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Poetry Thread. Post your best, /b/
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Poetry Thread. Post your best, /b/

Inb4 feels thread
My name is Mikhail,
it's fucking hell
and I live in brazil
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Inc OC
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OP had a penchant for sucking the cock
It wasn't his fault, "it's his genes" said the doc
So he posted some poems for 4chan to mock
While he fapped like a faggot, into his sock
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I fucked Anons mom
And she liked it too
The Garden
An empty puddle
Then you came along
Planted the flowers and trees
And the Garden boomed

The Garden
It looked alive
Flowers of all types blooming
Fruit turning ripe
It thrived

The Garden
It was beautiful
But the water stopped
The light dimmed
And I felt the garden die

The Garden
Empty once again
The flowers wilted
The trees wasted away
An empty wasteland
There was once a faggot called OP
Who was waiting for his balls to drop
But his dick was so tiny, it looked like a 'giney
And made queefing sounds when he hopped
I saw you under the stars
You looked at me
I looked at you
You smiled at me
I left
I don't look in the night anymore
Not because I'm afraid
Of seeing you
I'm afraid of leaving
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Personal fav
It's that you didn't want to be in love with me
The day it comes to be I'll wipe my eyes and walk away
Down the street I hope it rains
The drops of water will wash away my tracks
Memories and nothing else Is left
I'll walk myself home
Shut away in isolation once again
I'll find a new host for my sadness
Maybe this time it'll only take 2...
Days years decades I don't even know I can barely look at a clock
Time doesn't move as quick when I won't be seeing you By the end of it
A blanket seems to cloud my mind
I can't focus on the present the future seems too far away and the past hurts too much
Where am I and what is this how can I rid myself of you
Words didn't work
Distance didn't work
I'll need to wipe my mind
Lobotomize my brain
That'll be the end all of everything that is
It used to be there wasn't a cloud in the sky
It used to be the sun always shone
My friends were always there
The food was never cold
The view went on for miles
I'd smile until it hurt
I'd laugh until I cried
Now it hurts to smile
And I cry instead of laugh
But forget the pain I need to regain what was lost
My memories
Or were they just dreams
Do you remember how we'd dress up
You were my wife I was your husband
I cooked for you and you danced for me
You taught me how to dance
I've forgotten how to dance
But I haven't forgotten you
But forget the pain I just need to get ahold of this moment
To drown out the present with the past
I need to drown
To forget the pain
So I'll indulge myself in how we use to play
By the beach
On the sand
Remember the time I lost my toy and I began to cry
How you helped me look for hours
How sad I was
Until I forgot the very next day
I've lost my mind and I've been looking for it for years
Maybe it was around the time I lost you
If only you'd been there to help me find it
Do you remember how we'd hold hands as though it was taboo
Forgetting girls have cooties and boys are rude
I know I do
I remember everything
I can't forget the past
So I'll avoid the present and I'll skip the future
I'm coming straight to you
Through a 6 foot tunnel in a wooden box
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I can't see the moon for the stars
I can't see the trees for its leaves
The cold winter days
Aren't as lonely as these warm summer nights
As the breeze sweeps in the sweat starts to dry
As the days start to drag and forever last
I start to wonder when it'll end
And then again
The breeze blasts through with a moment of joy
I start to wonder if this is what I've become
The window stands ajar as the children play
Fun and games hide and seek
I start to mumble I start to stutter I start to think I start to mutter I stop to wonder
How our kids would have been
then the breeze blasts through and the Palm trees shift
Warm sweat and cold steel
Warm tears and cold steel
Thoughts meet cold steel
Not a thought of pain left
How full of joy these summer days are
And like it always does the breeze blasts through and the blood starts to dry
The breeze blasts through as the steel begins to cool
They start to mutter as they put us away
There's nothing like these warm summer nights
Id love nothing more than to spend these wasted days lost in this empty space
Four walls a window and some rope
I'm living in the dream but I haven't slept in so long
Love is nothing more than the words on the walls
Pain is nothing less than the blood by the glass
Nothing to do but feel
I've shed some skin
I've shed some blood
I'm trespassing uncharted waters where waves roll high
Where waves come to crash
Where corpses come to gaze at the sky
From the bank unto the ocean floor
We are nothing more than heaps of flesh noone adores
selfish desire like the waves consumes all
Although the ones on the ocean floor know no havoc
On the ocean floor the waves don't crash they float
Otherworldly bodies of energy
Wasted energy
Its better just to drown
Conform to the complacency
Seen on the ocean floor
As though you're parents haven't
as though you won't
You swim
In neglect over your wasted life
I am alone
Trapped behind 4 walls a window and some rope
Love on the walls
Blood among the glass
I keep the cold inside
I keep the waves above
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Hope y'all like it, also hope it's readable my handwriting is eh
Hope you guys like my poems if you want more. I have more. I've been sad long enough to make a bit more than what I've shown
I like corn
I like butts
I like chicken
I like nuts
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