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Worst drug experience ever thread.
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Worst drug experience ever thread.
Anything goes.
I almost OD on weed. true story.
Datura, made me feel like I was dying of thirst, terrible shit
Tell us the story.
Never tried it,what's it like?
I injected too much of it and well fuck that shit. I was in coma for 2 years.
had a ton of local dAnkdank and an allegraD
I felt my balls pixelate and cross into another realm. Thought they would never return
>started drinking the wodka mixes
>another sort of alcohol comes in
>and another sort
>'anon u almost died'
Hot chick and me took some rose seeds, sadly we didnt know that they have to be peeled so...
I have to mention that we were drunk too
At first it was like a not so strong shroom trip, we layed down and just enjoyed the sight of flowers, and the stars
Then we drank some more and after an hour or so we begun the feel strange
We were so messed up that we could walk for like a minute or so and after that we had to lay down to chill...but it got worse
As we tried to walk to my place i threw up like 2 times and i really felt like i was poisoned
Headache, really stuttering breathing, losing sight...i thought i gonna die...after like an hour of rumbling in my bed finally entered sleeping mode.
And dont mention the fucking hangover in the morning...
Rose seeds never again.
So you had 2,000 pounds of it? Goddamn
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>be me
>spring break
> my friends and I were casual drug users
>never anything TOO excessive
>until night two
>get or hands on five whole marajuanas
>oh shit
>all of my friends are too sketched out to do any of it
>all mine
>i inject all five at once
>feel it right away
> eyes widen
> heart rate increases tenfold
>hallucinations begin
> my friends look like walking pancakes
>so hungry
> jump on one
> rip his flesh off his arm and chow down
I don't remember anything after this
> wake up next morning
>maximum security penitentiary
Grew shrooms in my closet, I ate a bunch, was booming hard, and then I smoked a bowl in my bathroom. I had a moment where I realized the universe only existed in my bathroom. Thing is, I'm still not convinced I was wrong. Actually this story is pretty cool.

Worst drug experience is I got too drunk and threw up a lot.
Don't combine LSD, shrooms and weed. Any of the 2 seem to be ok but all 3 is really uncomfortable.
I like spiritual trips mate,tell me the whole story.
>first time smoking weed
>smoke too much
>feel like im bouncing up and down
>clinical depression decides he wants to make a reappearance
>extremely suicidal
>cant respond to people talking to me even when i want to
>major cottonmouth
>stays this way for hours
Got punched while tripping on acid in a nightclub smoking area, didnt trust any cunt I didnt know who looked at me for the rest of the night, was really anxious and aware of everyone around me. Kept dancing though, I was also on a hell of a lot of mdma and still had a decent night with my friends
I don't understand people's desire to go to public places while on drugs such as LSD and shrooms,sounds horryfing.
traded some weed for a couple of fentanyl skin patches. had no idea what they were. stuck one on my back and went to sleep. woke up 3 hours later, and felt amazing. had amazing sex with the gf, and was left cuddly as a mother fucker afterwards. we fell asleep, then i woke up another few hours later puking my brains out, dizzy af, and very lightheaded. needless to say, ripped that patch off and never touched em again. pretty sure i almost od. im not a big guy.
>acid weekend planned
>too cocky and take 320ug
>got on bed and bed was made of water
>walk around in circles in the living room on the mat
>friends walk in
>mfw i got all emotional arounds them
>I work night shift 3 years
>non-stop coffee and energy drinks to try and stay awake
>one day after work dont go to sleep and hangout with friend cause I'm tired of having no
social life
>Smoke weed, have a cig or two while playing Civ V with friends
>Go to stand up to take my turn and suddenly wake up too friends yelling in my face
>Anon! Anon!!! Wake the fuck up man!"
>All I feel is tingling and think Im dreaming before I realize Im in the middle of a full blown seizure. And my heart is skipping beats.
It's nice if it's a sunny park on a warm day, but if you go somewhere where you're uncomfortable it's going to be a bad time.
My asshole coworker constantly smokes in the work truck, and it smells terrible.
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fat bastard.gif
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I really haven't had a bad experience on any of the drugs I've tried. I guess the worst thing I've experienced is the comedown of MDMA, but that's something everyone who uses it experiences.
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took a 5 strip of acid.
half hour into get this funny idea
put a tab of pure L on my eyeball
put it on like a contact
leave it in for a few seconds
starts to burn real bad
decide to take it out
wash my eyes out
put in eye drops
half hour later
trippin wayyyy to hard
vision goes totally lava lamp like
super nauseated
never tripped so hard in my life
happy i didnt lose my vision
Yeah,I never tried acid or shrooms but the thought of going places like that sounds scary,the best option is someone's empty house of nature,at least that's what I think
>Be 14 y/o me
>with friends and they decide to get £50 of weed
>they offer me a few zoots
>mfw free weed
>I take the zoots and spark one up
>I 420 ignited that shit
>I coughed like fuck and a few moments later I was eating cereal out of the box whilst watchign scooby doo
>I go with friends for another zoot and smoke that
>friend says "wanna go to mcdonalds?" we all say yes
>start walkign to bus whilst smokeing our third zoot
>we live quite far away from the bus station and stopped on the way to smoke and chill for a bit
>we et to bus stop and I start feeling faint and weak
>we get on bus and I sit away from everyoen else
>feel really sleepy
>fall asleep for a sec and suddenly start throwing up
>bus driver asks if Im okay
>I ask for a tissue
>no one's got any
>shoes all covered in a light brown muck which came from my stomach
>I fall asleep again

