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hey /b/

childhood experiences that broke you thread

>be 12
>bullied and humiliated relentlessly at school every day since i can remember
>cry every morning when i wake up because i know i must go to school
>have huge crush on this beautiful girl in my class
>one day she walks up to me in the playground
>"hey anon, i am having a birthday party on saturday do you want to come?"
>"uhh y-yes okay...."
>"its at this mini golf place, really big fields and stuff it will be awesome"
>"cool...thank you"
>best day of my life
>cant believe i got invited to a birthday party
>dont even care about the bullying rest of day
>get home
>tell my parents
>they were over-joyed, my mom cried out of happiness
>friday after school i go to mall with my dad
>search for perfect present for 2 hours
>we didnt have much money
>spend all the allowance ive saved up on this expensive pencilcase with lots of fancy pens and stuff, girls love that shit
>extremely psyched to see her reaction tomorrow
>cant sleep all night too excited
>dad drives me there, pretty far away
>he lets me out at entrance, carrying my awesome present really looking forward to it
>"have fun anon, i hope you have a beautiful day!"
>think that maybe rest of school will be cool now finally, maybe i can make friends? maybe one day even have a gf?
>drives away, i walk to entrance to this employee standing there
>"hi i am here for sara's birthday party?"

cont. 1/2
>"theres no party here kid sorry"
>my throat closes, cant swallow saliva
>heart is racing like fuck
>realize she tricked me, there is no bday party
>so completely fucking devastated like never before in my whole life, everything in that moment died for me
>all dreams shattered, absolutely gutted
>"oh ok sorry"
>walk back down the road and sit on curb
>didnt have cellphone
>cant call my dad anyway
>parents were far too happy for me, cant ruin this for them
>decide to walk home
>stop at a party store on way back and buy a little hat and some candy
>after 2 hours finally get back home
>pretend like it was best day ever and tell my mom stories about how much fun i had and all the things we did
>go to bed
>realize that life will not get any better for me, this is just how it is
>promise myself i will never trust anybody ever again

fast forward to now

>never had a gf
>never had a friend
>never kissed a girl
>never held hands with a girl
>terrified of talking to girls or in groups
wow i actually feel sorry for u, gonna be horrible people wherever u go in life eventually you will find someone who you trust
Naw you good stick to not trusting anyone. It'll make you weak
Kids are brutal, but you are 24 now. You can make adult friends that arent immature and stupid. Don't let that ruin the best years of your life
Man, OP, I feel for you.
I've felt that feel before.
Bullied a lot, never one big event like this, but constant minor bullying. It really does take something away from you.
But dammit man don't give up hope. I've made some changes in my life, its DAMN hard but you can do it.
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Damn, Anon.
Dat feel.
Girls start getting better at 24.
Describe yourself physically.
>Looking for work
>Get a paper application to fill out
>Fill it out and return it next day
>Call back to follow up two or three days later to perhaps attempt to get a job interview
>"Yeah, just let me look for your application, I'll need to put you on hold."
>They hang up on me, leaving me with a dial tone

Really hurt my self esteem there.

>Call back the next day asking what happened
>They make up bullshit saying they're still trying to get rid of seasonal people
>It's fucking May.

Are you physically/mentally deformed? I never really understood how someone could reach 18 without having fucked, or at least kissed a girl.
But they're also that much more loose. When a girl gets older and is wanting to settle down, it means she's burning out from partying and is desperate. Therefore, she settles for someone to pick up the pieces.

Not going into it, I was sold a few times
Anon i like you. i've done all you wanted to do any all i can say is your better off alone. it's shit.
Did you enjoy that pencil case at least?
Nigga why'd you take that shit? I would've called back right away screaming profanities and shit and how unprofessional a business can be to do that to someone.
mentally fucked can be a million times than physically
Looseness depends on how strong her pelvic floor is, which is influenced by genetics and degree of physical activity.
Oh but who am i kidding, you are virgin so what do you know
i threw it in the bin, my parents would have wondered why i still have the present...
Those things are real panty droppers for sure
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>realized my dad drove me to the wrong mini golf place
>my whole life is a lie
>an hero
>at funeral, closed casket
>grief stricken father opens casket in front of everyone
>casket is filled with spaghetti, spills everywhere
aaaaand check em, Lord Satan has spoken
Nice trips doll
Show some empathy?
Not everyone is like you.
OP apparently got fucked in the head pretty bad. Shit happens, not everyone gets laid.
What's the girls name faggot?
No ones wants to be lonely that long, get a job and be friendly or if youre going to school try to be more talkative, get out of the house any chance you get
>me in 3rd grade and nice guy, Allen, is in 7th grade
> both read Harry Potter and would talk about it together on the bus.
>Allen sits across from me on bus, ass hole named Steven sits behind me.
>Steven makes fun of Allen
>I attempt to say " aveda kedavra " or whatever, mispronouncing it because I'm 8.
>Allen says it correctly to Steven.
>Steven starts hitting Allen in the head with a rolled up magazine.
>Bus driver does nothing.
>I try talking to Allen, asking if he's okay. He just glares at me with red eyes swollen with tears.
>Allen never spoke to me again

That kid Allen was a really good guy. Supporting a silly 3rd grader in the face of a bully. I regret not remembering his last name. I regret not remembering Steven's last name so I could see how that asshole is doing.

I'll never forget watching a friend being bullied and hit like that though, while I did nothing.
Your right and I'd like to point out that after a break vaginas will return (somewhat) to their natural state
i feel you bro.
Couldn't you at least seek for revenge? You are incredibily weak. Get off your balls at once motherfucker,react to those who treah you bad. Make them feel your pain,and your rage thowards un-expected actions,like puring acid furtively on their drink
Virginfag here as well.
Always kinda thought they're like guages. After a certain point, there's no going back.
Dam those feels

Anon stay away from girls theyre honestly not worth the effort I wish id done what you'd done

you should have given it to her at school next day, let her die inside of guilt even if she didn't show it public. it would haunt her later when she grew up
I was going to take the piss out of you, but after reading that I cant.
Fucking rough that. You should hunt the bitch down for revenge
dont listen to this guy hes retatded, not all girls are bitches trick is to be nice and friendly enough for them to get comfortable with you without getting friendzoned, but i would never stop talking to girls just because of a few medicore skanks
They may have gotten busy, honestly.
also, I believe most businesses hate follow up calls after applications are sent in. My workplace does, at least.
I feel for you OP. Being pretty lucky as a kid now that I look back, I really hope you can overcome this.

If you want some real advice;
-Go out for a drink with some work colleges
-Join a sport club. Don't need to be best friends, just become comfortable around similar aged, similar interest people.
-Expand your social network. Talk to people. Interact with staff at local businesses you go to. Chat to people when you're out at night.

Hey GL in life OP
sure 8 year old op would have thought about that for sure.
I'm not at all physically or mentally fucked up, just start to stutter around like a fucking diesel motor when i talk to girls below 35.

I have a decent bunch of friends though. Never had problems talking to guys, tried relationship with one once but it worked out horribly for me, not for him.

Now i'm 21 and the closest i ever got my dick to a girl was when my sister sat on my lap.
They're not worth the effort if you give off the vibe you're a fucking creep.

Seriously, i've even seen the biggest of losers have their own clique of males and females.

Either stop being a creep or lower your standards.
Listen to this guy OP

Such epic fail.

