the first time I ever felt like someone engaged me that way before
>I was so mad I did a stupid stupid thing
>I texted her and I said "I know you've been talking shit about me" with your son
>she didn't text back
>after 15 minutes I got worried she wasn't taking me seriously so I sent "I can't believe you would do that, especially with everything I know about you"
>she doesn't text back
>finally I send my own bomb "I should just tell your husband"
>I almost immediately get a text back
>why would you do that?
>I told her that I felt betrayed
>he apologized over and over and begged me not to say anything
>I told her I didn't have a reason not to
>I realized what I was doing and thought about whether I should go through with it
>she texts me back saying she doesn't know what to do
>I say if she sucks my dick I won't say anything
>I didn't get a reply for a bit
>then she said you're horrible why would you joke like that?
>I said I'm not joking. I won't you to suck my dick or I'm telling your husband you have been cheating on him

inb4 Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
inb4 walk the dinosaur
inb4 Bel Air
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I fucked this girl's mom. The girl was like four years old at the time, so I didn't fuck her, obv. She looks just like her mom now. Loved that firecrotch. Loved cucking her Marine baby daddy.
Oh damn, shit just got real.
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his mom was aight, he was better.
Keep posting! Please. Also, where did this take place (what state, at least) and how long ago was this? Also, do you still keep in touch with her or with your friend? And is she still attractive?
>there was no answer for over an hour
>I started to panic and think she called the cops or told her husband
>I was close to pussying out before she texted back
>my heart sunk deep
>I couldn't believe it
>I felt physically ill but we managed to set up a day and time on the weekend
>she was a self employed house cleaner and would actually fuck the guys she met in people's houses wen she was supposed to be cleaning them
>we opted to meet in one of those houses in the early afternoon
>the day comes and I nervously drive to the place
>her car is already there
>I gather what little courage I have and go up to the door
>rather than knock I try the knob, it was open, so I just walked in
>I navigated my way through the house and found a TV room where she was sittin on the couch
>we locked eyes, another momen I'll never forget, her face in that moment is burned into my brain
>she looked like she was on the verge of tears
>I sat down across from her
>her face made me feel so much regret and I was again, moments from calling it off
>but she spoke up, "where?"
>"where in the house should we?"
>I don't know? Here?
>she sighed and looked at the ceiling
>I got up and sat next to her
>she looked away and started undoing my pants
>I took them off and my boxers
>I wanted to vomit I was so nervous
>I wasn't even hard
>her hands were shaking as she reached toward my cock
>she started stroking it and I immediately got hard from it because 17 and anything that isn't me touching my Dick is heaven
>I'm really hard but really nervous
>she's jerking me off slowly
>I ask her if she could take we shirt off
>she stops and looks at me
>she takes her shirt off
>before removing her bra she pauses and I nod
>she takes it off
>she must have got chills because I watched her nipples harden
>I cupped one while she jerked me off
>she seemed fine with it and honestly I would've been fine with no blowjob at this point

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Plowed her mom for a few months
banged my own mom if that counts
Why would you do that? Are you from Yorkshire or Kentucky?
Nice. Did you ever "accidentally" let her walk in on you mid-stroke?
Live in London now
Wasn't a big deal I was wasted with friends a bit high and I got home. My mom made a move on me and it just happened. I spent most of my life living with step mom, so it wasn't a big deal. My mom was big into heroine and is dead now so at least I don't have to deal with the awkwardness.