To see it in a different light.

It's a very gratifying experience
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Smoked Salvia on the peak of an Acid trip. Was able to smell the colour left. Shit was fucked yo
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Damn on a lot of Mdma? Surprised the hit didnt K.O you. The body doesnt do so well when you rollin.
>>Be me, maybe 14 or 15
>>Smoked weed before, never really felt anything
>>Cousin emptiess a cigar, not a rello, a fucking cigar
>>Fills with weeds and we proceed to smoke behind a house
>>I'm one of the last ones hitting it, I feel my eyes go numb, I'm a "Tropper"
>>Oh cool, catch the sideburns! So cool.
>>Walk away and hear a voice in my head say, "You aren't real"
>>begin to grab head and walk in circles saying "I AM REAL I AM REAL"
>>Ohshit.jpg what the fuck is happening to me?
>>cousin sticks me in back of a fucking car with child safe locks
>>Eyes going left to right, heartbeat in my ears like a 808 drum
>>Literally feel like I'm watching everything that has already happened, like I'm stuck in Deja Vu
>>Cry and freak out because I feel like I'm dead
>>Feel like I'm dying for a few hours and don't know what to do
>>They finally take me inside and sit me in front of a t.v. playing Disney's Dinosaurs.
>>drink a coke and eat a rice cake
>>talk to a cat and calm down
>>I get home, See my Mom
>>Not high anymore.

I have had fucking panic attacks and anxiety with depression and Bipolar type 2 classifications since.

I'm 29 now

What the fuck happened to me. Been scared of the shit ever since.
>eat a bunch of shrooms with wife and friends
>30 min later one friend needs to go home and I have to give him ride
>Its only 15 min away but right as I'm dropping him off they kick in
>spend the next 3 hours driving in circles and every car looked like a cop car
>miraculously make it home after crying and pulling hair out
>take 3 1mg tabs of 25c NBOMe under tongue
>start playing some Star Wars game
>starts to get confusing
>people just running in and out of the screen
>not sure what's going on
>decide to go outside
>sober up as soon as I stop playing the game
>walk around for a bit
>decide I need to go inside and smoke weed because I'm barely feeling the effects after three hours
>start taking hits off of some weed
>every hit takes me farther from reality
>eventually I'm just sitting there watching reality sway like a fun house mirror
>all my thoughts completely fell apart
>it felt like they were broken down and I was experiencing the most fundamental units of consciousness
>realized my heart was racing
>realized I couldn't comfort myself by remembering that plenty of other people had safely taken this dose before
>realized I physically hurt all over
>I could feel my veins constricting
>I had VERY bad tremors
>realized I was probably going to die
>laid in bed for four hours in pain certain I was going to die