How can you suffer yourself to live?
i was in the same boat as you, just started to have really intense eye contact when i talked to someone.

sure it sucks the first month or so but now i see them squirm as i did.
Revenge. Everyone likes revenge.
I feel sorry for you /b/ro. Life is not going to get better from you waiting for it to get better. Go out at conventions you like I.E vidya, bondage porn, what ever. Talk to people build yourself up, and last but not least. Stop siting at 4chan all day. We're not your friends, we just like your stories. Go out there and find some real friends. God speed faggot, god speed.
>be me
>be 7 y/o
>go to school
>nobody there
>go to my usual classroom
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>not going into in

Okay. Good contribution.
>mother has a cancer boss
>everyone in my life is constantly suffering
>im 7 years old and what is all this
>family was poor bcuz chemo and shit
>finally happens, passes away
>still no money, no money=no clothes and other cool shit
>kids are assholes bcuz i wear ripped jeans and shitty shoes
>my self confidence ceases to exist
>become a drunk, pretty much at age 15
>have "fun times" with my friends, cant remember most of it
>be 20 now, gave up drinking second year of medschool

Things get better anon, still have no confidence tho, obviously cant get a qt gf because i really cant connect with women for more than a night, learn to cope with loneliness, do something productive when ur feeling shitty... I know it seems impossible but u can make your life better.
Satan trips
Op how in the hell can you have no friends up until your 24? How in the fuck did you manage this? I only have like 3 good friends, and like 10 random shitty ones that I don't talk to really much at all.
thought u said you were 24
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i have a story for you op
>be 12 in 6th grade
>don't have many friends 1 or 2
>end of the year pool party
>"popular kids" all go and i am not invited
>party is held by popular kid neighbor two doors down
>i can literally hear party goers and music from my window
>what did i do?
>i called up my friend and we grabbed our skateboards
>trolled around the neighborhood until we found it
>roadkill.. a messy fucked up crow
>probably mad diseased and shit
>put crow into plastic bag
>my buddy threw the crow over the sideyard fence into the pool (we hoped)
>heard audible screams as we skated away

that's my story at least op. i never was the popular kid by any standards but i wasn't the MOST unpopular kid. even the most unpopular kids i can think of sort of banded together by senior year and got gross gfs and stuff.

there is hope.
>mfw years later the party thrower asked me if i threw a dead bird in his backyard
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Kek op fucking loser
>no suspense
>no disappointment when that dinosaur hit
Don't listen to him. They kind of are it takes a while for them to get back to normal. I took my exes virginity and fucked her for over a year. By the time we broke up she wasn't as tight anymore. Not insanely loose but it wasn't strangulating my dick. And I've been with a girl that was literally like throwing a hot dog down a hallway she was so loose I couldn't even cum. Is it a coincidence she was a slut?
Op's a filthy liar.
OP just fap, you'll find you care far less about girls once you finish

at least you got dubs
Nice trips
I'm not OP...
you sad fuck ;_; i feel your pain
shut up hoe.
thx /b/ro
Nice trips. Random anon does better than OP.
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not broken
but it nearly did the job
> be around six
> iraqi military bombards my hometown
> spend way too long in a bomb shelter
> severe ptsd until around 15-16
> i mean severe, like shellshock footage level at certain points
> still kickin, still going

Dude i'm relly sorry for you. Kids can be the worst.
But you can't isolate from everything because in the end it will destroy you. Start slowly take your time if you can't talk with girls in groups yet than so be it.
Listen to this guy OP.

I'm truly sorry that this has happened to you but life can and will get better.

man the fuck up you stupid prick.
Op you got fucking rekt. Rekt bad. Fucking rekt. Change your name to Power and your last name to Bottom you waste of space.
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I got one my brain likes to bring up occasionally when I am having a good day.

>be me
>high school around 11th grade
>girl who rides my bus looks like she has some down syndrome going on
>has a huge fat ass and some big juggs,
>i'm down with a potato since no girl ever looks at me twice
>she never talks to anyone, ever
>everyone talks shit about her, makes fun, etc
>they do the same to me cause I'm fat and untalented
>one day bus is super crowded since it's raining like a bitch
>only seat left in next to me - shocking
>she sits down
>I decide to chat a bit on the way home
>say "hi, my name's matt"
>she ignores me
>"hello there"
>give up
>bus arrives at her stop
>she stands, says "don't talk to me again"
>gets off bus

I wish I was ran over by a car before I got to the bus that day.
fucking hell anon
The rest of the story

Fast forward 4 years later
>stop by store in mall for something
>she's working the register
>overhear her talking about her upcoming wedding
Kill me please
>I was recognized while checking out
>she tells me she's getting married...
>to the guy down the block...
>the scott that used to ride our bus
>the scott with his brother jason that called her "fat retard", "dummy", "downy fresh" on numerous occasions
>"well good for you"
>went home
>cried like a little pussy

as an adult, you have the power to relocate and start over again.

you're still young. you must have some sort of hobbies. go out there and find some people with similar interests, and take it from there.
is she even remotely attractive? if not, then fuhgit about it!
Holy fuck, you too? No seriously, kids are dicks.

>be 10
>bulled and made fun of a lot but was always oblivious
>meet this guy named Jack and become "friends" with him
>he mostly stayed his distance and rarely talked to me but I never noticed
>he comes up to me one day with an invite
>"hey anon, wanna come to my party this Sunday?"
>excitedly agree
>I tell my family when I get home
>we all shop for gifts and snacks for it
>Sunday comes
>my dad drops me off at the address
>"call me when it ends and I'll pick you up. Okay anon?"
>go to the house
>door's locked, no lights on
>did I come early?
>sat on the porch for literally almost 7 hours before someone walks by
>"What are ya doin' there, kid?"
>"I'm waiting for a party."
>"you got the wrong address? 'cuz that house is empty."
>look in opened windows
>no furniture, no people, nothing.
>begin to notice the "for sale" sign
>breaks down sobbing
>calls dad to get me, still sobbing and barely coherent
>dad brings the invite with him and confirms this is the place

It was around that time I began to take notice I was being bullied and how gullible I was.
Did your dad end up raping you?
I would understand sex but making friends isn't that hard OP. I'm an introvert fuck and I still have a large group of friends. You got goofed one time stop being a faggot.
well,heres a pro tip
> go out
> find some nice grill
> let her know u like her
> ask if she is free to go for a walk with u
> she will say no but we can be friends
> first friend achivment unlocked

now for real,your situation is rly sad..u need confidence friend
The last time I saw her, she looked like the woman in the pic I posted albeit dressed of course.
It wasn't about attractive though, it was what I thought was someone like me who maybe wanted to hang out and touch my wiener and basically was joining the rest of the asshats who hated me for some reason.
>Be 10
>want people at school to think I have a gf
>I steal sisters lipstick
>smear lipstick around lips so it looks like I kissed a girl?
>teacher instantly calls me out on why I'm wearing lipstick
>other kids overhear
>other teachers overhear
>have to go to bathroom to wash it off
super embarrased.
I disagree, making friends is very difficult, I still have none, literally none. Just acquaintances.
I'm posting this on my phone so It will probably have a few mistakes here and there. I'm also pretty new to 4chan.

> be mE.
> be 3 or 4.
> parents are hardcore addicts.
> My father ends up getting busted for dealing but he was friends with the local police so they make a deal and he gets off, we just have to move.
> end up moving to a farm.
> parents are abusive. My father was very physically abusive but my mother was more emotionally abusive.
> We were poor.
> Like we wouldn't have food in the house for weeks poor.

I'm not sure if you know but farming is a very physically demanding job.