I wouldn't put it in her gut cunt, just did anal and then passed out.
I'm the guy who's been asking questions and for details, but I realize that you're typing on your phone and that your posts are taking a while, so I'll stop asking questions and I'm just posting this to keep the thread going for your follow-up replies.
I wouldn't do that to you guys
In NJ and I'll get into the other stuff later

>then it happened
>she leaned over and wrapped we lips around my cock
>I didn't gesture for it
>I didn't open my mouth
>she just went for it and started sucking my cock
>it felt amazing as she worked her tongue
>I started kissing and sucking her neck and shoulder
>it felt so good I got close pretty quickly
>I told her so since I thought it was polite, at least I always did with my gf
>she just hummed "mhm" around my dick
>I started fucking up into her mouth a little
>eventually I came and shot a few ropes into her mouth
>she still worked her tongue as my cock pulsed
>she waits until I'm finished and she gets up with a mouth full of come and goes in the other room I assume to spit
>I wish I could say she swallowed but that's just not what I saw
>either way I put my clothes back on and sit on the other side of the couch again
>she comes back and puts hers on and sits across from me
>we just stare at each other and she gives me a smirk and i smile nervously back
>I was thinking about what had happened and I started getting hard again
>I was rubbing my cock through my pants
>she saw me doing it and gave me a confused look
>I have no idea where I got the balls to ask this but I asked her, "can we do it again?"
>her eyes widened and she says, "what?"
>I fumbled around with some shit about how it's the same day so it should count
>still wide eyed she says "I guess"
>I started undoing my belt and she asks, "right now? I mean you're ready?"
>I said yea

Keep it coming
Np man I appreciate the support


>she took her shirt and bra off again and walked over
>it's shit like that, her doing it on her own that made me realize why something like this could happen
>she sits on the couch next to me again and leans over and instantly starts sucking me off
>it was definitely taking longer this time since I had just came and I think she knew that cause she laid down
>I still had easy access to her tits.
>I started rubbing her ass though and tried going for her pussy over her pants
>she started slow on down on my cock and I asked her if he could take her pants off
>she took my dick out of her mouth and asked why?
>I told her I wanted to go down her panties
>she said she didn't think that was a good idea
>I got smart and said "well we could just fuck"
>she got pissed off in the face and said NO adamantly.
>I said ok I was joking but I would a least like to see your ass
>she relunctantly agreed and took them off
>she laid back down and went to work on my cock again
>I was focused on her though
>I feeling her ass and running my hand over her body
>I'd play with the back of her panties, teal striped thong
>finally I got brave and went deep down and felt her pussy
>it was wet
>she stopped and said anon please what are you doing?
>I said it's fine it's fine as I proved the outside of her pussy
>she sighed a little and went back to Sucking my cock
>she would let out these little breaths as moans as I fingered her
>she was as tight as you'd expect I guess. Well tighter than I imagined I suppose
>she was giving me a little ass movement, fucking my fingers in a sense
>I told her itd be quicker if we fucked
>eyes closed she took my cock out of her mouth, moaning she says it

She was sucking your dick and you kissed her on the neck?
How long is your neck?
What are you, a fucking giraffe/human hybrid?
I call bullshit.
Are you still posting?
Single moms are the Best
this is stale copypasta
Sitting down? Just lean over I guess. (Not OP)

should be finale

>I motion to get up and I stand over her
>she gives me her ass and I immediately start fucking her fast and hard
>her head was pressed against the couch and she was moaning loudly
>I was so into her moaning I started slapping her ass
>she let out a louder moan every time I did
>we fucked doggy for a bit and I told her to get on top
>I sat down and she did and she proceeded to break my fucking dick off
>she kept her eyes closed and head face up towards the ceiling while she grinded her hips
>she was getting close I could tell and the thought of it was making me get close
>I sat up and began sucking her nipples
>she gripped my hair hard and her thighs started convulsing, pussy gripping my cock
>it was the first time I've ever seen a girl orgasm like that
>she was spent but I was still hard so I started fucking up into her
>it was a little awkward so I laid her down on her back
>I proceeded to fuck her and watch her tits bounce
>she looked right back at me
>her eyes connecting with mine drove me to the brink
>I pulled out and shot my load up her body
>streaks of cum covered her neck, tits, and stomach
>i shifted closer to her mouth and with no resistance she sucked my cock trough the aftershocks
>I fell backwards and just laid there sweating and breathing heavily
>she got up and went to the bathroom
>after some time I got dressed and again we found ourselves across from each other
>about an hour and a half passed since I first showed up
>she said something to the effect of "I really do need to clean this house"
>I told her I'd leave
>we stared at each other and he smiled and I laughed
>we shared a small laugh together and I left
>as soon as I got in my car she sent me a message "don't say a fucking word"
>I said I won't and that I kind of hope we can do it again
>she tells me "you're horrible haha"

Aftermath non greentext incoming
>>she stopped and said anon please what are you doing?