Now I'm scared to take psychedelic drugs because whenever I do, I start remembering how I felt that night. I end up making myself think I'm in physical pain and that I'm probably going to die
It's a funny story but you should've called a cab
Me and two buddies ate the shrooms around 6pm and were hanging out in my basement. The shrooms were slow coming up but extremely potent when eaten fresh. I had done them before but not in this quantity. We went up the street where a large public building stands, and tripped balls on the lights on the grounds. I noticed that I felt pure happiness whenever I looked into a light source. It was both of my buddies' first time, and the one was starting to freak out. We were able to calm him down enough but he wanted to be alone and listen to music so my other friend and I took him home then we went to my room to get high. In retrospect I think that was a mistake because after smoking I was unable to focus on the sensations of the shrooms as much. Once high I experienced ego death, and felt like I was looking at the whole of existence at once- both existing as myself and everything simultaneously. I eventually came down off the high and jerked off and went to sleep.

I have since explored other psychedelics, specifically DMT and LSD. The LSD was boring, I think a weak batch, but the DMT was the single most incredible drug experience of my life. If you want to look God in the face and have God stare back at you, DMT is what you're looking for. I would like to try it again as a Ayahuasca ceremony though.

These kind of repeated experiences are what have led me to pantheism- the only faith where God provably exists. Although I don't do drugs anymore, I remain convinced that my experiences were genuine commune with the divine.

captcha: hempA
Smoked too much weed before the peak of my acid trip, passed out and felt the acid hit in a nightmarish dream. I could slowly feel myself get more and more insane and was convinced I was psychotic but didn't realise I was asleep.
Pressured into taking 'Herbal', some fucking super coke. Im not a drug guy i dont even smoke. Anyway, at the bar bout 10 minutes in i shout at the barmaid demanding nachos. Eat my nachos. Black out, apparantly beat the shit out of 3 guys and threw barmaid over a table. Come too standing in the middle of the road with the guy who talked me into the drugs. i know im tripping major balls but black out again. Come too again but now im with my dad walking around the area looking for my hat, end up in a park an needing a shit bad, nearly crap my pants but end up shitting on the grass and using grass to wipe with. Find hat. Try to fight some assholes but talked out of it. End up at my sisters house and proceed to drink all the milk. fun times!
Fear and Loathing inspired me to try it... it is horrifying, but what an adventure
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had only tried weed a couple of times, knew it was an easy pussy drug you know what i mean. go to friends house all 3 of us guys go to new friends house, dont know him very well. we stand around and pass the joint, then we all sit next to each other at the end of his bed. our weight makes the front of the bed fly up into the air. i get up and move and it goes down. none of us talk about that moment. keep hitting the bong i probably did about 10 hits then we went to a forest. its hard to remember much i could barely walk, i just laid down in the dirt. i guess i camouflaged because my friends were calling for me looking for me but i couldnt respond. they left me laying on the ground in the forest as it was getting dark. here weird shit freak out but i physically cant move. next thing i know i wake up the next morning stand up and walk home lmao
> be 17
> first edgy weed experience
> feelsgood.png
> one year later
> it's time for a full hit
> clear that shit
> 10 minutes later
> face 404s
> body circulating in space orbit
> realize horror trip
> go to sleep as if nothing happened
> wake up two days later
> whathappened.gif
> toilet roles all over bed
> slept with toilet paper as blanket
> wat.mkv
that reminds me when im really high, my balls turn into weights. like fucking 50 pounds and theyre just hanging there pulling away from my body and i have to hold them up or i cringe from how uncomfortable it is. Even in pants its the worst
File: 1422064458444.jpg (46 KB, 514x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Smoke weed with close friend at party he dragged me too
>Sitting on couch stoned out of my mind
>Friend cuddles against me and pulls me to him
>Starts kissing me
>Too stoned to resist and it feels kind of good in the moment
>Feel sick the next morning when I am finally sobered up
>Everyone thinks I am a fag now
>Worried my parents will find out somehow