> parents begin to stop working on the farm so they can get high constantly and live on the couch.
>i'm five years old at the time.
> start working on the farm, waking up at 3:30am, milking until 6am then catching a bus and arriving at school at 9am.
> finish school at 3:30pm, get home at 6pm and milk until 8-9 before finishing random jobs around the farm at 11pm.
> do this for a year, before having start missing school so I can work more.
> don't sleep much, the nightmares were too much and I would often wake to my paranoid parents walking around the house with knives.
> regular beatings, I get really good at lying about how I got the bruises on my face.
> had to lie about getting presents for Christmas and my birthday because I was already known as the poor kid, I didn't want the teasing to get worse.
> didn't have many friends, didn't really care either. I knew I had to support my family because I didn't want to see my sister homeless.
> father cheated a lot and ended up leaving.
> at this point missing weeks of school. There was no food in the house so I had to shoot whatever I could to feed my sister and I.
> She hated me. Siblings often hate each other but she was my only friend. I just wanted her to do well.
> my grades are a joke because of the amount of school I missed.
> I'm 8 when my mother meets a new guy.
I feel sorry for you man. I sincerly hope you'll get all of those one day. Stay hopefull
Hell yeah.
On mobile not greentexting
Be 6 or 7
be having a dream
walking down the street everything is fine
suddenly have a bag thrown over you
Wake up in the basement with the KFC man
view switches and third person
Watch as KFC man chops you up
watch KFC man sprinkle 11 secret herbs and spices on to the leg fat he chopped off of you
watch KFC man fry it
watch him lick his fingers and say I think I have created a new generation of chicken with an evil smile
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A bump so I can read this thread
>be me
>be around ten or twelve y/o
>sort of scrawny compared to other boys in class
>easy to push around
>get a bit defeated because of it.
>One day after playing football (or soccer if you are an amerilard) me and my "friends" decide to go to a store to get some candy.
>we are fucking kids,
>dont have much money
>stand around the candy-section and oogle while deciding what to buy
>one of the little fuckers in particular starts pushing me to swipe some stuff
>I refuse
>who cares? its just some candy!
>they all chime in, and nag until I eventually agree.
>my backpack contains two coke-bottles, 3 bars of 300g chocolate, some gum and I don't even know what more
>we go to counter, and I buy some winegums not to seem suspicious
>the fucker who first pushed me to lift stuff and packed me full of whatever he wanted has a change of heart
>he decide to turn me in.
>Points at me, and start screaming "HES STEALING, HES STEALING!"
>Im just fucking paralyzed.
>Employee grabs me, and pull me into an office or break-room or whatever
>searches me, and find the stuff
>gives me long fucking lecture about stealing
>calls my parents
>they come to get me, gives me long lecture.
>Drive me home
>Dad beat the crap out of me, and send me to bed two hours early without any supper.
>I didn't say a fucking word.

>go to school next day.
>the bastard who accused me is talking shit behind my back to some girls.
>They look in my direction and snicker.
>I don't say a word.

>Recess comes, and one of my "friends" come over and ask me if I wanna play football.
>stare him dead in the eye, and reply:
"I don't play with faggots".
>I stare him down until he leaves.
Sounds like the opening scene to a good movie. Continue.
I have a similar story OP, although not as bad

>6th grade
>week long field trip with whole 6th grade class
>shooting hoops by myself
>2 of the best looking girls in my grade come up to me
>"hey anon, my friend here thinks you're cute and wants to give you her number"
>can already tell something is up by the looks on their faces
>"ok" I say
>she hands me part of a paper with a "555" number on it
>they're already walking away as I'm looking at it, laughing
>throw the paper in the trash and continue being lonely

I hated middle school. The only reason high school got better was because I let everyone party at my house. They were cool to me, but not because they liked me. Even to this day I only have 3-4 real friends
6th grade
No one likes me at all
Teacher sends me to the office...permanently.
Forced to sit in the closet all day.
Principal paddles me every morning.
No classwork at all
Still passed
Spent 6 months in that closet.
Still had a gf. Just not during school hours.
Made me hate people and authority
>stare him dead in the eye, and reply:
"I don't play with faggots".

Hahaha yeah that happened. I bet the kid slapped you around and you're dad beat you again when you got home fgt.
Continue part 2
> he's pretty cool and takes me fishing.
> still abusive but can't win them all I guess.
> he wasn't an addict but was never home either.
> he hAd A daughter, we got along but she spent most of her time at her mother's.
> 10 at this point when step dad comes home at beats me and I end up in hospital.
> already know most of the staff so it's cool.
> turns out my step sister told my step father I rapped her to see what would happen.
> two months later I walk in to find my grandparents waiting for mE.
> my grandmother is the only person I respect.
> she tells me my mother and step father aee getting divorced and it's my fault.
> k.
> step father moves out and my mother hits the drugs hard.
> still working on the farm.
> start cutting myself because the loneliness is now getting to me.
> make a few attempts on my life but fail.
> now 15 and my mother meets a new guy.
> my sister is doing well in school and my mother gets clean.
> happy for them both.
> come home from fishing to find all my stuff burnt. Mother tells me to fuck off because my low grades and considers me stupid.
> it was 5 days before my 16th birthday.
But wait, there's more.
Hey man i'll talk to you. email
fuck man.
Moar, if you're willing.
At least you don't have cancer and are dying a slow death very young.
There is that
File: 1307947281950.jpg (82 KB, 348x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh you poor fool. unless you are attempting to become a nurse, or have about 500k laying about, or want to live in crippling debt, you're fucked.

>be me
>think "hey my grades are good and I hate my current degree program, lets see what dental school is like"
>100k+ a semester after already getting a bachelors
>at fly by night dental schools
fuck off normie
damn /b/ro. I am fucking sorry you had to go through that. Fuck.. That is absolutely insanity.
Dude... That bitch of a step sister. What an absolute cunt. Please continue you have my attention /b/ro
> and you're dad


And those bridges were burned.

I'm 26 now. Never spoke to any of the fuckers involved again.
The fuck do you care? If she's a cunt enough to tell you not to talk to her when you're just starting idle conversation then why should you care that she's fuckin some guy that uses to call her Downy mfw
Pick one you poor lying faggot.
File: laughinglizard.png (289 KB, 500x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me at age 11 in sixth grade
>bullied at school constantly
>come home from school sad and defeated
>mom beats me with fire poker because drunk and angry
>mfw i can recall this without feeling any emotions now
the real question is why did scott hook up with that bitch?
serves you right for trying to score easy tard sex
Little back story: I'm from kind of a rural area of eastern Canada. Drugs and shit everywhere, lots of tradesmen and the like.

>Be ages 5-13 or so.
>Dweeby, chubby, have a few friends but by no means popular.
>Bullied by this one kid for years, his dad is a drug dealer so I kind of pity him looking back.
>Do the normal kid stuff, tell teachers. They make us talk about and it shake hands afterwards - schools are cancerous about that shit.
>FFWD to middle school - him and his little crew like to do this still most days.
>He goes to juvy because of multiple charges. (Might have even been early high school)
>I lose a bunch of weight, grow quite a bit (6'3" by 16).
>Comes back, shoves me one day - throw him into a locker, beat the shit out of him in front of everyone. feelsgoodman.
>Don't get into no trouble because everyone knew about him by now.
>Be 22 now.
>Working on Software engineering degree, make 17/hour doing internal tech support. Gym everyday, in great shape, far from virginfag.
>Look back and laugh from time to time.

Last time I checked he was still in and out of jail, had no job or GED with multiple kids.

TL;DR Schools are shit, don't trust them to do anything. I'll have my kids in martial arts before they can walk.
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>be jr in highschool
>between relationships
>meet a girl outside of school that is fucking amazing
>first time I saw her (in a sun dress) my mind went full slowmo fast times at ridgemont high pool scene.
>get her number
>3 years pass
>I'm thinking marriage material
>she gets back from a trip
>anon we need to talk
>bursts into tears
>breaks up with me as a we huddle in a bookstore corner kissing
>mind is full of fuck
>be stupid
>stay in contact with her
>we meet and go on "not dates" that are dates her new cardboard cutout of a bf doesn't know about
>become an alcoholic
>full on depression
>medically withdraw from college 3rd year
>acquire DUI
>life is fucked
>I still love her
>I hate her
>can't bring myself to confront her and either get back together or cut her out of my life entirely and move on.
>mfw i can recall this without feeling any emotions now
>feeling any emotions now

>implying you can turn off your emotions.