Then you've never had a blowjob.
Not having a shot at you but you'd have to br some kind of yoga master to pull a move like that off.
Yea she was in my lap so I just kinda leaned over. I mean if that's where the wheels fall off for you o guess so be it lol
The only time I've ever seen this posted before is the one other time I posted it a few months ago. And it was completely different since both times I typed it out separately
She wasn't on her knees. I mean if you can't imagine a girl sitting next to you then idk what else to say
File: cage lol.gif (2 MB, 177x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cage lol.gif
2 MB, 177x150
>She wasn't on her knees. I mean if you can't imagine a girl sitting next to you then idk what else to say
>if you can't imagine a girl sitting next to you
File: 1422529850233.jpg (654 KB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
654 KB, 2448x3264
I love amiibo
Load of shit, its been posted shitloads. Also no doubt all over reddits 4chan too

Ok aftermath

So I ended up convincing her to do it a few more times while I was a senior in HS. Then by the summer we were meeting up every other day. I had a gf the whole time but we broke up my first year in college. This whole time I was still seeing her and I realized I was starting to love her I think. That's when shit got complicated. I told her that I thought I had feelings for her and I fucked it all up. In hindsight it was probably for the best because she felt horrible that I wasn't even hanging out with her son anymore. I still don't but I also moved away for work. We tried to keep in touch but we drifted. After about 6 years since we last slept together, I hit her up. I was home visiting my parents and truthfully got horny thinking about everything. We bullshitted for a while like old times, she got a divorce go figure. But she was with someone else now. I figured fuck it I don't wanna fuck her over anymore and I told her it was nice catching up. That was the last I spoke to her.
I'm the guy who started the "have you ever had sex with someone inappropriate" thread that you posted it in originally a few months ago, and I'm the guy who's been asking you for details in this thread. I knew it was you sharing the same story, but I wanted to see how you described what happened this time. If I'm not mistaken, you fucked her dozens/hundreds of times and then you moved/lost contact for a while and she got re-married and you tried to hit her up after you went back home recently, to talk/hopefully, to fuck her again, but she seemed to want to be faithful, to her husband and just wanted to talk, right?

Seriously, do you have any pics of her that will not show her face? I've gotten off to your story many times after you first posted it (and I have the thread archived, if you want me to try to find it and post the link for it, let me know, and I'll see if I can find it now), so, I can't help but want to actually see this woman's body?

Can you just search for her name on Facebook without being logged in to an account and then try to save a picture that doesn't show her face? Or, would that still likely be a possibility for someone to reverse image search the picture and find out who she is?

Do you have a throwaway e-mail/one that you rarely use? If so, post it, if you wouldn't mind, and I'll shoot you a message, if you'd be down to e-mail me a cropped/body picture of her. Also, I could e-mail you links to previously archived threads, if you'd like me to.

And if you're not interested, no worries. I'm not looking to bother you.
Post a source. I can guarantee you are wrong unless my exact story has been reposted from the first time. I know the OP of that thread said he was gonna save it which I told him was cool. But I hadn't seen it since
I was the OP in that thread and I just posted this post here >>609882674
I found the thread that you originally posted it in! Here's a copy/paste of it (if you want, I can also screencap it or post the link to the archived thread):