Weed fucks with your morals and makes you do shit you wouldn't normally do.
I only smoke it now when I am alone late at night.
>be this person
>I'd taken about 60 mg of xanax/klonopin over the last two or three days
>me and crew were passing around a meth foil
>someone gives me a suboxone
>don't realize I'm already fucked up
>take it right there
>drive home because it's 6 am and I want to take a shower before I go to school
>start driving to school
>fall asleep
>wake up in the wrong lane
>repeat 3x
>eventually wake up in a ditch
>call my mom
>she calls the cops and a tow truck
>cop shows up and asks if I've been drinking
>no officer
>ok well be more careful next time
>go home and sleep for god knows how long
>don't learn my lesson yet and resume running around town doing drugs and cooking dope for a few more months
Sounds more like alchohol t o me.
Well I had drank the same night but not that much and alone alcohol has never made me do anything like that.
>be me
>university in beach town
>Lots of nature around
>playing halo with m8s drinking cheap beer
>friend pulls out vial of acid
>its about to get dark but fuck it
>pours questionable amount of acid on cracker
>there’s a puddle
>second time taking acid
>start destroying at halo
>becomes too overstimulating go outside
>other housemates frying too
>its dark
>walk to beach
>airport signal light is spinning
>its really foggy, bugs are loud
>walk up path away from beach
>palm trees and swamps
>signal lights still spinning
>way too high, way too foggy
>everyone stops talking
>helicopter flies right above the trees
>hear a stick break in the distance
>helicopter is circling
>its humid
>another stick breaks
>its charlie
>we’re in nam

Sounds like one of those things that people would talk about to get attention after a trip but I can't explain the mindset. It was a lot of acid.
>be this person
>take a bunch of klonopin at a party
>take a few shots
>find cookies someone made
>they are the best cookies ever
>I ate all of them
>I decide I need weed
>get a ride to town to get some
>walk in dude's house
>he is black
>start telling him about how I had just taken acid (I hadn't) and how black people all looked like aliens
>sit there for 30 minutes start saying all kinds of racist shit
>buy weed
>go back to party
>hit on girls I shouldn't have been hitting on
>talked shit to guys I shouldn't have talked shit to
>passed out in someone's car
>woke up and went home
honestly the worst time ive had on any substance was weed about two weeks ago some kids were smoking in their dorm and asssured it was safe and pressured me to take a hit, i finally did, had a huge panic attack.
i tried to leave the room, and as soon as i finally worked up the nerve to do it i walked out and cops were already there
had to sit there having a panic attack knowing i was screwed
got away fine tho just had to pay a small fine

also ive done pretty much every drug but meth heroine nitrous and crack so
It's acid,everything is possible,my friend spend 2 hours chasing a hedgehog claiming the moon made him do it,which was purple atm
>Took 90mg adderal instant release
>muh heart
>at hospital blood pressure almost 200/120 heart rate 150
>sent to hospital for 3 days
>over 5k hospital bill yet to be paid
nigga you dumb
Well drugs can take over a mind,but still the most important thing about drugs is ATMOSPHERE,if it's a bad vibe,just leave somewhere,panic attacks suck on weed
>be this guy
>be New Years
>decide to get real fucked up
>take some klonopin
>snort some coke
>drink a whole bunch
>decide we need to go to Walmart to get beef jerky
>drunk drive 90mph down back roads in the woods
>somehow make it to Walmart alive
>spend an hour looking for god knows what
>almost accidentally walk into some dude's kid (at 3 am)
>he gets mad
>we have some kind of exchange
>he starts chasing us
>we hit a cart on the way out on purpose
>he follows almost all the way back
>we stop to talk to him
>he tells us he has a gun
>I decide we need to kill him
>soberest person present says no
>we speed off