You're lying anon. And you're lying to the worst person; yourself. You know you still have feelings about your mother being abusive
Heres one for you OP
>11th grade
>Socialy retarded
>no Gf/Kiss
>PC gamer
>no real good talents
>im about 5/10 good at drawing
>only skill i seem to do good at
>Walking to Sociology
>7/10 gurl walks up to me
>hi anon, Where you heading to?
>oh im going there too!
>She starts talking about stuff
>im listening Heavily
>asks if i had any Open Classes or Study halls
>We sit class
>Turns out she draws too
>Cant muster Courage to ask her out


>Field trip to see movie
>outside theater waiting
>this one kid comes up
>lets call him Fucktard
>Starts getting closer to Gurl
>they start talking
>Fucktard is dressed in a Suit, With a Cane and everything
>This fucking tryhard faggot
>I decide im not going down that easy
>First time i might get a gurl
>so i hop in to the conversation Forcefully
>Starts Telling better jokes, Acting Nicer, Ect

Part 1/2
>Be 10
>Be 4th grade
>Have a friend, he's literally the.. only friend I had at the time
>MFW Going on some schooltrip to some lake or some shit
>Me and friend have argument on bus on who gets seat on the fucking seat ontop of the wheel
>Bus driver has siezure on highway
>hits tractor trailer and rides into ditch
>My friend dies
>I now have PTSD and survivors guilt

Although I'm not beta about it, I live everyday to the fullest I'm just fucking miserable inside and thinking about an heroing every, god, damn, night.
Good lad
let me add

>I agreed to let him sit on seat with wheel
>My body fight or flight reaction chose selfeshness despite me knowing exactly what was happening, I didn't warn anyone and braced like I seen in aircrash videos like mayday and shit
>I feel as if I killed my friend
>He had a 2yo sister thats.. never going to know how he was.
are you black?
> no money but I survived pretty easily.
> homeless for a year desperately trying to get a job at this point.
> no one gives me a chance because of my grades/age.
> end up getting a job at a supermarket.
Happiest moment of my fucking life.
> end up with my own place, buying all the shit. Games I could never afford but heard people talking about, new clothes and even a car.
> 6 months go by living like a pimp, or at least I thought I was.
> get home from work.
> nofuckingway.png
> my father was thEre waiting for me.
> turns out he was homeless and needed somewhere to stay.
> he ends up staying with me for 6 months, I got him a job at the supermarket and he was only drinking at the time.
> we end up getting along really well.
> his drinking gets worse and we both lose our jobs because he was stealing alcohol.
> homeless again.
> end up living with my grandparents on my father's side.
> My dad was there too.
> They really only cared about money.
> I get another job.
> grandparents make me pay so much rent I can't afford to move oUt but leave me with just enough money for food.
> Father starts using drugs again and so do I.
> i make friends with some kids my age And get a girlfriend.
> they were addicts too.
> 14 months go past and I jad been using every day.
> I become paranoid. I would forget hours of the day but whenever I would wake up I would get this feeling my girlfriend was cheating.
> still paying astronomical rent price.
> grandparents literally traveling the world with the money I gave them.
> stop getting high but don't tell anyone.
> friends and father would get really high and would say that my girlfriend was cheating on me. I was normally too high at this point to remember the next day.
> friends were using me for drugs and money.
> lose job and grandparents kick me out the next day.
> two days later my girlfriend dumps mE. I loved her.
>Be a girl
>bullied during the whole 8 years of primary school for being a good student and a trouble-avoiding kid in general
>was called ugly so many times I couldn't look at the mirror for years
>was thinking about suicide and hurt myself on a daily basis
>switching school in 6th grade hoping it's gonna be better
>be in summer camp with class (it's an annual thing here)
>having a shower
>classmate accidentally opens the door
>she sees me and starts laughing
I ask her what's wrong, she says nothing
>next day the main bully boy starts making fun of me for having pubic hair (not for not shaving but for even having it, I was 12)
>never felt so embarrassed in my life
Why did she break up with you?
And trust me man, it's always better to take action. Ignore everything in you that is screaming no, and just take the first step. Send her an email, call her, from there it will be easier.
You just need to get your foot on that first step, that first foothold up the wall, from there the wall gets easier to climb.
File: 1428867323705.jpg (65 KB, 680x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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stay classy
Oh my god what is your life
Womens are the most ruthless creatures in the animal kingdom
File: 348348786.png (2 MB, 1065x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1065x902
>Eventually Movie starts
>Fucktard sits next to Gurl,
>i have to sit next to Fucktard
2 hours later
>Everyone getting on bus,
>Start talking about drawings to Gurl
>get to school, sit down with gurl
>FUCKING SAY IT ANON, i say to myself
>"Hey..uh.. are you doing anything next week" i ask
>"well..uh i was Wondering.. Did you wanna go out? maybe? And do Something?"
>"no thanks anon"
>mfw she wont talk to me anymore
>mfw i lose all hope
Sounds like a tough lonely road you've been walking down anon. How old are you now? Has your situation improved?