>be 16
>had a friend whose mom was the "cool mom"
>dad was a prison guard
>she went through a mid-life crisis, started drinking a lot
>one day im bullshitting with her while friend is in basement
>she is drunk, but we always talk about my sex life and stuff
>currently had gf and was telling her shit we do
>she starts confessing all this shit to me about how she has been cheating on her husband for months
>"i cant believe i kiss my kids goodnight after knowing what ive swallowed" - ill never forget that line
>im taken pretty aback and dont know what to really do with the information
>we are cool enough with each other that we text
>i text her the next day from home and ask her what she remembers
>she says she remembers and was sorry i had to hear it all
>i could tell she sounded really panicked
>for a while i didnt do anything, id ask her every now and them if she was "behaving"
>she said no for a while and eventually said yes
>after awhile me and the friend grew further apart
>i started texting his mom more than him
>one day i get into argument with my friend and he tells me his mom was talking shit on me the one day
>i was pretty mad cause i always thought we were close
>i texted her and said i heard what she said and i was inclined to tell her husband she was cheating
>she was begging me not to
>finally i said fuck it and i got up the courage to say i wanted her to suck my dick and i wouldnt say anything
>she thought i was kidding and i texted her back saying it was that or im telling him
>my phone was quiet for over an hour and i thought maybe she was telling her husband
>i was nervous but i kept telling myself that she has more to lose than me
>finally she texts me back "ok..."

Thanks for confirming what I was trying to tell that guy.

But sorry man, I don't have the nuts to put someone on blast like that. She also as far as I remember only take pics of her face or wrist/ankle tattoo. Maybe one day but for now I'd like to just keep her out of it if i can

And I had a feeling all the questions were you hahaha I remember how much you asked the last time. But it's cool man, like I said I like knowing at least someone is interested
>we set up a day to do it in one of the houses she cleans, shes a self employed maid
>apparently the guy she was cheating with would meet her at the strangers houses she cleaned and fuck in their beds and stuff
>i met her there and she was just sitting on the couch
>she looked really afraid and i thought she was gonna cry
>she said she didnt know if she could do it, and i almost pussied out right there
>all i could utter out was like, "well lets just take it easy"
>without even making eye contact she asked "on the couch, or?"
>i said yea sure
>i sat down next to her and took my pants off
>she looked at me, looked away and closed her eyes as she started stroking my dick
>i let her go a few seconds while i got harder
>i started feeling up her tits and told her to take her shirt and bra off
>she did it, faster than i expected
>she started stroking me a little faster when i leaned over and put one of her tits in my mouth
>i pulled away and i was gonna tell her to start sucking my dick but when i did she bent over and started doing it on her own
>i just threw my arms behind my head, i never felt anything like that before
>i was looking at her and her eyes were still closed
>when i said "oh god" she opened them and looked right at me
>we made eye contact, my dick was in her mouth, she maintained that eye contact for what seemed like 5 seconds, and she kept sucking
>i started fucking her mouth a bit
>i told her i was close and she just said mhm
>i held the back of her head while i busted in her mouth
>she sat up, wiped her lips and went to the sink


she was curvy but not really fat. mom tits, really nice ass, eh face. have more to come
Haha yea that looks like it
I just posted the first two parts of your original post here >>609882928 and here >>609882983

And I completely understand you not wanting to take a chance of posting a picture and someone outing you and your story. It sucks that you can't know for sure that I wouldn't do that, because so many people will do exactly that, given the opportunity.

And I figured it might be obvious that it was me by asking so many questions, so that's why I specifically tried to stop asking so many questions, but still wanted to try to post and bump the thread to keep it active.

Thanks for taking the time to post your story, both times! It was a great read and was erotic as fuck!

By the way, did the friend find out about you sleeping with his mom? Or suspect anything? When is the last time you talked to your friend? And what about the mom? Is she still sexy?
No problem man thanks for listening again

And as far as I know he never suspected a thing. I doubt he knows too because funny enough I went home in January and hung out with some old friends from middle school and he was there and were cool. I haven't seen her in person since before I moved away. I'd imagine time took more of a toll on her haha. I'd still fuck her though if given the chance. Easily one of the best blowjobs I've ever had
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Thread images: 14
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