I don't remember what else happened that night. Actually I don't even remember that much. I hate when people tell me stories about myself that I never knew happened..
Ya bro I know that shit is wack
as someone who takes adderall (ER, but still) i'm scared to take too much. once I took double because I was half asleep, and I was the angriest I've ever been in my life. Legitimately yelled till red in the face at multiple people

I've never yelled till red in the face in my life except that day
yeah ive been on ten hits of acid and been fine in a shady environment before but nothing compared to this panic attack
the good thing was i tried to leave so they had that on record so i got away clean
other kids whos room it is got busted with like so much shit they are fucked
kek'd the hardest in a long time
Gather arround children and hear the tale of the time i broke through on salvia.
>Be me not that long ago
>Friends brother comes to party with salvia
>He doesnt know how strong it is but from price he told me it was prolly 40-50x
>smoked some salvia before but not enough for it to hit me
>was only 10x
>had the bright idea to clear the whole bowl so i would feel it this time
>I have visual snow
>basically looks like a grainy video
>in the center of my vision the snow vibrates at a faster rate than normal and makes a circle
>feel myself getting stupid high
>forget who i am what i am or that i even exist
>realise how high i am
>feel like im falling
>as this happens everything flashes white to yellow and back and forth
>next thing i know im sitting in a row of dudes
>each dude represents a year
>i am 2015
>as new year comes a pole impails the dudes and moves down at light speed
>keeps running through forever
>the pole runs parallel to spine enters top of skull and exits near asshole
>its new year 2015
>pole runs through me
>turn to dude to my left
>can feel the pain
>its 2014
>ask him what the fuck is going on
>tell me "the life youve lived as anon is just an illusion your mind created to escape the pain of these poles running through us.'
>get sucked into vortex
In town drinking with buddies, friend offers me the rest of his shrooms (had never done shrooms). Took the bag and washed them down a SoCo and Lemonade without really thinking about how much I was taking.

I came up, freaked out and tried to get out of town because all the stimuli was breaking my brain. I crashed next to a concert hall after a bright building sent me into overload and was found sometime later by my friends. I chomped on the side of my mouth trying to "bring myself back to reality" and was spitting blood everywhere.
>took spice at 17, 125 lbs.
> tried keeping up with over 300lb guy and someone else like a dumb teenager
> extreme headache/pain/fear
> came up with a psychotic theory on how the government was making a weapon that would create an artificial conscience and force people into these consciences to tourture them. I was never a person, but one of these artificial consciences and I was stuck in there for eternity.
> tried as calmly as I could to explain to the two people there this
> headache/body pain maximizes, I saw some weird electric ball in front of me.
> 100% certain I died and I was gonna be in this state forever
> came down, luckily didn't end up in hospital
> stick to weed from then on
I think people undermine the strength of it. Shit I might evn of took 120mg (4 30s) I don't really remember. I remember just walking super fast and my heart about to explode and going to the hospital.

This isn't the first time though because of adderal. I've been 3 times cause I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.
any schizophrenia in your fam, anon?
maybe you should stop taking adderall anon
my friend who is the heaviest drug user i know did this with MDA too and he said he almost drowned himself just to stop the horrible trip
weird, i've IV'd 90mgs of instant release adderall at once and i was fine, just high. don't really have a stim tolerance either.

worst experience was injecting .5 of methylone at once, thought i was gonna have a seizure, girlfriend started shoveling klonopin in my mouth to make it stop.
prolly fake but continue
I smoked salvia and I thought I was in NYC when the towers fell. I also thought my friend was a highjacker so I attacked him.
I did dabs for the first time 2 weekends ago and was falling asleep in the chair. I'm such a loser
I used to smoke meth all the time and I felt like my heart was going to explode for weeks on end sometimes. It never did. Of course I don't think that means it couldn't have. But it didn't.
haha honestly it just depends on who youre with and how the night goes
once i went to my friends electronic concert at a small venue and witnessed the most epic dance off of all time
blew my fucking mind away
File: image.jpg (468 KB, 1280x1134) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When I was younger I liked to get fucked up on DXM like once a year. I was hanging out over at a friends and we're smoking a bowl, I pull out some robotussing gels. I think I took about 600mg. In half an hour I puked up red liquid, didn't know it was red because it was dark as fuck around 10:30. After I puked I lost all limb control and all I could do was lay down and trip balls. About an hour of hallucinating later, I didn't feel like I was alive and thought that I had died