You seem very calm when you type your story, it's pretty intense what's happened in your life man.
No but Santa did. Santa's cock looked like his oddly.
watch out we've got fucking Ron Jeremy here.
>In primary 7, 5th/6th grade for americans
>realised recently I could do this cool thing with my stomach that my friends seemed pretty amazed by, basically a mexican wave
>was showing my new trick off one day just as kids do
>some kids around 6/7 walk over and try get into the area for people in primary 7 (last year before high school so we got our own little space)
>they see the belly thing and start giggling etc.
>I stop and then go back to playing football or whatever the fuck we were doing
>ten minutes later a "playground assistant" as they called them walks up to me
>"were you exposing your naked body to those children?"
>all that goes through my head is "what the fuck is happening" because I was young as shit and I didn't even understand how there could be any perceived sexual element behind it
>start tearing up
>"do you want me to get the CCTV footage? This is very serious"
>start bawling, saying it wasn't aimed towards them and even if I did it wasn't meant in that way, I'm just a kid etc.
>bitch doesn't give a shit, threatens to get police involved
>I go home later that day and tell my mum
>she phones the school and the cow almost gets fired for accusing a child of basically being a paedophile
Doesn't exactly count as an experience that "broke me" but still pretty shitty to think back on it, every now and then I remember it and get very wary around children for a while because I'm scared as shit someone will accuse me of being a paedo again even though I'm not
File: Seal-chanbanknote.jpg (25 KB, 500x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dem feelz
life isnt an anime kid, shit like that happens, you just have to do fucking you. go out and try to change your life for yourself. go find a dive bar and make some friends, then move to the mall and movies and shows and parties and bam. your back to dealing with people in groups
File: sports.gif (1 MB, 314x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>7 yo
>playing with my friends in my village
>pretty much played soccer on a dirt road cos that's all there was to do
>one day while we were having a game
>infidels in their blackhawk helicopters came flying over
>fired all over the oil fields
>fucking burning oil everywhere
>engulfed everything
>the screams of my goats crying for help stuck out the most in my mind
>as quickly as they had come the infidels left
>that day I opened the door
>get on the floor
>I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
>spaghetti fell out
Get out there and find a woman. You need to get stomped on a couple of tines before you finally find somebody.
My wife is the one woman I was searching for. The most caring and compassionate woman I've ever met.
But I went through a lot of heartbreak. I got shit on and my heart ripped out, cheated on and thought I'd never find somebody.
It'll happen OP. You just have to suffer through the bitches to find a woman worth your while.
I was 18 then and I'm now 20. My mother and sister still don't talk to me. I spoke to them once since my mother kicked me out and they both made fun of me Because they think I'm stupid because of the amount of school I missed. Probably true.
I took beatings for my sister, I would save any money I could to buy her new clothes and things for school. I even got off the bus last so kids wouldn't see her with meand make fun of her.
I still don't have any friends. I go weeks without speaking to anyone but I haven't been high in 16 months and I gave up smoking 6 months ago. Small victories I suppose.
Also sorry if these weren't written very well, my phones not very easy to write on and I haven't slept in 3 days.
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This is for you op, trust me there is a lot worst out there...
>Grow up on an island in Canada
>grow up with my parents divorced
>Grow up in shitty town surrounded by native reserves
>Always getting jumped by groups of native kids all the time
>get bullied in elementary school
>my brother went to the same school (is 4 years older then me)
>Trying to help me out, he makes my fight his friends his age
>continue to fight his friends, while still getting randomly jumped by river chimps
>now im in jr. high and my dad has been dating the worst women in this greasy town, one was a crackhead
>My mom is in another province (state for you american fags)
>visit her one summer and ask if I can stay with her, she said yes
>my mom has bipolar and other crazy shit
Go to school there, only to be bullied there too
> it gets so bad that the whole school bullied me (apart from the friends I made)
>I get bullied every day, to the point that some of the teachers bully me to look cool to the popular kids
>my mom had been to the school so much that she is fed up with everyone there.
>school is so shitty that there, new staff every year I was there.
>by my last year there, I think it was grade 9, I was being followed home by a group of 50-80 kids yelling at me and shit, they force me to the ground and stomp on me
>I still remember to this day looking up and not being able to see the sky, only legs and feet stomping on me
>I hit a grow spurt, Im like 6 foot. about 250-300
>was always big, now im huge.
>because i have no self of steam or confidence I continue to get bullied by huge group of people
>I get jumped by random people from the school, they know one on one ill win, but they use numbers to bring me down
>I have a ritual of going to a house 5 houses away from my moms to wipe the blood off my face or whatever and cry there alone before I see my mom because it starts to effect her
Mah nigga! What country you from based brave Arab?
File: cleese.jpg (17 KB, 367x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 367x388
>some of the teachers bullied me to look cool
Stopped reading there.
While it's not a specific story
>realize somewhere along the lines of puberty that human life is completely futile
and not in any emo way, just nothing that ever happens will truly matter in the abyss of time
I'm 20 now man, I would say it's any better but I'm getting there.

I used to be mad about it all but there's no point really. The world doesn't owe me anything and this is just the life I got so I'm trying to make the best of it as clich as that might sound.
That really sucks. Be brave though. You're scared, that's okay. Don't be an idiot and try and bang a 10/10 girl to compensate. Work slow. Try joining group activities, where women will be and get confidence talking to women as friends. Then maybe ask one out for a date. If she says no, chill. Learn from it. It's not about banging cheap women, you want sustainable relationships.

Make yourself interesting. Hell, if it helps post on reddit or something like that. If you need more guidance, that's probably better considering how this place is a ocean of bile.

You're in a dark place right now but one day, one day you'll come out of it. When you feel the sun on your face you'll be happy.

One day, we might walk past each other.

Good luck.
Empathy? I was a complete fucking loser and social outcast as a kid, I still got laid by my 16th birthday.
Man you edgelord summerfags are such cancer..

>hurr durr im on /b, must be super edgy at all times to show how much i dont care

Just because people were edgy in the /b pics you saw on whatever maymay site you were on, doesnt mean we all actually are.. You idiots all adopt this edgelord behavior because you think this is what /b is aupposed to be like... Its not.
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I'll bite.
>be in 4th grade
>playing gameboy during recess
>not supposed to be playing it, my mom took away my GBC but didn't realize I still had my giant brick one
>ripping it up on Super Mario World Six Golden Coins
>my teacher sees me
>she knows I'm not supposed to have that
>takes my gameboy
>I tell her its OK but please don't tell my mom
>she doesn't realize my mom is a psychopath
>she calls her after school with me sitting next to her desk
>me mom asks to speak with me
>on the phone shes really calm and not screaming just talking normal
>'Hope you're ready for when I pick you up, you worthless little shit.'
>realize that I'm going to get the shit knocked out of me
>not spanking, but beaten and whipped with a blind rod, like the ones that open and close them slightly.
>start crying
>teacher takes the phone says goodbye hangs up
>tells me I deserve to be punished
>she doesn't realize how bad it is
>my mom is smart and would whip our butts, upper thighs and low on the stomach
>MFW people told me I deserved to get beaten
What a fucking waste of double dubs.
>"i have no self of steam"
Being a non-functional steam engine around working ones must be hard
File: 1430144292545.png (188 KB, 424x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is why there should be a mandatory psyche evaluation before anyone is allowed to have children. If someone breaks that law, bye-bye baby
I'm an americunt and I completely understood what you meant by province.
File: image.jpg (649 KB, 1536x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good you could learn not be a lying twat at that early age.
Is your life better than OPs now?
I have a son now and I would never lay a hand on him. Thankfully he's a good kid but every now and then I have to be stern and give him time outs. Which tears my ass apart. He'll cry and beg for hugs and say he's sorry. I feel like its fucked up my parenting style since I will never hurt him, I tend to overcoddle him and he's a super big daddy and mamas boy.
File: 1428967313263.jpg (42 KB, 640x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Middle school
>All three siblings played instruments
>One plays pit in marching band, one does trombone and the other plays oboe
>They insist I pick up a string instrument
>I give cello a try
>I'm a year late so the teachers assume I know how to read music
>I'm fucking terrible, end up reaching myself barely enough to parrot the cello part of "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch"
>I play it quietly instead of any of what I'm supposed to play so as to look like I know what I'm doing
>Almost all of the students there hated my guts; shoved their achievements in my face and stuff
>Eventually get kicked out after getting caught trying to skip class by walking around outside
It hurt more than you might imagine, but really I just shared it in case any of you wanted a laugh
>Be a child
>had a long line of druggy step fathers who beat the actual fuck out of me
>turn 9
>mother abandons me
File: image.jpg (409 KB, 1333x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dunno if true.
If is, ur wearing your medals on the inside man.
I suggest leaving your entire family, move to another country if u can, change your name, fuck those wankers.
Too bad you didnt know or have the option to go to child protection services as a kid.
Tits for the story.
If you want to curb the "mama's boy" attitude in him, teach him how to do adult things early, like cooking himself food, explain the basics of driving, teach him how to fight. Make him feel important and like he can take care of himself and eventually he'll lose the mama's boy act.