when there was a dry spell around my way and i couldn't get anything

hope that never happens again
Dude you're a closet faggot. Weed doesn't make you gay, it just keeps you from hiding it.
Not really,but the fact that weed lowers your morals is a lie,that's more alcohol

That's awful mate
File: really man.jpg (62 KB, 562x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
really man.jpg
62 KB, 562x519
I can see we won't be able to put anything past you.
u pussy bitch, i inject 3 canabis on a daily basis
i thought that people were not complete retards, gladly this myth was debunked by "paranoia"
I have. I wasted about a year and a half getting high on it.
Idk man. It was just a lot for me I guess, keeping in mind I was like 120-130 pounds from previously taking it for a long time as normal.
3 hits of molly alone at night in the middle of the woods...
One time a friend of mine and I were looking for something to try a friday night. No one was around to sell weed conveniently, and we got bored of molly so we tossed around the idea of getting ketamine. Ended up getting 4 grams of the shit. So him and I sat on the couch and busted out some lines. I don't even remember the 15 minutes between taking the line and the K hitting me because the second I noticed I was high I was thrown into a 4th dimension. I could see the entire room as if my perspective was every corner of the room at once. Physically I felt like my body was being stretched thousands of miles but nothing hurt, it just felt fucking weird. When I was a bit more conscious, I remember staring at him and my vision just keep zooming really far into his face over and over again.

Ask me anything.
only bad experiences i've had with drugs were with alcohol..

The worst I've tried was this one time where I drank until I had to puke - and then went home, and pissed the bed in my sleep.

Shitty experience - but my own fault, as it pretty much always is.. The poison is in the dose as they say..
this is actually pretty rational
>see what i render as whiteness
>not really white just empty space
>look to bottom left see a yellow column extending into forever
>starts changing colors and shit
>turns back to yellow
>opens up like pacman
>inside is my body
>start laughing and wave to myself
>column slams shut and crushes my body
>blood is everywhere
>start freaking out that i died and didnt know cuz im tripping balls
>images star flashing
>all i remember from then on is three cycles as i would like to call them
>in one i am sliced up paper thin like a book and someone is rapidly flipping through my "pages"
>feel immense pain when i separate, feel immense pleasure when i reconect
>the seceond is me teleporting from my salvia trip universe to the real world over and over.
>when i go to real world i spawn phased into builings columns and other various shit
>hurts like hell and i wish for nothing but death so the pain will stop
>in the third cycle i am a self fixing being
>my sentience is a cancer
>feel my brain regerarating and slowly wiping out my sentience
>these of course are in no particular order
>lasted 15 mins shit felt like 2hrs of torment
If you're already on acid and mushrooms, smoking weed can't do much more harm than is already done. People say weed amplifies any drug high but it really doesn't, just adds to it.
Well thats good I guess. I know I have an addictive personality so I don't take any drugs recreationally, and don't drink that much either.