Source: I went through the same thing myself and had to teach myself everything
He still just s little guy. He turned 3 recently, but the kid is amazingly smart. It blows my mind. I want to teach him stiff since I know he'll be able to do it well, but I just want him to be little forever.
I know it sounds fuckin ridiculous. But if you have children you'll understand. I will accept him growing up, but I will miss these toddler years the most.
File: decent.jpg (82 KB, 504x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>one day a guidance counselor come to are school
>gets to my class
>gives out a sheet of paper and asks everyone to write down what the want to be when they grow up
>im in the back of the class drawing some dragons or some shit, was really good at art and everyone would some what leave me alone
>he gives me paper and says "what do you want to be when im older"
>look him dead in the eye with no emotion and say "Ill be a corpse in the ground, don't see my self getting passed the age 20"
>his face goes pale, like he saw a ghost
>asked me to leave the room and talk to him
>tells me that there is so much to life etc....
>say ok cool Idc what you have to say you just dont understand
>go back into the classroom and sit down, while I enter the whole class is snickering for some reason
>sit down and open my art book to find all the drawings of dragons,demons and griffons and shit all had big dicks draw on to them
>this was shit I was doing for art class
>get my shit and pack up and leave, teacher trys to stop me and send me to the office but i just go home. (house was 4 blocks from school)
>get called in for a parnet teacher interveiw
>my mom and brother are going because my step dad is a logger and only gets a couple days off per month
>they tell me how horrible I am to staff and students to my mom and bro
>my mom tells them how bad im being bullied and the teachers who did bully me( and to the guy who stopped reading because of that, they would make fun of me and call me names, the gym teacher would always wipe balls at my face and head well playing dodge-ball or football or anything)
>tell them that there all horrible people for not seeing whats really happening.
>my mom is at this point loosing her shit on these assholes of teachers, telling them all to fuck off.
>one of the male teachers grabs my moms arm and my brother (who looks like a vanilla gorilla) grabs the teacher and throws him against the wall
>teachers saying there calling the cops
fuck, you've had a harsh life
really apperciate the story

good luck in the future, man
>I used to be mad about it all but there's no point really. The world doesn't owe me anything and this is just the life I got so I'm trying to make the best of it as clich as that might sound.
I sincerely wish more people had that attitude, Anon.
Yeah I assumed he was little from your last post. Still, all those things I suggested are good things to teach him around 5-6, right before school starts. It will make it a lot easier for him, trust me.

Also, I haven't had kids myself, but the reason I say "trust me" is because I had a chance to raise a kid with my cousin. I started from scratch when he was 7 and boy it was not easy teaching him not to let people push him around
i cried for you OP try and get over it however hard it may be
meh i got nothing better going on, keep going
Duley noted. I will teach him to defend himself, but not to push other people around. He's small too, short for his age and really skinny. So I'll have to show him.
When I was a kid, I got made fun of in kindergarten. I punched one kid in the stomach so hard he puked goldfish on the bus. Nobody else fucked with me except for girls.
File: f.png (26 KB, 413x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>I punched one kid in the stomach so hard he puked goldfish on the bus. Nobody else fucked with me except for girls.


You'll be a great father anon.

I just kekd into infinity, underrated post
Thanks for the tits, they always make things better.
It's alright if you don't believe me. I'm not trying to gain sympathy from an anonymous board. I haven't told anyone the stuff that I posted, it was really just a way for me to vent.
I've moved 9 hours away from everyone I knew and now I'm trying to get my life on track.

I have a middle class one like you:

>6- 10 years old: Take up recorder lessons
>Struggle to read music
>Can play incredibly well by ear
>Teacher makes us read music. I always cheat, just listen to what the other kids play and repeat it by ear
>Teacher enters us in to music exams. Im one of the best players.
>Music exam tries to assess my ability to read music
>I cry and run away

Apart from that, some niggers stole my bike back when I thought race was just a skin colour thing.

Reading these stories I feel really lucky compared to a lot of kids.
Nobody deserves to go through what you've been through. You sound incredibly strong and it sounds like you've been able to survive on your own. Keep going.
>be 5th grade me
>have never had a single friend in my whole life
>see random kid getting bullied
>start bullying that kid too
>become friends with the bully
>fast forward
>be 18
>realize the only friend you ever had was someone you now despise
keep it , plus attach a pic with one of ur drawings pls :)
Fucking chugs. Filth.

History says he's Iranian, Kuwaiti, or Kurdish.
You win.how could they lock a child in a closet like that?
So this is the first time im telling anyone this whole story
>be me circa 12
>father is working in an american base in a sandnigger country cause financial problems back home
>most of finacial problems cause of him and his poor life decisions
>mother the only one providing for family before that
>more hidden debts that my father had come up
>mom starts dating some guy
>was oblivious to their relationship until i found nudes of her and that guy on the home pc
>felt like life kicked me in the stomach
>cried that whole night
>meanwhile father gets arested by americans cause he sent me some pics of that military base and they believed him to be a spy
>dont hear from him a few months
>mom divorces him
>hes finally released and comes back home
>he doesnt seem to be the same person he left home
>finds out about divorce and all that
>threatens to kill himself and all that shit
>live in constant year for the few months he stayed home
>worst fucking year in my life
>constant fear of leaving him home with mom

well my mother eventualy did divorce him and married the guy in the story which i respect more than my own father. I have never forgiven either of them and it was then I realized that beeing an adult doesnt automaticly make you mature
Sorry for the shitty green text its my first time doing this.
hi, I'm Anon.
I'm your friend.
I'm glad you told me about this horrible day.

Be sure I am on the case and try to find nudes of this bitch and show the world what kind of big whore she is.
Been there boss. You take these lessons and learn from them. I'll never let myself be my parents. Sorry you had to go through that, but you've come out a stronger person. Don't forget that.

You cant really blame your dad for being fucked by some Arabs who thought he was a spy...

He put himself in danger in some awful hellhole the other side of the world trying to make some money to feed and clothe you.

When they thought he was a spy they probably drugged and tortured him which is why he didnt seem the same again.

And how does your mother show her gratitude for his sacrifice?

Fucking Nice.
i grew up knowing exactly how i dont want to be
Not technically childhood but my life story...
>family gets 2 dogs while i was still crawling, my best friends, would've died to protect them
>never had many friends but my puppies were always there for me
>watch them slowly get old and die
>cracks appear in heart
>fall badly for a girl at school, make a complete fucknut of myself asking her out
>whole school spends next 2 years laughing at me constantly
>cracks in heart get bigger
>age 18
>finally make some friends online
>become close friends with one, loved him like a brother
>met up dozens of times
>he gets cancer
>6 months pass
>he dead
>after a few weeks crying like a bitch realise there's nothing left in me to give

Nothing close to the shit some people have been through but made me come to the realisation i can't ever be happy; i just try my best to keep my brain quiet until the day i pluck up enough courage to end my life to be with my friend again.
> in 5th grade
> this gurl
> never felt like this before, she was really special
> hang out around her and be nice (hopefully not creepy)
> she is nice to me too
> talks shit about soccer and rock music shit, i pretend i like this shit
> tell her friends i like her
> they giggle and want to talk to her
> 2 weeks
> 4 weeks
> she waits outside the class
> has a little paper letter in an envelope
> "open when you at home ;)"
> get home
> sneak behind house to a spot nobody can see me
> look at it, it's all covered with hearts and she made a kiss on it (dunno the word for this)
> open
> ...
> ...
> "you are the uglyiest person i know, i hate you, i will never be your friend. everybody just makes fun of you anon pls die"
> ...
> ...
> drop into trash
> go to room
> cry some hours
> school next day
> she smiles at me and asks "you alright anon"?
> can't say a word
> never really trust somebody to 100 %
we are the singing and dancing scum of the world
he was arested by americans in their base because he took some pics of some helicopters
mom was the only one providing for many years before this happened
all he did before that was constantly fuck up things and always trying to get a shortcut to win money fast, plus after he left secret debts that he had surfaced
Mom had to pay all those debts as he got arested there only after like 2 months
Life is hard and easy
easy for Jaden
Hard for us
That makes me happy to know that anon, you deserve better. Good luck.

I see. That does put a different spin on things.

Your dad sounds like an idiot. But from what ive read he sounds like an idiot who tried his best to provide for you but fucked it up completely and mad things worse.
People fuck up. Thats human nature.

Its sad when a parent is incompetent.

But its fucking heartbreaking when a parent is willfully shitty to their kids like many of the stories here.
Your friend wouldn't want you to kill yourself.
Become lord of the dogs, adopt every stray and mistreated puppy you can find until you have reached over 9000 puppy power points. Armies will tremble, governments will collapse and the world will be one giant poll for you and your army to piss on and mark your territory!
And if you only do so to spite those asshole kids, keep trying. You are not the only broken person out there, that shit happened to others as well. You will find them and bond deeper than the pricks that broke you ever could.
File: Poofy.jpg (68 KB, 598x747) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 598x747
>we just leave and go to my house. the police never came
>it was on a Friday so I had the weekend off
>my brother says he is tired of seeing a gaint like me get picked on by little greasy kids (he saw one of the kids that pick on me constantly and would spit in my shoes in the boot room, we weren't allowed to where are shoes in the classrooms in the winter cause of melting snow and dirt and shit)
>he sits me down after we both come down are mom.
>tells me hes goona show me how to fight and how to throw a punch with weight behind it
>teaches me to dead leg, kick out knees, throw elbows (he was in rugby and mma)
>its Monday morning
>before I leave to school, my brother gives me a roll of pennies.
>walk into the school. sit where I usaully sit and wait for the first person to make fun of me.
>its the kid my bro saw, eyebrow pierce.
>"hows it going you fat fuck" he says to me
>get up and punch him in the jaw so hard he falls down, not knocked out
>go over to him and tell him " leave me alone"
>he gets up and runs away, pretty sure he was crying
>Do this to a couple other kids
>finally i find the kid who makes my life a living hell and tell him to fight me after school
>hes with a bunch of girls so he instantly agrees.
>almost whole school is there to watch us fight.
>we begin to fight, he was in hockey so he was fit. gave me a couple of good head and kidney punchs
>I then dead leg him so he drops on his knees
>I reach in my pocket and bs my rolls of pennys and throw the hardest punch ive throw in my life
>KO the kid and look around at everyone in shock.
>pick the kid up and ground slams him, he made the funniest noise, like a pig scream
>look around at everyone, there all in shock
>Mfw when I didnt get in trouble for any of the fights
My story pretty much ends there. I ended up moving once again to another place when i was in high school, wore nice name branded clothes and became popular somehow. did a bunch of drugs, got laid.
yeah pops could write a best-seller composed of all the fuck-ups he did(and still does) during his life

A happy ending there.

And I bet the kids didnt bully anyone again.

Just remember nobody fucks up on purpose anon.

Theres a huge difference between fucking up, and doing the wrong thing.
i hope u said thank you to your brother , he kinda saved your life . And good for you .
I didn't have sex until I was 18. Even if you are telling the truth and had sex by the time you were 16, not everyone's the same you tryhard edgy faggot lol

Never underestimate the value of a clean break. I went to college a thousand miles from home, pre-Internet, just to get out away from the same fucks I did K through 12 with.

I wish I knew one thing that just made me snap as a kid, but I buried so much of it so deep even I can't find it. I had a shrink in the Army tell me I was unhealthily well-adjusted after a year of infantry combat- she told me I must have been a really weird kid and all I could do was agree.

Show a kid enough horror and inhumanity when he is young, and very little will shock him later. Some guys from my old unit got into PTSD and drugs and shit, and I'm just staring at them like "Oh, was I supposed to be upset by that?"

Pic related. My unit, different war.
They also start getting fat at 24
File: 1430261957831.jpg (16 KB, 354x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go gay dude
File: 1425421537299.gif (526 KB, 500x214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
526 KB, 500x214
Well. Fuck.
File: holo.jpg (10 KB, 268x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is why i hate niggers it didnt tear me apart though i regret hanging out with this guy

> be me 13 have a freind lets call him ben
> having a good sunday morning ben comes to my house say i cant hang out he whines like a cunt please
> i say fine he says lets go somewhere i follow him we walk around the block he wont stop shouting fuck the police shutthefuckup.jpog
> he finnally chucks a rock at somebodys door goddamit we run off into the afternoon
> we run to the park he talks to me asks me if i want to smoke weed i tell him no its fine he tells me why the fuck not
> i say i dont like it and i dont want to try it
> he says fine fuck you we keep walking
> he says lets do something fun let chuck rocks cunt we did that so he sees a homeless man
> he picks a huge fucking rock a stone
> ohshitwhatthefuckareyoudoingnigger.jpg
> chucks the rock at the homeless man
> he gets knocked out with blood coming out of his head
> mfw ben gets his ass beat by his dad while running away the next day
You're better off bro, you deserve better
>Parents got divorced (this thing alone could shit up 2 threads, but that's not the story I'm trying to tell)
>Got to see my father every second weekend
>He was piss poor, living off the state and dealing drugs
>Has this really shitty flat in the worst neighbourhood, pretty much a ghetto
>He's the only one in the house who is not a nigger or an arab
>Streets always loud and an awful smell in the air due to rubber factory being close by
That's just the basic information, the bullshit part was actually really dumb.
>Be 6-7
>Over at my fathers
>Just minding my own business, playing inside
>Run around topless because just ate spaghetti and shouldn't ruin my clothes
>Chill at open window looking down
>Some random bitch in her mid twenties yells something about me being fat up to
>A fucking 7 year old

I was never really fat, but I was really self conscious about my weight all my youth, tried all the bullshit stuff to get skinnier and ended up being super fucking skinny.
Nowadays I have a healthy weight, even though I'm still just a bit over being underweight and I still feel too fat deep inside me, despite everyone looking at me funny when I tell them I wanna loose weight.
Guess that wound just never healed
File: 1368242569537.jpg (598 KB, 1920x1175) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
598 KB, 1920x1175
I did, and still do this day. My brother was my father figure
Idk, I moved before highschool
I was gonna call them that other then river chimps, didnt think anyone would get it
dont have any art of mine on the computer, plus i bruned most of it before I moved away from that shit hole
I can be your friend anon.
This is a very likely possiblility, op check your brain to make sure you even went to the right place
>op rekt his life because his dad drove to the wrong mini golf course
File: image.jpg (19 KB, 355x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Might as well get in on the action
>be me, senior in high school
>pretty solid dude, 9/10
>actually one of the more popular kids at school
>get laid regularly, graduated with body count of 8
>born with one testicle
>some girls didn't notice, other girls were cool enough not to say anything
>date this one chick
>we fucked like crazy all the time
>lasted about 4 months because she was a total bitch
>found out she cheated on me twice so I broke it off
>girl logic turns it into my fault
>tells her friends I have one nut
>nothing comes of it, easily dismissed because who would believe her druggy friends over me
>one day get into an argument with one druggy friend over some dumb shit in the school parking lot
>he acts tough and gets in my face, I hit him
>we fight, I kick his ass easy
>he's on the ground bloody and crying
>"you can beat on me as much as you want, anon, but you'll always have one nut"
>full mount, go to town on this fucking kid's face
>after some time my friends pull me off
>he's unconscious, fucked up bad and missing a tooth
>he made a full recovery
>I still have only have one nut
>mfw he was right
>spend all the allowance ive saved up
>stop at a party store on way back and buy a little hat and some candy
so what anon kun i have 2 nuts that are bbigger than my sack its painful i cant sit down in a chair sometimes without moving constantly or sitting down somewhere else
File: demfeels6.png (397 KB, 438x498) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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let's feel together OP
best brother ever.
also hope the kid at the end there got seriously fucked up, for life.
File: 1430095663083.jpg (52 KB, 405x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You can still post as much as you want but you'll only have one nut.
File: 1408385289968.jpg (41 KB, 297x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me 10 yo
>be at playground with friends
>some kid i didn't like because he was a cunt the whole time i know him
>be at some sort of climbing fun house, sitting underneath it and talking with friends
>cunt boy is above us and pees over us from above
>hits me
>go nuts and climb up, chasing him like kids do
>high speed chase over the playground
>got near him and tackle him down
>he curses and spits on me
>punch him several times in the face because i was mad as fuck
>continue punching
>see blood coming
>hear him scream and feel him struggle harder
>runs away covering his right eye
>go home, not sure if i should tell
>phone rings
>it's his parents
>his right eyeball bursted
>police comes next day to school
>ask me what happened and go away
>later that day my parents tell me that his parents charge us
>don't get through with it because i was underage
>they move to bayern(i am from germany, about 360 km away)
>still life with the knowlege i punched someones right eye out