so prescribed adderall scared me tbqh
i woke up w my father balls deep in my anus mid creampie
File: deep stare.jpg (11 KB, 250x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
deep stare.jpg
11 KB, 250x245
>Friend of mine comes over to visit.
>He brought some morning glory or baby woodrose seeds around.
>We grind it down into a powder using a mortar and pestle.
>Put it in hot water.
>Strain it.
>Drink the water.
>Smoke some weed to go with it.
>About an hour later it kicks in.
>At first it's pretty good, as if I were just incredibly high.
>Good body high, got a good chill going on, was good all round.
>About half an hour to an hour later it keeps getting stronger.
>Suddenly feels like I'm greening out, but even worse.
>Sensory overload. Every physical sensation feels more extreme than usual, but to a point where it's way beyond enjoyable.
>Start to freak out a little.
>Decide I'll just try to sleep it off.
>Lay back, shut my eyes and try to relax.
>Just as I'm getting close to dozing off, it feels like my heart is slowing right down to the point of stopping, even though it isn't really.
>Suddenly get this idea in my head that if I fall asleep my heart will stop.
>Freaking out because now I'm tired and every thirty seconds I feel like I'm falling asleep.
>This is at about 1hr30 - 2hrs in at this stage.
>Ask my friend, "How long does this shit last for?"
>He replies, "About four to five hours."
>Spent the next few hours freaking out thinking I was going to die even though I wasn't actually going to.
>come back to the real world
>everyones leaving
>people are shouting that the cops are here
>i start flipping my shit
>apparently i was screaming while i was tripping
>my friend said it sounded like a hawk
>hand my pipe to my sober freind and tell him to hide it for me
>remeber im supposed to be DD
>find my other freind
>tell him im tripping balls right now but if we wait 5 mins ill be sober
>while all this is happening i feel numb and there is a yellow line down the middle of my body that extends into infity
>my homie whos drunk as fuck doesnt want to wait so he drives
>we drive to next party
>in the back trying to comprehend what just happened
>how much was real?
>how much did i trip?
>go to next party and smoke cigarettes drink and have a pretty good time
yall niggas should post some good experiences too

>feb. 20th in cleveland some rave is going down
>all my niggas is going
>alright sure
>new friend but really cool dude asks me if i wanted to trip, just planned on rolling that night
>fuck it why not
>he has been taking acid since he woke up, on tab numero 8 when he arrives at my place and offers it
>take two to start off
>take some molly
>having a great time
>want more?
>2 more
>other friend offers me a half strip
>fawk it why not
>take it
>get back to my house
>friend is now on 14 hits of acid
>end up tripping face all night watching trailer park boys, drinking, smoking weed
>end it off by eating some waffles and chilling with eyes closed on my roof with my new expensive headphones listening to aphex twins
>watch the sun rise
>take a xan and go to bed

great time
>buy new bong for 420
>get it home, fill with water and pack a bowl
>fire dat shit up
>pulling hard to draw the flame in but it's burning the weed and not filling with any smoke
>half the bowl is gone and the chamber is empty
>shits expensive so going to need an almighty pull to get this shit going
>rip as hard as possible, almost folding my lungs inside out
>suddenly taste blood
>shit self
>look in the mirror
>realise my mouth was closed the whole time and I've accidently inhaled part of my face
>realise I'm Kylie Jenner
>cry with new bong
I started off taking them recreationally
I liked them so much I had to get my own
And it was all downhill from there.