usually i feel bad as soon as i think about it, but after a few minutes my only thought about it is "that fucker peed on me, i hope that was a lesson to him"
damn, what did your dad say?
I canĀ“t remember much of that time, or that i ever was invited to a birthday party
Edgy 13 year old
There's no arguing with the facts, slim
i don't think eminem is that hung
>be me
>be earliest memory i can remember
>parents force me to eat food they prepare
>often prepare chicken a couple times a week
>hate chicken
>am forced to eat it
>dont eat much and go to bed hungry those nights
>would often cry myself to sleep
>would wet the bed every night until 12
>friends would often have sleepovers
>couldnt go cuse of bed wetting
>didnt have much friends because of it either
>after 12 they would like to walk up to restaurants and eat food
>didnt go because of issues with food
>still to this day only like food that 5 years olds like
>didnt want to get made of fun of for ordering from the kids menu
>had close to no friends in teenager years
>had problems trusting people because of parents
>didnt have anyone to confide in
>kept to myself with a lot of built up agsnt
>depressed throughout highschool
>continues through college
>close to no friends
>here i am at 21
wtf man
dont give a shit, show some empathy
Where is this girl now OP? Do you know her?
All your stories left me heartbroken but it's good to see that there are some ppl who encourage the rest.
>complete loser and outcast
>laid by 16

cant be both of those and actually be near other people you retard, so no, you werent.
>Be me, circa 10-11 years old
>Play French Horn in band
>Only 2 kids in horn section, me and cute girl
>We bond
>Gives me her mobile number (she's rich) - "call me if you want to play Anon"
>At home alone and bored
>Finally build up the courage to ring her from house phone by the upstairs window
>View of fields, group of popular kids playing - can't quite make out their faces
>"Sorry Anon, I can't come out right now, I'm at my grandma's house"
>Notice that one of the kids on the field has stopped playing and is on the phone
>Meekly accept excuse
>Play vidya alone wallowing in pre-pubescent sadness
>Next band practice, act as if nothing happened
>To this day she remains an "old friend" - I never told her that one of our first interactions was her lying to me as I watched from 500 yards away
>Knew from then I would never be anyone's first choice
Hey anon
stop that thinking, start being angry, i can't stand all the self loathing in here
Nice to meet you An Americunt, my name is Surprised
Maybe there were other kids she was hanging out with that didn't like you and she was just protecting you from potential harassment from rich snobby friends of hers.

Girls dont just give out their number to anyone. She probably liked you.
You're my hero, anon.

Stay strong.
so in other words, your bullies and that dumb cunt won? congrats on your victim mentality that makes you ever bit the cretin of the sort that helped make you what you are.
Good luck on your life's journey anon. Stay strong
God bless you anon, just know that even though they may not appreciate it, you did everything you could for them. Forget them and move on with your life, let them live like filthy druggies and make something of yourself, prove them wrong.
if real..

holy shit, there is hope for the human race because of people like you.
your life is shit, but you're working to improve yourself.
you're actually trying to be the american dream
i admire you man, what you did is the work of a saint.
File: 1429244293843.jpg (20 KB, 545x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 545x377
>7th grade, 12 years old
>In computer lab setting up e-mails and learning about keeping your personal info private on the internet and in chatrooms
>Session over and we're doing some research for a project
>Ask teacher to leave to use the restroom
>She lets me
>come back from taking a piss to see the teacher staring at me disgruntled and the whole class restraining laughter
>teacher tells me to go to the principal's office
>have no idea what the fuck is going on
>sitting in principal's office and teacher walks in
>Tells the principal in front of me that I looked up gay pornography on google
>deny it because I didn't fucking do that and I'm not gay
>they don't believe me, naturally
>word gets out
>turns out, my "friend" sitting next to me looked up gay porn on my computer while I was on the shitter
>get nicknamed "Fag-tron" for 3 years

I swear to god if I wasn't such a shrimp in 7th grade I would have beaten the fuck out of my "friend"
Dude on behalf of the universe, I am sorry.
>be 15
>harassed at school because I am a weird kid
>people at school can sense their is violence in me
>people start to back off
>parents treat me like shit
>mfw end up a homeless 16 year old
>mfw its dead winter in minnesota
>everyday turns into a struggle for survival not freezing to death
>start doing drugs because fuck it
>tfw you have no one to fuck with you when you fuck up
>smoke meth in front of children in a meth den.
I wish I had done to my bullies what you did to yours.
For all of you that are really affected by those past problems and can't stop thinking about it, read a book called 'the power of now". Seriously, it will change your life.
>dad is asshole to entire household for years
>i always get the shortest end of the stick because i cant keep my mouth shut and refuse to betray my moral convictions while brothers and mom often help him gang up on others verbally just to be on his good side
>dad gets cancer, terminal, people stop being afraid of him cus no longer as mobile or heavy voice also exhausted pretty fast
>everyone turns on him, he gets isolated and no longer can pull off divide and conquer bullshit
>abusive behaviour intensifies, he starts to beat people not just to hurt or dominate but to inflict injury
>get beaten to hospital trying to break shit up couple times
>mom files for divorce, doesn't want to take care of him anymore and wanted to get away from the abuse
>i take care of him the best i can, brothers sometimes hand me some cash but thats about it
>dad constantly switches between super abusive beating etc shit to saying "im the best guy ever, ive always been the best etc
>often just say to him i dont believe he thinks that, and that i dont like him and only help because noone else wants to do it, often say how i think he is and was a true and true douchebag and only reason im still here is so i wont ever feel like blaming myself for leaving him to die in the gutter
>spend 5 years after graduation taking care of him, tough asshole just wont die
>he beats my ass in the hospital one day
>mom has enough, even though she doesn't really live there anymore she owns the house and kicks him out.
>some stuff happens but basically he dies within the year by his own choosing in the hospital, gets administered suicide.
>asked everyone to come, all my brothers go, i refuse, mom refuses when she hears i wont go

i dont blame myself or anything, but im jobless for the last 7 years now and as soon as anyone tries to put authority on me i either break or flip... i think i dun goofed luckily i have a wonderful gf that took me in but wish some day i woudnt be such a fucking lowlife parasite to her
>Fast forward to first year of college (junior in high school to Amerifags)
>Sat alone in computer room typing up essay
>Jock-types sat in circle fucking around, but they don't bother me (even being pretty respectful) so it's a relatively peaceful environment
>Severely autistic - and I mean severely autistic - kid knocks at the door (it's locked - you needed to either swipe a card or have someone inside open it for you)
>Popular kids - "don't let him in he's a creep" etc.
>Not wanting them to turn on me I sit there and mind my own business like the cowardly asshole I am
>Teacher bursts in angrily, starts shouting at everyone in the room for discrimination, bullying
>I feel legitimately guilty for not stepping in but I stay quiet
>One of the popular-types whips round to attention and says "Anon told us not to let him in because he's weird"
>Get detention, and a letter home to my parents about equality
>Parents think I'm a horrible cunt
>Everyone in college hears, also assumes I'm a horrible cunt, particularly the girls
>It's expected of this group of guys so they don't even suffer
I have. I'm not ugly, don't have a small cock, and I used to have friends and go out, I'm still a virgin haha
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