It should scare anyone. In fact it is crazy we are giving kids legal amphetamines. There is not a lot different bewteen methamphetamine and dextroamphetamine (adderal )
Shit i thought mortar and pestles were only for herblore
Then why have I never done gay shit when sober?
Why have I never sucked a cock any other time in my life?
Weed is a mental drug 1000x more then beer or a cigarette.
Took 25i and thats to a douchebag friend I end up with a complex that makes me think people are controlling my entire world and i'm living essentially in a matrix but instead of cool it just freaked me out and instead of being a battery it was just to fuck with me
Well we used one to aid in our consumption of an entheogen, so that's at least one more situation they're used in.
>be me
>tired of weed
>take interest in psychedelics
>wanted to start off with shrooms but they're hard to find where I live
>go to the bathroom one day
>guy is selling acid
>not real acid but research chems
>guy is a friend of mine
>tells me it's a chemical calls 2C-I.
>buy it
>research it before taking it
>take it
>love it
>words on the walls
>beautiful body high
>music sounds amazing
>about a month later I go to buy some more of this shit
>says he has 2C-E now
>buy it and look up what I can about it
>buy some weed to go with it
>drop the tab
>so far so good
>smoke my weed about an hour after dropping the tab
>what the fuck is going on
>feel like I am going insane
>crouch on the floor looking around the room like a crazy person
>thoughts loop over and over in my head
>the voices in my head turn into the voices of demons
>stare at a picture I drew of a face
>the face turns into a demon
>scared shitless and believe I'll never come back as the same person ever again after this
At this point I don't really remember much else except that I woke up in a puddle of drool and piss in my room. Haven't touch psychedelics since but I really want to give them another go just to see what I can discover about myself.
Same thing happened to me, one panic attack from weed changed me forever
Do you wear your skillcape to the mall
Dabs had me seeing shit
>Take hit
>Everything slows down
>1 second time loop
>I am a beast with a billion backs
>All sense of self and perception gone
>Start screaming "I know whats coming next"
>In the bathroom mumbling to myself
Wake up it has only been 2 hours since taking the hit. It felt like years.
Lol. Dude. Because you're a closet case. Again, weed doesn't make people do gay stuff, but if you're stoned as hell, you might forget that you resent that part of yourself. You need some self awareness, pal.
pretty sure you'll murder a family next time
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>dabbed for the first time
hahaha k is dope

let me tell you the story of the second time i tried ketamine
>brothers birthday party
>friend offers us some cocaine
>drink and drink and drink
>another friend shows up with a plethora of different drugs, always super generous
>he says he has some molly, ketamine, and awesome cocaine
>has each substance loaded separately into little bullet snorter things
>switches them around in his hands so we couldnt tell which one was which
>hands one to me my brother and my friend
>i get the ketamine
>snooty booty
>playing beer pong against my father who didnt see this happen obviously
>all of the sudden everything becomes real wonky
>took more than i realized
>go to the bahtroom cause i have to pee
>sit down on toilet to piss cause so fucked up
>forget how to pee
>everything gets crazy fucked up super awesome
>fall on bathroom floor, lay there and trip out for a while
>brother comes knocking on door a half hour or so later
>wake up kind of
>cant even stand up, pants still down
>brother says are u ok let me in
>comoemfe innn (wolf of wall street style fucked up)
>"its locked"
>use all of my strength to somehow unlock bathroom door
>brother has to pull my pants up for me
>spend rest of the night hugging a pillow on my living room couch
>my dad thinks i just drank too much

great night lol
HOW DO I GET DMT did you make it or buy it?
Okay I'm not gonna lie. I don't really know what Herblore or a Skillcape is, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's something RPG related.
reading this made me high
I disagree.
There is no gayness hidden deep within me.
The drug just got me so happy and high that it felt good in the moment.
Could have happened to many straight guys.
No joke. I didn't get prescribed till I was 22, and even then I've only refilled my scrip 3 times in 2 years (30 days each).

It helps with the ADHD but it scares the shit out of me.
fight me in wildy noob
>smoke weed
>pretty damn stoned
>my heartbeat feels like going crazy
>feel pulse, everything normal, just a bit faster
>can´t get my mind off of heartbeat for an hour thinking I might die even though I knew that nothing was abnormal
>interesting experience, still smoking lol

>I've accidently inhaled part of my face
dude... lold
First and last drug experience. Weed. I couldn't think right and got a headache. It wasn't laced or anything, I just like being able to think properly.
you must be awesome at parties

Depends where you are. I have mates who buy it off the the deep web and I know one guy in London who makes it himself in small quantities
Can make it pretty easily.
Just gotta order a couple of different roots and then do a pretty simple extraction.
I honestly want/wanted to try DMT but after a bad LSD trip that left me shattered I think it might be a bad idea.

I always viewed LSD/Shrrooms is like playing with fire.
Yeah you can get a great trip but it can also fuck you up.
DMT is like playing with a supernova...
no youre gay now better kill yourself

jk i think everyones a little bit gay i mean im straight but some dudes id probably make out with honestly
who cares
fuck it
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